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Address 1100 Main St
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - YES
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


VHF channel



Email contact

Owner, manager



Payments acceptedCredit cards - NO
Checks - YES

Payment info

No credit cards accepted.

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:






Tide & current additional info


Approach: 6
Transient dockage: 6
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - NO
Floating - NO
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: 55
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info: 110 and 220 volts.

Pricing info:

Cable TV (and pricing)

Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)

Dinghy access

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeUnknown

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out








Yes - Nearby




Yes - Nearby


Hotels or motels

Yes - Nearby

Repair capabilities

Yes - Hull, engine, propeller.

Cruise Cool provides dockside marine AC, refrigeration, and minor electrical service, installation and repair service provider. Located at 2367 Linwood Way Naples, FL. They are available to service your vessel 7 days a week. 239-775-9292 or 239-309-8339. Doug and Darsey Gabbard - Owner/Operators.

Haul out capabilities

Yes - 37 ton lift and crane. 37 Ton Tami-Lift with maximum beam 16'. Sailboats can be hauled without removing masts.

Storage facilities

Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Boat ramp availability


Other services


Reviews for Olsen's Service Marina
These Folks are great!, 2017-08-19
Captain: , Pensacola, FL (695)

In transit from the Bahamas to home in Pensacola, FL. Engine quit and would not restart. Called Olsen Marine for help and they took me right in. Put someone on the boat as soon as Boat US towed me in and had me docked. In two hours the problem was identified and repaired and I was good to go. The problem was a bad electrical connection on the oil pressure switch. The bill was way lower than I expected. The mechanic, Scott, was knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. If you ever need repair while in the Ft. Myers area this is the place to go!!

Well established Yard w/ good reviews, very bad experience, 2017-05-18
Captain: , Rifle, CO (80)

Given the many good reviews and recommendations from others, we selected Olsen to do complete bottom paint job and a long list of relatively minor re-fit fix-ups.

PERFORMANCE PROBLEMS: Bottom paint: Never moved the jack stands during soda blasting/primer/hard coat painting process, painted (no sanding, or primer coats) on the jack stand spots while in the sling (missed one of four!).

GOOD JOB: Found and repaired worn rudder parts (claimed supplier sent wrong parts so they fabricated ? in shop).

BAD NEWS: Had the boat for 2 months scheduled, almost 4 weeks late on completion and didn't address half the list.

Olsen has a good reputation, 3rd generation boatyard, good staff of long term employees, but their performance on our boat was poor. Would not return or recommend.

Outstanding Service, 2017-01-09
Captain: , Cape Coral (10)

August of this year I was trailering my boat after night fishing. Unfortunately for me the tire came off the axle causing the boat and engine to slam down on the pavement. I called numerous other boat captains for advice of where to bring it for repairs and every one of them said without hesitation Olsen Marine. I am so glad I took their advice. Dominick the Manager and his crew did an overview of the damage and what was needed to repair the boat back to origional form. Olsen Marine said they would handle everything and I was not to worry. It couldnt have been further from the truth, Olsen Marine handled the insurance company for me and made sure my repairs were going to be covered. In fact the Insurance company origionally stated that the gelcoat and trailer was all the repairs necessary, But Olsen Marine went a step further pulling the lower Unit and discovering Damage that would not have been seen from by the insurance company and would have eventually destroyed the lower half of the motor. Long story short, my boat and engine were repaired far beyond my expectations and Olsen Marine service also did a full overview of the trailer deeming it unsafe and made sure the insurance company also included a new trailer. I cant say enough good about this Marina and I have yet to speak with anyone who was unsatified with their knowledge, professionalism and customer service. I strogly recomend Olsen Marine for all your vessel repairs.

Captain: , Naples Florida (10)

42 SEA RAY SUNDANCER; Olsens took care of everything from bottom painting, to PSS seal install, tirim tab replacements, some re wire work and bonding, some small gel coat repairs on my top sides and re painted my boot stripes.

They did a great job on detailing the boat and really brought her back to life. Very skilled staff, and very fair price.

Excellent service and great staff, 2016-12-04
Captain: , Sanibel (10)

Olsen Marine just recently did outstanding work on my 40 Beneteau. I went to them after reading reviews here on Active Captain.

