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Hoffman's Marine West

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Address 608 Green Ave
Brielle, NJ 08730


After hours contact


Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - YES
Municipal - NO
Other - NO

VHF channel



Email contact

Owner, manager



Payments acceptedCredit cards - NO
Checks - YES

Payment info

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


Through railroad bridge (westbound) and will be on your immediate right. Beware of the current. Approach can be a bit nerve-racking for a sailboat. The railroad bridge doesn't open to full vertical (perhaps 70 degree angle?) so while there is a 50 foot or so opening, you have to center yourself on about 20 feet of it. It is doable though. There is also a significant current through it so make sure you plan for it (the current can be over 3 knots at times).





Tide & current additional info


Approach: 12
Transient dockage: Unknown
Fuel dock: 12

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - NO
Floating - YES
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info: Finger piers.

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: 2
Total: Unknown
Transient price: $3.00/ft (2017-03-07)

Other price info: BoatUS and Active Captain discount $2.50 per foot.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: None

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - YES

Additional info:

Pricing info: $15 per day for 30 amp.
$20 per day for 50 amp.

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)

No - WiFi available.

Water (and pricing)

Yes - No charge.

Dinghy access


Liveaboard info



Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info: On leash.

Disability access


Launch service


Pump out



Yes - Blocked and cubed.










Yes - Very close


Yes - Fully stocked marine store.


Yes - There are many restaurants and bars within walking distance. One is adjacent to the property.


Yes - Bars within walking distance and adjacent to the property.

Hotels or motels

Yes - Nearby

Repair capabilities

Yes - Hoffmans Marina provides full service to all of its customers at its newest ediiton to the marina group, Hoffman's Marina West (Formerly Brielle Marine Basin) which is located directly west of the marina. There are 2 Travel lifts ( 35T and 70T) for all your haulout needs. Also two forklifts available for smaller vessels. They are an authorized Caterpillar Parts and Service Center and have a fully stocked marine store for all your boating needs.Propeller and Shaft Service, Engine and Hull Repairs, Mercruiser Stern Drives and Inboards.

Haul out capabilities

Yes - 2 open-end Travel Lifts, a 35 Ton and a 70 Ton, as well as a 9 Ton Forklift for boats under 25 feet.

Storage facilities

Yes - Dry storage is availble. Whether it's for a day, a week or longer they can accommodate you.

Fishing supplies

Yes - Tackle shop.

Chartering capabilities

Internet access


Boat ramp availability



Yes - They will provide you with rental car information, taxis, and in some cases their staff will even offer to drive you nearby stores for whatever you need. Local taxi service. One mile from the NJ Transit Railroad Station with frequent trains to NYC. A limo service is available to Newark and New York Airports.

Other services


On-site pool.

Reviews for Hoffman's Marine West
Terrific marina but amazingly strong current, 2017-07-27
Captain: , Norfolk, VA (470)

My comments are not perhaps for power boaters with powerful engines and good maneuverability. But for sail boaters, with limited power and maneuverability, these are CRITICAL comments. Current in Manasquan Inlet are strong, most particularly at the railroad bridge. Passage of the railroad bridge should NOT be attempted at any other time than slack water, either ebb or flood. Perhaps no sooner or later than 40 minutes either side of slack water begins, ebb or flood. In hindsight, I am surprised that the marina office staff did not mention this to us on the two occasions that we called and spoke with them prior to our arrival. Reportedly, there are many pictures locally of boaters who found themselves on the wrong side of the power curve near the railroad bridge, with disastrous results. Strongly recommend to time your arrival at Manasquan Inlet so to enter the Inlet no sooner than perhaps 40 minutes before slack water as there is no place to anchor. The only other option is to find a place to motor into the current while awaiting slack water. Same advice for departure. Time for slack water.

Reportedly, most transient boats are assigned to one of the three T heads on the westside beyond the railroad bride. Once safely beyond the railroad bridge, the tie up is straight forward, maneuvering into the current. Hoffman dockhand are available to help tie up, but their experience level is hit or miss. Three dockhands met us on arrival, but only one was experienced while the other two were clearly new hires, although helpful. Initially, we were tied up at the direction of the experienced dockhand, but found ourselves 75 feet from the nearest power and water pedestal. The experienced dockhand then departed, leaving the two inexperienced hands to assist with power cables. They knew little about their tasks. Once I told them we had to move forward to the other end of the T head, I was able to coach them through that evolution, but had to carefully plan the maneuver for them and then direct the evolution. After that, I coached them on how to properly connect shore power cables. In the end, both dockhands provide good learners and good fellows.

