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Address Puerto de Vita

Phone+53 24 30 475

After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - NO
Municipal - YES
Other - NO

VHF channel


Web site

Email contact

Owner, manager



Payments acceptedCredit cards - NO
Checks - NO

Payment info

Cash only. US dollars are penalized by 20%. Better to bring Canadian dollars or Euros. You can get cash from a bank from your bank card or credit card (but not a US bank at this time, 2011).

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:






Tide & current additional info


Approach: Unknown
Transient dockage: 9
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - YES
Floating - NO
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info: Stern to.

Size restrictionsLOA max: 60
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: 38
Transient price: $0.75/ft (2014-02-14)

Other price info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: No Moorings, but you can easily anchor at no cost. However, if you leave the boat on a trip, you must put your boat on a dock.

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info:

Pricing info: Included in the dockage.

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)

Yes - Safe to drink.

Dinghy access

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeUnknown

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out



Yes - Free




Yes - Poor


Yes - Poor


Yes - By arrangement with locals.


Yes - Market in the next village. 10CUC taxi ride.


Yes - Chandlery


Yes - Good food, reasonable prices.


Hotels or motels

Yes - Tourist resort 15 minutes by car.

Repair capabilities

Haul out capabilities


Storage facilities

Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities


Internet access

Yes - By cell phone. Reception is better at the top of the hill.

Boat ramp availability



Yes - Taxi and rental car.

Other services


Reviews for Puerto de Vita
Highly recommended stop, 2017-02-27
Captain: , Annapolis, MD (435)

We cleared in here in Jan 2017 and very much enjoyed our introduction to Cuba from this location. Very helpful staff with good English skills. The marina manager Janne ("you can call me Janet") was terrific and arranged for a driver to take us to Holguin and to explore the Cuban countryside. It cost about $10/ hour.
Fuel was good quality from high speed pumps and sold at the national rate of $1CUC/liter ($3.785 per US gallon).
Be prepared to anchor out and await a visit from doctor Rolando before entering the marina. And then, to be boarded by 2 dogs (1 for drugs and 1 for explosives) upon entry and exit. Internet cards are sold at the on-site restaurant. We wish we had purchased more here as they were much less available in Havana.

Very Protected and friendly, 2016-08-04
Captain: , Pensacola (46)

Put in here in July 16 on a Delivery after a rough Trip from Marathon. The Marina is in avery protected and well marked little river. the Officials here are very professional and helpful, as are the dock workers. Janet the facilitator is very pleasant and helpful as well. There is good diesel here form new pumps. Ther resort town of Playa Blanca is a 20 minute cab ride and can be visited easily from here. This is a good stop on the way to the Windward Passage. but only for Fuel and water. there is no provisioning available, and the resturaunt menu is limited.

Easy access from Bahamas - March 2014, 2015-12-16
Captain: , New Smyrna Beach, FL (60)

Like most Cuban marinas, PdV is simple but functional, lacking in ameneties as others have pointed out, but with some quaint, uniquely Cuban touches. I think we paid CUC$1/ft/day to Med-moor on the wharf with full electric and water, you can anchor nearby for half that. The marina is very understanding about letting you check in and pay your fees later, after you have visited the bank to exchange $$. Other than a local bar and a tiny evangelical church, there is nothing within walking distance of the marina. You're close to the resort town of Guardalavaca, where you will find banks, hotels, restaurants, a nice beach, and kind of a perpetual tourist flea market with various local arts and crafts, some of which is quite good. You could rent a car at the marina and explore the area, even visit Santiago de Cuba and Holguin, but be extremely cautious ... driving in Cuba has a rhythm all its own. The roads are narrow and in poor condition, the signage is spotty, and traffic includes all manner of vehicles including donkey carts moving at 5 mph, with nothing but a sooty kerosene lantern hanging from an axle, which you will not see until you are wearing it for a hood ornament. If you dare to drive, do so only in daylight and good visibility. A big plus for PdV is that it's a discreet way for Americans to visit the island; it's an easy overnighter from Ragged Island to the highly visible lighthouse.

Sept 2015 visit, 2015-09-12
Captain: , Lighthouse Pt FL (80)

Arrive in daylight or anchor just inside River mouth, South of Lighthouse, is deep water of 50' in mud bottom. Need daylight to navigate upriver to Marina about a mile. Nothing much to see at Marina, with Med-Mooring no dolphin piles. Not much there, staff and officials friendly, with limited English, except Manager is fluent. We were first American Boaters they ever met. Car/Driver can be arranged and is needed to go anywhere as no restaurants, shops etc anywhere nearby. Fuel usually available but was broken so they brought diesel by truck. No internet or phone access, unless you arrange with a local to get a SIM card. Need to exchange any $ for Cuban $.

