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Port Kinsale Marina

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Address 347 Allen Point Ln. PO Box 280
Kinsale, VA 22488


After hours contact


Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - YES
Fuel - NO
Repair - YES
Municipal - YES
Other - YES
Other info: Restaurant/Lodging


VHF channel



Email contact

Owner, manager

Charles Santangelo


Frank Sanchez


Jeff Moss

Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

Payment discounts


Operation (seasonal or year-round)

Additional info:


Follow the markers for a pretty standard approach in. The fuel dock is tight among the slips so if it's busy you may want to wait your turn in the approach channel just beyond the piers as the fuel area can get crowded.

They don't always answer the radio, but you can take any free slip on A dock, that's the one to the left of the boat ramp and travel lift.





Tide & current additional info


Approach: 10
Transient dockage: 9
Fuel dock: 9

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - NO
Floating - NO
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - NO
Other - YES

Additional info: New work recently completed on the A dock and fuel dock area, 2012.

Size restrictionsLOA max: 60
Beam max: 25

Other info:


Transient: 34
Total: 119
Transient price: $1.75/ft (2017-01-20)

Other price info: BoatUS member discount is available.


Transient: 0
Total: 0
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: None

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info:

Pricing info: 30 amp: $4.00 per day; 50 amp: $8.00 per day.

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)

Yes - Well water and it's not that bad, drinkable if you're use to well water.

Dinghy access

Yes - Boat ramps and beaches, and lunch parking.

Liveaboard info

Yes - They have a few.


Fuel brand: Non-ethanol.

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:



Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info: Pets must be on leash.

Disability access


Launch service


Pump out

Yes - $5












No - Limited items.




No - The restarant was closed May 2014.



Hotels or motels


Repair capabilities

No - The marina no longer has a crew and does extremely limited repair service, May 2014.

Haul out capabilities

Yes - 30 ton open ended travel lift and mast crane.

Storage facilities


Fishing supplies


Chartering capabilities

Yes - Sportfishing charters.

Internet access

Yes - High speed WiFi: $9.95 a day; $15.95 a weekend; $49.95 a month.

Boat ramp availability

Yes - 24 foot maximum boat length allowed.



Other services


Reviews for Port Kinsale Marina
Almost deserted marina, 2016-08-12
Captain: , Largo, FL (120)

We had generator problems and had to come into this marina. There used to be a restuarant, campground and about 150 boat slips here. All of the slips except 11 are empty. The only employees are a guy in the shop and a woman in the office,both of whom were very nice. The whole place is falling apart! (this doesn't keep the owners from charging their usual rate of 1.75 a ft!)

Seemed Almost Abandoned, 2015-07-03
Captain: , Richmond (223)

No answer to the radio or phone on a Tuesday despite posted hours, motoring past the facilities, the only activity was in the boat yard, and they didn't seem interested in talking to us, so we turned around and headed to White Point Marina around the corner for a nice evening. We visited oPort Kinsale once many years ago and had a nice stay and dinner at the restaurant, but it's obviously seen better days.

Don't Bother, 2015-07-01
Captain: , BURKE (10)

There is no reason to stay here. There are no services, diesel, restaurant and even the pool is only fair. They don't answer the radio and you have to pick your own slip with no dock hands.

More problems, 2015-01-25
Captain: , Kinsale, Virginia (21)

They've closed the restaurant and the covered slips burned this January with the loss of the boats. Jeffery, the yard manager, is the major asset here

terrible disappointment, 2014-09-21
Captain: , Beaufort, NC (290)

We kept a boat at this marina for many years and it was one of our favorite places on the Bay. On a recent return trip after being away for 10 years, were so disappointed to see the present poor condition of the facilities that we turned away.

better marinas to visit, 2014-03-30
Captain: , Occoquan, VA (354)

this was a big disappointment. no fuel no staff and green pool.

Going Downhill, 2013-07-09
Captain: , Occoquan, VA (390)

Stayed overnight after 4th of July and disappointed. Overall, it has has gone downhill since our stay 2 years ago: nobody to help us in, not monitoring radio to tell us slip assignments, pool not kept up and is dirty (we had to clean it ourselves). Only solace is that the restaurant and bar are still good. The fried oysters and blackened rockfish were excellent.

Down Hill Slide, 2013-06-03
Captain: , Mount Vernon Va (65)

This is our fourth visit and might be our last. No staff available to assist with docking. No staff available for check-in at 4:15 on a Saturday afternoon. Resturant food was poor. Live entertainment was OK Gas was expensive $4.64. It was non ethenol treated with special additives

Unique atmosphere, 2012-07-07
Captain: , Crystal River FL (111)

Marina entrance marked with two white PVC pipes on the west side, turn north after unmarked wood piling east side. We think it should have been the privately maintained Red 6 marker location. Red and Green lights on the outermost piers mark the marina end of the entrance channel.

