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Little Current Town Docks

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Address 15 Manitowaning Road Postal Bag 2,000
Little Current, ON POP 1K0

Phone705-368-1725; 705-368-3500

After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - YES
Municipal - YES
Other - NO

VHF channel



Email contact

Owner, manager



Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

Major credit cards.

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)

Additional info: Open 7 am - 10 pm.


Current usually flows from West to East at the bridge and docks on the South side - from North to South at Docks at West End - head into current when docking.





Tide & current additional info

North Channel flows through this spot - current can be up to 5-6 knots - swing bridge opens on the hour.


Approach: Unknown
Transient dockage: 16
Fuel dock: 16

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - NO
Floating - YES
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info: The wall can take very large boats.


Transient: 120
Total: 120
Transient price: $1.75/ft (2013-03-28)

Other price info: Includes electric and potable water.
Monthly rate: $21.00 + GST per foot.
Weekly Rate: $8.75 +GST per foot.


Transient: 100
Total: Unknown
Transient price: $1.75 (0000-00-00)

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info:

Pricing info: Included

Cable TV (and pricing)

Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)

Yes - Potable

Dinghy access

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand: Both are available at Wally's gas docks West of the bridge on the town side of the river - signage points the way. Wally's also has a reasonable amount of common marine supplies.

Fuel is also available at Spider Bay Marina, just to the west of the town docks, at a service dock with no current.

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel price$1.26/gal (2017-08-14)

Other price info:


No - In 2011 the Spider Bay Marina propane refilling station was closed. Exchange cylinders available at Shell by grocery stores on top of the hill. In 2011 NAPA (across from Wallys Fuel Dock) would take the cylinders someplace out of town to be refilled.

Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info: Pleanty of grassy areas along the road by the docks. New veterinarian office near the grocery stores, 2017.

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out

Yes - Pump out available at Wally's. $11.00 +GST per holding tank.




Yes - There are dumpsters for trash at the bath houses near the east and west docks and recycling bins along the river walk.


Yes - New showers at east and west ends




Yes - Coin laundry at river.


Yes - There are two grocery stores within walking distance, across the street from each other. There is a shuttle service.


Yes - Turners on the main street is a variety store with some tools. Also has Canadian art, native clothing, and gifts on the second level.


Yes - Several near by and on the water.

The Edgewater is closed down. The Anchor Inn Hotel has a restaurant which serves all 3 meals, and also has a lighter fare pub/bar. It's a short walk from the marina.



Hotels or motels


Repair capabilities

Haul out capabilities

Storage facilities

Fishing supplies

Yes - Fishing supplies available at gas dock.

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - 2017: It was reported that good cell signals were available at all the docks, but the marina WiFi would not hook up with any devices.

2016: WiFi at the west docks was reported to be slow and spotty. It was reported that the WiFi at the east docks would not connect, even though the antenna was within sight, but would connect if you move a quarter mile away and sit by the marina office.

Free WiFi service is also available at the Anchor Inn.

Boat ramp availability


Yes - There is taxi service.

Other services

Little Current Cruisers' Net broadcast each morning during July and August on VHF Channel 71 at 9 am from the 2nd floor conference room of the Anchor Inn. Net Controller is Roy Eaton: Each Friday, during July and August the Cruisers' Net sponsors a boaters' Happy Hour from 3-5 pm in the bar area of Anchor Inn. Free hors d'oeuvres are served by the Anchor Inn to the boaters.

2 Canadian banks are nearby.


Anchor Inn ( for live web cam and for events in Little Current. Anchor Inn is located at 1 Water St, Little Current, Ontario P0P 1K0 (705) 368-2023.

Reviews for Little Current Town Docks
Need Quality Staff, 2017-08-18
Captain: , Sacramento, CA (356)

The most lazy and worthless staff I've seen. Called 5 minutes before arrival to get fenders and lines set up, only to have them change the location and tie-up side. I was, however, able to switch sides and still had to wait for the dock hands to stroll over to the slip. Restrooms and showers were filthy. Trash overflowing throughout the marina. The "dock master" looked and acted like he was hung over.

