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Address 1 Calle 248 y 5 Avenida
Santa Fe

Phone+537 204 5088

After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - YES
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


The Marina Hemingway, where all foreign boats are cleared in, is nine miles west of Havana. Do not attempt to enter Havana harbour. The Marina Hemingway is west of Barlovento Harbour at the mouth of the river Jaimanitas, and east of the low-roofed houses of Santa Fe. Landmarks are a large hotel block topped by a harbour light and manned radio post, then a distinctive water tower, east of the marina. Round the outer red and white marker and then follow the channel into the marina. You must clear in at the Guarda dock before entering the marina. Once docked water and electricity comes from standart US turrets with 30 amp or 50 amp connectors. Membership of the yacht club is not required for access, nor do you get discounts with the marina.

VHF channel



Email contact

Owner, manager

Armando Rodriguez Jacinto



Payments acceptedCredit cards - NO
Checks - NO

Payment info

Visa and Mastercard but not from US banks yet.

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


The sea buoy (RW) at the entrance to Mariel Hemmingway Marina channel is located at 23 05.358N, 082 30.522W. It's VERY important to approach the channel directly from this buoy. Don't cut corners because the narrow channel passes right through a very shallow reef. It's obvious when you see it in daylight, but start from the buoy, then line straight up with the Red and Green daymarks to come straight in to the channel. DO NOT DEVIATE.





Tide & current additional info


Approach: Unknown
Transient dockage: 4.3
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - YES
Floating - NO
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: 70
Beam max: 60

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: 220
Transient price: $0.70/ft (2016-04-15)

Other price info: Less than 45 feet is CUC 0.70.
45 to 74 feet is CUC 1.00.
74 to 89 feet is CUC 1.80.
Over 89 feet is CUC 2.50.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info: Available

Pricing info: 0.35 cuc/kw

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)

Yes - 0.06 cuc/gallon, 2016.

Dinghy access

No - Dinghies can be used within the channels from 8 am till sunset, after that they must be out of the water.

Liveaboard info



Fuel brand: Diesel pumps on site.

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Yes - Ask for Ulises at the yacht club's office (not port operations). Ulises and Mauret (taxi driver) will arrange to fill your propone tank. 2016

Pets welcomeUnknown

Other pet info:

Disability access


Launch service


Pump out











Yes - 5 U$S for 10 pound washed, dried and folded, 2016.


Yes - Nearby







Hotels or motels


Repair capabilities


Haul out capabilities

Yes - In the yard via a crane, check whether they can handle your size and weight.

Storage facilities


Fishing supplies


Chartering capabilities

Yes - Some fishing charters arer available.

Internet access

Yes - WiFi at the hotel and in most parts of the marina, purchase cards at the hotel. 1 hour = 2 cuc, May 2016.

Boat ramp availability



Yes - Rental car nearby. Bus into the City of Havana.

Hop On Off bus system goes every hour during the day. No service during the night. CUC 1 per person to La Cecillia restaurant where one can take the Havana bus tour (also Hop On Off) for CUC 10 per person. 2016

Taxi 24 hours, very good, 1937 Chevrolet Masters - Sr Yosvel Perez Cell (+53)5 361-9547

Other services

Dive shop onsite.


Reviews for Marina Hemingway
See the real Havana while you can, 2017-05-22
Captain: , Green Cove Springs, FL (686)

Everyone is out for a quick buck here so be careful. There is one guy though that rises above all this and his name is Andres. Top notch guy and speaks fairly good English. You will find him along with quite a few taxi drivers outside the marina grocery every morning. A group of us used him for several days taking us to many Paladars, and sights around Havana. Top notch guy unlike many others. For instance someone in the customs department had it out for me for some unknown reason. He accused me of using my satellite phone. They came by Friday after dark wanting to see it and detained me before I left. Both times I showed it taped up so it couldn't be used. Everyone tried to buy my bike but it was crucial here because the bathrooms are so far away. Take a taxi into old Havana and just walk around. Taxi rates range between $20 and $50 depending on how classic the car is. Bay of Pigs diving or snorkeling not very good. The harbor master will automatically add 10% to your bill when leaving so get them to take it off.