Easy clearance, 2015-05-26
Captain: , Haarlem Netherlands AMEL 54 (402)

Early April 2015, we cleared at Marina de Vita (East Cuba) arriving from Puerto Rico. This port is the most easterly port of entry on the north coast of Cuba.The clearance and marina arrangements were very efficient. Once in contact with the Guarda Frontera, we were directed to proceed to the marina. Within 10 minutes of this conversation, the harbor master of the marina called asking for more details of the yacht and whether we needed further assistance.The entrance channel to the inlet is a bit narrow but well marked (in daylight only). Three of our electronics charts (Jeppesen, Navionics and Garmin) were inaccurate in some form or another. Only our paper charts (NV charts) were very accurate showing the channel and the marina entrance correctly.Upon request, the marina sent a speedboat to direct us through the channel leading to the marina (not showing on the electronic charts %u2013 consistent depth of 5 meters), which was actually very obvious once we were near the marina. The especially dredged and maintained channel to the marina is wide and very well marked.As we still needed to clear in and pass the health inspection, we were politely asked to anchor off the marina. Good holding (heavy mud) and, as the marina is very well protected, very flat (at 25 knots only a ripple).Within 30 minutes, the doctor was ferried to Lily. Obtaining the all clear took less than 20 minutes upon which we were asked to lower the Q flag. As we arrived at the end of the afternoon, we were asked to remain at anchor until the following morning.At 9AM we were asked to come to the marina with Lily. The mooring is Med style with good anchor balls and a solid quay. Plenty of people to help including the officials awaiting our arrival.The clearing procedure is changed with most functions but the health and vet checks combined with the Guarda Frontera function. After the usual paperwork, which was not worse than we experienced at some other Caribbean Islands, we were issued the visa for 30 days.The marina is clean, no rodents, only a few insects from the mangroves and the staff very helpful. It is a bit isolated so a rental car would be recommended. Provisioning is complicated (normal in Cuba) but some essentials are available at the marina or in the CUC stores in Holquin (20 km away %u2013 car or taxi needed).It is possible to obtain funds either by credit card (if non US issued or MasterCard) at a 3% commission or by exchanging cash (US dollars incur an additional 10% fee %u2013 not 20% as stated elsewhere). Banks in bigger cities have ATM disbursing CUC at a 3% fee. ATM work well but normally have some queues (it%u2019s Cuba after all).Having informed the marina staff (who functions as coordinators with the officialdom) that we intended to leave the next day at 10AM, the Guarda Frontera officer duly showed up at exactly 10AM to issue our cruising permit. We were allowed to stop at any official marina or anchor at any unpopulated location on the North Coast (of which there are plenty). The cruising permit costs were included in the CUC 55 we paid at clearing in, which included all clearing in services. Overall, the experience so far with the Cuban officialdom was very pleasant, efficient and quick. They do everything by the book so it is essential to have your paperwork in good order and have your equipment well documented (we had a list prepared listing the serial numbers of all major equipment onboard. Not requested but handy to prepare the list).

Recent Visit, 2015-05-22
Captain: , Houston, Texas (40)

We Sailed from George Town, Bahamas and arrived at Bahia de Vita at 0930 on 27 April 2015 and were told to anchor out. We had called the Guardia Fronteria starting at 12 nm out but it was not until we were at the Lighthouse that they answered on their handheld VHF. The channel is wide, deep and very well marked.

The doctor arrived at the boat at 1115, took our temperatures, asked a lot of questions and said we could take down our quarantine flag. Then at 1345, three officials brought a Brittany aboard and sniffed for drugs. We passed. They then said we could go to the marina to finish the check in. Since their outboard would not start, we towed them to the marina and med moored. They came aboard and we finished the paperwork at 1410. Then I had to go to the marina office and check in and that took until 1530! Johnnie, the marina office manager, was very helpful and her English is very good.

We then hired a taxi, a 1999 Russian made Lada, and went to the provincial capital of Holguin. On the way we passed every kind of transportation imaginable. 1950's vintage autos and trucks, many horse drawn carts, bicycles, etc.

After dinner, we rode back to the boat in a 1956 Chevy repowered with a diesel engine but still with the original

The next day we hired the Lada and went to the nearby town of
Santa Lucia. We were the only tourists there. That afternoon we checked out at the marina office, three official came aboard the boat, they looked in all the compartments to be sure we had no Cubans aboard and said we could leave for Marina Hemingway. They made it clear that if we needed to stop along the way, we could anchor out but not go ashore.

This marina is simple, well protected, the water is chlorinated and drinkable, the power works and the security is very good. Many sailors leave their boats there for extended periods and tour Cuba by land. All in all, it was a good experience and I look forward to returning.

Way too expensive for zero services, 2014-02-21
Captain: , Southampton , UK (1327)

We are a cruising couple and like going to remote places, we do not need or want much. However if a Marina is going to charge $1000 per month ($0.75 per foot regardless of boat size and no discount regardless of length of stay) then they should provide services in line with this. This is the most expensive Marina we have ever stayed in.

There are zero serivces, no internet, no fuel (fuel dock not working) no hot water or anything resembling service from the Marina.

On entry we did not know it was med style mooring, they just kept saying come along side the dock. So we were not setup for this, not a great start.

