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St Augustine Marine Center

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Address 404 South Riberia St
St Augustine, FL 32084

Phone904-824-4394 (Fax: 904-824-9755)

After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - YES
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


Join the St. Augustine Cruisers Net at:
VHF broadcasts are daily at 8 am on channel 72. Broadcasts may be sproadic from June through September. Check the Facebook page for updated information.

VHF channel



Email contact

Owner, manager

Gene Corrales, General Manager



Yard Manager, Dave Bennett

Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

MC, Visa.

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:






Tide & current additional info


Approach: 10
Transient dockage: 6
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info: Deep water dockside with no obstructions.
No fuel dock. Fuel is available at Cat's Paw across the river.

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - NO
Floating - YES
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: 150
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: 50
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: Call for pricing.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - YES

Additional info:

Pricing info: $15

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)


Dinghy access

Liveaboard info



Fuel brand: Fuel available at St. Augustine Municipal Marina.

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeUnknown

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out














Yes - Home Depot is 2 miles away.


Yes - St. Augustine City Restaurants are 1 mile away.


Yes - St. Augustine City Night Life is 1 mile away.

Hotels or motels

Repair capabilities

Yes - Full service boat yard.

Haul out capabilities

Yes - 110 ton travel lift that can handle a 23 foot 6 inch beam. Specialized Catamaran lift with Hydrolic trailer from custom ramp allows for a beam of 35 feet up to 40 ton, depending on the vessel's under bridge deck configuration.

Storage facilities


Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - Great free WiFi service.

Boat ramp availability

Yes - Not available for public use.


Other services


Reviews for St Augustine Marine Center
Good Experience Overall, 2017-03-07
Captain: , Hampton, Virginia (289)

We had our 60' Viking Sport Yacht hauled on February 13th for bottom work and painting and got put back in the water on February 20th. We stayed on the boat while it was out of the water and overall we had a good experience. Mark Robinson was very responsive in quoting the job and scheduling us the day we visited them. The travel lift crew was waiting for us at our scheduled appointment time, and Arthur and Chris did an excellent job on the actual prep work and finishing. This was the most thorough cleaning, prep, and finish work that we've ever had done on one of our boats.

This is a large, working yard, and it's a bit rough around the edges. There's a lot of activity, dirt, and dust, so be prepared to take the time after relaunch to do a thorough cleaning inside and out. Once we got hauled the scheduling of the work was somewhat unorganized (in our experience this is not unusual for a yard of this size). They ran out of materials the first Saturday and weren't able to get additional paint until Tuesday afternoon, which put us behind a few days. We probably spent four or five days longer out of the water than we could have and expected to. This was not the first time we've done that.

There was one item on the final bill that was considerably more than what was quoted (quoted $700 - final cost $1,700). I wasn't consulted on this before the work was done. They were able to verify the time spent and it wasn't a major issue for me because of the high quality of the work, but they should have discussed it with me before the work was performed. This could have been a major issue for some people and you should make sure up front that your expectation is that any additional cost should be discussed before performing.

Saint Augustine Marine Center is not the least expensive place we've ever been to. Every yard we spoke to in this area though is high based on our experience further north from South Carolina to Delaware. Part of this is due to Florida sales tax (7%), which obviously the yard has no control over. Our total bill including taxes was $9,100. This included sanding and prepping the bottom/metals/bow thruster, two full coats plus a Carolina coat of Interlux Micron 66, PropSpeed on the wheels and shafts, etch/prime/paint trim tabs, struts, bow thruster, and remove/clean/sandblast/paint main engines intake ports and screens. The same job in Charleston two years ago was $7,400. If you add the difference in sales tax it would have been about $7,800. So the total cost difference was about $1,700, net not including tax about $1,300. A good portion of this difference was worth it to me because of the excellent job Arthur and Chris did in prepping and finishing. At the end of the day the quality of the work actually done and safety are our top two priorities, so even though there were some other issues I rated in Four Stars overall. Here's the breakdown.