Excellent stop, 2017-05-18
Captain: , Ft Myers, Florida (1804)

Entrance straight forward could be tricky in Wind from North.
Wifi good at hotel. Cost $1.50cuc for 1 hr, worked well from our boat. We were on canal 2 next to hotel. Could pay to use hotel pool and easy at buffet.
Easy to get taxi. $25 CUC each way for 30 min drive to old Havana.Some independent taxis offer 6-8hr tour round trip for $60 CUC .
Marina was about $60cuc/day including water and electric . Use bumpers. Had good 50amp power never went out in 5 days we were their.
Easy customs and Dockmaster check in. Easy fueling, paid in CUC . Liquor store near dockmaster would change $50 or $100 usd bills at .9 rate. Hotel was .87 .
Dockmaster very friendly and helpful. Spoke good English. Appreciated tips. Customs would not take tips.
Old Havana very interesting and historical.
The Cuban economy and socialism are terrible. Physicians make $1,000/year!!!
Things are changing but have a long way to go.
People very friendly, prices very reasonable. Reasonably good store at marina, have water,beer, rum,cereal , pasta, cookies no fresh or refrigerated stuff.
Very few hassles come you'll enjoy. Our first visit.

Convenient in and out, 2017-04-06
Captain: , st petersburg, fl (889)

Marinea Hemingway offers a convenient and sheltered spot to get out of the straits. Everyone will shake you down for rmoney - not an extraordinate amount, but it seems to be the way things are done. VERY protected canals.

Highway robber!!, 2016-07-23
Captain: , montreal (10)

Our family had two boat in CUBA with a contract at .60 CUC and ,90 cuc /ft/day (on 113 ft power boats and one sailing vessel 88ft) the marina without notice decided to raise the price to 2,50 CUC. no explanation, no reason....

ALso be very suspicious of WALTER VINCENT ONEILL an American livng on his boat for the last 6 years claiming to be a veteran captain. He is a pathological liar and a thief. he overcharge for his time and charge for fuel that was never deliver. He is also agressive when things doesnt go his way and can be dangerous.

Recommended Tour Guide, 2016-05-02
Captain: , Fort Lauderdale (20)

Per the advise of a previous ActiveCaptain review, we hired Donisio Arranz (05-2648500 as a tour guide and I recommend him highly, especially if you are looking for someone who speaks excellent english and can carry on a serious conversation about what is going on in Cuba. For him, five stars.

But for the marina, one star. As the others have said, it is badly run down but the prices are skyrocketing anyway. That is true of Cuba in general and someone is raking it in. The next wave of Cubans in Florida will be the nouveau-riche from Havana.

John K Vignocchi. Chicago, IL April 2016, 2016-04-16
Captain: , Chicago (30)

I totally agree with the previous posts. We were there for the Stones and a few days after. The people are great and I had a great time with my family. I found nothing cheap in Cuba! The dollar converted to .87 cents. I did not mind as I thought the prices for food and stuff would be cheap. While they are not gouging, the prices in restaurants are comparable America. I paid $200 for lunch 3 adults and 2 kids. The marina charged me $300 cruising fee, even though I was not going cruising. Checking in and out of Cuba was painless and very easy. I had eggs and chicken on board and the inspectors said as long as I was for my consumption, he did not care. The entire trip was a great third world experience and taught my children to be thankful.
Thank you Cuba for that!

Things are changing, 2016-04-15
Captain: , Haarlem Netherlands AMEL 54 (402)

Having left Hemingway Marina April 7, 2016 and noticing the change in the last 12 months, we thought an update is order:

1. New increased rates per April 1 (all per feet)
1.1. Less than 45 feet: CUC 0.70 (from CUC 0.50)
1.2. 45 to 74 feet: CUC 1.00 (from CUC 0.55)
1.3. 74 to 89 feet: CUC 1.80 (from CUC 0.70)
1.4. Over 89 feet: CUC 2.50 (from CUC 2.00)
1.5. All other fees remain as-is but for the increase of immigration costs as mentioned by previous reviewer.
2. Channel 1 now has service points and thus no longer lower berthing fees.
3. Free bus shuttle to Old Town Havana is replaced by an Hop On Off bus system. Goes every hour during the day. No service during the night. CUC 1 pp to La Cecillia restaurant where one can take the newly introduced Havana bus tour (also Hop On Off) for CUC 10 pp. We did notice that the taxi drivers have adopted to the new situation of considerably more big bucks paying tourists. They have increased their fees almost 50%. The local taxis (mainly 1950's American cars) are still the same costs (but you have to share with the local population). Parque Central to Hemingway is now CUC 15 t CUC 25 after some serious negotiations.

1. WiFi. Per June 2015, ETECSA has introduced WiFi Hotspots in all major tourist spots. We used the Obispo, La Linea (opposite Hotel Libre and Coppellia) and at the marina. Only the La Linea was stable. Speed is good but main issue is that the hotspots are very popular so lots of demand for bandwidth.
Other hotspots exist. Normally easy to find. Merely look for a bunch of young cubans all hunched over their smartphones happuily skyping away.
1 hour cards are available at ETECSA offices (long wait - it is Cuba) for CUC 2 or at the hotspots sold by entrepreunerial young Cubans for CUC 3. We always bought them from the Cubans. Works well.


We were amazed about the enourmous increase of tourists (it seems mainly American). Might have been the visit of Obama and the Rolling Stones but, having discussed this with Cubans, it seems to be a general trend. Prices have already gone up generally so it seems now is the time to visit. More cruiseships are scheduled to arrive from May onwards so ...

People to People Mission, 2016-04-07
Captain: , Stuart FL USA (20)

We were among the first vessels to gain USCG permission to sail to Cuba and participate in Obama's recent initiative encouraging Americans to shake hands with Cubans. We arrived at Marina Hemingway two days before the Rolling Stones's epic free concert. The price per person to enter the country once was $25. It has tripled since February 2016. In addition to paying $75 pp, we paid $50 for the vessel. Dockage ran around 50 cents per foot, and we spent about $18 per day for electricity, water, dockage, and use of showers and bathrooms. The price was set to increase to 70 cents per foot on April 1, and many boat owners who had spent years there living inexpensively were planning to leave. The 10 percent surcharge to convert US dollars to Cuban pesos was expected to be eliminated. No sign of improvements to amenities. We had to carry our own toilet paper and hand soap and often the toilets didn't flush, leaving a gross, ugly mess. The marina sits 10 miles east of town, and it costs $20 for a taxi ride into old Havana. In contrast, a friend flew into the country and rented an Airbnb for himself and five friends for only $65 per night. Flying is a more attractive option than the 22 hour sail there and the 35-hour slog on our return.

Welcome to Cuba, 2016-02-21
Captain: , Melbourne (70)

Our entry into Marina Hemingway was straightforward as we'd chosen light sailing conditions to enter the narrows. The officials were welcoming and efficient and we were processed in 30 minutes then sent to Canal #1 where one fellow helped us hook up to water and electricity, while the remaining authorities (agriculture) met with us (They asked for something for their time - I gave them some tuna and a couple of juicy apples). Leaving Hemingway a propina was added to the bill - US$8. This was included on the receipt. To get to Havana we hailed a maquina and paid only CUP$30 each way. Be sure to establish the price BEFORE you hop in and note tha the trip goes to Playa where you get off then get another car to Havana.

Encore March 2017 visit, 2015-12-16
Captain: , Silver Bay (51)

I singlehanded into Hemmingway in March and agree with the previous posts. Because of US policies I made the trip from and to the Dry Tortugas. The Cuban people, including the officials, are very friendly and welcoming. Language wasn't too much of a barrier but some Spanish would make the experience better. The Harbormaster speaks very good English and we had some good talks. Cheryl Barr's Cuba guide is probably the best; her parents pretty much live at the marina and enjoy sharing information and insights. Living in Cuba is very inexpensive by our standards. Their medical outcomes are way higher than in the US and you pay a small fee to be included their system. It's one of the most interesting places I've visited and I hope to get back before things change for the worse when "everyone starts going there."

