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Mackinac Island State Docks

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Address Huron Street
Mackinac Island, MI 49757


After hours contact

Off Season phone: 231-627-9011

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


Better make sure and call ahead and ensure a spot.

VHF channel

16/09 working on 14


Email contact

Owner, manager

State of Michigan




Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)

Additional info: Late May to Mid September






Tide & current additional info


Approach: Unknown
Transient dockage: Unknown
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - NO
Floating - NO
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info: Transient Dockage 4 day maximum

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: 63
Total: 76
Transient price: $1.45/ft (2012-08-01)

Other price info: Plus standard MI charge for boat size.


Transient: 0
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: The moorings in the harbor are all private. There are not any available for public use.

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info:

Pricing info: Included with dockage.

Cable TV (and pricing)

No - 6/10/09. Possibly will get in the future.

Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)


Dinghy access

Yes - $10 a day.

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info: The gas is available through the Mackinac Island Hardware which is located on the coal dock, in between the Arnold and Shepler ferry docks. Just west of the marina.

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service


Pump out

Yes - Call ahead to make sure it is working.


Yes - Block


Yes - Dumpster available.


Yes - Captain Geoff reported August 2010: 'These showers are the most annoying showers that I've ever experienced. Every 20-25 seconds you have to push a button to keep the water flowing. Why they don't install low flow shower heads and give you more time is beyond me. I suggest that everyone complain to the staff so that they address this.'





Yes - Across the street in town.


Yes - At the island delivery docks, closes very early.


Yes - Many available within walking distance.



Hotels or motels

Yes - There are some within walking distance, and bed and breakfast.

Repair capabilities

Haul out capabilities

Storage facilities

Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - WiFi is free. Strong signal. Get the password when registering.

Reported May 2014 that the signal is strong, but the service is very slow. Only 3 boats in the harbor and the WiFi is slower then the celular signal.

Boat ramp availability


Other services


Mackinac Island is very touristy. There are hundreds of places to spend your money (Wax museum, Fudge shops, souveniers, bike rentals, horse rentals, etc...). That is if you stay on the main street. A few blocks off the main drag lies a very tranquil and peaceful setting. Would suggest a horse drawn carriage tour to get a general feel for the island and its history. Then explore on your own by walking, biking or horseback. Do not judge the whole island by the main street from the marina to the ferry docks.

Reviews for Mackinac Island State Docks
Great Island but..., 2017-08-19
Captain: , Grass Valley, CA (320)

The fixed docks themselves are really great, made from reenforced steel, pumpout available up and down the dock. Staff was very friendly and helpful. The WiFi signal was great, the internet access was awful. We were on the outside slips by the ferry dock. Tie your boat thoughtfully, the ferries are always coming and going and they produce wakes all day long. The marina, breakwater, and ferry docks all seem to compete with each other.

Marina lets down the Island, 2017-08-17
Captain: , Delaware (43)

A beautiful place to visit but the marina lets the place down.
Staff are friendly but seasonal
Food, bars and shopping all an easy walk
Not good:
Wifi is woeful.
Don't dock here if there is the slightest breeze from the east or south east because you will be knocked around mercilessly.
Showers are small and you need to press a button every 15 seconds to get the water to flow.
No shower curtain so the whole booth get a wet floor.
Cell reception and network speed is rubbish during the day due to number of visitors.

great location to all the fudge shops but....., 2017-07-11
Captain: , AuGres MI (60)

Very bouncy during the day. Like everyone else commented on this place is wavy from the ferries. The process for securing a dock spot is very confusing. The DNR wesite is useless and if you call the staff it is even more confusing.

Our favorite Great Lakes harbor, 2017-03-24
Captain: , Grand Haven MI (251)

This has been our favorite summer stop for over 30 yrs. No cars so pedestrian and bike based transportation which is perfect for boaters. Do bring your own bike if possible as the local rentals can be iffy. Also fill your cooler and refrigerator as groceries are limited.

When you tie up, use lots of dock lines and fenders and try to dock bow out toward the harbor as the ferry boats don't seem to be held accountable to the no wake rules. Your bow will break the incoming wakes better than your stern. There will be a lot of surge during the day which makes the exit of the last ferry boat to the mainland a cause to hoist a drink to toast the last wake of the day.

Get a map from the welcome center and visit the many sites on the interior of the island.

Great Location to visit the island, 2016-09-14
Captain: , Grand Rivers, Ky (2206)

8-16-16 If you want to visit the city by boat, this is the place to stay. An easy walk to downtown, take the carriage tour, it%u2019s a must do. The staff was very helpful and friendly, the marina is in great shape. We were on the inside slips and didn%u2019t have an issue with ferry boat wake.