Original Quote and Scheduling - Five Stars
Haul Out/Safety/Concern for Boat/Blocking - Five Stars
Condition of Yard/Amenties/Cleanliness - Two/Three Stars
Workmanship - Five Stars (Best job we've ever had)
Yard Scheduling/Organization/Materials on Hand - Three Stars
Staff Helpfulness/Concern for Owners - Four Stars
Cost/Final Billing - Three Stars

Good place haul your Cat, 2017-01-19
Captain: , Boston (100)

We had saildrive issues which required a haul out - not always easy with a 25' beam. We worked closely with Mark Robinson and are very pleased with the outcome. We ended up leaving our boat for November and December and were worried about everything (stripping and painting the bottom) getting done on time. When we expressed how worried we were about getting everything finished by early January so we could meet our cruising deadlines, Mark was very proactive and checked in with us on a regular basis. When he found out we needed new props, he was on it. All got done well and on time, even over the Christmas Holidays.

The marina itself is just okay. Nice washer dryers but small bath and showers. You can live on your boat on the hard but it is tough living. Hard to get shore power and far from the bathroom.

There is a well-stocked Ship Store down the street. We had some canvas work done by The Canvas Upholstery Center, right on the marina property, and were pleased with their work and prices.

The location of the marina is good. Lots to do in St Augustine. You need a car to grocery shop but you can easily walk to town for great restaurants and tours. Down the street is the Crave Food Truck, Wine Tasting (free tour and tasting) and the St Augustine Distillery (also a good tour and tasting and a trendy restaurant/bar called the Ice Plant).

Do the St Augustine tour, visit the fort and tour Flagler College.

So, in summary, if you need to have work done, be sure you are clear about expectations and requirements. We are very satisfied customers.

You Be the Judge, 2016-06-15
Captain: , St Augustine, FL (10)

We had our boat partially disassembled in California, then hauled by truck to St. Augustine Marine Center (SAMC) in September, 2015. In addition to recommissioning, we hired SAMC to make a few repairs and improvements. Given my state of mind after our experience with SAMC, I waited until June, 2016 to post this review to ensure that this review is as objective and dispassionate as possible. Here are the facts:

- FALSELY CLAIMED PROPELLERS WERE MISSING %u2013 The propellers were removed in California for transit. The day after the boat arrived in their yard, SAMC claimed there were no propellers onboard. Based on SAMC%u2019s assurance that they had thoroughly searched from bow to stern, we contacted the decommissioning yard in California, which then searched for the propellers there. When that yard insisted that they had searched everywhere so the propellers must have been stowed onboard, my wife and I personally searched our boat and found them. In this way, between us and the California yard, SAMC caused a waste of four to six hours on day one.

- SEALANT IMPROPERLY INSTALLED - The manager in charge of our project, Mark, admitted that he had assigned a man with no experience to seal the fiberglass joints between the cowling and deck on the flybridge. The man did not use masking tape. He applied the sealant, then smeared it with his finger, resulting in a sloppy mess similar to what one often sees around bathtubs in budget motels. Mark agreed it was unacceptable, and removed the sealant and replaced it personally. However, sealant from the original installer's hands was later found on the stern deck bulkhead, the transom, several side deck railing stanchions, and (somehow) on a fabric screen INSIDE the saloon door. We are still finding bits of sealant on the gelcoat when washing the boat, over eight months later. The white sealant on the black fabric screen could not be completely removed, and remains there today.

- PREMATURE DETAILING %u2013 We paid over $2,000 to have the boat%u2019s exterior detailed and waxed. Instead of doing this after all other work was complete, SAMC detailed the boat BEFORE doing several other items on their work list (including the above mentioned sealant). Therefore, rather than enjoying the (costly) pleasure of a well detailed boat after we took possession, we had to remove stray bits of sealant, masking tape adhesive, and the usual dirt and grime associated with leaving a boat in a boatyard.

- TRANSDUCER IMPROPERLY INSTALLED - SAMC replaced a depth sounder transducer. On top of the transducer was an arrow. The manufacturer's instructions clearly called for the transducer to be oriented with the arrow pointing toward the keel. This was not done, which caused the transducer to return inaccurate readings.

