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Mears Great Oak Landing Marina Resort

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Average rating 3.4 stars from 29 reviews

Address 22170 Great Oak Landing Rd
Chestertown, MD 21620-4101


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - YES
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


VHF channel



Email contact

Owner, manager

Brad Wilson




Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

Visa, MC, AE, and Discover.

Payment discounts

Slip holders get free pumpouts and $0.10 fuel price discount.

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


After entering the somewhat tricky Fairlee Creek Inlet (see marker), the marina is immediately on the port. The deepest water in the marked channel is about 10' off of the shore line as you enter in from the bay.





Tide & current additional info


Approach: 8
Transient dockage: 7
Fuel dock: 6

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - NO
Floating - NO
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: 70
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: 350
Transient price: $2.75/ft (2015-12-04)

Other price info: Monday through Thursday: $1.75 per foot plus electric.
Friday through Sunday: $2.75 per foot plus electric.
Holidays: $3.00 per foot plus electric. 2 night minimum.
$55.00 dockage minimum per night.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info:

Pricing info: Single 30 amp: $6.00 per night.
Double 30 amp: $12.00 per night.
Single 50 amp: $12.00 per night.
Double 50 amp: $20.00 per night.

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)


Dinghy access

Yes - Dinghy landing in front of the restaurant.

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info: BoatUS discounts.

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info: BoatUS discounts.


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out



Yes - Cubes and blocks.



Yes - 3 location in the lodge, but the ones in the bathouse at the end of D dock are the best.




Yes - Coin op washer and dryers at each restroom location.


Yes - Very minimal at ships store, otherwise, closest is 10 miles away in Chestertown. They do sell beer and alcohol.



Yes - Great Oak Restaurant, Jellyfish Joel's.


Yes - Jellyfish Joel's, plus pool bar and restaurant bar. Live music every Fri/Sat afternoon/night at Jellyfish Joels, live every Fri/Sat night at the restaurant.

Hotels or motels

Yes - Motels on site; luxury Bed and Breakfest located nearby.

Repair capabilities


Haul out capabilities

Yes - 50 ton travel lift.

Storage facilities


Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - WiFi, no charge. No Verizon reception, 2014.

Boat ramp availability

Yes - Small boat ramp on site (up to 20' LOA).


Other services

Swimming pool, hot tube, golf, and private beach.


Rather minimally maintained 9-hole golf course on property.

Reviews for Mears Great Oak Landing Marina Resort
Very Disappointing, 2016-08-26
Captain: , Annapolis (127)

If you're into binge drinking and cigarette smoke, this is the place for you! We arrived for a weekend stay with high hopes, but were highly disappointed.

Check-in; The check-in process is the worst of any marina we've been to. They do not answer on the VHF, and the only way to get a slip assignment is to pull up to the fuel dock, shutdown, and do all the paperwork then and there. This might be easy for someone with a little runabout, but with a large cruiser and engines that don't like repeated shutdowna and restarts, this is a pain.

Staff; The staff is all very nice, but was surprised to see they are all very young. While this is not uncommon at other marinas, more experienced managers/etc are usually quite visible. Not so here. The only person we saw resembling a manager was in the office, and not particularly friendly.

Pool/Bathhouse; The bathhouse by E dock is beyond description. Quite beautiful. Sadly, the hot water heater was broken while we were there, so use was limited. The bathroom at the Inn are dated, but functional. The pool is highly disappointing. It's green. I think if the lifeguard had been as focused on the pool as they were on their phones, perhaps it could be a bit cleaner.

Restaurant; The food is quite good, but the hours are all over the place. They do NOT close at the posted hours, and in once case, very loud live music went on until nearly midnight. Recommend requesting a slip more removed.

Overall; The kids zone is a nice feature, but you start to get the sense it's only there so someone can watch the kids while mom and dad get blitzed. We came with a young child, so was looking for a more family atmosphere. This is not it. Also, this is the first and only marina that prohibits propane grills ON your own boat. Very odd. They do offer some complimentary grills shoreside, but there are only a few for everyone to use.