Bank Rip Off, 2016-09-02
Captain: , Charleston, SC (210)

Island was great, albiet a bit touristy. Marina was very good. No complaints. But, beware of First National Bank of St. Ignace. I visted this bank and specifically asked if they can exhange Canadian Dollars for USD and if there was a fee. I was told they can exchange and no fees are charged. So I returned to my boat, retreived my Canadian Dollars and returned to exchange. With an exchange rate of 77%, I quickly learned that this banks exchange rate was different, it was only 66%. A ten percent premium that was not disclosed. Illegal no, unethical, yes, after my direct inquiry. Do not use this bank.

Location can't be beat !, 2016-09-01
Captain: , Blanco, TX (520)

We stayed here 08/13 thru 08/15/2016, as others have stated, it is extremely rocky with all the ferry traffic but worth it for the convenience to be in the center of everything. The staff was very accommodating, easy in/out of the marina, accommodations were fine, not the best we've seen but clean and functional! The view of the beautiful cottages and the fort, etc from the marina was wonderful, would stay here again.

Review is for interaction with Marina Staff, 2016-08-27
Captain: , Bedford, NH (775)

Reservations can be made ONLY through the Michigan DNR website

We attempted to make a reservation a couple of days in advance, by phone. We were told that it is strictly "first come, first serve" so get there early. We called about 10 minutes out and were told to call again once we were in the basin, in front of the marina. We now hear many boats hailing the marina with their 'reservations". We called again when we got to the marina and were told there was no room for us. Could have told us that before we came in. Wanted us to "hang" for a couple of hours and something would "probably" open up. I asked why others could make reservations and we couldn't and they said they didn't know, they were probably full. NEVER did they mention that reservations could be made online with the Michicgan DNR. We left, very upset, and went to Mackinaw City where we were accommodated nicely. We found out about the online reservations when calling another marina to try to make reservations. They told us about the first come, first serve policy when calling but they ALSO told us about the DNR reservation site. Very dissappointed with this facility for not telling us the whole story when we called or upon arrival and making us go all the way in to the marina before telling us that they had no room.

It is what it is, 2016-07-10
Captain: , Muskegon MI (80)

Beautiful location, excellent staff, but huge surges and wakes all day and late into the night as the ferries come and go. As for location, it has 5 stars, because it is so beautiful and placed so well. Bring a bike, as the rentals are rediculous. There are miles and miles of paved and un-paved trails to ride. The hores manure took a little to get use to, well maybe we never got use to it, but it was fun anyway. Interesting to see what it would be like with on motorised vehicles, and makes us appreciate the modern convieniences we have.

Busy Marina, 2016-07-01
Captain: , La Crosse, WI (941)

Mackinaw Island is very touristy. But once you move away from the main fudge streets it becomes a very interesting Island. Be sure to bring or rent bicycles. It's only 8 miles around the island. The carriage ride is also worthwhile. It gives you a good basis for further exploring. Tour Ft Mackinac and eat at the Tea Room at the fort: it's a million dollar view, good food, and reasonable prices for the Island. Marina is clean and staff helpful. The horse poo gets to be a little overpowering at times.

Location, Location, Location, 2015-09-18
Captain: , Catawba Island Ohio (530)

Best thing about marina is you guessed it, location. Fixed docks in good condition with good restrooms. Friendly staff. Michigan tier pricing put our 35 foot boat at 67.00 a night. No discounts after Labor Day even with only a handfull of boats in the marina. No wi-fi either, staff said it hasn't worked since June.

OK for a couple of days, 2015-09-06
Captain: , Wilmington, DE (780)

best thing about this marina is the central location next to town. the worst thing is that it's located next to busy ferry terminals, thus some serious wakes. there was serious rolling during the day, but calmer from around 9pm to early morning. staff is unenthusiastic and docks are average - not especially well run. can't have it all in mackinac I suppose. the island and town are charming (main street not so much) and well worth a visit

Rolly Marina, 2015-08-23
Captain: , Little River, SC (2037)

We were able to get a slip here without a reservation. Nice marina ifd a bit rolly but it quieted down at night. Mackinac Island should be visited but it is very touristy. There are more fudge shops here than anything else. Walking down the main street all you smell is fudge and horse poop. We took a public tour which was interesting. Don't plan on having dinner at the Grand Hotel unless you have a coat and tie on board. We didn't much to my wife's disappointment.

