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Marina Puerto Bahia

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Average rating 4.5 stars from 36 reviews

Address Samana


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - YES
Other info: Customs and Immigration.


The staff on the docks speak English. Customs and Immigration can be done at the marina, so there is no need to find them in town.

VHF channel



Email contact

Owner, manager




Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


Large deep water channel well marked all the way in. Almost no large ship traffice except the occasional cruise ship.

Call marina on VHF 16 but as of 2011 harbormaster only has a handheld VHF so the range is limited.





Tide & current additional info


Approach: 12
Transient dockage: 10
Fuel dock: 10

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - YES
Floating - NO
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: 150
Beam max: Unknown

Other info: One 150-foot mega yacht slip.


Transient: Unknown
Total: 106
Transient price: $1.00/ft (2017-08-26)

Other price info: $1.00 per foot until 99 feet.
$1.75 per foot from 100 feet.
Two weeks or more: 25% discount.
From 3 months stay: 50% discount.
From 6 months stay: 75% discount.
18% tax not included.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - YES

Additional info: 60 cycle power.

Pricing info: $0.35 USD/kWh. 2017

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)

Yes - As of 22 April 2015 the water is not potable but you can buy 5 gallon jugs at the Mini Mart on site.

Dinghy access

Liveaboard info



Fuel brand:

Gas price$4.56/gal (2017-08-26)

Other price info:

Diesel price$3.51/gal (2017-08-26)

Other price info:


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service


Pump out











Yes - On site mini market.


Yes - Via quick ride into the town of Samana.


Yes - Tthere are three restaurants on site.


Yes - There are several on site and 2 pools.

Hotels or motels

Yes - The Bannister Hotel (Small luxury Hotels of the World).

Repair capabilities

Yes - There is no yard, but many "boat boys" who are willing and ready to polish your stainless and fibreglass, varnish, clean your bottom ($75), clean your boat, etc. Ask for Alex.

Haul out capabilities

Storage facilities

Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - WiFi is available for no additional charge.

Boat ramp availability



Yes - Local transportation available via the marina. Taxi and car rentals.

Other services

Excursion Agency. Permanent security. Pool. Personal concierge service. Navigation and weather info.


Los Haitises Nacional Park, Whales Watching (Jan to Mar), Limon Waterfall, Cayo Levantado Island, beaches and Bahia de Samana.

Reviews for Marina Puerto Bahia
Great Marina, But ..., 2017-06-27
Captain: , Ft. Lauderdale (70)

As others have said, this is a very good marina and the prices are affordable. The marina would have received 5 stars but for the work of the freelance workers on the dock. We paid them $200 to clean the deck and the bottom of our boat. When we got to PR I went down to check the prop and found that they only cleaned about a foot and half below the waterline, and NOTHING below that. But, otherwise a great stop before jumping off to do the Mona Passage.

Great spot to stop, 2017-06-08
Captain: , Gold river (50)

We stopped here after a grueling sale from Lupron. We were thankful to tie up at the fuel dock which is very easy on the starboard side and wait for the marina to open. They guided us to a slip in their dinghy and connected our shore power! We immediately went to the restaurant for some brunch and it was delicious! We spent five days here and thoroughly enjoyed the pools the restaurants, and the large showers! We even did our laundry! One day we walked to town and went on an excursion to the waterfalls but after that we just stayed in our own little paradise of this Marina! Highly recommend!

Great Marina, 2017-06-01
Captain: , Bronte Harbor Oakville Ontario (203)

This is a great marina and every one is freindly. Great prices great amenites. Comondantcia Joseph Louis is very freindly and profesional. I HAD ONE PROBLEM. I had 5 gerry cans of fuel on my deck and the customs official want to charge me export taxes for the fuel. I told him I bought the fuel in Turks. I thought I left all that crap when I left Luperon! This kind of thing is expected in Domincan but after a while is gets to be very iratating. If I had a choice I would bypass Dominican.

Top service, fair price, quiet place, 2017-04-20
Captain: , St Cyprien (100)

The marina is located in a beautifull place,with lots of amenities (swimming pool, gym, ...). It is very quiet, people are very nice, and cherry on the cake it is not expensive. You can do the clearance with nice people too.

