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Tonawanda Gateway Harbor Park

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Address 101 Sweeney Street N
Tonawanda, NY 14120


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - NO
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - NO
Municipal - YES
Other - NO

VHF channel


Email contact

Owner, manager



Payments acceptedCredit cards - NO
Checks - YES

Payment info

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)

Additional info:






Tide & current additional info

0.5 - 1 knots.


Approach: 10
Transient dockage: Unknown
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info: Depths range from 10 to 4 feet and water levels can drop.

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - YES
Floating - YES
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - YES
Other - NO

Additional info: Concrete walls with some floating docks attached to the walls. The docks are between the Penn Central RR bridge and the Main Street bridge. About 1/2 of the walls have floating docks. The walls, particularly on the S side between the RR bridge and the Delaware Street Bridge are quite high making it difficult to get off of your boat or requiring you to climb up a ladder from the floating docks. There are floating docks on the N side between the RR bridge and the Delaware bridge which have a ramp.

The premier dock space seems to be on the N side of the canal between the Main Street bridge and the Delaware Street bridge by a small park where concerts are held on weekend evenings. These walls are much lower and allow easy access. This area is shallow, about 4 feet. Note that the walls on the S side of the canal and E of the Main Street bridge are also much lower but the water depth is only about 5 feet.

The docks on the S side of the canal are in Tonawanda and the docks on the N side are in N. Tonawanda and another county. The dockmaster for Tonawanda only takes payments for their docks and only hands out the access codes to the bathrooms to their patrons. The walls on the north side are governed by N Tonawanda and a separate county. While the signs say to sign in with their dockmaster, there is no office and no fees are collected on the north wall unless your boat is larger than 40' which has a fee of $20/night.

Water and electric only, with one head at the west end of the dock up by the street corner. You can use the showers on the south side behind the dockmaster's office which is next to the historical building. It is the same code for both sides of the canal.

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: Overnight with electric and water:
Commercial boats $35.
25 feet or less is $15.
26 to 40 feet is $20.
Over 40 feet is $25.

Overnight without electric and water: Commercial boats $35.
25 feet or less is $10.
26 to 40 feet is $15.
Over 40 feet is $20.

Daily Fees (until 10:00 pm, with or without electric):
Commercial boats $25.
25 feet or less is $5.
26 to 40 feet is $10.
Over 40 feet is $15.

Boat guests who have over the one vehicle must pay a $4 overnight parking permit.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - NO
100 amp - NO

Additional info: 7 30 amp dual pedistals with dual water on south wall between railroad bridge and Delaware bridge. Also same on north wall.

Pricing info: Electric included in dockage fee.

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)


Dinghy access

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out

Yes - $2 in front of Tonawanda dock master's office which is on the S side of the canal, just to the W of the Delaware St. Bridge.


Yes - At the Dockmaster 's office.




Yes - Nice bathrooms/showers on Tonawanda side.




Yes - Available at the dockmaster's office on Tonawanda side. $1 for the washer and $1 for the dryer, August 2011.


Yes - Good sized grocery store (Tops) within a short distance.

Tops Market
150 Niagara Street
Tonawanda NY 14150



Yes - Lots



Hotels or motels

Repair capabilities


Haul out capabilities


Storage facilities


Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access


Boat ramp availability



Yes - Enterprise rental car will pick you up.

Other services


Reviews for Tonawanda Gateway Harbor Park
North Wall, south services, 2016-09-25
Captain: , Dunkirk NY (62)

We stayed in Gateway Harbor twice on our way to and from the Erie Canal. The north wall is by far the easier to use if you have an average size boat. The South wall is very high and tough to climb off your boat.
Even though there are two dock masters for North and South, the facilities are shared and the codes are the same. The bathrooms and showers on the south side are nicely kept and there is a coin laundry too. On the North side there are only bathrooms and they are not very pretty ( but somewhat clean).
We stayed further east, past the restaurants and main traffic of the bridges and boats, which made for a quieter night, if a longer walk to the facilities.
The place gets very busy on weekends ( even in the fall) and we saw boats rafted four and five deep in the height of the summer activities. Great restaurants nearby.

