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Savannah City Docks

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Address Savannah, GA

Phone912-651-6477/912-651-3634 for Dockmaster

After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - NO
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - NO
Municipal - YES
Other - NO

VHF channel


Email contact

Owner, manager

City of Savannah, GA



Shawn Emerson

Payments acceptedCredit cards - NO
Checks - NO

Payment info

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


Floating dock just behind the tour boat floating dock.





Tide & current additional info


Approach: 42
Transient dockage: 12
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - YES
Floating - YES
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - YES
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: 250
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: $1.50/ft (2016-09-14)

Other price info: First come first serve. 300 total feet of dock. Can dock for 3 hours for free.


Transient: 0
Total: 0
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info: One electrical pedestal is demolished, 2013.

Pricing info: Included in the docking fee.

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)

Yes - Water is along the seawall. Leave out some hose since the boat will drop about 9 feet at low tide.

Water is available on the two pedestals furthest up and down river.

Dinghy access


Liveaboard info



Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info: Park east of docks to exercise, dog-friendly.

Disability access

Launch service


Pump out








Yes - Public restrooms near the Hyatt.



Yes - Free airconditioned bus to goes to Kroger, runs every 20 minutes.



Yes - Many nearby.



Hotels or motels

Yes - Hyatt Hotel, and several inns,

Repair capabilities


Haul out capabilities


Storage facilities


Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - Very few open access points. 2015

Boat ramp availability



Yes - Free bus available.

Other services


Right on the Riverwalk.

Reviews for Savannah City Docks
Closed UFN, 2017-06-18
Captain: , Portsmouth (553)

Called on 6/2/17, the dock is closed until further notice.

city dock closed, 2017-05-01
Captain: , Belleville (50)

arrived 04/30/2017. to find city dock was closed to the public. docks appeared to be in poor condition and were under repair.

Check to make sure the dock is "open" before making plans, 2015-03-26
Captain: , Erie, PA (587)

We arrived to find the Nina and Pinta tied to the City Docks. We tied up behind them (there was ample room) and then proceeded to call the number shown on the dock to check in.

The phone had an automated message system saying the docks were closed for a week, presumably to allow the Nina and Pinta to charge $8/person to tour the boats.

We ended up staying on a dock south of the city dock at $2.75/ft and not enjoying it. Containerships generate a large wake even when going slow. I am surprised that our 24" ball fenders survived. Also we had lots of flotsam going up and down the shore with the tidal change. We had to dig out part of a medium size tree from between our boat and the dock that the current brought in. Bar patrons seem to be noisy past closing time. One evening there was enough.

Excellent Location Rough as a cob., 2015-01-08
Captain: , Iotta Louisiana (404)

Excellent Location right on River St with good access to the rest of the city.. Edging on docks (floating) in poor shape so rig fender before docking . Ebb current very high and while container ship transits are slow enough to generate minimum wake, city ferry during the day generates a brutal wake as well as some tug traffic. Power on docks 30 and 50amp working at pyloin closest to ramp, not sure about others. Good price (pay at Bryant St garage one block straight ahead from ramp)

Not bad but can be rolly, 2014-11-02
Captain: , Buzzards Bay, MA (316)

It is what it is, a town municiple dock. The price is right, especially if you're just running up to River Street for lunch or dinner where the first few hours are free. In my opinion it would be a bit difficult to stay on the boat here overnight as there is a fair amount of traffic on the river and our boat did a lot of rolling around. Perhaps it was a high traffic day, but the river is big enough and the tidal current is fast enough that it doesnt take much wind to stand up some waves.
The big ships run in and out at high tide and it can be quite busy so if you don't have to I'd recommend hanging out until the tide has had an opportunity to drop a bit for a departure. The ships are pretty cool to see though.

Fun Stop in downtown, 2014-08-21
Captain: , St. Petersburg (749)

We stayed two nights at the floating dock. It had fenders the entire length. It was a bit rolly but not too bad. We really enjoyed the parade of SHIPS out our windows. Being right downtown made up for most short comings. We made it to the Saturday farmers market which was just OK (nothing like St Petersburg) and took one of the tour trolleys, which was very informative.

Location, location, location, 2014-05-11
Captain: , US East Coast (610)

This dock is RIGHT IN THE CENTER of it all. The main square of River street is right there - although you won't really notice it from the boat since the docks are lower than the street level.

