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Parks' Marina

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Address 16070 Parks Marina Lane, PO Box 162
Tangier, VA 23440


After hours contact


Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


Mr. Parks may be hard to reach, but there are reported to be plenty of slips. If you cannot reach him, just come into the marina and pull into one of the slips.

Reported September 2016, Mr. Parks broke his hip a few weeks ago and is off-island at a rehab facility. A nice man named Todd is tending to cruisers pulling up to the dock, and stopping by a few times a day to check in boats stopping at the marina. Cash only, and he doesn't have access to Mr. Parks' phones. Best to pull up in as previous mentioned.

VHF channel

16/72 although they don't monitor VHF channels.


Email contact

Owner, manager

Milton Parks



Milton Parks

Payments acceptedCredit cards - NO
Checks - YES

Payment info

Cash only.

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)

Additional info:


From the Bay: 7.5 foot MLW shoal approaching G1W.

From Tangier sound: 9 foot MLW to deep water dredged 2012. Approach from the east 1/2 way between Tangier Sound markers G3 and G5. Tour boats and mail boat from Crisfield use these channels regularly. The channel carries 10 feet MLW from east shore to west shore of the island itself.

Enteriing from the east, hug the starboard side as you turn into the cut or risk soft grounding at low tide if you get too wide.

When the current is running, there's a pretty good cross current right up to the slips. It's best if you can arrange to arrive and leave near slack water.





Tide & current additional info


Approach: 8
Transient dockage: 12
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info: Only 4 feet at alongside dock next to restrooms.

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - NO
Floating - NO
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: 14.5

Other info: 3 alongside slips - no beam restriction. Not all slips have the same beam capacity.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: $25 per day for under 30 feet.$30 per day for over 30 feet.Plus $5 per day for electric.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: None

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info:

Pricing info: $5 per day.

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)


Dinghy access

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out



Yes - In town, a short walk from the dock at the grocery store.










Yes - Small




Yes - Fishermans Corner: great crab bisque and crab cakes.

Hilda Crockett serves all you can eat supper . Menu: Crab cakes, Clam fritters, etc. There apparently is more on the menue, but all you can eat crab cakes? Yes! You have to get there before 5 pm though.

Lorraine's has moved to main street. She is the only year round restaurant. From mid November to mid April this family run restaurant is it. But year round this is a great place to eat. The crab bowl is awesome. This is also the only place to eat dinner that is open late.


No - Dry town.

Hotels or motels

Yes - There are several B&B's on the island. Hilda Crockett's Chesapeake House is the most well known.

Repair capabilities

Haul out capabilities

Storage facilities

Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

No - None found. No cell service, either. Definately no Verizon. Some boaters report getting ATT service.

A boater reported onn June 6, 2013, that ATT only worked from the flybridge.

Boat ramp availability


Yes - You can rent a golf cart, but you don't really need one.

Other services


Don't miss the Museum/Cultural Center on the main drag. Relatively new and worth the time. Video about the island, its people, and issues. Lots of stuff to see. Some of the women on the island offer narrated golf cart tours of the island. This is an inexpensive way to see the island and learn about the history of the people. The golf carts stage on Main Ridge (Street) near the restaurants.

Reviews for Parks' Marina
excellent dock, 2017-07-24
Captain: , Manitowoc (287)

Stayed here during a gale. It was solid dock and off the swells. Winds in excess of 40 mph and we had almost no swells. Restuarants in walking distance. People very nice and rates are affordable.

Meet Mr. Parks. Oracle of knowledge.

NO WIFI. NO CELL so be ready to disconnect.

Parks Marina, 2017-05-27
Captain: , Harrison Township Michigan (380)

If your looking for a first class accommodations. This isn't for you. If you are looking to step back in time this is where to not miss. This town dates back 400 years. Some of the 468 people left here are descendents of those people. They have a dialect of there own. It's Elizabethan-era. Absolutely different. There are 3 restaurants in town. We ate at all of them. We liked Fishermans corner. The men are called watermen. They have been making a living off the water for centuries. Most are in the fishing and crabbing business. The owner or the marina is named Milton Parks. He has had the marina for 60 years and was a crabber. Gets around pretty well for being 86 years old. Very interesting man to talk to. Will come back here every time we are in this area.

what a special place, 2017-05-22
Captain: , Marthasville (643)

Stayed here and spent time with Milton and the cats. Rode bikes to the northernmost beach and thru all 3 ridges.

Feels like an English seaside village was dropped into the Chesapeake.

Yes there were some biting flies and if you don't like cats or signs you will probably not be enchanted by this fast disappearing cultural experience.

If you're lucky you'll still get to have all you can eat crab cakes at Hilda's Chesapeake House and if soft shell are on season you will be uniquely fortunate to have the most delicate Tangier soft shells ever.

With power and water connections we had AC and heat (needed them both in our 3 days), showers and cold beer (remember to bring yer own).

A very special place.

Interesting place, 2017-05-04
Captain: , Beaufort, SC (245)

Don't go here if you are expecting a luxury marina. Very quaint and rustic. Docks are old and so-so. Bigger boats will tie to old pilings and dock. You will need to protect your boat from the pilings. There is a lot of current and sometimes wind through here and is very busy with all the waterman working the area. Traffic starts at 5:00AM and goes till the late afternoon. Neat place to explore but again very rustic. Tangier Island is to be experienced and is very different than most stops. We liked it and Milton Parks is a hoot.