- ANODE IMPROPERLY INSTALLED - The bonding system's primary sacrificial anode (large zinc plate mounted at the stern) was replaced. The bolts securing the anode are sealed where they penetrate the hull. If they were allowed to rotate during future replacement of the anode, it would break their seals and cause a leak. For this reason is it customary for standoff nuts to be installed on the bolts between the hull and the plate anodes, which allows divers to slip a wrench behind the anode to immobilize the bolts when changing the anodes. SAMC did not install standoff nuts. Instead, they mounted the plate flush against the hull. Therefore, when replacing the anode in the future we must either haul the boat, or pay for a second person inside the boat to immobilize the bolts while a diver removes the anode.

- PROPELLERS IMPROPERLY INSTALLED %u2013 When the boat had been lowered in the Travelift slip at last, and I shifted into reverse to back away, the boat moved forward. After determining that the boat was responding in the opposite way one would expect, I was faced with a choice. Did I want SAMC to investigate and correct the problem, or should I have that done by others? Rather than allowing SAMC to touch the boat again I decided to depart, even though that was difficult because the boat had to be operated in the opposite way from usual (shifting forward to move in reverse, and vice versa). We had the boat hauled at another yard, where it was discovered that SAMC had reversed the propellers.

- FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE - After the above mentioned transducer and propeller issues were corrected by the other yard, I made several attempts over the course of two months to communicate with the SAMC general manager about being reimbursed for the cost of the corrections. He never took my calls. He never returned my voice mail messages or my emails. SAMC did eventually reimburse us partially (they failed to repay the sales tax charged by the other yard) but not until the owner of the other yard had personally called them on our behalf to assure them that the corrective work was indeed necessary, and was caused by SAMC.

The above is a factual and complete account of our experience with St. Augustine Marine Center. Others here at Active Captain have reported good experiences there. I don't know why the reviews vary so wildly. All I know for certain is the facts described above, and while mistakes are only human, I would not intentionally trust my boat to any yard that is capable of doing ALL of those things on one visit, even if they usually do better.

Would highly recommend!, 2016-05-05
Captain: , Newport, RI (230)

We are a 44' Swan (S/V MAX) with a draft of 7'4". Would recommend approaching the Marina at slack as the current runs very hard!
We have sail drive and it showed signs of a problem...
We had the boat hauled for Bottom Paint work, Waxing of hull, check engine & fluids. Once the boat was hauled we discovered we had 300 yards of fishing line wrapped in the sail drive which had blown out the seals.
This Marina was first class all the way! From the moment we arrived we were met by a staff that is professional and they strive to make your stay with them a good one! The bathroom and shower was clean and updated. Laundry room is great and they have a machine to provide change. Captains lounge is great with TV, very comfortable furniture , great wifi, tables and chairs and air conditioning! A nice place to hang out if it is hot out there! The workmanship on all levels was excellent! We stayed on board while work was being done and it was quite pleasant....Pricing was fair and they had everything finished and we were back in the water within a weeks time! We plan to come back here again. This was a great find. We would highly recommend.

Got work accomplished in short time, 2016-03-10
Captain: , Lizella GA (1826)

I had some work done on my windvane, diesel and on my outdrive. All jobs were done in a timely manner and done well. I only have one complaint about the yard, it gets deep when it rains hard, but I am on a boat arn't I :-)

Great Marina and Staff, 2016-02-25
Captain: , Santa Cruz, CA (20)

We had brought our boat in during bad weather and the local mooring field completely full. Gene found dock space for us after big wind for 3 days at anchor near the north bridge. We hauled the boat and flew back to California for the holidays. We came back and did a few projects. Some diy and some for the yard to do. We were very happy with the yard scheduling our work that needed to be done on a timely basis. Everyone there was great, from Gene, Andrew, Marshall, Patti, Hunt, Dave, we had nothing but really respectful and fair treatment. No hesitation to recommend. We will be back....BTW, St Augustine is a great place to stay and visit if you need to spend time somewhere.

