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National Park Service Docks

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Address PO Box 340, NC Hwy 12
Ocracoke, NC 27960


After hours contact


Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


No reservations but If the docks are full you can usually get a slip at the Anchorage Inn Marina or anchor out in Silver Lake.

VHF channel

None monitored.

Web site

Email contact

Owner, manager

National Park Service


National Park Service


National Park Service

Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - YES

Payment info

Payment discounts

If you are 62 or over you can get a Senior Pass for $10.00 and save 50% on dockage.

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


The channel is deep, just keep an eye out for ferries.





Tide & current additional info


Approach: 15
Transient dockage: 9
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - YES
Floating - NO
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info: Docks are fixed with concrete deck and pilings on outside. There are two docks perpendicular to shore, 125 feet long, docking on both sides of the east dock and the inside of the west dock. There is also another 125 feet of dock space along the bulkhead. Some very large cleats, but most lines will be secured to the pilings.

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: $1.25/ft (2013-09-19)

Other price info: $0.60 ft with National Park Service Senior Pass.
1st come, 1st served. Self check-in, no reservations.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info: There are 50 amp power connections on the west. Advised to have a single 50 to two 30 splitter. Or if you have two 30's using a 50 combining dongel be prepared to use just the 30's.

Pricing info: 30 amp is $3 per day.
50 amp is $5 per day.

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)

Yes - Water at power pedestal.

Dinghy access

Yes - Nice floating dinghy dock next to the ferry dock.

Liveaboard info

Yes - 2 week llimit.


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info: Leash required as with all NPS. Doggy poop bags available.

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out





Yes - Trash cans are at the head of the docks.




Yes - Across the parking lot from the docks beside the NPS store.


No - There is no public laundry on Ocracoke Island.


Yes - Ocracoke Seafood, fresh locally caught fish and shrimp not far from the docks.

Ocracoke Variety Store - is really 3 separate stores in one building: an ABC store, a hardware store, and a grocery store. The grocery store has a wide variety of items and 8 ice bag freezers. It is 3/4 of a mile from the docks, on the main road leading to the beach and the airport.


Yes - Ocracoke Variety Store hardware well stocked, including a large selection of stainless steel fasteners.


Yes - Many many restaurants throughout the village. Close to the docks and recommended by locals:

Dajio - an upscale menu in a old house. Good food and interesting atmosphere. Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Has a bar attached.

SMac Nally's - the best hamburgers, fresh fish sandwiches and open-air bar. Located on the dock at the Anchorage Inn and Marina.


Hotels or motels

Yes - There are 10 hotels, 7 bed & breakfasts, and many rental cottages in the village.

Repair capabilities

Haul out capabilities


Storage facilities


Fishing supplies

Yes - Local fishing shop and many charter boats.

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - Strong, 4 bar voice and data Verizon signal.

Boat ramp availability

Yes - Boat ramp across parking lot, sound side.


Yes - Golf cart and bicycle rentals are a short walk from the docks.

Other services


Ocracoke Island is a part of the Hatteras National Seashore. The vast majority of the island is undeveloped park land - just the small Ocracoke Village as the exception. The beaches have been rated as some of the best in the world. There is history of the old fishing village, the Civil War, and World War II. The Park Service docks were WWII Navy docks. The town's only industry is tourism, so there are a variety of shops and restaurants. The Ocracoke Lighthouse is the oldest operating light in the US. You can visit the lighthouse, but it is not open to be able to climb the spiral stairs and veiw the lens.

Reviews for National Park Service Docks
Great stopping place, 2017-08-01
Captain: , Houston TX (182)

Stopped here to wait on parts for 7 days. I purchased a Senior Discount Pass for $10 and got the senior discount rate. Had power up until 0430 07/27/17. Someone had cut the power cable that supplied Hatteras and Ocracoke. No power but the winds switched to the North and had to wait out weather. We had the island all to ourselves. There was a mandatory evacuation of all tourists but I wasn't leaving due to winds over 30 knots. No one cared. Definitely a great place to stop. Note, the anchorage was kinda tight.

Good stop for a day or two, 2017-07-03
Captain: , Buffalo (1154)

No help in tying up, but we didn't need any. One of the 50A outlets on the power pedistal didn't work, but the one on the other side worked OK, and after that we had no power issues. Lots of ferry traffic, and they won't talk to you if you call to coordinate passing.

A bad experience everytime, 2016-11-14
Captain: , Ocracoke, NC (70)

We spent our summer on Ocracoke Island, mostly anchored out, and we resented so much anytime we would have to go into dock. The staff at this dock do not know anything about boats. They are rude. We pulled in to hold out a tropical storm that ended up never happening. The woman inside the office informs us that there was a big storm coming. That is the reason we went over there. And then they charged us, when we were under the impression it is the law to let us tie up when bad weather threatens. We took this up with the main manager at the office who took our information and never called us back. There were a few occasions when the fire extinguisher boxes were going off all night long. There is absolutely NO protection from the wind. They haggled me for 15 minutes over a quarter. Awful marina with awful staff.