The clearance was painless and no one asked for a tip. However if you need to extend your visa whilst here you have to go to Rafael Freya (Sainta Lucia) which is a $20 taxi ride. This town though is charming and is worth a visit regardless of visa extension requirements. There is amazing market on saturdays and several really good restaurants that you can eat and drink at for about $5 per person.We ate at La Tulipan but we also heard Bamboo was good as well.

The bar /restaurant never seemed to be open, however they only sold beer and one disgusting cocktail so I would not bother anyway.

Everywhere is a taxi ride away, the taxi's the Marina arrange are very expensive. For example we needed our very small gas bottle filled, this would have cost $35 so we did not bother same for fuel.

The staff here know little about boats and have no information that is of any help. Every question I asked they did not know the answer to.

There was a couple here who had water in their engine. They managed to find a mechanic themsleves as the Marina could not be bothered to help. When the marina found out they refused to let the mechanic work on the engine. All the marina was prepared to do was tow them out to sea so they could sail somewhere else. This issue needs to be sorted quickly before the water causes corrosion and the engine becomes unrepairable.

All the scenery is beautiful you will be bitten to death by bugs. There is also a major rat problem here with several boat getting rats inside them in the four days we were here.

Like I said if they were charge maybe $10 a night we have been much more favourable in our review but if the Cubans want to charge western prices they need to offer western services. We left the marina with very little wind just to get away form the bugs and the costs. There are many great places to visit in Cuba that do not cost this much.

Secure marina - fairly remote, 2013-10-07
Captain: , Ottawa (30)

Very secure place to leave your boat if you want to do some inland travel. Therre are quite a few security guards at all hours of the day and night. We left our boat here to take a trip to Santiago de Cuba. First order of business is to get money as the marina only accepts cash. Get a taxi to Santa Lucia to get both types of Cuban currency (the taxi and most everything else must be paid in CUCs. You'll need some Cuban pesos to buy food, shoe repair or any transactions with the locals). The bank in Santa Lucia can give you both types of currency; the bank in Guadalavara will only give you CUCs. Second order of business (for us) was laundry. There are no washing machines onsite at this marina but at the top of the hill, just past the marina gates, there is a woman who will do your laundry at a very reasonable rate.
If you don't have them on board, ask the marina to make you some guardia de rata (rat guards). We had one incident with a rat there but once we installed the guards on our lines and slackened our electrical cord, all was fine.
We will definitely return to this marina...our only complaints are the no-see-ems after 5 pm are particularly bad because this marina is so sheltered, the substandard bathrooms which we used only once and the remote location (a taxi is required for most activities, even to go to the market).

Getting Better, 2013-03-24
Captain: , Colchester (419)

As of 2013 has pumped diesel from new tank installation. Price 1.20 cuc per liter in march 2013. Customer care survey too! Immigration guy got zero for being late and unapologetic. Apparently, according to his colleagues, he is often late and therefore it's a good idea to have flexible passage plans until he is replaced. Harbourmaster tells me that by next year the harbourmaster will be doing immigration as well since the government will merge the functions at most ports. Free water, electricity and ice! Get a private taxi/guide for around $10 per hour to do your provisioning at the local market - well worth the price and your veggies will last for weeks since they've never seen a refrigerator!

Fantastic Cuba., 2013-03-01
Captain: , Yamba Australia (262)

We cleared in here and had a great time. Very east to clear and no hand outs. Cuban's all welcomed us and treated us like we were wanted. Very generous and friendly. Clean and tidy country, hire a car and go for a drive. The market at St Lucia is amazing. Viva La Revolution.

Excellent Hurricane Hole, 2011-05-24
Captain: , Deltaville (200)

This is an older facility, primarilly servicing the huge tourist catamarans which ply the local hotels, but is OK nevertheless. The staff are very friendly and can get you most thngs.

Don't expect this marina to be in the middle of things. it's basically a tiny port town with no stores and not much to see unless you hire a car. However, this is an excellent and safe place to leave your boat whilst you tour the interior by car. Santiago de Cuba, Holguin and Baracoa are accessible in a days drive from here.

I was amazed that my 50A electirical hook up went right in and there is good potable water at the dock.

This marina is quite a long way up a creek and sheltered by trees all round. When Ike went through, the town was hit hard, but none of the 60 boats moved there was touched.

WARNING : The final approach channel leading to the small lake by the marina is dredged, but the edges are unforgiving. Line up carefully, double check your charts and make sure you are not drifting out of the channel. We saw 3 groundings here in a week, one serious.

Also note that you will not see the marina until the final turn, prior to this you will see the commercial port and may mistake this for the marina. DO NOT HEAD TOWARDS THE PORT ! If you do you will have the port control yelling at you on the radio as it's a military controlled area.

Our Stay at Vita, 2011-04-02
Captain: , Kingston, Ontario, Canada (558)

In March 2010, we cleared in and stayed dockside at Vita for a week. The rate was .60 Cuban Convertible Pesos (the US dollar buys .80 of a CUC) per foot per day. Water and electricity were metered, but was very cheap. There is no internet. There is a restaurant on site and it is walking distance to a local market. Customs and Immigration procedure was very easy.

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