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Morgan City Pleasure Boat Dock

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Address Front Street
Morgan City, LA 70380


After hours contact

Pete - 985-519-5245

Facility type

Marina - NO
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - NO
Municipal - YES
Other - NO

VHF channel

Web site

Email contact

Owner, manager



Payments acceptedCredit cards - NO
Checks - NO

Payment info

Cash in the box next to the main gate in the seawall.

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info: The docks are again open for business.
However, on June 3, 2017 they are closed and awash due to high water.


Approach is unremarkable as it is adjacent to the main channel. Minimum 10 ft depth.





Tide & current additional info

As much as one foot, usually much less. Current is usually minimal at the dock.


Approach: 15
Transient dockage: 15
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info: Approach depths run as the river flows.

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - NO
Floating - NO
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - YES
Other - NO

Additional info: There is a large alongside dock below the bridge and 4 slips above the bridge. While under construction, there are 2 slips between the 73 and 55 foot bridges that have 30 and 50 amp power, depth in the slip is about 4.5-5 feet deep.

Size restrictionsLOA max: 100
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: 5
Total: 10
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: $20 per night.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info:

Pricing info:

Cable TV (and pricing)

Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)


Dinghy access

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand: Gas and diesel available 1 block north.

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeUnknown

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out




Yes - There are a few trash cans for the local fishing pier just north of the 73 foot high bridge.







Yes - Good grocery - long walking distance.


Yes - Excellent hardware with some marine parts and supplies on dock.


Yes - Several within walking distance.


Yes - Several within walking distance.

Hotels or motels

Repair capabilities

Haul out capabilities

Storage facilities

Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - Sprint and Verizon both had good coverage at the slips.

Boat ramp availability


Other services


Front street has been renovated and makes an interesting place to explore.

Reviews for Morgan City Pleasure Boat Dock
Still closed., 2017-03-15
Captain: , Biloxi, MS (519)

Still closed and still under construction. We stayed at Berwick across the river.

2 Slips available even though the wharf is still under construction, 2016-07-08
Captain: , Kemah, TX (35)

We talked to Pete the Habor Master (# on other reviews and we received his number from calling the City of Morgan City) He let us know that construction on the wharf was still under way but there were 2 slips between the 2 fixed bridges on the East side of the river, and if we could get in the slip, we were welcome to stay the nght and connect to power. The drop box for payment is also over on the dock that is being renovated so for the time being, they said that we could just stay and make oursevles at home if we were just staying the night and not worry abuot the fee.

Wiith the current in the river it was a bit challenging backing in, but we were able to do it (had to back in to have long enough power cables to reach the connections dock side.). We did end up hitting the keeil in the mud so my guess is it is only about 4 feet or so all the way into the slip. We were sticking out quite a bit with a 43' foot sailboat but were tied securely so enjoyed the evening with power and air conditioning.

Dock closed., 2015-11-24
Captain: , Houston, TX (42)

jJust tried to tie up here and was waved away by construction crew who appear to be replacing the decking alongside the wharf. Don't know how long until it's back in service. tied up at Berwick dock right across the river. warning, first bridge reads 73' vertical clearance, but height marker showed on 54'.

Morgan city dock closed for renovation, 2015-10-23
Captain: , Port Isabel, Texas (102)

called the number in the cruising guide and got city hall. They called the Harbor Master Pete who called me back promptly. Thank you Pete! he told me hat the City Docks were undergoing renovation and were closed but we could use the Berwick dock directly across the river from Morgan City dock. Both are between the railroad and the highway bridges. don't have an ETA on completion. call Pete at 985-519-5245. Said there was a good restaurant on the Berwick side or you can take a dinghy across where the shrimp boats are to get to the Morgan City side.

closed for rebuild for 6 months, 2015-08-10
Captain: , fort worth, tx (71)

We called the number and spoke to a very friendly gentleman who gave us great local information, but sadly advised us that the city docks were being completely rebuilt and would be closed for approximately six months. Stayed at Berwick instead right across the river.

Closing for Rebuild, 2015-06-20
Captain: , Pass Christian MS (30)

We stayed here on June 19, 2015 and found that starting on Monday 21st the dock will be start to under some rebuilding. We weren't told how long this will take but I'm sure if you call they can give some idea but I'd plan on another location for the next several weeks or so. overall this was a great stop without issue. it's walking distance to the laundry, donut shop, Dollar General, and a great chicken restaurant and a fresh seafood shop where they'll cook while you wait (take out only). we stayed in at 42' sailboat with 6' draft.