Convenient Stop with Town 1 Block Away, 2017-08-16
Captain: , Campbell Creek, NC (454)

WiFi is not good. Dock supervisor says he just installed a 10k network. Network is good, but the signal strength for so many boats is not adequate. Ended up at the library to post to our blog, etc.
Docks are nice. Docks hands are hit and miss. Some good, some not. Some times two sometimes one clueless one.
Wallys Fuel and pumpout were top notch!
Fish and Chips at the ice cream store at end of B Dock was great. They hand dip in light batter and fry when you order!
Laundry is close by, two grocery stores only blocks away, several shops and several places for food.
Best was attending the Cruisers Net radio show at the Anchor Inn. On Fridays, in season, Anchor Inn has free appetizers for Cruisers Net cocktail party from 3-5. That was a blast with 25 boats represented.
Would have been 5 star, except for the wifi.

Rating based on location, not on staff, 2017-08-16
Captain: , Boca Raton, FL (1421)

We pulled in and were lucky enough to have a staff member help us. Don't depend on that happening, especially if you decide you would like to dock in a different area then they first asked you to. Speaking of, I had a friend come in on a 52' Hatteras. The wind was blowing, current running and a storm moving in. I got the office person to agree to let him dock on the wall between A and B docks with plenty of room. He was heading that way and some dock guys told him he had to dock at another dock where the wind would be pulling him away from the dock with no bow thruster. With the wind howling, he managed to dock after rubbing up against the yacht in the same slip. that would have been avoided had they let him dock where we had agreed.
I had no problem with the WIFI. Great connection and power on the T-Head of "B" dock. The WIFI wasn't the problem. The marinas connection to the Internet is so bad that I had better luck with my Hot Spot. They need to fix that along with having dock staff at this marina that really cares about what they are doing.
There is one real restaurant, the Anchor Inn.. but there are other smaller choices in the area. Wallys for fuel is good but diesel pumps are really slow, so if you need a lot of fuel, just have patience. Pump out was good. Docks in great shape and area very nice.

Should be Better, 2017-08-12
Captain: , St. Augustine, FL (4247)

Little Current is a must stop for numerous reasons. The two grocery stores, across the street from each other, provide the best provisioning opportunities for many, many miles. The town is quaint and friendly. The docks and river walk are top notch. And, sitting in with Roy for the Cruisers Net is always fun and provides an opportunity to meet other cruisers.

Be aware of the current when you are docking, and dock so that no part of your boat extends past the finger pier to keep other boats that might have issues docking in a current from bouncing off yours.

One aspect that has become more important for cruisers at a marina is access to internet. This is more so in Canada where data is less available and often expensive. Every person we talked to on the west docks had trouble connecting. The east dock signal would not connect at the dock, but moving to the distant marina office, it would work fine. Took a long time to figure that out, even after asking for assistance in the office. Their comment was that connection was an issue on the docks, but there was no interested expressed in fixing the situation. As we sat under a light on the dock at night connecting to WiFi, many boaters walking the docks expressed disbelief that we were able to connect and asked for assistance.

The lack of enthusiasm, and even feigned interest on part of the marina staff, extended to any question one might have.

Plan on doing your laundry at another port - Killarney, Gore Bay, or Spanish. The Little Current laundry is dirty. The Loonie slot does not work in any of the washers so you need 24 quarters to do one load of laundry. The change machine never works, so you need to wait until 0930 when the banks open to buy the needed coins. Some of the driers did not work (7/2016) but none had signs indicating they were inoperative, you only learned which drier worked after the broken ones ate your quarters.

Update 2017: Tried the laundry again, against my own advice. Maybe even a worse experience. Half the washers did not work, 1/3 of dryers did not work, and some of those that did "work" on ran on a cool setting that would not dry anything. Some machines that were not working could only be determined after inserting, and thus loosing money.

The marina WiFi did not work. A computer science graduate could not get hooked up. He suggested a fix to the staff, but they were not interested.

Could be great, but falls very short, 2017-08-09
Captain: , Elk Rapids (130)

Docks are great. Staff met us and helped us tie up. They'e got that going for them, and that is nice!

