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Address #1 San Andres Street
Andres, Boca Chica, East Santo Domigo


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO

VHF channel



Email contact

Owner, manager



Payments acceptedCredit cards - NO
Checks - NO

Payment info

Payment discounts

Long term rates available.

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:






Tide & current additional info


Approach: 10
Transient dockage: 10
Fuel dock: 10

Other depth info: If the wind is out of the NE depth may be as low as 7'. The bottom is mostly sand.

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - NO
Floating - NO
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: 150
Transient price: $1.16/ft (2010-04-01)

Other price info: $1.16 per foot per day US up to 60'. Over 60' $2.00 per foot per day.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: Price includes use of fresh water, bathrooms, showers, laundramat and WiFi.

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - YES

Additional info:

Pricing info:

Cable TV (and pricing)

Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)

Yes - Free

Dinghy access


Liveaboard info


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:



Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out




Yes - Free trash disposal and segregated oil and battery disposal.






Yes - 3 washers and 2 dryers.








Hotels or motels

Repair capabilities

Yes - On site mechanical repairs.

Haul out capabilities

Yes - Marine travelift 80 ton, 30' wide.

Storage facilities

Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - Free WiFi.

Boat ramp availability


Yes - Courtesy rides to the airport or drop off and pickup for shopping.

Other services


Reviews for Marina Zar Par
Bad reviews well earned., 2016-11-16
Captain: , Miami (42)

We spent almost three months at ZarPar for several reasons including engine trouble. The DR is a great country to visit but this place is not welcoming to cruisers. I will be objective and limit this review to the facts.

Boat repairs and services: We asked the marina a referral for a sail repair. They brought someone so we could explain the work needed and the next day we received a ridiculously high priced quote signed by the marina. We obviously rejected the quote and stopped asking the marina for referrals. We felt insulted by the quote just because they made a phone call. We found somebody else that fixed our sail for a third of the quoted price.

I personally went in search for a mechanic to avoid asking the marina for referrals. The mechanic was not allowed to the boat until an entry fee was payed at the entrance. The marina charges contractors a $9US per day fee to come to your boat. I had a couple of mechanics working in our engine in a lapse of several days which represented an extra $60US in entry fees only!

Loud ambiance: Noise pollution is very high starting early morning until sunset. Most local boats at the marina are used to party on weekends. On weekdays it gets better but you will still hear loud music played by the boat maintenance guys.

The internet was spotty. We didn%u2019t have a decent connection in the boat at all times. During the nights it got much better when nobody was around.

No laundry during our stay.

Water quality at the dock is very poor. Non drinkable.

The marina offers a free ride to the airport. My wife asked for a ride several days in advance. Sadly she almost missed her flight while waiting for the marina driver to show up. She ended up taking a cab since their car service didn%u2019t show up. Marina did refund us for the taxi ride.

I would recommend anchoring but the marina prohibits anchoring in the waters adjacent to the docks, forcing cruisers to pay for a mooring ball or a slip (they think they own the ocean floor). Plus the mooring balls (quite pricy at $30US per night) are located in the channel where local boats and wave runners will speed a few feet from your boat. Boat traffic goes on till late night in the surrounding area of the mooring balls.

We totally understand why this place has been a nightmare for other cruisers, especially those that don%u2019t speak spanish.

stay away if you can, 2016-06-06
Captain: , Wells ME (40)

The marina is nice, laundry etc. but they will try and swindle money out of you at every turn. getting a dispatio is a major hustle unless you pay the 20$ for them to handle it.... we went into santo Domingo and walked around the old part of town. honestly I could have done with out it. the city itself is filthy, garbage piled up every where and if anyone does anything nice for you there hand is instantly out for a tip of some sort. it gets very tiresome as we are definitely cruising on a low budget. The busses ripped us off, demanded way more than the standard fare.
a fellow cruiser cleared in here and was charged double what we paid in cap Cana. he was looking at over $240 US.
on the whole the DR is ok but no more beautiful than a zillion other places, I will not be back until they get a lot more user friendly to cruisers.

Town: Awesome. Marina: expensive, corrupt., 2016-03-09
Captain: , Seattle (330)

We had an amazing time in Boca Chica both in the "touristy" side and the "real" part of town. Great people and wonderful hospitality.
I would give Zar Par, however, a very wide birth (the rating is for the marina NOT the town). After a long and harrowing drama involving the security goons at the marina trying to shake us down for a $60 "anchoring fee" we can say that the staff at Zar Par are among the most corrupt we have met traveling (and my wife is from Uzbekistan). They will claim that it is "illegal" to anchor east of the marina but the coast gaurd has never heard of this and locals do it every day. At one point Rico, the manager, said bluntly, "If everyone did what you are doing we wouldn't make any money". Avoid this marina but enjoy the town.

