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Nassau Yacht Haven

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Address PO Box SS-5693
Nassau, NP


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


No longer carries fuel.

VHF channel



Email contact

Owner, manager

Carol Roberts



Sidney passed away. New dockmaster TBD.

Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - YES

Payment info

Cash and credit cards. No additional credit card fee (Feb 2012).

Payment discounts

No additional credit card fee (Feb 2012).

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


Watch for the marked shallows out front. Pass between the pier and the red marker, watch for current.





Tide & current additional info

Moderate current at docks, but very strong ebb current between "Danger - shoal" marker and Potters Cay. If you are not ready for the cross-current, you will be swept into the freighters on the east end of Potter's Cay.


Approach: Unknown
Transient dockage: Unknown
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - NO
Floating - NO
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - YES
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: 150
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: $2.15/ft (2017-02-25)

Other price info:


Transient: 0
Total: 0
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info:

Pricing info: $0.65 per kwh, minimum $10 per day.

Cable TV (and pricing)

Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)

Yes - Not metered. $10 per day, April 2013.

Dinghy access

Yes - When coming in with your dinghy ask were to dock it. There is a charge.
See the dock office if you need water.

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand: No longer carries fuel.

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info: No longer carries fuel.

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info: No longer carries fuel.


Pets welcomeNo

Other pet info: While there are no pet areas in the marina proper, there are lots of grassy areas adjacent to the facility where pets can get some excercise. Just remember to keep your pets on a leash at all times and pick up after you pet. If you don't, expect one of the locals to promptly remind you to do so.

Disability access

No - Although there is disability access once you're ashore, remember that entering and exiting your boat is at your own risk; espically if you have a disability. The marina staff, however, will do whatever it takes to assist their guests in boarding or disembarking from their boats.

A boater reported that the marina has a wheelchair that they loan for the duration of your stay at no charge.

Launch service


Pump out





Yes - Bins on the dock.






Yes - $2.00 to wash or dry using tokens from the office. Five or six washers and dryers and a large table for folding clothes.


Yes - Groceries are not far away:

Grocery delivery and provisioning by

New upscale, fine food grocery store just west of the shopping center. Nice selection of quality products.

On-The-Run Mini-Market was reported closed January 2013.
East Bay St. at Fowler St.
+1 242-393-4033

Solomons Fresh Market (formerly City Market)
East Bay St. at Mosley Ln.
Located 3/10 mile east, on Bay Street, in the Harbour Bay Plaza. Modern, well stocked, grocery has fresh and frozen meats, produce, canned goods, dairy, sundries, snacks, etc. It's not unlike being in a good U.S. grocery. Price are ok by Nassau standards

Super Value Foods
Mackey St. at Wilton Ln.
+1 242-393-4534
Walk 1/4 mile west to Mackey St., then south on Mackey St. for 4/10 miles to the store. Modern, well stocked grocery with all of the items one would expect to find in a first rate, U.S. grocery store. While the store is at the top of a hill, it's well worth the climb. If you buy too much, cabs are available in the parking area (or the store will call you one) so you can get your purchases back to your vessel. Reported to be less expensive than Solomons Fresh Market.


Yes - Stores close by.


Yes - Poop Deck on site and at least three others within a one block area. The best food, however, is from the local shanties on Potter's Cay (about two blocks west, under the Paradise Island Bridge.) It's all local dishes, cooked to order on the spot and served as fresh as you'll ever get.


Yes - Poop Deck on site. Couple of others within walking distance and cold beer everywhere on Potter's Cay.

Hotels or motels

Yes - The Red Carpet is just to the east about 1/4 mile.

Repair capabilities

Yes - Close by.

Haul out capabilities

No - Haul-out available, with prior arrangements, at Brown's Basin to the east.

Storage facilities

Fishing supplies

Yes - Close by.

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - Local WiFi providers only. BTC now offers internet/email via laptop USB stick. 3G service in Nassau, 2G in out islands. $90 for 3 month contract, unlimited downloads (February 2012).

It is reported January 2013 that BTC Nassau states that for $30 per month you receive 1GB or 30 days, whichever comes first.

Boat ramp availability


Yes - Cabs out front and Jitney Busses ($1.25 per person, per trip, per bus). No free transfers to next bus. Bus routes and info in the office. Senior rate is $0.75.

Other services

Doctors Hospital is on Collins Ave where it intersects Shirley.


Paradise Island and downtown Nassau are close by. Marathon Mall offers movie theaters and is accessible by the local jitneys or a taxi.