Two separate dockmasters, 2016-07-26
Captain: , Michigan (190)

Water depth is 12 feet deep on the north side between Delaware bridge and the train bridge. It has very nice concrete docks at boat level. A short step up takes you to street level. Or you can use a ramp. The dockmaster for North Tonawanda, for the North wall is between Delaware Street bridge and Webster Street Bridge. It is a small, new Beige building. This is a different dockmaster than the south side of the river. Two very close resturants. Most anything is within 2 miles.

Nice place to rest if it is not a weekend, 2016-06-07
Captain: , Buffalo (832)

Very easy to tie up to, so don't expect any help from any one.

Wed Nite Live Music, 2015-08-15
Captain: , Hilton Head, SC (1234)

Wasn't aware of the Wed nite live music concerts on the north side of the river. Their stage projects west, so we were happy we were east, on the south side. Facilities are OK - seems like many locals are aware of the combo, so they get a lot of use. Floating docks are up against a pretty high wall - we had some challenge with our dog but manged OK. Good place to provision. There is an Advance Auto store w/in walking distance if you need to do an oil change (they take used oil). I have heard that Thurs - Sun are even more packed. Docks were pretty full, some boats rafted 3 abreast.

Classic Town Wall, 2015-07-02
Captain: , Charlevoix, MI (211)

We stayed the night after finishing the Erie. Quick, convienent, and for us free. The sign said the harbormaster was only there on on certain days and hours and we missed him. Power, water and close to everything. Quiet and safe. Nice

Popular stop., 2015-06-25
Captain: , Lake Norman, NC (191)

The harbormaster for Tonawanda (south wall) is a school teacher. He will not be there if he is teaching, so his hours will be limited while school is in session. There is a fee for overnight tie up, and an additional fee for electric. The $2 pump out is only available when the harbormaster can turn it on and provide the end adapter. The coin operator does not work. The sign indicated the pumpout was available during daytime hours. I needed it in the early afternoon, and called the posted phone number (the police department). I explained my situation to an operator, who later called back and gave me the harbormaster%u2019s phone number. After reaching him, he said he was not scheduled to be there until 6:00 PM, but would come in since he was not far away. Within a couple of hours I was %u201Cgood to go%u201D.

There is a long floating dock east of the Delaware Av. bridge and the pump out station. The west end of it is reserved for a police boat. There is no water or electric on that dock, but I did see a local boater tie up next to the police boat area, and ran a 15A extension cord up to the pedestrian walkway and plug into to a box on a utility pole. West of the bridge are a number of power/water pedestals, on a high concrete bulkhead, but getting on and off of a small boat will be difficult. A floating dock west of Delaware Av. has access to 15A outlets, but only had ladder access to shore. We docked on a reasonable height concrete wall between Ellicott Creek and the Webster St. Bridge that had power & water but would only accommodate 3-4 boats. It is nicer on the north wall, but a long walk to the showers. Noise was never a problem.

Groceries and ice are available 2-3 blocks west at Top%u2019s. A number of bars/restaurants are on the north side of the canal within reasonable walking distance.

A Tale of two Cities, 2014-08-24
Captain: , Huron,OH - Little River, SC (680)

Residents in this area will not let you forget that this area is actually TWO towns. Tonawanda on the south side and North Tonawanda on the north side. Two different towns in two different counties with two different dockmasters, and two different canal maintainence operations.
The state maintains the southern portion of the channel here, and the city maintains the northern portion. Pertinent to boaters, the south side has deep water alongside docking and the north side is marginal in many places.
For all intents, all docking is between the railroad bridge on the east ( with the huge concrete counterweight) and the Webster street Bridge to the west. Between these two bridges docking will be either east or west of the Delaware Street bridge.
The south wall east of the Delaware St bridge has plenty of depth with water and electric. However, this wall is high, and it may be difficult for some to get on and off the boat. it may be impossible for some pets to do the same. The north wall east of the Delaware St bridge has about 10 foot depths. but water and elecctric are only available east of the Dockside restaurant.
West of the Delaware St bridge there is a low wall with electric and water, and room for 4, maybe 5 boats. However, do not count on more than about 4 foot depths here. Same on the north wall, west of Delaware St...... sailboats and trawlers need to pay attention to alongside depths.
Weekends and canal events can get a little crazy, so plan accordingly.