Unrealised potential., 2016-02-21
Captain: , Hout Bay (10)

I have hauled out several times here. They are very expensive and if Andrew himself isnt doing the work quoted for, it isnt up to standard.
They have always come up with extra charges after I've accepted the quote and they have started the job. For example, only the yard can paint antifouling. So when I ask for a quote for the bottom to be painted, that should mean that we all understand that includes everything below the waterline because I am not permitted to do it myself. I dont want to be hit with an extra bill for the saildrive legs, props, and rudders!
The shower facilities are filthy and the yard turns into a mud bath after rain.
The guys working the travel lift are great at their job. The fibreglass contractor is good at his job, easy to deal with but expensive. The sail and awning facility is right there on site, but again very expensive so people usually go elsewhere.
What the yard needs is a "go to" person who has genuine boating, marine and, more importantly, people skills. Someone who the customer can interact with, because the person I dealt with just insulted me without even seeming to be aware he was doing so.
This yard could have been the best catamaran yard. It is strategically well placed, has an enormous amount of space.
Why the owners cant get into their minds that boaters need some simple things. A polite and knowledgeable person who is out in the yard checking all work being done and has the authority to pull the contractors into line when their work isnt up to standard ( not blame the customer!!). We need fair and reasonable rates charged for work actually correctly done. We want to do some work on our own boats, because we arent all millionaires, and we enjoy it. We want clean showers and laundry facilities. Making a little money from a lot of people should be the way forward.

A good place to be if you need work to be done, 2016-01-19
Captain: , Rock Hall, MD (110)

We came back to our catamaran after it was on the hard for two months. It was noted that there was a problem with the hydraulic steering system. A contracted specialist was sent over to the boat while still on the hard. It was determined that the seals had stopped sealing. In spite of the.efforts to make the old system work, it was agreed to replace the steering pump. Jason has worked in collaboration with me to obtain and install an appropriate hydraulic steering pump. I do appreciate his efforts to ensure that the job was done right and that the boat is ready to continue our voyage to the Bahamas.
Our AIS indicated a fault with the antenna. SAMC sent over Tommy Wise, a recent hire. He did a first rate job in locating the fault and ensuring that the new antenna and connections were up to spec.
We did not expect to be delayed on our voyage South. However, we feel fortunate that we identified the steering failure while here at St Augustine Marine Center. Gene, the Manager, works with you to meet your needs. SAMC is a place for projects, repairs and storage. It is not a marina with a pool and many showers. I am happier here getting to know St Augustine than almost any other town we passed through on the ICW. Yes, I would rather have not had the steering pump failure, but it has worked out as a good place to generate solutions that will allow us to continue our run to the Bahamas. BTW, while it was sunny this afternoon, (01/19/2016), they are forecasting overnight temps down into the 30s.

Fourth trip- catamaran, 2016-01-13
Captain: , Lewis Creek, Md (1304)

This is the fourth review of this marina/yard. Left the boat in November and picked up in January. Most of the work was completed, and we had a couple of last minute things that cropped up which were handled. They still are not the best organized, but they have improved from last time. Good show!

Very Disappointing! Wouldn't go back, 2015-12-01
Captain: , Perth, Western Australia (230)

Ended up cancelling our bottom job after looking at other work in the yard. I used to be a industrial coatings inspector so have some idea what what I'm looking at and the work in this yard is atrocious plus very expensive. Spoke to many other owners here, not one person was happy. My only positive experience was Billy Balcon the electrician, he is very good at what he does and fair with pricing. The centre lift they use for bigger cats is not good, it damaged our boat and another ended up with long stress cracks in the gel coat as the load distribution isn't right. User beware!

Never again, 2015-11-20
Captain: , Vancouver BC (10)

In my 30 years of boating I never was so disappointed in a so-called full service yard as St Augustine Marine Center. The hours logged are 30% more than time spent; at $85 per hour that adds up. The workmanship is below standard. Gene the GM is proud when he sees bottom paint runs and on other locations the first coat (different color) still shine through. I signed several work order, they were not complete after two month. A carpenter that I was referred to had some mental issues. The yard wanted to order parts for $420 when I can get them on line for $350. I meat one skillful outside-contractor that dislikes working for this yard. I observed a huge disconnect (power struggle) between management and yard workers - little coordination and long time delays.
I talked to several boaters they felt the same. (read the review about the billing, I feel the same. Driling a hole cost $130 (1 1/2 hours)
Please note that Mark as been demoted and Gene is now the GM. I experienced lots of talk and no action. Everything is a problem - you have to come up with a solution.