Reviews for Nassau Yacht Haven
Wouldn't stay here again, 2017-07-18
Captain: , Houston, TX (20)

We stayed for 9 days waiting on some parts for my catamaran. Rolls all day long and with a 25' beam we were rocking more than we would have anchored out. Traffic flys by through the channel sending huge wakes. Wifi was spotty at best. Price was high for the service, attendants were barely seen or around to help. Wouldn't stay again there.

Incompetent Staff - Worst Marina Experience of Our Lives, 2017-05-30
Captain: , Newport, RI (20)

We were towed here when we had engine trouble. We were told we could have a long term rate of $1.00 per foot per night. Great!

When it came time to check out, they said that its not actually a per night charge, but a monthly charge and even though we were leaving mid month, we had to be charged the whole month, costing us $300 more than we should have been charged at the rate they provided us.

Since leaving on Satuday morning, they have called us several times stating that we "didnt formally check out." I dont know what we didnt do because we told them we were leaving and they had an Amex on file which they had already charged for 1 month of our 2 month stay. We are now getting harrassed by a "lawyer."

We have confirmed with Amex that our card has not been attempted for any charges and that there must be a temporary problem with their credit merchant.

OH....and we won't forget that the voltage was 140 and blew out our refrigerator AND our air conditioning unit despite the fact that we reported it on 4 separate occassions. The only response by the staff was that it was the "city's problem." It was only fixed when we warned them that it would probably do harm to most of their boats' electrical systems (most vessel owners are absent, so they will have a surprise upon return when their electronics no longer work).

There are no amenities, security is non-existent, and the staff isnt able to handle any marina business with competency.

If you need to stay here, make sure you deal directly with the owner, but from our perspective, its not worth the trouble. Skp Nassau all together.

Nice but expensive, 2017-02-26
Captain: , Marathon, FL (496)

Prices were more than shown. Transient dockage is $2 / foot plus metered electric (minimum $10 / day) and set price for water ($12 / day'). Total bill for one night was $116.10 for a 43' sailboat.

Dock hands were very helpful and marina has deeper water than some of the others. We were in an inside slip and had 8' low water.

Farm Fresh is expensive and next time we will try the Super-Value Market which is closer.

Marina Wi-fi is very strong and responsive. It is included with the dockage. No problems streaming movies.

The Poop Deck had nice ambiance and great food. Price was steep but most things are in the Bahamas. My wife had the special - whole grilled snapper - and it was $52. Good place for a special night out.

Good security on-site. As previously mentioned, everything on your boat should be locked because security doesn't moniter the water for people coming by boat to steal things.

We would come back.

Good value for Nassau, 2017-01-23
Captain: , Annapolis (560)

We came in during a bad nor'easter on a strong current. Getting into the dock was a challenge. Dock hand John did a great job of securing us. The slip was way too large with us and too high. At low tide, my crew had a tough time getting off the boat.

The boat was in the first slip closest to the harbor, so it was rocking all night.

At our request, we moved to a smaller, interior slip the next day that better accommodated the boat.

This is the third time I stayed there. They raised rates from two years ago. Docks are wood, but in good shape. Marina has a few derelicts, which is depressing.

Showers are fine and security is quite good. Esso station across the street has good Internet and a kiosk to "top up" BTC wifi accounts.

Joe Chilberg on Mud Puddle Rose, 2016-06-20
Captain: , St. Petersburg, FL, USA (590)

We came on 6/17/16 for another visit to pick up guests. Opie and John are very friendly helping with lines, good internet and very convenient. Good diesel price at Brown's next door.

would stay here again, 2016-02-18
Captain: , Point Edward (459)

Dockhand was great. Laundry very convenient and decent price at $2 per wash. Security was good. Showers and washrooms were okay. Wifi was excellent. Some wake from passing boats. Onsite restaurant really good but pricey. Within walking distance of lots of things to do and grocery stores. Check out the fish shacks at Potters Cay.

Goood Experience Jan 2016, 2016-01-31
Captain: , Leawood (50)

We arrived and elected to stay here inpart because of the cost, the AC review and the fact that of 3 marinas called on the phone this is the only one that answered the phone. The pillings and decking were in good shape, the staff was very helpful in helping tie up. In fact the lead dock hand was one of the best I had seen. The showers were clean and the water was hot. The laundry had plenty of machines and the marina let those anchored out have access to the laundry facilites. There was a short walk to all the needed retail facilities. Starbucks, new grocery store and marine supply stores. Water was not metered and the pressure was low but good enough to get the job done. They locked all the gates at 8. There was a guard at the gate and one that was stationed out at the docks and I did see him walking the docks at night one time but can't say that was a regular occurance. The Poop Deck was right there, good food. The WiFi was very spotty. I was able to get on the first day but after that I could not. But Starbucks is right there. There is no central pilling between the fingers. This only ment that we had to use an extra long line to tie the boat off to the opposite forward pilling. We were able to keep the boat off the dock during a strong, but brief SW blow. Make sure you have your fender boards ready.

