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West 79th Street Boat Basin

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Address 444 W 79th St
New York, NY 10024-5195


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


VHF channel



Email contact

Owner, manager


Chris and Christine, Scott Seth


Greg Smith

Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

Accept credit cards (Amex, VISA, Discover). Does not accept cash.

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info: Moorings are only installed during the late spring to early fall.






Tide & current additional info

The Hudson River flows at 2+ kts. Be careful entering and leaving the marina at maximum current. Keep an eye on your aft end, especially at low tide, for wakes from commercial traffic. You can lose control and be thrown sideways.


Approach: 30
Transient dockage: 5
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - YES
Floating - YES
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - YES
Other - NO

Additional info: Long face dock open to the river. Fixed docks inside along the sides with floating in the middle

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: 116
Transient price: $3.50/ft (2013-07-15)

Other price info: No reservations, first come first served.

$3.50 per linear foot per day for up to 14 days.
$42.00per linear foot for stays of 15 to 29 days.
$75.00 per linear foot for stays over 29 days.


Transient: Unknown
Total: 80
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: Moorings availiable up to 40 foot maximum. Trawlers greater than 40 feet may be required to anchor. $30 per day per mooring. Weekly is $180.

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - YES

Additional info:

Pricing info: 30 amp is $10 per day.
50 amp is $20 per day.
100 amp is $35 per day.

Cable TV (and pricing)

Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)

Yes - Boaters on moorings may fill tanks from the fresh water hose system at the end of B-dock or from the wave wall free of charge.

Dinghy access

Yes - A dinghy dock is available for vessels on moorings. The dock is located on the northern A-dock. 14 feet or less. $26 per day for non-permit holders and non-transient dockage.

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


No - Refilling propane is illegal on the island of Manhattan.

At McKinney Welding Supply you can exchange tanks or drop-off tanks for pick-up the next day (must be dropped off by 14:00 for next day pick-up). They refill the tanks off island and then bring them back.
It's about 20 blocks south of the boat basin, a nice walk along the Riverside Park. You can't take propane tanks into the subway. A boater paid $10 for a 5 pound tank.
McKinney Welding Supply
600 West 52ND Street
New York, NY

Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info: If you are on a mooring you can use the dinghy dock to bring dogs ashore. There is a park right there.

Disability access

Launch service


Pump out

Yes - Free. Vessel holding tanks may be pumped out at the head of C-dock or from most slips.

It is reported 2014 that the pump out is perpetually out-of-order. Call ahead.


Yes - Free ice!




Yes - Just one shower (but it was clean).


Yes - Just one head.


Yes - Available and free! One washer, one dryer.




Yes - The Boat Basin Cafe (unaffiliated) is east of the marina office. Above average BBQ and bar food.

Also, one can walk through the restaurant, continuing due east till you hit Amsterdam Ave. This area is the Upper West Side. There are many restaurants.

The marina offers a $32 " dock and dine" fee, which is their fee for four hours dockage. Hail them on Ch 9 for docking instructions.


Hotels or motels

Repair capabilities

Haul out capabilities


Storage facilities


Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Boat ramp availability



Other services


The Hudson River bike and pedestrian path runs all the way south to Battery Park in lower Manhattan.

Reviews for West 79th Street Boat Basin
It's about location , 2017-08-18
Captain: , Harrison Twp., MI (14)

The location is perfect, the view is not nearly as impressive as Liberty Landing, but the price per foot is better. I'm not sure why I have not read this on other people's reviews, but there is a serious depth problem here at low tide. The tide can drop as much as 5.5 feet! My vessel, along with the others on C dock (and presumably the others as well), is sitting on the bottom at low tide. Yes, that's 25" of water for my 49" of draft. It's a very soft mucky bottom, so I hope it's not doing damage, but I won't know until I leave! And with that comes a limited window to exit the marina. Not to mention, but I can't run the AC systems with the boat sitting on the bottom with two feet of water. I am not exaggerating-the water in my slip isn't even balls deep at low tide.

No Trans Morrings in 2017, 2017-07-28
Captain: , Atalantic city, NJ (20)

No Trans Morrings in 2017
Slip 3.50/ft $10 30amp elc

Pas cher mais beaucoup de vague, 2017-06-15
Captain: , Montreal (110)

Le Mooring sont gros et fort (maximum 40' de bateau), le personnel en general gentil (surtout le garçon du soir), douche gratuite, eau et glace gratuite, quai dinghy gratuit et pump-out gratuit. Mais attendez vous à vous faire brasser car s'il y a des vents, c'est non protègé et s'il y a des bateaux et cargo. Bel endroit pour y passer la nuit mais ça brasse beaucoup si vous voulez rester sur votre voilier. Besoin d'une alarme de dérive pour vous assurer une nuit de sommeil sur vos deux oreilles. Changement de courant aux 6 heures donc le bateau bouge beaucoup.

