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Address 1351 Bay St. SE
St Petersburg, FL 33701


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - NO
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - YES
Municipal - NO
Other - NO

VHF channel


Email contact

Owner, manager



Payments acceptedCredit cards - NO
Checks - NO

Payment info

Credit card limit of $1000, otherwise cash.

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:






Tide & current additional info


Approach: 10
Transient dockage: Unknown
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - NO
Floating - NO
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: 90
Beam max: 26

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - NO
50 amp - NO
100 amp - NO

Additional info:

Pricing info:

Cable TV (and pricing)

Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)

Dinghy access

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeUnknown

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out










Hotels or motels

Repair capabilities

Yes - Engine service: gas, diesel, inboards, saildrives, or outboards. Any vessel painting. AwlGrip, Imron, anti-fouling paint, etc. Fiberglass repairs. Full electrolysis analysis. Complete rigging services

Haul out capabilities

Yes - Two travel lifts 94 ton with a 26 foot beam lift and 40 ton with a 17 foot beam lift.

Storage facilities


Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Boat ramp availability


Other services


Reviews for Progressive Marine Service, Inc.
Captain: , St. Petersburg (38)

After receiving 2 estimates for approximately the same cost from two marine services, I brought my 42 Endeavour sailboat into PROGRESSIVE MARINE SERVICES for a repower project (remove old and put in new marine engine). Labor cost was estimated by both marine services at $4,900 (50 man hours). In the end the total labor cost to completed was $15,000 (150 man hours) $10,000 over estimate.
On August 16th the boat arrived under power at Progressive. Work began immediately to disassemble the old and remove the old engine. On August 24th I paid $20,000 toward purchase of the new BETA 60 engine. The new engine arrived on site September 21st. What should have taken 2-3 weeks, took 12 weeks from the time the new engine arrived on site, until November 11th.
Half way through, with the old engine removed they refused to provide timely invoices with incremental cost and they demanded a $7,500 cash payment by end of day. When that was delayed they then demanded $13,443.75 cash payment, and yet the new engine was still not installed. They stopped work and threatened to charge layup fees for any day when cash payment was not made. Even after that they refused to provide cost to complete when demanded. In the end they demanded an additional $7,142.07 cash payment to complete the repower before the boat would be launched.
They refused to launch and perform sea trial before final cash payment. Overage Examples: 1) 9 hours billed to drain and wash the 55 gal bilge. 2) 59 man hours billed to dissemble old engine and remove from boat, the easy half, when the total labor estimate was 50 hours. Total estimate was $ 23,939 plus tax, final cost $37,930 plus tax.
What was done: replaced engine, tyranny, shaft, prop and control panel as estimated. Also new raw water intake and fuel pump.
I posted when the first overcharge invoice came in but removed it...I was advised to not upset the yard until they finished ...ya dont upset off the cook while she is making your dinner!
Progressive also gave about $3000 discount once I began protesting.
So the real actual was over 180 man hours. Without the discount the labor overage would have been $13,000!
Beta 60 was the new engine of choice, it was compatible with the boat and an easy install. It is on the expensive side, and I knew it and wanted it.
Because of the two estimates at 50 hours from both marina services and the fact that this is not a really complicated project, I naively did not foresee this occurring.
Yes, I could have done it myself if I wanted to. I am an ex US Navy Nuclear mechanic. I was total aware of the work required and thought the estimate of 50 total hours was accurate. Many have said that they have removed the same perkins 4154 engine in about 8-10 hours.
The boat is 42 foot sailboat sitting on the hard, and no I could not have just gone in an taken my boat back without an engine or shaft when I was overcharged.
When I specifically asked them to drain and clean the oily bilge with the cleaner I provided, one would expect about 1 maybe 2 hours. Imagine its like cleaning the inside of a 55 gallon drum and taking 9 hours!!!
Because of the loss of only $10,000 no lawyer was interested in the case. I sent it to over a dozen lawyers. They did however say that an emailed estimate is a binding agreement and this is considered fraud.
The law protects Marinas from people having work done and leaving the country. They have a legal right to impound the boat for bills not paid.
Florida law has a law for auto mechanics, The mechanic must stop and notify the owner if the bill is going to exceed by 10%. If they fail to notify the car owner is only responsible for 110% of estimate and the mechanic must return the car.
I have filed a complaint with the Florida State Attorney Office and the Better Business Bureau of West Florida.
It not just about money, its about business ethics. Can you imagine if I did not have the extra money, I'd have lost my boat. I don't want this to happen to other boaters.
The rest is up to spreading the word about what happened.

Beware of this Yard, 2016-06-04
Captain: , Durango, CO (320)

The negative reviews on Active Captain are minor compared to the bad reputation that this yard has around St Pete. My unfortunate experience with this yard involved blatent padding of labor hours, extreme markups on parts and supplies, and incompetence - particularly in electrical work. The owner is incapable of reasonable discussion and immediately resorts to hardball tactics upon questioning of work or billing. Do yourself a favor and go to one of the other two yards in the Tampa area capable of wide beam lifts, RiverHawk or Viking, both of which have good reputations among catamaran owners and marine surveyors.