Reminds me of New England, 2016-10-20
Captain: , Annapolis (3379)

Great marina. Priced fairly. The dockpower outlets are protected by a GFCI as required by code. But if any one boat plugs in with any one circuit with a ground fault, then the entire marina looes power. Not many amenities but price is right. Town has lots of pubs and restaurants. Two good fish markets. Nice little museum. Easy bike ride to several beaches. If you are feeling. Adventurous take your dinghy over to the abandoned but preserved village on Portsmouth Island.

Nice place to go, 2016-07-25
Captain: , Castalia NC (110)

This is our second trip within a month. Both times we anchored for two days in the lake them came here (1st 4 nights, second for 9). Power is still iffy for some boats, but we have no issues with a 50 to twin 30 amp splitter. Bathrooms are just basic with no showers. We like it here to get away from people. Some say it's crowded, but for a beach town it's not all bad. Bikes are an added plus, but not necessary. All in all great price for a great location. If the power was 100% and bathrooms were updated its an easy 5 stars!

We loved Ocracoke but....., 2016-07-01
Captain: , Little River SC (586)

The NPS docks are great, but after the most recent hurricane the install new GFCI circuit breakers and it did not like my boat. We had to run our generator for three days. So, you better be prepared to not have power when you get there. Also, no showers and restrooms are shared by the tourists, and no docking assistance. The docks are stationary with large poles on the outside so fender boards are needed. Rates are good and location is good.

Just right, 2016-05-30
Captain: , Oriental, NC (110)

We cruised to Ocracoke for the weekend and stayed on the NPS docks. We were lucky with help from other cruisers to get an end of the dock position next to the ferry. It is fun to watch the ferry come and go. The current of the arriving or departing ferry was not at all insurmountable. Using fore and aft spring lines we were able to pivot on a single piling using one fender to keep us off of the piling. The NPS staff were friendly and the shop they has nice gifts for grandchildren. There does not seem to be a light in the restrooms at night nor is there a fan to circulate the air, otherwise they seemed well kept. Easy walk to the town.

Update: Well, it turns out that there is AC and there are lights. Somebody turned them on. Don't know if they read reviews or if it is circumstance, but I wanted to correct the record. That earns another star.

Electrical problems at dock., 2015-05-19
Captain: , Norfolk, VA (165)

Four trawlers stayed two nights in May, 2015 at the Park Service docks. Great rate for those over 62 (with senior club card). Restrooms were OK, no showers. Three of our boats experienced loss of power at different times during the stay. A park ranger re-set the main breakers twice in order to resolve the problem. Our guess was that the main breaker panel had overly sensitive breakers or GFCI circuits.

NPS Marina, 2015-05-04
Captain: , Oriental, NC (151)

Excellent facility as others have stated. As of 5/3/15 they do not accept checks as noted in another review. Cash or credit card only.

Great deal for Senior Park Pass Holders, 2014-09-08
Captain: , St Pete Beach, Florida (278)

Great deal for holders of National Park Service Senior Pass (64 and older). Nice docks, new electric pedestal, adequate bathroom, no showers. No help with lines at the dock.

We rented a golf cart froom a facility a few blocks from the lakeside and saved $25/day. ($50 vs. $75). Golf carts are not allowed beyond Howard's Pub or on the beach.

Walk to beach is long, but pleasant, and worth the effort. Use airport road beach access East of Howards Pub, not the access road across from Howards. Most peoople drive to the beach, but a permit is required and tires must be deflated a bit.

Best restaurants are Flying Melon and Dajio (close to dock). Very small market near dock has wine, beer, cheese, some frozen food and canned/box goods; all the essentials and friendly owner.

Ockracoke Preservation Museum and Deepwater Theater and & Music Hall worth a visit.

Now fully Open, 2014-08-09
Captain: , Beaufort, NC (451)

Great new long floating dinghy dock. Yacht docks are also now open, with new cleats and pedestals.

No answer to several phone calls., 2014-05-30
Captain: , Charleston, SC (91)

Still closed. No one answered three phone calls during working hours. Went in person and was told there is no further info on an opening date.

Still Closed, 2014-05-13
Captain: , Annapolis (1465)

According to the Park Ranger, the earliest date the docks will be open is now May 31st. That said, the new docks have all new large cleats and 50 amp power at all the new pedestals.

Docks Closed, 2014-04-28
Captain: , Ancramdale (220)

Construction is not complete. We saw no signs, docked and then were told to move.

docks closed for maintenance 4/9/14, 2014-04-12
Captain: , Southport, NC (61)

small sign barely visible. luckily another boat radioed letting us know they were ran off the night before. no eta on completions.