Other review comments about docks are accurate. Fixed docks. Tide range is a good 6 feet. Need to plan your tie up and fender location carefully as the current and wake from other boats is significant and something to behold. Dock lines need to be set with low tide in mind, with bow and stern lines for the significant currents.

Toilet and shower rooms are new and in very good condition. Only one male and one female shower. Showers are large, but only curtained off from the general use toilet and sink rooms.

Wifi in ok and or spotty, but not good. Restaurant and bar at marina are excellent. Marine store onsite is well stocked.

Manasquan and Brielle are great towns with lots of eateries and shops.

Hoffman%u2019s Marina is clearly our favorite stop on the New Jersey coast, well above Atlantic City or Cape May. Haven%u2019t made it too Atlantic Highlands, yet, that%u2019s next.

Very welcoming!, 2017-06-13
Captain: , Hull, MA (580)

Élan. Capt. Steve and Lynne Hoffmans West and Hoffmans are the same company. Transients are usually just passed the RR bridge at the West Marina. Helpful dock staff tied us into the T head. Docks are new, even surfaces so no tripping. Beautiful, large swimming pool was refreshing on this 93 degree day. Lunch at Waypoint 622 was delicious too. Restrooms are very clean and it was a delight to shower in a tiled, 6'x8' private shower! Like being in a spa! A wonderful treat on our return journey to Boston. Thank you Hoffmans

Hoffman's Marina West, 2017-05-20
Captain: , Fort Lauderdale (120)

Great Staff, very helpfull!! Mike in service is on his game.. Nice docks, good fuel, great ships store. I highly recomend this marina..
Captain Steve Sharkey

Nice Facility, Terrible Location, 2016-06-04
Captain: , St. Joseph, Michigan (20)

We were on T head with a very strong current and the Marina gave us no local Knowledge of the strong currents. It was slack tide when we arrived but when we went to leave we were nearly swept in the railroad bridge immediately below our mooring.
For much of the stay we were unable to get off our boat without climbing the dock.
Marv Helzer
Sadie Too

Great marina but poor location., 2016-05-28
Captain: , Grand Rivers, Ky (2206)

5-26-16 When we made the reservation we thought we were staying at Hoffmans "before" the bridge. We couldn't get an answer on VHF, contacted marina by phone on arrival and told to pass through RR bridge. Very helpful staff at the dock in strong current at T head and marina. Secured to dock without issue. We were also on T-head just past the bridge, strong current and busy waterway and RR traffic. We were aware of these issues from AC reviews so we made the best of it. Anchorage in this area is very limited.

Very nice marina and ships store, all of the staff and local slip owners are very friendly. Laundry is only 1 washer and dryer, but commercial size and free. The restrooms and showers are 6 star. This is a great marina, too bad they are so close to the bridge.

great staff, 2015-10-07
Captain: , Little River, SC (754)

Extremely helpful dockhands both with advice and assistance. Stuck here for 9 days while hurricane Joaquin made up her mind where she was going. Granted, a strong current exists, not sure about 10 kn. Charts show 2.8, but probably higher due to Nor'Easter sitting over us for a week and full moon. Tides caused water to rise above docks for about 90 min. a day. Had to time departure/arrival to boat or take off shoes and wade ashore. Had a fuel leak that the mechanic found in less than an hour. Later that day, a replacement part arrived and was installed. I was somewhat amazed they found a replacement part that quickly for these old Detroit 671s. Matina is emaculate. Well stocked ship's store. Very friendly staff. Pumpouts available at every slip - never seen that before. Watch the current - it can be a bitch. I entered and left near slack current.

Experience, 2015-09-14
Captain: , Racine, WI (525)

Stayed overnight. Dock hands helpful. We were put on "c" T-dock right beyond train bridge. Train traffic was fun to watch at first, then afterdark if became annoying. Current is something else. Thank goodness we arrived between tides. I would not want to attempt docking in that current. Departing the following morning was very challenging with the current running about 10 kts and being so close to the bridge abutment. Inlet was very congested upon arrival and departure. Sailboats are at a dissadvantage here. Staff was friendly and very helpful.