Je recommande pour aller visiter car 30$/nuit c'est vraiment pas cher. Mais juste pour dormir !!!

no catamaran mooring, 2017-06-02
Captain: , san diego (151)

we called and we're told that catamarans, even small ones were not allowed on balls

Location, Location, Location BUT ........, 2017-05-16
Captain: , Detroit (767)

If were not for the location of this marina, we would not stop there. But the closeness to Central Park, the subway and Broadway with all it's markets and restaurants is what pulls us in. Beware, that the north set of floating docks (as of 5/15/17) does not have water and power is spotty - only 30 amp. Only one shower and one bathroom but there is a free laundry. The security seems good but be ready to rock and roll with the wave/wake action.

Great location to see Manhattan and the sites but ROCKY!, 2016-10-24
Captain: , Green Cove Springs, FL (500)

After using the "free" pump out we were told to head into a slip that would have worked great for our 36 foot boat but another boat scooted in before we could get there. We were told to just take the next slip over. We found that our power cord would not reach so we swung our boat around by hand. Not an easy task due to the ripping current and the wakes made by the ferries and the barges going by. Settled our boat into the slip after about an hour of restling her and then the rocking and rolling did not stop. There are a few positives to this place. The walk to central park was great, it is close to transporation to anywhere on Manhattan, the laundry was "free". The bad, only one bathroom, one shower, very rocky, gate is not always locked. For the was way too expensive but served its purpose. I would recommend taking a mooring ball for a cheaper will still rock and roll out there but if you are looking to reduce your cost it might be worth it. We paid $3.50 a foot plus $10.

Big Waves. Big Current. Big Price., 2016-09-24
Captain: , Naples, FL (170)

Do not underestimate the current coming into this marina. Can be fierce. The wave action from passing ferries and almost any boat is unbelievable. No help was offered when docking. The bathroom and shower are adequate. The location is excellent. if this were $1.50 or $2.00 a foot I would understand. But they are charging top dollar and should provide better.
I will not stay here again at a slip. but I would consider a mooring ball. The Web site says no boat over 40' can moor but we saw some big ones there.

79th St Boat Basin NYC ANCHORED on Hudson near 104th St, 2016-07-12
Captain: , Marion (163)

Free anchorage North of 79th St Boat Basin on Hudson. Cost to use dinghy at Boat Basin dinghy dock only $26 per day. one of most wonderful spots we have found in 48 countries on 5 continents shores we have taken Angel Louise to. we are a 40 ft Cat and prohibited to use moorings. Hudson is a mighty river TIDAL at this point running 1-1/2 knots back & forth. We anchor with lots of chain in current and then take a 2 nd anchor opposite direction on line rode and then bring back to bow & are set to both directions so no worry about holding. 1st 12 hrs we do not leave boat -- insure we are firmly safe! Marina run by city park dept. A bit rustic, but has one shower, one bathroom, washer/drier and a free ice machine. Our 4th visit in 9 years. Access 2 blocks away to subway, five blocks to Central Park along some of most expensive real estate in the world... Alongside parkway and 2 lane pedestrian paved lane all along West Side of Manhattan all the way to the end of Manhattan. perfect place to bike. CONS: strong current, tidal shifts and wakes from big vessels at least once or twice an hour. PROS: One of greatest cities in the world -- with more museums, parks, broadway plays and musicals, restaurants and sightseeing than you can hope to see in a year! More on the wakes we get:
The Hudson has a ton of traffic and quite a lot of wake when it comes. Some wake rolling seems to happen an hour apart with worst less frequent of bigger passing traffic rolls us back & forth lasting for 20 - 30 seconds with rolling 5-7 degrees to port followed by immediate reverse roll to 5-7 degrees starboard every 1.5 seconds for and then it calms again - usually an hour or so apart with worst wakes being from way less frequent big draft boats & tugs... Our beam is much narrower than many catamarans so each hull goes up and down with each wake waves and it can be pretty 'jerky'. tidal change - 4 times a day - so we move 180 degrees and get some current movement then as well. We are very tolerant so rate this site very high. Among most memorable in our 9+ years cruising to 48 countries & 5 continents on Angel Louise!

Yellow mooring?, 2016-06-20
Captain: , Muskegon, Mi (10)

Called, got the scoop, yes monday there sb avail. First come, first serve. Got here early (mid morn) grabbed a mooring, settled in and called office about payment. "oh no, thats a white mooring.... (the vast maj are wht and empty) transientsg must use the yellow balls l(closest to the wake traffic). I moved, i doubt there are more than 12 yel only two free when i arrived. have settled again. depends on who you talk to?

Worst service never had before, 2016-06-13
Captain: , Montreal (142)

I haved call the marina on the radio to see if they place for me, the communcation was noisy, lady on the other end wasn't so patient end she stop answer. When I have arrive to he marina, a guy call Steve who told me he was the boss, step on me verbaly, insult me...Wow, what a bad respond for someone arriving after 12 days on the ocean looking for a little rest. The lady made a mistake, she admited but this guy refused to identified him-seft told what ever happen, he will never loose his job because he answered me this way, he never apologized or any regrets at all!
I still recommand the marina because all the other employees are great and the location is hard to bea, but be afraid of that little man please. Thanks for the worst service in 35 years of sailing Steve Stanton...Hope your boss will read this.