But... LIke previous poster, we found the place lacking. Bathrooms needed attention (as they did in 2015 when we visited) and trash cans around the docks were over flowing. Calling ahead to ask about customs for entry we found the kid on the phone to have no clue. We added a night stay to do a day trip to Killarney. We returned to find that they had assigned our slip to another boat, despite us leaving three docklines on it. The new boaters were great; they saved our lines for us and said the harbor staff told them that someone must have forgotten the lines.

Internet here is a joke as previously noted. Staff know about it and yet nothing is done.

The town is great for provisions and the Anchor Inn has never let us down for food. But the marina suffers a management problem. The kids there are eager but seem to not have good managing.

Better management could make this place a jewel, but right now it falls very short of its potential.

There are close-by grocery stores and pharmacies and Wally's is responsive for fuel needs. As noted, Anchor Inn always is a winner for dining.

Bottom line, we will not return until comments here show it has improved. There are other places to provision and fuel that seem to want our business.

Nice stopover, but beware wind and current., 2017-06-24
Captain: , Bayfield, WI (340)

We stopped here on our way to Killarney. Spider Bay marina now manages the town docks, too. After stopping at Wally's for fuel and pumpout, we were greeted by the marina staff. They put you in a slip based on wind and current at that moment. The current changes direction and is affected by wind. When we arrived, the wind & current were low and from West, so our assigned slip put our stern to the east. The problem was that the wind switched to the east at 10-20 knots for two days, and the current also flowed from the east at 3-4 knots. We were effectively trapped in our slip for 2 full days. If high winds are predicted, a wall tie-up would be highly preferential. Because Spider Bay also manages the town docks, it was hard to locate / contact the marina staff. We found this out when we wanted to register for another night and also when looking for change to do laundry at Spider Bay since the town laundromat's change machine didn't work, and was double the price (finding transportation to Spider Bay is another issue if staying at town docks).

The town has 2 grocery stores (right across the street from each other), a NAPA, and several restaurants and gift shops. There is also a newer hardware store, but it is over a mile out of town - a little too far to walk.

great for a quick stop, 2016-08-22
Captain: , Fort Myers (700)

No current to speak of during our visit. Quick stop for fuel

A great place to stop and recharge, 2016-08-16
Captain: , St. Joseph Island, Ontario (189)

Wally's fuel stop staff is courteous and friendly. Town has grocery, hardware,restaurants and ice cream. Who needs anything more?

Dock on the land side docks, 2016-08-12
Captain: , Port of Toronto (306)

It's not easy to get a spot in front of the Post Office but we did manage. This year there is a tour boat that has a reserved spot. There are finger docks further east but there is a strong current.

Liquor and food stores are up the hill. Go to the liqor store first for liquor, wine and beer and ask them to hold you purchase. Go up to the traffic light and turn left and walk to two grocery stores opposite one another. When finished ask them to call Mother's Taxi. They'll take you down to the dock and make a stop at the liquor store for $8 plus a tip.

Enjoy The Anchor Inn and other funky main street shops. There is a farmer's market on Saturday.

Great stop, 2016-08-12
Captain: , Blanco, TX (520)

08/09/2016 - Easy access to slips, staff very helpful, good clean facilities, and laundromat very close. Anchor Inn, wonderful dinner and easy walk from marina.

Not a bad stop, but not a great one, 2016-07-15
Captain: , Punta Gorda, FL (2870)

We were on the wall right downtown. The docks were in great shape, the staff was marignally helpful, and the location was fine. The current rushing through created a lot of turbulance and rocking, but not too bad.

The Wi-Fi was almost useless as it kept dropping out.

Great stopover, 2016-07-01
Captain: , Naples, FL (682)

We enjoyed our overnight stop here. The town dock complex is extensive, in very good repair and well managed. Call on Ch 68 for dock assignment and to request staff assistance with docking.
We stayed on the west docks, past the main wall heading west and just before Boyles Marine. All the town docks are right in the downtown area. The piers are solid with bollards in lieu of cleats.
Showers/toilet combo rooms are handy to the dock and clean and functional.
The town docks are right on main street which is beautifully presented and has a range of small shops, including a wholefoods market with a range of herbs, spices and grains. Grocery stores are a short walk away.
Wifi at the west docks was slow and iregular during our visit.