If you are in an area of marginal depth for your boat, be aware that depths can drop, someties up to a foot, overnight as the up river power facility diverts water for their use.

Gateway Park Harbour Park August, 2014, 2014-08-20
Captain: , Highland Yacht Club (60)

This review is written by two cruisers who have been travelling the Erie Barge Canal for seven weeks. The handy access to Drug Stores, Groceries, Banks, Liquor and Beer and of course restaurants were very good. Wifi service at the park does not exist, however, it's only a short walk to McDonalds and that was great. The washrooms and showers are great if you are on the South Wall. To far for people on the North Wall, although the North Wall is much nicer and the docks are generally lower and in good condition. Now for the big one, NOISE. If you are planning on sleeping on your boat on the weekend in this park, think twice. I don't mind noise till 11:00 P.M.., but to have to listen to yelling and loud music til 8:00 A.M. in the morning is too much. This park is currently a "free for all" with some local boaters doing whatever they want with no consideration for anyone else and there are no controls unless someone calls the police to complain and then they will come down and speak with the people involved. The Gateway Park management need to work with the local police to provide some guidelines and control on the Gateway Park Harbour to make sure that the park can be enjoyed by everyone.

Flashback to the 60's and the 70's . . ., 2014-07-26
Captain: , Houston, Texas (970)

July 22, 2014
This place is like the boater version of the 60's when teens and college kids were in their cars "cruising" the local drive ins, also reminiscent of the "meat market" singles bars of the swinging 70's. If you're looking for the party spot on the canal, this is it! And this was a Tuesday night. When the north wall fills up, the overflow floods the south wall. Lots of space to tie up, but it fills up early in the evening.

Nice restrooms on the south wall in the same building as the dockmaster's office. Showers in need of the mildew being scrubbed off the walls, but otherwise okay.

From the dockmaster's office on the south side, it is only 1 block to Walgreens (sort of catty-corner to the southwest) at 10 Young St., only 2 short blocks west to on Niagara St. to McDonalds with great, fast , free wifi, west to the next block has an Advanced Auto Supply and a Rite Aid, and one more block, across the parking lot from Advanced Auto Supply is a Tops supermarket (150 Niagara St.) with pharmacy, deli & bakery. Shops and services needed by boaters have not all moved to the suburbs or closed as in so many other places.

The correct information for the City of Tonawanda Gateway Harbor Park, which is the docks on the south side of the canal:
address: 26 East Niagara Street, Tonawanda, NY 14150
Phone: (716) 743-8189
This info. from the dockmaster's business card.

one of my favorite stops on the erie!, 2014-07-23
Captain: , Key Largo (5457)

We stayed three days, very much enjoyed the concert, it was over at 10 pm and we had great seats on the aft deck.
Lots of bars in town, an elks, (cheap drinks there)
If you haven't seen the Niagra Falls, rent a car a go, well worht it.
Be advised, the "dockmaster" comes and goes , does not answer calls, so getting the bath code you have to ask another boater.
good news is, if he ain't there you can't pay him!

Good stop on western end of Erie Canal, 2014-07-08
Captain: , Annapolis MD (258)

We pulled onto the wall mid-day a few days before CanalFest, the big summer event in the area. There were few spots still available and we weren't able to find one with power. That being said, the dockmaster was friendly and helpful in letting us know what our options were. He even stopped by later to ensure we knew we could stay another night before the festival events would force us to move on.

We walked around the area to check out some local businesses. Some highlights were the Herschel Carousel Factory Museum on Thompson St and the nearby Barb's Sweet Treat candy store (at the intersection of Oliver and Thompson St). The homemade chocolates made the walk up Oliver St to the museum even more worthwhile. Also, Jack's Trains, co-located with the candy store had some interesting collectible train sets and individual cars. It is a must stop for anyone interested in antique model trains.

