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Moody Gardens Marina

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Address One Hope Blvd.
Galveston, TX 77554


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO

VHF channel


Email contact

Owner, manager



Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


Once you get past the last red marker entering Offatt's Bayou (be sure you're past the last one!) head straight for the pyramids. Straight in approach with plenty of depth.

Coming from the Clear Lake area you will need to contact Galveston Causeway Railroad Bridge on 16 (who then usually asks you to go to 13) for clearance if you are too tall. Barges have the right of way, and mainly the bridge operator will give you a heads up on approaching traffic behind the bridge (which you can't see). Listen to 16 as far out as you can to pick up the syntax.





Tide & current additional info


Approach: 10
Transient dockage: 10
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - YES
Floating - NO
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - YES
Other - NO

Additional info: Marina is open and in great shape!

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: $2.00/ft (2015-07-18)

Other price info: Slips are cheaper during the week, $2.00 per foot on the Friday and Saturday. $1.50 per foot Sunday thru Thursday.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - NO
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info: 50/250 receptacles only. Must have an adaptor for 30 amp. Power included in the slip fee.

Pricing info:

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)

Yes - Potable water available.

Dinghy access


Liveaboard info



Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:



Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access


Launch service


Pump out



Yes - If you call the resort, they will deliver as much ice as you want, right to the docks, 9/1/2010.










Yes - Cab ride away.


Yes - Cab ride away. Or you can dingy to NE corner of Offat's bayou. Tie dinghy up and walk to West Marine.


Yes - On site and all over Galveston via cab or shuttle.


Yes - On site.

Hotels or motels

Yes - On site.

Repair capabilities


Haul out capabilities


Storage facilities


Fishing supplies

Yes - Not on site. Lots of bait and tackle places around the bayou.

Chartering capabilities


Internet access

Yes - No WiFi. Cellular connection works.

Boat ramp availability



Yes - Cabs available. Hotel also has free shuttle to various spots on the Island.

Enterprise Car Rental
5919 Broadway St.
Galveston, TX
Will pickup and deliver short distances.

Other services

The slip fee entitles you to access the Hotel's amenities, including pool with swim up bar, gym, and even room service.


Many things to do and see on site, as well as all over Galveston. The Hotel. Moody Gardens, which is composed of a rain forest pyramid, an aquarium, a children's discovery type museum, an IMAX theater, and various seasonal attractions that change every 3-4 months. Schlitterbahn Water park is walking distance. Air Museum is also walking distance.

Reviews for Moody Gardens Marina
Very Nice Facility, 2017-08-09
Captain: , Houston TX (112)

We docked here the weekend of 8/4 - 8/6 and had a great stay. The hotel and staff rate 5 stars. The slips are fix and very high, hang your bumpers at the toe rail if you are in a sailboat. There is very little (none) protection from wakes in the bayou, but things calm down at night and we did not have any trouble sleeping. With a little better wind and wake protection I would have rated the facility 5 stars.

As the other reviewers noted you have full use of the hotel while you are a guest. A golf cart shuttle is avaliable to take guest from the marina to the hotel. We never had to wait more than about 10 minutes for the shuttle to arrive.

Midweek rate makes this a perfect spot, 2017-05-06
Captain: , United States (3192)

We spent four nights on the discounted midweek rate. 50a power is included. On our visit the water park was not yet open but we enjoyed the hotel pool and used the spa. Showers in the hotel building adjacent to spa and fitness center are open to guests at all times and have towels, shampoo, and shower gel, so much nicer than the single stall by the marina. Happy hour menu at the lobby bar is enough for dinner and resonably priced. We also enjoyed the cafe and Shearn's on the ninth floor. WiFi does not reach the marina but is available in the hotel areas. Nice resort at a good price mid-week.

Moody Marina, 2017-04-19
Captain: , Galveston Texas (315)

Very nice facilities and very friendly service. All hotel ammenities are available when you get your slip and all first rate. Stay close to the day markers as you transit Offats Bay, once Moody piers are in sight you'll have 16 feet of water all the way to the slips.