They were very helpful in making cost effective suggestions, but also very knowledgable in the repairs needed. They did a complete engine and cooler service, bottom painting, re painting of my old tape boot stripe, installed a new water heater, and installed several new ball valves.

Dom was a pleaseure to deal with and the staff was very professional and frankly, very friendly. All work done was excellent.
Highly reccomend this yard.

coast guard inspection, 2016-11-27
Captain: , Fort Myers (10)

i Have a 42 Irving I wanted to start taking charters on. Olsens camw highly recommended for ots long standing reputation of doing things right. The CG survey hit me hard, had to change multiple thru hulls, plumbing, engine work, and electrical. The crew at Olsens was very knowledgeable about CG standards, did the work proessionally, and kept me in the loop each step of the way financially, and with the labor.

The BEST service center in the area - HANDS DOWN!, 2016-11-22
Captain: , Fort Myers Beach (15)

I have been sailing my 37' Catalina for over 10 years and have taken it to Olsen's many times over the years. From keel damage to complete re-rigging and gel coat repairs, the folks at Olsen's have done a fantastic job! The owner, Dom, is a straight-shooter and will never steer you wrong! The whole crew is very professional and very knowledgeable in every aspect of marine repairs.
My last visit was just this past month, I went in for a bottom paint job and to get some gel coat scratches repaired. They were able to match the gel coat on my 15 year old boat PERFECTLY! While my boat was being worked on, their techs discovered an issue with my mast that could have been a very serious problem had it not been discovered and corrected! I just can't say enough good things about this repair shop. Their 40+ years of experience always shows! I would highly recommend all of their services to anyone.

Great reliable service as always!, 2016-11-22
Captain: , Ft myers Fl (10)

Just picked up our boat today and as usual, I was very impressed with the work. So far, we have had Olsen's paint & repair the bottom, repair and paint hull sides and cabin top, and restore all the wood work in our vintage 70's sailboat. I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail given to the teak wood work, as it turned out matching the old, existing wood work perfectly. We have always been very satisified with the work performed by Olsen's, and will continue to rely on them as we continue our restoration of our lovely boat.

Buyer Beware sloppy and incompetent work, unprofessional people., 2016-11-20
Captain: , New Castle, NH PGI, Florida (320)

Update: 11/20/16 I wish I could add photos of the gelcoat "repairs" that I took today, while attempting to remove the residue left on the non skid deck and polish the fiberglass. I will post these photos on YELP. Essentially they show a complete failure to match color of area being repaired, and the patches literally look like someone took chewing gum and patted it into the small dings in the gelcoat around the anchor locker. I cannot know the veracity of the positive reviews that have shown up lately, but This review is honest, detailed and I have numerous photos to support it.

Update to review 11/10/16 The owner's name is Dominick Ferrante (not Olsen as originally posted). Also, the owner apparently contacted Active Captain and accused me of filing a false review. AC contacted me for verification. Kudos to AC for keeping it real.