WHAT A DEAL!, 2013-11-02
Captain: , KEYPORT, NJ (94)

As long as you are realistic about what you are getting. The facilities are limited, the docks are old with rusting cleats and jagged edges on the docks (we punctured a large fender), and you fend for yourself. But the rates are fantastic (especially at the Senior rate) and the town is amazing. We lucked out and fell into the Pirate Jamboree which was a hoot. This is a wonderful place.

Government Dock - Can't beat the price., 2013-10-25
Captain: , Swansboro (674)

Can't beat the price.

Be prepared to tie yourself (no permanent dockmaster) but other cruisers will usually assist you if you require help.

Convenient to many nice restaurants and bars.

Recommend renting a bike.

Nice Stop, 2013-09-26
Captain: , Port St Luice. FL (487)

Nice stop can be nice and Quiet doring hte week busyer on the weekends

lovely place, 2013-06-23
Captain: , St. Louis, MO (1850)

Availability - We were there a full week and for four days we were the only boat at the docks.

As noted in the navigation notes update the falling dolphin has been replaced but the work barge is still here working on other things.

Entrance channel: For all the talk about this channel we found it to be a non-issue. When entering the channel red markers on the LEFT. Once you make the turn at the bottom of the channel to enter the harbor red is on the RIGHT. It is advised that you stay well clear of any exiting ferry as there is a pinch near the opening that does appear to be challenging, but in the end is not, BUT THERE IS ONLY ROOM FOR ONE BOAT TO PASS. (The ferrys make it. Why cant you?) The other advice to stay clear if there is a ferry approaching to enter is sound. We had a ferry coming out and one approaching at our stern. We veered out and let the exiting ferry leave and then followed the entering ferry in...but not too close. Our ten year old c-map charts were ok. There was a surprising amount of turbulence during the outer half of the channel.

Silver Lake was very busy as there was a sailboat race from Oriental to Ocracoke and it was fathers day weekend, but we were still able to find a place at the state docks for our 45' boat. Dock at the piers but avoid the facing wall. The prevailing winds will pin you tight against it. The park ranger on duty told us that there is almost always some room at the docks.

Ocracoke is a cool place. Reminded us of Charlevoix but with a bit more rustic edge. SmacNallys at Anchorage Inn Marina is fun. Bikes are a good idea but you could hoof it if you're ambitious.

The adjoining bathrooms are fine. No showers. No pump out. See updates to the details about electricity. (50 amp is iffy.) Ferrys are next door and are a bit noisy at first but we got used to it.

New Dinghy Dock, 2013-05-14
Captain: , Chicago (270)

This is our second time here. We are able to use the National Park Senior Pass, so the price is right. Ocracoke has great restaurants, music, art, bike riding, beach walking and friendly people.

The docks are fixed wood, with power and water. As you come toward the transient dockage there is one large piling that had been knocked over by a ferry/dredge incident (we heard), but this is clearly visable as you come in to the dock.

There is a new (very nice) floating dinghy dock between the ferry dock and the transient dock.

Thank You Active Captain, 2013-04-28
Captain: , St. Augustine, FL (4307)

There are three good options for mooring at Ocracoke Island: anchoring in Silver Lake, the Anchorage Inn & Marina, and the National Park Service docks. The big, thick, paper cruising guide we carry only lists the first two.

The National Park Service docks meet our preferrences best, and we would not have known about them without Active Captain. Solid docks, with power, in a very quiet location. We don't need showers and resort ammenities, so the lack of those features are not a negative to us. We have had a NPS senior card for years so that we can access most national parks for free. It came in handy here, making the price of docking only $0.60/foot.

Happy we had bikes aboard as they provide the best transportation in the village. There were some places that we visited that did not have enough room to park a golf cart. If you don't have bikes, many places rent them. There are many restaurants and shops a short walk from the docks, but the grocery is 3/4 mile and beach almost 1 mile. Walkable, but much nicer on the bikes.

We must put in a plug for Ocracoke Seafood. We purchased speckled trout, shrimp, and scallops for dinners aboard the boat. All were very fresh and good, and the scallops were the best we have ever eaten.

Park service docks, 2013-04-11
Captain: , Beaufort, NC (531)

Located in Ocracoke's Silver Lake these docks provide one of the few protected places to tie up on the outer banks. Current and tide are at a minimum, however the area is somewhat exposed so docking in a high wind can get exciting. You will tie up to one of two concrete face docks. Unless there are others tied up there will be no help with your lines. Once you are tied up you will find water and a mixed collection of power outlets at each slip. The power pedstals have seen better days but you should be able to find one that fits your boat and works.

Payment is on the honor system, cash, check or credit card. Golden Age pass holders get one half off on dock and electric. As noted otherwhere, their are heads but no showers. This time the heads were clean and well stocked. In the summer, this may not always be the case.

