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Cabo San Lucas

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Address Lote A-18 De la Darsena
Cabo San Lucas, BS 23410


After hours contact


Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - YES
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


Note that as of 4/2011 the marina office is closed on Sundays. Even though the office is closed, you can still call on 88A and someone will help you.

VHF channel



Email contact

Owner, manager

Darren Carey - General Manager


Augusto Cach, Senior Berth Master


Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


The approach is obvious. Once inside the harbor, the fairway is a little tight for the amount of traffic, particularly in the mornings when the sportfishing fleet departs. The marina is found by bearing to the right about 500 yards after entering the harbor.





Tide & current additional info


Approach: Unknown
Transient dockage: 24
Fuel dock: 24

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - YES
Floating - YES
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: 375
Beam max: 63

Other info: Maximum draft 24 feet. 33 slips over 100 feet.


Transient: Unknown
Total: 380
Transient price: $1.60/ft (2013-12-02)

Other price info: From 79 cents for boats under 25 feet to 1.79 for over 80 feet (plus taxes). Heavily discounted long term berthing available.

Fees are variable by time of year and are negotiable. Incentives are often offered. Contact at 52-624-173-9140 and play Let's Make a Deal.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info:

Pricing info:

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)

Yes - Potable water is provided via a reverse osmosis system from the marina’s own 40,000-gallon-a-day desalination plant.

Dinghy access

Yes - Normally the fee is $3.00 USD or $30 MXN Pesos per day.

Liveaboard info

Yes - Price is negotiable and is heavily discounted for long term stays.


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info: Note: You can choose to pay either in US dollars or Pesos. The applied exchange rate is taken from the bank exchange rate and updated daily. This is also the only fuel facility that complies with all the current legislation and as such is the only Cauli approved Pemex marine fuel distributor. This includes the new NOM-005-SCFI-2011, regarding the software used in electronic dispensers. Please ask if you take fuel elswhere if they meet this, its for your own protection. Fuel is also centrifuged and quality tested at least 3 times a day and specs are availble on request.

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info: Note: You can choose to pay either in US dollars or Pesos. The applied exchange rate is taken from the bank exchange rate and updated daily. This is also the only fuel facility that complies with all the current legislation and as such is the only Cauli approved Pemex marine fuel distributor. This includes the new NOM-005-SCFI-2011, regarding the software used in electronic dispensers. Please ask if you take fuel elswhere if they meet this, its for your own protection. Fuel is also centrifuged and quality tested at least 3 times a day and specs are availble on request.


Yes - A tank truck delivers propane to the marina for guests.

Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info: On leash only. There are no special areas for exercising your pets.

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out

Yes - At the fuel dock.


Yes - Available from either of the marinas two dedicated stores.


Yes - Collected by boat from the slips.






Yes - $1.25 wash and $1.50 to dry (4/2011).


Yes - Nearby


Yes - IGY Marina Boatyard retail store. Cape Marine, located in Wydham Hotel building.





Hotels or motels


Repair capabilities

Yes - Full service boatyard.

Haul out capabilities

Yes - 75-ton travel lift with a handling capacity for vessels measuring up to 80 feet.

Storage facilities

Yes - Arranged by request.

Fishing supplies


Chartering capabilities


Internet access

Yes - WiFi

Boat ramp availability

Yes - Two-lane launch ramp with adjacent dock.


Yes - Many options, including rent a car.

Other services

Marina personnel will aid with port clearance regulations.


Golf, beaches, and more. Cabo San Lucas is the Las Vegas of Baja California without the casinos.

Reviews for Cabo San Lucas
A wonderful experience, 2016-12-10
Captain: , Victoria (70)

First of all, I'll mention that this marina is PRICEY! We are paying $80/night for a 40' boat. The facilities are great though. There are lots of showers and restrooms that are very clean and nice and laundry facilities as well. Marina staff are very friendly and speak English fluently. Conveniently located to EVERYTHING in Cabo, with very high-speed WiFi, this is a nice treat and alternative to the very rolly anchorage here.