Mediocre Marina, 2015-05-28
Captain: , Port Charlotte, FL (280)

The slips are lacking the piling between boats in order to get a four point tie up. Consequently our boat stayed against the dock and the 3+ foot tides required looser lines making it difficult to keep fenders in place. The marina does provide a security guard but he stays in a small office by the entrance. Anyone in a small boat can enter and steal from boats which is what has occured lately. Employees are helpful and courteous. Showers are claen but a little cramped for space.

Credit Card Fraud, 2015-01-25
Captain: , Ft Worth (12)

My husband & I stayed one night in Nassau Yacht Haven Marina on Jan 19-20, 2015. Paid with a credit card. The credit card number was STOLEN and was used! Our credit card company caught the fraudulent activity. But now we are having to deal with this credit card mess while in another country. As some of you may is a headache!

Adequate Dockage, 2015-01-24
Captain: , Eliot Maine (40)

Stayed for a night following a long transit from Bimini to resupply. Dockhands greeted us a dock and helped with lines. Free water that had very low pressure, both on the docks and in the shower. had to pay for WiFi, so we instead saved the money and walked to the the nearby Starbucks and used theirs. Dockage very expensive for what you get at 2.15/ft, but I guess that's the price you pay to stay in Nassau.

Meets cruisers needs, 2015-01-17
Captain: , Galesville, MD (1341)

Nothing fancy but handles what needs to happen to settle into the Bahamas. There are three docks (east, center and west, not all charts show three). The sailboats and cats seem to be on the east dock. After Potters Cay you turn right and take the shoal marker to port. Ahead is the center dock. Watch current. We had a very helpful dock hand assist us with finding the slip and tying up. He also called Customs and Immigration for us. They arrived that afternoon. Water fee per day. Laundry sufficient, tokens at the office. Wi-fi was not working when we were there. Restaurant above the office. Fresh Market Grocery and BaTelco reasonable walk east on the main street outside the marina. We take reasonable security precautions in Nassau as we would in any urban city. We have found reasonably priced diesel at Hurricane Hole Fuel Dock between the two main bridges.

Nassau Yacht Haven, 2014-04-09
Captain: , Visalia, CA (380)

Very poor security. Cruisers mixed in with work boats.

Nassau Yacht Haven, 2013-12-18
Captain: , Camden ME (465)

We visit every time in Nassau. Great staff, access to grocery, fuel across the street and BaTelCo for phone. New decking has been installed on docks. Walking distance to many services, restaurants etc.

Good location - Howard provided great service!, 2013-01-22
Captain: , Solomons, MD (1915)

After my husband tore his hamstring in Staniel Cay, we headed back to Nassau to see a Dr. When we came in, the marina was unsure if they'd be able to accommodate us for the duration of our stay. Howard said he'd do his best and for whatever reasons we were aboe to stay on the face dock for 12 nights. Some wakes were experienced but nothing that would stop us from staying here again. On our boat (Defever 44), we had no trouble getting on/off the boat at low/high tide. There are laddars in the slips to facilitate entry/exit. Howard loaned us the marina's wheelchair for several days at no cost. It really made a huge diference in my husbands quality of life at the time. There's easy access to the rest of Nassau using the jitneys or taxis. Grocery stores are close by. Dive shop and restaurant on the premises. Potters Cay offes slightly less expenssive dining with a lot of local color.

Secure, Great Location, 2013-01-06
Captain: , Wheaton, IL (70)

We were tied to the most western tee dock for about 10 days in Dec 2012. We had a great experience in Nassau and NYH.

This tee dock was very well shelter by Potters Cay--very little current or wind. Also, in this location you avoid most of the substantial wake from the main channel.

Later during our stay we were moved to the eastern docks (where NAVTOURS is set up) and the current and wake was horrible. The day we left for Rose Island, we watched 4 different boats get swept into other yachts when trying to dock or undock. (We were one of the boats that were hit by a local fishing boat.)

Unlike some other reviews, we had a great experience with SecureNet. We used it for 10 days and had blazing speed (with our modest WIFI booster). They had at least 3 different networks to choose from.

We found this area of Nassau very appealing. We are a family of four with two kids (12 and 10). We walked all over the waterfront from Montague Park to Arawak Cay. We rode the local busses to the Mall at Marathon. It was fun and we never felt threatened. We were always careful to take a taxi if it was after dark.

easy access, great security, 2012-12-31
Captain: , Hampton, VA (2573)

We stopped here to clear customs after coming in by Rose Island. Easy walking to Paradise Island, marine stores, new supermarket, and starbucks.

