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Nassau Harbour Club Hotel and Marina

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Address East Bay St. PO Box SS 5755
Nassua, NP


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


Shopping center directly across the street includes a grocery, Starbucks with fast wifi, Radio Shack, a Dairy Queen, and Dominos Pizza.

VHF channel

Hail on 16, switch to 12 for working.

Web site

Email contact

Owner, manager

Peter Attaloglou



Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info


Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:






Tide & current additional info

Some wakes from passing boats.


Approach: Unknown
Transient dockage: Unknown
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - YES
Floating - NO
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: $1.75/ft (2017-09-15)

Other price info: $1.75 and up. $2.00 for Catamarans.
Weekly rate available


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - YES

Additional info:

Pricing info: $0.60 per kW/h.

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)

Yes - $8 per day. Mandatory purchase with slip rental. Flat rate for unlimited usage.

Dinghy access


Liveaboard info


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel price$3.95/gal (2017-09-15)

Other price info: $0.10 discount for cash.


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info: Walking areas are somewhat limited, but okay. Must clean up after your pet.

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out










Yes - Wash/dry $3 each per load. Reported July 2015 to have slow dryers, plan on 2 hours minimum per load.


Yes - Grocery delivery to the marina by

Super Value Foods
Billney Ln.
Modern, well stocked grocery with all of the items one would expect to find by Bahamian standards . While the store is at the top of a hill, it's well worth the climb. If you buy too much, cabs are available in the parking area (or the store will call you one) so you can get your purchases back to your vessel.

Solomoms Fresh Market
Ex City Market
Mackey Street
Modern, well stocked, grocery store located in the Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza. Fresh and frozen meats, produce, canned gods, dairy etc. It's not unlike being in a U.S. grocery. What a change from the old City Market!


Yes - Several marine stores within walking distance.


Yes - Within walking distance. None on property.

Potter's Cay has been famous for both fresh, local cusine and its outdoor fruit and vegetable markets. Located under the Mackey Street Bridge, Potter's Cay is where the locals eat (and savy cruisers too.) Conch Salad, Conch Fritters, Cracked Conch, Broild and Fried Grouper and Lobster (in season) are just a few of the things you'll find to eat here. Top it off with a cold beer or coke soda and you've got a real feast.


Yes - The Poop Deck (1/2 mile west).

Hotels or motels

Yes - Hotel rooms within walking distance. Red Carpet Inn, across the street, is inexpensive (for Nassau) and decent - ignore the TripAdvisor reviews.

Repair capabilities

No - However, Albert's Marine Service is reported to come to the marina.

Haul out capabilities


Storage facilities


Fishing supplies

Yes - Several within walking distance.

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - Several WiFi providers available, starting at $10 per day or $42 per week. Starbucks is across the street. Can generally pick up the signal from the PHC Marina across the harbour - open connection with a WiFi extender like Island Time or WiFi Easy.

Boat ramp availability



Yes - Taxi or Bus. Take the #19 bus for $1.25/person for a tour of the area, ending downtown. You pay the driver when you get off. The buses will pretty much stop anywhere if you wave at them when passing. If there are a bunch of you you can usually negotiate with a taxi driver to meet the per person fare of the bus i.e. If there are 6 of you and you're going to the Fish Fry (normally $2.50 per person since you have to transfer buses), you can get a taxi for $12-$14.

Other services


Reviews for Nassau Harbour Club Hotel and Marina
Good Marina in Nassau, 2017-06-30
Captain: , punta gorda, fl (1448)

We have stayed here a number of times over the years including twice in the Spring of 2017. Docks and buildings are a bit old, but the location is good (across from big shopping development and near several restaurants). The pool is nice. The staff is very helpful and friendly (particularly when docking). Rates are $1.70 per foot (which is the same thing it was when we were there in 2014) It is a long walk to the downtown tourist area or you can take a bus for $1.25 per person. There is a lot of wake during the day (which is true for most Nassau marinas) but it quiets down at night. Strong winds from the East will create some chop. The marina has a night watchman on site. We took a short walk to the many food huts under the bridge on Potters Cay. What a great experience!!

Good but Motion, 2017-05-14
Captain: , Cape Canaveral, FL (280)

The docks and buildings were a little run down, but very solid. The pool was well maintained. As said, walking across the street to Fresh Market is a big plus. Lowes Pharmacy is near too and seems to have better prices.

All the marinas on this south side of the channel are open to boat wakes, which are frequent. There seems to be no formal or gentleman's concept of no wakes.

We ran long tight opposing springs to keep fenders on the pilings to cover the 3 ft + tide and wakes.

They have long side piers, so you can access all lines on one side.

Laundry was $3 - buy tokens.

Water is city water, but very good - included at $8 per day for all you want.

