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St Johnsville Municipal Marina

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Address 16 Marina Drive
St Johnsville, NY 13452


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - NO
Municipal - YES
Other - NO


VHF channel


Email contact

Owner, manager


Greg Morse


Greg Morse

Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - YES

Payment info

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)

Additional info: May-November


12 feet off the Erie Canal.





Tide & current additional info


Approach: 12
Transient dockage: 10
Fuel dock: 10

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - YES
Floating - NO
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - YES
Other - NO

Additional info: Floating docks are for small boats and have no services.

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: $1.00/ft (2016-06-11)

Other price info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info:

Pricing info: Included

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)


Dinghy access

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info: 91 octane, non-ethanol. Includes taxes.

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info: Includes taxes.


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out

Yes - $5.00 pumpout.


Yes - Both block and cube. Just help yourself and leave the money in the can next to the freezer.








Yes - One washer and two dryers on site. Commercial self-serv laundry in town.


Yes - Shopping 1/4 mile.






Hotels or motels


Repair capabilities

Haul out capabilities

Storage facilities

Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - Good signal strength in June 2016.

Boat ramp availability



Other services


Reviews for St Johnsville Municipal Marina
Wonderful spot to stop!, 2017-08-16
Captain: , Tully, NY (100)

This was a good place to stop after a long, hot day on the canal! Greg is a great harbor master!
Helped with lines and was very knowledgeable about the area!
Told us about a store that would make us a sub for dinner and deliver groceries!! Restrooms and showers well maintained!!

simple and nice , 2017-06-14
Captain: , Wanakena, NY (759)

This is s very small marina. The cement wall held 3 transient boats comfortably varying in size from 64 ft to 43 ft. Price is still s dollar a foot. No add on fees. A hose at your electric hookup box is provided by the marina. Nice touch after going through the somewhat messy locks. Washing machine and dryer were available. $1.25 for wash,
$.25 for each 10 minutes on the dryer. All worked well. This marina is attached to a mobile home park who shares the bathroom and laundry facilities. It did not pose a problem at all.
Easy walk to town for dinner or breakfast. Also has a Stewart's store and Kinney drugs store. Very quiet. Police patrolled the streets frequently.

Dredging Underway, 2016-09-23
Captain: , Sarasota (110)

9/20/16 The long wall at this marina is located about 100 yards north of the main Canal channel, which is unusual compared to other stops. Serious dredging operations had just started as we were leaving. We saw 8ft and were told by harbormaster Greg that it would be increased to 14ft. 1/2 mile walk into town for basics. The usual train noise. Didn't use other facilities. Diesel was $1.95/gal. $1/ft including 50amp.

price bait and switch, 2016-09-23
Captain: , Sherrill, NY (51)

The area is decent, but the mayor (Bernard Barnes) was the issue in the pricing matter. Our daughter went into pre-mature labor. We stopped here and the harbor master Greg offered an "emergency dockage rate" that was listed on a sign on the counter. I graciously accepted and paid and left next morning for a 2 day drive to see our daughter. The day the baby was born we received 2 calls, both stating mayor insisted on us being contacted. First was Greg telling us about dredging project upcoming but said we had a week until it got to our boat. Said we'd be back end of weekend. 2 hours later police chief called and said mayor wants boat moved for dredging....So hours after the baby was born on Tuesday morning (leaving our daughter in hospital) we got back into the car to drive 2 days back. After a phone discussion with mayor he stated there was no emergency rates and blamed us for taking this rate. He told me there was no rate so I shouldn't have taken it. How do I know this?? There was a sign and the harbor master offered it. So he promptly told us we owed double what we had already paid for the week. (And was extremely rude and unprofessional.) Upon arriving Wed. Evening we found a police officer next to the boat. Apparently the mayor thought we would sneak off in the night, although I told him I would pay the balance upon my arrival. (Where would we go between closed locks??) We spoke with the officer, who was very nice. Apparently the mayor believes if you stay on a free wall, instead of a marina, then you are "scamming" a marina out of money. As that is what he accused us as doing, because we stayed on canal walls during our trip. (How does he even know that?? Why would he take the time to track us? Many boaters stay on the free walls- do they get harassed like us?) It is apparent that this mayor is not boater friendly. The harbor master Greg was helpful and even came in before 7am so we could pay our dockage. The police were great also. This mayor seems to be the issue and sticks his nose where it doesn't belong. Beware if you stop and especially if you must leave your boat. Ilion is a better stop while he is interfering in the marina.

