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Newport Yacht Club and Marina

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Average rating 3.4 stars from 32 reviews

Address 500 Washington Blvd
Jersey City, NJ 07310


After hours contact

Eric Jenkins, Marina Manager, 917-678-0622.

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


VHF channel



Email contact

Owner, manager

Eric Jenkins, Marina Manager



Eric Jenkins (Manager and Dockmaster); Josh Woodby (Administration and Dock); Jack (Maintenance); Kate D'Alleva (Office Assistant); Brian (Dockhand)

Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info


Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


After entering from the Hudson River the current subsides. There are two channels into the marina. The southern one is preferred but is narrow around the wave attenuator. The north channel is easier when there is a strong current. Contact the marina if you have any questions about the approach.

Post Sandy Update reported of July 1, 2014: Please be mindful about hidden and unmarked obstructions.

One obstruction is confirmed: At the very end of the south dock, there used to be a T, which is now just pilings. There is an unmarked submerged object that several boats have hit. It is at the outermost (north and east) corner of the old T.

To avoid: As you enter the central channel from the south entrance, make a wide westerly turn into the middle of the central channel. Do not cut into the center channel too soon.

At the end of the north outer basin dock, there is a condemed portion of floating dock, marked "NO TIE UP". It is unsafe. Also, the marina has tied at least one line from the pilings to the condemed dock to keep it in place. This line is hidden at high tide. To avoid: do not go between the condemed dock and the pilings.

There are unconfirmed reports of other obstructions along the north edge of the center channel. Recommend staying in the middle of the central channel.

North and south channels appear to be normal.





Tide & current additional info


Approach: 10
Transient dockage: 10
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - NO
Floating - YES
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info: Good modern docks tandem docking (two per slip with no piling between). Get a double slip to yourself if possible and cross tie amidships to opposite finger pier to hold boat off during stronger surges.

Size restrictionsLOA max: 200
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: 154
Transient price: $4.50/ft (2017-01-16)

Other price info: $4.50 per foot per night under 50 Feet
$5.50 per foot 50-79 feet.
$7.00 per foot 80-119
$8.00 per foot 120 and above


Transient: 0
Total: 0
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - YES

Additional info:

Pricing info: $15 per day for 30 amp.
$30 per day for 50 amp.
$60 per day for 100 amp single and three phase.

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)


Dinghy access


Liveaboard info



Fuel brand: American Petroleum Bunker service. high speed delivery only. arraingement can be made with the office, 201-626-5550.

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Yes - BJ's wholesale sells small stove-type fuel propane cannisters inexpensively. Nearby florist has propane.

Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out

Yes - Pump out is in several fixed locations in the north inner basin. No charge for pump out for slip-holders.












Yes - Walking distance to three full service markets (Shoprite, A&P, Morton-Williams) and a Target with a large grocery. FreshDirect and Peapod will deliver to the marina. BuyRite Wines and Liquor, a popular discount beverage store, is within walking distance but will also deliver.


Yes - Home Depot is about three blocks away. Sears even closer. PepBoys Auto is directly across the street. West Marine at 37th Street in Manhatan is four short blocks from PATH 33rd St. station.


Yes - Dozens of restaurants within very close walking distance. Batello is an excellent new restaurant at the marina with a lively happy hour and large bar area. Starbuck's, Komogashi (Japanese/great happy hour), Skylark (large, varied menu/great happy hour), Cosi, and Dorrian's (sports bar/happy hour).


Yes - Dozens within close walking distance. Former Michael Anthony's at the marina is now Batello.

Hotels or motels

Yes - Marriott, Westin, DoubleTree, and Hyatt are all within a 1/4 mile.

Repair capabilities

Yes - Expert engine repair for Yanmar from nearby Mack Boring.

Haul out capabilities


Storage facilities


Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Yes - Several boat owners run charters from the marina. See the dockmaster/manager for referrals.

Internet access

Yes - WiFi is available at the slips and in the clubhouse. Also good cellular coverage. Additional charge to slip fees of approximately $11 per day or $25 for 3 days.

Boat ramp availability


Yes - One block from PATH underground subway to Manhattan, making stops in Greenwich Village (Christopher Street), 9th St., 14th St., 23rd St, and 33rd St. 15-20 minutes to midtown. PATH in the other direction is 10 minutes to the World Trade Center, lower Manhattan. 24 hour service. Light rail throughout Jersey City and Hoboken area.