It's a quick walk to several marina stores. I need a new 4D battery; they didn't have them. Everything's closed Sunday, we'll see what happens tomorrow.

close to shopping, 2017-04-01
Captain: , Fort Walton Beach (50)

The docks are in great shape as is the pool. the showers are moldy and very humid. I chose to shower on the boat. Rates are very reasonable and excellent shopping is directly across the street. Washers and dryers all need to be replaced but work after a fashion. It is very easy to get in and out with boats over 35 feet and the staff is helpful.

Could be so much more, 2017-02-03
Captain: , Brandon, VT (422)

What Nassau Harbor Club has going for it is the wonderful Fresh Market grocery store across the street. With a little bit of attention, it could be a terrific spot. Unfortunately, the restrooms are unkempt, the laundry facilities are outdated, and the staff could do a lot more to keep it clean -- trash sat on the docks for days without being moved. The dock hands are helpful and knowledgable, but we saw many paying more attention to their phones and screens than to the guests on the docks.

Best marina in Nassau, 2016-08-06
Captain: , Fairhope, AL (20)

We had other cruiser friends recommend this place. honestly is only place we would stay. Excellent service and dockmaster Peter is great. Crew of Blackbeards boats very friendly and helpful if you need it. Laundry is very reasonable for Bahamas (6/load) and all the food and groceries you need walking distance. Very pet friendly here as staff likes pets and will accomodate. We have stayed here three times during our 2 months of cruising the Bahamas.

we stopped a thief, 2016-03-29
Captain: , Buffalo (832)

These are fixed docks and when the tide is running, you'll appreciate Peter helping you tie up. Because of safety concerns that others expressed, we decided to lock our boat and walk across the street for provisioning at Salomon's. Nice selection of fruits and vegetables; expect Bahama prices. We always stayed on the boat at night and on the last night we stopped a thief that was stealing the kayaks off a 65' Motor Yacht berthed next to us At 4 a.m. The young, muscular man already had one kayak in the water and was returning for the second, when we saw him and yelled for security. He slipped into the water and swam away. He left his baseball hat (with the purchase seal still on it) on a bolt on the underside of the finger pier. Security came and saved the kayaks. The wifi is slow, but it was free vs. $15 to $25 for 100 mb anyplace else. City water helped also. Good bye, Nassau! If you come, stay on Paradise Island, where everything is secure.

Avoid Nassau if you can - but this marina is ok to stay if need be, 2016-02-25
Captain: , Hingham, MA (1079)

We only came into Nassau to wait out some weather. Like others, we stayed here because it was cheap, better security, and grocery directly across the street. Overall, this place is ok. There is laundry at $3/load (get tokens from office) and showers are ok. No wifi. Water is fine to put into tanks - $6 a day for water. The entire facility is under construction and the pool is closed. The fixed docks are challenging - we had to climb off and on our boat at low tide.
CAUTION: Nassau does have a lot of crime (in case you didn't know this already). There is a security person on-site at the marina 24/7. While we were in Nassau, we heard of several incidents at other marinas where the intruders came by paddle board and entered boats from the water. A couple from our marina was mugged walking home from an early dinner not far from the marina. While she was at the police station the police told her told that tourists were supposed to be "off-limits" . I was shocked when she told me this - this tells me that the Police obvioulsly know there is a real problem here! Every store keeps their doors locked all of the time and you have to get buzzed in and out.
On a good note: The marine stores are well stocked. The grocery store is great (but very expensive) it is more like a Whole Foods or other high-end grocery store. The WiFI at the Starbucks is fast - even when there is a full house on-line.

The 'Motel 6' of Nassau, 2016-01-22
Captain: , Burlington, VT USA (245)

We stayed here the first night we were in Nassau because it was the least expensive of all the marinas we could find in the port. The dockmaster was helpful to us in getting us tied up. However there was no padding of any kind on the docks or pilings. Without fender boards it was a challenge getting the boat set up so that it wouldn't be damaged against the pilings. And the docks were stationary, not floating. For an old guy like me, at low tide it was a difficult climb off the boat.

When we went ashore we found the bulidings to be shabby and run down, and the grounds unkempt. There was a pretty pool; except that the entire bottom was covered with dead leaves and it obviously hadn't been cleaned in at least a week. There were few lounge chairs around the pool, and many of those were damaged so that they were uncomfortable to sit in or completely unusable.

We went into the laundry room to do some laundry and found that the machines only operated on tokens which cost $3.00 each; thus a wash and dry of one load cost $6.00!! A total rip-off. And the machines were so dirty and badly rusted that we were hesitant to put our clothes into them. In addition, there was a dragon in the room in the person of an unsmiling, overbearing and rude chambermaid who was using them to do the laundry of the motel which was part of the marina, and who very obviously resented us, the paying customers, wanting to use them ourselves.