Nice facility, needs minor improvements, 2016-08-08
Captain: , Mears Point Marina (10)

The grounds and marina of Great Oak are beautiful. There are a few improvements I would recommend: first, DO SOMETHING about the internet access! Second, better communications with the transients would improve the experience: for example, we had finished dinner at J.R.'s Watermark (very nice), and wanted to go to JellyFish Joel's -- we started walking and realized it was closed. Who knew it closed at night? Operating hours could have been included in the welcome package. Also, NO ONE told us that we were to check in at the fuel dock - which would have been good to know as we pulled in. When were pulling in, there was a lot of confusion in the 'front office' about our reservation. Finally, we are members at a sister marina. The ability to identify ourselves may have improved the experience.

Great Oaks Marina, 2016-07-31
Captain: , All Season Marina (20)

Not what we expected/anticipated. Restaurant food was 50/50. Party of 8; only 4 enjoyed their meal...Pool was didn't have beer ready on tap...Jellyfish Joel's only open til 8 ( on a Friday !!) .
Bathrooms were spectacular !

Couldn't ask for better dock staff, 2016-05-31
Captain: , Bay St. Louis, MS (120)

5/31/16 Stopped in for fuel. Diesel with Boat US dicount was $1.80 a gl. Dock staff let us stay on the fuel dock while we did laundry. We were even allowed to plug in as we have a pet onboard and given a pool pass. Now the pool water was a little green but cool. The giftshop has beer too. Oh.....We also got a pump out. I can't say enough about M.G.Oak Landing Marina.

Fun place to hang out in the summer, 2016-03-27
Captain: , Worton Creek, MD (290)

This is party central on nice weekends in the summer. Throw the hook out and have a drink or two with 200 of your best friends. The tiki bar and the beach adds to the atmosphere. People come here to have fun, but I've never run into any problems with unsafe boaters. We enjoy taking the dinghy over to the beach and having a frozen drink on the beach.

Getting through the cut can be a bit tricky, mostly because of the swimmers. Take it easy coming through and stay in the center and you'll be fine.

Still the same; Diesel $2.70, Gas $3.50, 2015-05-30
Captain: , Annapolis, MD (375)

The wooden docks are still there, but are quite servicable, at least on the fuel dock where we were located. The dock staff are primarily a bunch of high school guys without much experience in boating or customer service.

Diesel fuel is $2.70 according to the pump and transient dockage was $2.75/ft, even though we were part of a group of four boats staying two nights on a weekend. One of our group was charged $3.00/ft. The dock crew doesn't seem to have records of reservations, including price quotes or vessel size. They initially assigned our 21-ft beam catamaran to a standard slip.

The restaurant food was reasonable. Service was good and the food we had was good (not stellar on either count; we've had much worse in other places). The live band started at 9pm and went into the night - not sure how late; we went to sleep.They weren't very good, playing mostly popular rock - lots of Beatles tunes.

This is a popular powerboat destination from the Baltimore area, though there are a few sailboats here. The entrance can be tricky. Stay towards the greeen on entrance. The current in the throat of the opening can be quite strong - 3-4 kn or more.

The main bathhouse (not by the pool) is extremely nice - one of the best we've seen anywhere.

Just okay in a pinch, 2014-09-17
Captain: , naples, florida (90)

Broken down docks and no help from the staff. Our assigned slip was too narrow for the boat, though we had given them beam and draft, so we picked another. First power did not work, so we stretched to another. The restaurant is okay for a beer and burger and we were tired so that was all we really wanted/needed. The bathroom is clean but barren of soap. The place just seems tired and neglected. Yes, the approach is narrow so watch yourself as you make the turn through the cut. We came in at low tide and you do favor the beach in the cut but I would favor the greens along the channel leading in from the red further offshore.

Not a good slip, 2014-09-01
Captain: , Middle River (130)

I stopped in for a one night stay during the week and called ahead for a slip. I informed them that I was a single screw trawler and that it was a little windy and asked if it would be possible to put me on a bulkhead or t-head. No one asked the size of my boat, the beam or the draft, which I found strange, but assumed it was on a bulkhead and it would not matter. Approaching the marina, no one answered on the VHF so we called on a cell phone and were told a slip number to pull into. The slip I was assigned was very narrow and very shallow and almost the whole way in the fairway to the shore. We did get in ok but no one from the marina bothered coming out to help and I was reading 3 1/3 ft and my boat draws 4 ft. Also I had less than a foot on each side to the pilings. Later a few more boats came in, all smaller than mine, and with less draft and they were assigned much larger slips further out the pier.
We had a great time on the deck at dinner and the marina is interesting to visit and I will come back but make sure that when you call for a slip you clarify where it is, what your needs are and if someone will be available it you need help. Maybe just a bad day, but I have been on the Bay for 35 years and this was probably the worst dock service and slip selection I ever had. Again, nice marina and maybe just one bad experience. I did mention this to the person on the dock the next morning, not anyone I saw the day before, and he was a little shocked and said that there were many better places they could have put me.