Great access to Manhattan, but you pay with wakes and current, 2015-10-14
Captain: , South Freeport (750)

We have a list of places we consider visiting even though we suffered current and wakes. 79th street is one place on our list.
Easy access to Manhattan. OK shower and bath and free, unlimited, ice Somewhat OK security gate (gets better late at night)
It looks like you can get mail general delivered there. We saw this feature, but did not use service so have no experience.

DO NOT underestimate the tides and current of the Hudson River if you plan on being on a mooring. We helped one traveler with a trolling motor mounted on his inflatable who could not get his groceries and passenger back to boat against the tide and current. We have an inflatable with reasonable motor and it will handle it, but current can be strong!

Best to manage expectations here, 2015-10-11
Captain: , Summerville, SC (20)

The previous review hit the nail on the head with saying you have to manage your expectations here. It is pricey, but hey, you're in NYC, and the other marinas are way more than the $3.75 per foot. I've stayed at most of the NYC / NJ marinas over the past 15 years, and they all experience a lot of swells and rolls from the water taxis & from commercial vessels and be prepared also to see that the marina is falling apart.

The Best and the Worst, 2015-08-05
Captain: , Croton on Hudson, NY (93)

As I work in the City and live up river, I knew what to expect. If this is your first time visiting NY by boat, you need to manage your expectations about 79th Street. Do so and you may find it a very happy experience. The good, as everyone agrees, is the location. Just blocks from the heart of the Upper West Side, which is a very nice residential neighborhood with easy access to cabs, busses and subways, and everything you could want in terms of food and nightlife. Slips are cheaper here than anywhere else on the island, and they are very large and (at least where we were) very easy in and out. Wake protection is much better than Chelsea Piers and about the same as North Cove. The facilities are, let's just say, rustic but servicable. No fuel or pump out, but water and power. No launch service and the dinghy ride can be interesting but we made it work with a 15-20 knot south breeze against a strong southerly current. The north end of the marina is undergoing construction (expansion one hopes) and the cranes are operating fairly early, but you would be hearing the city noises anyway, so only marginally worse. The marina does accumulate flotsam from the river (including on the night we were their a giant bloated dead animal of some sort (looked like a small pig)). All in all, in terms of options for visiting NY by boat, not a bad one. The other Manhattan marinas are twice as expensive (and the nicest one, North Cove, is under construction right now and has very few usable berths). The Jersey marinas are perfectly fine, but it's hard to get into NYC from over there.

Depends what you're lookin' for and on the weather, 2015-07-01
Captain: , Baltimore (180)

Slips are expensive, $3.75/ft if I remember. North dock looks like it's being replaced. Moorings are cheap, $30. One shower, washer, dryer. Not busy when I used them. Clean and working.
It can be a long wet ride from the moorings in wind and tide. Sailboat moorings north, power boats south.

But, what a location. 3 block walk to Broadway and the subway. I'd take a mooring again, fer sure.

don't expect to much, 2014-12-09
Captain: , Santa Maria CV (415)

The Marina is falling apart, the current and waves of commercial vessels keep you awake at night. The shower is a dump. But the staff is more or less friendly. The good thing is, after the Marina you directly into Manhattan - but you pay the price for it. This was definitely the most expensive Marina I have ever visited. I'm sure not to come back here again.

$1M dollar view from a $30 mooring. Wow, 2014-10-23
Captain: , Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK (1090)

What a great facilitiy. Yep the docks are a bit tired and the washrooms limited but hey, it's cheap as chips in an AMAZING location.

We were expecting to be moored in a washing machine but in the weather and tides we had it was nothing worse you ever get in Caribbean anchorages. The tide however was a bit of a challange for our 3hp outboard.

The staff were very welcoming and although you can't reserve a ball, they can give good advice on the phone before you start transiting the river.

Everything you could want of NYC is a stones throw away. If you're coming through NYC come here.

inexpensive place to stay, 2014-10-15
Captain: , Toronto (260)

some of the facilities are tired but a mooring in Manhattan for $35.
Tide wake from transiting traffic keeps the boat bouncing but its not bad.
Love the area and the rest can be overcome with some imagination.

It didn't work for us..., 2014-10-09
Captain: , wensleydale (940)

but I wouldn't knock-it in better/more suitable conditions:
The price and location are certainly right and whilst the wash from passing vessels is a PIA, we've probably suffered worse and it lessened substantially overnight. Our difficulty arose insofar as the forecast F3/4 southerlies actually turned into F4/5 which blowing across the spring tide, made the dinghy ride ashore look just too exposed/dangerous. After looking at it for a day and a half and seeing the predicted wind-speeds increasing, we admitted defeat, dropped the mooring and scuttled back to Port Washington from where we took a train into NY instead.

But as I said, if the wind and tides are easier next time we're back this way, then we'll probably try here again.

