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Sampson Cay Club and Marina - Private Island

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Address Sampson Cay, Exumas

Phone954-703-6015, 242-355-2100, 242-355-2034

After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - NO
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO

VHF channel



Email contact

Owner, manager



Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - YES

Payment info

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)

Additional info:


Easy approach from the west, at least 9'MLW even in the narrow cut to the inner basin.





Tide & current additional info

Moderate current on the face docks in the inner basin, weak or non existent at inside slips.


Approach: 9
Transient dockage: 8
Fuel dock: 9

Other depth info: 9'MLW on approach even in the narrow cut to the inner basin. 10' on the outer docks in the inner basin.

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - NO
Floating - NO
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - YES
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: $0.00/ft (2013-09-09)

Other price info: Sampson Cay Club is closing until further notice August 1, 2013 for renovations.


Transient: 0
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: No moorings.

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - YES

Additional info: They generate their own power as opposed to Staniel Cay having municipal power.

Pricing info: $1.10 per kwh.

Cable TV (and pricing)

No - Only available to watch at bar on site.

Phone hookup (and pricing)

No - No hookup. Cell service available.

Water (and pricing)


Dinghy access


Liveaboard info



Fuel brand: Shell Oil.

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info: Sampson Cay Club is closing until further notice August 1, 2013 for renovations.

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info: Sampson Cay Club is closing until further notice August 1, 2013 for renovations.


Pets welcomeNo

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service

Yes - To Staniel Cay, marina guests only. Fee charged.

Pump out





Yes - For guests of the marina only. Glass and metal must be separated from burnable trash.


Yes - $4.00 per shower use for water. Marina guests only






Yes - Small, but well-stocked grocery on site.

Grocery service by or by calling 242-557-3663 (Nassau) or 855-3663-242 (North America).




No - Sampson Cay Club is closing until further notice August 1, 2013 for renovations.


Yes - On site. Marina guests only.

Hotels or motels

No - Sampson Cay Club is closing until further notice August 1, 2013 for renovations.

Repair capabilities


Haul out capabilities


Storage facilities


Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Yes - Several excellent local captains available.

Internet access

Yes - Exuma WiFi offered to marina guests only. Exuma WiFi is an independent outside provider.

Boat ramp availability




Other services

Rentals of Boston Whalers and waverunners available through local vendors.


Incredible sandbars off the inner basin. A short tender ride to the Big Major Beach (swimming pigs) and still close enough to Thunderball grotto.

Reviews for Sampson Cay Club and Marina - Private Island
Sampson Cay Club and Marina is Closed, 2016-02-24
Captain: , Little Creek VA (605)

Some/many of these reviews listed under the marina pertain to the anchoarage. The marina has been closed for two years.

Very private. No access to visitors., 2014-07-02
Captain: , San Marcos, TX (865)

Nice anchorage just west of the island. 10' sand bottom, good holding. We are anchored here now (7/2/14). Just saw a huge nurse shark swim under our boat. Tidal current is mild.

It's really closed. April 29th, 2014, 2014-05-17
Captain: , Marco Island, FL (140)

Visited by Dinghy while at Staniel. Signs say keep off. No fuel, food water. One sport fish there in marina. Saw one person pushing a baby in a carriage. Docks still in reasonable shape, but electric pedestals looked like they needed help. Inconsequential since the marina is closed. All buildings that I could see were in good shape. Really enjoyed Samson over the years. Too bad the billionaire owner doesnot want to share any longer.

Closed, only boat in Marina an offshore fishing boat, 2014-04-24
Captain: , Ft Myers, Florida (1804)

Took dingy in today to check out Marina. Strange situation. The Marina is closed with signs all around saying closed. The docks and utilities look to be in great shape. Maybe 2000 ft of side tie well protected dock space, plenty of depth. Since Compass Cay stays full as does Staniel Cay it is amazing that the owners pass up several hundred thousand dollars per month in revenue . The island has added wind generators for power. Numerous signs staying keep off and we are closed. Too bad would really be a great well protected stop.