All in all, at $1.75 a foot the marina was no bargain; and the quality level was about equivalint to a very old, run down Motel 6.
And that comparison does an injustice to Motel 6.

You'll be better off to drop a hook with plenty of scope in the harbor off the Bay Street Marina where you can tie up at their dingy dock for a fee of $5.00 a day which is not always enforced if you're going into their restaurant, the Green Parrot.

Good luck.

Yves & Nicole, on Zulu, Montreal Canada, 2016-01-15
Captain: , Treadwell Bay (14)

We stayed here for 2 nights in December and we will stay here again. Prices are reasonable and there is an easy access to everything (shopping center right across the street with Fresh Market, BTC, Starbucks and much more). Never saw any criminal activity. The people are very nice. Peter and his staff are friendly and very helpful. We felt very secure. Easy place to stop to clear customs. Still a nice place to stay.

High crime marina with many robberies., 2015-07-10
Captain: , Riviera Dunes Marina (60)

Don't know where the previous reviewer stayed but it was not here. We were robbed the first night here and found out the next day the boat next to us, 72' Hatteras, had been robbed the night before. No warning from the dock master or the Hatt owners, thanks guys.
We spoke with many other cruisers during our 11 week sojourn and found many that had the same experience in this marina. Avoid this pace like the plaque.
The so called 'security' was asleep under the roof near the hotel and did not wake up even when I walked up to him.
For the amount of robberies we know about the staff has to be part of the probem.The thief (s) have had the run of the place for more than 2 years and that is NOT luck.
About 10 days after we left, on the other end of the island, a Brit was shot twice in the head and his wife brutalized and robbed of everything they owned.
This island is the anus of the Bahamas and should be boycotted by all cruisers.

The most friendly and safe in Nassau, 2015-06-29
Captain: , Key Largo (130)

Peter and his staff are friendly and helpful. 24 * 7 Security. Secure docks. Shopping right across the street. Great location and are up grading all the time

Crime in Nassau, 2015-06-03
Captain: , Jupiter, FL (586)

We stayed here for 4 days waiting on weather. The docks are ok, and the pool is very nice. Plan on several hours to do a large load of laundry. The shower facilities really do need some attention. The best part of this marina is the shopping right across the street. Staff may or may not answer you on VHF.
Crime is a problem. Three boats were boarded in the night and money stolen while they slept. We met one man who was beaten on his way to his boat. He woke up in hospital with his jaw wired shut and his money gone.

A great stopover, 2015-04-25
Captain: , Lewes, DE (514)

Agree with all the positives and negatives in all the previous comments. As to the negatives, it%u2019s the Bahamas. We stayed there in March and again April 19-24. Will stay here again. Prices (including fuel) are reasonable and there is easy access to everything as noted in other comments. Great restaurants in easy walking distance or short cab ride (cabs are not real expensive - $10 to Paradise Island. We got a cab all day for $90). Never saw any criminal activity and everyone I spoke to felt fully secure. We usually left boat items unsecured. The marine dealers, Harbourside and Lightbourne are good to deal with. One of our dinghy motors needed a retractor spring on the starter replaced so I walked down to Lightbourne in the morning and they sent a guy up with a truck to pick it up and he took it back to the shop. I stopped by later that day and it was done. They brought the engine back the next morning. They charged $109 total including pickup and delivery. For the price and convenience NHC is the place to go in Nassau.

Not that great, 2015-04-21
Captain: , Fort Collins, CO (107)

The people are nice. But the facilities need attention. The rest rooms are not kept up well. My wife wouldn't use the shower. The docks are pretty rikety. What is good is the convenience to an exceptional shopping center right across the street with any thing you would want including Fresh Market (aka Whole Foods), Starbucks, Dairy Queen, Dominoes Pizza, a liquor store, pharmacy and more.

Correct voltage not on dock, 2015-03-25
Captain: , Miami, Fl (20)

I only gave this a two star rating since I could not stay at the marina. Peter was fantastic in getting us docked, but I could only get 105 volts per leg of 220/50 amp service out of the power pedestal. Our Outback inverter/charger would not function properly. We had to move to Yacht Haven. Staff was real friendly and price was right, but there was no internet. Water was 8.00 a day and dockage 1.50 per ft.

They never answered their phone!, 2015-03-14
Captain: , Druadan Forest (61)

We rang them over and over for most of a day, but they never answered the phone, ditto VHF. So we'll never know. Tied up at Harbour View instead.

great place to provision, 2015-02-14
Captain: , Pungoteague, VA (272)

Stopped here to wait for a window to head for Exuma. Solomons supermarket is right across the street, in a large mall. Liquor stores and batelco are right there. Marina has a very nice pool, showers and laundry, no wifi. If you can squeeze into 16 feet of width, it's $1.50 a foot, otherwise, it's $2.00. Electricity is .60 a kW, water is $6 a day.

