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Hoppies Marina

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Address 6018 Windsor Harbor Ln
Imperial, MO 63052-2463


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - YES
Municipal - YES
Other - NO


River Mile 158.4

VHF channel


Web site

Email contact

Owner, manager

Hoppie and Fern




Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - YES

Payment info

Payment discounts


Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


Approach from downstream bow up current and crab the boat into the dock.





Tide & current additional info

Exposed to the Mississippi River current.


Approach: 10
Transient dockage: 10
Fuel dock: 10

Other depth info: Depth varies with river stage.

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - NO
Floating - YES
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - YES
Other - NO

Additional info: Docks consist of 3-4 steel barges tied to river bank

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: $1.25/ft (2016-09-04)

Other price info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info: It is a little weak.

Pricing info: Included

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)


Dinghy access


Liveaboard info


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info: Availiable

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info: Discount for cash, $0.04 per gallon.


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access

Yes - The marina will use the golf cart to transport you up the hill if needed.

Launch service


Pump out







Yes - One private bath combo on the dock.






Yes - In town, use the loaner van. Great meat market.


Yes - Need a car.


Yes - Town nearby. Blue Owl Restaurant Market and Second Street Kimmswick, MO 636-464-3128
They serve breakfast andl lunch but not dinner. Closed on Mondays so plan your stop accordingly. They accept credit cards. Owners are husband and wife, Mary and Jerry.


Yes - In town.

Hotels or motels

Yes - B and B in town.

Repair capabilities

Yes - Limited

Haul out capabilities


Storage facilities


Fishing supplies


Chartering capabilities


Internet access

Yes - ATT cell and aircard full strength, 2013.

Boat ramp availability



Yes - Loaner van available. Enterprise Car Rental nearby that will pick you up.

Other services


Kimmswick MO

Reviews for Hoppies Marina
While not the Ritz Carlton . . . a welcoming place., 2017-09-16
Captain: , Santa Cruz, California (100)

Yes, Hoppies may not be the finest marina on the loop, but (1) south of St. Louis, it's the only game in town for 200 miles, (2) they are very welcoming and Fern's "river talk" is both helpful and entertaining, and (3) did I mention you get to tie up for the ngith and refuel? Let's not be picky folks in this neighborhood. While 3 stars might be generous for the facilities (there really are none), I wold certainly rate them 3 or 4 stars for their helpfulness. We probably would have not spent the here but for the recent troubles with the Mel Price Lock in St. Louis, but as it was, I'm glad we did.

Fern's debrief and friends made., 2017-01-14
Captain: , Charlevoix, MI (290)

Other than Fern's talk, friends made and a couple shotty cleats to tie up to there was no shower, no facitlites, expensive fuel and the worst kept dock and grounds you will see. Maybe people pay for the experience. Have low expectations and enjoy the company. Shut your eyes when you pay large docking fees for low return.

Hoppies offers what you need most!, 2016-11-06
Captain: , Fort Myers, FL (742)

Hoppies offers what you need most, which is a safe place to spend the night along the Mississippi River. We stayed two nights, 28 & 29 Oct 2016. Hoppie was back on the scene, driving around the docks in a golf cart. Fern held court at 4:30 in the afternoon and made everyone feel right at home. During her briefing, we took notes about the river conditions, anchorages, and communicating with tows and other vessels - and then carefully heeded her advice all the way to Barkley Dam. Susie and Ray were very helpful, too. While still dressed in his Sunday best, Ray grabbed a sledgehammer and straightened the shank on our stern anchor so it could pass between the flukes again. And Susie made sure we got in and out of the 40th Annual Kimmswick Apple Butter Festival when it was least crowded and most enjoyable. The picnic area at the top of the boat ramp was the perfect place to sit with a glass of wine in a rocking chair overlooking the Mississippi River and listen to the leaves rustling overhead.

A looper tradition, only fulltime fuel until Kentucky, 2016-10-19
Captain: , North East, MD (385)

Extremely helpful staff, including Fern's and Hoppies' daughter. Fern's 4:30 briefing for getting to Lake Barkley (240 miles) was awesome. The little town, Kimmswick, is full of cute shops and restaurants and friendly folks. No bathrooms or wifi.