Ripping cross current, 2016-11-10
Captain: , Green Cove Springs, FL (500)

Entering into this marina is a short distance in from the Chesapeake and it is shallow. The marina is just to your starboard and the cross current caused us a headache going into the slip. We anchored first and then tied 4 lines to the pilings, via our dinghy, and then winched ourselves into place. This took about an hour. The facilities here were clean. One men's and one women's with toilet and shower. If you get to meet Todd, the salty fisherman that looks like santa, he has some great stories and is worth hanging around and chatting with. The owner, Mr. Parks, lives in the house just by the restrooms but we were not able to get a hold of him so Todd took our money and gave us the info on the place. The island is very small and when we arrived it was in Nov. and all of the stores were closed. I guess they are open when the tourist ferry arrives. Might want to schedule your time with the ferry if you want o check out the restaruants. The local grocery shop was open.

Real Watermen and an honest place., 2016-11-09
Captain: , Norfolk VA (55)

Tangier is special. See it soon before it washes away or someone kick starts their tourism industry. Talk to Mr Parks, he can tell you about the bay, its culture and history, and he has stories to tell.

No frills but loads of hospitality, 2016-10-24
Captain: , Ithaca, NY (10)

Mr. Parks, the dockmaster, made us feel like family on our recent visit to Tangier. He took time to get to know us and tell us about his family. Even though he is on a walker due to a recent injury, he helped as best he could on the dock, and his facilities were very clean. I have no doubt that he will be back on the docks full time soon.
While departing on Tuesday Oct. 19 under unfavorable conditions, we were helped by two wonderful people (Melissa and her partner) who skippered a 44' Catalina. Without their assistance, our departure woud have been extremely difficult. We never got a chance to thank them in person, and as we don't know the name of their boat or their full names, we have not been able to reach them. However, we do hope that they will read this review or that someone who knows them may pass it on to them (they highly recommended that we use ActiveCaptain), and may know how appreciative we are that they were on Tangier at the same time as we were.

Not fancy but a must place to visit!, 2016-10-23
Captain: , Beaufort, NC (282)

Visited 10/20/16: Mr. Parks is back on the island after being away in rehab for his hip injury. Using a walker to get around and not on the docks but does have help collecting fees and docking boats. Time is not standing still here so I recommend you visit sooner rather later. Only negative is the locals love to make a wake with their skiffs in the small channel by the marina while looking at you. Make one wonder why they do this?

Interesting place, worth the trip, 2016-09-19
Captain: , Seaford, VA (1049)

Update 9/10/2016 Place still looks the same, charming little town hasn't changed much in years, and that's what makes it special.

Although I rated only three stars, we will definitely be back. As the previous posted stated, there are plenty of slips, but if your beam is 14' or more, or you need 50A service, you better hope there is a spot available on the main pier by the bathhouse. Mr. Parks is a joy to meet and talk with, but he's not much on keeping reservation details straight. Watching an 82 year old man zip up and down the docks on a scooter is entertaining!
The island changes after the last tourist boat departs for the day. Be sure to explore with bikes or a rental golf cart, and sample the local restaurants. The Chesapeake House serves breakfast "family style".

Only game in town, 2016-07-13
Captain: , Beeville (90)

It does not matter how many stars I give Mr. Parks. If you want to come to Tangier Island, and you should, this is the only place. There is no feasible anchorage. My two caveats are that there is no cell phone service or internet here and when you take a slip choose one in the middle or to the west end. These are deeper and more recently dredged (as of 2016).

Should Have Stopped Here 20 Years Ago, 2016-06-19
Captain: , Richmond (223)

If you like adventure, this is a unique piece of the Chesapeake not long for this world. We put off coming here for years because we got some mixed reviews and we heard it was a challenge to navigate. Truth is, it's quirky and rough around the edges, but so are some of the most interesting people I've ever met. From the West be sure to hug the red mark to starboard into the cut and pay attention to the current which can be a bit tricky as you dock, but not what I call difficult. Arrive at slack tide, if you have any concerns. Regardless, it is absolutely, positively worth the effort. 85 year old Milton 'Gander" Parks is one of a kind, and worth the visit all by himself. Not much space with any significant depth at the Marina, so phone or radio ahead and let him know you're coming. We arrived ahead of schedule, and attempted to grab a slip, but 2 tries resulted in slips with water too thin for us, less than 4.5 feet. So, we tied up to the bulkhead, and moved around the corner later. A vicious squall line moved in that night, but we were snug and comfy. People on the island are wonderful, and there is not a better crabcake in the universe than those offered at the Chesapeake House. Don't miss it. Hint: the crabcakes come out last, so don't fill up on the other dishes. UPDATE: Returned 6/16, and enjoyed ourselves once again. Biking the island is a great pastime, as is kayaking the cuts that separate the 3 ridges that comprise the island. Under the weight of heavy regulations, watermen here are becoming scarce, and Tangier is becoming more dependent on tourists.