Absolutely irresponsiable, 2015-09-01
Captain: , Apponaug R.I. (908)

July 25th in route to New England we stopped for fuel and an overnight. While attempting to to tie up to the fuel dock one of Hofman's dock hands came aboard and went to the bow. The admiral was there handling the bow line. The dock hand took the line and pulled the boat in as tight as he could. this put the boat askew to the dock. A passing wake caused my bow to ride up over a piling and come down breaking my rubrail. Management arrived and squared the boat to the dock. I was at and did not see this positioning until after the crunch. Appoligies were offered and a temporary repair was made. It was agreed a permanent repair would be made upon my return from New England. Well guess what, That's all they are going to do is the temporary repair. If I want anything else done to repair their damage I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. And that is from the owner! All of their dock hands are incompetent. The huge wakes and constant railroad bridge are not in there control but it is something you have to put up with. The dock hands ability IS something they should do some training. As to not taking full responsibility for damaged they caused is terriable. Activecaptain should drop them as a 1st choice. Do not go there.

5-11-15 VERY QUICK CURRENT HERE, 2015-06-15
Captain: , Daytona (410)

Stayed overnight. Dock hands helpful. Restaurant on site was very good. Pool wasn't open except for weekends. We were put on "c" T-dock right beyond train bridge. Train traffic was fun to watch for one night. Departing the following morning was very difficult with the current running about 10 kts and being so close to the bridge abutment. Inlet was very congested upon arrival and departure. I wouldn't recommend stopping in manesquan unless absolutely necessary. If here again I would request dockage on the inlet side of the train bridge to make this a little easier.

Horrible Transient Docks, 2015-06-09
Captain: , Little River, SC (2037)

This marina was a good stop while we were waitiong for aweather window to go to LI Sound. Staff was very courteous ad helpful. We needed groceries and they arranged for someone to drive us to and pick us up from the grocery store. We were at a T-head fixed dock which was difficult to get off and on the boat especially at low tide. There was an additional set of pilings set out further from the dock which forces you to tie up about 2.56 3ft from the dock. The other negative for transients is that there were no laundry facilities but there are plans to build some. Restaurant next door was very good. They still gave us a $.50/foot discount on dockage and $.10/gal on fuel. Fuel dock is located on the oyher side of the railroad bridge. Shower facilitie were top-notch.
Revisited on 6/6/2015 and were very disappointed.
Still no Laundry after two years despite their literature and website saying that there was. Would not provide rides for groceries. Had to take a cab which cost $5/person each way.
The restaurant next door is now owned by Hoffman's and has a very limited food menu. The docks are still horrible for transients. They are high, fixed docks - at low tied we could not get off the boat without some real gymnastic abilities-tough at our age and my wife being of shorty stature. No longer honored the Boat/US discount for fuel. We will not be returning.

just a quick overnight but nice marina, 2015-06-01
Captain: , Holland Michigan (60)

We stopped just overnight but the marina is top notch. Great facilities and good dock crew.

Convenient stop over going up the Jersey Shore, 2015-05-17
Captain: , Antigonish, NS (10)

We pulled into the Manasquan Inlet and had reserved ahead for a Birth at Hoffman's Marina. We take one point off any Marina that doesn't have floating docks.
The Good: Staff friendly and helpful, restrooms and showers well designed and clean. The marina itself is an upscale recreational fishing facility with room for a few transients.
The Bad and the Ugly: The current is very strong with the flood wanting to sweep you into the nearby railway bridge. The local boating community is rude. Hardly anyone obeyed the no wake zone in front of the marina (transients are put on the outside face dock) and a boatload of fishermen trolling in the river, expected us to stay clear, forcing us to make a second approach to the marina dock. The drawbridge and trains were another distraction. But it was a convenient stop over and the affiliated restaurant was excellent.

Hoffman's Marina, 2014-10-23
Captain: , Westerly, RI (50)

Ended up here for repairs. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Found the cost to repair reasonable, which was a pleasant surprise.
Great little restraurants in easy walking distance. We will return again.

Great Facility, Treacherous Entry for Large Boats, 2014-10-13
Captain: , Boston, MA (10)

While cruising in a CT-56 Ketch-rigged sailboat, had to pull in for repairs. Even though it was expensive, the resources are great, people accommodating and friendly, and a good selection of restaurants and stores within walking distance.