Management response:
Thomas winkler on Cat 1 was a guest in our yard, he had us do several minor repairs to his boat and signed a work order for us to apply 2 coats of bottom paint which he supplied the paint for. He did not order enough paint and accused The yard of applying the coats too thick. This is a 38' catamaran which he ordered 3 gallons of paint for two coats. He then ordered a fourth gallon which we used to paint the areas under the pads , we applied two coats to these areas and returned him the left over paint. At which time Thomas waited till night and applied the remaining paint to his boat. This action is contrary to our yard policy . When he was confronted with this he lied to the owner of the yard. We have zero tolerance for those who choose to break our policies and he was told to leave the yard and not return.

nice people good work, 2015-10-13
Captain: , St. Augustine (90)

I just had a complete bottom job including sandblasting, barrier coats and top coats with some blisters repaired and some other glass work. The result was beautiful.

great service, 2015-01-27
Captain: , St Croix (10)

Came in with an oil leak and warning light on for port sail drive. Service mgr Mark was exceptionally responsive and helpful. Siciliani Mechanical Services arrived soon after we were tied and did the repairs promptly. Jason is very thorough and conscious. I recommend him will go back.

Good for beamy cats, 2014-12-21
Captain: , Mooloolaba (692)

We hauled our 47ft x 25ft catamaran for 6 months during 2014 hurricane season. Under-deck lift is excellent with good haul, block and relaunch. Mast was unstepped, for warranty painting, and re-stepped by Andrew who is extremely careful and thorough. With the mast down, we stored under cover for the summer in a large shed which was expensive but excellent shelter. Bootom paint was probably the best I have had.
Co-operative and helpful yard and office, we felt well looked-after and would have no hesitation returning. Not the cheapest.

St. Augustine Marine center, 2014-11-22
Captain: , Shorewood, MN (10)

Just completed our 1st haulout with a punch list from the survey. Mark and the team did a great job in coordinating the multiple projects, bottom paint, through hulls, cutlass bearings, etc. They met the deadlines and made launch date. Impressed with the coordination and the contractors, Andrew was first rate.

Very diisappointed, 2014-11-09
Captain: , Yorktown, VA (972)

We purchased a 100# Manson Supreme Anchor. We had our roller and shoot redesigned so it would could up and sit on the pulpit correctly. However, it did not work so we had to remove it and put the old CQR back on. As we have been heading south, we have been looking for places that could help with the redesign.
When we were in St. Augustine on the mooring we walked to St. Augustine Marine Center armed with pictures to inquire about their abilities. We were told by Mark, it was no problem, they could work us in, and to bring the boat the next day. We were also encouraged plus there is no charge at the dock when the boat is being serviced.
When we arrived they came right to the boat and after an hour and a half we had 3 or 4 suggestions as to some possible fixes. We went to the shop to look at pictures of parts we may be able to order, everyone discussed these possibilities. Mark was never involved in these discussions. Finally, we found Mark, told him we were leaving, and would not be having any work done because of the lack of a definite fix. At that point, they actually charged us $130 for the hour and a half labor. I think this was very unfair because they thought they could do it then couldn%u2019t come up with a good alternative.

Marine center, 2014-10-08
Captain: , London (30)

good people, good service, the prices are normal

St Augustine Marine Center, 2014-07-19
Captain: , Edgewood, FL (10)

The service manager is Mark Robinson. He is responsive and responsible. He coordinates the contractors in the yard. It is worth the extra money when you have multiple systems being repaired at once as they are pretty well kept on the same page. The live aboard facilities were recently upgraded with the addition of the "Captain's Lounge" which is air conditioned with TV and WiFi. It also has a new coin op laundromat. The work here is very good but pricey. Outside contractors (so I'm told) are required to carry one million dollar insurance policies and so some are excluded. The fiberglass work is great (First Choice Marine Services). The rigging specialist is Andrew Crawford who is great, very knowledgable, very helpful, very professional. We are finishing a major refit and have been here 5 months. We have had the mast and boom rebuilt, the Volvo Pentas replaced with Beta Marines. Half Hitch Marine handles power and electric issues well. Mastercool Marine is very good also. It is the only marina in town that can handle beamy catamarans such as ours. I have grown to like the crew here and would trust them with any job. Would get 5 stars if prices were not so. . . well. . . . . let's just say "they ain't cheap".