Wake prone but worth it, 2015-08-15
Captain: , Beverly, MA (1242)

What a great island to visit. Bring your bike or rent one. The Marina is very mordern and well maintained but you will suffer from the ferry boat wakes. NOTE: You can check in to customs here on the dock there is a phone and video camera which is used for the process. I observed several folks checking in and they did so without problem.

Rock and Roll, 2015-08-11
Captain: , Essex, CT (1675)

The Marina is nice and very well maintained -- however given how incredibly close the slips were to each other (we could hear every word spoken by our neighbor), and the incredbile amount of rock and roll from boats passing by -- and this starts around 8am and stops around 9pm! And while the Island is charming -- you have to go through swarms of people and horse ... anytime you want to go anywhere. Perhaps we were just ill prepared for it all coming out of the North Channel -- but for my money, I'll take Kagawong any day.

Unique way to stay on the Island, 2015-07-31
Captain: , Muskegon, MI (483)

Nice marina with helpful and kind staff. Checked the website a week in advance and no slips were available, checked a few days ahead and more spots opened up. Really your only option to stay on the island by boat, would be great if there were more moorings!

NO DIESEL and NO GAS, 2015-06-28
Captain: , New Baltimore Michigan (10)

Don't bow in from the harbor center side. Quite Jolly from the ferry boats but calms down in the evening. Use your lines properly and bumpers. Friendly, helpful 30A and 50A. $67 for 42 foot boat.

Your only option on the island, 2015-03-26
Captain: , Muskegon MI (265)

Nice clean marina. This is the only place you can keep a boat at the island since the bottom is poor and the moorings are private. I would love to see the mooring feild expanded for public use.

Great Location, 2014-12-27
Captain: , Milwaukee WI (939)

This is the best place to stay if you want to tour the island. Try and get an inside slip as there is ferry wake on the outside. In addition, the fixed docks are very high on the outside docks and we had difficulty getting on/off the boat. When we moved to the newly-dredged shoreside slips, we had no problem with either issue.

The staff is very helpful - we needed a power extension cord to reach the power terminal which they provided at no extra charge.

Groceries and liquor are numerous and value priced at Doud's, just down the block from the marina. Ask them to let you take the cart back to the boat. You can get excellent coffee and bakery at the shop in the yellow building on the northeast end of the harbor.

Just about everything is in walking distance (yes, I've walked the entire circumference), or you can rent a bike (or a horse) for transportation. It is also easy to meet up with non-sailing family... they can leave a car at Mac City or St Ignace and take the ferry to the Island to meet you.

This is one harbor we feel comfortable coming in to after dark, as we've been there numerous times. If you stay focused on the lights of the Coal Dock, you'll keep the mooring area and its unlit moored boats to starboard and come in to the marina just about midpoint.

Oh, and don't forget the ice cream and fudge.

Wonderful spot, 2014-12-13
Captain: , ann arbor (120)

We spent a few nights here late July 2014. It's a great location being just a short walk from the main tourist attractions and a great view of the fort. Because there's lots of ferry traffic, there are lots of waves, so do a really thorough job of tying up the boat at the dock. We had extra lines and made sure they were extra tight and used bumpers. This is only an issue if you are on the outside.

There's lots of action on the docks so we met lots of neat people and other boaters. The facilties were clean and easily accessible. The water in the harbor is incredibly clear and beautiful.

A must visit once town, 2014-10-02
Captain: , Green Bay, WI (480)

Spent 3 nights rather than the planned 2 as the seas turned up on us. The marina is nice, nothing to write home about but nice. It was tough to tie up securely and safely with all of the boat traffic and the night waves which did push us around a bit. They do not have enough cleats so we tied to a 6 x 6 which cut threw a line. Sunday was a zoo. I've never seen so many bikes and horses (poop). Monday and Tuesday were great. Rainy but still really nice. The Mustang is a local hang out with great lunches, a must do. The Pink Pony has a $5 Bloody Mary every day and Mary's has great specialty beers and a nice lunch. You have to do the basic only buggy tour at $26 per person - you get a much better understanding of the history of the island. The museum is also fun - Titanic survivors from Mackinac Island. The hourly firing of the cannon will get everybody at least once.

Right in the Center of it All, 2014-09-07
Captain: , Milwaukee, WI (358)

VERY convenient to the touristy center of Mackinac Island's town. Staying on the island has it's advantages... you don't have to worry about getting on the last ferry to the mainland, and you can return to the boat as many times as you need to to regroup.