The main drawback besides the price tag is the narrow railroad bridge you have to pass through. The bridge lifts, but at an angle. To avoid hitting our masts on the abuttment, we took some pretty deep gouges to the side hull when the tide current (2.5 knts) caught us and slammed us against the pilings. Would only stop there again in an emergency (like this one...)

Few sailboats, 2014-09-25
Captain: , Marblehead (162)

We stopped at Hoffman's because of Activa Captain. This place is mainly for power boaters (sportfisherman type). We were on the face dock next to RR bridge, on of only two sailboats. In addition to the wailing siren of the RR bridge cars make a rattling noise crossing the highway bridge. But - staff was very helpful, came out to help us docking after hours. So it is a good place to stop. I forgot to ask for the Active Captain discount at checkout and they did not remind me of this opportunity. Finally, the WiFi is tediously slow.
After all, we would still return on our way back from South.

Clean Bathrooms, 2014-08-28
Captain: , Perth Amboy, NJ (220)

Yes it's expensive, but not the highest in the general area. The gas & dock hands kept telling me the bathrooms are the best and cleanest; they really were. Even my wife was impressed.

Great stop, but watch the current, 2014-08-07
Captain: , United States (3192)

We stopped here for a family visit. Hoffmans is one of the very few marinas here we can access with our 6' draft. Hoffman's was very accommodating and the staff was friendly and helpful.

There are a few decent restaurants in walking distance.

The only thing that keeps me from awarding the fifth star is the price. It's the going rate for the inlet, but only because demand is so high here.

Great helpfull staff, 2014-06-08
Captain: , Fort Myers Beach, FL (361)

This is a busy place. Lots of boat traffic. We were on the face dock almost next to the bridge. Lots of current, both ways.
The staff is full aware of all the above situations and competent to help you handle all of them. They were there early in the AM to help us depart.
They have a nice looking pool, too bad the weather was too cool to use it.
I would use them again if I am ever back in the area.

Fancy showers and great docks, 2013-09-27
Captain: , Casco Bay (30)

Very friendly service, help tying up in the strong current. Very nice facilities. Easy walking distance to stores and post office. Good marine store too.

Stayed here 30 May 2013, 2013-06-01
Captain: , Rockport, Texas (130)

Docking went smoothly...dockhands friendly and helpful as was the young lady at checkin. Restrooms/showers were clean and nice. We ate at the Restaurant next door and it was great. Docks are new - here comes the - but - this marina is way overpriced. We were tied up at the end of T-Head which with all the traffic here is most uncomfortable. Between the wave action, frequent bridge siren and train passage, there was not much sleep that night. I feel they are taking advantage of being the "only game in town"

Active Captain highlighted , 2013-03-30
Captain: , Newport RI (247)

I chose this marina because it was highlighted in Active Captain. fixed docks are brand new. Current is strong. The docks are hard to access from the boat. The Proximity to the RR bridge was my biggest concern but it really wasn't that bad. The trains come very often however thy cross the bridge at low speed so the noise was not terrible. 4 stars are relevant as a stop over, not a destination.

Good place to stay, 2012-11-14
Captain: , Oriental, NC (110)

We stayed at this marina on the way south. They were very helpful when we arrived helping us secure the boat. New dock and bathroom facilities. The restaurant next door was good food with a great view. The bridge looked a bit scary in that it appeared to angle over the opening such that I worried we would not get through it safely. We did get through is safely. On the way out the next day we did run aground in an area where the chart told us not to be. We called the marina and they did offer to send help. Fortunately, I was able to get us off before we had to recieve help. Be careful of the narrow channel going in and out.

Not Too Many Options, 2012-09-24
Captain: , New Rochelle, NY (1000)

If you want to stop in Brielle you don't have too many choices of where to stay. The other reviews have adequately covered the RR Bridge and current situation. They are what they are, but this marina is a good place to pull into (at slack tide) and enjoy the very helpful staff, clean facilities and very enjoyable local restaurants and bars. The next time I'll take advantage of the Active Captain discount that I stupidly forgot to ask for.

A Different Stop, 2012-09-06
Captain: , Charleston (241)

Somewhaat disappointed in the reception and the night stay after reading the reveiws. I was met by a young lad who was about 11 years old and who gave a gallent try attempting to secure my 58' Seleene to the dock. We patiently assisted all we could and luckily we did not have any high winds or current to contend with. Every time the train bridge goes up it sounds a loud siren and the wakes at the fuel dock was considerable. Docks are all new and in great shape and good dining nearby. I will think twice however before I return.