Excellent Service, 2017-03-31
Captain: , Georgian Bay Canada (70)

Sea Star Grand Banks 42 Georgian Bay
I would give this Marina 10 stars if it were possible. Arrived March 22 2017 with a bent shaft. They do not have haul out however were able to pull the shaft while in the water, have it straightened,the prop repaired and back in 24 hours and they knew what they were doing and the price was fair. The Marina itself is excellent with many pools and bars

Good Marina, 2017-02-28
Captain: , Oriental,NC (588)

One thing to be weary of- had the mussels at the restaurant on-site at the marina, and everyone on board got extremely ill. Terrible food poisoning. Other than that, good amenities for the price. Infinity pool is great.

Great staff & facilities - big swell, 2017-02-16
Captain: , Pensacola, FL (148)

We stayed three nights and enjoyed it. Gavin, the marina representative, spoke perfect english and was a pleasure to deal with. Dock hands were great. Facilities are nice and not crowded. Bars and restaurants charge American prices so don't expect any deals on dinner or Presidente.

It appears the seawall protecting the marina was never finished allowing swells off the bay into the marina. We were in one of the first slips in front of the entrance and tore out one cleat and chafed through a 3/4" rope in two days. We roll far less at anchor than we did in this marina. Other slips farther from the entrance are better, allegedly.

Beautiful Luxurous Marina but far from town, 2016-11-03
Captain: , St Martin (161)

Puerto Bahia is a beautiful marina, with 2 pools, beautiful salon, gym, billard, resting area, etc. I spent 2.5 months there and the staff is very friendly, the owner organizes every other week events where everybody is invited.
The internet was good (I have a booster). There is a little liquor and food store at the marina.
The only down side was the distance from town for serious grocery shopping, some neighbors took the public bus to Samana, I opted to rent a car and instead to go to Las Terrenas where grocery shopping was fantastic: high quality and very reasonnable prices.
Next stop is Club Nautico San Juan

Resort ammenities at discounted price, 2016-06-25
Captain: , Hingham, MA (1079)

Beautiful resort with mulitple infinity pools, restaurants, and ammenities. The facilities are very well kept and offer nice bathrooms as well as a gym and lounges with pool tables. Wifi was ok (free). The docks are nice and the dock hands were very helpful. The only down side was the food at the restaurants was not very good and there is only one washer and dryer - which do not work well, and you have to share with the housekeeping staff. The laundry is no longer free - now is $3 for was, $3 for dryer and you are not permitted to hang clothes on your boat. Overall - well worth $1/foot.

Marina Puerto Bahia, 2016-04-15
Captain: , Leamington, Ontario (710)

We are a 47 foot sailboat, 6 foot draft, 66 foot airdraft. Easy harbour entrance, fuel dock easy access, cheap good fuel. Marina located outside of town, have to rent a car to reprovision. Cement docks, not much surge. Good place to have boat cleaned/waxed, cheap and well done. Lots of good restaurants, nice infinity pools. Hard to get out of Samana Bay due to exit restrictions timing wise, can't leave marina after 6 p.m., bay still kicking up at that least in March. Good rates, friendly staff.

Great Place, 2016-03-09
Captain: , Perth, Western Australia (230)

As per other reviews this place is great. You may not get much response on the radio but the guys were always on the dock for each boat coming in.

Great marina; provided you're not in need of parts, 2015-06-17
Captain: , Annapolis (30)

This is a 5-star Hotel - Resort marina with great showers, accessible through the hotel lobby with plenty of hot water. The laundry leaves a little to be desired, but it%u2019s FREE! So who can complain? The game room, multiple swimming pools, and Gym make what I am about to complain about more tolerable.

That said, on to the bad. So this is a very secluded marina. I%u2019m sure people pay good money for seclusion like this. The only thing that could be better might be a private beach with beach-side service from the fantastic restaurants on-site. However, if you find that you need to fix even the simplest of things and require parts, you will find you%u2019re basically screwed.

Shipping into the D.R. is problematic at best, add to that the remote nature of this marina and you%u2019ll need to be prepared to wait, and wait, and wait, and %u2026. Even then, the part or parts may well have been sitting somewhere you could have gone to pick them up, but you wouldn%u2019t know it.

My advice is to stay on top of your delivery at every turn.
Staying on top of your shipments is made easier by the marina staff who are more than accommodating and truly want to help. However even their hands are tied and they too are at the mercy of what seems to be haphazard customer service and bureaucracy.

Because it was basically expected, I%u2019ve dinged this place only one star because the facilities and staff are absolutely wonderful.
My advice, if you can spend the time; rent a car and try to find any service parts required in Santo Domingo first. Then if you have the time, simply fly them here yourself. By the time you%u2019ve arrived here, you probably could use a break and flying home might make things easier.