Convenient for provisioning but bumpy in a blow, 2015-02-06
Captain: , Stuart, FL (80)

The facility was clean and there were plenty of washers and dryers. We were really rocking and rolling in our slip and very unprotected in a blow though. Great supermarket and liquor store directly across the street. Had to use Starbucks wifi as marina has none. Be sure to walk to Potters Cay and try Twin Brothers snapper sandwich. $12 and it was so fresh and we shared 3 huge pieces of fish on a bun.

Peter makes this place, 2015-01-16
Captain: , Hampton, VA (2573)

Update Dec 2014. We've stayed here twice since our original posting. Nothing has really changed. Most of the marinas in Nassau have suffered with the economic slowdown and have yet to recover. Even Atlantis has had financial challenges.

Having said that, this is still great place with to stay.

Wonderful location for provisioning. Great Chinese two blocks east. A bit pricey. Lots of current on the T heads. Peter is a pro at bringing people in and a wealth of local info and reccomendations

Disappointing, 2014-07-17
Captain: , St Pete Beach, Florida (278)

We spent New Year's week in 2014. The staff were helpful and we felt secure. We enjoyed watching the fireworiks.

However, the fixed docks made getting on and off the boat challenging at times. There were only a few chairs at the pool, most guests had to sit on the concrete. The laundry was always crowded with long lines and broken machines. The showers need updating. The mostly abondened motel gave the place an eerie feeling.

If you do end up here, there is a first class grocery store across the highway along with a Starbucks, book store, liquor store, video store and housewares store.

Stay at Palm Cay instead and take a taxi or rental car to Nassau.

If you MUST be in Nassau..., 2014-06-03
Captain: , Orlando (224)

The good.
The best part of the marina is that it is located directly across the street from the shopping center that has the Fresh Market grocery store (very nice!) and a liquor store (the nicest liquor store we%u2019ve ever been in%u2026 anywhere.

The bad.
The marina is in Nassau on very busy Bay street. The hotel looks uninviting in its appearance. I%u2019m glad we didn%u2019t count on needing a room. The marina was exposed to the fresh easterlies that were blowing much of May 2014, causing us to continue the %u201Cone hand for the boat%u201D rule while at the dock.

Good Service, 2014-04-11
Captain: , Portsmouth NH (681)

We had to leave our boat in Nassau for six weeks and they (Dudley) looked after her very well. The security guard sat about 20' from the boat which was reassuring. Facilities are ordinary (one flat surface in the shower please.....) but there is a big supermarket very nearby. We would definitely use them again.

Great everything but a tetch down-at-heels, 2014-01-08
Captain: , Fort Myers, FL (1220)

We have returned twice because we like the Harbor Club so much. The docks, the staff, the resources are just what we need for transferring guests, reprovisioning, seeking repairs, and gettinga bit of civilization taken in the process.

First thing to do if you don't know Nasau already >> take the food tour from downtown. A really great experience for the foodie and the non-foodie to get to know the city, the community, the history, the people, and all the in-town places you are going to want to hit while you are in Nassau. Use in the on-line ticket site for a 10% discount too.

Being in Nassau over the Christmas festivities, we attended a very quiet and pious sunrise Christmas mass at St. Matthews Anglican near the PI bridges . And then Junkanoo! We have a sail being repaired with Larry Phillips east up Shirley Rd from the shopping plaza. We agree that the Fresh Market is probably the most expensive grocery on the planet but they have great stuff and they are just "over the road" from the Club's front door. In the same plaza are a BaTelCo office, 3 computer/tech shops, a pharmacy, a home goods store, a book store (real books!), a spa, a lingerie shop, sporting goods shop, a womens boutique, a maternity boutique, and a Starbucks. Something for everyone, and it is heavily shopped by the locals. The chinese restaurant east along Bay St is used by the local Chinese embassy staff, and it shows in the service and quality of food. There is a daily fish market in the parking lot of Montagu Park. They have coolers stuffed with grouper, snapper, conch, lobster, but they also know the market price and are sharp hagglers.

On the marina - the ebb current, setting west, appears to be much stronger than the flood current. We have been getting some wake/surge from the harbor, may be due to strong easterlies working up a chop combined with the current. The facility has a nice pool but it only gets sun 10-2. They have 24-7 on-site security, sometimes its the dock crew, sometimes it's hired night watchmen. The laundry has four pairs of machines but the driers are stupendously slow. The finsih is not fancy: cinder block, concrete, faded paints, plastic pool patio furniture, but is all very serviceable and clean. Access from the east is dead simple just stay south of the bar that runs up the middle of the east harbor. From the west beware the Paradise Island bridges with clearance of only 72' and the route through them jogs from one to the other. Coming in from the west is humbling as you slide past the pier full of massive cruise ships. Clearing in with Harbor Control seems to be widely respected and, given the amount of commercial traffic, a prudent act of seamanship.