Sept 2015 visit, 2015-09-12
Captain: , Lighthouse Pt FL (80)

When enter channel do NOT stop at the Guardia office at entrance, go past it turn Port, then a few hundred feet down on Port is the Clearance for Customs and Intl arrivals. Marina friendly staff (with hands out though for tips regularly) make sure if you have been tipping to tell Harbor Master at check out to remove the "automatic" tip they all want to add, but is unnecessary, as you tipped your way throughout the stay. US Boats still not legal by USA standards, unless apply for permit which can take between a long time and never... unless you are in the May Hemingway Tournament. Being nice to the Guards in the shacks is good, and they appreciate it, minor tips, food, etc. The local guys who say they work on the boats, are not the greatest and the dockmasters skim an extra $20 off any of them that do work on your boat, so thereby increasing cost from $20-30 for most things to $40-50 for wash downs etc... we tipped everyone but keep it down to $10 max unless some particular work is performed, otherwise they get used to the big spender concept and rates go up quickly. Internet is not available except sporadic from the local hotel for a fee per hr. if the dockmaster sends someone to "exchange" dollars it is black market, so don't agree to the same rate you can get at hotel or Bank .85.87 they will do it at least .05 better when told you are not doing the bank rate, and you are at .9-.92 quickly. Can add up when fueling especially.

Recent Visit, 2015-05-22
Captain: , Houston, Texas (40)

We arrived on Friday May 1, 2015 with a northeast wind at about 15 kn. The channel is well marked and wider than I anticipated after reading about others concerns. We had previously cleared in at Puerto de Vita at the eastern end of the island. It took a couple hours to clear customs and immigration and we were directed to a tieup in Canal 2 where we were met by the Harbormaster and an electrician who plugged in our 110 v electric cord. The harbormaster and I had a beer in the cabin while my crew talked to the electrician and hosed the boat off. The Harbormaster said that I could tip him when we checked out.

We then walked up to the Hemingway YC and borrowed a cell phone to call Lic. Dionisio Arranz (05-2648500,, a friend of a friend (US Cell phones don't work in Cuba) Dioni came to the YC and over a beer we made a plan to hire Dioni and a driver and car to show us Havana. Dioni is in his early 80s, was here before the Revolution and in the current regime had major jobs in foreign trade before retiring. He traveled to 42 countries negotiating trade deals and his English is very good. Dioni agreed to be our guide for US$100/day plus $30/day for his driver and car.

That night was the pig roast at the YC which was interesting. We were the only US sailors there and in fact we ran into very few Americans during the entire five day stay. (We were traveling under one of the new provisions of the Department of Treasury, OFAC General License.)

Dioni picked us up at 0930 the next morning and we traveled with him for three days. His English is very good and he was a fountain of knowledge about Cuba past and present.

The marina staff was very polite as were all the Cubans we met. Yes, the marina is a bit run down, but that is Cuba. The marina laundry was closed for renovation and the marina office is a long walk from most of the tie-up locations. There is restricted access and we felt very safe.

I look forward to returning to Cuba and the day when the US normalizes relations with our neighbor and US boaters can freely go to Cuba and not be concerned about the US Government's outdated restrictions.

s/v Ten Years After, 2015-01-05
Captain: , Toronto, Canada (30)

Our stay in the marina was very nice, but the check-in with the officials was the worst we have ever expirienced

Time travel ..., 2014-04-13
Captain: , Bochum (318)

Going to Cuba is like going back to the late 50's, not much has changed, or been maintained, there since then.
The good thing is that from the beginning of this year clearing into Cuba is now much easier, instead of the 10 officials + 2 dogs who boarded me in Sept.2013, now you should only have 2 or 3 people max. Hemingway is still the only place where they will ask for presents, but there is no need to give anything. Politely say NO!
Also the dockmasters like to add up to 20% "tips" to your bill, don't accept this and don't pay it.
Be very aware of any of the "workers" that offer their services in the marina, they are not qualified, have no tools or supplies, and you have to pay the marina an extra $20/day apart from their wages for the work.
Do visit the ship chandlers next to the Marina office, here you will find the best price for rum in Cuba. Personally I recommend 'Cubay Anejo Suave' for only $3.60 a bottle. For cigars go to the store at the bottom end of canal 2, a little more expensive than in the streets of Havana, but at least you get the real thing.
A must is a ride in the vintage American taxis, at 10 cuban pesos (0.50ct) a unique & unbeatable experience.
Go the the Club Havana, about a mile past Jaimanitas, for the best coctails, good food and internet.