Came in after dark. Great night sleep, 2015-05-22
Captain: , Kitty Hawk, NC (290)

railroad bridge operates VHF11 and does 4 load hoots when lowering for train. big MORGAN CITY on wall. BERWICK the same. 3 small shrimp boats tied off. wooden pier in poor shape but sturdy. use fenders! watch out for random metal studs and off pilings. no wake, comfortable in 28' sailboat. plenty of depth. short walk in the morning to donut shop on 4th ave very fresh! probably a nice place to stay for a couple days but we left early. use your vhf13 for traffic communication in this area!

No Regrets, Houston, 2015-04-18
Captain: , Houston (100)

Great overnight or two. Eat at Parrie's Lousianna Grill! Excellent char oysters and bread pudding! A must eat! Excellent Cajun food best we ate at in Louisiana! Rita Mayes was really good also. Loved the people and hardware store close with boaters supplies! All the hook ups and water at city dock. Taxis cheap, good close bakery's!

Love the Food -- the Dock -- Not so Much, 2015-04-02
Captain: , Kemah, TX (306)

The downsides of the dockage has been covered by other reviewers. The only thing I would add is that as of our stay 31 March 2015 there were no improvements to the docks or power/water location.

The food choices are another matter. There are several great eateries near the dock. Jo Jo's is my favorite but they are closed Mon/Tue. We took a nice walk to Rita Mae's for some great home cooking.

We will anchor out the next time we pass this area versus staying at this dock unless we have a Jones for some shore food.

Great stop, but rough docking, 2015-01-14
Captain: , Corpus Christi,Tx (1569)

Morgan City is what Louisiana and the oil field is about. I really enjoy all of the activity but the docks are mainly set up for commercial steel hulled boats. Make sure you put out lots of fenders and make sure you see where the power poles are before you dock or you willl have to have to use extension cords. We understand that the city is in the process of putting in new docks which will be much more cruiser friendly. When that happens, don't miss this place. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our stay and there are serveral good eating places nearby and a nice grocery store 7 blocks to the north. No issues with depth and the current is not a concern at the dock.

Gypsy Soul stop over in M.C., 2014-06-25
Captain: , Corpus Christi (221)

A great stop...nothing open in the downtown area on Sunday evening....So we missed Rita Mae's ( Next Time ) We call a Taxi and he took us to Susie's Seafood...don't let the outside influence you....this is a good of those rare local finds...we had great food and a good time. The Restaurant called us a cab to return to the boat and we asked the cab if he was interested in driving us to get some Diesel... He had no problem so he helped us get 40 gallon's of Diesel from a local service station....He didn't want to charge us...but we made him take $20 for the help....We enjoyed the night at the misquotes....the dirt from cars going over the deck was nuisance but we just dumped a few buckets of water and it was gone. We recommend this as a stop over and when we come back through we will plan to be here when the down town is open...Rita Mae's is at the top of our list.

s.v. Gypsy Soul

Friendly stop on the ICWW, 2014-05-05
Captain: , Deer Lodge, MT (329)

Well-lit at night. Water and power available for $20 a night. Wharf is set-up for commercial craft so recreational boats need lots of fenders and/or boards. Crew boats pass by that cause wakes at all hours. Close to hardware store with marine supplies and tourist and gift shops are close-historic downtown area. Locals were very friendly and helpful. Latin Quarter was delicious.....try to check out the Catholic Church-beautiful. Big grocery store and newer businesses, walk N to the second bridge and then go East for 7 blocks. Worth the walk.

Another City Dock Wall, 2014-04-28
Captain: , George West (80)

It worked, we tied all our fenders end to end and tied them along our docking side and it worked well for our Gemini for the night. I can see where this would not be a good place for smaller boats. we were between two large shrimp boats, unfortunately they were not working on Easter weekend so they didn't have any shrimp to sell. We got in late and left early so there was nothing open but you are right in front of a waterfront area of small shops and restaurants so I am sure there would be places to eat. It was a little noisy but it was fun watching the railroad lift bridge lower for the train. Be sure to gt on VHF 11 to talk to traffic going through this part of the ICW. Both the locks and the bridges in this area are controlled by a traffic coordinator on 11.

Not suitable for a smaller boat., 2014-04-18
Captain: , Fort Worth, TX (935)

I tied up here in a catalina 22 and got tossed like a rag doll. should be ok for bigger boats. If your boat rocks much from a side wake don't bother. Had a chat with the shrimpers. Very nice folks and helpful.

Well Placed Stop on Wall, 2014-04-02
Captain: , Kettering, Ohio (250)

This is a side tie to a wall with pilings spaced about twenty feet apart. Designed for commercial dockage. Pick a spot in front of the flood gates and you will find the power and water available at poles with yellow paint. Noises and wakes of a commercial dockage area. A well placed stop, market a mile walk, some small shops close by. Suggest fender boards. Honor pay of $20 per night

Cheap and close to the GIWW, 2014-03-11
Captain: , Annapolis (795)

You'll share the dock with shrimp boats, but it is not a bad place to spend the night. $20 a night including 50amp electric and water. Small grociery and a couple of places to eat within a mile. Not much to the town of Morgan City.