Mooring balls or a Dock, 2014-09-15
Captain: , Green Cove Springs, FL (251)

Being out on the mooring ball was pretty rough. Very Strong Currents. Close to Subway and resturant. Free ice on site. This is a great place to stay to see New York City. We were there for 3 nights at $30.00 a night. What a bargin in NYC. Getting the dinghy ready with wind in one direction and current in the other was a lot of fun.

excellent facilities at a low price in an unbeatable location, 2014-08-31
Captain: , Dublin (10)

We spent August 2014 on a mooring ball here. There is lots of room at the dinghy dock. There is only one shower and one toilet but they are separate and both well maintained. We never had to wait. There is a big washing machine and dryer which are free to use. You can take as much water as you need and it's potable. There is also a free ice machine! 24/7 security. At times the mooring gets tangled and you do get a lot of wake during the day but who comes to New York to sit on the boat all day! Strong currents so sometimes we had to wait til they calmed as our outboard is only 2 HP. Anything bigger would have no trouble. We found staff pleasant and willing to accommodate. Oh, and the price is right!

Best deal in Manhattan., 2014-08-07
Captain: , United States (3192)

I am reviewing the marina, but we only used it as a dingy landing. We anchored in the river just north of Pier-i and south of the marina's mooring balls, but still within the designated "special anchorage" (no light or day shape required).

The marina charges $26/day for dinghy access. (Mooring balls are only $4 more, so if your boat is 40' or less, that's an option -- they did not have a ball for our 52' boat). That sounds like a lot, but it's a fantastic location on the Upper West Side, a short walk from the American Museum of Natural History with its Hayden Planetarium, Central Park, and myriad restaurants along Amsterdam and Columbus avenues. Groceries, pharmacy, sundries, liquor, bagels, Radio Shack, banks, etc. etc. -- the list goes on -- are all a short walk from the dock. Riverside Park itself is now a NYC treasure.

The kids they hire to staff the office seem to think that there is a $26 charge for anchoring. We used the dock every day so did not have to disabuse them of that notion, but if you anchor for several days but only dinghy in a couple of times, you may need to argue this point.

I can't give more than three stars because the facility is falling apart at the seams. If you actually dock your boat here, use plenty of fenders -- the docks are in rough shape, and wakes from the river reverberate in the marina, sending dock floats and boats every which way.

We spent a week and will most likely be back.

Hard to knock it too much..., 2014-06-25
Captain: , Block Island, RI (984)

Sure, out on the moorings you are going to rock and roll like crazy because of the 2+ knot current and frequent wakes. As of June 2014, there were also no showers or laundry facilities as they were under renovation. And, while we had fine service from the staff, they did seem to be understaffed and untrained. But it is hard to argue with the price ($30/night) and the fact that you get off your dinghy in the middle of Manhattan. The view at night is also fabulous (don't worry, even if you are early to bed, you will surely get on deck at some point to figure out why you are rolling around so much). The Boat Basin Cafe, right across the path from the marina, is a wonderful place to have a few drinks, watch the sunset over Jersey, and hang out. The subway is just a few blocks away as is all the shopping you could need. However, do not go looking for marine parts in Manhattan; West Marine on 32nd or 33rd is mainly a clothing store (not that West is usally all that much help), there are no auto parts stores on the island, and there does not seem to be any other marine stores around either.

Cheapest place in town, 2014-06-07
Captain: , catskill (290)

The staff is utterly rude. Its government run, so do not expect much. Docks are all run down, sea wall is shot, mooring cleats are snapped off. Don't forget the constant wake of comercial boats. Its not a marina, its a carnaval ride.

Good marina/bad marina, 2013-10-25
Captain: , algoma, WI (140)

Good marina for easy access to the sites of NY city. Short walk to subway, shopping at West Side market, etc. Bad marina for wakes from river-boat across from us rocked so bad, snapped 3/4"stern line while another boat pulled a cleat off of the dock - if you stay here - be advised; current is also an issue when docking or leaving

Very uncomfortable at the moorings, but fantastic NYC access, 2013-10-12
Captain: , Key West FL (370)

I've anchored and moored in hundreds of locations all the way from Key West to the Maine/Canada border. This is without a doubt one of the most uncomfortable "mooring fields" I've ever stayed at. Even with only 10 - 15 kits of wind coming down the Hudson, there is a 2 foot chop that will be on the beam as the tide changes. We're pretty tough when it comes to the boat rolling around at anchor, but we only slept well two of six nights. Currents can RIP through here at 3 knots or better. Getting on and off the dingy can be a real challenge. Wakes were occasional, but you'll get three or four a day that will knock you on your beam ends. Don't leave the fine china out on the table.

Having said that, access to NYC is fantastic with the parks mere steps away and the subway a five minute walk.

