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Port Zante Marina

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Address Building #9 Port Zante
Basseterre, St.Kitts

Phone+1 (869) 466-6988

After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


Despite there being a fuel sign, no fuel is available. Closest is about 1/2 mile which is the Sol station at top of Fort Street. They do not have diesel. For diesel the closest is the Sol station on Wellington Road in front of ValuMart IGA. This one is about 1 mile from the marina. Fuel trucks will deliver. Port Zante Marina has recently signed an agreement with Delta Petroleum Ltd. to install a new fuel station. Work will commence in January 2016. The new facility will provide gasoline and low sulfur deisel fuels.

Also fuel is measured in St Kitts in Imperial gallons, so the prices might appear high but an Imperial gallon has about 25% more than a US gallon. Also keep this in mind when mixing 2 cycle oil, add 25%.

VHF channel



Email contact

Owner, manager

St. Kitts Urban Development Corporation Ltd.



Charles and Juevel

Payments acceptedCredit cards - NO
Checks - NO

Payment info

Cash only, definitely not checks unless local.

Payment discounts

If more than 30 days.

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:






Tide & current additional info


Approach: Unknown
Transient dockage: Unknown
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - YES
Floating - NO
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: $0.70/ft (2014-08-07)

Other price info: Catamarans are $1.20 per foot.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info: 110/220 V 60 Hz

Pricing info:

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)

Yes - $16 USD for unlimited water, reported February 2013.

Dinghy access

Yes - There is reported to be a huge rock at about 1 foot depth at the entry point. Use caution.

It was reported February 2013 that the rock was marked with PVC stakes. Leave the stakes to starboard as you enter the marina.

Liveaboard info



Fuel brand: The fuel facility is owned and operated by Delta Petrolem Ltd. Contact can be made via the marina dockmaster or directly with Delta Petroleum at Tel (869) 465 4508.

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeUnknown

Other pet info:

Disability access


Launch service

Pump out










Yes - Call Wayne at 1-869-660-6152 or 465-7192. He can pick up and drop off your laundry the same day, wash and folded for only $1.50 per pound, February 2013.


Yes - Not in marina, but two groceries are within 5 minutes walk.




Yes - 5 minute walk to dozens of restaurants.


Yes - 5 minutes walk.

Hotels or motels

Yes - The Ocean Terrace Inn is just west of the marina along at the end of the harbour.

Larger Hotels are available at Frigate Bay but a taxi would be required too get there.

Repair capabilities

Yes - Contact Wayn at 1-869-660-6152 or at home 465-7192. Has been recommended by boaters.

Haul out capabilities

No - Haul out at Sandy Point (St Kitts Marine Works).

Storage facilities


Fishing supplies

Yes - Glens Big Deal, 5 minutes away, stocks fishing supplies. Its near the Treasury Bldg.

Chartering capabilities


Internet access


Boat ramp availability




Other services

It is reported that Customs and Immigration are near the marina full time. They are no longer at the deep water port on the weekends. Beware thet you have to clear with customs, immigration and the port authority and they don't always show up for work on time, and some days, not at all.


Many outside of the marina area, Plantations, Sugar Miles and amazing vistas from high in the mountains. You can rent a car and hire a guide. Contact the marina for more information.

Reviews for Port Zante Marina
Not Reliable, 2017-04-12
Captain: , Victoria (10)

We sent numerous emails to the marina requesting a slip a week in advance and we received no response. We finally anchoured in the bay and dinghyed to the marina. We spoke with the dock person and reserved a slip in a week. We also called the office three days before our arrival to confirm. On the date of our arrival we radio'd the marina to be told they did not have space for us. The gentleman on the radio was very rude and not very willing to help us. We ended up in St. Kitts Marine Works instead.