One of our favorite stops, 2016-06-08
Captain: , Solomons, MD (10)

Great place to visit. The island can grow on you if you let it. Parks marina is one of the best deals on the bay. Milton Parks lives on the property and meets all visitors personally, always with a friendly greeting. On our last visit, some of the residents were sponsoring a volunteer Chesapeake clean-up that we participated in. Tangier is one of the last true working towns for the watermen. Watch out for the south west winds when much of the island can be under water. The beach on the south end is the best.

Don't walk, run away from this island, 2016-05-03
Captain: , Chattanooga (220)

Yes, Mr. Parks is very nice and very interesting. But the island is a trash dump. Seriously, it reminded us of Morroco to the worst Carribean slum neighborhood you have ever been to. Garbage is piled everywhere, and therefore the hungry black flies await. As you walk the "street" you are constantly forced off the path by golf carts going nowhere. They just troll the street hoping you will pay them for a ride. We went to Lorraine's Seafood Restaurant for lunch (the only one open) and ordered a soft shell crab sandwich and a crab cake. Both were listed on the menu at "Market Price.". We didn't ask. Shame on us. The tab was $45 (no alcohol, no extras). The sandwich was on white Wonder bread. So we blew off our plans to spend the night and left and crossed the bay to Solomons.
There may have been a time when the dialect and culture was different enough to be interesting. We saw no evidence of it. Television, Internet and golf carts have wiped it away. It was a huge disappointment.

Wonderful Stay July 2015, 2015-10-14
Captain: , Seattle (80)

We draw 4.5 ft so had no issues getting in to the marina. There was a fair bit of current so did a bit of bumper pilings getting in the slip but after that, no issues.

Mr. Parks was worth the trip alone. He's a genuinely nice man, with his stories, for sure but he seems to take time to get to know YOUR story as well. We had 4 kids on board (along with two other kid boats traveling) and he was so fantastic with them, telling them fishing stories and taking time to get to know each one.

There are lots of cats around, beware of them trying to stowaway on your boat if you are too friendly!

There isn't a lot to see in town but it is worth a visit. Our kids played at the park and some local kids joined in a game of kickball. Very friendly.

The museum is worth a visit as well, great local history.

Tangier Island Marina, 2015-09-20
Captain: , ColonialBeach, VA (330)

Mr. Parks is the owner and an amazing person. Great marina to visit but be aware of the approach with the current.

Wild Goose, 2015-08-12
Captain: , Chesapeake, VA - HHN (10)

We arrived at low tide and had trouble getting into the slip. We draw 6.5 feet. Mr. Parks was very helpful bud did not have a deeper slip available. We waited an hour to force ourselves in but once there we had a great time. Nice people but a bit depressing as they realize their way of life is slipping away. Good food but you need to eat early.

Old Style Hospitality, 2015-08-07
Captain: , Grand Haven, MI (684)

Mr. Parks just turned 84 and still handles most of the work. Be ready to talk and listen to the stories.
If you can't contact Milton on the phone find a slip and pull in. He will be there eventually.
Bathrooms are dated, but clean and usable. I've seen worse in a lot fancier marinas.
There is about a 2 foot tide and the harbor is active with fishing boats.
We found the islanders friendly and open. Food prices are higher but it is like that on any island.

Not to be missed, 2015-07-31
Captain: , Burlington (180)

What's Next?? Burlington, Ontario
Docks are tired, but Mr.Parks is more than welcoming, the facilities are very clean and the island is definitely worth seeing. It was like stepping back in time. Be sure and take the $5 golf cart tour around the island, visit the museum and try the crab cakes.

Glad we went but not sure we'll go back, 2015-07-26
Captain: , Oriental, NC (190)

We pulled into the slip on 7/7/15 and had two lines on when Mr. Parks rode out to greet us. After apologizing for not being there to meet us, he told us we were tying up wrong. As much as we tried, it was close to impossible to follow his conflicting instructions. Bathrooms were fairily clean but the woman's door would not stay closed/locked. The town is quaint and picturesque but the townspeople were not particularly welcoming. We had planned to stay two nights but were ready to leave after one.

Great rate; great people, 2015-07-25
Captain: , Arizona (216)

We spent two nights here. Mr. Parks is a gem! He has forgotten more than most people will know. If he tells you to tie your boat up a certain way, just do it. If he tells you that there is enough water, trust him. The island is quaint, rustic and historical. You won't regret being here.

Great place to visit for a while . . ., 2015-07-14
Captain: , Moyock, NC (1084)

Park's Marina has clean basic restrooms and maintained fixed docks. Although it does not have 5-star facilities Mr. Parks care and consideration of all his customers is very special and the island habitants and their community is wonderful to visit. No vehicles, no WiFi, no communication reach us here, like normal close to shore locations. But Tangier Island is a wonderful place to be and admire the diligence and care the inhabitants extend to everyone who comes into their community.

Loved it - You got to experience it (at least once), 2015-06-13
Captain: , virginia beach (70)

A remarkable and memorable visit. Mr. Parks is unforgettably charming and intriguing as he is helpful.

Captain: , Hampton, VA (581)

If Mr Parks can't remember your boat name, that is what he's going to call you! All previous reviews still apply, just that Mr Parks is "just" a year older, slowing down only a little but will still entertain with his unique stories of life on Tangier. Even if the island was not a treasure trove of Chesapeake Bay and waterman history, we would go just to sit with this icon and listen to him spin a few yarns. I know of no other place where you can stay for $35 (including power) and get a personal tour/history lesson from a man who has lived much of it.
Go soon. It won't last forever.