Nice location and easy access, 2015-10-20
Captain: , Rockford, IL (614)

We were stuck here an extra day due to engine problems, but the staff was very helpful and courteous, and facilities were fine. If you have to be stuck, you could do a lot worse. Nice board walk and overall nice town if in better circumstances.

Little current town docks, 2015-09-07
Captain: , Catawba Island Ohio (530)

Very nice docks, showerhouses and restrooms. Nice boardwalk along waterfront. When we arrived we radioed on 68 if the dock we were heading to was available and were told yes. We did not ask for help nor was it offered. When we went to pay there were two staff sitting in the office, one with headphones on and the other I think reading. The restrooms were dirty. This was in sept. so there were only a handfull of transients so staff being overworked doesnt apply. This is still a very nice stop and the town has what you need. I just learned from a local, (not staff) that the red marker out in the channel that is shaped like a boat is there to show which way the current is flowing. It aways points into the current. When we were there, a west wind of around 10 -15 mph made docking tricky on the west fingers, between the current and the wind.

Best stop in Little Channel, 2015-08-23
Captain: , Wicomico Church (610)

Plenty of help; all the amenities.. and nice local restaurants

Nice Docks, Little Wind Protection, 2015-08-23
Captain: , Little River, SC (1987)

This can be and usually is a very busy place. Coming from the east the marina is right after the bridge. There are lots of boats trying to get slips hetre. The marina workers try to help but are sometimes overwhelmed by requests. We were finally( after 15-20minutes of conversation) able to get a dock. The dock workers helped us in. Watch the current here it can be huge. The marina tries to keep the restroom facilities clean but it seems like a never ending battle. Several times the toilets were stopped up. Restaurants in the area were mediocre. Two groceries the one on the left walking up ffrom the marina is much better.

Nice place for a rendezvous, 2015-08-14
Captain: , Algonac, MI (1659)

Staff was a little disorganized, but the docks were solid, albeit unprotected from the north. Most, but not all boaters were curious with their wakes. They need locks that indicate which bathrooms are occupied, so you don't have to go around knocking to find a vacant one.

Agree with previous reviews, 2015-08-07
Captain: , Essex, CT (1675)

A very nice stop. Our highlight was the Friday cocktail our at the Anchor Inn with Roy Eaton, the star of the 9am channel 71 cruisers net. It was terrfic meeting so many other boaters and locals. We then joined Roy at the Anchor Inn the next morning at 9am to watch the show. It was wonderful. And such an amazing gift he and they give by hosting this show. Food at Anchor Inn was very good and provisioning at Little Current was terrific with two good grocery stores - although if you shop at Foodland they will drive you back to the dock for free! A wonderful offer. And don't miss the ice cream at 3 Cows and a Cone. Wonderful. Little Current caters to boaters and it shows.

Great Town for Provisions, 2015-01-22
Captain: , Milwaukee WI (939)

In 2014, day dockage at the muni was free (leave by 8pm if you don't want to pay for overnight). Little Current must realize you drop $$$ when you come in for fuel, provisions, gifts, laundry, banking etc. Everything is within walking distance. GGs, the grocery at the top of the hill, will drive you back to your boat with your purchases (the other store charges $10). There is a good pharmacy and a fish market just past the grocery and gas station. The Farquar's Ice Cream store is a but further, next to the new hotel and visitor center. There is also a small ice cream store at the west end of the marina, but it closes in late August. The laundromat is on the waterfront, but can be busy as it appears the locals use it as well as boaters. Main Street boasts gift shops, Turner's is a must for a nostalgia trip, the post office, a NAPA store, several banks and the Anchor Inn restaurant.

Wally's on the east end of the main dock, has fuel, pump out, ice, fishing supplies and smoked fish. Nearby marinas will provide service at your boat, such as an oil change.

The docks are newer, clean and secure. The restrooms are maintained regularly. There is a covered pavillion for picnics. WIFI service is generally good if you don't have a three level trawler between you and the transmitter. Dock hands are very helpful and professional.

Customs agents regularly patrol the docks looking for your custom's identificatiaon number, so be sure it is posted on a dockside window. Our experience is that they are generally very professional and polite and want to make your experiences in Canada successful.