Stopped for the night - stayed for two, 2016-08-14
Captain: , Portland, ME (250)

Great little welcoming place along the canal. Easy in and out, bathroom and showers clean. There was some train noise - what else is new, but otherwise a very relaxing stop. The heat was oppressive so we did not explore town, but there was a Cumberland Farms within easy walk.

Diesel was 2.39 on our visit, so we topped off. Pump out available. Mooring was on a cement wall, first thought was this was going to be a problem getting our 13 yo dog off the boat, but the bow lined up perfectly for an easy walk off the boat to the nearby grass.

Walter is a jolly good fellow, 2016-08-03
Captain: , Willsboro Bay Marina (2471)

We decided to stopped for fuei (price was reasonable) and it was a quiet and and very quaint marina.

We had the pleasure to meet Walter a veteran who greeted us. Walter is an extremely friendly person.

Caution: Very high pressure water.

He needed a Canadian flag and we gave hime one.

A very welcome stop, 2016-06-14
Captain: , Punta Gorda, FL (2870)

Greg is the dockmaster and he was very helpful. The facility is small and simple, but adequate. The showers were a bit rough, but adequate. It is a short walk uphill to town. There is not much there, but the local Market (up the hill to the main street and then left) was a real find for some great meats, some fresh produce, and good sub sandwiches.

The locals were extremely friendly; we even got invited to a big surprise birthday celebration on the grounds.

Good stop, handy & cordial., 2016-05-15
Captain: , Erie, Pa. (1896)

Good stop, right on canal and depending on speed of your boat it is a good stop. As always dockmaster Bernie very cordial and willing to give a ride to local restaurants.
5-21-14 Update always cordial, dock $1.00 per foot, diesel was $3.89. Lombardos Pizza delivers and was good. Water depth 6-8 feet in basin.
9-20-14 Good stop, $1.00 per foot, diesel $3.77 gal.

5-18-15 Facilities are the same, Bernie has passed and new boss is Maurice, was very cordial and helpful.

9-21-15 Here again, easy in & out. Great price on diesel, 8' water at dock, good water & power.

5-14-16 Once more, same stats, diesel is $2.12, Bernie is gone and Brownie is here!

Easy Access, nice people, adequate rest rooms, 2015-09-04
Captain: , Bay City, MI (730)

Just pull off the Erie and people are helpful. Fuel was the cheapest anywhere and they told us they pump quite a bit of fuel. Bathrooms are fine. Washer and two dryers. Inexpensive. Went to Cosmos in town and it was empty, but food was really good!

Cheap fuel - pleasant location, 2015-08-15
Captain: , Naples, FL (682)

This marina has the cheapest fuel we have found since leaving Georgia - $2.439 per gal. The marina is off the river in a pleasant park setting. The train line is close by but not as noisy as other locaions on the river - no level crossings nearby so not as much whistle noise. The marina/park manager is very helpful and friendly.
The concrete wall is in good shape with plenty of cleats and bollards. There are seven power pedestals on the wall with 50A and 30A - power is included in the dock fee. There are a number of floating docks for small vessels. The restrooms and showers are clean and functional. The laundry is adequate and not expensive. The township is a short walk away.
Contrary to the previous post, we found the mobile pump-out cart to have excellent suction %u2013 better than many fixed facilities on the AICW. The trick I%u2019ve found with getting a fast pump-out is not to use the standard rubber nozzle but to use a screw in fitting that provides an air-tight seal. We carry our own.

just in the right spot, 2015-08-07
Captain: , Olcott, NY (2536)

Our fuel needs coincide with this marina's location on every trip.
Great staff, easy in and out.
Awesome fuel prices.
Pumpout could be a little stronger, but is adequate.

Easy Stop, 2015-07-17
Captain: , Portland, Oregon (576)

This was a very easy stop and we were called by the Dock Master to thank us for the "no wake" and offer us diesel fuel for $2.50 a gallon. We considered that, checked Active Captain for fuel in New York, and they were the cheapest in the state. We reversed course and stopped for the night. They then talked the admiral into staying the night at $1/foot and recommended a restaurant.

A very nice place, 2015-07-03
Captain: , Sodus Point, NY (50)

I have been here twice now. Both visits have proven the place to be one of the top places to stop on the canal. The staff goes over the top to be helpful, fuel prices are good and the setting is magnificant.