There's a great coffee shop just on the east side of the marina, and plenty of restaurants and bars within easy walking distance. Bike rental makes exploring the island's more remote areas easier, too.

Location offsets many of the marina's issues... ferry wakes can get annoying during the day, and mediocre protection from waves in certain weather conditions. The push button, single temperature showers are annoying. Finger piers only extend 2/3 of the way into the slip. Fixed dock height might pose a problem for smaller boats in low water years.

Rock an a rolling all night long, 2014-08-20
Captain: , Nowhere,OK (1314)

Rocking isn't from the ferry, it's from the poor engineering of the two breakwalls. The ferry don't run after 10PM, but the wind and waves do.

Having said that, we spent two days here. Dock staff is great. You can see the fort from your boat and you can watch the flags going up and down from the dock.

Wear closed toe shoes, the horse manure is everywhere.

The best deal on the island is the Grand Hotel Lunch Buffet at $45 per person. Includes the $10 entrance fee and all the taxes and tips.

Second best is the carriage ride that takes you to the top of the hill, from there you switch carriages to go back in the park to see the Arch and you can get off and do the Fort. There is also a butterfly place that you can do in a package with the horse trip.

Fun Island good marina, 2014-08-14
Captain: , Palm Beach Gardens, FL (1997)

We spent 3 nights here while family came to visit and we had a great time.
The marina was helpful in putting us alongside the main dock so it was easier for elderly parents to board etc.
There is a fair amount of rocking at times when ferries enter and leave but quite tolerable
Enjoyed the Grand Hotel and horse carriage tours.
Fun experience, everyone should do once.

Excellent stop, 2014-08-07
Captain: , Massapequa,NY (1176)

This is the place to be in the center of all the action. Fun stop. Tie up right & the ferry boat wakes are no bother. This is where you want to be!

What a zoo, 2014-08-01
Captain: , Beaufort NC (500)

I know its a must see, but what a freckin zoo. I've never seen so many bikes and then dodging horse poop and people -yuck. Spend the $10 pp to go into the Grand Hotel and spend $15 a drink to enjoy being away from the maddening crowds. A nice church with unique stain glass of Indians & missionary. The marina has 25% of their slips available for drop ins, get there early to get a slip and you can call a head to find out if they have any available.

Good marina, 2014-05-30
Captain: , Milwaukee (651)

I am not sure what the other reviews about the ferry wakes were about. We could see the ferries comining and going but our boat never moved. The high docks were not a problem with our MY, it allowed us to step off the sides with no problem. Very helpfull staff. The staff is not allowed to accept tips. Found that very strange.

There are better ways to see Mackinac Island..., 2013-09-01
Captain: , MV Red Head (61833)

The marina is rolly to some weather and many ferries. The fixed docks are quite high with narrow finger piers. I think it's a much better idea to stay at St Ignace or Mackinac City and take the ferry over to Mackinac Island. Mackinac City especially is quite protected and close to multiple ferry companies.

Mackinac Island visit, 2013-08-19
Captain: , Marathon,FL (90)

Great spot! Need reservations most all of the time. High fixed docks. Great shape. good bit of swell from ferries. Good dock help! Baths and showers OK. Awesome to hear Taps played from the fort over the quiet harbor at 10 pm.

Mackinac Island Is A Great Destination, 2013-08-04
Captain: , Traverse City, MI (56)

We were put in slip #1 which is in a hole. The surge from the ferries keeps the boat moving from morning to night. Docks are not floating and were a bit of a climb to get up. Bathrooms and showers were clean, but I wish the showers stayed on. You push the button for about 10 seconds of water. Marina is very close to downtown and anything else you would want to see on the island. Very busy marina and there does not seem to be much wiggle room with stay length or late checkout. We always seem to be a hassle or bother when we stay there and not a welcomed guest, but maybe that is just my perception.

OK, but not great!!, 2013-07-01
Captain: , Commerce,MI (20)

We stayed here on 6-23-13 and 6-24-13. This marina really needs to be updated. The bathrooms are in need of a remodel. The docks are non-floating type and are extremely tall. Because of the waves that occur, not only from the ferries, but from the straits, it makes for fendering to the dock impossible. We had to use spring-lines on all four corners to not bump the dock!! Between not being able to tie-up directly to the dock and the height of the dock, made it nearly impossible to get off the boat. The only positives about this marina, are the picnic tables at the end of the dock and being "on the island". Although after a long day on the island, be prepared for a rocky night sleep. BTW bring a long cord for shorepower, as the docks are long.