A must stop, 2016-09-27
Captain: , Bedford, NH (775)

Stopped for one night 9/12. A must stop for loopers. Not a fancy place but it has all you need (except for wifi maybe, we carry our own). Fern's lecture on the river ahead is invaluable. She knows the current state of affairs for the rivers and locks and advises on the best way to contact them for the best wait times and also the best places to anchor given the current conditions. We stopped on a Monday and the whole town is closed. If you can, chose any other day.

Come for the experience, 2016-09-23
Captain: , Austin, TX (877)

Fern, Hoppie and the no frills barges on the Mississippi were everything we expected and more. Enjoyed Ferns nightly meeting of 'do's and don't on down the river. Current was about 4 knots all the way from Grafton. We walked the short walk into town and ate at The Blue Owl. What a treat, we highly recommend. Took us a little over 3 hrs to our next stop Kaskashia Lock wall.

If you don't want to anchor it's one of the better spots to tie up since there are not any others, 2016-08-18
Captain: , Lenoir City Tn (30)

Good stop if you don't want to anchor. Old metal barge with cleats. No showers. They have water and electricity. Charge by foot .. 38 foot boat was $45. Gave it a 3 star since this place was our only option

Fuel in and out, 2016-08-09
Captain: , New Port Richey (310)

Great fuel in and out, thanks guys

Ya Gotta Stop !!, 2015-10-23
Captain: , Seattle, WA (40)

Agree totally with JAGP 42 GB.... this is a must stop for anyone moving up or down the river. Hoppie was in the hospital but the crew carry on without a missed beat! We stayed and extra day as the river was full of logs, trees, tires, and only the Good Lord knows what else..... don't know where it all came from but it was loaded for about 36 hours.... clearing rapidly by 10 am 10/23.

A Looper Legend, 2015-10-18
Captain: , Bayou Bonfouca, LA- Great Loop Cruiser (708)

We stayed the night here.
$1.25/ft for power to a barge.
Very friendly staff.

a classic stop and cheap fuel, 2015-10-03
Captain: , Wilmington, DE (780)

To say that Hoppie's isn't much is an understatement. The marina is no more than a few old and rusty metal barges somehow joined together, with junk and other strange stuff all over the place, including a telephone booth, chairs from the '60's and various unidentifiable items. The staff are a bunch of friendly bearded good old boys right out of central casting. I loved the place!! It's an iconic, unique and unforgettable slice of Americana in a strategic and convenient location that sells cheap diesel. The nearby town of Kimmswick is a treat. You'll regret not stopping here - every other looper does and you'll then have another great story to tell. Fern wasn't there when we stopped, but it was still quite the experience.

A must-stop, 2015-09-28
Captain: , Atlanta (770)

Stayed night of 9/27/15. Rustic docking conditions more than made up for by Fern and her staff. Short walk into town - Sunday lunch at Blue Owl was very good. Power, water, comraderie - not much else (wi-fi) to ask for.

A much welcomed location, 2015-09-25
Captain: , Portsmouth, VA (430)

This is a "must-stop-here" location when going down the river. Provides all a yacht needs, a safe tie-up, electric power, water, fuel, and the nearby town for shopping and dining out. Most of all the knowledge and legend of Fern and Hoppie must be sampled. Stopped there on 09/13-14/15 so family members riding on our "Loop III" could get off and fly home after a week aboard.

You gotta stop and meet Fern, 2015-09-25
Captain: , Ft Myers, Florida (1804)

Gave it 5 stars as u have to stop and support Fern. $2.57 for diesel, lowest we have paid on loop.
$1.25/ft dockage she should charge more given the lack of choices! Room for about 8 boats so make your reservations!
You must visit Kimmswick, the town about 1/2 mile walk away. Really cool historical town. You must have lunch at the Blue Owl restaurant in Kimmswick, as good as anywhere we have eaten on the loop. Walking through the town is interesting especially on a weekend and healthy!
Good socialization with other loopers right off your boat on the sitting areas on the docks. Good 50 or 30amp power and water.
Fern and her family will help you source parts if needed. Kimmswick Post Office short walk away.
Only negative is you get wakes and wind waves from River Tows but hey you're on the mighty Mississippi! Use your usual lock bumpers to stay off Fern's steel barge walls.

Critically located for Loopers, 2015-09-18
Captain: , Iuka, MS (1130)

Very helpful evening briefing and almost everyone's first stop South of Alton. Barge tie-up. Plenty of depth in late Aug '15. Not much in the way of facilities--the town of Kimmswick is also closed on Mondays. Good staging spot for Kaskaskia or Little River Diversion Ch.