Enterprise Car Rental is available at DoubleTree Hotel (2 block walk); several car rental are agencies at Newport Centre Mall, just across the street from the marina.

Other services


Easy access to all NYC attractions. Light Rail to Liberty State Park. Newport Mall across the street has multiplex, food court, Sears, Pennys, Macy's, Kohl's, and all usual large-mall stores and services.

Reviews for Newport Yacht Club and Marina
Great Way to see NYC, 2016-07-17
Captain: , Charlottesville (265)

The location is unbeatable (1/2 block from the PATH to NY and in a very nice neighborhood with tons of shopping nearby), and Eric, the harbormaster is great. The wave attenuator does a lot, but even in the inner basin we rolled a fair amount; based on what I saw of the masts, if you were in the outer basin, it would be way too rolly for comfort. Showers OK and not used much (most of the other boats were big enough that their occupants were not coming ashore for showers). Great, air-conditioned lounge with TV, ping pong, and foosball. WiFi usable, but only with my Island Time. But for the rolling (which really can%u2019t be helped on the Hudson), and the weak WiFi (which they looked to be fixing) I%u2019d give it five stars.

Very Satisfied, 2015-08-31
Captain: , Lakeland (997)

We were happy to find a place to accomodate our 42' catamaran in the NYC area. We were placed in the inner basin and found it to be quite comfortable. There was little motion from the harbor. Wifi was adequate. The dockmaster was very helpful. The facilites are excellent with a restaurant on site. Very good laundry facilities, club house and restrooms/showers. Of course, the best thing about this place is the location. There are wonderful views of Manhattan from the marina. The PATH train into the city is just a block away. There are also other restaurants and stores nearby. It wasn't cheap, but from what it looks like others charge in NYC, this is pretty good.

2014 Season - Condition of Newport Marina - Updated!, 2014-11-07
Captain: , Jersey City (10)

****NOTE: PRICE INCREASE FOR 2014-2015. $90/foot for winter storage. $215-$225/foot inner basin and $115/foot outer basin.****

Caveat: this post is written as a longtime liveaboard in this marina. I have seen what this place has been at it's best - and what it offers now is far from what it was and could still be. Many of the new boaters (3 seasons or less) or transients writing here are very enthusiastic about the experience and only see the good, as reflected in their reviews - just give them a few seasons of damage to their boats and marina tomfoolery and see how their tones will change. For transients, YES - a day or two stopover here will likely be very nice. For those who are on megayachts, sure, they'll treat you nice. For those looking to live here, read carefully. We have a truly great community of people here, but the marina itself is a joke of a facility to those who have ample experience boating elsewhere.

*as of June 2014: clubhouse now available. They did a decent job with it - ping pong table, TV, some chairs and tables. But it is only open during business hours, when most people are away at work, which means unless you have odd working hours, you will not get much use of this amenity. The original pre-Sandy clubhouse was open at all hours to all boaters. Not sure why this changed, but it's kind of a slap in the face to those who actually cleaned up the old clubhouse after the Hurricane.
*the marina no longer accepts waste oil and a jet ski dock has opened on the south dock: the marina didn't tell us these things were going to happen and still has yet to make any official announcement about it.
* the south outer docks are rockier than ever before. three sailboats have had cleats ripped off their decks since moving out there at the start of May, many snubbers and lines have already been torn.
* end of the north dock is in such disrepair that no boats are permitted to dock there and it is boarded off from people walking to the end - marina staff strung up a breast line to keep boats from docking there except they did it at low tide (??!) and a month later a boat got stuck on the line as it was motoring out because it was high tide and that line was not visible. they have yet to change the height of the line in spite of this incident.
* as far as slipholders know, the wave attenuator will not be repaired. the marina as a whole is rockier than in previous years.
* the megayachts that used to fill the marina this time of the season have stopped staying for as long, so you'll probably find a spot here as a transient if you're in a bind
*PRIOR SEASONALS: locks and keys have changed!!!! current slipholders were given two days notice, and many seasonals were not informed at all; if they arrived after business hours as several did, they were unable to get in/out of the marina: marina staff is now notorious for their terrible communication skills
*soundings have changed and the electricity in the water is bad this season - your zincs might not last the whole season, as has happened to many of us, and two boats sustained damage from being beached in shallower water than what the dockmaster insists the depth of the water to be in the inner basin - you've been warned!!!