Helpful staff. A bit pricey for the state of the marina.

Poop Deck resturant is fine if you don't feel adventurous

Pay internet service is awful. Go to starbucks.

Across from Paradise, 2012-10-17
Captain: , Babylon NY (341)

Close to bridge to resorts. Good restaurant. Fair facilities. Fixed docks.

Good starting point, 2012-08-29
Captain: , Atlanta, GA (291)

Marina staff were very nice. The place is a little run down by American standards, but good for Nassau.
Not sure if my navigation skills were off or what, but the other reviews that suggested good shopping or restaurants nearby didn't fit with my experience...albeit I can't say I tried real hard. Maybe I missed something.

Good stopping point but watch out for SecureNet (atrocious), 2012-04-01
Captain: , Fremantle, West Australia (1448)

I endorse the comments by Capn.Pascal. In particular, I recommend against SecureNet - atrocious service. The fastest part of the connection is taking your subscription and from then on you are continually thrown out or denied access. Avoid signing up with them as you have choices. I was thrown off again in between accessing this and attempting to submit it and it's 6am!

Decent stop, 2012-03-15
Captain: , Miami, fl (3666)

Decent stop on the way to the exumas to pick up passengers or last minute supplies

Unlimited water for $10 to $20 depending on boat size

Poop Deck is ok, fish is good the rest not so good.

A lot cheaper than Atlantis & hurricane Hole, especially water.

Wifi is pay service like everywhere in Nassau. I had a bad experience with SecureNet as I could not log on 1 day into a 3 day subscription. Never able to get support on the phone (VM never returned). Gave up and signed up with jazztell

Useful stopover, 2012-01-01
Captain: , New York Harbor (495)

After crusing the Abacos we came here on our way to the Exumas.
Filled our water tanks and did some shopping. Not a resort type marina but the bar is fun.

Nassau Yacht Haven, New Providence, Bahamas, 2011-11-13
Captain: , Charleston, SC (461)

The Nassau Yacht Haven is the oldest and largest marina in Nassau and I've been staying there since the early 1980's. Their staff is experienced, friendly and will do whatever it takes to make your stay there trouble free. They also have 24 hour security that monitors the entire facility, so you never have to worry about the safety of your possessions or your person.

The marina is super close (easy walking distance) to great local restaurants, groceries, drug stores, chandlaries to meet every need you might have. Additionally, there are cabs on site (agree on a price before beginning your ride) and the bus stop is only a block away (you can get to anywhere in Nassau and back, safely, for less than $5.00 per person.)

If they still offered fuel and gas, this marina would get a full five (5) stars instead of 4-1/2.

Nassau Yacht Haven, 2011-06-02
Captain: , Newark, DE (250)

That danger marker needs to be paid attention to! I came from the north side and thought I could turn before it... The ground got me!

Other than that, it's an easy place to check into. I'm not a big fan of the costs for entering the country, but it is what it is. The marina has metered power, flat water fee, and is close to a gas dock. It is also convenient to food, liquor stores, and ferries to Paradise island. A cab ride will get you anywhere you need to go, just settle on a price up front. Winning a grand at the casino made this a much more pleasant stay!

Yacht Haven, 2011-04-19
Captain: , Punta Gorda, FL (146)

Restaurant at the dock, friendly staff. Marine suppliers close by.

Great place to hang out but no fuel, 2011-03-02
Captain: , Oriental, NC (265)

Stayed in June 2010. You can walk to everything you need (I'm 50 and overweight) Speak with Sydney the dockmaster and have a Kalik at the Poop Deck overlooking the marina.

Stop over/clearing customs, 2010-09-01
Captain: , New Port, RI (134)

The marina ficilities are ok. Close to fishing villege/boats and if the wind is in the wrong direction...... We visited the place to have the dingy motor worked on at Billy's Outboard Repair which is next door. He did great work and went out of his way to be helpful.

No place for a dog, 2010-03-27
Captain: , Charlottesville, Va (91)

Unattractive area, noisy, lots of wakes, not pet friendly (no place to go & not welcome outside the marina.)

Nassau Yacht Haven, 2010-01-19
Captain: , Sarasota, Ft. Lauderdale (643)

Nothing fancy. But a decent place. Office staff helpful. Pretty safe as far as theft goes. Night time security at the gate. Poop Deck restaurant is on site. Pricey and the food has gone down hill IMHO. There is also a dive shop on site. Short tender ride to the stalls under the Paradise Island bridge for veggies, fresh conch salad and a cold beer.

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