The Best Yet, 2015-05-06
Captain: , Oakville Ontario Canada (20)

Outstanding facilities and value

Great spot - hope it survives the almost zero occupancy., 2015-04-23
Captain: , Portsmouth NH (681)

This place is a delight if a little wierd. It is a large western style five star resort with fantastic amenties on the whole although more geared towards hotel guests. for example the 'self help' laundry facilities are a bit tatty and tucked away in what appears to be staff quarters. This place clearly costs a LOT to run and there is almost no-one here. We have had an infinity pool and bar to ourselves for the entire day. I really hope it has enough trade to keep going.
The Commandante is very professional and polite and all of the staff are helpful. Definitely worth the $1/ft to avoid the apparent security risk associated with anchoring in Samana Harbor. We got our DR experience in Luperon and on a road trip so a slightly western and sterile resort hotel is fine at this point.
Ask for C or D dock as B has some surge in the afternoon.

Hard to leave this place, 2015-04-22
Captain: , Halifax NS. (392)

SV Lequesteau

Spent 3 days here. Very nice place. The staff could not do enough for us. The Port Captain was very accommodating and kept his hands in his pockets. On our way in we called the marina on ch16 and were told to switch to 68. We were told what side t place our fenders and a dinghy came out to lead us into our slip. There were about 5 docklands waiting to help us in. We ate 2 meals in the Italian restaurant and 2 by the infinity pool. It was a bit more expensive than Luperon but pretty good otherwise. They had a meet and greet for us the night we got in. The resort supplied the appetizers and rum drinks. Showers weren't the warmest but very good none the less. Overall a very good place to stop and stage for the run to PR. We will stop back on our way north.

A friendly spot, 2015-04-12
Captain: , With the Winds Environmental Expedition Team (350)

Great marina, fantastic amenities for the price. Very friendly staff. Would definitely come back, highly recommend. Good place to leave the boat to explore the island if you aren't comfortable leaving your boat at the anchorage.

Beautiful Place, 2015-04-11
Captain: , Kemah, Texas (65)

1)Marina and hotel staff and Navy Rep are all wonderfull.
2)Wonderfull bars and restaurants (except food, see below).
3)Great clean pools with views.
4)Incredible bathrooms and showers!
5)Laundry, one washer, two dryers.
6)Calm docks with little tide.
7)Lots of help docking.
8)Easy entrance and exit.
9)Very secure, will not even let transportation past the gate a mile away.
10)Will give you a ride to the gate, where you catch a short ride to town by various means.

1)Food is weird, some barely edible. We got breakfast lunch and dinner, wouldn't recommend any of it, and it is pricey.
2)Watch out for the workers on the dock. They tried to rip me and my neighbor off the exact same way twice. They ask for full payment for a fraction of the work, then they say they didn't agree to the work and want more money to finish the job. Then when you remind them they even asked for the wax and a buffer to use, they say that already did the work which they just claimed wasn't in the deal. They are lying of course because the work was not even attempted. In the end both of us got them to do their work but you have to watch them to make sure they do it at all, let alone correctly. The price wasn't that cheap to begin with, and no matter the price, not worth the hassle at all!

great beautiful marina, 2015-03-19
Captain: , Meridian, ID (488)

Loved staying here we tendered to town and to the national park on the south side of the bay. A long bumpy ride but beautiful. We went twice. The mangrove channels were cool and lead to the Eco hotel which was fun. We had a scooter and it was great to get to town. Rented a car to get to church. Not to hard but had to have a mechanic tighten the battery cables when it would not start at a gas station.

Porto Bahia Marina, 2015-03-11
Captain: , Bethel (130)

This marina protected by a sea wall is snug and secure. It is associated with a large hotel/condominium complex and is guarded 24/7. Finger piers allow side to docking with pilings for stern/bow lines.

Loved this place, 2015-02-12
Captain: , Miami Beach (223)

Loved this place - luxurious, friendly and inexpensive. Stayed eight nights to relax and prepare for crossing the Mona Passage.

Approach is straightforward from the east. Main channel markers (necessary for the cruise ships that visit nearby Samaną) were all on station. The marina entrance west of Samaną is marked by flashing green and red private floating aids that did not appear on our charts. A red/white concrete pylon is mounted on the entrance end of the sea wall. Fuel dock inside, immediately to starboard.

We arrived after dark and a dockman, with flashlight, came out in a dinghy and led us into a slip where fellow cruisers helped catch our lines. Short, low, fixed concrete finger piers and some surge, so fenders and springs are important to preserve your gelcoat.