That pier also has the typical duty free shopping found where cruise-shippers get dropped, so if you are in the market for a fancy watch or a nice tanzenite .. and on the way to and from that shopping, be absolutely sure to stop at "Tall Boy"'s booth under the return bridge from Paradise Island (ie Potters Cay) for his wonderfully fresh conch salad.

Acceptable if understaffed......., 2013-07-02
Captain: , Miami (303)

No answer on VHF, no one on dock. Security guard showed up and was helpfull, especially after tip. This was on a Sunday and the place had a few boats but was pretty desolate. Still not a bad choice if only stopping for a day in Nassau (which is all I recommend). Wakes were not too bad but as I said it was a Sunday.

Nassau Harbor Club Marina, 2013-06-10
Captain: , Pensacola, Fl (83)

Just a few corrections to all the prior posts. NHC does NOT provide RO water. The water is Nassau public water. Drinkable but I suggest you add a little bleach.

I could NOT negotiate a weekly rate when we were socked in the end of May 2013. Paid 1.75 per foot.

Nice fresh water pool. Laundry is VERY VERY slow. Expect to take a half day for a few loads unless you do it at 1AM or there-abouts. Usable.

Staffing on Sunday is VERY light if at all.

Shopping is about as good as it gets in Nassau. Walk up the steps to the small shopping center. Prices are quite high but still less expensive than Turks and Caicos. If you can wait you can stock up in the DR (shop in the local market NOT the Tourist Market!) or Puerto Rico which has prices almost as cheap as the Mainland US.

Expensive Disappointment, 2013-06-07
Captain: , Shorewood WI (244)

The docks are fine, but one does bounce around a lot The restaurant is closed. Yes, there is a Starbucks across the street. Also a Whole Foods, the most expensive grocery story on earth. The bathrooms were dirty, doors did not lock (my female first mate did not feel save.) At $75 US per night I expected a lot more. Yes, the people are nice. So are con men.

We liked it so much we came back twice, 2013-05-20
Captain: , Merritt Island, FL (372)

Like everything in Nassau, it's a little pricey, but the location is great. Starbucks across the street is a beautiful thing. The Texaco station next door has surprisingly good authentic Bahamian food at a little lunch counter inside. I had breakfast there every morning and about 1/3 the cost of what coffee and a scone would have cost me at Starbucks. The Harbor Club pool is clean, cool and big. Security seemed pretty good. The showers were very good. Laundry facility was good. Not a super-fancy or new facility, but a very good one nonetheless.

Great stopover, 2013-04-06
Captain: , New York (50)

Great dock hands. Friendly staff. Fresh market and starbucks across the street. Can clear customs too.

Good location, plus shopping, 2013-03-27
Captain: , Edmonds, WA (460)

Sat out a Norther here. Docks are fixed, concrete and fairly high. Nice to have a mega-yacht on the dock head to protect from chop/wake. Great place for grocery shopping across the street - fully stocked and not bad pricing. Jitnney's are easy and cheap to get around town.

Good value marina, 2013-03-20
Captain: , Hartfield (281)

This was a very convenient, well-maintained spot to wait out weather.

The large shopping center across the street has a beautiful, new supermarket that stocks everything but alcohol, which can be purchased at a very nice wine shop across the mall from the Fresh Market grocery.

Do not waste your money on the wifi available through Securenet at the marina. Although Securenet is trying to fix it, it really isn't reliable. You can go to the Starbucks across the street or buy a one week ID at Lignum computer for $10 ( but the signal is weak and won't reach outside the mall) or use it for free at ComputerPlus, an Apple store.

Nassau is really just a utility stop, but with the mall location, it is that.

The office and dock staff are all very pleasant and helpful.

Pricey but good dockhands, 2013-03-03
Captain: , Gosport, uk (191)

High fixed concrete docks with some lower wooden slips for sailboats. Dockhands are friendly and helpful. Clean facilities and large laundry room. Big American style supermarket, liquor store, Radio Shack, Dominios, cash machine, Starbucks with wifi, etc., in the mall directly across the road. Marina has a ramp down to the docks for wheeling your provisions back to the boat.

Walking towards Downtown Nassau you'll find a few chandlery stores and The Poopdeck before the bridges to Providence Island. All the expensive shopping is beyond.

Batelco are across the road from the Hilton but at the time of writing did not have a working tool to cut down comms chips to iPad size. Go to RadioShack and buy a chip for $15 then cross over the parking lot to the PC shop to get it cut down (daylight robbery at $29). They can also load the data plan for you at $30/month for 2GB, and show you how to activate the subsequent months. Should work in the Turks & Caicos and US.