The Marina is Milton Parks and Mr. Parks is the Marina, 2014-12-07
Captain: , Onancock, VA (172)

Tangier Island is a wonderful place to visit although it becomes a bit more "touristy" each year as the restrictions on working the water increase. The best reason to go to Tangier is to experience Mr. Parks, the 83 year old who still rides his scooter up and down his docks. Take the time to listen to him.

The facilities are basic and clean. Restaurants are good and a golf cart tour of the island is informative. Heed the note about the current and try to arrive on a slack tide. It runs really strong and perpendicular to the slips.

Personalized service from Mr Parks, 2014-10-29
Captain: , Fort Pierce, Florida (60)

We enjoyed the hospitality of Mr. Parks, especially his 15 minute complimentary golf cart tour of Tangier Island. First time visitors to Tangier, we were charmed by the friendliness of the locals, and the commercial fishing/crabbing ambiance. We arrived on a Sunday evening, off season, so there was lots of room at the dock, but no restaurants open. Museum also closed, but we enjoyed the sights and our photos look like they're from National Geographic! Beautiful scenery, a slice of Maryland history not to be missed! Adequate facilities for cruisers.

A Chesapeake Treasure, 2014-10-26
Captain: , Heathsville VA (80)

A visit with Mr. Parks is worth the trip! Although docking can be a challenge in a larger boat if the tide is ripping through, there is a t-head available if you can make arrangements in advance with Mr. Parks. He is most accommodating, endlessly knowledgeable, and quite a character. A visit to Tangier Island is a step back in time, worth the effort, and lots of fun.

Very Unique and Worth Your While, 2014-10-15
Captain: , Montgomery, AL (161)

Bit of a tough approach in strong cross current on a windy day as we attempted to nose our 42' sailboat into a slip. We ended up lying along pilings perpindicular to the slip and warping in with a dock line. This was all under the very capable and watchful eye of Mr. Milton Parks who instructed us by radio. "Stern in" would have been preferable due to the short finger piers, when conditions or you backing ability permit. Mr Parks is quite a character and fun chatting with for a bit. Prices were more than reasonable for dockage, dinner at Larraines was casual and excellent. We did have to wade through about six inces of water to visit town during high tide, making this stop even more memorable (bring your sea boots!)

An institution, 2014-09-18
Captain: , Pinnacle, NC, USA (1422)

An institution in the tender loving care of Milton Parks, waterman. We are privilidged to have had access to a working community of Chesapeak waterman just off his bulkhead-- even if from 4 AM!

But hurry, these places won't be here forever.

Tangier is alwalys good, 2014-06-12
Captain: , Houston, Texas (970)

May 2014
John, the owner, was in the hospital on the mainland while we were there and his granddaughter was trying to fill in.
Be ready. The fixed wooded dock has short finger piers. Because of the cross current almost everyone was coming in bow first, so we were getting on and off the boat at the bow.
Head and shower were clean. No laundry
The price is very reasonable.
We had been to Tangier before by ferry several years ago so we knew how to hurt ourselves gorging on seafood. We waddled back to the boat after crab cakes and clam fritters and all the fixings at Hilda's.

Step Back In Time (and meet Mr. Parks, 83 and going strong), 2014-05-21
Captain: , Little River, SC (476)

5/11/14 - A fellow Looper was calling the marina to confirm their reservation about 8:30am and let me get in on the conversation and make a reservation. I did and Mr. Parks told me we coould not get there before 12:30pm because he would be at church and had to be there when we arrived (to collect the money and tie us up). Marina is very basic, but adequate for a night and great bargan. Unique culture based on the Waterman's way of life, which continues today. Interesting stop.

I am suprised there are only a couple of mentions of the cats, 2014-04-18
Captain: , Virginia (50)

All that has been said about the marina and Mr Parks is correct. He is an exceptionally nice man. The marina is adequate. There are cats everywhere. I believe he said his wife (who had recently passed) owned about 50 cats and that, since her death, he had given away all but 17. Apparently many other citizens of Tangier own many cats as well because there are clearly many more cats than people. Vets have come from the Eastern Shore to neuter them. The ones with one ear clipped are the ones they have fixed.

If you haven't been there you need to go now, it may not be there much longer,

Don't miss Tangier Island and Mr. Parks, 2013-11-22
Captain: , Narragansett RI (234)

If you want to see one of the absolute gems of the eastern seaboard, a stop here is a must. The entire island is a rustic feast of sights, and the marina is a very important part of that whole cloth. Mr Parks, in his 80's, rides his scooter around the island and down the dock to meet boaters, and will spin yarns with you for hours. He's been a coastguardsman and waterman here for his entire life, and he is as sharp as a tack. What a gentleman. The marina is adequate, short finger piers with pilings outside. Good deep water right against the dock so a steern-in tie is fine. I took one of the middle spots with a 42 grand banks and it was a VERY tight fit, Mr Parks later told me that I should have taken the "big dock" and a side tie (I had not as it looked like an active watermans dock). Currents can be strong here but we had no problem, although wind was a challenge the day we came in. We entered the west inlet and carried plenty of water at mid tide. We could have spent a week here just exploring.