Family Fun - Spring Break 2017, 2017-03-21
Captain: , Beaumont, TX (310)

This was our 2nd stay at Moody Gardens Marina. We spent 3 nights here During spring break 2017 with 3x 12 yr olds. As stated in the previous review half of the docks have been replaced with new wood to the concrete pier. They are a little high but not too bad for fixed docks. The Moody Gardens staff is top notch, very professional and courteous. Its a hike from the Marina to the Hotel but you can call the front desk anytime and they'll send a golf cart shuttle down to pick you up to bring you to the hotel and they even drove us to Schlitterbahn twice. As stated the restroom and shower facilities are not ideal in that you share them with the water park. Your slip # is you room # and you can charge hotel services/meals/gift shop items to your room#. The hotel pool is heated!! This isn't your typical marina setting but is nice stop for a few days to enjoy all that Moody Gardens has to offer. Perfect for kids and family fun. Will definitley be back!

P.S. My only complaint would be the amount of Seagull mess left at the docks. The seagulls seem to have made this dock their home. Not sure what the Hotel could do about this (Probably nothing) but they do make a serious mess on the docks and will wake you up at daylight each day squawking. We didn't complain to the hotel but I've heard from others that if you call and let them know they'll send someone down to pressure wash.

Nice destination marina, 2016-07-08
Captain: , Pleasure Island, TX (10)

Will have spent a total of four nights here total for our summer vacation cruise. Half of the docks have been replaced with new wood to the concrete pier. They are a little high but not too bad for fixed docks. Spoiled to floating docks at our home marina! The Moody Gardens staff is top notch, very professional and courteous. They don't know much about marinas or sailors but they make up for it in friendliness.
As stated the restroom and shower facilities are not ideal in that you share them with the water park. Luckily they are not the main restrooms and not too busy, especially in the evening. Only one shower stall that hasn't had a shower head on it the last two days but it is hot water! No privacy but at least a nook to change in and a sink and mirror to dress and shave at. Not sure about the women's side my other half showered on the boat.
it is a long walk to get anywhere on the property but if you call the number on the sign they will send someone to shuttle you around. They will also bring you free ice for the asking. At $1.50 for weekdays and $2.50 on weekends the rate isn't too bad for a vacation or overnight or two off the ICW.
The restroom is a short cut to the water park which you have free access to if you are registered in the marina. The hotel pool and swim up bar is a short walk from the park. Good drinks at the pool bar and not too pricey for a hotel bar.
I gave this place 4 stars because the restrooms could be better for cruisers but these guys aren't in the marina business.

Marina is re-opened, 2016-07-05
Captain: , Kemah, TX (159)

They have reopened the marina at Moody. All fingers on the south of the pier have been rebuilt. We just stayed and had problems with the power pedestal (breaker was tripping on only 20 amp draw) and they promptly sent out a whole electrical team to get it repaired!

Needs repair, 2016-01-01
Captain: , houston (10)

Great destination and lots of plus points but the marina docks themselves are very tired and in need of significant repair. (also covered in seagull mess). Shower in male restroom all but useless, never did get hot water out of it. Pool and grounds are very nice however. Plenty of water depth.

Fantistic family destination., 2015-10-07
Captain: , Clear Lake, TX (10)

We have traveled from Clear Lake to Moody's many times and are never disappointed. The other reviews are correct as far as the restroom facilities but the numerous other amenities more than make up for it. You get to use the pool that has a swim up bar, the waterpark when it%u2019s open during the summer, good resturants, beautiful grounds, etc. Great place for the family.

Inadequate facilities, 2015-06-10
Captain: , Galveston (59)

Only one shower which you share with a huge bathroom used by the people in the pool area. No privacy, no dressing area, you dry off and get dressed in the middle of this public rest room. You are much better off to anchor out and dinghy in to go to the hotel or Moody Gardens. Facilities were more boater friendly before Ike.

Stayed again 6/5 to 6/7. Same issue with he showers with one additional twist, on Sunday morning all but one stall was locked on the men's side and all the stalls were locked on the women's side. Since the restrooms are open to the pool area this may have been somebodies idea of a joke but two hours after notifying the front desk there was no change.

Others have mentioned problems with reservations and our experience was the same, there is no reservation system for the marina.