Bad bottom jobs, 2014-06-07
Captain: , catskill (290)

The bottom paint services they do here are very very poor. Go to green cove springs, and do it yourself.

This is not the City Marina, it is a Boatyard. Here are our Pos and Negs, 2014-03-09
Captain: , Nomad (22)

Note: some of the reviews here on active captain are obviously for the St. Augustine City Marina, not St. Augustine Marine Center. Easy to confuse. The glowing stories of overnight visits are for the City Marina. The Marine Center is not a Marina, has no moorings, no fuel dock and no pumpout. It is a Boatyard that can handle big boats (including large Catamarans) for work and long term storage.

We hauled our sailboat here and left it for 6 months in 2013. Positives: (1) They have big lifts to handle big boats - I did not have to remove my fore stay to get our 47' overall boat hauled (2) Friendly, responsive yard staff - they contract out nearly all the labor here mostly to on-site contractors but they do allow in outsiders with proper arrangements (3) They allow DYI, except you must let them paint your bottom They pretty much leave you alone to do your own work (4) reasonable haul and land storage rates - they are a few dollars per foot less than the high-end Florida rate but a few dollars more than the el-cheapo spots (Green Cove Springs, etc). (5) Canvas shop is A+ (6) outboard shop A+. The negatives: (1) the on-site engine contractor (Half-hitch Marine) tried to bill me for 3 hours to do a valve adjustment (which was the original quote, but I was told that I would only be billed for actual time). It actually took them 1 hour. I was there. I watched and timed it. The Yard stepped in and corrected it (cutting the bill in half). I sent an email to the owner of Half-hitch Marine and he further adjusted the charge down to 1 hour. A hassle I should not have had to endure, but ultimately it got fixed. Thankfully there are other engine contractors in town that are authorized to work in this boatyard. (2) the bathrooms and showers are few and rustic. Everything works and they are cleaned regularly but they are always just a bit grimy and musty. Could be positive, or negative: (1) To put your boat close to water and electric costs extra %u2013 we chose to place our boat in the non-electrified area. I was able to hand-carry water for our own use and for a few tasks and we ran a long extension cord to charge the batteries. It worked. My problem is I am used to yards up north (Chesapeake Bay) where the land storage rates are much lower than Florida rates and everything is included. So, is this a complaint? You decide. The upside is that they let me do it without any fuss.

Catamaran haulout, 2013-11-10
Captain: , Camden ME (465)

Great facility, centrally located, great security, helpful staff. Not 5 stars due to restrooms.

Nice Stop Over, 2013-04-29
Captain: , Beaufort, NC (282)

The wind and tide still have to be considered even with the new sea wall. Clean rest rooms. This town has history of course and should be visited at least once.

Perfect location, excellent staff, 2013-04-29
Captain: , Wilmington, NC (520)

We were hesistant to come in here for two reasons: poor support from the dock and bad currents/wind. However, the staff was great - knew what they were doing and had 3 people out to help. The wind and current were at their worst when we came in but the folks at the marina were proficient and helpful so we came in well and safe.

In the morning we got pumped out (included in the charge) and filled with water. Last night we walked the old town knowing that we were tied up in the best place around.

Good service and quiet, 2013-04-26
Captain: , Buffalo (832)

We needed to have a water pump rebuilt, so we stopped in here. Staff is great; though you won't see them unless you search them out. While we waited for the pump, we had full electric and a very quiet dock. A ten minute dinghy ride to Hurrican Patty's for casual food and a produce market around the corner. A short bike ride to historical St. Augustine. The service work is outsourced to Capt. Ron, who seemed very honest to us.