False pricing, 2016-02-20
Captain: , London, UK (10)

We decided to go to marina zarpar and pick up a mooring ball so we could visit nearby Santo Domingo. Their website said 19 dollars which we thought was a lot but OK for a couple of days to allow us to visit SD. When we checked in we were astounded to learn they had put their prices up by 58% and a mooring ball is now 30 dollars per night! The marina is OK but the WiFi is so slow its almost not usable. The bathrooms are clean but basic and all in all its just way too overpriced as it would be much cheaper to moor in the UK than here at marina zarpar in the Dominican Republic! Motor boats come close and fast by the mooring balls and play very loud music at night that it feels like you're sat in a nightclub!

Bus Transportation, 2015-11-25
Captain: , Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. (10)

Transportation in the DR

This is by far the best country in the Caribbean for Public Transportation. After we arrived in Marina ZarPar we had to look around, but the following is what we found out.
The local mini-bus stops just up the hill from the marina. Frequency is about every 5 minutes. Some with A/C, others without. They take you to Boca Chica for 15 ps.
Traveling to Santo Domingo this mini-bus is free, but the bus drops you off at a bus station north of the town of Andres, where you take the Expresso mini-bus to Santo Domingo. This bus ride will start when the bus is full (within 15 minutes) and costs 60 ps. These busses drop you off at Enriquillo Parque or at Parque Independencia, resp. north or east of the Colonial Zona. Returning to Boca Chica, the best way is to pick up the bus at the bus station on Jose Marti, just north of Parque Enriquillo, from where it leaves till it is full. Make sure that you tell the driver, after the bus drove through the town of Andres and is back on the main highway, that he should turn right to drop you off at Marina ZarPar or Club Nautico. Operating hours are between about 7 AM till 9 PM.
Traveling to the east, say La Romana or Higüey, pay the 15 ps and get dropped off at the main highway (at the first traffic light along the route). Walk 100 meters to the east and a large intercity bus will stop there to take you east, about every hour.
Busses in Santo Domingo consist of Intercity and City busses, Subway, mini-busses, quaquas, taxis or motor conchos. To learn about City busses and the Subway, check The subway stations are identified by an 'M'. Metroline2 is located along the green line of the map and serves most of the major malls in Santo Domingo. The mini-busses and quaquas run mostly along certain corridors, check for the layout of the city. Before you get in, you can easily ask the driver if his route will pass by your destination. Cost his 25 ps.
Traveling with the large Intercity busses, you can take City bus route 27 Febrero and get off at Avenue Leopoldo Navarro for the Caribe bus terminal, or you can travel a little further west on route 27 Febrero to Avenua Winston Churchill and walk about three blocks north to the Metro bus terminal. The Caribe and Metro busses run frequent and regular schedules.
I have not used the motorconchos in SD, as the busses were the safest mode of transportation. In smaller towns it is much safer to use motorconchos, prices vary from 25-50 ps per person.
If you rather travel a little faster, take a taxi but negotiate the price beforehand. We traveled with three persons and did not pay more than 500 ps, and that was all the way to the northwest part of the city where the American Embassy is located from Parque Enriquillo. Shorter distances varied from 250-400 ps. Pls give the driver a small tip if he has been pleasant. Friendliness is all about paying it forward.
Airport transportation is hard to come by. I have not been able to leave the airport for less than 1000 ps, which was a shared ride. Going to the airport, you can take the Boca Chica to Santo Domingo mini-bus and get dropped off at the interchange with the airport access route. From there you need to take a motorconcho which are parked in the area. I paid 100 ps for the short bike ride although he wanted to change the fee after he dropped me off (no luggage). The other way to get to the airport from SD is to get dropped off by the 27 Febrero route bus stop #112, just east of Avenue Sabana Larga along Avenue Las Americas. Along the south side is the Parada Aeroporte. They will take you to the airport for about 100 ps. I am not sure if they charge extra for luggage.

Nice facility, but corruption officials is simply oppressive., 2015-11-20
Captain: , Muskegon, MI (3132)

Facility is good, on site restaurant is very good, and the people are nice...but the corruption of the officials is simply overwelming. Repeated demands for unreceipted payments are constant during checkin, and the officials refuse to allow a departure outside of office hours, which makes eastbound travel almost impossible.