Interesting Stop, 2013-11-01
Captain: , Mila, VA (70)

Interesting stop to see a true waterman community. Mr. Parks alone is worth the trip – quick to share his experience and great stories.

Watch the swift current and pay attention to Mr. Parks expert advice when arriving or leaving the docks. We were at the main pier by the bath house and had no problems. Easy walk to restaurants or beach, but the guided golf cart tour is a great way to get the history and learn the lay of the island. You can catch a tour near the restaurants about 1 block away from the marina.

If you want it quiet, this is the place, 2013-10-15
Captain: , Kings Creek Marina (766)

Mr. Parks lives up to his reputation. Doesn't answer the phone or the VHF, but will be there to welcome you as you pull in. The town is a little unusual in that there are more dead people here than live ones. Every yard is full of tomb stones! And Tangier is a dry island - no wine or beer served with dinner. Golf cart rentals at the hamberger stand. Fun drive around the island. Worth going to.

Worth a visit., 2013-10-03
Captain: , Washington DC (80)

Don't expect fancy restaurants or a marina full or amenities. You come to Tangier to experience something very different.

The marina is in good shape. It's just off your starboard as you come into the channel. It can be a bit windy and choppy at times. 50amp power is located next to the main building/bathrooms.

When we arrived we just pulled up next to the bathhouse and made ourselves at home. Mr. Parks eventually rode his scooter over to us to welcome us to the marina.

I've posted some info in a video trip report here:

Restaurants and shops close early so keep that in mind. Tangier does not have any bars.

It takes about 20-30 minutes to walk to the beach from the Marina.

There is fuel just past the marina, but they don't take credit cards. They had both diesel and gasoline.

Very relaxed and picturesque, 2013-10-02
Captain: , Ruskin Florida (704)

Love this place. Its is just a llittle fishing village. Lots of kids and dogs and friendly folks... cost is reasonable $35. for over 30 ft. plus $5. for 30amp power. Docks are fixed ... but not much of a tide. Current can run in here so time incoming and outgoing tide for easy docking.

Parks Marina, 2013-07-28
Captain: , Annapolis (3379)

If you cannot raise the marina by phone or radio, just come on in! There are plenty of slips. Few cruisers come here only one time. This village and its life style are unique. Tangier island is a must see stop on the bay. It is still a working waterman's town. There is no other option but working on the water. Mr. Parks is a treasure.He turned 82 July 29. If this is your first visit be sure to have one of the local lady tour drivers give you the full island tour. While the Marina slips are a bit narrow at about 14' this is a protected marina in a friendly town. Showers and bathrooms are neat. Power is consistent at the slips. Don't miss Hilda Crocketts all you can eat crab cake dinner, Loraine's hot crab dip in a bread bowl. Or Four Brothers flat bread crab melt pizza. The Tangier Museum is very interesting and really is a must see! It helps put the island and the islanders life in perspective. While you can walk to the beach, it is far better to take your dinghy to the southern beach where you will be all alone on a white sand beach that stretches away for a mile. Hilda Crockets Chessapeake house is an iconic bay dining experience. All you can eat family style meals of crabcakes and clam fritters.

Mr Parks is worth the trip, 2013-07-22
Captain: , Ridge, MD (30)

Getting in to Tangier Island was easy and it is well marked. The marina is very basic but had good 50A power and water. We tied up next to the marina building and the water was shallow (4ft) at low tide. Mr. Parks owns the marina and was great to talk to. He had a wealth of knowledge and lots of jokes. The resteraunts in town were basic but the fresh fish was very good. Bring your own beer, its a dry island.

Clean Bath Room, secure pier and shore power... that's all folks., 2013-07-08
Captain: , Smith Mountain Lake (496)

We stayed here the night of July 6th and left on the 7th. My outboard decided to act up just as we were on our approach and Mr. Parks helped us get her in. Nice man. Paid him for our slip and he pointed us in the direction of the bath house. There is no place in town to get boat parts, spark plugs, even a gas can. Even fuel access is limited to the ferry docks. So be prepared to be self reliant.

It is a neat place to visit and worth going to (at least once) for the experience of an old-work life style. But when you compare marina's side by side... this one is spartan to say the least.

Parks' Marina, 2013-06-21
Captain: , Kelso, Wa. (884)

Unable to contact anyone on the phone or radio but came on in anyway. Mr. Parks was working on his boat and guided us into a slip. Very helpfull and made sure we were comfortable before moving on. Interesting little town, an easy walk around amungst the locals who don't seem to have anything better to do either.

Interesting Place, 2013-06-17
Captain: , Jacksonville, FL (161)

We stayed here on June 6, 2013. I called Mr. Parks the previous week and made a reservation. He said to call him before 8:30 the morning of our trip to the Island. I did so and got his answering machine. He called me back at 10:00 which seems to be a set time for him to contact his customers. We agreed to talk again on VHF 16 at 11:00. At 11, he promptly called us and two other boats that were inbound to his marina and coordinated our arrivals and docking instructions. When we arrived at the marina, the other two boats were on the face docks. Mr. Parks backed us into a slip with inches to spare on either side of us. The current really runs through the pass in front of the marina. We had to pivot off a piling to get into the slip with heavy use of our bow and stern thrusters. The finger docks are very short, and we had a difficult time getting on and off the dock. We draw 3.5' and our stern grounded at low tide, fouling our a/c raw water intake. Mr. Parks was very helpful and attentive in getting us docked and checked in. The marina is only several hundred yards from a grocery store and two restaurants. The marina is very old and rustic. No frills or amenities whatsoever. This is a waterman town, and the seafood industry is very prevalent.