We tried to get propane filled at McKinney Welding, but were a bit late. They fill tanks from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Great location - People hopeless, 2013-09-21
Captain: , La Trinite sur Mer (311)

Impossible to find a so close location to visit NYC, Central park is at 20mn walk, metro & bus station at 5 mn, food market at 5mn. BUT the pontoons are half destroyed and nobody doesn't care about working on them, marina people even if they are helpful to give you information about the city are just hopeless to help you when you berth (most of them don't event know how to make a cleat knot and don't know anything about boats). When you get in the marina, notice that the current is going through the marina (this is docks and not quays) so you can get more than 2 knots to berth, so better wait for slack water ! ;)

Not as rolly as expected, 2013-09-09
Captain: , Portsmouth, England (190)

After reading reviews and speaking with various people on route we expected our stay to be short but with settled weather (August 2013) we stayed a week. Yes you do get a significant amount of wash but we spent most of your day sight seeing it was not unmanageable and there we only a limited number of very large washes and we made sure that as much as possible the boat was as it would be at sea. Luckily the rolling usually stopped overnight and seemed less at the weekend. Can't fault the location and excellent price for Manhattan. Lots of storm damaged remained in the marina. Restroom still grotty and only washer working but no spin so not not really useable, coin operated and service launderette on 79th just past Broadway. Rated as 4* purely due to location.

Rundown but unbeatable price and location, 2013-08-16
Captain: , Brisbane, Australia (399)

Great place to stay in New York City for an unbeatable price. We paid $180/week for a mooring ball.

- Helpful staff 24/7.
- Exclusive 79th St address
- A few blocks from Broadway and the subway "1" line.
- Unbeatable price

There are some cons:
- Wind, currents and wakes can make for an uncomfortable mooring field.
- There is one, very poorly maintained shower.
- The docks will damage your boat if you are not carefull padded. I would not get a slip here, better off on a mooring ball.
- The washer and dryer do not work (the washer seems to work at first... but it does not spin dry... arghhh!).

location, location, location, 2013-08-07
Captain: , marathon, fl (701)

the docks severely worn. laundry broke. wakes absolutely horrible.
the staff, mostly helpfull. the the location and price wont be beat in new york.

79th st boat basin, 2013-07-10
Captain: , Cleveland, OH (140)

What do expect when it's a municipal marina in NYC? We were perfectly happy here for one night. We found the dock hand was accommodating and refused a tip even though we moved slips shortly after docking. It's 3 blocks to Broadway and a fabulous Citarella supermarket on 75th and Broadway. It was a rocking and rolling night. There is 24hr on site staff and the gate is locked. Lower in Manhattan the prices were much higher. Thanks to Christine and Troy.

Great NY stopover, 2013-07-09
Captain: , Harrison Twp, MI (350)

Take a mooring ball here. Staff very friendly and helpful. The notorious one shower mentioned in other reviews was clean and functional. Cracked tiles from hurricane sandy just made it look bad, but while we were here, they were picking out all new tiling and planning with a contractor for a total bathroom re-do. Subway to NY's attractions is close, so is groceries, laundrymat, restaurants, etc. We really liked it here! Owned by NY City.

Great Location, 2013-06-10
Captain: , Britt, Ontario (711)

We had no issue with our mooring. The docks suffered severe damage from Sandy, but there is no excuse for the condition of the washroom, shower and laundry!

Beware of mooring dragging, 2013-06-09
Captain: , New York, NY (470)

Despite the great location, the facility is barely workable and the staff rude at best. I had a mooring drag last week (28' sailboat) and two years ago another boat drug it's moorng and damaged mine.

The place is literally falling to pieces, and repairs simply do not happen. The dinghy dock is over-crowded (despite plenty of real estate for more dockage) and there are all sorts of sharp protusions on the docks that could damage your dinghy as the wakes slam it into the docks.

The staff seem to have a common goal--to work as little as possible and avoid helping anyone with anything.

Finally, to add insult to injury, there is no longer any facility to dispose of garbage. None, not even a garbage can.

Terrible marina/great location, 2013-05-30
Captain: , Trenton ON (668)

Let's face it. This location is the best if you want to explore NYC.
However, this is the worst marina we have stayed at while on the Loop.

This is a review on the marina:
The docks are falling apart. They are dilapidated and no signs of any attempt to get repaired. I know Sandy struck hard but elsewhere we have noticed marinas working on getting things repaired and here the staff seem to stand around a lot and nothing more.
The washrooms are filthy( this cannot be blamed on Sandy!)
The laundry : one washer and one dryer- dryer not working.(again not Sandy's fault)
The wakes- it is what it is and the marina can't be blamed for it, but they can get bad so if you stay here make sure to use plenty of fenders. The nights were calm but the water taxis start running at 6am and you will ROCK every 1/2 hour.
The power- we had to search for outlets that worked.
If you stay here during full moon tides you will sit on the bottom at low tide( we did and we draw 3.5')
The staff told us that this is a municipal marina. Obviously boaters are not high on New York City's list when it come to being accommodating.

The mooring field only has 1powerboat transient ball. The sailing mooring field only takes boats smaller than 40'

Experience New York!, 2013-04-06
Captain: , Mimico Cruising Club ON Canada (1210)

On our cruise to NYC from Toronto we stopped here for a couple of nights on a mooring ball. The hawser bridle to the mooring ball is stout, but was tangled badly from the swinging current. We needed to attach temporarily to the ball and use the dinghy to get to the ropes to untangle them. Felt very secure once attached, especially with the strong wind opposing the current.