I am a licensed Captain with decades of experience on the water. I hired Olsen Marine based on good reviews here on Active Captain. My experience with Olsen Marine was extremely dissatisfactory. I have photographs and details and anyone may contact me through this website regarding Olsen. They required a cash equivalent payment before we could take our 35 foot sailboat so we have no recourse but to sue for damage to our boat and failure to repair the wind instrument. We paid them almost $9,000 for work done on instrumentation, bottom paint, cleaning the heat exchanger on the engine, and repairing a hatch leak. When I arrived to pick up the boat, and started the engine, it OVERHEATED in less than 10 minutes. Dominick at first tried to blame us for a burst hose. Any competent mechanic would inspect and replace worn hoses. Turned out not to be a burst hose, but their failure to properly tighten the hose clamp! This failure would have been detected if they had tested and inspected their work. The leak was obvious, fast, and dumped pink coolant in the engine sump. They are sloppy and don't check their work. Then they try to blame YOU for their error? Not a good sign.
They claimed to have repaired our wind instrument. They removed the mast top unit and DISCARDED it!! They replaced the mast top unit and charged us $519 for the part plus labor charges. The "repair" did not fix the problem, and we have no way to determine whether the mast top unit they removed was even faulty - the boat is only 8 years old. We suspected the problem was the wiring from the mast top to the helm. We still have the problem! The wind instrument does not function properly. They said they calibrated the wind instrument, which is impossible, since it malfunctioned as soon as I left their dock.
We left a typed list of items we wanted Olsen to complete, including buff and wax the hull. They did not buff the hull. And, the boat was filthy when we picked it up! It was covered with gray soot or overspray that took us 8 hours to clean using a power washer and several cleaning agents. While cleaning the side windows, I noticed a sizeable chunk and several impact cracks that I do not believe were present on the window when I brought the boat to Olsen. Our boat is meticulously maintained. However, I did not photograph the boat so I cannot prove the damage happened in Olsen's yard.
They repaired a leaky forward hatch and left splotches of epoxy or wax all over the decking. I had to scrape up this substance with a putty knife! They left black handprints and footprints all over the decking, lifelines and companionway handholds. They don't clean up after themselves. They don't inspect their work. We shudder to think of what other problems we will enounter as we use the boat. We have no confidence in their abillity to correct the problem with the wind instrument and will have to get it fixed by someone else.

The owner, Dominick Olsen, will respond to this review by stating that I was rude and abusive to him and his staff. Dominick Olsen never took responsibility for the sloppy work on the heat exchanger, and refuses to acknowledge the issues with the wind instrument, despite our description and photographs sent to him of the wind vane and wind instrument the day we picked up the boat. Dominick refused to speak with me and repeatedly asked to speak to my husband, who was working. Dominick Olsen apparently equates an intelligent and assertive woman who challenges his obvious incompetence and dishonesty as abusive.
All parts removed and replaced by a mechanic should be retained for the customer for precisely the situation we have encountered.
A contractor who insists on cash equivalent payment raises a red flag, as the customer has no means of redress, such as the customer would have if using a credit card or check. Olsen has his cash, takes no responsibility for his errors and is insulting and demeaning to women to boot! Avoid this place like the plague! I will update after the issues are resolved - with a court order if that's what it takes.
I am available to discuss Olsen Marine Service with anyone interested or harmed by them. I have references, including licensed captains who have extensive experience with me and on my boat.

Captain: , Saint Pete (10)

Was the very first to be hauled out with their new 40 ton MARINE TRAVEL LIFT about a month ago. Very fast and and very careful with my 44 Gulfstar. Having the sling marks gone years ago, they knew excatly where to put the belts and take her right out. Did a very good job on the bottom painting, and the hull side waxing. Very skiiled staff, and very respectful and professional. Work was done well, and the invoice was very reasonable.


Repeat customer, 2016-11-18
Captain: , Cape Coral (10)

Olsen's repainted the hull on our 40 ft sail boat, done semi-annual bottom jobs, and assorted fiberglass repairs for over ten years. Recently, they did a fiberglass repair job on our 25 ft. Grady.
We sailed around from California and have cruised up and down the East coast several times. Along the way we've used many marinas.....and, generally, had good experiences, but having "issues" seems part of the process. The issues we've had at Olsens have always been resolved, and we continue to use, and recommend, their services. Dom is not a warm and fuzzy guy,
but has stood behind his work.

Captain: , Fort Myers Beach (10)

The first time I used Olsen Marine was in 1976 when the original owner Alf Olsen, also known as Oldman Olsen. Then, Alf's son-in-Law Joe took over, and today being operated by Alf's granddaughter's husband, Dom. They haven't lost thier close family feel and touch and the place looks almost the same, like a REAL boat yard. They took care of all my boats over the years, then my son's boats and just recently my grandson's boat.

They have solved and repaired major issues for both me and my son over the years thru a total of 6 boats, handled basic maintenance items, electrical work, welding and metal fabrications and beautiful wood work. When my grandson had serious mechanical and electrical problems with his 46 Carver up in Tampa and was being taken advantage of by a service marina clown in that area, I had him get the boat to Olsens. Having not been there in a number of years, I went with him to find the fresh smell of cut teak, and every type of repair you coud think of underway in the yard and shop. I was shocked to see some Techs like Anthony were still there for nearly 20 years.