However, it is right on the river so there are ships passing in the night, tugs, ferries and more. No significant wake from anything except the pesky ferry that doesn't seem to care. Surprisingly, the big ships make no real wake at all.

Everything touristy is right there within walking distance - except the grocery store is about a mile away.

We loved it, but couldn't tolerate more than one night.

Note - a big river cruise"ship" ties up at this dock on Monday/Tuesday nights - on those days there is rooom for only 1 yacht - otherwise 4-5 boats could fit. Call ahead to the dockmaster (Sherri) at the city parking office to get the scoop on whether space is available - her cell is 912-651-3634 and she is very responsive most hours of the day (when working of course).

The comments about the conditions of the dock by the others are all true - jsut bring plenty of fenders and use them well (we used 4 and were quite protected).

The water connection is on the main bulkhead - a stretched reach from the floating dock - but the one on the west end did have a handle - so no pliers needed.

We were glad we stayed - and for jsut $1.50 per foot right in the downtown - we would definitely do it again. Of course you can take the bus from the ICW marinas, but that completely takes the edge of a nice strooll and romantic dinner afterward (we recommend the Pink House).... Enjoy!

Perfect stopp - stayed for a week, 2013-12-25
Captain: , United States (3192)

After reading so many conflicting reviews here, we were not entirely sure what to expect. Here is the most up-tp-date information, as of late December, 2013:

First off, this is just one of three city "docks." This one, technically "Recreational Dock #2" is the only one of the three with power and with floating docks. All three are the same rate: three hours free, then $1.50 per foot for each 24 hour period therafter. This dock can not be reserved, but the other two can. Dock #1 is west of the Hyatt docks, and Dock #3 is between the floating city docks and the River Street/Market docks. Docks 1 and 3 are fixed pilings against the bulkhead with heavy cleats. Worth knowing if you just need to tie up for a few hours or want to wait for a spot to open up on the floating dock.

The floating dock is 300' long. There are three pedestals, but as noted elsewhere, the middle one is inoperative and is partially knocked over. The other two are 50' from either end of the dock and each has two working 50-amp and two working 30-amp circuits, so, really, eight boats can plug in here if enough cord is carried. There are also some 15-amp GFCI receptacles on the bulkhead above the docks. There is no extra charge for power (but also no discount if you tie up where there is none).

The water spigots on the floating docks are inoperative but there are two working hose bibs on the bulkead above the dock with good city water. On our visit one was missing its handle so we had to use pliers (as did the cruise ship after us). The dockmaster said no one had previously reported this and she will look into taking care of it. Due to the large tide swing you may need to walk around to the river walk to get your hose on at low tide. The two bibs are approximately across from the two working pedestals.

Payment is made at a nearby city parking garage with a 24-hour attendant. The dockmaster has her office in the same location. It's about a three block walk from the ramp, after ascending the staircase from the riverfront to the main city level. They accept major credit cards.

The parking garage has restrooms, and is also the location of the stop for the free city "Dot" shuttle, which runs every 20 minutes seven days a week. In addition to connecting to transit and many historic sites, the shuttle brings you to within two blocks of a Kroger grocery store (get off at Hall street and walk one block south and one block east).

Public restrooms are also located at the visitor center on River street adjacent to the Hyatt, open when the visitor center is. Behind the visitor center is an elevator which will take you up to the main cityfront level.

Free covered parking for bicycles and motor scooters is available at the city garage, with a rack to lock them to. There is also a free ferry seven days a week to the Westin Resort and the conference center across the river on Hutchinson Island, which is also where the only free parking can be found for any guests meeting you.

Lots of restaurants within walking distance and a mini-market is a few blocks away.

BE AWARE that a 208' long cruise ship docks here weekly during certain seasons. Even though the dock is "first come," the cruise ship pre-empts that and the city puts "No Docking" signs on the dock the day it arrives. Once they tie up, the signs come down and there is room for two boats at the other end of the dock. We were allowed to stay by moving to the very west end of the dock. Call the dockmaster ahead of time to find out if this will be an issue for you, or you can check the schdeule at American River Cruises -- this morning the Independence left here for Fields Cut.

All in all we had a great visit, and we are the only transient recreational boat in the whole city this Christmas morning. The only reason I am omitting the fifth star is that there are no ammenities other than power and water, but at literally half the price of the other docks in town, it's hard to beat.