We stayed overnight on the T-head of A dock, no difficulties with wakes or noise. Plenty of empty silps available.

The Moorings Resturant food and bar was pricey but adaquate, stick with the staples.

Pool and restrooms were clean and stocked during the 4th of July week that we were there.

Helpful staff, 2012-06-18
Captain: , gwynn,va. (208)

arrived at dock with no assist but found fuel attendant in boat shop. and very helpful with fuel and ice. Resturant was not open in am. Gift shop on the hill had some beverages, beer and soda. We neededmore staples and attendant drove us to town for some supplies. Bathrooms clean and showers very good.

Was nice. Now... not so much., 2012-02-22
Captain: , Cobb Island, MD (52)

I've kept my boat at Port Kinsale for the last 2 years, but I'll be moving on when my lease expires in a few weeks. New managment since I arrived and the place has gone downhill. The rates increased after the first year, and we were ok with that. They went up again for this season, and we're not ok with that. Rates go up, service goes down? Not ok with me.

They stopped attending to the restrooms last season. No soap in the dispensers. No paper towels. No toilet paper. Dirty. Restaurant staff doesn't seem to care, and, what used to be a classy place, now feels like a third rate dive bar with a nice view. Staff was crude, unhelpful and made it clear that they would rather go home early than serve us. In fact, the bartender/person in charge cussed at us.

No one is available on the VHF. No one is available at the fuel docks. No one is available to answer questions.

Jeffrey, the maintenance fellow, is top notch.

The last straw was how they expected us to renew the lease. They mailed a new lease, full of errors, with a Post-It note stating "Sign Here and Return." That's it? No "thanks for being a customer." No explanation of the rate increase. Nothing. "Sign Here and Return." No Thanks.

You've lost another customer, Port Kinsale.

What a waste, 2012-01-04
Captain: , Lottsburg, Virginia (44)

I have not used the marina, but I have never seen anyone around to help the boats that come in to dock. I do know about the restaurant, though. It is awful and that is saying a lot for someone who lives aboard in the area. There are some very nice restaurants in this area, but there are also dogs and this is one. The staff looks like trailer park trash--multiple tattoos, stringy dirty hair, rumpled clothes. The food simply is not good, the staff, as indicated are unkept and indifferent and the grounds look overgrown. It is a real shame as the location is beautiful and the place has such potential. I do understand that the work at the boatyard is good--but if so those guys would be better off somewhere else because if this place doesen't wake up it will not have any customers soon.

Great marina lost a star 2011, 2011-08-11
Captain: , hampton (70)

Great marina , great food , great people all at very fair prices A nice place to stop on the way up to DC of to spend a few days at .

We wil Be Back !

Update 2011
Went there with a trojan group 2nd year in a row the marina was great , ofice staff was new and in need of traning . the resterant needs some work food was ok but not like it was last year ,and they don;t know a margeta is not made with OJ I hope they can get back to what it was . Will I go back ? yes I did still in enjoy .

my what a owner can do to ruin a place, 2011-07-30
Captain: , Deltaville Va (531)

well me and a few other boats went here for a meet of Trojan boaters, On the way up I lost a gas pump on a 1987 340 hp 454 Merc. I was 3 hrs. out from them on a Friday afternoon. It was around 2 pm, and by 4 pm Jeff their yard manager had found me one and said he'd pick it up on the way home and bring it in Saturday morning by 9 am (his day off) and he did and didnt put any extra charges on it. The man saved our trip for us ! I was back up by 11 am and enjoying our time.
The marinia is a nice size one not to big or to small good water and the food is top self ate there 5 times and everything was great and all the staff will work to make your stay a happy one.

that review was wrote with the truth in mind and so is this one
in a year the owner ship has killed this place for me and other boats that came in with us, the Mooring's food was great last yr this year it was over priced and over cook and most of it seemed and tasted like can food or frozen. The pool was dirty and spiders were floating in it, office staff was untrained and couldn't add up our bills (doubled billed one of us) Dockmaster turned off our shore power while taken in the pool, and that left our dogs locked up in a boat in the 100 degree heat last week. Needless to say I'll not be back....note to owner over charging for food and drink won't make you more money. you'll loose boaters you lost 3 boats last week.

Strange Place, 2011-07-08
Captain: , Macatawa, Michigan (80)

We had a reservation at this marina but it didn't seem to make any difference. We could not raise anyone on the radio to tell us where to go. A phone call to the marina was answered. We needed a pump out so went to the fuel dock. The fellow who "helped" us didn't know the first thing about what he was doing. I think someone said it was his first day on the job. He wasn't a very friendly sort and when we asked where to dock for the night he just kind of waved his arms and said "pick one" referring to the slips. We backed into a slip and got tied up by ourselves, there was no one to help.