We wondered over the bridge to Tonawanda, which has the grocery (Tops), pharmacies (Walgreens, Rite-Aid) and other chain fast food establishments for more routine needs. We only had one night to spend, but it was an interesting stop with more to see if we could have stayed longer.

South wall Great Big Town stop to tour Niagara and Buffalo, 2014-06-18
Captain: , Gulf Breeze, Fl (6909)

Clean bathrooms with a shower key pad code entry, laundry ($1.00 a load to wash $1.00 to dry) Ice at dock masters house. Tops 3 blocks, Enterprise Car Rentals pickups. See the Carousel Museum in North Tonawanda. Buffalo has great architecture tours to include Frank LLoyd Wright's Opus, the Martin Complex. Niagara Falls can only be experienced in person do it ...not a cliche! Lackawana (south Buffalo a must visit is the Our Lady of Victory Basilica. It is breathtaking, built by a humble clergy Father Baker without a penny finnished without debt. Baker also started save the infants home a Basinett sat 24 7 infront to receive any inffant no questions asked. He also started a boys home as well as an orphanage during the depression. He saved many lives.

This location dockage is heavy partying on the weekends so get here during the week to get wall space. I'm not sure the dock master walks/hawks the dock for fees??? I had to hunt him down to pay. There are security cameras viewing the walls. This is the star of the Western Erie Canal take advantage of this strategic location , get a rental car do it. Weekend specials cheap...Thursday thru Monday after Labor day to Memorial Day.
Returned 06-17-2014 all the same a;;pi\ys except the pump out is out of order???? and the dock masters office was closed and lockedup with a sign that we "...please come again..." ?. I will update info if a dockmaster ever shows up. We are here through tomorrow night to visit the finished Darwin Martim Complex by Frank L Wright He considered it to be his opus design even with Fallwater. It is well worth a tour if you are an archetecturre buff.
Dock Master showed up in the evening. Evidently they are part timers untilo school ends then become full time. They fixed teh washer and dryers (washer was broken) and the shower should be fixed shortly. Pump out is still out of order awaiting parts. Evidently the bitter winter took it's toll on the facilities. The Marting Complex was indeed worth a visit via rental car.

Great Place to stay and watch the traffic, 2013-08-19
Captain: , Portland, Oregon (576)

This is a wonderful stop with most services within a short distance from the south walls. If you can find the dockmaster he will take your $20 a night and give you the code for the washrooms and laundry (one washer and one dryer). We were there three nights before he finally turned up and we were asked to pay. They take cash or check only! Weekends are crazy with boats rafting up three deep in some places and BBQs going on the walls.

Great finish to Erie Canal, 2013-07-29
Captain: , Britt, Ontario (711)

After many days of quiet small towns, this was quite a change! Lots of boats coming and going. Great to just sit and watch the traffic. Docked on north wall after railroad bridge and restaurant with 10 + feet of water. It says 'reserved' but it is ok to dock. Dockmaster comes by to collect. Washrooms but no showers on this side.

Norh wall dockage, Remington Tavern, 2013-07-24
Captain: , Erie, PA (587)

The dockage tab indicates that fees are not collected on the North wall. Actually, they have dockmasters that walk the wall making sure you have paid the fee and have your pass posted. The dockage is worth the $20/night if you are over 40 feet.

The Remington Tavern is a new addition near the Penn Central Railroad bridge. Dinners range in price from $20 to $40; they do not take reservations. The place seems to be popular as we were there on a Tuesday evening about 8:00 PM and the place was real busy. We had a fish (type depends on the day) sandwich that was quite good, $16.