Bottom Line: This marina should be a last resort for transient boaters who cannot find a place to dock at Liberty Harbor or Liberty Landing or elsewhere OR folks who need to get in the city / will only be here for a few days and can put up with the rocking because they'd rather have the view and proximity to the city. the people with boats here are nice overall, the staff will be friendly and courteous but are pretty much completely incompetent, and the other benefits are listed below.

(Scroll down for information from 2013 Season)

- proximity to NYC, you can take the PATH train and be in midtown Manhattan in less than 20 minutes. On weekends, note that it will take a little longer because the train stops in Hoboken first.

- proximity to shopping: if you need restaurants, big box stores like Target, Staples and Home Depot, or want to wander around a very nice three story shopping mall (movie theater on top floor) across the street, this is the best marina for that

- incredible view: the view of Manhattan is breathtaking, especially at night. you have the entire New York City skyline spread out in front of you. the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway goes right by the marina, and provides a very nice walkway/bikepath.

- you MAY be able to get a parking pass for the parking garage across the street as a transient. for liveaboards, this is another advantage of living here.

NOTE: these reasons are why many folks put up with the numerous issues that plague this marina. Especially if you will be here for a long time, these are hard-to-beat advantages and price-wise, this place is more affordable than other options in the area.

- Very, very rocky. Don't believe what the management might tell you about the inner basin being calm(er). They are trying to turn this into a mega-yacht destination, so unless you draw so much that you are stuck in the mud, your vessel will move all the time, even if you are closer in to shore. On the outer basin, forget about it, you'll be in motion all day long. At night it is calmest (post 9:30PM, when the nearby ferry terminal traffic dies down). The water starts getting rocky at about 6:15AM. If you are used to a calm and comfortable marina and will be spending a lot of time on your boat while here, this is not the place for you. If you want to get work done on your boat, just know that it will be much harder with the constant motion. If you don't have a problem with rockiness, you might have nothing to worry about. But your boat will. Due to the poor condition of the docks (nails in the boards under water sticking out), I had two expensive fenders destroyed in the space of one month in the 2012 season. And unless you have a very large and heavy yacht, you MUST have shockles or snubbers for your boat if you dock here, as it makes the jerkiness of the boat more tolerable and puts less stress on your cleats.

-- The sea wall and wave attenuator were already in terrible shape prior to Hurricane Sandy. The hurricane pretty much ravaged 'em and there seem to be no repair plans in effect, at least not in the short term.

-- Many of the finger piers on the North and South docks have been cut off due to damage, so some boats, especially transients, will be expected to dock east-west instead of north-south in the coming seasons. This may actually be favorable due to being bow/stern to the waves instead of a-beam.

-- The management has changed numerous times since last summer, mostly staffed with underqualified persons who were unable to provide the level of service that marina patrons expected. Slipholders were told by the IGY Marina management to move out after the hurricane and told their winter berth fees would be returned. Many did not leave, as this was the only marina in the area left in decent shape and there was nowhere else to go. Many boats were left without power until January, the facilities were destroyed (bathrooms, showers, laundry room, clubhouse) and they were not repaired until April 2013 (they are set to open with the new season). Slipholders were still charged for the winter and only a nominal discount was provided. No temporary showers or bathrooms or other services were provided in this time. The community here is not at all what it used to be. All the plants and community herb garden that once beautified the concrete buildings on the pier are gone since the hurricane. The current new staff has the Newport slipholder community not impressed with their lack of communication regarding updates and information on condition of the marina. Recent (2013 season) example: bike locks on bikes that were marked with Newport Marina tags were cut with no notice or apology, and we still have no functioning facilities and no information about whether amenities like the clubhouse will even be reinstated. It is April 2013 - the hurricane was October 2012. The Newport Marina has fantastic potential and certainly some very compelling benefits. In my opinion, however, it is not in the state it needs to be to effectively meet the needs of both slipholders and transients and the IGY Marina company did a very poor job of providing for its customers during a very difficult time. Here's hoping things will start looking up in the coming seasons.