Sentiment clouds judgement, 2015-09-17
Captain: , Beverly, MA (1242)

The tie up is just that - a tie up along side some old barges. Electiic and water is available. No toilets, showers etc. If they put you first in line facing upstream, be prepared to be hit by anything coming downstream at 4 MPH. Fuel is available and I understand the need for some boats to refuel before departing south, but would not stay overnight unless they put me behind another boat.

Fern's FULL HOUSE, 2014-10-29
Captain: , Green Cove Springs FL (1394)

We stayed in touch with Fern while in Grafton Harbor. over a few days checking on conditions at her location for the river. Call ahead and Make a reservation to insure dockage. She was very helpful. The run was a long day. Hoppies was a very welcome and restful stop. She received our lines. Pay attention to her she knows what she is doing. Bow, Forward spring, then stern lines. Her gracious sharing of information for the continued trip down river and knowledge of the river is second to none. She gave great instructions on how to get a 50 ft boat off the dock in the current with no thrusters. Yes the 50 amp 250 volt was a little low on one leg variied at times from 90 to 120 the other stayed a solid 130 to 135. But one boat had two 50 amp cords and three others ea had 50 amp so I think a transformer might be needed on the ssupply end. It was not an obstacle. This stop is a right of passage and a must for folks going North or South on the Ole Miss. Thank you Fern for being there. Capt Helen and Engr Bob on Board ALLEZ! AGLCA, MTOA, USPS, USCG-ARC Enroute to Kaskaskia Lock & Dam l Anchorage where I am writing this at MM 117. This Kaskaskia is Heaven for Big Boats. They will talk you in on Ch14. Nice Wall, New Cleats and new handrails but they dont want you tieing on their new rails. Wall is in good condition and tie up is between the tall vertical concrete columns hard to see until you get in close.

Fern and strategic location, 2014-10-05
Captain: , Gulf Breeze, Fl (6909)

Fern is the value of the stop. Her life time knowledge of the upper Mississippi is without peer. She is a great and essential resource. Hoppies is a a bare bones marina with a big heart...and the last real fuel stop going south. Roilly from the passing tows but Fern makes it worth while. I didn't stop here the first loop and regretted it. I have learned alot from this stop. Stopped again just because I like Fern and h
hoppie. Still a nice strategic jump point going south.

Don't miss it, 2014-09-29
Captain: , Venice, Fl. (949)

You can't miss the legend of the Mississippi. We were there on a Sunday and the permanent folks did a pot luck dinner to which all of us were invited. It turns out it was Hoppies birthday.

Outstanding, 2014-09-22
Captain: , Tarpon Springs (983)

All the stories are true. A great stopover. There is nothing I can add to the good things already said.

Great stop on the MS river, 2014-09-17
Captain: , Palm Beach Gardens, FL (1997)

Stayed last night at Hoppies with three other loopers.
There was a large amount of debris and huge trees coming down the river but we were not affected by them due to the location of the barge we tied to.
Fern was great and lived up to the stories we have all heard, she spent an hour with all of us explaining with a high river where and where not to go, it definitely helped the next day.
Definitely a legend on the river thanks Fern.

A must stop, 2013-12-16
Captain: , Green Cove Springs, FL (165)

We spent several days here over Thanksgiving and enjoyed Kimmswick shopping. Fern and Hoppie are great hosts. Not much protection from barges and we got beat up a bit, but worth the stay.

River resource, 2013-11-04
Captain: , Absarokee Mt (1228)

Fern is a legend on the river, she keeps up on the latest news and formally passes it along to river travelers, in particular the "Loopers" that pass this way every fall. The facility is 4 barges tied end to end and tied to the riverbank. 50 amp power is available, we measured 114v and enough amps to keep everything running. The barges are cleaned up from what I remember of our last visit. The electical connections are improved and secured much better. Fern will tell you how to come along side and what lines to pass, listen to her. This visit was most pleasant with a Sunday "pot luck" that we were included.