Within 3 weeks they repaired both engines, nearly rebuilding both, painted the bottom, located and repaired the electrical issues, solved an age old water intrusion problem and got my grandson up and running. As always the invoice fairly refelected the work and my grandson was treated with the same honesty and respect I always was.

It was great knowing after 48 years and three generations later the honesty, fairness and expertise had not changed.
Being someone that had been boating for nearly my entire life be it Sail or power, Olsen never failed me. Five star always.
They are a great family and a great boat yard!

People you can trust/ Excellent work, staff & owner, 2016-11-10
Captain: , Wanakena, NY (759)

Our positive experiences with Olsens continue. Many repair techs have said you can't stop certain water leaks. Our windows have lots of goo on them from failed efforts. Olsen fixed all these leaks and then ran a hose on all the areas in question.
We also depend on them to identify future problem areas which we cannot see. They suggested anti syphon lines on both engines and the genset...something I would never have thought of.
We have been coming back for 5 years because we feel lucky having people we can trust.

They analyzed and fixed my complicated vibration problem. Very experienced and knowledgable staff. Went out of their way to be courteous. Dominic, the owner, is as honest as they come. We will use them again.

THANK YOU !, 2016-10-28
Captain: , Cape Coral (10)

While my husband was in Iraq, I wanted to have our Gemini Cat restored and repaired. Apprehensive to deal with a Marina in his absence, I went to Olsen Marine, as well as two other Marinas close by. I first met with JD, then Dominick the owner. I explained I didnt know much about the boat, repair cost ect., but wanted to have the boat done and ready for when my husband came home.

Dom simply said " trust me ", I did and the job went off with out a hitch. He updated me every step of the way with costs, labor and budget. He spent so much time with me over the phone, and always returned my e mails and answerd my questions.

They re painted the hull, unstepped repaired and re stepped the mast, repaired the AC, fix a variety of electrical problems, Painted the bottom, and even though I wanted the top sides painted-Dom said " trust me ". They acid washed and waxed the topsides and made them look new saving me a lot of money. All the work was done well, and his staff went out of thier way to explain things to me and answer my many questions. I was so nervous about being taken advantage of due to my lack of knowledge in repairs and related cost, but instead I was treated with such honesty and respect.

When my husband came home he LOVED IT ! and thought the invoice I paid was right on the money. I wanted to sincerly thank Dom and all the guys at Olsen Marine for how they treated me, and the wonderful jwork they did.

Lisa Evans.

Captain: , key largo (10)

Sailing from Keys to Tampa with my Catalina and hit hard bottom and nearly destroyed keel and major damage to bottom and hardware/rudder. Got to Olsen just in time and was impressed right away with the owner Dom, and the sight of a real working boat yard in motion. I felt comfortable right away. They got the boat out right away, and began communications with my insurance company. They worked with them hand and hand and repaired the keel, and the damage to the bottom and rudder. I was so impressed with the operation, I had them re paint the hullsides with Awl Craft, re paint the bottom and they did some beautiful wood work in the cabin. They went on to repair shaft seals and running gear, and solved an age old overheat issue. Watching these guys work was a real pleasure. Dom is an x spec ops or military guy, it really shows in his managemant of the yard and supervision of the work. SPOT ON- the 48 years of experinace and history in the yard shows.
The final invoice was fair and the work was perfect. It was nice to see honest people are still out there in the Marine repair indusrty. Olsen turned a bad event, to a great experiance for me.

An Honest Owner, 2016-05-20
Captain: , Oak Island, NC (20)

When having work done , of any type, what I look for is quality workmanship at a reasonable price. When a crab pot got tangled in my running gear, it bent the shaft and strut. Shaft seal was wiped allowing water in the engine room. I consider myself fortunate to have been towed to Olsen for an emergency lift and subsequent repairs. Quality of work was excellent. You may find cheaper, but it's been my experience that you get what you pay for. I found the owner to be an honest broker, offering quality work at a reasonable price. What more could you ask for. Highly recommend you give them a try.