Susan and Chuck Codding
M/V Blue Moon
Home Port Jacksonville, FL

Park's Marina, 2013-06-12
Captain: , Oriental, NC (220)

We moored in a near gale with a strong current running, tough in a sailboat, and were glad for a secure place to stay. It was a little difficult to find. The facilities are modest but clean. We met the eponymous Mr. Park which was worth the visit.

Love Tangier & Milton Parks, 2013-05-28
Captain: , Brooklin, ME (1081)

There are some hassles with getting here, but it reminds us a bit of some of the islands in Maine and we love it as such. We'll come again if we can.

Great place to visit., 2012-09-06
Captain: , N Fort Myers, Florida (516)

Parks Marina is a little rough around the edges, without much in the way of amenities. It does have well-maintained docks with good power and water. There are restrooms with showers (one male one female) that are old but clean. Milton Parks is the owner/operator, and gets around well, especially since he is 81. Make sure you spend some time talking to him. He is a wealth of information on this island of just over 500 residents. For $3 dollars a person, you can take a guided tour of the island by golfcart to get the lay of the land. There are plenty of good places to eat. Even at the ice cream stand, they had a crabmeat flatbread melt that is outstanding! Our favorite was Fishermans Corner.

What a treat, 2012-09-06
Captain: , Hampton, VA (116)

We truly enjoyed our night at Parks Marina (3 September) and the beautiful sunrise the next morning as well. Mr. Parks is a wonderfully friendly gentleman, quite a conversationalist. His marina is plain, as others have said, but it was fine with us. He's a little hard to reach by phone; call by 8:30 a.m.

Tangier Island is a fascinating destination. Sitting at Four Brothers' ice cream stand/food hop/bicycle-and-golf cart rental place was a feast for the ears to hear the luscious Tangier accent.

Go there. Don't miss it. Rent a bike, take your time, and cruise the island (but maybe bring some bug repellant for the evening hours).

Small and Quiet, 2012-08-16
Captain: , St Augustine, Fl (480)

All the other ratings are accurate. We did have a nice meal at the corner seafood restuarant. We would have preferred the cheasapeake house as we heard good thing but they close at 5:00 PM....that's right folks 5 PM. So make sure you get there early or go for Lunch.

Great stop, 2012-07-05
Captain: , Norfolk Virginia (481)

Don't know whether you can transit the Bay and not stop at Tangier Island. Park's Marina is basic compared to many on the Bay but Milton Parks brings it to a new level for anyone who thinks they know something about the sea. We transited from the West on low tide without difficulty and left next day through East Channel without seeing less than eight feet of water. Mr. Parks will talk you in. Water at his piers can be skinny but he can accommodate your vessel or will tell you to pass. Tangier Island itself is well documented and a true icon of the Bay.

Step back in time, 2012-06-18
Captain: , Marco Island, FL (1145)

I love it here. This is a step back in time. There's nothing fancy here just a functional marina on a layed back island. Mr. Parks is delightful!!! He's a bit difficult to reach but once you do it's a treat! The town is a short walk and there's a place to rent a golf cart which is the preferred method of travel. Come with the right attitude and you will love it here!

Don't trust a 'reservation' at Park's, 2012-06-06
Captain: , Wilmington DE (792)

I wanted badly to revisit the island and called a day ahead to reserve. Mr parks said he'd move a couple of sail boats off the face dock to accomodate my 48' boat. I called three times the day I was to arrive and told Mr Parks my ETA was 12:30-13:00. We were running up from Hampton Roads. He had just put a larger boat on that dock as we arrived and tried to squeeze me into a small slip that would have been tough to use to get off a 48' motor yacht. YMMV. I'm not going back.

Dont miss this, 2012-06-01
Captain: , Columbus Indiana (41)

This is the "don't miss" hidden gem on the chesepeake.
Quaint town of fishermen. Mr Parks Marina is adequate and priced below market. Best crabcakes on the chesepeake and a grocery store a one block walk from the marina. This is not a five star facilty in the mobile travel guide sense but a 5 star great value.

MUST SEE ISLAND, 2012-05-28
Captain: , East Falmouth, MA (1643)

Milton Parks is quite a character. We got there around noon and he was standing at the dock to greet us in a suit and tie. He just came from church to help us in. The docks are servicable but a little run down. The rest rooms were OK. The restaurants were good and the crab cakes were the best. Be sure to have one of the island tour guides take you around in a golf cart for $5. In the evening, Milton came by to chat and captivated us with his life stories. A must stop if you have never been there

A worthwhile stop for the character of the place and people, 2012-05-26
Captain: , Punta Gorda, FL (2870)

The approach form the SW carried more water than the charts showed. Mind the currents at the docks! You can bicycle around the whole island's roads in an hour. Lorraine's restaurant had terrific crab soup and soft-shelled crabs. Milton Parks is quite a character and interesting to chat with.