Savannagh Docks, 2013-11-22
Captain: , Quoset Daviseville Naval Yacht Club (250)

$1.50 foot per day, 30 AMP power but I did not see water but perhaps I just missed it because I did not need water. Directions posted for where you have to go to pay for transient fees, a little bit of a walk but in a beautiful city like this the walk was enjoyable.

Some cleats on East end of docks were pulled out and some very lose. The cleats that are a problem are near the exit ramp to get into Savannagh. Reported this at parking garage but they did not seem much interested and did not make a written note of the problem.

Current can be strong here and you do not get help docking so be prepared and careful. Container ships passing were not a big problem but local water taxi and tugs created some bouncing.

Great restaurants within easy walking, lots of shopping for ladies, and a beautiful town to walk around in. We have stopped here before and will do so again.

Very convenient and charming spot, 2013-11-16
Captain: , Fremantle (1024)

We spent two nice days here, washed the boat, filled the tanks and got power ok.
There is still a broken pillar in the middle, so no water there, but 15A power is available throughout the dock on the quay if you just need to charge your batteries,
The car park attendant did not seem too perturbed about our arrival or departure time, she said we could stay 3h free and buy as many 24h slots as we needed, but nobody would police the departure time closely.....

Several large ships went buy, but did not make any noticeable wake, the little ferry that goes across the river with tourists was more of a pain.....
Pubs, restaurants and candy shops are just there on the quay, you can go and sit there for a beer or a meal, but I guess most people are looking at the boats and wish they were on one...
There are ghost tours, old mansion tours etc etc, so touring is well rewarded here.
The only drawback for me was to motor about 19M up and 19M down the river to get here, make sure you use the strong tide to your advantage.

One of the best stop along the ICW !, 2013-11-16
Captain: , La Trinite sur Mer (311)

Pontoon in self-service so no help from the marina but the other transcient could help you - Great location, very lively, especially saturday night, a lot of live music bars and restaurant. The city market worth it, a CVS is at a walking distance like post office, you can even imagine going to West Marine by bike (we did it - 3/4h) by following the bike lane on Habersham st and then side walk once arrived in the commercial mall. I do recommend the Bayou Café for the local atmosphere. One of the best stop along the ICW !

Worth the Aggrevation, 2013-06-29
Captain: , North Myrtle Beach, SC (3210)

Ditto to the ricking commnets from others. The ferry boats rocking is not so bad, but the ships can really rock you, so planety of fenders are needed, and make your lines long so that they can stretch when the wakes hit you. If you make your lines short, you risk damage to your cleats. The middle pedestal is broken, so tie up at either end. Docking is easy. Location is perfect, and price of $1.50/FT INCLUDING ELECTRIC (50 OR 30 AMP) IS NICE. Plenty of room to navigate up/down river even if a ship is passing you.

Perfect location, 2013-06-13
Captain: , Marco Island, FL (1145)

I'm giving the location a 5 star rating - not the dock. The cleats are a little creeky, you have to go find the office in a parking garage, hunt for the water on the back wall and no dockhands and spotty electric. BUT it is so worth staying here!!! The trip up the Savannah River was no problem at all. Try to time it with the current but it's only about 10 it's doable even against the current. The ships that pass by are bigger than imaginable! And you are right in downtown Savannah! Totally worth it...

Location Location Location!, 2013-04-28
Captain: , Sarnia, ON (330)

Located right in the heart of the historic district on River St, amidst all the action. Including river tour boats, ferries, container ships and tugs. However, the wake is minimal and the floating docks are in good condition. We experienced lots and lots of floatsum, like huge trees, boards, limbs and even an old tube TV. Spent three nights. Fireworks across the river on a Saturday night. Water spigette located on fixed pipes along the wall. Power is excellent.

Cruise ships leave Wed 8 pm, 2013-04-17
Captain: , Key Biscayne FL (3181)

There is room for one 45' boat behind the cruise ship when it is in port ( see previous post). You might be able to hang out at the new but not commissioned floatinggg docks down river of the last big hotel until the ship leaves.

Perfect place from which to see Savannah, 2013-03-31
Captain: , Spring Lake, MI (379)

These floating docks are right along River St., and central to the historic district of Savannah. You can walk from here, or take the free DOT bus to all the major attractions. There are dozens of restaurants and shops, and all of the historic homes and squares at your doorstep. There are water taxis that run every 15 minutes and cause some wakes, but they are not troublesome. Large container ships also pass through, several a day, but again the wakes are not a problem. The dock water at the electric posts does not work, but there are faucets along the sea wall above the dock that do. You pay for the slips in a parking garage a block up the street.