A change of personnel again, but seems to be a steady improvement, 2013-04-07
Captain: , Scottsdale (421)

Bottom paint, saildrive service, rudder post stiffness, wax and polish the hull and A/C installed. We left our catamaran in Jan and I returned April 1st to have the boat splashed April 2nd. All went well and on price. The yard contracts out much of the work and I was very pleased with Half-Hitch and MasterCool. The A/C installation was very professionally completed and daily communication from Mike via email and phone while the installation continued. Claire in the front office was very helpful and arranged additional work on a leaking electric head within a few minutes.

I sensed the yard is working on providing quality services for catamaran owners. The travel lift crew was exceptional taking great care to lift and splash the boat without a mark on it.

The town of St. Augustine has a lot of history and a fun place to be.

Nice yard for a catamaran, 2013-02-25
Captain: , Tracys Landing, Maryland (350)

We needed to haul out to replace our sail drive seals. The yard did a good job for us and went the extra mile to make us comfortable living on the hard for a week. Only downside is that we had a few areas that needed touching up on the bottom paint, and they don't allow you to do any painting yourself.

Not a First Choice Boat Yard, 2013-02-12
Captain: , St. Augustine, FL (4307)

Seems that most reviewers have had good experiences at this boat yard. That was not our experience. When presented the estimate for work, an additional 14 hours labor for a small job was listed. In response to stating that that amount of time was excessive, they said don't worry about it, the time will be adjusted to the actual amount of time actually worked. In the end, a job that did not involve a total of 14 hours was charged the entire additional 14 hours. One of the jobs was not completed and we had to spend a weekend completing it ourselves. Finally, we gave up and had them splash the boat even though some work had not been completed, work that had been fully paid for. The staff were always smiling and friendly, but their actions never supported their promises. Not all was negative - the two who operate the travel lift for haul-block-launch were very conscience and good at their task.

Great Service for DIY, 2012-12-22
Captain: , Bellingham WA (21)

We had our catamaran hauled out for storage in August. Rates are reasonable, staff is friendly & helpful. We chose this yard for its DIY ability, so when we returned at Thanksgiving, we began prepping for a complete paint job.
Unfortunately, due to incessant fog, cold, high humidity & wet this year (not the norm we were told), we had to launch and move south to find better painting weather.

Good people and good service, 2012-11-15
Captain: , New York (60)

We were there in the spring for an extended stay thanks to a line floating in the intercoastal. Manager Pete made it a pleasant experience with real concern for our issue and the fact that we were cruisers. He GETS it. Nice yard staff.

for boat repairs or service!, 2012-09-05
Captain: , Key Largo (5457)

I had to get some pump work done, parts had to come from England, they did very professional work , at a reasonable price, no surprises, and they treated us very well.
I think if I had major work to get done, I would bring the boat here.

Great BoatYard, 2012-07-15
Captain: , Palm Coast FL (20)

We've used this boatyard several times in the last few years. Each time the work was professional and charged as quoted. There have been several different managers but we have always had a good experience here. You are allowed to do your own work and stay on your boat in the boatyard if you want. The showers were pretty nasty but we had chosen to stay at hotel so it wasn't an issue for us. The staff is knowlegeable and friendly. We would used this boatyard again if we are in the area.

Excellant service and available services, 2012-05-09
Captain: , Lost Lake (20)

This is the best yard on the east coast based on service, price and great people!!!! They are a great place to haul out for the hurricane season. Peggy, Pete and the rest of the staff are wonderful.

A trustworthy yard, 2012-04-10
Captain: , Hayes va (163)

(short version)While heading north I thought I might have had a shaft corrosion problem. The yard inspected it and convinced me it was minor and correctable. Based on the honesty displayed I had other work I had postponed completed. Everyone there was very professional and friendly. The final bill was slightly less than I expected. If required I'll stop here in the future.