Cabo Las Vegas, 2016-02-15
Captain: , cave creek az (60)

Hold onto your wallet here! The facilities are secure, clean and well kept, but you pay a premium for it. Everyoe is out to sell you something...dried out cigars, fake silver, etc. The local marina store has the basics if you need something, but Walmart is worth the bus or taxi ride.Showers and laundry facilities at the end of K dock are clean and newer and better than San Diego's cop dock by a long shot.

If you need repairs, don't arrive on a weekend. Anchor out and wait because everyone is out fishing anyway. Local tradesmen are very specific in their knowledge but are quite opportunistic and will overcharge for services. Generator repairs call "Pablo" 624-100-7276. He is honest, prompt and knowledgeable but be sure to negotiate a price in advance because he charges a premium, not by the hour, but by what he thinks the job is worth no matter how long it takes.

The marina is crazy busy, noisy until 3am and full of hungry predators (out of the water) so keep watch. We would have stayed at the other marina but it was full. This one is 95% fishing and power boats, so not very cruiser friendly, but the staff is pleasant and helpful.

The anchorage up the beach is pretty, but rolly.A stern anchor helps. If you don't want to bother with your dinghy (no place to secure it) call a water taxi on channel 13 and they will drop you on the beach for $1 each. They are swarming around most days when the big cruise boats come in. Oh yes, and beware anchoring too close to the beach in the open space between the hotels.That's where they launch the fireworks displays - towards the water (and you!)

We would not have stayed at the marina except for needed repairs and we don't plan to return, but would stay at the anchorage again.

Cabo san lucas Early June 2015, 2015-08-16
Captain: , Redondo Beach Ca (490)

Stayed here in May and Early June 2015. Docks are in good shape, excellent power , not as pricy as I had heard. Fuel dock does charge just to dock which is annoying. Great service and anything you need is available , Very very secure. Excellent power and portable water. Wifi was pretty good as well and up most of the time.

Good Facilities but Loud, 2015-03-20
Captain: , Seattle (396)

We stopped here at the end of the Baja Ha Ha in 11/2014. It was a nice break and our first marina since San Diego. Since it was relatively soon after the hurricane, there was some damage in the inner harbor, but the marina was 90% up and running. The wifi was out, the heads fairly close out on the dock, a small tienda on the dock, and water, power and fuel were available. We purify all dock water in MX, so I don't know whether it was potable. The agricultural inspectors found us after a couple of days, so watch out for that. Good security, but lots of loud music and drinking. Great restaurants, but not authentic Mexican ones. I would have rated this marina 4 stars but for the loud music.

Nice Facilities a short walk to everything Cabo has to offer, 2015-01-11
Captain: , San Diego, CA (1239)

The docks at IGY are open for business. The marina suffered some damage during Hurricane Odile but is open for business. The water on the docks was run through exposed PVC pipe and dock patrons are sharing hookups.

Power is still available at slips and they're in good repair. The head and laundry facilities are nice, clean and spacious. The location is great next to downtown and protected by locking gates.

If you came to Cabo, this is it., 2014-04-23
Captain: , Santa Cruz, CA (178)

If you came down here to go to Cabo this marina puts you in the middle of it, literally. If you don't want to be in the middle of town, anchor out or go up to La Paz. I think it is great, the location and the services. It is surprisingly expensive. For the boat I was running, I don't think the owner did any bartering on the charges, maybe next time.

Perpetual Commotion, 2013-11-22
Captain: , Seattle (21031)

IGY Cabo San Lucas is a first class high end marina. If the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas had a marina outside their lobby on the Strip then we imagine this site is what it would resemble.

Is it noisy? Definitely, and on a 24/7 basis.

Is it expensive? Likely, but analogous to a used car lot you can negotiate a rate since the choice of potential discounts available seems to exceed the number of items on a typical Chinese restaurant%u2019s menu.

Whatever price you pay, the amenities and the staff providing them are well worth it. From 24 hour on site security to helping procure any necessity, including port clearance assistance, the staff operates concierge type services for their guests. Just don%u2019t expect to enjoy peace and quiet here.

Cabo San Lucas is best described as a combination of Mexico, Las Vegas, and Disneyland. The marina is located in the heart of all this action. People and boats come and go at all hours of the day. 4 am is an especially busy hour as revelers return from the nearby hot spots and sportfishing seeking vessels depart from the docks. It%u2019s easy to see why reviewers have a love hate relationship with the area.