The worst part of the weekend was the traffic in and out of the channel just east of the marina. Giant outboards going full throttle both ways. Apparently these giant outboards have only two settings, off and full throttle. Some really horrendous wakes. As an added feature they rented jet skies off the dinghy dock in the marina on Sunday so ther was some more wake as the jet skies raced in and out of the marina.

The fire works onSaturday were pretty good although somewhat too close for my comfort. Some of them we had to look straight overhead for.

We will probably go there again but definitely not on a weekend.

They did keep a cooler full of ice on the dock and had 50 amp to 30 amp plugs available for those who needed them.

If you plan on going don't worry about reservations, just pull into an empty slip. You may have to get close to undo the cable across the slips and there will be no docking help.

Tired and unimpressed, 2014-12-16
Captain: , Kemah, Texas (245)

We spent this past Saturday night (12/13/14) there arriving after dark after a long day of dodging towboats and barges along the very busy ICW.
Although we had a slip reservation and called when in sight of it to notify the reservation desk we were inbound hoping for a little help and guidance with this dark approach to an unfamiliar dock, there was still a line tied across the open end of it and no one came down to meet us.
We tied temporarily to the end of the dock, untied the line blocking our slip, and moved around into it.
As mentioned in other posts, the cement dock is fixed height with pilings and ample gull droppings everywhere.
Although we had given them our credit card number when we made the reservation, they still insisted that we walk the quarter mile to the hotel reservation desk to pick up our keys to the bathroom and showers (which we told them several times we had aboard our boat and didn't need).
The staff were very nice - although clearly not boat aware - and there were thousands of people walking the grounds for the Festival of Lights.
Maybe if we still had young children, we would have been more positively impacted. As it was, we were not much impressed after a long day on the water and such an effort to give them our transient business.

Nice Stay Overall, 2014-11-15
Captain: , Seabrook, TX (35)

We stayed for two nights this past weekend. Overall we enjoyed our stay, and having full access to the resort.

The plusses: Not crowded this time of year, easy access to slips and plenty of water depth. Also, you can use the free shuttle service from the resort if desired - we usually walked to and from the boat (abt 1/4 mile or so). The cost was reasonable, we paid $1.50/ft even though we were quoted a higher price.

The minuses: Call ahead, even if you have a slip reserved! The slip we were assigned to in our reservations was roped off when we arrived just after dark, as were all the other slips. The only place we could tie up was the end slip. Once tied up, we called the front desk, who sent a manager out to meet us. They just decided to leave us on the end since we were the only boat there. Also, these are fixed wooden piers, with only a few boards extending down to the water to fend off the boat. Fender boards would definitely help here. Finally, though these slips provide great protection for the prevailing wind, they become quite exposed and rolly in a northern.

Bottom line, if you want to see Moody Gardens or Schlitterbahn, this is a great place to stay ... just call ahead!

Good Value, 2014-07-10
Captain: , League City (194)

We stayed at the marina for two nights. The hotel was running a promotion wherein you paid for one night and you received a second night at no cost. We were charged $1.50 per foot. I made the reservation by calling the hotel reservation number found on their website. The reservation agent was very knowledgeable about the Marina accommodations and the booking process was fast and easy. I was given a specific slip number as part of the reservation.

The docks are fixed, made from wood and concrete, and have double slips between the fingers. They keep some docks roped off with a line between the finger piers. So those that may approach at night take warning: don%u2019t get clotheslined! There is potable water and 50A 120/240 shore power available at each berth. As stated in other comments, the hotel has 50A to two 30A pigtail adapters available with a credit card deposit. I found the tidal swing to be about 18%u201D to 24%u201D but this will vary with time of month / year obviously. Depth seemed to be around 15ft to 20ft at the dock. The farther docks seemed to be less used and were heavily fouled with bird poop. Large numbers of gulls hang out there at night and I found that to be a little unpleasant, although they were quiet and weren%u2019t really a bother. The hotel should consider power washing the dock regularly, in my opinion.

Access to the resort is convenient although it involves a little walking or waiting for them to get you in a golf cart. Washroom facilities are about 600ft from the docks. I did not find the distances to be objectionable although it is far enough to the hotel to be a bother if you forget something at the boat. My only real beef is that the dock area is not gated off and you do occasionally get resort guests that come down to explore and gawk at / photograph your boat. No one did anything inappropriate like come out on the finger pier and look in a porthole but you do and up being a bit of a curiosity it seemed. As a marina facility it can feel a bit lonely but it is reasonably well maintained and a good comparative value. Add in the access to the hotel and resort facilities and it becomes a nice destination in and of itself.