Great first season in Jersey City!, 2014-10-22
Captain: , Newport, Jersey City, NJ (29)

UPDATE: closing out my first season here. Looking forward to next! Quick PATH train ride to mid-town, free parking in a covered garage, all amenities close at hand, great staff. Haven't had much use for the new (clubhouse) rec room, but like (and may now have to purchase one for home on the hard) the GIANT TV and ping pong table that my kids, at least, made good use of. Post-sail sunset views from the cockpit with a cocktail, dinner at Battello...we'll be back next year!

First season here and have not been disappointed. I was forewarned by the dockmaster before my arrival that the marina (i.e., their "product"), was going to be rocky in the outer basin due to high-volume commercial traffic on the river. On balance, considering the stellar views, excellent transportation options, clean facilities and new addition of an outstanding dining venue (Batello), it is more than worth the price.
If I had to identify a disadvantage, it would be the sometimes negative tone of a minority in the small liveabord community who seem to confuse being slip-holders with being apartment tenants or members of a condo association. To my mind, if you make the lifestyle choice to live on a boat in a marina that physically cannot possibly offer a calm living environment due to commercial traffic, you need to accept the product or go elsewhere, not just whine and rage about it.
The staff is terrific, the views unmatched, and the access to shopping and transportation outstanding. Slip-holders get free parking worth hundreds of dollars a month, free pump-outs, and clean bathrooms, showers and laundry. (And, yes, they get waked from ferries speeding by, especially at "rush hour.")
Transients and seasonals who use their boats for recreation (as opposed to offices and cheap, tax-free housing) will be very well served indeed.

great location, 2014-08-18
Captain: , tucson (31)

Docked inner South harbour. josh, Dockmaster, very helpfull with electrical hookup. Marina is quiet, located in a city park setting, and short walk to train to NYC.

UPDATE: Another Great stay!, 2014-07-02
Captain: , Annapolis (15)

Update: Stopped here again for a two-day layover and had another great stay. Loads of mega-yachts in the inner basin, so did a good bit of boat! ;-) Pump-out was free of charge, staff was helpful with everything from lines to ice. Very reasonable rates for what we now consider NYC's premier marina location, especially being able to access Manhattan so easily. This will now be a regular part of our seasonal cruising.

Prior visit: Called last minute needing 65 feet and spent a great few days here. Was a little apprehensive due to other reports about wave action, but things were quiet where they place transients in the inner marina. Staff was helpful and professional. The manager came back after hours (10pm) to catch our lines and give us keys. Lots of options for provisioning and a great wine store that delivers (BuyRite?) to the marina. Great dinner at Batello's on the pier. Hopped into Manhattan for dinner and aBroadway show on the PATH subway and was in midtown in 15-20 minutes. Spoke with a guy at the bar who complained about the wave action (said he works from his boat), but our stay was smoothe. Will definitely be back.

easy access to nyc, 2014-06-09
Captain: , Kenlake Marina (52)

stayed here in 2011 and rocked a lot back again this year and loved it. 5 min from the PATH and in Times /Square in 30 min. This year we were on the inside docks with great wind and wave protection. still some wave action but not much. Eric and Josh treat you right. Just about any thing you need in short walking distance..

Great location, 2014-04-21
Captain: , Newport Yacht Club and Marina (10)

I have a slip at this marina for my Alberg 30 and enjoy it here. Views of the Financial District & Chelsea are incredible at night. Good shower & laundry facilities, there's a bar/restaurant on the pier, PATH train into the city is 2 short blocks away, and a mall, supermarket, and Home Depot are all within 10 minutes walking. Management is always helpful, and there's a good community of boaters who socialize and can lend a hand.

The only real downside is the wave action. The two inner basins are fine but the outer basin can be very bad, especially during morning and evening ferry traffic. I consider snubbers on all lines mandatory, and an East/West orientation makes for a better experience. Overall I highly recommend this place, but you have to take measures to mitigate the waves.

Superb view of NYC skyline but rocky, 2014-04-20
Captain: , lincoln harbor (10)

The view of Manhattan's skyline is incredible from newport yc. , but as the previous reviewers noted, it is very surgey, and we experienced rocky waters all day and night. Docks aren't in the best condition, but mgmt was very pleasant and helpful.

This is no place for a boat, 2013-07-08
Captain: , Liberty landing marina (60)

The wake from river traffic is beyond belief. I suppose the location is convienient enuf but wow. The seawall is virtually useless. Stepping onto the boat from the dock requires NBA vertical leap or a .400 hitter's timing. Really, pass this place by.