Great stop in a nice little town, 2014-09-06
Captain: , Cheboygan (426)

Marina had very good dock hands, nice docks and convenient to river walk along the river, 2 banks, Turners a nice variety store with arts and crafts on 2nd floor, a natural food store with small restaurant, Anchor Inn for meals, 2 groceries (about a 10 minute walk), laundromat, small gift shops. Really enjoyed this stop.

Little Current , 2014-08-31
Captain: , Grand Haven, Michigan (230)

Very confused, we read reviews that lead us to believe this was a free town wall, but we had help docking so I went and asked the kid who helped and they charged 1.50 /ft... Then we see the boat who was on the wall in front of us at an anchorage, and they said they go there all the time and never pay?

Anyway we paid and it was worth it! Right in a very cute little town walking distance to store & beer store.

We happened to come in during the Little Current Cruisers Net potluck, if you are anywhere in the area Roy does an awesome job listen at 9am to channel 71!

Great stop!

Laundry is expensive $6 a load!

Fantastic little town., 2014-08-25
Captain: , Edison Boat Club (104)

I love this town. Its all right there near the docks. Easy walk to everything. Great stop to reprovision.

Nice Marina in the Heart of Little Current, 2014-08-23
Captain: , Portage Indiana (503)

7/2014 Really enjoyed our stay here! Went to little Current Cruiser's net Happy Hour held on Friday's 3-5 at the Anchor Inn. Had free appetizer's, listened to live music, and finally met Roy Eaton! In the evening you can sit in your slip[ and watch the swing bridge turn to the color gold as the sun sets. Showers/toilets are all single serving and easy access from the docks. Staff is great and had 3 deckhands ready to catch us when we arrived. If there is a current running don't hesitate to call for assistance, they're used to dealing with it and are glad to help

Good Place To Stop, 2014-08-09
Captain: , Green Cove Springs FL (1394)

Stayed 8-5-14. This is a Great Location to Stop. Any place you stop here either on the wall or the docks is in great condition. Visited Roy Eaton @ the Anchor Inn before his broadcast and helped him copy down the Cruiser Net Boat Names and Locations. At least 75 boats checked in from all over the North Channel. You cannot put 2 ea 30 amp receptacles to a single 50 amp as the 30 amps are on the same circuit. You need to pick one up from opposite sides of the dock. We approaced the swing bridge right on time and lucked out with hardly no current at all,
all buoys standing straight, and very light wind. Our Lucky Day.
Capt Helen & Chief Engr Bob onboard ALLEZ!

Little Current Town Docks, 2014-08-04
Captain: , Massapequa,NY (1176)

The town has great docks, either the bulkhead or floating docks. Pretty strong current runs through the marina. Convient fuel & service dock. Haweater festival is the first weekend in August & adds to the fun. Not many options for restaurants in this very small town. Anchor Inn is the best/only option. Wifi's not great.

Little Current Town Docks, 2014-07-02
Captain: , Port Franks (176)

A nice place to stop for a few hours or overnight.

Wally's Dock Service, 2013-10-15
Captain: , Cedar Point, Sandusky, OH (400)

You will meet Little Wally (not his real name). Anchor Inn is a short walk, small shops, and the dock is free, unless someone comes to collect.

Little Current Town Docks, 2013-08-24
Captain: , Britt, Ontario (711)

The town has done things right! Stop for an hour or two - no charge. Everything is nearby - groceries, LCBO, downtown shops and restaurants. Laundry is right on the waterfront - expensive but handy.

Little Current Town Docks, 2013-08-10
Captain: , Patrick AFB Florida (1254)

it's difficult to describe what a nice job someone has done in turning the waterfront of Little Current into a great spot to stop for a night or two. Shopping at the two food markets past the LCBO is OK (certainly not anything compared to Sobeys or Metro, but adequate for the basics), and the fish and chips place at the west end of the two docks (they literally run most of the length of the waterfront) is every bit as good as the place everyone raves about in Killarney (the fries here are better). Unfortunately there's no Kawartha ice cream to be had, but the Farquhar's ice cream is a good replacement. The meat market (just before the LCBO on the left side of the street) is excellent with a great variety of vacuum packed frozen and non-frozen meats - stop here before proceeding to the two small food markets to see the selection before buying any meat at the markets. Don't miss sitting in with Roy for his 0900 broadcast on VHF-71 from the Anchor Inn. The town itself is quite active with a variety of small shops. The Farmer's Market on Saturday has some interesting locally-produced jellies, jams, etc, used books, and a smattering of crafts, but not much else - perhaps there would be more produce in season (whenever that is). Overall, a nice stop, and the Town Docks are fairly new and in good shape with clean heads and showers.