Dockage was cheap; the weekly rate is $0.75 per foot, monthly only half a buck, plus metered power and water. Three restaurants, mini-market and beautiful infinity pool on site. Decent showers and laundry. Most of the marina and resort staff speak Spanish only, but Gloria de la Cruz at the concierge desk was quite helpful translating special requests.

Worth a visit, 2014-12-22
Captain: , On Board mv Seamantha (130)

We stayed here for the first two weeks of December.

Clearing in and out with the authorities was hassle free. In fact they couldn't have been more punctual, polite and helpful! Not typical of what we have heard in the DR.

The only negative for us about this marina is the swell. The docks are fixed concrete short fingers. Tide was around 2ft. You need to fend off well. Even on days with no wind, there was still swell in the marina. We even side tied by the restaurant on the western end of the marina and it was just as bad there as the eastern end.

Electric and WiFi were a little bit on/off, but typically only for short periods. Suggest arriving with a full water tank and try to get out without adding water.

Overall, the ambience of this marina is first rate and the staff couldn't be more helpful. Two great restaurants and a wonderful infinity pool with bar overlooking Bahia de Samana

Samana town is only a few miles down the road, but instead of a $20 cab ride, hop on the public mini van and pay $0.50 each way. We found it safe to walk around. Plenty of fresh chickens, eggs, fruits and vegetables in the main market.

In addition to some touring around the Samana peninsula, we also took the air conditioned Caribe Tours bus into Santo Domingo for the day. It was $8 each way. Take the 0800 bus and spend 4 hours touring the Zona Colonial. Then catch the 16:30 bus back to Samana. It's a two hour forty five minute ride each way and well worth a day's trip.

If you need to lay over somewhere in the DR waiting to cross Mona, this is a great alternative.

Great Marina-Location, 2014-05-27
Captain: , Ft. Lauderdale (132)

We stayed there a month, from April 4 to May 6 2014.
Great staff, good restaurants on place, very good wifi service, good rate for a month, we loved the place, we'll be back!

Great Marina, enjoy the DR, 2014-03-04
Captain: , Mooloolaba (692)

Dont be put off by the problems in the DR. You can dock here in this excellent marina and travel easily from here. Also avoids all the hassles with heavy-handed and demanding authorities.

We hired a car and it was a day trip (2 hours each way ) to the historical centre of Santo Domingo and well worth the trip. The north coast is beautiful. Semana we drove around and did not stop as we saw nothing of value, only lots of nuisances!

We ate at both the open restaurants and had excellent food. The one on the beach was outstanding, just ignore the roving lights.

Tidal range here is 3 ft and there is swell in the harbour. Couple this with fixed concrete docks and make sure you are well fendered taking into account the range.

Wonderful Staff, Wonderful Marina, 2013-12-29
Captain: , Morgan City, Louisiana, USA (50)

Everybody just so helpful and genuinely friendly, a wonderful place to relax and enjoy.
Pedro goes the extra mile to help....

Fantastic!, 2013-04-21
Captain: , camden maine (31)

Beautiful place, fantastic staff, super safe, great WIFI, 4-pools, activities for kids.... What else can I say?

Get boat work done by Nelson and Pedro. Did my stainless, varnish, painted decks for $15 per hour and they actually worked more than I paid them for to make sure the job was perfect!

Aaron on S/V Redwings

very great marina, 2013-03-20
Captain: , Rouses Point (51)

normaly i never go to marina but here we get a nice present of one week marina free for the regate participate. marina is a 5 stars hotel, with swimming pool, little grocery, and people really friendly. you can also made you entry in there, official come direct to the marina.

Great place to stop for a night and handle check in and check out., 2013-02-15
Captain: , Portland, OR (716)

Marina is nice, staff is friendly. Free taxi ride into town, must pay for the way back. Two pools for cruiser use, weight room. Showers look great, but did not have hot water, only warm, and shower heads did not work properly. Water at dock is not for drinking, and power is iffy depending on where you dock. The east side of the marina gets less surge than the west side, so if you get a choice go east. Customs, Immigation and Navy check in was pleasant and no hassles. We have a dog, and nothing was ever looked at for him. Restaurants are states prices, but food is very good, and service is exceptional.

cool marina in dominican republic, 2012-06-08
Captain: , Langebaan (12)

awsome pools. and big hotel if you heading in that direction its the best place to stop

Heaven coming from T&C !, 2012-04-15
Captain: , iqualuit (20)

Coming from T&C after 48h of nightmare, this marina is top of the line. You will have some problem reaching the staff on VHF, a phone call works better but one's you get their attention there is plenty help for docking. In our case the staff came on board and as docked the boat for us. From this marina one can visit the Samana peninsula by car or cross the bay and anchor a few day in the magical national park. The prices are very reasonable, espacially compare to the US Bahamas or T&C. Formalities are a pleasure to deal with as the kindness of the people is exemplary.