Location, Location, Location...What a view!, 2013-06-08
Captain: , Bristol, RI (350)

Newport YC and Marina is a friendly, clean marina close to the Path Train and Lightrail which allows you to move freely to NYC and Hoboken, NJ. The view of New York City is spectacular! A 3 minute walk brings you to a mall with a movie theater for those rainy days. The grocery store is just beyond the mall. The are a multitude of fun pubs and restaurants all within walking distance.
The harbor walk is great for getting some excercise as well as taking in the view. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful with any directions you need to get around.The showers are spotless as is the new laundry room. We spent a rainy day at a movie and did our grocery shopping. The next day we visit the 911 Memorial and walked the streets of NY then took the Path to Hoboken, which we love, for dinner and a stroll along the waterfront and Washington St. We love the accessiblity this marina has to places we enjoy. The only negative of this marina is the extreme rock and roll you feel in the outer harbor. The ferries and water traffic on the busy Hudson find their way beyond the breakwater and give you quite the rock and roll. There is an inner harbor which has less motion, but is significantly more expensive per foot. In spite of this, we will return to enjoy three of our favorite spots: Jersey City, Hoboken, and NYC. It is worth the trip for the view.

Very, Very, VERY rocky, 2013-04-10
Captain: , San Rafael (389)

I stayed here for a season a few years ago. Greg, the harbor master at the time was great but he only had so much he could do about the conditions there. I don't think Greg is there any longer. The ferry wakes are absolutely relentless and literally tear your mooring lines to shreds. They do stop running at night. I put years on my boat staying at that marina. On the bright side this is a very convenient location as the Path station to NYC is right across the street. There is also a mall very close by. Home Depot and Target are within walking distance.

Roughest Marina, 2013-01-13
Captain: , Edgewater (321)

This marina has the most rocking and rolling of an marina in the NYC area. I had my boat here for 5 years and would go through at least 2 sets of snubbers a year. That being said, the marina has a lot to offer. The staff is very nice and professional. The docks are in great shape. There is laundry and showers. There are more restaurants within walking distance than you could eat at in a month. The PATH train to NYC is a 2 minute walk. The Newport Mal is across the street and Costco and PEP Boys is a short walk away. There is an upscale restuarant on the dock just steps from your boat. Parking has always been a problem here.

Marina at Newport Marina, 2012-11-03
Captain: , St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada (20)

We were in the inner basin and it was still a bit rolly with all the confused wakes from the ferries from 6 AM to 8 PM. When they upgrade the washrooms and showers, they'll get at least another half star. But for now, because the Marina is right beside the Jersey City Path station and a quick ride to Lower Manhattan at the World Trade Center and especially because the best part of the stay was the helpfulness and courtesy the Manager and acting Harbor Master, Marina (Five stars for the staff), the Marina gets Four stars. Positives besides the location are the docks and THE VIEW across the Hudson, especially at night, dawn and sunset.

Poor poor customer service, 2012-08-23
Captain: , New York (21)

Wanted to keep my 22ft sailboat here but had to call up at least thrice and then personally visit the marina to get the correct information. Information over phone is terrible and very unreliable! Was told in last week of Sep '12 that rates not yet fixed for winter season (not belivable!) as also for the next summer season (belivable). The harbor master took down my contact details on the nearest scribble pad he found and not on any organised, centralised system, which was a bit of a disappointment. It maybe unfair to rate only on customer experience but that's my impression of this marina!

Best Marina to see NY City, 2012-08-16
Captain: , La Pointe WI (201)

By asking for a spot in one of the two inner basins we had minimal rolling. Half block to the PATH station 20 minutes to Manhattan for $2.00 ($1.50 if you buy 10 rides). Supermarkets, Mall, good food, and other shopping within walking distance. Friendly and competent staff.