Nice place, very busy, 2012-07-25
Captain: , Cape Coral, FL (1521)

We stayed two nights on the south wall east of the Cleveland Road Bridge. We first attempted to moor to the north wall west of the Cleveland Rd Bridge but found it had shoaled up to 3-4 feet and was weedy. It was hot and we wanted to run the A/C without clogging the intake filters with weeds, so moved to the south wall east of Clev. Rd. Br. where we found 14 feet of water and no weeds. The first night we couldn't find the dockmaster, found him on the second night and he only charged us for one night. Busy location, people walking/biking along the walls, boats coming and going, bar/restaurant across the canal was busy and somewhat noisy in the evenings, but not a problem. We got a car from Enterprise and drove to see Niagara Falls. Nice stop, easy to get up to Niagara Falls and down to Buffalo from here.

Platonic (midweek) vs. Party Central (weekends), 2012-07-03
Captain: , Warwick, RI (432)

During the week, it is pleasant. On the weekends, it is a zoo! It's boats on parade on the water and a stream of people walking on the dock. People have direct access to your boat in spite of cameras. Also, bring a long cable to lock your boat to the dock as recently some boats have been untied or had ropes cut and were left to drift down the canal.

A Great Stop, 2012-06-03
Captain: , Oneida, TN (415)

After coming east on Lake Erie and up the Niagara River, this tranquil stop was a welcome respite. Very well maintained and $10 is quite reasonable for the amenities. Whichever way you're going, this is a great place to pause and shift gears.

ditto most of the previous reviews., 2012-06-01
Captain: , Illinois (2471)

We stayed on both the north and south sides. The north side is no charge and the south side has fees but its worth it.
Very good bike trails and there is about anything you might need here.
We do prefer visiting and exploring the smaller towns along the canal to the east.

Great place for a couple of nights, 2011-09-01
Captain: , Niagara River (50)

Tons of good food close by (try Crazy Jakes). Liquor store, Tops market, great pizza all within walking distance. Irish pub close by too. The Tonawandas have done very well in their effort to create a wonderful boating community here. Docks are fine for 30'+, great water and electric hookups. Bands throughout the summer. WiFi a bit sketchy.

Great Way to Conclude and Erie Canal Passage, 2011-08-29
Captain: , Channel Islands, California (1149)

The docks are walls but there are plenty of ladders. There are plenty of power pedestals. Great and convenient location. Great price. The dockmaster is very helpful and very friendly.

North Tonawanda is just ok, 2011-08-14
Captain: , Sandusky, OH (294)

The tie up with electric and water is very pretty. The people we met were delightful. The bathrooms were a recreation of the Bates Motel without the shower. Very scary. Next time I will try the south wall.

North Tonawanda, 2011-07-01
Captain: , Stratford, CT (658)

We tired onto the North Tonawanda side, thinking the dockmaster only colected on the Tonawanda side--WRONG! The North Tonawanda side now has a dockmaster who came around to collect the $20 fee. The public bathrooms(yuck!) are available for use but no showers. I would recommend to tie up to the south wall in Tonawasnda where clean restrooms and showers and laundry are available for the same $20.
Try the "Yummy Thai" restaurant (N. Tonawanda) for a great meal.

Gateway Harbor Park, 2011-02-12
Captain: , Grand Island, New York (150)

Live entertainment during the summer months make this a popular boating destination. Restrooms w/ showers available. Amenities of all sorts are within easy reach of this location. Many restaurants within short walking distance.

Tonawanda on the Wall, 2010-09-25
Captain: , Williamsburg, VA (745)

The marina facility in Tonawanda here is quite safe but, a bit LOUD on concert evenings. Tying to the South wall between the Delaware Street bridge and the railroad bridge just to the East is much quieter, just as safe and the marina office on this side of the Canal. This railroad bridge, however is permenently in the closed position. There is significant train activity over this bridge. The facilities here are quite good. Clean restroom and a good laundry. A great stop if you want to sleep on concert nights.

Tonawanda Gateway Harbor Park South Wall, 2010-07-30
Captain: , Westbrook, CT (296)

The live band stand now has concerts on Wednesday and Friday nites instead of Saturday. Many local boats cruise around the basin and some tie up for the concert, sort of like the town main street of many years ago. The south wall rest rooms, showers, and laundry are clean and welcome. Large Tops supermarket is within walking and liquor store is even closer. Post Office about 4 blocks away. Lots of restaurants close.

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