Our Partner Program
We hate advertising
We really do. Any web site or service like ours is typically chock full of banner ads, promotions, and other displays that get in the way of the content you're trying to use.

There are realities and expenses, however, in running a major site like this with over 250,000 people accessing it. As ActiveCaptain use has skyrocketed, we're being asked all the time to provide exposure to marinas and other businesses that you use while cruising. But ads across the screen taking up space producing, well, noise?

We think there's a better way
Smart businesses want to make sure ActiveCaptain is available to you. They realize that it is a valuable resource for all of us. These marinas want to be Partners of our site to make sure it stays around. They can now pay a small yearly fee allowing you to know which marinas are Partners.

A marker with a star is a Partner. It's not loud and doesn't get in the way of the information you're trying to obtain. But when you see one of those markers, pay attention. It tells you that this is a marina who wants your business. They may be a new facility looking for you to give them a try. Or the underdog who wants to try harder to earn your business. Whatever their history, they are saying that they are willing to go the extra mile for you. Don't ignore these marinas and please tell them that you saw their marker on ActiveCaptain.

We're also allowing Partner marinas to have a promotional paragraph (a Pro-Op) under their address block in the details. They'll use this to let you know about upcoming specials and events, new discounts, or other items they want you to know about. To find out more, visit their web site or call them. We think this information is useful when cruising as long as it's not obnoxious.

The Co-Op program started in 2010 is being provided to Partner marinas too. If you see a Co-Op badge on a marina's marker, that means they're providing a time-sensitive discount or special that had to be approved by us in order for it to be displayed. You won't find any standard slip discounts as a Co-Op. They'll be significant discounts, worthy of your attention. Watch for the Co-Op badge.

Finally there are 1st Choice marinas. These are marinas that YOU'VE picked as the best marinas. The only way to qualify for this program is by receiving consistently high ratings from boaters. A marina has to have a minimum number of reviews and a high average rating. When you see a 1st Choice badge on a marina marker, you know the community thinks it's one of the best in a particular area. They should be your first choice when choosing a place to stay. Our goal is to help marinas understand how to make their facility receive high ratings and improve their service to attain this 1st Choice status.

Here's what they look like
Sponsor When you see a badge with a star, they're a Partner. It's because of them that this ActiveCaptain resource is available to you.

Co-Op A Co-Op badge tells you that there is a special offer being made right now. It's an offer that we have to approve so you know it's a good one.

Co-Op 1st Choice marinas are the ones you've picked as the best of the best. Marinas have to earn their ability to be a part of this select group.

These badges will also be displayed in the other navigation products that use ActiveCaptain data. New Partners are being added every week, so watch for them as you do your trip planning.

What Partners Are Saying
“I view our presence on ActiveCaptain as critical to our success in attracting visiting boaters. I know that ActiveCaptain is far and away the most highly used source amongst our visitors.”
-Hank Pomeranz, Carolina Yacht Care

“Of all the varied places we place our name in hopes of doing more business, yours is, has, and continues to be one of the most productive.”
-Ernie Utsch, Utsch's Marina

“Absolutely love it and see the benefit!”
-Sam Chavers Jr., Marina Jack

“I appreciate all that you folks do for us. Yours is the best and only cruising site we sponsor and use.”
-Capt. Ron Thorstad, Titusville Municipal Marina

“Thanks for all you do! You are doing so much for the boating community and you make our marketing efforts so easy.”
-Kari Hammond, River Dunes

“You have helped us become a better marina, a better business.”
-Chris Saxton, Dolphin Marina and Restaurant

“Most of our first time visiting boaters said that they came to our marina because of our reviews on ActiveCaptain. We really appreciate seeing these great results.”
-Rion Salley, Port Royal Landing Marina

“Your personal involvement in every level of ActiveCaptain is exactly why your site and services are the best in the business!”
-Sue Morgan, Old Port Cove Holdings, Inc. Marinas

“Our docks have been nearly maxed out for four weeks. We have never had this much traffic. It has a lot to do with ActiveCaptain.”
-Dustin Hartley, Hinckley Yacht Services

“ActiveCaptain has really put us on the map!”
-Chris Kelley, Marineland Marina

“Being a sponsor has been very beneficial to us. I run an informal survey on how folks find us and ActiveCaptain is the response most of the time.”
-Ashley Erwin, Whittaker Pointe Marina

“You have a great program that just keeps getting better!”
-Charlie Waller, Isle of Hope Marina

“We really do appreciate ActiveCaptain and all you do for our business!”
-Liz Sybrandt, Sunset Boating Center

“ActiveCaptain has proven to provide important information to the boaters and the facilities that support these boaters.”
-Leif Hans Lustig, City of Fort Myers Yacht Basin

“I have met the most amazing boaters who all came to me from ActiveCaptain. I can't thank you guys enough for all of your support, time, and help with our marina.”
-Steve Plotkin, Half Moon Bay Marina