Newport Yacht Club and Marina has new management, but problematic dockage!, 2012-07-17
Captain: , Saugatuck, MI (144)

We were directed to one of the dockage locations in the north basin of this marina. When we arrived a dockhand was there to assist our tie up. Not a minute after we'd tied up, the same dockhand told us we would have to move to a different location on the south side of the marina! Well . . . okay . . . we moved. We were then directed to the inside and final spot of the south basin. Tight place to turn a 60' boat around, but we made it. Be prepared for rolling action even this far from the Hudson River traffic. Next, be prepared for little or no cell phone service, particularly if you use AT&T. Because we use our cell phone for wireless Internet service, that meant we had no wireless on our boat. We had to take our computer up to the marina social room to stay in touch with business & family. Next, because we were tucked so far up against high rise buildings, we had no satellite TV. Be prepared to watch lots of DVD's if you are staying for a few days. We were informed that several of the docks closer to the Hudson River had been condemned, and if you saw them you'd know why. As such, seasonal boats were moved closer in to land, and larger yachts were docked all along the north & south walls of the marina's center point. The pump out station(s) are on these walls. So, if you need a pump out forget it. You'll be told the pump out is temporarily out of service. Our intended length of stay was unavoidably shortened. We had paid in advance, and requested a refund of the remaining time. We were told management would refund our money, but there wasn't enough cash on hand to make the refund to our credit card! Makes you wonder why. This marina is in a good location, shopping is close, grocery needs are met close by, and the path train to Manhattan is right around the corner. It's a great location. It's hoped that the new management will have better luck targeting the problems and searching for remedies . . . provided ownership allows management to do their job properly.Oh . . . one more thing . . . our boat was next to a park-like plaza. Many people stopped to look at our boat. Unfortunately, one such looker must have decided to drop his cigarette into the water. He missed. His cigarette butt ended up on a rotting piling, which caught fire during the middle of the night. I had to play the part of fireman until 2 fire trucks arrived to finish the job. Our boat could have suffered severe damage. So much for New York boating and Newport Yacht Club dockage.

Too much rolling, 2012-06-13
Captain: , Punta Gorda, FL (216)

As the others have said this is a rolling place. It is the worst i have ever been at. They have floating docks and I have a Hunter 410 with high freeboard and my toerail came within a couple of inches of hitting the dock. I would avoid this place.

Pitch and Yaw, 2011-06-13
Captain: , Boston (60)

The location is great, the service is friendly and the facilities are good. However, the ferry traffic is hard to take. It is a bit of a mystery as to why the marina lines the slips up broadside on to the incoming waves and why the seawall only extends 3/4 of the way across the opening. I spent two very uncomfortable nights at this marina that felt like I was at sea. If it were not for the rolling action that started up around 6am and went until 8pm with an occasional bounce occurring in the wee hours of the morning making it difficult if not impossible to sleep, I would give this marina five stars.

Nice but rolly, 2011-05-19
Captain: , Camden, ME (443)

Very friendly and helpful marina personnel. Excellent proximity to many restaurants and a Starbucks coffee shop. Short walk to a Target, auto parts store, Staples office supply, Home Depot hardware, Best Buy, and many other stores. Decent showers and a club room for relaxation are available. Great view of Manhattan skyline. Big downside is that starting at 6am the passing boat traffic means your boat is frequently rolling.

hands on management makes the difference, 2010-11-03
Captain: , Nyack, NY (40)

This modern well run urban marina had the aura of a Bed and Breakfast. Nice people. Nice Marina. The water is not quite as calm as other places but a much better choice.

Rock and Roll, Baby, 2010-10-22
Captain: , New York, NY (200)

Positives: Nice people, clean facilities, nice restaurant, very short walk to the PATH train to Manhattan, nearby supermarket delivers for 2 bucks. Negatives: persistent and significant roll form the Hudson traffic from about 6AM til about 10PM, 50 amp shore power was not clean (spikes). Prices were reasonable considering proximity to NYC.

Great deal for a New York stopover and reprovisioning., 2010-07-11
Captain: , Mount Sinai (140)

Spent four days at Newport in June 2010. Yes it does rock and roll during morning and afternoon commutes from the ferries. Very peaceful at night. Just prepare your boat as you would for sailing. Great price for dockage. Beautiful view of NYC at night. Best place in New York Harbor to get provisions. Great BIG supermarket about five minute walk away. Liquor store right next to it is also open on Sundays! Does not get better than that! As others have mention Path train one block away for 25 minute ride to midtown Manhattan $3.75 each way. New sailors lounge had a nice brunch on Sunday. Coffee, OJ, muffins, etc... Free herb garden outside marina office for those (like me) who like to cook on board was a nice perk. Good Wi Fi connection too! I'd certainly make it a reprovisiong stop in the future when cruising the area.