Cruise ships overwhelm, 2016-12-20
Captain: , Stratham (735)

The marina at Port Zante, Basseterre, responded immediately when we called on the VHF, 15 minutes away. They asked us to anchor while they made space. We anchored and dinghied in. After a bit of discussion, we targeted a good space and Charlie the Dockmaster, and Troy were there to grab our lines and get secured. Of course the pedestal they wanted me to use was out of reach of my cord but the next morning my neighbor volunteered his hd extension cord, 30 amp to 110v. I had a 110v to 30 amp adapter and we were in business. Water is unlimited for $15 flat rate. Calypso got a much needed bath. Dockage for a 50 ft boat is $.75 a foot, a bargain I%u2019d say. We felt very safe. Fenced, gated and well lit marina. Police boat/pilot boat in and out of the marina many times a day. WIFI is a trickle but we all have gotten used to that by now, yes?
Customs and Immigration was quite disjointed albeit pleasant and welcoming. Customs in the marina office was not there. Went to Immigration a block away and completed forms. Went to the Harbor office a few steps away and paid fees. Back to Customs for a bit more waiting. Then back with the completed Customs forms to Immigration. Done.

St. Kitts apparently survives on cruise ships and hotels. At least a couple new ships changing each day. Basseterre swarming with sunburned passengers. We took the around island sugar cane train ride. While it was pricey, $89, it was an excellent introduction to the island and we pumped our driver of the jitney to the start point for lots of extra information which he was happy to share.

Next day rented car to go to Romney Manor/Carabelle batik. We arrived just as six bus loads of Japanese tourists, what a scene. We enjoyed it nonetheless and got some Christmas shopping done.
Then on to Brimstone Hill, a rather spectacular fort. And lunch at Ottley Plantation Inn on the cooler eastern side.

Wind died while we were there. As a previous correspondent noted, you will have tiny mosquitos to deal with. Basseterre is a good place to base if you want to see the island. But it does have some %u201Cbig city%u201D downsides.

Surprisingly endearing, 2016-05-16
Captain: , PooleUK (933)

One look at the swell outside will have you very very happy to be alongside the concrete wharf in here. We could find no trace of working shore power, but were happy to run from the gensets and inverters.
The staff are great if you catch them on the VHF. and clearing in was not problem with the local authorities. I heartily recomend Lemon Grass nearby for a great dinner

Adequate is all, 2015-04-29
Captain: , Hamilton (348)

We stayed here in April 2015, when southerly winds made most of the St Kitts anchorages very rolly. We were put stern to into a dock with a small finger pier and a pile at the bow. The finger pier only had one cleat on it near the main dock, which made arranging springs very challenging. The dock assistant was not much help devising a strategy to secure the vessel.

Clearance with customs is at the marina. Immigration and port office is at the cruise ship pier a short walk away. Immigration officer left for the day early to go to a funeral so had to go to airport to clear in.

The bar near the marina played loud reggae until the early hours because it was the weekend.

It was difficult to find anyone from the marina, other than the security guards, anytime we had a question.

Location is good, marina is protected, security is sound and we enjoyed touring St Kitts.

Friendly, Secure, Affordable, 2015-04-21
Captain: , Brooklin, ME (361)

Friendly, helpful staff, with customs and immigration in the same building. The price is right: 75 cents a foot, $15 for unlimited water, and metered electricity (110V, 20 amp plug - not a 30 amp plug). Garbage and showers are free, and there is 24 hour security. Superb access to shopping, restaurants, grcoeries, island tours, etc.

We saw only two downsides: 1) The bands and DJs crank the tunes until 0500 on weekends, and boy, are they loud! 2) Mosquitos. There was a nice breeze, however, and we tied up bow east, so with the screens in the hatches we slept well on Sunday night (but not on Saturday night)!