Closed, island now private, 2013-09-10
Captain: , Miami, fl (3646)

Sept 2013: according to an article in the Nassau paper, Samson Cay is now closed to the public and the island has become private.


nice landscape and clean marina overall. Busy but very scenic with incredible sandbars just off the inner basin. restaurant is ok (just ok). Staff is pretty ineficient making us wait 45minutes for no reason before letting us in.

Great snorkeling on the east side of the small cays across the sand bar lagoon... just swim across the lagoon to the small beach and cross the 100' wide cay.

restaurant is pretty nice but a little "cold" compared to SCYC. Marina convenience store has a good selection of basics.

grounds are nicely detailed, very clean and manicured, almost too "perfect"

Power is VERY expensive, in case the price per KWH doesnt' mean much to you... it is the most expensive power in the Exumas and maybe in teh Bahamas. Every time i stayed there i it came down to $150 to $200 a day for a 70 footer running air con, water maker and cooking!

Sampson Marina is closed, 2013-08-11
Captain: , Florida Keys (734)

On 8/6/13, I was there, the marina, fuel docks, store, etc. (ALL SERVICES) are shut down. The sign says closed for renovations.

Beautiful Marina - when they are open., 2013-07-22
Captain: , Fort Lauderdale (10)

Many cruisers have enjoyed this marina for several years, well protected, clean, good food, fuel.... maybe a bit pricey but well worth it. Love this place!

Now the bad news, the marina is rumored to be closing from mid August 2013 for 8 months for "renovations" - as many on this board have noted, many services including the bar and restaurant are closed sporadically and most dismiss it to bad management - the inside scoop tells a different story - it is true, the person whom owns the island is one of extreme wealth and the marina / restaurant / etc. is only opened due to a fulfill an agreement they have with the Government, if it were not for this, the island would be 100% private - the public operation here is not in place to make money, so anyhow, it is what it is - be happy if they are even open and decide to sell fuel to you, sometime soon you may not even be able to land here - call ahead for fuel if you really need it.

Beautiful property, badly mismanaged, 2013-07-01
Captain: , Cape Coral, FL (231)

We stayed 6/15/13. The place is beautiful and very well sheltered. Sadly, the restaurant and fuel dock were closed on a Saturday. Fortunately we were fine on diesel. Staff was friendly, but seemed to be wandering aimlessly around with nothing to do. It looked to us like they were bored silly. We chatted with a couple, and they told us the place was poorly managed. It's a shame when your own staff wants to be productive and poor management gets in the way. We'd only go back if we were assured they were truly open for business.

Nice facility but very expensive, 2013-06-02
Captain: , Merritt Island, FL (372)

I spent an awful lot of money (over $600 in one day) but couldn't help feeling like my business was a borderline nuisance to them. A couple of different people told me the guy who owns the place doesn't particularly care if anyone goes there or not. Although everybody was competent and reasonably friendly, but the "I don't care if you're here or not" vibe did seem to pervade the whole island. The facilities are clean and maintained to a very high standard, but I get the feeling they only care about the big-boat crowd. Not really a place that rolls out the red carpet to cruising sailors.

Captain: , Hampton,VA (203)

We were going to stop here, but then found out the restaurant was closed and since there was little else to pull us in, skipped Sampson Cay. Word at Staniel is they are working to reopen, but....this is the Bahamas mon!

Beautiful harbor, 2012-10-17
Captain: , Babylon NY (331)

One of the great locations in the Exumas. Nice resturant / hotel on island. Great anchoring in the harbor.

Expensive, 2012-05-23
Captain: , Austin, Texas (1774)

Get used to it, its the Exumas. For some boaters expense is not an issue, and this is a beautiful spot. Shoreside facilities are nice and docks are all well maintained. WiFi is available at $10/day but they limit the amt of data. Cell coverage is good as Staniel is not far away. But for many boaters the $3.00/ft. dockage, plus electric, plus water, is expensive. Be prepared.