An Ok Marina.. everyone wants a tip so beware..., 2014-02-21
Captain: , Southampton , UK (1327)

You can only enter this marina during the day. I assume this is to ensure that there are as many people as possible around to ask for tips. Clearance is simple but you will be asked for a lot of tips. I would suggest you just say no.

The marina is old with concrete sides. It is very large, there are no facilities to use your dinghy to get around. Even if you do use the dinghy you have to lift it every night and cannot go past the Guardfronterier office. So be prepared to walk a lot.

There is no pump out here and the bathrooms are at one end near the marina office so it is very long walk at night. Although they are meant to be open at night they are usually locked. If you bang hard on the door someone may come and let you in.

They charge $0.50 per foot for a 37ft boat. This is reasonable for a short stay but no discounts are given so gets very expensive. If you are american then they will also charge you about $75 per person for health insurance.

On site there is a hotel that has internet that rarely works and never has an exchange rate for anything other than dollars.

There is a free bus to Havana from there though they leave at 10.00 and 11.30 and return at 13.30 and 17.30

There is a very expensive pizza restaurant, a reasonably price bar/restaurant called Fiesta (be prepared to wait an hour for a sandwich) and a pretty good chinese restaurant.

Laundry is taken in at the servicio at $4 per bag.

The water on the dock only seemed to be on for about two hours a day this included the showers. This may only be a temporary problem though.

People are very friendly, if you need a taxi speak to George (he has a blue lada) he hangs out near the scuba diving office. He is reasonably priced if you negotiate.

The Saturday morning market is about a 10 minute walk from the marina it is the only place to get fresh produce nearby. Come out of the Marina turn left, go over the bridge. It is down a road on the left about 50 meters past. Look down the road you will see plenty of people there.

Bread is mosly available from teh cafe next to the Pizza store.

There are a few local restaurants if you leave the marina and walk towards Sante Fe.

If you want a guided tour of Havana I can strongly recommend Rubens his contact details are:
Mobile phone: 53177207
Office: 8696133 ext. 3327
Home: 8628391

Just say Karen and Phill recomended him, he will charge you $5 per hour for a group regardless of the size.

A great place to visit Havana , 2014-02-19
Captain: , Little Current Manitoulin Island Ontario (190)

Marina Hemingway
Provided a great location to visit Havana. The docks are worn out but the showers were hot and clean. We found the customs intimidating by asking for bribes along with some security, the harbour master who booked us in and dock staff. We found that it was best to gently say no and offer a cold beer. We no longer take customs officials directly into the boat but do paperwork on the cock pit table and then go in for inspections.
You can use the resort bus free at 09:30 for a trip into Havana. 17:30 return. While in Havana two couples used professor Ruben Hernandez (cell 53 53177207) $5 hour to tour old Havana. At $10 each it was well worth the money to save frustration and have an interesting companion . We visited the forts again using a guide. (Sunset was amazing) By using a Cuban guide and him paying the ferry it was .30 total for five of us versus a $20 taxi. The double decker bus was worth the ride and took about 1.5 hours. We enjoyed a casa particular one night to check out the night life.
The harbour master that cleared us was professional and friendly helping with our cruising itinerary. Again customs wanted bribes. All in all a great week.

Run down but functioning, 2014-02-18
Captain: , Fremantle (1024)

As mentioned by others the marina is run down, but so is the whole of Cuba, no maitenance to the beautiful buildings of the past has been done in the last 50+ years and it shows, some parts of Havana looks like Beirut.