A unique part of Cheasapeake history/culture, 2011-10-25
Captain: , Downingtown, Pa (111)

Tangier Island is a special place that is a must see on the Bay. It is similar in feel to Man-O-War Cay in the Abacos.

Mr. Parks will drive you about the island in his golf cart and do most anything elso to make you happy that you visited. Many of the shops and restaurants on the island close after mid-October but we still enjoyed our visit.

Also if you like cats you will not be disappointed, they are everywhere.

A must-see adventure, 2011-10-12
Captain: , Frog Mortar Creek, Middle R., Chesapeake (420)

Easy entry from Tangier Sound. Pick a slip at Parks. Bow in esp. at low tide. M. Parks nice guy will do anything to make your stay enjoyable. Don't miss the museum/culture center. Can rent bikes and golf carts; but, if you can manage a sailboat you can probably walk the whole town in one hour.

These people live a life style that goes back centuries. It is, however, a dying way as the island sinks and young people leave. See it while you can.

Best of the Bay, 2011-09-02
Captain: , Stafford, VA (1079)

Parks Marina may not be the fanciest marina on the bay or have the most services, but you won't be treated any better than what you'll get from Mr. Parks. It is easy to get into a slip if you arrive at slack tide. The town is just a pleasure to walk or bike around, and it won't take long to see it all. The beach is also very nice - just bring some bug spray.

What an experience!, 2011-08-01
Captain: , Germantown, TN (181)

Mr. Parks is a hoot!! Don't expect him to answer the phone or the VHF he is too busy meeting everyone on the docks and taking them on island tours. Just show up - you will be glad you did!

Loved it..!, 2011-07-24
Captain: , Fishing Bay VA (335)

Well we finally made the run to Tangier Island and it was well worth it. Approached from the west and had to run a bit farther north to get around the shallows. Probably good water in there but played it safe. West approach is straight forward but shallow, saw 5 to 6 feet coming in. Tried calling Mr. Parks, who is great by the way, but his phone was broke as a fellow boater tied up at the docks told us so I picked a slip and prepared to back in... Depth alarm went off and lots of mud coming from the back of the boat, hmmm.. Decided to pull in forwards and exit off the front of the boat, much better but very narrow slips. Mr. Parks came to greet us and helped tie up the boat, great guy. Walked the island a bit, had our family dinner at the Chesapeake, crab cakes are awesome and the fritters are to die for.., house and some ice cream afterwards, all in all it was a great day and were very glad to have made the trip. We exited to the east and though its straight, its shallow, watch the tide if your deep draft boat. Great rustic charm and friendly folks will keep us coming back!

Park marina, 2011-06-21
Captain: , Richmond VA (281)

If this isn't the only public marina on the Tanger Island I would be surprised, but the marina is a good one. The draft was over 7 feet and very friendly service. I pulled in late (ish) and nobody was around so we pulled up to the head pier and tied off. Mr. Parks came out of his house at the end of the dock around 9pm and said he was sorry he missed us coming in. He does not seem to monitor the radio so I would attempt to come in during the day light. The cost is really reasonable.
Tanger is outstanding and should be on every serious boaters list of places to stop

Memorial Day 2011, 2011-05-31
Captain: , Deltaville (106)

Second visit to the island, brought family and grandson this time. Milton Parks is a wonderful old salt. Last time there was late October 2009 and we spent a couple of days together, helped him with a few chores. This time was the island was busy with boat tours from Reedville for the holiday weekend. Best enjoyed during the week. Good place to do some walking, very freindly locals. Be mindful of the current when docking and aim 1/2 slip up current and it will carry you to your slip as you pull in. Going back next month and will stay at the Bay View Inn for a night.
The Chesapeake House serves breakfast from 7-9am, family style.
Not a lot to do, but that is what I like about the island.

Tangier Island, 2011-05-26
Captain: , Wilsonville, AL (300)

Mr Parks was right there to help us dock and tell us about TI and offered to give us a guided tour of the island. Restrooms were clean but not air conditioned. Town has a few shops and restaurants. Two ice cream parlors were both good. Spankys is an old time soda ice cream parlor. The other was soft serve 20+ flavors.

Quanit Fishing Island, 2011-05-23
Captain: , Caseville, MI (341)

Current was really nasty when we arrived, but Mr. Parks was right there to help us in. Clean restrooms/showers. Not much here, but crab shanties, a selection of restaurants and a few gift shops. A real laid bad Island, really enjoyed our stay here, not to mention Mr. Parks....a story in himself!

Parks' Marina, 2011-05-22
Captain: , Grand Haven, Mi (2283)

This was our first trip to Tangier and we loved it. Mr. Parks loves to talk about his island and will spend hours telling you stories of his younger crabbing days on the Bay. This is a must see if you are spending some time cruising the Chesapeake Bay.

The BEST of the Bay, 2011-05-17
Captain: , bear, de (364)

Step back to the way it should be. A great location, to take in the island. Unspoiled beauty, Free Kayaks at Tangier History Museum and Cultural Interpretive Center.

A neat place to stop, 2011-05-10
Captain: , Mullica Hill, NJ (688)

Arrived at 4:30 on Mothers day and Mr. Parks immediatel;y told us if we wanted to eat at the resaurant we had better hurry and he gave us a riide in his golf cart to the restaurant. The next morning he took us on a tour of the iisland and gave us all the local history as he knows it. We enjoyed the stay and will come back.