Off Leash at Little Current, 2013-07-18
Captain: , Owen Sound (10)

Great service, friendly and helpful staff. Clean facilities. Be prepared for strong current when docking. Take note of current buoy in channel for direction and strength.

A great stopping point, 2013-07-10
Captain: , Pittsburgh (523)

we stopped here to fuel and pump out ($1.39 /liter for diesel and $11.00+tax for pump out). The town has a well stocked supermarket and the butchers store is another must visit with home made sausages and a selection of fresh and deep frozen meats which makes restocking much easier. 30 A power and showers etc at $1.75 /ft which seems to be the going rate in July 2013 in Canada.

Convenient and Centrally Located, 2013-03-28
Captain: , Milwaukee, WI (358)

Though the current can make things tricky in tight quarters, the nice floating docks and very helpful dockmasters can make things easier.

Little Current is very boater friendly. Groceries and restaurants are a few blocks away (or closer), and generally pretty convenient.

Laundromat can be closed on certain days of the week, even in August.

I've been able to use Skype (generally without video) with the marina's WiFi pretty reliably. Cell phone coverage was fine in 2012 with my US based Verizon cell phone.

Great but be careful, 2013-03-14
Captain: , Britt, Ontario, Canada (184)

Top notch docks but watch wind and current, can be very tricky in close quarters. Don't miss fireworks Aug. long weekend. Nice little town, easy to re-supply.

Good marina in a great little town, 2012-08-28
Captain: , LeClaire, Iowa (449)

Little Current is very boater friendly. Anchor Inn and Turner's Chart/variety store right across the street with a laundromat only a block down. Two grocery stores a couple of blocks up a steep hill. There is a lot of boat traffic after the bridge opens so we elected to stay on the wall to avoid the congestion and cross currents and had no problems with wakes.

Great marina every thing is close by, 2012-08-07
Captain: , Mystic (909)

Nice marina to stop at and reprovision, rest , etc. Everything is pretty close. Good power, fast wifi, and no problems docking, I think folks overstate the current factor or maybe I'm just used to it being a Long Island Sound boater. Regardless, great place.

Great stopover dock NO CELL PHONE HERE, 2012-08-05
Captain: , Cape Coral FL (4187)

Good stop, centrally located. Laundromat right here, close to everything. Watch the current coming into the docks. great dock hands to help ! Would get a 5 star rating except that the cell hone coverage is incredably BAD. Couldnt even make a call from the boat or anywhere in town. Great Internet connection at the city dock. Dock hands are very helpful in docking. However, when you dock first ask them on the radio WHICH WAY THE CURRENT IS RUNNING. Supposedly the red channel marker out front spins around when the current shifts. You can sit in on Roy Eaton's Cruiser Net at the Anchor Inn 9am each morning Jul-Aug. Good protection from strong W winds at the city docks. Great provisioning place, ice cream shop right on the dock BUT DOES NOT HAVE HOT FUDGE? CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT???

Right in Heart of Town, 2012-07-31
Captain: , Cincinnati (1810)

Great place to stop and right in the center of town. All services available.

loved Little Current, 2011-11-03
Captain: , Newport, R.I. (644)

Helpful staff and Marina right in the thick of it all. Small cute village with 2 large markets within mile walking great for provisioning. Bikes come in handy for this. Nice village to walk around several mariners to roll ideas around with.

Little Current, 2011-09-09
Captain: , Traverse City Michigan (174)

It's called Little Current for a reason, but it's not really a big deal. The town dock is closer to shopping but stay away from the wall, it's better to ask for ABC docks. Good shopping, good food and great dock service. Wally's provides fuel/PO. A great place to stop after being anchored out for a few nights. Turners has a great selection of charts. Anchor Inn food is great. Bank, shopping, laundry, all you need.