Super Situation., 2014-05-28
Captain: , Kemah, Tx (143)

Yes, the docks are fixed. But, having access to all of the hotel facilities, showers in the hotel etc. Make this a super bargain.
I would rather pay $75 for the slip fee than $2-300 per night for a hotel room here. They also have shuttle service (free). We just had a super great time.

A mixed bag, 2013-06-03
Captain: , Port Aransas, TX (1453)

We actually enjoyed stays here on 2 recent nights (5/6 and 5/13) but had a mixed experience both times. The good - LOTS of water depth and few boats tied up (we were alone on second stay). Lovely landscaped areas to walk dog, but they are a long hike from the slips. Rest rooms are nice and very clean. Prompt service from staff when we had problems with the power connection. Very good protection from prevailing southeast wind.

The bad - reservations are made with hotel staff and they have no clue what to ask / tell about the marina. In general, staff tries hard to be helpful; no one appeared to have any experience running a marina. Marina area is unattended. The first night we were assigned a slip along the concrete pier, which was fine except it was way too high and difficult to get off the boat. The pilings are huge and on the outside of the pier, so tying up was a challenge. When we arrived, there was a large tent set up right next to our assigned slip with a party planned for the next two evenings (food, live music, etc.). The sponsors were nice, music was not too loud nor too late and we got invited to dinner, so it could have been much worse. Our second night we tied up to the wood docks and they are in fairly poor shape. Concrete pier was in much better shape, but at least we could get off the boat more easily.

Have to press them for everything, 2012-11-19
Captain: , Port Isabel, TX (60)

We had visited Moody Gardens by car and loved the place, so we decided to sail down for a 3 day stay. We had called 2 weeks in advance and was told by the front desk of the hotel no reservations were required and given a specific quote for our planned stay.
Somehow, the other reviews don't match up to what we've experienced.
We have had to press them for EVERYTHING! They tried to charge us much more than we were quoted and I had to produce our notes with a mention of a review on the net before they would honor the quoted rate. They also weren't even going to let us stay because we had not made reservations despite what we were told on the phone and the fact the marina's slips were all OPEN. The first time we asked for ice, it came in a large oversized ziplock baggie. I finally had to mention previous reviews of large containers of ice delivered to the boat before they actually did deliver it.
So far - no shuttle. They offered to call me a cab. I walked to Wal-Mart and took a cab back for $7 ($10 w/tip although the tip was not voluntary. I handed her a $10 bill and she kept it, offering no change).
If I had not pressed for the things I had, I would rate this no stars, but a few staff members have been polite and helpful (Alex and Lubos) and they have done everything to honor their amenities and make our stay comfortable.
Basically, this is a situation where the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. If they paid more attention to the Marina - spiffed it up a bit and more organized in the operation of the marina - the cost they were going to charge us would have been worth it. I gave this 3 stars - one for Alex, one for Lubos and one for their helpfulness. I recommend not talking to the front desk, but ask for the manager when checking in. He's more knowledgeable than the desk staff.
One more thing, the one reviewer was correct. The channel is tricky to get through to the bay, but stay in the middle all the way to the last marker (28). We even motored for a short time after before we turned toward Moody Gardens. We came in at night with the aid of our chartplotter and did just fine.

I scored with the kids!, 2012-07-02
Captain: , Oklahoma (209)

First the negative. There's no fuel AND the staff have no clue about how to get into the marina. The Offatt Bayou channel is narrow and tricky. It also apparently changes quite often. One captain told us to stay close to the north markers as the south ones were in the shoals. This didn't match with the depth guage. Ultimately we stayed in the middle and made it just fine. Once the channel runs out the bottom is all around 18 to 20 feet. Calling Moody Gardens will not help you AT ALL so don't bother.
Now the good. $1.50 per foot to tie up AND ICE IS FREE!.... AND I mean FREE... all you want. They brought us out like 40 pounds of ice in a huge tub as soon as we checked in. Secondly, the water park is free if you pay for a slip. Our kids LOVED it! The rest is a bit pricey. The pyramids you see from the water have a rain forest an aquarium and a "discovery zone" which apparently changes exhibits. This is a great place for the family. It's clean and very well taken care of. (except for the slips but they'll do.) We had no problems with water or power and the entire staff we encountered were incredibly friendly. We will go back for a night or two when in the area and if you're kids are getting a board onboard then a day or two here will cure the problem and you'll be a hero!