Hellpful staff but a bit expensive, 2015-11-14
Captain: , Tortola (50)

Very protected, but can be busy with boat traffic. Victor the manager spoke great English and was helpful. The clearance fees were $240 US. Slip was $70 night for a 55 ft cat. Showers and bathrooms were clean. Restaurant on site open until about 6pm. We left marina and walked to the right and found a small resort area about a mile away. There is a chandlerly just opening, so can't say how that is. Some great food options in Boca Chica, some very upscale but not expensive. Wifi at the dock. We were told not to walk at night, not due to crime but open manholes, which we did observe during the day. Cab to Boca Chica is $12. First night the cab driver wanted $100, when we said no he offered $80...

The prostitutes town and dangerous marina, 2015-08-03
Captain: , Bonaire (346)

Zarpar charges a lot for a slip. And a lot for a buoy. This is the town where old gringos go to hunt their below 18 haitian and dominican girls. Dangerous to walk around.

Rather expensive, 2014-07-26
Captain: , Colchester (36)

I arrived at marina Zar Par on Sunday and was put on the clearing dock for the officials to finish clearing me in next morning, charged me $41 for this. When you arrive the marina staff provide information on the clearing process which includes how to DIY by personally visiting the offices thus saving $100 but it would take some time. I was not given the option of doing it myself and was just processed. The following comes from these information documents.To clear in one must visit Immigration (located in the marina) and pay $10.00 for each crewmembers visa which will allow for a 30 days stay. In addition there is a $43.00 charge to clear the boat in. When you arrive you will be checked in by the Coast Guard (Marina Guerra), M-2 (intelligence) and Drugs. In order to maintain the offices of Immigration and Coast Guard the marina must pay all the costs for their presence. In addition the marina duplicates and provides files for each of the authorities. The service fee to provide the services, inclusive of all gratuities is approximately $100.00 US. The fee also includes, sending an individual to the Coast Guard station to obtain your departing Despacho.I calculate this to be 10+43+100 = $153 I was charged a total of $180 plus the $41 for being on the dock which makes $221. However, A British yachtsman suggested to the marina staff that he wanted to do it himself, next thing he was in the saloon with six very large uniformed officers giving him a really hard time suggesting he couldn't afford to pay, he felt so intimidated that he eventually agree to let the marina process the forms, there was a smile from these officers and they left the yacht. Yet another had a go and by the time he had paid the "gratuities" he hadn't saved a thing.During weekend evenings and some weekdays local motor yachts equipped with massively powerful sound system weave their way between the moorings and anchor just off the beach with these systems cranked up playing local and club music. To add to this, cars parked just off the beach also equipped with powerful sound systems do exactly the same, unless you like this sort of environment it is mayhem.There are some positives, the marina staff a polite and extremely helpful and always have a smile for you. Free really fast and reliable Internet on your boat, free water and free rides in and out of the supermarket & bank.

What a service!, 2014-04-09
Captain: , Kopstadso (40)

I flew in to wait for my boyfriend who sailed Atraxia here from Kingston, Jamaica singlehanded in terrible weather. He handsteered for 5,5 days and arrived early in the morning, exhausted. Rigo, the dock master really went out of his way to help, picked me up at my hotel a five in the morning and drove me to the marina to be there when the boat came in. They also drive you for free to the supermarket, and often arranges parties for the yachties on the dock, with free food and Rhum punch!

Poor Service, 2014-03-10
Captain: , St Petersburg, FL (1253)

First off it's an easy entrance and a very protected mooring and marina. The noise as stated before gets out of hand though. We were shocked at the $50 price for clearance to either the next port or country! We were very disappointed given the price with the marina dock master who was supposed to handle everything as he was useless. You cannot clear the day before they insisted "you cannot have the paperwork earlier than the hour before leaving". He didn't even tell us we had to be at the dock for the dog to get aboard to search the boat! I'm afraid too many poor performance stories about the marina staff who say yes but don't deliver to others as well. The wifi is very off & on and we had to complain daily for it to be re-set after which it works well for a while. The free ride to the store is nice as was a impromptu party for the large number of boats in whilst we were here.

Marina Zar Par, 2014-02-20
Captain: , London (709)

First the good points, the staff are good and the dockmaster Raul is realy helpfull. The security is good and the docks are the same as most in the Caribbean, fixed and wooden. The marina is inside a reef so good weather protection.