Not for transients., 2014-08-08
Captain: , Charlottesville (265)

You can make it through the tricky approach to Fairlee Creek if you time it right (with a six foot draft we went soft aground three times at LHW but made it out fine at HHW), but nothing inside is worth the frayed nerves. As others have said, the docks need updating, at least where they put the transients, and the food at the bar was fine but overpriced. The bath house is very nice and the dock hands friendly enough, but they gave indifferent advice on the approach and shrugged when we said we'd run aground following their advice (which was "stay in the middle" and dead wrong - we had our best luck staying unnervingly close to the beach but not cutting too close on the turn into the creek). Bar scene was laid back and both the patrons and staff were super nice, but, like the approach, this facility is really for locals - a sign even tells transients to use a separate beach!

Fun Location...., 2014-08-04
Captain: , bangor me (31)

....but leave your phone at home. Minimal cell service (Verizon), WIFI is very sporadic. But of you get beyond that, the location is good and fun. Great bands on the weekends. The approach is well-marked but if you draw more that 5 feet wait until high tide or you will run aground. Not many options to get to Chestertown if that is of interest.

Refuge in an Approaching Storm, 2014-07-11
Captain: , Northport MI (405)

We ducked in here to avoid an approaching storm. We arrived @ 15 min before the office closed. Declined assistance at the dock. However, once secured, went to the office which was closed and no one with any info re: Bath House or WiFi codes were anywhere to be found. At least we had power at the dock. There are many amenities here--great beach area, restaurant (open Thurs to Sunday), tennis, pool, golf course. The Bath House has new and immaculate facilities. The other structures appear "worn". The fixed docks were covered with seagull droppings and later in the evening the docks were heavily sprayed with spider control insecticide. Impossible not to breath the spray. In the AM the staff were "just present" and rather non-chalant. There is a good anchorage just inside the entrance. Entrance to creek is tight and shallow but navigatable.

What they do well they DO WELL and what they don't they DON'T, 2014-05-28
Captain: , Havre de Grace, MD (10)

We arrived around lunchtime on Sunday 05/25/14 and were prepared for the marina to be busy. The much written about approach and entrance lived up to the reviews. While the approach into Fairlee Creek was very well marked, the current coming out of the creek was pushing against the tide of the bay and made it interesting. Upon entering the marina we immediately went to the fuel dock to fuel up and get our transient slip for the night. Our current price of fuel is $3.80/gal so you can imagine our shock when we learned it was $4.45/gal. I guess that's what zero competition creates. They seemed to need to re-create my reservation even though I made the reservation earlier in the week by phone. I had to give them all the information again. No problem they assigned me to a nice slip that was quiet and the permanent slip holders were extremely nice and respectful. Although I asked for and only needed a common household plug for our battery charger they said how about 30amp service and we can get you an adapter. No problem. Except they put me in a slip with 50amp service and they needed to run a cord across someone's finger dock to mine with the adapter. Also, the slip they gave us was made for big boats not our 24'. As a result it was quite a leap up for everyone and nearly impossible for our dog. Thankfully I am able to put her life jacket on and lift her 75 lb. butt around. So we settled in, put on our bathing suits and headed for the beach. Beautiful setting although my 5-year old managed to find broken glass on 3 occasions. While this is not necessarily the marina's fault I felt it important to share here. Why people act irresponsibly with glass bottles around boats/water is beyond me (and my wife is a wine drinker). I ran to the "food wagon" by Jellyfish Joel's for our lunch. It was average at best and WAY OVER PRICED. We relaxed and watched the boats coming in and had a great afternoon. As far as the kids club it was pretty much just the bouncy house and 2 water slides, one flat one inclined. There were no activities that were advertised and while there was a very nice older girl there (called a "counselor"), you would not even think about leaving your child to their supervision. No problem as that was not our intention. Also, they advertised a movie at night for the kids but when I walked by they were playing video games on the TV instead. We went back to the swimming pool and although when we called they told us dogs are permitted everywhere except the restaurant, the sign at the pool was clear about no dogs. I asked the lifeguard on duty if that meant literally the pool or the patio and deck and he said they were not allowed at all. Again no problem as our lab was exhausted from swimming in the bay at the beach so we retired her to the boat. After swimming we went back to the boat to get shower supplies. Good thing there was a regular willing to give us the code for the bath house as they all have combination locks and no one at the marina gave us any code at check in. We had dinner at the restaurant where the food was OK. We learned that the restaurant was not open for breakfast the next morning. Totally our fault for not asking on the phone. They only open at 11AM. No problem as the marina store opens at 8:30AM and has frozen breakfast sandwiches you can buy and heat up on their microwave. Incidentally we went right at 8:30AM and bought 3 of the 5 in the freezer so I am sure they ran out for other people. After dinner that night the view from the deck was amazing as the sun set nice over the trees across the creek. Back to the boat to put our little one down and enjoy some beverages before retiring ourselves. Up early as usual. Needed to wait until 8:30AM when the store opened. Wrote about that already. Off to the beach, kids slides, swimming pool. Fun was had by all. Dog again slept on boat while we grabbed lunch at the deck by the pool. Hung out at the pool for some time and finally needed to get the boat ready and head back to our home marina. Overall it was a nice 2 days and we would go back. Although according to my wife we don't need to make it a regular thing. We are extremely adaptable and change paths pretty quickly. This appears to be important at this marina. So I wanted to provide a detailed summary because I know they have helped me in the past. In summary, I would recommend this place but be prepared for some disorganization and do not rely on anyone other than yourselves and you will be fine!