Mackinaw Island visit, 2012-08-26
Captain: , Bay City (40)

Mackinac Island is a great destination! Have strong, long dock lines, and lots of them. I've seen a couple bow sprits come very close to the dock when coming and going, careful there... We like it a little better (sail boat) on the "inside" row so your bow is into the ferry wake. Murray's fudge is awesome, for emergency mechanic see the Arnold Line guy who was awesome, and Iroquois Hotel dining room is incredible, pricey, but worth it for a special occasion. There is a special lawn for walking your dog, right at the end of the dock. Cheers!

Beautiful and some, 2012-08-17
Captain: , St Louis (320)

The only warning would be that the water levels are down, as July 2012, and you have to use some if you have a deep draft, mine is 7.5ft. Since the docks are fixed and not floating it might be a bit of a climb to get off of the boat, probably more of a sailboat issue than powerboat.
Everything you could want is within walking distance of the docks: groceries, shopping, places to eat, hotels, showers, etc.
It is probably best to avoid the island during the two Mac Race during July. The races start on the second and third weekends of July and the racers stay on the island till the following Wednesday.
Rent a bike and explore the island, it's only 8 miles around. Bike theft does happen so use the lock. Also, check out the fort and the Grand Hotel.

A few steps back in time, 2012-08-17
Captain: , Suttons Bay, MI (10)

With no motor vehicles allowed on the island combined with the town's victorian character, you are stepped back in time. Taps are played from the fort above the marina each evening as well as a few cannon shots through the day. The island is criss-crossed with winding roads and horse paths for hiking. The 8 mile island circumference is easily toured by bicycle. Either direction from the marina offers a pleasant walk. The far end of town includes a shoreline boardwalk.
With low water levels, the marina's fixed docks require you to climb their very substantial aluminum ladders, but the docks are wide and well constructed. Several ferriy services are in and out in the vicinity of the marina all day long, so four way ties are necessary (fenders were useless here) to counter the surges, but that ends at 10 pm.
Nice place to spend a few days (August 13 & 14, 2012).

Plan for high fixed docks, 2012-08-02
Captain: , Clearwater, FL (150)

Like previous reviews you stay here at this marina for the ambiance of being on the island. Docks are fixed and if you are on the main dock (boats over 30' or so) plan on height of them being at least 6' off the water with fingers that are about 30' long. We stern tied and found on our boat (Manatee) we would have been better of coming in bow first so we could get off the boat easier. Dock hands are very good at handling your lines, especially if there is any wind up. Always a surge in the harbor. Two days was enough.

Friendly and uncrowded in May, 2012-05-24
Captain: , Muskegon, MI (125)

We visited the island twice on our 5 day sailing trip and had a great time! Sunsets on the lighthouses are gorgeous. Freighters can be seen from the dock as well as the lit up bridge at night.
A marina rep came out as we pulled in and helped up tie up. Very friendly people, good fudge and a fun place to visit!

Plan ahead, 2012-02-16
Captain: , Olcott, NY (2536)

Fun place to visit. Great fort, biking around the island was awesome.
Make reservations through the MI reservation system ahead of time, to insure that you will have a dock.

Mackinac Island Marina, 2011-12-10
Captain: , Grand Haven, MI (684)

Great place for a day or two. After Labor Day makes it a lot easier to get in. We were on the outer dock with winds directly from the stern. With no help leaving we managed to hook our anchor over the bubbler system hose. (If we had wanted to do it we couldn't) Had to release the anchor to get off the hose. The Admiral at the helm kept the boat off the dock while I released the anchor and pushed the bubbler hose out of the way. All this time wind was pushing us around the slip. Some other boaters came to help. It was exciting to say the least lines were in and had to be retossed all at the same time. When we got loose the dock attendant came out and said we had to retie so that he could make out a State accident report. All this and another boater wanting to tell me everything that I did wrong.
Don't get me wrong I will go back as soon as possible, however, just goes to show what can happen very quickly.
As far as the rest of Island goes, we love it. Spent our honeymoon there with the smallest boat in the marina, and were back to spend partial 30th aniversary.

Great Location, 2011-10-13
Captain: , Erie, Pa. (1896)

Stayed 2 nights after labor day (9-20-11 & 9-21-11) absolutely the time to go. Everything was going on and crowds were gone. Unique, must see. Marina is good but location is great.
Gary Miller Lady Barbara

Nice - but need to extend docks, 2011-09-30
Captain: , Mac Ray Harbor (120)

Always a great place to visit. Love coming to Mack. Seeing the Otter's playing at dusk behind the boats is awesome, great sites, sounds and food.