Boaters Beware Of This Place!, 2012-03-23
Captain: , Oriental, NC (247)

These guys are trying to recover their hurricane losses by soaking everyone who makes the mistake and becomes their victum. Last year we really enjoyed this Marina and spent several days at their dock. Our business was appreciated. This year is a different story. Looks as if it's becoming the Chub Cay of the Exumas. Also Exuma Wifi is run out of the Marina and sold at several places. The Network is oversold and very slow when it works at all. The staff and manager doesn't give a damn after you have paid your money and the network doesn't work. No refunds. The same was true with the laundry. Way over priced and designed to take your money by the dryers not working properly. Charged $72 for two cases of bottled water that cost 4$/case in the states. Last time I'm going there until the change management and staff.

I must have been staying somewhere different than everyone else..., 2012-02-17
Captain: , miami (120)

$2.25/ft for dockage, $0.50/gal for water, pretty standard. $10 per night for internet, no matter where I stood, I couldn't stay connected long enough to download email or check the weather. We had dinner at the restaurant, main courses were and average of $40-$45 each. We had to make a reservation in advance, and we still sat there for more than an hour (after the appointed time) before our food came (there was one other person in the restaurant). We asked, literally, 4-5 times if we could have some bread while we waited.

Other than that, the marina was fine, well maintained.

One night's dockage, some water, dinner for 6 and a few basic supplies, $800. Wow.

Nice facilities but a pool would make it perfect., 2012-01-19
Captain: , Cape Coral, FL (334)

Sampson was my favorite in the Exuma islands for a marina behind the land and sea park. The facilities are well maintained and there is fuel. I just wish they had a pool.

Awesome Spot!, 2011-11-28
Captain: , Carolina Beach, NC (185)

Sampson Cay is a must stop for anyone cruising the Exhumas! Friendly staff and an excellent marina store for light provisioning. Wonderful restaurant/bar with daily specials. Wifi is available, as are laundry and showers. Several small beaches with gazebos and a beautiful sound basin that becomes a huge beach at low tide. Anchoring is possible outside the marina with good holding and protection for those who prefer the hook. This marina is extremely popular during June so plan ahead.

One note of caution, 2011-06-14
Captain: , Lake Santeetlah (10)

We tied up in the interior area of this marina for 2 nights last week - our first visit to the Exumas and to Sampson. This is a nice facility in a very beautiful area and we were grateful for protection from the strong winds. HOWEVER - we'd never heard that near high tide the current RIPS through the narrow channel leading from the fuel dock into the protected basin. We were not warned of this by the dock attendant so were taken completely by surprise as we came through the channel and had to negotiate our way into one of the inside parallel docks - putting this ripping tide directly on our beam. Evidently this only happens for the few hours on either side of high tide when the water is high enough to flow across the salt flats beyond the marina and through a cut into the Exuma sound. All dockage is alongside and the boats are really packed in. So be aware that you'll need all of your docking skills in high gear for this marina - particularly near high tide.

Quiet elegant well maintained marina and resort, 2011-06-08
Captain: , Mystic, CT (150)

Chef Romero Dorsette was hired last Winter to everyone's delight! Sampson Cay Club and Marina has always been an exclusive cottage resort with a well protected marina for vessels of ALL sizes (even mega yachts!) but now their restaraunt facilities are the envy of the Bahamas! $2 Tuesdays (most food items and some beer are $2 each) and Italian Fridays (some exciting Northern Italian entre's and the best thin crust pizzas we've ever eaten) are highlights not to be missed!! There's also a general store for grocery and liquor items and some limited resort clothing. For total boat protection in bad weather it's almost hurricane hole secure. Dredged to 6' low mean water.

Fantastic Haven, 2011-05-04
Captain: , Holland, mi (20)

We thoroughly enjoyed the facility. Great dockage with nice facilities. Best we found here in the Exumas. Nice bar with TV to watch the NBA playoffs. Nice specials on Tuesday. $2 Tuesday with good food selections and drink specials. The Mac and Cheese was excellent.