Capt. Mike

A nice marian with a wake problem, 2010-06-17
Captain: , Newport, RI (10275)

Be prepared to be rolled out of bed at 6:03 AM on weekdays as that's when they start running and they run all day. The wakes are so severe that they don't place 2 sailboats next to one another due to getting their rigging caught. The wakes slow down during the day but pick uo again at rush hour.

The good news is that there's a PATH station a block away that will take you as far as 33rd and Broadwway. From there you can go anywhere. For $1.75 each way (2010), it's a huge bargin.

All in all, it's a nice marina, but just be prepared to roll.

Love this Place, 2009-12-10
Captain: , Poughkeepsie Yacht Club (137)

The views are great!
The docks are stable with very easy access and manuvering space.
The Resturants in the area are Great, too many choices.
Short walk to shops, Path Train to NYC, Lite Train to Hoboken.
Iris the Dockmaster, handles everything perfectly.
Fairly quiet for the city, with very good security.
Yes, some rock and role. No problem

Great Location but Subject to Ferry Wakes, 2009-07-30
Captain: , Fanwood, NJ (10)

We stayed for 3 nights and days. The dockhands are great, there are a number of restaurants near by, nice walking paths, views of New York City and Jersey City are incredible. The bathroom facilities could use some updating. The marina is affected by all the ferry traffic on the Hudson River during the day. If you get seasick this marina is not for you.

Close to Subway, 2009-05-26
Captain: , Grove, OK (337)

The Newport Marina's best attribute is its proximity to the PATH subway which will connect you to Manhattan, Newark, and Hoboken. The marina itself has nice floating docks and clean showers and baths, although the walk to the showers is a bit long. Security is good with security guards at the main gate as well as keyed entry to the docks. The ferries and traffic in the Hudson cause a lot of rock and roll during the day, pretty quiet late at night. Dogs are welcome, but they are not allowed on what little vegetation is nearby. Shopping mall adjacent as well as 10-11 restaurants. All in all, a keeper. Price break for weekly stay. $2.65/ft + electric of $12 for 50 amp.

Newport Yacht Club, 2008-08-24
Captain: , Punta Gorda, FL (644)

We stayed here three days at beginning of August 08. When we left, we were all shook up. The area surrounding the marina is very nice with a mix of big dollar commercial and residential buildings of recent vintage. Very nice parks and walkways and you feel safe.

Access to NYC couldn't be better, with the PATH train to Manhattan just around the corner. There is a big mall just across the street for those who like to shop.

About half the berths at this place are empty and covered with bird droppings, perhaps because of the wave action that begins like clockwork with the morning commute via the many ferries. So staying here means you're going to be rockin and rollin a lot, unless you're a mega yacht and get an inside spot on the pier wall.

View of Manhattan is awesome. Wouldn't stay here again...

Least expensive in area (?), 2008-06-04
Captain: , Old Saybrook, CT (1021)

Much easier transportation into the city than the marinas further south. Less expensive. Nice facilities. BUT ... lots of surge from the river can make your visit very rocky and rolly.

Newport Marina, 2008-05-19
Captain: , New Orleans (118)

slips near the Hudson are very rolly. Boats in back of marina do NOT get Direct TV or cell phone service due to tall building. Electric power is just over 200 (for 50 amp service) Not a great view of the City. Weekend train service to Manhattan very limited.

Hudson Rock and Roll, 2007-07-10
Captain: , Kiawah Island, SC (152)

The rolling from the wake from ferries and other vessels make this a rough and tiresome stay if you don't go into the city. There is lots in the area in terms of shopping, restaurants and the Path gets you into town very easily. If you need anything Iris, the Dockmistress, is the best and she runs a tight ship. The view of NYC at night is terrific.

Lots of waves at rush hour but most convenient location, 2007-03-19
Captain: , Key Biscayne FL (3103)

Newport has a surge from the ferries that will knock you out of your chair at a few hours around rush hour. Otherwise it is a modern facility with floating docks and decent showers and bathrooms ashore. Good security. The best part is it is one block to the PATH tubes to go over to Manhattan. We stayed there for 2 weeks and just arranged to be on the town at the worst wavy times. Good electric and water. Larger boats can dock farther inshore at a higher rate where surge is not as bad.

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