If you dislike the hustle and bustle then this marina is a good location for a short-term stopover to provision, repair, and refuel before you head for more scenic natural wonders. If you are looking for action then you have found the Holy Grail. Or you can combine scenic and city life if you are here for more than a day.

We decided we wanted to enjoy the sunrise being framed by the famous Land%u2019s End arches where the spectacularly-eroded granodioritic spine of the peninsula is dramatically exposed. We didn%u2019t feel guilty about starting our engines at 4:00 in the morning since a great number of small boats were departing the marina and heading out. We were just one of over a hundred vessels leaving the marina and the bay beyond heading west. The morning was fresh and the city of Cabo San Lucas was twinkling in the dark.

We approached the famous Los Frailes (the Friars), and slowly crept up to that famous arch at Land%u2019s End. While observing the iconic sea-arch, a barking sound drew our attention to a low rock where a group of California sea lions was hauled out. A cloud of magnificent frigatebirds circled above the outermost rocky block. Brown pelicans, Brandt%u2019s cormorants, brown boobies, and a lone masked booby all kept company here and made for quite a spectacle.

A thin line of clouds sitting on the eastern horizon gave us the opportunity to practice our photographic quasi-alliteration mantra of contemplate, compose, capture, and critique. With digital cameras and binoculars poised, we captured the sunrise for pixelated posterity. We then returned to the city oriented craziness of the marina that afternoon, calmed by the soothing of viewing Mother Nature in one of her finest settings.

And then the Disneyland aspect of Cabo San Lucas set in. It turns out the arch is not so natural. It has been cemented to keep it from falling apart due to the vibrations of the cruise ships and thousands of other vessels which visit annually. Oh well. Cabo San Lucas you can love it or hate it.

IGY - Cabo San Lucas, 2013-04-27
Captain: , Kirkland, WA (4478)

We stayed 5 nights at this world-class marina. The marina provides all the necessary and expected services of a full-service marina. The city of Cabo offers just about anything the cruiser might need, including major retail, service, and supplies all within walking or taxi ride distance. You pay for what you get and this is not the cheapest place to stay but a great stop to re-supply and enjoy the tourista attractions. Cabo Marine is a well-stocked and fair-priced marina supply store located in the Wydam Hotel building at the Marina.

Perfect Experience, 2012-12-26
Captain: , Morro Bay, Ca (101)

Nice, Clean, and relatively affordable (For Cabo). Dec. 2012 $1.75 ft/day
Staff is excellent, everything is clean, everything works, the WiFi is slow as mud.

High end and pricey, 2012-11-27
Captain: , Anacortes, WA (127)

I agree with previous two posts. An expensive marina, but it is within walking distance of a lot of services and restaurants. Immigration, customs and bank for paying for them are all separate, but within walking distance (but a lot of walking). Security is the best I've seen with guards on most of the docks who also run to catch your lines. The employees are very courteous and friendly, though mostly don't speak English. The noise factor is substantial between the shoreside entertainment at night and the superyacht music during the day. But it's bearable. IMHO, the worst part of this marina is the pan handling, and exploitation of children to try to get you to part with your money. It breaks your heart...

High level of services; noisy, 2011-06-08
Captain: , San Francisco (409)

You are in the middle of modern, noisy town. Services are very good. Depending on the gate you are in you need to walk to bathroom/loundry. Overall decent service but for the price.

Nice marina in the middle of the action, 2011-04-11
Captain: , Newport, RI (10275)

The marina is in the middle of the action in Cabo. The docks are very well maintained with individual slips. There's cable that provides some US programming and good WiFi Internet. The showers/bathrooms are a bit a of walk, but they're very clean. The security seems quite good. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

We had many people tell us to skip Cabo, but we have had a great time here. Sure, it's Americanized Mexico, but who cares? There are lots of good restuarants and there's a a ton of shopping available.

Our favorite restaurant was Salvatorres Italian restaurant on Zapata E Guerrero. This was outstanding food and service. Due to the portion sizes, we would suggest that you get a salad and one main dish and share them. We also went to La Dolce on Hidalgo and had a very good meal. For seafood, we can recommend Mariscos de Mazatlan, which is just a few blocks away.

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