Rough, not a good dock for pleasure boats, 2014-01-29
Captain: , San Marcos, TX (865)

Spent one night (12/3/13). Agree with other reviews that an anchorage would have been better. Old commercial dock with big pilings (highly recommend fender boards). Very industrial area, many shrimp boats, no facilities. We were there with two other sailboats that we met while traveling. Only bright spot was dinner at Rita Mae's about 6 blocks from the dock.

Doeable and not dangerous, 2013-11-22
Captain: , Port Aransas (992)

We stopped over here hoping for water and power. Power was available but no water. The approach was easy enough.
The railroad bridge closed several times while we were here. It is a good idea to check in on channel 11 with Berwick. They handle the traffic and can keep us safe. Very friendly.
There was a little bit of wave action from passing traffic but if you tie up using boards and not too tightly, it wasn't bad at all. No current, or very little.
You may be able to buy shrimp off the boat on the wharf.
The town is worth a walk through before you leave. Nice old homes and storefronts.
The bridges make for a change in scenery and are especially nice at night with the lights all around.
There is some noise from the train and bridges, but if you want peace and quiet, don't park between a highway bridge and a railroad bridge.
We say few Mosquitos here and were able to enjoy the deck for a time.
We would stay here again.

OMG! Keep Going, 2013-09-20
Captain: , Corpus Christi (240)

If this is as far as you can make it. It is OK but I would keep going to one of the anchorages on either side of Morgan City. It has no redeeming features.

Living on the Edge, 2013-08-19
Captain: , Galveston, TX (599)

The dock is a bit rough. Fender boards are a must as traffic doesn't seem to notice the City's attempt at recreational boating. Electricity and water, no other services. Payment is put into the provided (call the number for prices) envelope and dropped in a lock box. Don't be surprised if approached by locals on the dock. They are either friendly and willing to help out, or just night owls looking for conversation and company.

Just the other side of the floodwall is the old town. Check Yelp! for your own reviews, but Rita Mae's and Latin Corner are a couple good restaurants within walking distance. There's an excellent hardware store only a block away, and many grocery and marine stores a bit farther on.

Southern hospitality, 2013-03-13
Captain: , Houston, TX (553)

Dock is pretty basic, but there is power and water. The town of Morgan City is friendly and walkable, with several decent restaurants nearby. We saw a most beautiful sunset from the dock framed by the main highway bridge and the railroad bridge.

Water, Power, $20/nite, Shopping., 2013-01-06
Captain: , San Diego (377)

Simple side tie on pilings. We walked into town and picked up some steaks, saw a movie (The Hobbit). The theater kept the steaks in their fridge. Good place to ride out bad weather. No Taxis, or the wait it way to long.

We Like This Stop, 2012-11-11
Captain: , Athens, AL (641)

I guess our review is better than most. It may not be modern floating docks but look beyond that and enjoy the city. This is our second time through here and no bad experiences, a little rocking, a little road and train noise, but I will agree that fender boards are helpful. All of the old downtown area is steps away, for sure check out the city park, and don't miss Rita Mae's for a great meal. Great hardware store on the other side of the storm wall, anything you could possibly need. Was not impressed with JoJo's.

Real Good Food, 2012-09-26
Captain: , port aransas (21)

Walk 7 blocks down Freret to Rita Mae's Kitchen. You'll be glad you did.

Could be great with a little work., 2012-07-20
Captain: , Kemah, Texas (170)

We were tied up right behind Capt. Jim and agree with his assessment. I'm told it was a lot nicer several years ago and could be again with a little maintenance and facility upgrade.

Town closed on Sunday, 2012-07-09
Captain: , Reedville, VA (689)

We spent Sunday night here. The positive side is that you can buy fresh shrimp at the dock. Water available if you have enough hose. Power available if you have enough cord. Docks in poor shape.

Resupply, good resturants, pleasant people, 2012-05-10
Captain: , Absarokee Mt (1228)

Morgan City has always had a reputation and this visit was a very pleasant surprise, not for the docking facility which is adeqate but public and difficult to secure to because of the pilings. The resturants previously mentioned, the Latin Quarter and Cafe JoJos are marvelous. Dock in between the highway bridge and the railway bridge, toward the middle if the shrimp boats let you in. The only water faucets are on the two center poles and the power is on those same poles, 50 amp and 30. The 50 amp connection is a bad deal for most of us because it prevents a full engagement of the male end of modern 50amp/250V plugs, I noticed that only one screw was holding on the yellow plastic cover (with guard) and when cover was removed the male plug would engage and twist lock to engage. The Cuban resturant (Latin Qtr) is about 4 blocks away on Railroad Street and the Italian resturant (Cafe JoJo) is right across the street from the gate through the seawall. The Cuban resturant is good for Lunch and the Italian is a dinner place with white tablecloths. Wakes were a problem, with Crew boats late at night, make sure to fender proberly

Only if you must!, 2012-04-27
Captain: , Mckinney,TX (361)

We stopped there for 1 night after a good day from Intracoastal City. Fender boards are a must, very noisy from 2 road bridges and the railroad lift bridge. 30 amp and 50 amp, water if you have a long enough hose. All for $20.00/night. Bring lots of fenders.