Dock's make it a little tough for bigger boats as we had to walk up the side to get to the docks... Would be nice if they could find some spots for 50'+ docks. Be prepared as you will move all day... Ferries coming in and out causes major surge. Also, according to which way the wind blows, be prepared for the smell of Horse Poo as well. Although not bad... after a couple of days can get a bit much!

Gem of the Great Lakes, 2011-08-17
Captain: , Bay City, MI (730)

Except for the surge from the ferrys that ends at 10PM or so, the marina is fabulous. Friendly and helpful staff, great docks and lots of opportunity for bike riding around the Island (8 miles) and through the middle of the Island. The Grand Hotel is amazing. Can't do better than fudge and horse poop! (there are no cars, only horse transportation an lots of bikes)

great location, wish it were bigger, 2011-08-10
Captain: , Detroit (720)

usually brutal to get in to the marina at all. Nice docks, good location.

Mackinac Islans is a Great!, 2011-08-03
Captain: , Green Bay WI (125)

The Mackinac Island Marina is clean, friendly marina. Stayed there a few times but be careful they can fill up fast. Mackinac Island itself is a gem to visit, there are not cars at all the only option to move around the island is walking or biking. I highly suggest renting a bike and taking tour of the whole island.

A must stop at the top of the lakes., 2011-07-10
Captain: , Herrington Harbour, MD (680)

July 5th, 2011
A great exciting place to stop and enjoy all the old victorian houses and crazy bikers. A good grocery store within easy walking distance from the marina. A little bouncy at the docks from the many ferries coming and going at high speed.
Miss Joanie

Tie and fender well, it can bounce in there., 2011-07-04
Captain: , Big Torch Key, FL (1987)

Ferry wakes can cause some surge during the day. Tie and fender well to prevent any damage and do not moor your stern or bow too close to the main dock. Of more concern is a hard E-SE wind which can kick up quite a chop. Under those conditions it would be best to go over to St Igance and take the ferry to the Island.

All that aside, it is one of our favorite stops on the Great Lakes. it is not to be missed if you are traveling through the area.

Captain: , MONARCH. COLORADO (1156)


Great stop for a couple of days, 2010-09-04
Captain: , Collierville TN (977)

Very nice marina. Fixed high docks. If you don't have a reservaation, call them from the entrance and there is a good chance you may get in.

Wonderful Place, 2010-08-27
Captain: , Newport, RI (10275)

Luckily we arrived late in the season and had no problems getting in without a reservation. It's a great place to walk around (and to more than just the downtown.) Spend a few hours at the fort and have lunch their, enjoying the view. The walk to Arch Rock, along the bluffs, Sugar Rock, Point Lookout, and to the Grand Hotel. Get some bikes and ride around the island. Have drinks at the Iriquois Hotel overlooking the water and bridge. Buy some fudge. Check out the galleries on Market St. Relax and enjoy this beautiful place.

Pretty town, 2009-09-10
Captain: , Absarokee Mt (1228)

Great place to visit, only horse drawn vehicles are allowed. Plenty of places to eat and specializing in fudge. Good fixed docks with well maintained deck. All docks are slips, sometimes the dockhands don't seem anxious to help but getting in without them is ok. 50 amp is avail, internet is avail. A lot of rolling from the frequent ferries.

Beautiful, scenic opportunity, 2009-07-13
Captain: , White Bear Lake, MN (102)

Nice place to stop with plenty to do ashore. Pelican pole slips.

Mackinac Island Marina, 2009-06-10
Captain: , Clear Lake, TX (694)

Being here at beginning of season in cold, rainy weather caused no waiting. Only 10 boats in marina. Great docks and shower facilities. 30amp & 50 amp but NO TV or internet on dock. Good location for access to all town amenities.

Mackinac Island , 2009-03-01
Captain: , Whitby (1653)

Fascinating location, well worth exploring. The marina is busy and during some special events may not be able to accomodate. Call ahead.

Fantastic Mackinac, 2008-10-14
Captain: , St. Joseph Island, ON (137)

Great place to take a day trip or spend a week.

First class all the way, 2008-09-13
Captain: , Summerside PE (23)

Excellent services, nice place all around. If you like fudge, so much the better!

a definate must stop, 2008-07-23
Captain: , Key Largo (5457)

great town, not many supplies however. Town is very worthwhile

limited space so call ahead or stay at st. Ingrace and take a water taxi.

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