Very nice, Not so organized., 2015-03-27
Captain: , Meridian, ID (488)

Price is good. Stayed extra days the first when crew got sick. Got to visit the hospital. I was like stepping back in time. Aftering waiting hours we got a referall to a private doctor that could help quickly. Second visit we made reservation. On arrival the had not planned for us and sent us to the rolly anchorage. We went in in the little boat and saw they was a spot for us but they had a 25 sail boat in it. Another guest understood how to fix the problem and were were able to come in for the night. We got fuel delivered from Delta Petroleum

not friendly, 2015-03-09
Captain: , Beaumaris (30)

We anchored by the deep water dock and rode over to the Marina in the Dingy. this must be the worst dinghy dock in the world! Firstly it is difficult to find, secondly small boats berth in the entrance making it inevitable that you will hit a rock on the way in and when you get there it is nothing more than a floating piece of wood with sharp objects around and realistically only take two. To cap it all they even try to charge you for the privolidge. Our request for a berth was met with "No" and that was that.

Nice staff and lots of shopping, 2015-02-28
Captain: , Apollo Beach, FL (928)

Since we are a catamaran, we were docked side-to the big concrete dock. Wind was from the side blowing us onto the dock. The harbor master was very informative and made sure we were well secured with good inflated fenders before he left us. Everyone was very nice. There were two large cruise ships docked there each day, so there are a lot of jewelry, booze, and souvenir stores right by the marina. All day long, big catamarans and dive and tour boats go in and out. They can be a bit noisy, but they are only operating during the day. The marina doesn't offer a laundry pick-up any more. We took the bus to Elite Laundry (on the main highway) and had good service getting our laundry done. Marina wi-fi was slow at times, but convenient. Rams by the marina had good produce and the Chinese grocery across the street had a fair selection of some items. Customs is in with the marina office and immigration is close by at the cruise ship dock.

Good stop over, 2014-04-10
Captain: , Bristol, RI (772)

The dockmaster, Trucky was friendly and very helpful as was his staff. Slip price is very reasonable and marina is secure. It is near stores and all that town has to offer. Thanks for a good stop.

Great Place to Tour St. Kitts, 2013-04-20
Captain: , Wilmington, NC (60)

We spent two weeks at this wonderful, secure marina. The staff was attentive and helpful. There is 24/7 manned security at the gate. The marina is next door to customs/immigration, grocery stores, famers market, shops and restaurants. The harbor at Basseterre is frequently rolly, but the breakwater protects the marina and we never moved. Water is a flat $15 total for the time you stay here. Electricity is metered. Dockage is 75 cents/foot with a 15% discount if you stay here for over a week.

We'll be back

The Rasta Marina, 2013-03-02
Captain: , Washington, DC (840)

Marina amenities are lacking, but this is a good place to wait out weather and see St. Kitts. The nearby cruise ship terminal turns into a ghost town when there are no ships but Basseterre keeps on going. We found a great coffee shop and locals lunch place. Rental cars are hard to find when the cruise ships are in town, but a rental and a trip to Brimstone is worth the effort. The marina%u2019s pricing structure is variable. I was quoted $1.20 per foot when we arrived. When I balked, the Rasta said, %u201Cdon%u2019t worry mon, we work the price.%u201D I ended up paying $.75 per foot while a 38%u2019 monohull paid $.60, and a cat was charged $1.20. No charge for electric; $15 for water for the time you are there.

Often the only way, 2012-11-28
Captain: , Great Falls, VA (1092)

If the wind has a southerly to it this is often the only way to see town. Its rough and spartan but secure. Try not to come in on a day a cruise ship is here, if one is here stay an extra day and go explore when its gone. Decent provisioning and lots of restraunts nearby. Good exploring and worth the marina fee when its the only option.

Minimmalis Marina, 2012-02-17
Captain: , Arlington, VA (240)

You get a sllip, power, water, heads/showers and nothing else. But town old & new is but a few minutes walk away with lots bars & restaurants. Many duty free shops catering to the cruise ships, a couple of decent supermarkets within easy walking distance.

Service declining, 2011-05-23
Captain: , PNCOK (70)

Dockmaster incredibly rude. Slip reservations mean nothing. Location is good.

Very basic, but prices are that of a more upscale marina., 2010-07-01
Captain: , Basseterre, St Kitts (428)

If you want a no frills marina, this is it. Its downtown, so everything is reachable. But even basics like a fuel dock are not available. No frills is fine if the price was for such, but the the prices are the same as full service marinas....

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