Some Staff Don't Know Anything and Don't Care, 2013-02-23
Captain: , vashon is (100)

Peter made room for us before a nasty norther, the 3rd time we stayed there. Staff are good about helping with tying up, but we were always on our own -- sometimes had help from other cruisers -- when we were ready to leave. Some office staff are excellent; others, as the title says, don't know much and don't seem to care at all. Wifi is still an issue; one staffer had no idea where to buy it, but said that Starbucks across the street had it (1 hour limit and only if you make a purchase). Water we didn't find to be a problem.

Bathrooms (at least the women's) were not clean and rarely had soap or paper towels.

The last time we stayed there (hello! there are only TWO marinas in Nassau?), we were tied to the concrete dock next to land. No ladder other than a large (12'?) one Peter let us borrow, and a LONG way up to the top at half tide or less.

Not great wind or wake protection, but adequate.

Excellent supermarket and pharmacy across the street. Solomon's Fresh Market isn't cheap (no Fresh Market is), but it has great stuff!

Great for provisioning and freadly and efficient staff, 2013-01-17
Captain: , Montreal (10)

Reasonable rates at 1.75$/ft clean pool
Best food store in the Bahamas and behond : Solomon's just across the street.(some boaters came back from the Exuma just to buy some food there.)great choice of organic food and good variety of cheese from all over
Some marine supply store walking distance.

Great Stop !!, 2013-01-15
Captain: , Patuxent River, MD (198)

Peter and dudley (assistant) were great. Had to stay for a few extra days to get an anchor windless fixed. Dudley and the staff knew who to call to get it shipped and returned without the typical delays. Good shopping across the street, great marine supply stores within walking distances. Free wi-fi at Starbucks and the Texaco station about a block away (password is porkchop) and has been for at least three years.

Acceptable dockage, 2012-11-19
Captain: , Galena, MD (1856)

Exposed to all the wave action from the busy harbor. Also exposed to winds from the east end of the harbor. There is a nice pool available and it is kept clean. Docks are solid and water was available and clean. Wifi must be purchased online and is expensive.
The food store across the street is scheduled to open the beginning of December. Solomons whole foods, and it looks to be an upscale store. At the back of the shopping center are a Dominos Pizza and a Dairy Queen. Liquor store in middle of center, pharmacy next door and a nice book store across from the liquor store.
Dock and office staff were very attentive and helpful.

The price is right, 2012-05-14
Captain: , Fort Myers (769)

NHC is about what you'd expect in the Bahamas. The dock staff do a great job and Peter (dockmaster) is teriffic. To add another star they need to get wifi on the docks and fix the water problems. Sometimes the water comes out a little brown... not something you want to fill your tank with before heading out to the Exumas. A simple Home Depot water filter takes care of most of the color but still.....

Wifi would be a great additon and in this age and time, a must for cruisers.

The large grocery store across the street is closed now but there are rumors of a new owner who may reopen. Who knows, but plan on a cab if reprovisioning.

Rock and roll in Nassau, 2012-05-01
Captain: , Halifax (20)

I told them ahead of time my catamaran is 21ft wide and Peter tried to jam me into a slip which was not 21 ft wide. I have scratches and gouges from the posts. next he put me on the long dock at right angle to the wind and the tidal current where we rocked and rolled for 2 days. Very uncomfortable unable to sleep and we probably would have been better at the miserable anchorage at the Green parrot. Why do I hate Nassau??

Rolly, but warm and friendly, 2012-04-19
Captain: , Cruising (3535)

This is a great place, and would be perfect except for the boat wakes. The dockhands are the best we've ever seen and Peter and his staff are very helpful and nice.
The shopping center across the street is very good - Dairy Queen all the way in the back section is our favorite. The grocery store has closed but will reopen as a Super Value in a few months. Excellent dentist in the shopping center if you need one. Very high-end gourmet store about a block away on E. Bay. Convenient and safe. Securenet NHC Internet service has been excellent - great speed. Starbucks is okay if you just need a quick check - you have to buy something and ask the cashier for wifi - you get a 1-hour login.

good location for provisioning and cheap water!, 2012-04-13
Captain: , Miami, fl (3666)

good marina, reasonably priced dockage and fuel.

Dockmaster and staff helpful and friendly

Two big advantages: right across from Nassau main shopping center (supermarket, liquor store and more...) and flat fee for water ($10 a day...) compared to high per gallon price of the marinas on paradise island

April 2012: the supermarket (city market) has closed and the nearest large supermarket is now Super value, a 5 min can ride away. If you don't need to provision for weeks, there is a very nice upscale market almost across from the marina, before the shopping center.