Pretty Good Place, 2012-04-18
Captain: , Mckinney,TX (361)

The docks are not many and not that great. However when you check in at the hotel you have access to all facilities and that is excellent, but not cheap. We paid $99 for Sat night and $66 per night for Sun and Mon nights. This included elec and water dock side.
No good with N or NE winds

Great overnight - great service, 2011-12-21
Captain: , Kemah Texas (90)

Shower/bathroom access when check in at front desk. Make sure you get the codes. A little pricey but the service from hotel is great. They will provide ice, shore power adaptors and rides to/from the hotel ( it is quite a hike) free of charge. Watch your markers coming in - gas/diesel is not available. Wood docks and concrete piers. We come in on a cold and rainy day and were the only boat docked but I could see the marina filling up quickly on a good weather day.

Wow What a place., 2011-12-18
Captain: , St Augustine, Fl (452)

We were going to anchor out in Offatts Bay but called and got resevations at $67.00 at was a little steep ...but they came and got us and drove us to the office. Gave us an adapter for 50 to thirty amp as they only have 50 amp. The staff was really nice and went out of the way to assistst us. The reason we desided to stay at the marina was that they were having the Parade of Christmas light ,,,,a full 1/2 mile walk of lights and christmas interaiment. You must get a cab or rent a car to go any where as they do not any courtisy cars to take you off ground...but will get you to the marina when you return from town. It is quite a walk to the marina so use the carts.

Would I stay again ???? Yes / No yes if I was on a vacation or had the kids with me. Yes if I could stay a few days to enjoy the sights. No they do not have fuel and no way to get to town or around the island unless you rent a car or call a cab. $12.00 cab fare to Wall Mart for two people.

Great Weekender from Clear Lake Area, 2010-11-04
Captain: , League City (19)

This is entirely a transient marina. Reservations recommended as alot of Clear Lake area boaters come down fri afternoon or sat morning.
It is a hike to the hotel and Moody Gardens, but there is a shuttle that will come get you. Often I end up walking because the shuttle can take up to 1/2 hour. Finger piers are wood, central pier concrete. This marina suffered little damage from Ike, the piers were fine, but shore power and water connections were badly damaged. All fixed now as of ~july 2010. This is not really a marina that understands boaters, more like a hotel that happens to have a marina as a side operation. Service varies a great deal depending on who happens to be working that day. Be sure to ask for access key cards and bathroom codes when you check in @ hotel lobby. This gets you in the marina bathrooms, the pool, the gym, and hotel bathrooms.
With all the attractions nearby there is alot to do here, esp with kids, but fun for just adults too. Easy to spend a 4 day weekend and still miss a few things.

Great getaway in the Houston/Galveston area, 2010-09-01
Captain: , Nassau Bay (185)

Had most of the marina reserved the weekend of 8/28/2010. Called resort ahead of time and they washed all the bird droppings from the docks! With another phone call, they delivered as much ice as we all could use. They would also come down to the docks either in a golf cart or a shuttle van to take you the long hike up to the hotel. Great service and pretty setting. Nice place to get away in the Houston/Galveston area! Highly recommended!

Marina is open, 2010-08-20
Captain: , clear lake texas (435)

Marina is open. The docks are the same as before Ike. Showers and hotel facilities are in good shape.

Marina Closed!, 2009-06-30
Captain: , St. Augustine, FL (175)

The docks don't look to be damaged that badly, but the marina is still closed from IKE damage, and there's no obvious repair work underway.

Great stop! , 2007-02-27
Captain: , Houston, TX (1409)

Moody gardens is a hotel / entertainment complex. See web site for details. There is a large hotel/conference center there, restaurants, beach, aquarium, rainforest pyramid and much more. Marina itself is very nice wooden fixed piers. Hotel has shuttle to other sites on Galveston Island.

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