It's An Experience, 2013-10-14
Captain: , MV Red Head (3106)

Hoppies is not about a pool or spa or Bellingham docks. It's some barges along the side of the river with huge cleats and experienced staff to tie you up. Fern will give a talk in the late afternoon with information about the river. The facility is sparse but welcoming. It's a short walk into town to the Blue Owl Restaurant and the many shops that have sprung up around it.

Rest and River Updates, 2013-05-30
Captain: , Guntersville, AL (451)

Fern and Hoppie had the latest on river condition and lots of good advice to keep us safe on our trip up the Mississippi River while it was in flood conditions. Buoys were all gone and those still in place were underwater!

Boy was I glad to see this place!, 2013-04-25
Captain: , Louisville KY (408)

The MS river was running high, the day was foggy and the temp was cool. No showers available, no pump out, had to tie up on the channel. 50A service was available right beside us so that was welcome. Owners seemed a little grumpy although it was only about 5 in the afternoon when we got there. We had prior reservations so maybe it was just a bad day! All in all, a welcome respite due to weather but would have passed on by in better conditions. Last stop for fuel for quite a ways unless you make arrangements for delivery in Cape Giradeau with Kidd Fuel. (We did)

Don't miss this experience, 2012-10-20
Captain: , Mobile, AL. (151)

This is a must stop. As Fern's daughter and I were fueling the boat my wife sat down with Fern who gave us her advise for going down the Mississippi. She told of anchorages, places to tie up, spots where the river would be dangerious and locations of interest. They have all of the basic services, trash, water, electric, security and grass for dog. Great people.

Can't Miss Stop, 2012-10-09
Captain: , St. Clair, Michigan (456)

There is not much I can add that other boaters haven't said about Fern and Hoppie. They both handle the dock like the real seasoned pro's they are. Dealing with each issue as it comes up
The briefing included so much more than I expected, including safety tips on dealing with the tow boats and situations to avoid. Fern included information for the rest of the trip down to Mobile although from Green Turtle Bay south was not quite as detailed as getting to GTB.

iPad worked, 2012-10-01
Captain: , Jacksonville, Fl (245)

Quick update, we had phone service on Sprint and internet on our Verizon IPad. As previously reported this is a great stop. Fern works hard to give boaters information on the river. This years drought has made her local knowledge even more important. Most of the usual anchorages between here and the Ohio River are not available.

Facility just a stop, people are great., 2012-09-28
Captain: , Erie, Pa. (1896)

I guess the rating is not for the facility, Mr. & Mrs. were charming and very hospitable. Lent us a vehicle to go to dinner. Had good power for our 2 x 50 76' boat. Dock was 1.25 per foot and diesel was 4.30 per gal. Approach and dockside water was 12'. What else is there? Stayed there 9-26-12.

Americanna here !!, 2012-09-10
Captain: , Cape Coral FL (4188)

Classic place to stop. This is a MUST stop for all Loopers. Fuel, gas, floating "docks" (actually barges) but with power and water. Hoppies wife Fern briefs the boaters every day on how to get down the river and where to stop, etc especially with water levels so low.
Be SURE to stop and have lunch at Blue Owl Restaurant in town. ITS GREAT! But they are closed on Mondays so I suggest coming to Hoppies before or after Monday. Also, Hoppies has a pot luck dinner every Sat and Sun night in their club house on the barge.

Great River Folks, 2012-09-04
Captain: , Cincinnati (1810)

I agree with the other reviews and would only add that Hoppies is a place to be experienced. It reminds me of the places we used to enjoy visiting 3o years ago. Don't miss it or Fern and her family, it will be your loss.

Classic Stop, 2012-08-25
Captain: , punta gorda, fl (1448)

Five stars for strategic location and character. Stopped here 8/20/12. Good safe location on outside of barge docks. Electricity, ice, and fuel. Fern is great to talk to. Town was closed on Monday when we were there but on other days there would have been lots of cute shops to visit and at least one decent looking restaurant.

Not pretty, but a great place to stay!, 2011-10-29
Captain: , Fort Myers, FL (141)

One of the only places lefr on the Muddy. Great place. Dont miss the Blue Owl for pie!

Diamond in the rough, 2011-10-24
Captain: , Channel Islands, California (1149)

The Mississippi is a tough place to be on a pleasure craft. Fern, however, makes it seem more manageable. She gives good solid advice based on many many years of experience. She knows what she is doing. The facilities are rough, but who cares? We had a great time and a great night's sleep.