Hidden gem (Condor-40 JAZ), 2013-12-09
Captain: , Honolulu, HI (71)

We stumbled on this little gem when we noticed some sailboat masts peeking over the bushes. Very tight entrance but well markded with local aids. We anchored just inside the sand spit and put out fore-aft anchors not to swing. Had about 6 feet water. It was end of season so quiet harbor but the owners of the resturant were terrific and the music was so fun. Spent the whole evening on the patio while the marina provided complimentary use of the 5 star showers. Laundry facility convienient as well. I will be back next summer. Oh the self serve pump out at the fuel dock worked perfectly. One of the most enjoyable nights on our cruise. This is probably jammed during holicay weekends.

Not for sailboats, 2013-07-31
Captain: , ANNAPOLIS (20)

Failed to warn us channel nearly impassable at low or mid tide for 5' draft.
Dock staff not very helpful.
Restaurant w/ great view, friendly staff, medicore food.

Definitely not worth $2.75/ft, 2013-05-20
Captain: , Cape Coral FL (4176)

Had dinner in the restaurant - not good (again). Wait staff polite and friendly but inexeperienced and untrained (which is a management fault), We had a group buffet for $25 - Chicken, fish (unknown), rice (gummy and sticky) and salad. No salad plates. had to ask waitress for salad plates. No labels on the food to inform you what you are eating (such as what type of fish they provided). The marina is falling apart. We used to keep our boat here in 2007 and its now worse than it was in 2007.The dock decking is awful. No one sweeps up. The Mens Room in the main building that services the restaurant was not clean. Its painted battleship gray. The dividers in the stalls are rusty. Its dingy. The carpet is old and dirty. Outside the restaurant there are steps and the corner brick is broken off just waiting for someone with a family lawyer to come by and trip on it. Cell phone coverage is still awful but usable..

Wild on Weekends;, 2012-08-04
Captain: , West River (72)

Called ahead to be sure the pool was open and was disappointed when we arrived to find that a little darling had taken a dump in the pool, thus they had to shock the water. Next, found the free Wi-Fi did not work. To the credit of the staff, a deal was struck, VERY customer focused. Next day pool was open and as it was Monday, no bands so it was nice and quiet. A lovely place during the week! BBQ grills are a very long walk but pump-out is outstanding.

Comprehensive resort, 2012-07-23
Captain: , Glenwood, MD (385)

My review is based on a rainy weekend, so some of the amenities werent really used. The bathrooms were out of site. just renovated. Live music at the main restaurant (Mangroves). Food was good, service was very slow because of an understaffed kitchen. lots of areas to walk. its a pretty good hike from "A" dock to Jellyfish Joels, although they have limo servuice and a water taxi to take you out there.