The staff manning the radio when we were arriving wasn't very helpful. He kept telling us to pick up a yellow visitor ball, but as the mooring field is quite large, he should have told us all of the yellow balls were close to the dock. We ended up taking a white ball, quite a long dinghy ride in to the dock.

The price is good, especially being right in Manhattan. We enjoyed our stay and would go back.

Worst rodeo ride of my life on a mooring ball., 2013-01-25
Captain: , Montreal (80)

Got there late on an evening. It was a nightmare night riding the mooring ball because of the wind blowing against the current. We barely slept and got a very cold reception from the employees at the marina the next morning. Rapidly we moved to the liberty park mooring for a much quieter place.

Still good 3 years later, 2012-10-22
Captain: , Longboat Key (110)

We stayed here 3 years ago and despite some of the other reviews, we still think it is as good as it was then. The staff are very helpful both with docking and with area knowledge. Use of the mooring balls is limited to less than 40 feet. We had to go inside the marina and you should be aware that you have to time your entrances and exits to the tides. With 5 foot draft we only had a few hours per day we could exit. It made heading out to Sandy Hook a bit of a challenge with the tides and weather.

One of the Worlds great stopovers!, 2012-09-20
Captain: , Sydney (313)

For international cruisers it just doesn't get better than this. Moorings in the middle of one of the worlds great cities for only $30 per night $180 per week.

I stayed for 3 months and lived the life of New York.

This place should be full of international cruisers but for some weirdo problems: the moorings are for 40 foot max and monohulls only. The anchorage at the north end of the mooring field is nearly 1 nm away through rough water and current at night plus it costs $25 to use the facilities and dinghy dock per day so is MORE expensive than a mooring at the weekly rate. Marina doesn't like people to anchor on the southern side but many did while I was there. Several Cats up to about 50 feet were anchored in a line south of the main outer T of the marina. A Super Yacht anchored directly across the river.
The river current is strong but the holding excellent. Monohulls will rock and roll. Wind against current makes life different, but not dangerous.
Shower and bathroom pretty crook but the water is hot and the laundry is free.
If you want to stay for a while talk to the head dock master Chris about paying for a season mooring. It's about $1,600 for 6 months so is cheaper if you stay for more than 2 months at the weekly rate.
The location at 79th Street gives easy access to the whole of Manhattan and is right on the waterfront bicycle and walking track that goes round most of New York. Buy a bicycle and really explore.
Moorings can not be booked, but they were only full during the week of Fourth of July. If you went there and they were full it would be worth it to wait at anchor for a night or go into the marina.

It truly was one of the most sensational stays of my Circumnavigation!

You've got to be kidding..., 2012-09-11
Captain: , St. Petersburg, FL (348)

We spent 4 days here but will never return. The location is perfect for mid-town Manhattan. The red line tube stop is a very short walk. However, the Marina is falling apart and nobody seems to care. The biggest issue is waves and currents. It is DANGEROUS trying to walk the dock anytime of day. The floating docks and boats are ALWAYS moving violently.

Great Place to view the City and wait for the tide, 2012-09-03
Captain: , Michigan City (349)

We stayed here on 8/8/12. We were able to grab a mooring right away at a reasonable price. The view of the city was great and it is a good stop to with access to transportation. We stopped to await the timing of the tide to transit the East River into Long Island sound. It worked perfectly since we were only a few miles away from the Battery entrance. We did not experience any excess wake problems and, in fact, had a very comfortable night and morning.

Don't go during the Ironman race!, 2012-08-25
Captain: , Chester, CT (60)

First of all, the people at this facility are helpful and willing to go the extra mile to be sure that you and your boat are safe. Yes, you're going to "rock and roll," but that's just a fact of life on a busy river. You just can't beat the location; an easy walk gets you to the subway, and then Manhattan is yours. One caveat: we were there on Ironman weekend. The race finish line was in the Riverside park at 81st street. The ferry traffic was non-stop all day Saturday and into the night, and it was those ferries picking up and dropping off people only a few hundred feet away that caused most of the turbulence. If you really want access to the city, this is the place to stop; just know that you will be in motion most of the time, even walking on the docks. Deal with it.

Needs some work, 2012-06-17
Captain: , Havelock , NC (30)

Rough on the edges. Damage from Irene still evident. People were friendly.

Skill Level 10 Marina, 2012-04-11
Captain: , Milford (190)

Although the boat basin is cheap by New York standards, be wary of the approach into the marina (unless at slack tide) as it can be extremely difficult. The tides can be brutal and the wash is even worse. Once inside the seawall, there is limited maneauverability and very little depth-only about five feet at mlw. Don't expect docking help or much information as it is run by NYC Parks Dept and not professional marina personal. In the fall, getting a transient morring is almost impossible as they are ususdally filled with Canadians heading South-have not scored one in the last four years of trying! The docks, if you can get one, are very rickity and old and if the tide is against the wind, you can barely walk down them. Be sire to double your lines and put out extra fenders as this psot is the Wild West of dock spots. It si conveneint to NYC and the Upper West Side (where we happen to live), so it is a good transient spot if cruising up or down the Hudson and you want to wait out the tide for Hells Gate while transiting into the Sound, however keep in mind that Hells Gate is about a 3 hour motor at 6 knots from the marina.