Good heads up on American Cruise Ships, 2012-11-15
Captain: , Pensacola, FL (471)

This fall the cruise ship is taking over the city dock from Monday evening until Wednesday morning. I don't know their spring schedule.

Be sure to check the Savannah Webcam @ and call the Harbormaster before detouring 7NM off the AICW.

The is alot of traffic on the river, but not untenable. The center power post of three isn't working. No water on the dock, but you can reach a couple of faucets on shore to fill your tanks.

Savannah historic district is well worth the visit!

Good location, 2012-11-10
Captain: , Gosport, uk (191)

300 feet on one long pontoon, $1.50 / foot, power and water, with toilets available at the nearby Information Centre at the Hyatt. No showers or laundry. Right in the action, can be noisy Friday and Saturday nights. Expect wash from passing tugs etc.

This is a first come first served facility and should fit 6 sensibly placed boats, no bookings. You may need to ask boats to scrunch up to give you space to dock at busy times such as weekends, but otherwise there seems to be space most of the time.

Run (poorly) by the local municipal, they sometimes leave signs up saying the dock is closed to the public / docking prohibited. This is due to the American Cruise Lines boat that takes up the entire dock on Monday night through Tuesday night starting from Autumn 2012. It's not clear whether this is seasonal or will continue annually.

If you call the Dockmistress Shawn direct on (912) 651 3634 you will get a great deal most sense than if you can the main office number advertised on the dock. Short walk to E Bryan St to pay the dues. There doesn't seem to be any check in place otherwise.

Best town dock in USA!, 2012-11-07
Captain: , Sydney (313)

OK, there is no assistance. Its town run, but you go to the car park to pay. No showers, no pump out, nothing but a dock.
However the thing that makes this the best dock so far in the USA is its location right in the center of the entertainment and tourist part of Savannah. Its right amongst the pubs, food, busking and history. Savannah is the only town (so far) thats kept whe whole town dock area as it was. The buildings are the same, just the wharehouses have been replaced by tourist stuff. Theres no big brand names franchises, its all local shops.
River Street has FREE bus stopping right opposite the dock that goes round town and to the supermarket.
Just steps away from Bull Street, the garden squares, and the creepy Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil house.

As a tourist this is unmissable!

Some problems with water/electric, 2012-09-24
Captain: , Stuart, Fl (435)

I have to agree, this is THE place to be. Right on the city front! You will rock, but in our 34' trawler with fenders out it was just an annoyance, not a big problem. There is no dock hands, but we had no big problems as they are nice concrete floating docks. At this time, there is no water at the dock, although being resourceful, I followed the water line and found another water line that ran along the backside of the dock and was able to find a spiget to hook to in order to fill my empty tanks! I did need a pliers to turn it on as some vandals had stole the handles. I reported the problem, but I don't think the parking garage person even wrote it down.
Also, there are three electric stations, each having two 20, 30 and 50 amp plugs, however the middle one does not work, only the ones at either end of the dock. Lastly, we came in on a Sunday, and it seems this is a popular destination for day boaters to dock for a few hours on the weekends, so we were lucky to just squeeze in. After about 5pm everyone was gone.
All that being said, i would still recommend it at least once!

We loved this place, 2012-05-19
Captain: , Corpus Christi,Tx (1569)

If you want to see Savannah, this is the place to be. Yes, it can be rocky, but for our Defever 48 with plenty of fenders, it was no problem. Might be more of an issue with a smaller boat. There are no dock hands, but with floating concrete docks, we had an easy time docking. We had no major issues sleeping or just relaxing on the boat. You are right downtown where the action is. We will be back.

City Docks - Savannah, 2012-05-06
Captain: , Baltimore, Maryland (330)

If you like taking motion sickness pills to stay on your boat, tie up here. Great location to see the city, but don't do it. Go to Thunderbolt instead and take a bus or car up.

Great location, wakes can be a problem, 2012-04-18
Captain: , Cairns, Queensland, Australia (121)

Stayed here for three days, floating dock room for about five boats. A great location right in the city, we had large container ships passing by us only 200 ft away and mostly they did not create much wake, except for one. The tugs are the problem, especiallly at night. But with all your fenders out, no problems. One big wake put about a foot of water on our back deck, nothing else. Had the best time here.