Not a dock I will return to., 2012-04-23
Captain: , Port OConnor, Tx (628)

This dock is very hard on a boat. Even tho this is a no wake zone. We got slam by a 6 foot wake off a crewboat. Reported to Coast Guard.

Neat little stop with some good food, 2012-02-25
Captain: , Nashville (547)

The pies from the Cuban restaurant are the bomb!

Put your money in the drop box, attach your power cord (50 and 30 amp) and enjoy. The river was running 1.5 mph a little over flood, but there was virtually no current at the docks.

The train is pretty loud, but we only noticed one in the early evening and one early morning.

City Warf was closed for docking as of August 13, 2011, 2011-09-22
Captain: , Crestview, FL (170)

We tried to dock here on August 13, 2011. Called the number listed at the wharf, and was told that the wharf was closed for dockage. No estimate as to when it will be open again. Ate dinner at the nice Italian restaurant across the street, then moved on.

Tied to the wall, 2011-02-27
Captain: , New Buffalo, Michigan (780)

We tied to a wall in front of concrete wall that said Morgan City on it. Had 50 amp power on pole up about 5 feet so you have to tie a rope around your power cord to support it. Tied up in front of shrimp boat named Janet. Went to cajun place on Federal Street put the closed at 7 pm. Ate at Italian place Cafe Jo Jo right across from the boat. Fuel is 1/3 mile up the river on the same side.

Wrong phone number, 2010-11-04
Captain: , Panama City, FL (429)

The right one is 985-385-1770. Dock master suggested we take one of the several vertical (straight-in) slips at the north end of the pier, but river currents and winds would have made entry hazardous and the stay miserable. Several shrimpers moored here and only room left for one other boat, us.

A place to stay..., 2010-10-30
Captain: , Nassau Bay (185)

Traveling the ICW east to NOLA, this is a dock to tie up on, no services, water or power. Lock the doors and cook dinner on your boat. Current can be tricky and there are no cleats, so you are tying on very large pilings.

Nice Historical Place, 2010-02-20
Captain: , Port Aransas, Texas (998)

The original pleasure boat dock between the two fixed bridges was awash but the old shrimp boat docks were with a sign that re-designated Pleasure Boat Dock Several shrimp boats were side tied there but there was space for three 40+ feet boats. We found much withing walking distance including Rita Mae's and Atchafalaya cafes that offered great food. The hardware store 100 yards inside the seawall if a true commercial marine chandlery. If you need a 200 pound shackle they have it. Locals including the dock master and the Asst. Fire Chief stopped by to offer a ride if we needed it. The history of this area is centered in the immediate area. Watch local currents.

Docks, 2009-06-23
Captain: , Kentucky (190)

Exposed docks to the river, some waking. Only $20, and as previousl noted by other reviewers food and laundry close by. Rough facilities, but it is a public dock

Poor, 2009-05-19
Captain: , New Iberia, LA (357)

Last stop in early 2009 was not good. Going down hill, but will still work in a pinch.

Great Place to stay, 2008-01-03
Captain: , San Antonio Texas (76)

We spent a month last january 2007 getting repairs completed at the dock. The harbor master took pity on us and let us buy an annual permit for only $150 until the repairs were complete. There is a great grocery within walking distance and try the restauraunt Rita Mae's for great gumbo or a great Hamburger. Jo Jo's across the street is exensive but worth the price. Laundramat is also within walking distance. If you need anything the locals will likely treat you like family and offer to take you there.

MC Pleasure Boat Docks, 2007-02-01
Captain: , Patterson, La (1441)

These are DOCKS not a marina. Unattended. There is an along side dock at the opening in the seawall just below the bridges and 5 slips between the bridges. All have 30 amp, and water hook ups.
Several marine supply stores are across the street. Hose, filters and electric supplies are all available. All commercial grade, this is not a yachting center! Diesel repair shops are numerious.
Several restaurants are within walking distance as well as Post Office, laundry, and shopping. Grocery stores are a short cab ride.
Fuel is availale at 3 fuel docks within several hundred yards of the docks, Texaco, Shell, and Exxon.
There is a shrimp packing house located at the dock where one may purchase fresh and frozen shrimp or diirectly from the boats.
Free dockage is also available directly across the river at the Berwick city dock. No services at all but a grocery store is very close by.

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