Stopped here several times and now 2012, 2012-04-05
Captain: , Solomons, MD (1290)

Feb 18-20 & Mar 17-22
Surprised at the previous review...
Where was the security guards !!!! ???
Not much has changed. Staff is very friendly. The grocery store was pretty bare, but we understand there will be new ownership sometime in the future. This has been a good stop for us on the way to and from the Exumas. Currents can be very strong. A power boat backing into the current hit a piling we were tied to and broke it. Fortunately, it did not land on our boat or dinghy and the staff quickly moved it. Fuel is available there but we noticed the price is cheaper at the Texaco fuel dock. The Poop Deck Restaurant is an easy walk and good, and Starbuck is across the street for good internet. We tried the internet at the marina, but it was not good. Marine stores are also close by with good supplies. The price of $1.75ft is pretty reasonable for the area. Before reading the previous review about serious security incidents we would have rated it a 4.

Nassau Harbor Club Marina... beware, 2012-04-04
Captain: , Vienna, VA (95)

We docked once again at the Harbor Club marina in Nassau but were very disappointed this trip... "convenient" grocery store across the street is closing, no groceries in the store, and had to go to another much further away to provision.

Also, during our stay, there were two instances of boats being burglarized. One one night, two boats were broken into and computers, cell phones, passports and wallets were stolen from on (and the crew was aboard) and items were also taken from another boat on the same night. The previous week a wallet was stolen from a trawlet while the owner was aboard. No idea where the "security guard" was during the burlaries... if you stay here, make certain to lock up tight at night!

Mixed feelings, 2012-03-11
Captain: , Olcott, NY (2536)

I spent a couple of weeks in here and weathered some pretty nasty weather while tied up. Fortunately my boat was bow to the weather as it kicked really bad for two days.
Don't swim in the water. Raw sewage ebbs and flows in the harbour.
Great location and a decent walk to a lot of things you might need.
The staff is very friendly and the security guard at night was always a welcome presence.
Although expensive, I think its the best value in the harbour.

Funky but... convenient., 2012-03-08
Captain: , Jupiter, FL (1306)

Peter is still a pretty good guy and it's the most convenient marina on the island. Everything you need for provisioning for the more remote islands. Not bad prices. Buy Rum and Vodka here for sure.

3 years later and nothing has changed. Very rolly marina, but they all are over here except Atlantis.
Very convenient.
Internet is horrible and expensive.

OK if you must stay in Nassau, 2012-02-29
Captain: , Port Dover, ON (137)

Friendly with security at night. Good docks but narrow (use fenders between boats) Rates are reasonable for Nassau. Good shopping across street. Walking distance to restaurants but don't walk after dark. Dangerous road traffic. The place seems deserted?? or partially closed. Washrooms and showers are OK but could be cleaner. Good laundry facilities

Bella Vita/Ray and Cynthia Pagano, 2012-02-22
Captain: , Charleston (241)

A good spot to put in that is reasonable in cost for Nassau. The owner,Peter, is very friendly and will go out of his way to provide you with anything you need. He took us to a restaurant in his personal car; brought us bananas from his garden and is always ready to share a cocktail or two. We will return.

Second stay here, 2012-02-19
Captain: , Key Largo (127)

We were here in the spring and again this week. Rate is $1.75 per foot with $6.00 per day for water. Convenient location and great staff. Boat wakes can get bad (we collided masts with the boat in the next slip last night).

Good place to stay, 2012-01-10
Captain: , Freeport TX (143)

Had water maker issues before heading to the exumas. $1.75 ft $8.00/day for water. Used the startbucks across the street for the internet. The openness of the marina to the harbor sure makes for a rocky slip ride. Lots of wakes! Diesel fuel $5.19/gal

Great for the money, 2011-11-09
Captain: , Silver Bay, MN (52)

We are staying here to wait out weather to sail to the Exumas. Wifi now available for $10 a day. Staff is great. Water $6.00 per day.

Nassau Harbour Club, 2011-05-18
Captain: , Greenville TX (580)

It's kind of run down with vacant buildings, but the docks are in good shape and the staff helpful and friendly. Being located across the street from the shopping center is great - but watch the crazy traffic -- 25mph zone apparently means that's the minimum speed you drive.

Great location for provissioning, 2011-04-22
Captain: , Toronto (203)

Facilities are a bit faded, but it has a pool and is across the street from a very good 24/7 grocery store. Peter (dockmaster) is great.

Harbour Club, nicest marina in Marina Row, 2011-04-19
Captain: , Punta Gorda, FL (146)

Friendly, knowledgable staff. Pool, laundry, located right across from a nice plaza where you can provision and get free internet at Starbucks. A bit lumpy with and East wind.