Six sailboats arrived about an hour after we did and had the same problems. No one would answer the radio and no one came out to help the first three boats. Finally a dock hand came down and helped the last three sailboats. He seemed to know what he was doing.

The marina office closed at 4 pm and opened at 9:30 am.
The physical marina is fine and the restaurant is nice. They have a pool and the showers etc are OK. They have what look like relatively new power stations on the docks and no one had any power problems.

Boat US price was $1.25/ft. All in all a strange kind of place. With a little attention to detail and customer service it would merit a higher rating.

Mixed Experience, 2011-05-31
Captain: , Chicago (30)

This marina was a mixed experience. It has a really good restaurant and pleasant rural environs. It was probably the worst marina to arrange docking that we have experienced. They do not monitor the radio or consistently answer the phone. We had to come into the gas dock and then search for someone to tell us where to dock, then they put us into a slip that was in use and we had to move. The staff did not seem to know what to do.

Heads were very clean. Cannot walk to any store, but helpful locals offered a ride. Fixed docks with a couple of feet tide range. Docks were sound and electric and water were good. Laundry facility good and reasonable.

We had to haul out to fix a problem on short notice and the yard was really good with the haul out. They were very helpful and accommodating.

Bright spot on the lower Chesapeake, 2011-01-26
Captain: , Frog Mortar Creek, Middle R., Chesapeake (420)

We were on a sail-about in the southern bay a few years ago when we stumbled on this gem. Yes, there is not much to Kinsale; but, we found no reason to wander far. The restaurant and bar were a big surprise: good food, friendly staff. The store has lots of stuff and a nice wine selection. Charlie, the New York transplant, was very nice. We'll visit again.

Great place, people couldn't be nicer., 2009-11-05
Captain: , Manassas, VA (118)

I can't recommend this marina highly enough. I was having trouble, my boat was stranded at another marina whose docks were underwater at high tide and I was beside myself. I was driving around looking for a new place to keep my boat and have it hauled when I stumbled across Port Kinsale. Charlie, the manager, came buzzing up right away and quickly had everything arranged, right up to sending Jeff and Mike (the mechanics) off in a runabout to retrieve my boat. Charlie was quite helpful, going so far as to advise me of other local marinas that might be a more economical choice for a slip for a little 22' sailboat. In the end, however, I have decided to keep my boat at Port Kinsale for next summer as the amenities are really nice. Having the option of eating in a nice restaurant, getting a drink at the bar, having access to a pool, having rooms in the B&B onsite available for guests who don't want to sleep aboard, power and wifi at the dock, etc. all mean that I'll have other things to do if the weather turns out to not be quite what was forecast after I made a 3 hour drive to get there. If you are just looking for a place to keep your boat there are more economical options. If you want full service and amenities, I think you will enjoy this marina. If you need work done, they post their rate sheet right on their website so you can compare. I like that. It's a beautiful place and in excellent repair. The people couldn't be nicer. I'm happy.

July Bay trip, 2009-07-20
Captain: , Heathsville, VA (138)

We overnighted here on way fro Wash DC to Baltimore out first night. It is an adequate and safe harbor but the facilities are minimal and no frills. The pool was not real clean, picknick & bar-bq area a mess.

One of our favorites, 2009-06-19
Captain: , Patuxent River, MD (391)

We've been stopping here at least a couple of times a year for the last four years now. Grounds are well-kept, the food onsite ranges from good to terrific, and the service is great. Very friendly people. Small but clean pool. Showers getting a bit rundown, hopeflly they correct that. Fixed docks in good repair and modern electric posts.

Great Stopover, 2008-05-27
Captain: , Alexandria VA (59)

We did a stopover on Memorial Day weekend on the way to the Eastern Shore. This is a really nice place, the slips are very good, the marina is protected and well kept. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The ship's store has a good wine selection. (a high priority of the crew) Fuel prices are reasonable. The Moorings restaurant is on site and quite good . The 'Lucky Lady' deck bar is lots of fun. The nearby town of Kinsale is very quaint and pristine though mostly homes as we saw no restaurants or shops save one at the Kinsale Harbour Marina at the town bridge. The town is a long walk or short bike ride from the marina along quiet country roads. We'll come back often just to hang out and enjoy the area.

Service with a smile, 2007-08-13
Captain: , Herndon, VA (42)

My wife just spent a night at the Port Kinsale Marina. They were very accomodating both before and during the trip. The fixed wooden docks had newer electrical service, the gas was reasonably priced, and the restaurant and bar were outstanding. If we had more time to stay, a pool, beach, and free use of bicycles is available to the transient as well as wifi internet. Don't miss their incredible Sunday brunch!

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