Okay for what it is., 2012-03-03
Captain: , new york (351)

We stayed in 2006 while we waited for our primary marina to setup their docks. On the wave wall, double and triple check the length of your lines due to the tidal flux (4-6 feet depending on the moon/season.) Too much line, and you'll bounce fore and aft due to the commericial traffic wakes. Could end up with forepeak damage. Too little line; well, you could end up hanging by your cleats! Much worse, IMHO. Use LOTS of fenders. The commercial traffic can throws huge wakes. I'm talking tugs, gravel barges, fuel oil ships; serious tonnage operating at time-is-money speeds.

In 2007, we stayed out on a mooring ball for a few weeks (again, waiting for our primary marina to get their act together.) Do not forget to put some sort of floats or bridle gathering system together or the reversing currents will tie the pennants into a HUGE knot under the ball! Not fun to come back and attempt untangle a huge knot at night with a 3 knot current.
Proximity to the city is tops for visiting sailors (I grew up and live nearby, so it's easier for me to drive in ;) )
As for the transient slips; I've heard of some fairly serious shoaling in the 90's and 2000's. With Hurricane Irene's recent visit, I would call the office and be sure that they have a plan to dredge.

Cheapest NYC marina, 2011-12-24
Captain: , Huntington (465)

We spent five nights there this year. First time and it was early in the season so there was no issue in getting a slip. You cannot reserve a slip. Great location but the marina has not had any investment in quite a while. It is not falling apart but it is definitely in need of improvement. You do have to watch the current and tide because it is can get tricky. Also there really is no help with the lines so you have to depend on your first mate's roping capability.

Rare NYC marina, 2011-11-09
Captain: , Bala Cynwyd PA (32)

Stayed for about 10 days in July. The marina is in a great location at 79th st on the west side. easy walk to resturants, subway or cab. Is inexpensive for NYC, for my 35 foot boat it was 105.00 per night, with electric. The down side is that the boat rocks violently during the day from passing ferry traffic. At night its fine but the ferries start early at 6:00 to 7:00 am. There is sholling at the marina enterence and you cannot enter at low tide. Free ice. There is an out door resturant next ot the marina.

Adequate for the price, 2011-11-07
Captain: , No real home port. Cruising. (320)

Staff was very helpful. Older wharf type dock, not floating. Water and power available, no cable. Despite a recent flooding situation (Irene) things were in working order except for the washing machine. Easy walk to subway to Times Square. They put us on the face dock (catamaran) but the rolling was not bad for us.

They lied to me and I had to pay for a full day, 2011-09-06
Captain: , Northern NJ (89)

The location is great, we only stayed for a few hours during the day to walk around Manhattan and see a show. Since we were not on the boat much, I can't comment much on the waves or the amenities. For our purpose (a parking spot for the day) it was perfect. There is a locked gate to get in, with a doorbell. Someone is there 24/7 to open it for you they tell me. The docks were a little run down, but not terrible.

When I called I was told that they offer a four hour 'Dock n Dine' rate. Since we were going to be a little over four hours, I asked if we could just pay for two, four hour blocks. They told me no problem on the phone. When I got there though, they said I had to pay the full rate for 24 hours (cost about $100 more). The weather forecast was not great (very few poeple on the water), and there was plenty of room, so I don't understand the reason, so... be careful about what they tell you on the phone.

Only in a pinch, 2011-08-16
Captain: , Chelsea, NY12512 (551)

Wild current. Lots of commerical traffic during the week. Nosey. Great view from my 36 foot sailboat.

Stayed three weeks, 2011-07-25
Captain: , San Antonio, TX (310)

The location compensates for the Terrible wakes and aging docks. The staff also helps as they are great. Free washer dryer. A short walk to subway, Zabars, grocery,Starbucks inexpensive for NYC at $2.25 a foot. Problem with brown outs so watch your electrical system Riverside Park right there for bike riding and dog walking. Dog run less than quarter mile away. will not allow catamaran on moorings because of swing and wakes.

Stayed for a week!, 2011-07-16
Captain: , Jacksonville, FL (363)

We went in for 2 nights - ended up staying for a week! Wonderful location in the Upper Weat Side. Restaurants, deli's, pizza places a few block over on Boradway and Amsterdan. Easy access tro Mid-Town and Columbus Circle. Close to Central Park. Wonderful markets close by - the best selection of produce, cheese, yougert and breads anywhere.The Riverside Park at he marina is very friendly for walking, biking and dogs.
The down side: make sure your ground tackle iis up to the task. The Hudsion roars by both directions - incoming and outgoing tides. Some scary nights in the south anchorage with eddies whipping anchored and moored boats in all directions. We ended up anchoring north of the mooring field about a mile from the marina/dingy dock, away fom any other boats. Still had the reversing current, but less stressful.