Nassau Harbour Club Hotel & Marina, 2011-04-07
Captain: , Vero Beach, Florida (118)

No question that NHC offers great value for the price. Comments regarding the swell, particularly from the eastern entrance of Nassau Harbour can add plenty of rock & roll. The marina does not offer WiFi but, you can get a good, high speed connection across the street at Starbucks for the price of a coffee. For a good "fish" dinner try The Poop Deck but in season, make sure you call early for a reservation and some types of fish are limited. For an up-scale dinner try Cafe Matisse.

Nassau Harbor Club, 2011-02-25
Captain: , Full Time Cruisers (2244)

good marin, flat rate for unlimited RO water. If tides are extreme, getting of your boat may be difficult. Concrete docks with wooden finger piers. strong ebb current running east to west

Okay marina in an okay location, 2011-01-16
Captain: , Havre de Grace, MD (299)

The location of this marina is it's most valuable asset. As others have noted, it's just across the street from a shopping center (including a Dairy Queen). Potters Cay markets 10-15 min. walk.

Showers / heads in fair condition. Water pressure at the dock very low.

Good Value Marina in Nassau, 2010-12-27
Captain: , MONARCH. COLORADO (1156)

Several have discussed this one. Its a bit rustic but serviceable. I felt the sailboats had it rough with the three foot tide change and the high docks. Some had to dingy to a wall ladder to get to ground. The laundry is good at $3. Shopping is excellent. The 11 bus will take you downtown for $1.25. Water is a fixed daily rate and for us it was $6.

Great Location, 2010-12-23
Captain: , Annapolis, MD (1090)

As noted by many of the previous reviews, this is a very good location with decent prices. Peter, the dockmaster is excellent and full of great information for the area. Inside slips can be a bit shallow at low tides and the docks are a bit too high to comfortably get off the boat at those times.

Convienient stopover, 2010-09-01
Captain: , New Port, RI (134)

Easy place to stop to clear customs, shop and take on fuel if needed. Shopping center is across the road for food and liquor. Peter is the manager and is very helpful when needed. You should anticipate lots of wake as the locals don't understand "no wake zones". This is true for all the marinas on this side of the channel.

Not quite as advertised, 2010-03-27
Captain: , Charlottesville, Va (91)

We have only a low door on our port side and could only get a port tie slip. When the tide was out neither my wife or dog (95lbs) could get off. The marina advertises it is "very pet friendly" but there is really no place for a dog to go. Office manager not very friendly, dock master (Peter) friendly & very helpful as were the other dock hands. Shopping center across the street with Starbucks whose wi-fi is much faster than the marina's $6.99 offering. Land based facilities are under construction/renovation (including around the pool) so not very attractive. 24 hr security advertised but is no longer.

Great Marina, Great Management, Great Shopping, 2010-01-24
Captain: , Stuart, FL (426)

The Owner Peter is very customer focused and helpful. The Marina is in relatively good shape with laundry and showers. When you walk outside the doors of the marina, you are inthe middles of great shopping. City Market has wonderful produce and anything you need for provisioning. Lightbourne Marine is very helpful for any items your boat might need. Atlantis a 20 minute walk. Highly recommend.

Fine facility with fair rate, 2009-12-06
Captain: , Block Island (1679)

In Dec 2009, paid $1.70/ft plus $6/day for all the water you want. Very close to everything you need - shopping, liquor, fuel, parts and more parts, pharmacy, Radio Shack. Docks are fixed and in fine shape. Bit of wake from passing boats, but that is true everywhere in this harbor. Clean laundry room, pool. Starbucks across the street has free WiFi with any purchase. Other paid WiFi available at the slip. Probably the cheapest slips you will find in Nassau. Liquor store across street offers good discount for a full case. No complaints about this marina.

Great facility, 2009-04-15
Captain: , East Greenbush, NY (745)

We spent a week here while my in-laws came to visit. This is the least expensive facility in Nassau, and it's in great shape. The docks are good (fixed, though, as are most docks in Nassau, so sometimes you have a 3-4 foot climb to get off your boat). The water sucks, but that's Nassau's fault, not the marinas. They have a great pool, excellent laundry facilities, decent showers and nice people. In addition, they are right across (and I mean right across) the street from the supermarket (tip one of the kids $5 at the market and they'll take your cart across and back), Radio Shack, Starbucks, Dominoes, and my personal favorite - Dairy Queen. Several restaurants and marine stores are within walking distance. They will also fill your propane for you, and they have diesel with new pumps and tanks. There was no protection from any passing vessels or waves, so it can get a bit rolly, but all of the marinas in this part of the harbor are the same way. They also have 24x7 security. We'll definitely stay here again if we come through again.

Nice convenient marina, 2009-04-05
Captain: , Marathon, FL (1264)

Peter is the dockmaster, and very helpful. Very convenient to shopping and services. Secure docks, but a bit rolly from boat traffic in harbour. We would definitely come back here.

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