Highly Recommend, 2012-04-11
Captain: , Washington, DC (840)

Even the cruisers that say, %u201Cwe%u2019re not marina people,%u201D agree that a buck a foot, Puerto Bahia makes more sense than anchoring in the Port of Samana with reports of dinghy thefts and other issues. Café Mar has a great infinity pool overlooking Samana Bay, but unfortunately our lunch there was not just bad, it was horrible. Breakfast, however at the restaurant above the lobby was great and they know how to make a good cappuccino. As part of your stay, you receive a one way trip into Samana, and then it costs $20 for a taxi back. On the day we went a cruise ship was expected, so all of the vendors and motorcycle rickshaw drivers were on high alert.

A wonderful Place, 2012-03-14
Captain: , Halifax, NS (400)

The marina has been adequately described in the other reviews and is wonder.
What I appreciate from the marina is that they shield us from the strong requests for "voluntary" money from the guys in fatigues whom wake you up at dawn after a long passage.

Great place to stay!, 2011-06-06
Captain: , Clearwater FL (685)

We heard from other cruisers the problems with anchoring in Samana, that we decided to go to Puerto Bahia Marina. Glad we did. This is a world class marina with very reasonable dockage price (less than $1/foot). All customs and immigration was handled in the marina with no %u201Cbribes, gifts %u201C required. The marina or the on site %u201Ctravel agents%u201D can arrange a ride to Samana, Parque Nacioale, or arrange other activity (horseback riding etc). There are restaurants , bars and a small grocery/liquor store on site.
Highly recommend a trip to the park, on the south side of Bahia de Samana. We had the travel agent arrange the trip to the park, by a fishing boat with a guide, rather than am excursion boat. We had a much better time and went to many additional placed that the excursion boats could not get into.
Great place to stay a few days.

Puerto Bahia Marina, 2011-04-02
Captain: , South Freeport, ME (320)

Staff is excellent, clearing in and out was a breeze. The marina is beautiful,but a bit far from town for shopping. There is a small store in the marina, but better selection and price can be found in town. Price was very reasonable at about $1.00 US/foot.

Best in DR, 2011-03-14
Captain: , Seattle (180)

Clean, well laid out, many of thoughts went into building marina and it shows. Excellent staff, friendly, willing to help. Not much more can be said. 3 different pools to enjoy, choice of 3 different restaurants, very reasonably priced.

Superb Marina, Superb Staff, 2011-02-28
Captain: , Port St Lucie (514)

5 star resort only open a couple of months. 4 pools, 4 bars a couple of restaurants and a short ride to Samana. We came in to the normal anchorage and all the hassles of local officials boarding your boat looking for fees and tips. No such thing here! It's very professional and they actually help. Pricing for clearence and immigration is done from a price list. No negotiating, no tips. No extra fees. Easy access. Go past red "6" and look to starboard for the marina and spectacular condo's up the hill side. Enter through the short marked channel. Fuel available on right as you enter and turn to port.

You can do excursions to the sites from here or just relax in the pools. This is absolutely the best marina we've been to for $1/FT.

Puerto Bahia Marina, Samana, Dominican Republic, 2010-06-23
Captain: , SW FL (551)

Puerto Bahia is a brand new resort and marina facility with first class management and services. Protection is excellent, and the staff are courteous, professional and eager to please. Puerto Bahia is an official port of entry which means that all customs and immigration procedures are handled on site via the marina staff who are efficient and bilingual in English and Spanish. The marina will arrange for transportation into nearby downtown Samana for shopping, sightseeing and banking services. In addition to the close proximity of the town of Samana, Puerto Bahia is also very near to the widely acclaimed Parque Nacionale on the south side of Bahia de Samana. The park has hiking trails leading to caves with prehistoric drawings on the walls among other attractions. Best access to the park is via daily excursion boats from Samana which can be arranged through the marina or in downtown Samana. There are also protected anchorages near the caves if you choose to take your own boat. Puerto Bahia was our most pleasant stop in the Dominican Republic and is highly recommended.

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