Anchoring At 79th St Boat Basin, 2011-06-22
Captain: , Dover DE (40)

We anchored here in June 2011 for 4 days. It was a very positive experience. Anchorage is best in the South Basin-slower current and closer to the marina itself. The wakes here from the ferries etc. are about 5% of what they are further down the Hudson. We anchored here in about 25 ft with good holding. At anchor here you can get the vibes of NYC with all the activity of the Riverside Park Walkway along the Western NYC shore, walkers, joggers, bikes, marriages etc. High rise apartments overlook the area. The Boathouse Basin Cafe right at the marina docks is a a very happening place on weekday evenings and weekends with food at very reasonable prices. The marina is 3 blocks from the subway and 6 blocks from Central Park. Where else can you get a place in NYC for $25.00 a night?

Challenging Dockage but Fantastic Location, 2011-06-20
Captain: , Rye, NY (113)

This is a challenging dock that, as mentioned previously, suffers from enormous wakes thrown by the commuter ferries, compounded by river currents. As suggested, bring plenty of fenders and lines and take your time. Note that there is a bar at the entrance with less than 4' of depth at low tide (as of 6/17/11). I found the staff very helpful and these refused any gratuities.

A big plus is location - it is central located to the Upper West Side and only a few minutes walk to great restaurants, theatre, etc plus subways and buses.

Don't stop here, 2011-06-09
Captain: , Wilsonville, AL (300)

Docks were covered in duck poop and were falling apart. Sections of dock were disconnected and held together with ropes. Wave action was the same as if you were in the river. Definitely would not stop here again

mooring mooring, 2011-05-17
Captain: , red bank,nj (333)

great location. near subway. cheap mooring.

Convenience overcomes the wakes, 2010-09-06
Captain: , Elizabeth City, NC (241)

You are going to rock in this marina do to the traffic on the hudson river. Bring all your fenders and dock lines you are going to need them. The rocking is worst between 7-9am and 4-7 pm. It will die down and you will be able to get a good nights sleep. The marina is three blocks from the subway. Very secure with 24 hour security/ staff. Shallow come in on a high tide.

Cheapest Place to Stay in all of NYC, 2010-08-06
Captain: , Las Vegas, NV (143)

We stayed here after coming down the Hudson in October of 2004. Location was excellent and it is only a couple of blocks off Broadway and the price of a mooring ball was only $30 - you can't stay anywhere in NYC ofr $30.

That said, the ferry/boat traffic on the river made being onboard after 9:00 am unbearable - very rough. We found we'd get up early and go ashore until well after dinner. Things calmed down alot after dark.

The facilities seemed rather run down, but for the price, we didn't really care. Location, location, location.

locationlocationlocation, 2010-06-06
Captain: , Bocas del Toro, Panama (20)

Rocky: yes, it was rocky. But we always anchor out anyway, so our expectations from a marina are minimal. And not many marinas are located in the blocks around Fairway, Citarella, and Zabar's!

Great location, fair amenities, 2009-07-02
Captain: , Mt. Sinai, NY (232)

The location is the only reason to visit. As previously mentioned, the facilities are a little run down. The biggest problem is that it is VERY rocky. The traffic on the river runs all day. The wakes that rush through the marina have the boats bouncing like crazy. It's not too bad at night, but starts again at 7:00AM.

Location (3 blocks to subway and the rest of NYC)
Free Ice, Free laundry
24 hour security
Price ($2.75 / ft is s bargain for the area)

Real rough
Strong currents make getting in and out difficult
only 1 head and 1 shower

Location, and that's it., 2008-09-16
Captain: , Pac NW (4)

This city marina has dilapidated floating docks that are more like riding a roller-coaster. Pump outs often don't work. Very rolly with the wakes. Some of the staff are friendly, others not. The worst marina we've seen in 9 months of cruising. Oh, and expensive (except when compared to everything else anywhere close). The one thing it has going for it is an excellent location that makes access to Manhatten very nice. That's the only reason for the two stars.

Rockiest we've had so far, 2008-06-27
Captain: , Prior Lake, MN (14)

Although the price was good at $2.75 per foot plus $20 for 50 amp hookup, we rocked a lot, especially in the mornings and till 10pm or so. Even after that it was somewhat rocky. They are planning a new sea wall this year to protect the area more.

79St Boat Basin, 2008-03-20
Captain: , West Point, NY (34)

Full flood and ebb currents are strong. It can be a rough dingy ride to your mooring. There is no launch service. Dingy dock is large and protected but full with people who keep there boats on moorings there. A short walk to the subway and unlimited shopping and eating on Braodway.

Letitia - 79th St Marina, 2007-02-16
Captain: , Austin, Tx (1257)

A little bouncy but not as bad as some downriver. 3 blocks to 79th St subway station. A great stay 5-2-05

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