Lots of wakes but can't beat the location, 2012-04-15
Captain: , Cape Coral, FL (1541)

We got the last dock space on a Friday night (before heading up river, you can check how much space is available at the dock by looking at the River Street Aerial webcam at Spent the weekend at the foot of the city enjoying all the city has to offer. Yes, there is significant river traffic and there can be some large wakes - put out every fender you own. We did, and had no problems. Also, keep an eye out for the logs and other large chunks of wood floating in the river; we had to free a few logs that got trapped between the boat and dock - no damage, but just something to watch. We felt the wakes and river-borne debris were worth putting up with because the location is so good for visiting Savannah.

Rude awakeing, 2011-11-30
Captain: , Flagler Beach, Florida 32136 (305)

Memorial day 2011, Got to the dock about 2 PM. What a wonderful place to spend at least a couple days. Went ashore, Walked the walk and talked the talk with many friendly people. All the shops one would ever want to visit in Savannah. Finally got registered at the Parking Garage, had dinner and went to bed happy and was looking forward to the next day. which would be (Tuesday, a work day) About 4AM in the morning, We thought we had been hit by another vessel. Everything went flying across the cabin. PC's on the deck and us early out of bed. What a wake,,,,,,,,,,, Tugs had gone to work I guess. From then on, Hugh wake, one after another from tugs. First Light, out of there and off to Harbor town. Was very dangerous staying at the City Dock when the river is active and boats working. Wonderful dockage if it wasn't for the wakes.

First come first serve - good or bad?, 2011-10-29
Captain: , Ft. Pierce FL. (221)

In the center of all the action. Great food and drinks, but........the dock was empty. The distance from the ICW may deter boaters from traveling to Savannah only to find the dock full. I'm here on a Saturday night and I'm all alone! Seems like a waste.

Great Location, 2011-10-25
Captain: , Portsmouth, NH (274)

What a great spot to experience Savannah from. Located right in the historic district there's lots to see and do . As mentioned in other reviews the dock is strickly first come, first serve.
DOT offers free transportation around the city. Bars are open until 3AM but the waterfront area quieted after the 2 riverboat dinner cruises landed at 11PM.
Savannah is a very busy commercial port with huge container ships coming and going frequently, interesting to watch and did not present any problems at the dock.

Downtown dock in a great location, 2010-11-04
Captain: , Buffalo (1154)

Construction is finished. This is an excellent floating concrete dock. There is water and 30 and 50 amp elec. Be careful which dock you go to. Some of the other docks in this area are very expensive. This dock is immediately downstream of the two paddle wheel cruise boats. The downside is that this dock is first come, first served, and the parking lot attendant where you register can't see the dock and has no idea if there is any space available.

Open as of 14 May 10, construction first., 2010-05-14
Captain: , Melbourne Florida (4616)

First come first serve....the one time we don't call it was closed,, but opened in the evening. Lots of wake, but right downtown. The other two places are to expensive for me to sleep on MY boat. Two hrs from several anchorages, too. Water and 15 amp elect.

Easy access to town, 2009-11-30
Captain: , Baltimore, MD (1323)

Stayed several days, after checking in with the municipal revenue office we were told they no longer handle that, to trek over to the parking garage. Signs about payment are unreadable it appears no one checks on boaters tied up here. Savannah is a wonderful stop, much to see, a beautiful charming city that many cruisers bypass. DON'T pass it up!! Have lunch at Mrs. Wilkes boarding house if you can get in! Docks are right on River St. shops and restaurants abound. Well worth the extra miles up the river. Try to time the trip up river on an incoming or slack tide as the current runs strong! No power on docks other than 120V std 20 A receptacles.

What a great city, 2009-07-20
Captain: , Bonita Springs, FL (413)

We stayed there with a friend in June and it was no charge. Hard to believe something is free these days. The police came by to welcome us and the walk to the city is about 100 feet. Yes there is a little wake from the HUGE container ships or the tug boats, but the view is spectacular. Use a few fenders and don’t miss this stop.

City Docks, 2008-06-12
Captain: , Whitehall, Mi (1754)

$1/ft no extras. City staff was very friendly and helpful.
Not a no wake zone.
Great location to visit historic Savannah.
Free bus that includes stop at Kroger.
15amp power & Water Docks in good condition

The city has sold out!, 2008-04-15
Captain: , fairland (2653)

Now, the cruise boats take priority on this "recreational boat" facility. If they want to stay, you need to leave. Too bad, as they will destroy these docks.

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