Beware, the officials are courtesious and efficients, they will take time to do all paparwork, but at the end will ask you for "a present". Some people get worried and hand some money, you don't have to. Just smile and say 'no'. Many did and nothing bad happens.

DO NOT enter with strong onshore wind, 2013-09-01
Captain: , Monreal (2871)

Have seen 6 foot breakers in the channel when a strong wind was blowing onshore

Hilarious place, 2013-08-27
Captain: , Vancouver (4195)

3 Stars for the marina, 5 Stars for the entertainment.

While we were being boarded and searched by three different groups upon arrival (militario, immigration and port authority), we were amused to see posing bikini-clad girls appear from behind the nearby palm trees and began deliberately parading back and forth in front of any boat that had a male skipper in the cockpit. Even our little boat represents unimaginable wealth (and freedom). When my wife appeared from below, they moved onto the next boat.

The contradictions are staggering:
In the local shops you need a ration card to buy the few rare items (a single bunch of carrots or a hammer). BUT, in the marina chandlery, you can buy everything from Givenchy to Guchi.

Beware: do NOT try to leave harbour with anything more than a box or two of cigars. You're searched when you leave as well. A fellow cruiser was 10 seconds away from being given clearance to leave when one of the guards found a single cigar stuffed behind a panel. They tore his boat to pieces and discovered HALF A TON of Cuban cigars. If he had made it back to Mexico, (and other destinations), I estimated it would have netted about 1.2 million dollars. The authorities knew we had become friends with him and subsequently WE were boarded and searched while at our berth. They held him for three days and were fully prepared to impound his boat. Eventually they decided to banish him for good from Cuban waters, and let him go. We had become friends with Felix (the port captain at the time) after staying there for 3 months. He showed us the room where they had stacked all the cigar boxes - floor to ceiling.

The Cubans are the warmest people we've met in our travels - just don't try to pull one over on the officials.

Least secure of all the Cuban Marinas, 2013-05-03
Captain: , Toronto (755)

Dockage is alongside the seawalls in a system of 4 canals. The canals form part of a tourist resort and are easily accessible from the parking lots. Lock your boat if you come here as theft is not uncommon and security is relatively lax compared to other Cuban marinas.

Facilities are functional but tired. Canal #1 offers low cost unserviced dockage at $.22/ft because the water and power does not work.

There are showers, wash and fold laundry services and a very good grocery store within the marina. The north side of canal#2 will put you closest to these facilities.

Local markets and a Cadeca are within walking distance in Jaimanitas ~1 mile.

There will be lots of entrepreneurs approaching boaters for everything from cheap diesel to rum. We have purchased successfully, but cavest emptor.

Plan for very thorough checking in and checking out procedures. We had to surrender all of our flares for safe keeping and all of our hand held electronics, VHF, GPS etc were sealed in a plastic bag.

The best option for Havana, 2013-03-26
Captain: , Bristol (306)

Some of the facilites are showing their age, but great atmosphere of sailors from around the world. Boats from the US, Canada, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Argentian were all there at the same time as us. Although nine miles from the centre of Havana, there is a free bus from the hotel in the marina complex which we used most days. Nighttime cab ride is about $20. Marina staff friendly and helpful. Very good bar in the Yacht Club, serving the best Mojitos in town. Havana is wonderful.

Nice Marina, 2012-02-20
Captain: , Pensacola, Florida (211)

Stayed here a month (FEB) in 2010. Had a spanish speaker on board and that really helped. Taxis have figured out the program and it is expensive to get in to Havana about 10 miles away. $40. USD. You can take a bus for $3.00 and it is very nice. Met lots of cruisers at the Yacht Club and ended up having a party on our boat the next day for some. It is expensive but if you go don't miss the Tropicana. Well worth it.

Wondeful Trip Here in 2000., 2012-01-01
Captain: , New York Harbor (495)

Came here when there were many American yachts arriving daily. That was when Clinton was president. As soon as Bush came into office letters were sent out to all yachts that had been here and the good times stopped. Hopefully the embargo will be ended and sailors can come here once again. If you are a forign flagged vessel go and enjoy a well run facility within close distance of Havana.

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