L.C. City Docks, 2011-07-22
Captain: , Port Sheldon, MI (131)

Little Current is the heart of parts and supplies for the North Channel cruiser. The City docks are a great place to stay for smaller vessels, in fact the newer pier to the far East is among our favorites to stay at the last time we visited. A little tricky to get into after several days of a big blow but a nice place.

Great location in town, 2011-07-20
Captain: , Mesa AZ (1609)

Wall has lots of movement from passing boats! Try to get reservation for dock B or C (much more protected from wakes). Good docking crew. Town is small & laid back, good for afternoon. Good produce at groceries; meat market has good selection & sells fresh fish. Good people watching spot.

Good stop to provision, 2010-09-04
Captain: , Collierville TN (977)

Great little port but watch out for the current. Depending on when you get it, it can rip. Make sure you stop upstairs at Turner's Vairiety Store for a historic overview of the area. Good showers.

Friendly place to provision and meet cruisers, 2010-08-14
Captain: , Newport, RI (10275)

The docks are in nice shape and the dockage rate is similar to other marinas in the area. We came in on a Friday to attend the weekly cruiser's get-together which is held from 3-5 at the Anchor Inn. 31 boats attended and we great time meeting fellow cruisers. We also met Ron Eaton who runs the cruisers network at 9 AM on VHF 71.

One Saturday's there's a farmer's market that starts at 9 AM. There are 2 grocery stores in the area where you can find about anything that you need.

The showers/bathroom facilities which are in nice shape.

We had dinner at the Anchor Inn and were quite impressed by broiled white fish, which was a nice change from fish and chips.

Can be a dangerous stop! Bad Current!, 2010-07-29
Captain: , Tellico Marina (290)

Crazy entrance with mutible boat attempting to come into marina once bridge opens. Current can be extremely dangerous - there were 5 boat that hit other boats or the pier in 3 hrs. Locals come to watch!!! Grocery stores up hill, over priced, poor selection - a town that is overated and a marina that can put the hurt to your insurance! Staff tries, but overwhelmed! Dog friendly..

New docks make a big difference, 2010-07-21
Captain: , Palm Coast (792)

This marina has added three sets of new floating docks. No need to wait for a space on the wall any more. 30 and 50 amp. Washrooms are new and well maintained. Don't count on Wi-fi. Dock staff young but very helpful. Two large food markets a short walk up a steep hill. Current is constantly ripping but the dock crews can get you in.

Little Current City Dock, 2009-08-12
Captain: , Key Largo (5457)

Free during the day, you have to pay to stay over. Electric and water. Shopping. New in 09. Everything close, including laundry. Wifi available!!

Dock is the wooden wall along south side , city side.

good stop, 2009-08-03
Captain: , fairland (2653)

Best provisioning in the area. Good clean, but exceptionally but exceptionally busy wash rooms. If you happen by during the haw festival, stay in a slip. The festival has very load vendors that set up at 0600 on Sunday and very, very loud music Sunday night. Then the cleanup starts at 0500 on Monday. The slips are a bit further away from the din.

Little Current, 2009-07-01
Captain: , Howard Prairie (510)

Very nice city facitlity, a great town with a farmers market and reasonable shopping.

Little Curren Municipal Docks, 2009-06-20
Captain: , Clear Lake, TX (694)

New showers and restrooms currently being finished up. 50 & 30 amp + water. Dockmaster met us to dock. You tie to a running pipe vs. cleats. Wood dock close to town & all shopping. Supposedly has free internet but that was not turned on when we were ther 6/15-6/18/2009. However, free internet at Anchor in that is a stones throw away. A good stop.

New changes, 2009-06-02
Captain: , Tobermory (404)

New for 2009 are better washrooms and dockage. Excellent service by dock staff. Only a few hundred feet from shopping.

Port of Little Current, 2008-08-10
Captain: , Port St Luice. FL (487)

new floating docks and sea wall docks great crew
in town grocey store will bring you back to the dock free
has fuel and pump out next door on sea wall (Wallys Dock)

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