Stopped for Fuel.. would come back, 2015-06-17
Captain: , Boca Raton, FL (1522)

Great little marina combined with an RV park. Great dock guy who was working there because we understand that the long time Dockmaster had sadly passed. Prices were very good although if you are taking on a good amount of fuel.. we took on about 300 gallons, the pump is very slow... more like a gas station pump... but that being said, it was worth the stop to meet new people and find a new place that i would stop for a quiet evening.

Great stop for diesel. , 2015-06-16
Captain: , Portsmouth,OH (50)

We only stopped for fuel but I wouldn't hesitate to plan an overnight stop here. Owner greeted us at fuel dock. Everything was clean, manicured and professional. Full facilities available and short walk to town for supplies.

Nice spot along the canal, 2015-06-03
Captain: , Fair Haven, NY (66)

Marcel, the dockmaster, welcomed us to the marina after a long, hot day of traveling through the canal from Waterford. He was friendly and helpful with a strong focus on customer service. The marina facilites are very good and the docks are easy to access. We had a great meal in town at Cosmos. One of the best cheeseburgers I've had in years. The new bartender, Bella, was great too.

Good Place to Stop, 2015-01-28
Captain: , Glen Arbor, MI (101)

Very helpful marina staff. Be sure to check out the Little M grocery on main street. Small but has the basics. Owner will drive you back to the marina if he is around. Good spot to provision.

amazing caring group, 2014-10-15
Captain: , Toronto (290)

Had a service issue and Bernie went out of his way to get Marcel to come down and sort out the problem.
Then Marcel drove us around to six stores on a weekend to get the parts.
These guys are amazing with the way they help.
Thre is nothing but praise for Bernie Marcel and Matt

Good Stop, fuel prices and short walk to town, 2014-10-04
Captain: , Fort Monroe, VA (949)

Bernie must have had the cleaning team in the men's room as it was clean. Good stop for night. Still $1 per foot including power (50A). Gas at $4.49 and diesel at $3.59. Short walk to town for most amenities and post office. Longer walk (1 mile each way)to see old Erie Cananl lock 33 site on opposite bank. One washer and two dryers in on site laundry. Commercial self-laundry in downtown.

Bath house is disgusting, 2014-09-22
Captain: , Southport, NC (523)

Good place to tie up for the night. Reasonable rates. Bernie was very helpful dockmaster. Most of the restaurants are closed on Monday and Tuesday, but the local bar Cosmos was open. Food was really good. Showers and bathrooms are not well kept. Bad urine smell in the mens room. Otherwise really nice place.

Gas price update, 2014-08-16
Captain: , Rochester, NY (69)

Just stopped for diesel. $3.809 a gallon! By far the best we've paid.

gas price update, 2014-07-10
Captain: , Houston, Texas (970)

We stopped here for gas on July 5, 2014. gas $4.71, diesel $3.94. Pump out$5.00.

Very restful spot to stop, 2014-06-30
Captain: , Rochester NY (310)

$1.00 per foot and a $5.00 pump out. Diesel was only $3.98/gal. Plenty of room on the wall for boats and a nice laundry facility also. Worth stopping at.

A nice overnight stop, 2014-06-22
Captain: , St Petersburg, FL (277)

The dock was in great shape and the facilities were fine. I am always pleasantly surprised when these small town marinas have on-site laundry. Very friendly folks. A true bargain at $1/ foot. If you're around for breakfast, try the new Bridge Street Bakery and Cafe in town.

Great Stopover , 2014-06-20
Captain: , Bay Hill Marina, Athens, AL (121)

Nice people and good facilities at a reasonable price. Grandmas has closed but a new bakery and cafe has opened with good baked goods and breakfast.

Good place to stay overnight, 2014-05-16
Captain: , Nowhere,OK (1314)

Dockmaster Bernie was a great help getting us tied to the wall. Rates are great and it's a short walk to town. Two small places to eat; we ate at Cosmos, a family run bar. A small food market and a great pharmacy.

It is a full service marina with fuel, pumpouts and laundry.

We got moved by a storm, otherwise we would have stayed a second day.

A very nice break from the Locks, 2013-09-16
Captain: , Henderson Harbor, NY (431)

We planned on staying via some of the positive reviews on Active Captain and it worked out to be a good choice. Bernie the Lockmaster is very knowledgeable and helpful. Its a small municipal marina, with good power, clean, and showers are OK. If you need a break from the Locks or just an overnight stay...Give it a try.

Bernie will give you a ride to a couple of nice restaurants if you want some good food and the restaurants will drive you back

We enjoyed our 2 nights in St. Johnsville.