Yard work, 2015-07-29
Captain: , Barrington,RI (20)

Friendly staff, skilled in all areas from painting (exterior and interior), compentry, engine work, head repair etc.

Great yard well run, 2015-05-10
Captain: , St James City, FL (10)

After a lightning strike on Gypsy Rose (Hunter 34) a technician that works on marine electronics recommended Olsen%u2019s Service Marina (having just moved I was not familiar with this area). I found it a small yard that can handle large boats. This yard has been in the family for generations and the Owner Manager, %u201CDominic%u201D is a straight shooter and the prices are fair. Besides the extensive repairs to my electronics and wiring I also had the hull buffed, the bottom sanded, sealed and painted. They did an excellent job. The service personnel that I interfaced with were experienced and knowledgeable in their field of expertise. I am a hands on type and I found that I could trust they knew what they were doing. I will return to this yard for service.

Nothing to say, 2014-09-14
Captain: , Ft Myers Beach (74)

Had bottom and rudder towers done, needed tanks installed, VA had to put a couple more heart stents in which meant worked stopped. Lot of reasons given, mostly based on need for my personal attendance, but culminated in 86'd from yard. Curious, unhappy situation. Mostly think he didn't want to ask my widow for payment if I croaked when the work was done but the bill was still being written. Fair enough, I guess.
Yard is very good for in and out, emergency repairs and paint. Labor intensive, long term jobs can stretch out. As always, caveat emptor.

Bad attitude, poor work, 2014-02-27
Captain: , Chicago, IL (1056)

Our experience was totally opposite of the comments below. Had Olsen sand blast/bead blast/clean engine parts including the heat exchange - was quoted one price, was $150 more when the parts were ready, and the not all of the parts were cleaned as quoted. Had no choice but to pay the bill because the engine is worthless without the parts. Subsequent to all this several fellow boaters on the dock related similar stories, including one sailor who had his boat dropped from the sling and Olsen refused to assume any responsibility.

they did the work, 2013-05-19
Captain: , Muskegon, MI (980)

We needed to have our prop repaired, which turned into a replacement and a new transmission. Workmanship very good. Customer service lousy. Boat dirty, greasy prints everywhere, footprints on the cushions. Owner is very opinionated, and of course never wrong. There are other places to have the work done and in hind site we should have looked around before we choose this shop.

Top Notch Yard, 2011-04-29
Captain: , Port Lavaca, TX (451)

Very knowledgable staff, efficient, and fair price. Had hull zinc problem and battery replacement done very quickly. Owner was very thoughtful and considerate.

Top rate boat yard, 2011-04-06
Captain: , San Francisco CA (1301)

We had to have emergency forestay repairs made after crossing from Key West, and Olsen Marine got us in and did the work in an hour and a half. They couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. I'd be a regular there if I lived in Ft. Myers Beach or nearby.

Honest, excellent facilities, 2011-02-16
Captain: , Fort Myers Beach (276)

Ask for Casey when you get there. Casey is one of the most honest, hardworking gents on the island. These guys do it all and can handle any size boat for haul out. Prices are competative with the rest of Fort Myers Beach. Deep water access for you big boats too.

Bottom job & Motor service, 2011-02-10
Captain: , Fort Myers Beach, Florida (20)

Verry friendly & knowledgable staff, all work completed without any problems.

Comment on Yacht Brokerage . . ., 2009-11-07
Captain: , Ft. Myers Beach (263)

This is a review of their yacht brokerage, I have not dealt with them regarding boat maintenance.
We looked at a used, in-shape Catalina 25 here that was on a mechanic's lien (previous owner didn't pay for bottom paint job). After rigging the boat and putting the sails up for Olson Marine (so we could test sail), the price of the boat doubled. "We didn't know there were sails on the boat, but since you found them, you'd agree that we will need to charge more now." Shady at best.
Casey, an older gentleman, was great the entire time. Mark Olson, not so much. I have since heard negative reviews from many sailors in the area.
Proceed with caution.
Because of this experience I refuse to deal with them ever again.

haul out service, 2007-08-29
Captain: , ft myers beach (790)

top notch fiberglass, bottom painting and general maintenance at a price. Casey is incredibly knowledgeable and conscentious.

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