First class, great protection, 2011-04-19
Captain: , Punta Gorda, FL (146)

Nice and shiney new restaurant and docks. Great protection. Tuesday specials. Worth a stop.

Gorgeous Marina, 2011-04-03
Captain: , Annapolis (1465)

Picturesque marina with a number of cottages to rent. They don't seem to mind if you tie up for a few hours at the fuel dock after buying water or fuel.
Fuel docks (west side) not protected from westerlies. Main docks very protected.

Nice general store but not much in the way of milk or vegetables except on Wed (mailboat day).

Anchor off the west side and dinghy in...they are friendly to everyone.

Beautiful and well protected, 2011-03-29
Captain: , Portsmouth (372)

This is a particularly well-designed and very well maintained facility. Great shelter. Stable power. Very helpful staff.

A good place to leave the boat for a while should you need to return home. $2/foot. Power expensive at $1.15/kwH.

Great stop and hurricane hole., 2011-03-09
Captain: , Ophelia, VA (849)

We often go into this marina when winds are predicted to be strong from the West. It is a great protected harbor and hurricane hole. You can anchor just outside the marina entrance and get good wind protection from north, east, and south.

Managers Mike and Kathy, along with the whole staff make you feel right at home. New chef this year offering homemade donuts, pizza, hamburger rolls, etc. Lots of specials on Tuesday and Thursday. Beautiful beaches all around the island that you can walk to. Non-guests at the resort are welcome to use the facilities (laundry, showers, restaurant and bar), incluing walking to the beaches.

Beautiful Marina, 2011-02-23
Captain: , Seattle (180)

Staff does not know what they are doing. Was told to pick a spot for dockage, no help, waited 3 to 4 hours to get water turned on. If they knew how to read a meter I would be surprised.
Way over priced for what they offer

$2 Tuesdays Special, 2011-02-09
Captain: , Lansdale, PA (330)

We stayed on Tuesday - $2/ft, FREE WATER, $2 homemade donuts, burgers, pizza, wings and beer. We had the burgers - they are huge with lettuce, tomato, carmelized onions and fries - $2. The food was excellent.

The grounds are beautifully landscaped, the water is crystal clear - nurse sharks and spotted eagle rays swim right up to the boat, pretty beaches and a great gift/grocery shop.

Even without the special, this marina would be worth the stop.

First Visit in Seven Years, 2011-02-06
Captain: , Delray Beach, FL (40)

Back to Sampson for the first time in a long time - fantastic new chef. Still elegantly maintained, great friendly staff and beautiful surrondings. I'll be back on a regular basis now.

First class but room for improvement, 2010-03-27
Captain: , Charlottesville, Va (91)

One of the most attractive & best protected of the marinas we visited in the Exumas. We found the staff very helpful & friendly. Restaurant was pretty good and very efficient. Landscaping was immaculate & very attractive.
Only half the showers were working, meaning only one shower per head & the condition of the heads was well below that of the landscaped areas.
Be sure you're docked inside as the fuel dock area can be very rough. The sand bars just off the docks are post card material.

Overall, one of our favorites.

Sampson Cay fuel dock, 2009-07-29
Captain: , Daytona Beach (340)

Used their fuel dock for water. Better access than Staniel Cay YC which often fills the fuel dock with boats for dockage. Water is 50 cents per gallon instead of 40 cents per gallon at SCYC.

Access is good, no current, helpful staff, very nice facility. Grocery store had more supplies than we found in Staniel Cay.

Great protection, 2009-05-25
Captain: , Midland, Ontario (142)

All around protection when fronts move through. Expensive as all marinas in Exumas. Well run and managed. Shopping and liquor store. Convenient location to change crews or to leave boat for trips home.

Sampson Cay Marina, 2008-07-10
Captain: , SW FL (551)

Nice facility, good restaurant and services

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