Restfull & Laid Back, 2013-08-17
Captain: , Green Cove Springs FL (1394)

Visited with Rental car at first while touring from Amsterdam, N.Y. to Rome. N.Y. Had nice talk with Dock Master "Bernie" who is sote of a legend here after many years. Returned with ALLEZ!. Plenty of room. "Bernie" very cordial and Helpful Met nice folks in the R.V. Section of the Marina. Their was a wedding being performed at the Gazebo as we turned into the basin. Enjoyed the overnight stay. Both 30/50 Amp on the pedestal s on concrete wall as well as water. Two faucets: One full pressure. the other reduced Restooms and showers adequate

Fuel price best so far, 2013-07-23
Captain: , Oriental, NC (80)

Mon night concerts at adjacent park. Diesel fuel went up after weekend to $3.899. Still lowest on Canal. Nice helpful folks at dock. A good overnight spot. Small grocery in town 0.5 mile away. HAs some produce and good ICE CREAM

5 Stars for cheap fuel, 2013-06-04
Captain: , Trenton ON (668)

We didn't stay here, just fueled up and it was $3.75 a gallon. Pump out $5.00 Cheapest fuel on the canal.

St. Johnsville Marina, 2012-09-18
Captain: , Toronto (280)

Near the end of our first leg on the Erie Canal, we pulled in here for diesel. With the mast down our 37' Gulfstar required at least 54' of dock space. As we approached the dock I realized that there was maybe 56' of unoccupied dock! We managed to shoe-horn ourselves in. Service was decent - we watered up at the same time, no charge

Quiet but met all our needs, 2012-09-03
Captain: , Charleston, SC (422)

Tied up to the wall..must be a good 100' or so long..might pose a challenge getting on and off your boat depending on style of boat. Ate breakfast at Grandma's in tides/currents/wakes. Heads are very basic.

Great Fuel Prices. Small Town America, 2012-06-21
Captain: , San Francisco (171)

Cheapest fuel on this trip starting from Boston. Great little marina $1/ft all inclusive. Walk to town a nice place to visit

At least a great fuel stop, 2012-06-15
Captain: , Savannah (128)

We are spending the night here on 6-15-12 tied up to the dock wall. The price for diesel is $3.25 incl. all taxes. This is the best price we have seen yet on our trip which started in Savannah. Welcome is very frendly. Pump out readily available and in good operating order. Rate is also great at $1.00/ft including elect. Pizza on Main St. is REALLY good. Only down is that the showers and toilet facilities are clean but marginal and over in the camp ground area. We will come back if we can.

What a beautiful spot, 2011-07-09
Captain: , Austin, Texas (1774)

After a hectic day of fighting debris and fast flowing water, this place is paradise. The dockmaster, Bernie, has been here for 17 years, and is very helpful. Yes there are free docks elsewhere, but at $1.00 a ft including electric, water, and restrooms/showers this is a great deal. It's just off the canal, so there is no wake. Well worth it.

Any port in a storm, 2011-06-26
Captain: , Huron, OH (176)

We pulled into St. Johnsville at 8:30 in the evening after coming through two hours od thunderstorms. It was a welcome sight. We spent two days there since the canal was closed due to high water. They were very helpful and even took us to a local, and very good, Italian restaurant. The town was kind of depressed and didn't have much to offer but a couple of convience stores and a drug store.

Helpful dockmaster, 2011-06-15
Captain: , Wilsonville, AL (300)

Tie up was easy and dockmaster helpful. The town is very nice, but not many stores open. $1 per foot includes electricity. Restrooms was o.k., but showers had mold and are unusable.

Thank You for your hospitality and help during erie flood, 2010-09-06
Captain: , Elizabeth City, NC (241)

Fuel is relatively cheap and facilities are very adequate. We were welcomed here during the flood in August. The staff spent the night keeping an eye on things as the river overflowed the docks. They helped me secure my boat with additional dock lines and anchors at 3:30 am. We also topped off the fuel tanks in case we had to anchor out for an extended period. Thank You again for your help and hospitality during an unexpected delay in our journey.

Nice wall and protected, 2007-06-08
Captain: , Punta Gorda, FL (118)

A nice clean stop on the Erie Canal. Fuel and pump out available. A small marina so make reservations.

Nice wall and protected, 2007-06-08
Captain: , Punta Gorda, FL (118)

A nice clean stop on the Erie Canal. Fuel and pump out available. A small marina so make reservations.

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