The bad part is that at the weekends all hell brakes loose and boats from 40ft down to jetskis will come past at 30knots+ within six feet of your boat if you are on the end tie. They will be playing music (if you can call it that) so loud that it is distorted and sounds like it belongs on sesame street. This continues at night in the dark.
In the time that we were there one power boat ran over a sailboat that was on the marina moorings (100ft from the end ties) and dismasted it. Two other powerboats collided at speed and we heard someone broke their back in that incident. One of the baots was a write off. Meanwhile on the beach the noise (music) gets louder and louder as more people compete to get there sterio heard, the result is a cacophany of sound that keeps you awake if you don't shut hatches and portholes.

Bring your ear plugs and lots of money., 2013-06-04
Captain: , Travemuende (830)

The marina itself is good and the moorings are well protected from wind and waves but not wake from other boats. Navigable water depths are restricted to a narrow channel where the moorings are, so passing boats and jet skis must keep close and there are many of them some doing 30 kts.

Beware, in the immediate vicinity of the moorings opposite the marina fuel dock is a ¾” submerged steel sand screw 3 foot below LW. If you use these moorings you will probably hit it. For the two week we were there, the marina did nothing even though it had damaged at least one boat.

For USD19 a night we did not think the moorings were reasonably priced. The marina is adjacent to the public beach. At any time of the day someone will drive onto the beach with their car and 1000watt speakers mounted on the roof and play you music. That is in competition with at least 5 other bars doing the same thing.

If you are heading east against the prevailing 20-25kt trades you will want to go at night when the winds quieten down or even blow off shore. Remember you can’t. It is forbidden in the Dom Rep to arrive or depart a port between 6pm and 6am. Here this rule is strictly applied.

Finally, international clearance here is expensive. You pay approximately USD 73 (2 crew) in Barahona or Marina Casa De Campo. Here you pay at least twice and the process is the same !

Marina Zar Par, 2013-04-21
Captain: , Green Cove springs, Florida (321)

Great marina. We took a mooring at a very reasonable cost. Raul and the staff were very helpful. the whole marina area is protected by a reef. There is no good space to anchor. Follow the marked channel into the commercial docks then stay close to the yacht club docks to the marina and moorings. Marina staff and customs wiil meet you at your boat almost immediately.

Refund Policy, 2013-03-01
Captain: , Yamba Australia (262)

Good marina, but why don't they refund your money for the unused laundromat tokens. A little bit greedy in my opinion.

wonderful place to recharge your batteries, 2012-04-14
Captain: , miami,fl (2241)

we came in after a 5 day sail from panama to jamaica where we hopped along the coast for 6 days then got a great wx window over to the dr which took 4 days - we are a bit tired and the staff here could not have been greater - took a mooring after the marina made customs and immigration a breeze - a major blow is occuring "out there" and we are as snug as a bug in a rug -- OH -- call on the vhf chn 5 and they will come out and lead you in - no real issue except an unmarked shoal can get in your way if you do not know where it is and where to cross it - we only saw 10' - fuel was expensive $6 but then again we expected that - moorings are reasonable -

Cruiser Friendly, 2012-02-20
Captain: , Jacksonville, FL (363)

Entering the DR from the Windward Passage, we ran to Zar Par to complete the checkin process. We had previously contacted the marina to advise them of our arrival time, but were off by an hour because of the time zone change. As we approached, we were met by the marina launch to guide us in, then the officials were standing by late on a Friday afternoon to clear us in!

Raul and the staff were great, offering realistic guidance on local places to go and those areas to avoid. They helped with taxis and negotiating the bus system. Easy access to the colonial (tourist) area of Santo Domingo.

The facilities are in excellent shape. Security is great.

If you are there during a weekend, don't miss the farmers market in Andres Boca Chica saturday morning. A weekend walk to the Boca Chica beach area will show you how the Dominicans love to party.

Zarpar meets the mark!, 2011-04-02
Captain: , Kingston, Ontario, Canada (558)

We've been at Marina Zarpar for a month, on a mooring ball. We use all the marina facilities, and believe it is a very good place to stay. The rates are fair, and the facilities are clean and well cared for. The attitude of the staff is excellent towards visiting cruisers. We have seen the marina twice host a lunch/dinner for 30-40 cruisers (all available). The wifi is fast and accessible from the mooring. I can run my watermaker in the anchorage. I'd come here again.

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