Great prices and great location, 2012-04-08
Captain: , Brevard NC (20)

As we were passing through St. Augustine heading south we found ourselves in need of a haulout to fix some damage to our boat. We toyed with the idea of going back up to Green Cove Springs to save a little on the haul and storage but ended up deciding on St. Augustine Marine Center. The cost of the haul is a little more than Green Cove Springs all said and done, but the convenience of being within walking distance/bicycle distance to Sailor's Exchange and all of the other resources of St. Augustine well outweighted the slightly higher haulout (8.50/ft vs ~6.00/ft after all is included at Green Cove plus the added time and expense to get there). Peter Gulick is doing a great job keeping the yard top notch and you will leave there paying exactly what you agree upon at the time of the haul, NO HIDDEN CHARGES and no charges for bringing in your own supplies. Bottom line is that this is a very honest yard that is in a great location and has very reasonable rates.

Great experience, 2012-04-05
Captain: , Hamilton, Ontario (42)

This boat yard is great. You can work on your own boat -they will even rent you tools. Reasonable prices. Clean facility. Canvas business on site - they did some good work for us and quickly. Peter, customer service manager, is professional, knowledgeable and provides exceptional customer service. Went out of his way to ensure we felt welcomed and valued. Will definitely drop back here in the future.

Great yard for wide range of services, 2012-02-20
Captain: , Marthas Vineyard (10)

Had rudder bearings replaced, rigging work and painting done. Great canvas shop and composites expertise on site, which we also used. All professionals were very good and responsive. Service manager does excellent job setting expectations and providing timely updates. Allows you to do own work such as bottom painting, if you want. Easy walk into town & very good place to leave boat if you need to get away for a period.

Excellent facility, 2012-01-10
Captain: , Erie, Pa. (1896)

a great yard for professional repair or do it yourself. Everyone is excellent, the painters are terriffic and the lift operators are swell.
New floating docks have 50 amp & 100 amp, h2o etc.

Great Location, 2011-11-29
Captain: , East Greenwich, RI (660)

We stayed here on the docks closest to the bridge. I would give this place a 5 star rating except for the current close to the bridge. When it is running strong this is a challenge. the current seems to swirl around the bridge piles and comes at you from different directions as yo make your approach. Other than that, this is a great facility and location. Lost of great history in St Augustine. Very good restaurants etc. There is a bus system to bring you to the Publics grocery store. Sunshine bus company runs it. You can catch the bus in fron of the Flagler College autorium.

Our favorite marina!, 2011-07-06
Captain: , Grand Haven, Michigan (20)

Great location, all the amenities needed and the best staff of our Great Loop experience! The service department was able to handle all of our needs and were very timely. It's a must to stop at the St. Augustine Marine Center. You will not be disappointed!

repair work, 2011-06-13
Captain: , new bern, NC (110)

Stopped at St. Augistine marine center June 8, 2011 for a minor repair. Was greated by great staff & repair was done as expected & at quoted price. They seem to have new employees that care & go out of their way to please. Would stop again.

Great Haul-out!, 2011-04-20
Captain: , Port Jefferson, NY (21)

Can't say enough about these folks. Very professional in all aspects. From the guys hauling and blocking the boat, to the different specialists available - engine mechanics, etc. It is also a do-it-yourself yard with plenty of resources available either on site or close by. Also important - St. Augustine (and all its' amenities) is only a short bike ride away.

A Competent Yard, 2010-11-14
Captain: , Jacksonville (74)

They do know what they are doing here and this is one of the few places that I feel comfortable having my boat hauled. They do alow do it yourself and will provide advise if asked. Not cheap but they do good work. Do schedule your haul out or launch at slack water to avoid some drama getting on or off the travel lift.

Great Location, 2009-12-04
Captain: , South Portland, ME (537)

Currents are strong but the docks are great and the dockhands are knowledgeable. If you are uncomfortable with heavy currents try to hit it at slack tide. The BEST location for visiting St. Augustine, one of the best stops in Florida.

Easey to get into., 2009-05-05
Captain: , clear lake texas (435)

This is a boat yard with floating docks we tied alongside with no current problems. Plenty of water. Little boat traffic and a easy walk to old down town.

Dockage w/o service, 2007-12-14
Captain: , Mesa AZ (1609)

Docked here at $1.20/ft for the night. One mile walk to Old Town, floating docks and 50 amp available.

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