Mears Great Oak Landing, 2012-07-13
Captain: , Wall, NJ (420)

We went in after a storm and the facilities were all down. They had no power and the showers and Restrooms were all locked. The only available restrooms were in the area of the Bar for which they had power. When the Bar closed they locked up the only available rerooms. They made no attempt to compensate for the total lack of services and I for one will never return

Needs Some Upgrades, 2012-06-21
Captain: , Annapolis (1465)

Mears Great Oak has a great location but is in need of work on the docks. Many boards have become 'trip' hazards. Electrical power is hit or miss. Restaurant and bar only open Fri-Sun.

Fairlee Creek is a great place to drop the hook and hang out. Gets a little crazy on weekends.

Protected Marina - Fairlee Creek, 2012-05-09
Captain: , Punta Gorda, FL (639)

There was a severe weather alert on VHF and Fairlee Creek was the closest harbor of refuge. It is well protected from all sides but a bit tricky entering - just follow the markers. The marina is a bit long in the tooth, but it is being renovated dock by dock. The bathrooms were the best we have ever seen - definitely 5 star - you won't believe how nice they are. The restaurant was just OK - maybe 3 star. The dock attendant was not very helpful or experienced. This is a very close harbor to the ICW and makes an easy overnight at the Marina or at anchor.

Very pleasesnt, 2011-10-10
Captain: , Apponaug R.I. (908)

Diaeselnis 4.40 per gal. Helpful competent dock hand.

Great place to stay, 2011-07-03
Captain: , Beach haven NJ (510)

Great Oaks is one of my favorite stops in the Chesapaeake Bay. You can ieither stay in a slip or anchor out in a protected cove next to the marina. There is a great restaurant in the marina and the facilities are very good. The holding ground is not very good in the cove but two anchors will take care of this issue. The scenerey and serenity of this cove will make up for the hassle of setting a second anchor. I highly recommend this stopver.

Seak this location on the Eastern Shore for Family Fun, 2010-12-08
Captain: , Chester Springs, PA (189)

A full-service Marina, Hotel, Restaurant, Beach, Tiki Bar that has it all. Friendly helpful staff and first-class facilities. You and the entire family are guaranteed a fun weekend at Jelly Fish Joels Beach (part of the facility).

Very Nice, 2010-09-06
Captain: , Havre De Grace (41)

Navigation thru the inlet at first may seem frustrating but follow the markers and hang tight red marker, anchorage is very nice with a sandy bottom and depth is 3-6 feet on average. Dog walking areas are available, and a fine restrauant with great food.

Great place to enjoy life!, 2010-07-26
Captain: , Cornwall PA (421)

This marina has a great pool, nice beach, live bands every weekend, beach bars, tiki bars, pool bar, really nice restaurant, great SPOTLESS bath houses. It's truly a great place to stay, whether to party or relax!

Nice Northern Bay Spot, 2010-07-23
Captain: , Marlton, NJ (171)

Very tricky inlet for sailboats. Had to plow through sandbar to get in with 5'2" keel. Had to plow out of the slip to get to channel. Bumped 3 time getting out. Have been there years ago adn seems to have silted in more. Restaurant closed on Thursday night of Holiday weekend. Docks not what they used to be. Getting old and not being maintained

Top Knotch Stop, 2009-08-15
Captain: , Chesapeake Bay, MD (311)

A very nice place to visit. Personable staff, nice restaraunt, pool and of course, Jellyfish Joels Tiki Bar. Lowest price we have seen for Diesel fuel in some time. The inlet is interesting but just go with the markers and be alert. Once inside, things open up and you have arrived! This place is worth the visit!

Great Place with all amenities, 2009-01-14
Captain: , Cape Coral, FL (495)

This is one of our favorite places on the North Bay and we come here at least twice per year. Good restaurant, bar, and facility with very coourteous help. Can be loud on weekend as it is a favorite party spot for many boaters. They also have a golf course if you have an interest. Watch this inlet and follow the markets, which put you right along side of a spit with a 90 degree to starboard on the way in. The current can move quickly through this inlet so be cognesent of the tides.

A surpize package., 2008-03-09
Captain: , Atlantic City, NJ (76)

Excellent staff, unique but easy approch to dockage. Full service with Rest. and bar on site. Beach with Tiki Bar and live music on weekends.

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