It's all about the people, 2011-10-22
Captain: , Afton, MN (120)

Never thought flat top barges would be one of our favorite stops over the past 12 years. Wouldn't miss visiting with Fern and Hoppie when traveling up or down river. Have called for river advice from hundreds of miles away. A must stop!

Classic! a true rite of passage!, 2011-10-09
Captain: , Key Largo (5457)

Becasue of it's location, you have to stop for last chance fuel,, but even so, Fran and Hoppie are traditional Classics. You'll get lots of updated local info for your trip south.
Don't miss it.

An welcome sight in the Muddy, 2011-10-08
Captain: , Mesa AZ (1609)

Fern & Hoppie give it all to us. Thanks to the loaner car we were able to see the town and get some groceries. Fern was kind enough to give us a personal river lecture since no one else was there. Very secure feeling for the night. Good to not have to anchor in the river.

Four stars for service, 2011-10-04
Captain: , Dunedin, FL (7375)

Barge tie-up, nothing fancy here. But Fern & Hoppie give great service. For loopers they hold afternoon discussion explaining where to anchor on the Mississippi and Ohio, give tips on the barges and the river. Great people. Full dock the night we were there.

Rustic, Historic, Interesting Marina, 2011-09-22
Captain: , St. Augustine, FL (4307)

This barge-based marina is a bit rough, but it is part of the Mississippi recreational boating history that should be experienced. A fun stop.

Hoppies Marina, 2011-07-17
Captain: , Whitehall, Mi (1754)

Just a place to tie up and get fuel. Fran is a bit of a character.

friendly informative stop, 2011-07-13
Captain: , Litte Rock (283)

fuel stop, and the place to get information. Owner Fern and Hoppie can give you all the information needed to safely reach the Tennessee river. When you approach, listen to what they ask, they have been docking boats at their marina for years, and know how to protect your boat and safely secure it to their dock(barge). No friendly and helpful stop on the loop.

A must stop, 2010-09-22
Captain: , Tellico Marina (290)

Yes, it is rustic, but wow what a neat place!
Dog friendly and a great place to tie up for the night.
Listen to the input from the owner on how to travel the river!
Loved it - got more fuel - a must if low

Worth the price of admission, 2010-06-01
Captain: , St. Louis, MO (829)

A must stop fuel stop on the way to KY Lake. Fern is worth the price of admission! She holds court every afternoon disemenating local knowledge and lore. Even if you have big tanks and can bypass this stop you shouldn't. Fern will keep you entertained with river stories. Hey, its about the trip... not the destination!

Hoppies Marina, 2009-10-07
Captain: , Solomons, MD (1915)

Marina consists of 3 floating barges to include a fuel pier. Big cleats to secure the boat. 50 amp power available. Miss Fern provides curent "local" information to cruisers traveing all the way to Mobile. A couple restaurants within walking distance.

boaters helping boaters, 2009-09-27
Captain: , placida,fl (330)

That's Fern's quote when I thanked her for all the info at her briefing. It sure is a unique stop.
Also discovered a great stop for dinner. Kimmswick Gasthaus. Bob and Michelle make you feel welcome and have good food, a wine bar and beer garten. Bob even gave us a ride back to the marina. Were here on a Sat. and they had a band and lots of folks enjoying this little touch of Germany.

it is amazing, 2009-09-17
Captain: , fairland (2653)

amazing currents, amazing location (on the river), almost dangerous, amazingly, there are no heads nor showers. But, the Hopkins are classics and if you leave from north of Alton, you almost have to stop here. Fern gives you some good advice, some not so good. The real restaurant is open 1000 to 1500. Next time, I may try behind one of the new wing dams.

Hoppies, 2009-09-16
Captain: , Howard Prairie (510)

Hoppies is great place and for most obviously a don't miss since its your last fuel stop until Kentucky Lake if you are burning gasoline. You can still make a diesel stop at Kidds furthur down river.
Ferns chart briefing is a don't miss classic and very useful. Walk into town for a few reseraunts

Hoppies, 2007-02-11
Captain: , Austin, Tx (1257)

Compared to fancy, fullservice marinas - it doesn't.
As an almost 'rite-of-passage' for loopers, it shouldn't be missed.
Fern (Mrs. Hopkins) conducts a chart talk of the upcoming river journey every afternoon with all the visiting boats. Not to be missed!

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