The ferries will be docked right next to you. They fire up around 6:00AM for departure about an hour later. Be advised that their thrusters are very powerful and can really bang you around if you are not tied tight. To get as far away from them as possible, the North dock is the best choice.

dinghy dock, 2012-08-26
Captain: , Fort Myers Florida (190)

the floating dinghy dock is missing, but we tied our dinghy in the corner in of the east dock where there is a ladder with no problems.

What a bargain in a great location!, 2012-08-25
Captain: , Punta Gorda, FL (2870)

Just read the previous review by Powell to sum up our feelings. We really enjoyed exploring this village on our bikes.

Okay in Ocracoke, 2012-04-30
Captain: , Kings Creek Marina (766)

A nice and inexpensive stay in the jewel of the Outer Banks. The Pamlico is seldom an easy crossing, but Ocracoke is worth the effort. Lots of history, shops, restaurants, and golf cart rentals. Everything you need is right here.

park service dock, 2012-01-14
Captain: , Washington N.C (54)

it right next to the ferry and close enough to walk to the pubs The only thing it has no shower. It has public rest rooms and if you have a ferry mug free coffee

Pleasant place to relax, 2011-04-29
Captain: , Pensacola (307)

I found the Pier to be in fairly good condition. the power posts were another story. The first on we tried didn't work The second was in poor condition. I guess the salt air takes a toll on them. Dockage as 1.50 a foot, honor system, There are envelopes in a small covered box at the head of the pier. It took a while and help from another boater to find it.

Holders of a golden age pass pay only $.60 per foot. the pass can be purchased, by seniors 62+, at the gift shop next to the restrooms located across the parking lot.

Check the weather carefully before going to Ocracoke island.

Good reasonable place to stay, 2011-04-21
Captain: , Chesapeake (261)

Not a lot of places to stay here. They gocha. We came into the harbor with strong winds out of the south. In fact they were so strong I couldn't stay at a dock at night. Anchored and moved to these facilities the next day. Water and electricity were available. Neat, touristy town. Rent a golf cart and sightsee.

Great place to tie up, 2011-04-01
Captain: , New Orleans, LA (671)

If you can get into the harbor without running aground (best advice: follow the ferry), you'll find these easy to enter, and the price is very reasonable. Easy walking distance to restaurants and bike distance to everything in town; the beach is a long ride, though.

Park Service dock, 2011-01-26
Captain: , Vandemere NC (418)

The Park Service Dock at ocracoke on Silver Lake is easy to access, and close to everything in town. If you qualify for a senior park Service Pass the cost is extremely reasonable, if you don't have one, rent a bike and ride out of town to the national Park Campground and they sell the lifetime pass there.

Excellent Docks, 2010-10-15
Captain: , North Myrtle Beach, SC (3210)

Enjoyed staying here much. The one 50 amp plug is now fixed. The ferries will scare the heck out of you early each morning sounding their horns, but then, you will have this at anchor or at the marina. Pier has water and is easy to get on/off.

Great Stop on the Outer Banks, 2010-06-01
Captain: , St Louis (671)

First time visiting the Ocracoke, hope we can come back again. The Park Service docks are as described, high fixed docks, wood pilings and concrete decking. But there is a lot of room on the two docks and along the wall. We found one power pedestal with 50A/240V but the plug is broken (Pedestal 7 / 7A); but the 30A outlet does work. The other pedestals all seem to have 2 30A outlets and one duplex 20A outlet. Rate is $1.50 ft / night or $0.60 ft with National Park Service Senior Pass. Electric is $3/day or 110V or $5/day for 240V.

Slower pace, reasonable, 2009-11-12
Captain: , Baltimore, MD (1323)

Ocracoke runs on a slower pace, it's a great place to visit, don't be put off by the cruising guides, the approach is well-marked. There is lots to do & see, great place to spend a week. The beach is an easy bike ride, stores shops and restaurants within easy walking. Park docks are basic, good value. Ferry terminal can wake you at 7AM, but you'll want to be up anyway so you don't miss out on all there is to see! Lots of history, don't miss the co-op fish market's fresh catch.
Well worth the detour off the ICW.

Great location, 2008-12-28
Captain: , Oriental, NC (231)

There are few amenities at the Park Service Docks, but the rates are quite reasonable and the face docks are easy to navigate. There are rest rooms but no showers. There is one 30-amp power connection at each berth. The docks are right next to the ferry dock, so the early morning departure horns on the big boats may wake you earlier than you might like. Short walk to many restaurants and bicycle rentals for going to the world-famous Ocracoke Beach.

Location is in Silver Lake., 2007-12-10
Captain: , Wilmington, NC (432)

Park Service Docks are great, but the map has it located in Pamlico Sound, and it is in Silver Lake. It's very convenient to everything.

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