Tangier Island-a must see!, 2011-05-06
Captain: , Stratford, CT (658)

Came in in high winds and very strong current...Milton Parks was there to help us safely tie to his dock by the heads..the heads were clean and adequate. The marina is convenient to town...if you're planning on eating in town, remember everything closes at 5 PM.
I agree with everything others have said...this is a very special stop you must see.

Good stopover., 2011-02-22
Captain: , Gloucester, VA (514)

Made the hope over from Deltaville on my way to Solomon%u2019s Island, MD. It was mid March so nothing was open, however, Mr. Parks was a wealth of information about the area and took my wife and I on a guided tour of the island.

see it before it disappears, 2011-01-24
Captain: , DELTAVILLE (10)

it's a way of life that is quickly disappearing. simple, hard working, friendly people. this is a place to really get in touch with the water. walk or take a golf cart to the southern end of the island. or better yet, if you have a dinghy that can plane, circumnavigate the island and check out the beach on the southern end. go to the museum and spend some time there. also, behind the museum, there is a kayak dock - you can borrow kayaks and paddle around - do the "gut" at high tide. milton parks is the best!

Tangier is unlike anything else, 2010-10-16
Captain: , Buffalo (1154)

If this marina was on the mainland it would rate only 3 stars. But this is Tangier, and things are different here. The docks are fixed, and could use a little sprucing up. There is a tidal current in the channel, and some of the docks have less than 5 ft of water at low tide. But Tangier is a must stop for anyone who really wants to know the Chesapeake.

Must Stop Here, 2010-10-15
Captain: , North Myrtle Beach, SC (3210)

The only reason I do not give it 5 stars, is due to next to impossible to make reservations, so you have to go in and try your luck at a slip. That said, Tangiers is one of our favorite stops. If you ain't been here, you are missing out on tons of culture. Services at the church are a must.

You want to see something diferent, 2010-09-06
Captain: , Elizabeth City, NC (241)

This is a small fishing village which allows outsiders to glimpse a different world. Mr. Parks will show you around the island in his golf cart and give you the history of the island. It's a look at an age and culture that is vanishing all too quickly in our world. Dont expect to be entertained. We were charged $30 for a 44' docking and $5 for electric. Our meal at the local restaurant was around $40. Fuel is a little pricey but has to be brought in by barge.
Dont miss this stop.

Best Crab Cakes, 2010-08-01
Captain: , Daytona Beach, FL (273)

We have stayed at Parks Marina on Tangier Island every summer for the past 10 years and it's one of our favorite stops. We eat at Fishermans Corner Restaurant only a short walk from the marina. Best solf shell crabs, crab cakes and coconut cake on the Chesapeake. We also pick up frozen crab cakes from Lorraine's Sandwich Shop to bring with us. She even opened up for us once when closed so we could stock our boat freezer with her GREAT crab cakes. The marina only charges 15 dollars per night and the marina electric is better than most places. The owner Mr.Parks will give you a custom tour of the island in his golf cart if you ask. Very friendly people.

Don't miss this, 2010-07-24
Captain: , Mesa AZ (1609)

Side tied for 3 hours at the marina office. The wonderful Mr. Parks gave a quirky tour of the island (worth the visit). Ice cream and crab cakes to die for! Interesting view of life in the past.

Parks Marina, 2010-06-14
Captain: , Charleston (241)

Mr. Park's (although getting on in years) is very friendly and insisted on taking my daughter and I for a personalized tour of the island in his golf cart (the normal way citizens get around the island.) Tangier's has a lot of history that Mr. Park will tell you about which includes their new school, part-time medical care and why they have to bury their dead in the front yard of their homes. It's an intersting look back to a time and place where things are not so very complicated.

Adequate Marina, Great Island, 2009-08-29
Captain: , South Portland, ME (537)

Mr. Parks, a 78 year old Tangier native, runs a small marina that needs some maintenance. The current is lively at the dock and there is limited dock space for large boats. The Island is worth the visit.

Great crab, but...., 2008-06-19
Captain: , fairland (2653)

Mr Parks is wonderful, the marina is OK, has acceptable showers, good power and water. It is a great place to watch real watermen come sell there harvest – the buy boat docks at the end of the dock. The crab is obviously fresh at the restaurants. However, the current races through the channel, there is no speed limit in the channel, the noseeums are as bad as anywhere and the restaurants close at 5:00PM! – no kidding. They live off the ferry from Reedville and you can hardly get a seat during the weekend when the ferry is full of tourists. I recommend paying $5.00 to tie up for a few hours, eat a bunch of crab, look at the scores of cats and leave before the bugs come out at dusk.

Milton Parks makes the stay special, 2007-08-18
Captain: , Key West, FL (758)

This marina is anything but typical. Rustic for sure; but homey and welcoming, as well. Milton and his many friends will take good care of your needs and keep you informed about the history and culture of the island community. Plenty of good fresh water (deep well), seafood and ice cream within walking distance, very inexpensive dock fees, and cheap golf cart rentals. Worth the effort for a unique cultural experience.

best thats there, , 2007-06-17
Captain: , Key Largo (5457)

was there on a sunday, everything was closed. You can tie up cheap by the half day at marina office for $5, for a short stay.

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