Burnt twice : way more expensive than initial quotes & way longer to complete-will use bigger haulout at Riverhawk Marine 8 miles away in future, 2016-01-29
Captain: , MADEIRA BEACH (11)

Read the other reviews and judge for yourself !!!! We wish we had done this before taking our Lagoon 400 catamaran here (24ft beam). The next time we will take our boat across Tampa bay to RiverHawk Marine in Tampa. It%u2019s just 8 miles NE of St. Pete located at 5251 West Tyson Ave., Tampa, FL 33611 and their phone # is 813-831-8000 or website . As I have discovered Progressive Marine is not the only game in town capable of hauling wide beam large catamarans or other large boats. When doing the research we saw that RiverHawk was recommended by "The Catamaran Company" and in fact has way bigger capabilities at less cost when I called to get a haul out quote....again wish I had seen this before my bad experience with Progressive, but if I can help someone not make the same mistake we did happy to help.

Every bad review they get on google is followed up with a diatribe of trying to justify their wrong doing without obviously listening to the customers..they just don't get it & see the customers point of view.

They broke a 50amp Blue Sea breaker on my distribution panel while trying to attach the generator 110V wiring. This breaker was hooked up properly to the inverter...they disconnected it, and when wiring the generator to it, broke the breaker.....the solution....informed me they broke it, said to bring in the broken part and they would replace it. Imagine if you took your car for a service at a dealership and they did something like this....unbelievable....if YOU break it....YOU fix it, at least that's the way I was raised.... it was left to me to fix...... I had to then spend my time carefully removing the breaker when I got the boat home (about 1 hour), drive another 30 minutes to their yard drop it off and then drive back another 30 minutes another day to pick up the new 50 amp replacement breaker, and then spend another 1 hour installing it....all for something that I never even broke & was again working 100% when I gave the boat to Progressive. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Sadly there is more....I also spent time fixing the generator exhaust that they "fitted"....I asked for it to run downhill (per the manufactures manual which I GAVE PROGRESSIVE)...when I got there to pick up the boat, it was not run straight downhill as I had instructed....why was this not done....the manual even calls for it....again not doing what was called for vs a compromise sag that I did express concerns over when I was picking up my boat. Dan looked at it with his mechanic and came to the conclusion "it was no problem"...easy way out.....I should have put my foot down but at that stage all I wanted to do was get my boat home. When I got home and re-read the manual and saw it was not done correctly by Progressive. I literally disconnected the exhaust hose from the muffler output and pulled it straight with 1 hand, cut it shorter...its now correctly done!!

Lastly when I gave the boat to Progressive the generator seawater strainer was 100 percent hooked up ....I know this as I VERY carefully installed it myself and when I opened the thru-hull to test it water bubbled up through the inlet side of the strainer....In an email back to me they inadvertently admitted in writing which side of the strainer they disconnected and hooked up to a booster pump to causing the system to no longer work. When I pointed that out as the wrong connection...they ignored the obvious mistake they even admitted to in writing, and kept saying I should have called them first. I think at this point its obvious why I did not....I just wanted my boat fixed then and there, so had a mobile mechanic fix their mistake.

AGAIN BUYER BEWARE....As I...these previous reviewers I am sure have better things to do than write bad reviews.

Good work but over budget and time, 2016-01-26
Captain: , Gulfport FL (80)

I've had work done, twice, on my 41' catamaran at this yard. It's the only yard in the Tampa/St Pete area that can handle cats, so somewhat of a captive market, if you want to stay in the area.
They do good work but in both instances the verbal quotes were 10-20% off on each to-do item. At $98/hr, this can add up quickly. They do communicate very well and offered to send photos, or hae me visit to see for myself and called to discuss the various items and the issues that might cost more. And in both instances the work that was estimated to take 4-5 days turned into 7-10. Some of the delays were due to weather, so not all their fault. So be very clear on what you are having done, get pricing, and a time estimate, but be prepared for a bump in both.

caused damage to yacht!!, 2015-09-11
Captain: , st petersburg,fl (20)

i had my yacht for total bottom job and repairs to running gear.the color of the bottom was changed without my consent by progressives owner from blue to black! and the yacht was set in the water and allowed to RUN AGROUND at there dock damaging 1 rudder .

quick haul out, 2015-08-13
Captain: , St Petersburg, FL (96)

We needed a quick haul out for a survey and they were able to accomadate us with short notice. We are a deep draft of 7'10" so needed a yard that was close to the river entrance. Have a great new wide lift for larger boats and cats. The good thing is we didn't have to remove the backstays as you do on some lifts.

Double your quote, 2015-05-22
Captain: , Annapolis (411)

Haulout quoted at 375. Billed at 600+ because the boat was on the hard longer? I paid the daily rate for storage which is also ridiculous, 68. per day. The reputation of this yard is known to not keep their word on quotes. They do not even deserve one star. If you have a catamaran in St. Pete, Viking can haul it with a crane. Stay away from this place.

Great Place for Cats, 2014-01-22
Captain: , St. Petersburg (34)

I brought my Lagoon 440 to this yard for bottom paint, and while she was out, I had the Yanmar SD 50's serviced too. The location is more convenient than having to sail down south or the Keys for a haul out, and the pricing was very competitive. Progressive stuck by their estimate, and anything that came up, they quickly called or emailed pictures. Even with a full yard, the owner, Dan, was always available to meet with me and discuss any aspect of the ongoing projects. Very knowledgable about multihulls. I will definitely be back.

Thorough job, 2013-08-19
Captain: , Apollo Beach Florida (51)

I took my 1982 Catalina 30 in for a bottom job. First time since I'd bought her a year ago. Dan and crew did an exellent job repairing the blisters and putting her back together again. They kept me informed of the progress, sent me pictures, and spent time with me when I came by to see the work in person. Back in the water, looking as good as new.

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