A great place to stop, 2012-08-03
Captain: , Amelia Island, FL (507)

Hoffman's is a wonderful marina to stop at to break up the passage along the New Jersey coastline. It was refreshing to be greeted by Mike, the General Manager. It tells me he is very iconcerned with customer service and takes a personal interest in the functioning of the marina. The dock hands were all very helpful, especially in helping with the lines as the current here is very strong. Kara in the West office is a gem. The West marina is still going through construction pains so the head is an upscale portapotty and to shower you have to go to the East marina. The finger piers are narrow and at low tide thay make for an interesting step off. They would be a challenge for someone with vertigo. Other reviewers talked about the bridge noise and boat wakes. I was berthed one slip in from the end and found neither a particular nuisance. I would definitely stay here again.

Great marina, Awesome staff, 2012-07-17
Captain: , Fairlee Creek, MD (79)

The new Hoffmans is great!!! New docks in 2012, new fuel systems, great WiFI. The Manager, Mike is outstanding. He was very helpful in docking and event lent his personal car to a crew member to get his iphone replaced. Take a cab to Point Pleasant beach and check out the boardwalk. All in all A great experience

Helpful staff, 2012-07-03
Captain: , Punta Gorda, FL (418)

We stopped by here on our way from Cape May to New Rochelle. The staff was very helpful in guiding us in for the night and seeing us out in the morning.

Good and Bad, 2012-06-23
Captain: , Punta Gorda, FL (2870)

The Good: helpful personnel, beautiful new docks, new office and bathrooms.

The Bad: no finger piers, fixed docks with difficult access (depending upon your boat), strong current, noisy trains running frequently 100 ft from the marina, showers not yet completed as of Jun 2012, and bad wakes from all the recreational fishing boats that don't obey no wake zone.

The marina itself is nice, but the overall environment is to be avoided, if possible.

22 May 2012, 2012-06-13
Captain: , Delaware City, DE (60)

Very helpful personnel. Very, very nice bathrooms - best we've seen! Restaurants, stores within walking distance. $2/ft. Tie up to pilings - non-floating docks. RR bridge passage a little tight for a sailboat - opens about twice every hour.

Norman Paradis review about Hoffman's, 2012-05-22
Captain: , Point Pleasnt New Jersey (124)

Not sure wher you stayed but clearly not at Hoffman's. Hoffmans docks are brand new at both marinas this year and the wi-fi is available at all times. Our reviews except yours speak for the quality we have to offer. One of the top rated marinas on the coast.

Terrible - avoid this., 2012-05-14
Captain: , Putney, VT (40)

Worst $3 a foot marina we have visited. Bad wakes/current/wind/noice. No toilets or Wifi. Difficult pilings.

Very Accomadating / Great Location, 2012-05-07
Captain: , Sag Harbor (10)

First of all the location is great and very close to the inlet, approach depths we not a problem and the docks where just replaced and in great condition. The marina manger called me to confirm my ETA and was there with dockhands when we arrived. There was a marine store on site and a few nearby restaurants. The manger was nice enough to drive us to a nearby grocery store. The whole experience was very enjoyable and we will be sure to stop again in the fall.

What Great Customer Service.., 2012-03-18
Captain: , West Palm Beach (20)

I have been crusing up and down the east coast for years. Manasquan Inlet is a very easy inlet to navigate and there are a few nice Marinas within a mile of entering the inlet. However, there is only one place to layover now! Hoffman's Marina is under new ownership and management, and what a great job they have done. This past winter they rebuilt their fuel dock and installed high speed fuel pumps as well as a new pumpout. Their bathrooms and showers are probablly the nicest I have seen in a marina. If that is not enough, the recently purchased the Marina right next door (The Old Brielle Marine Basin) This is being called Hoffman's Marina West and is currently going thru a complete renovation. They have a fully stocked marine store for all your boating supplies, they have a fuul service yard that handle boats up to 100'. The marina itself is being completely rebuilt and dredged and is within walking distance to many nice restaurants and bars. The best part about Hoffmans Marina is the customer service. The staff and mangement go out of their way to make sure they exceed your expectations... Call them to reserve your spot on your way North this spring! 732-528-6200 or visti their website

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