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Hawk's Nest Marina

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Address Cat Island


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


Marina guests can utilize and enjoy all the additional amenities Hawk's Nest Resort has to offer.

VHF channel



Email contact

Owner, manager



Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

Cash and credit cards only.

Payment discounts


Operation (seasonal or year-round)

Additional info: Marina open year around but resort/restaurant closed for variable period of time around October.


Restrictive depth and strong current if you enter without consulting tide tables for the area. Here, it's best to enter on a half-tide rising to a full tide. Beyond that, you're fughting a 6 to 7 knot current.

From all directions, using the latest charts, set a safe course for GPS waypoint 24°08.600N, 75°31.900W. From there, set a course of 64° magnetic and travel .52 Kts. (.37 km), up Hawk's Nest Creek, to the marina entrance. Once inside the marina, current is not a factor.





Tide & current additional info

While the tidal current is not a factor inside the marina, plan your entrance and exit, especially if you are a sailboat, in consideration of the tide.


Approach: 5.5
Transient dockage: 7.5
Fuel dock: 7

Other depth info: Plan to fuel at either near slack or near full tide.

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - NO
Floating - NO
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info: Reasonably new and in great shape.

Size restrictionsLOA max: 50
Beam max: 18

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: 28
Transient price: $2.50/ft (2016-04-04)

Other price info: Plus 7.5% VAT Tax


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - YES

Additional info: Flat rate per day. 100A may be dual 50A .

Pricing info: 30A = $15; 50A = $30

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)

Yes - Metered @ $0.50 per gallon.

Dinghy access


Liveaboard info


Fuel brand: 40,000 gallon diesel storage.

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info: Must keep them on a leash and pick up after them.

Disability access


Launch service

Pump out



Yes - $7.00 per 10 pound bag.










No - On Friday, however, a traveling produce salesman comes by with his pick-up and has the best of whatever is in season at that time.

Grocery service by or by calling 242-557-3663 (Nassau) or 855-3663-242 (North America).




Yes - Walk, or ride the complementary bicycles, across the airstrip runway (do look out for planes landing and taking off) to the hotel. The food is simple, but very good and not too pricey for an Out Island.


Yes - See Restaurant.

Hotels or motels

Yes - See Restaurant for directions.

Repair capabilities


Haul out capabilities


Storage facilities


Fishing supplies


Chartering capabilities

No - Nothing formal, but you may be able to hook-up with a U.S. Sport Fisher in the marina, but chances are slim.

Internet access

Yes - WiFi occasionally. You have to sit in the old beach bar/restaurant that is no longer in use, but they have WiFi. It doesn't reach, however, much beyond the wall of the building.

Boat ramp availability



Yes - Bicyles are eveywhere. Take one and use it to your heart's content, for free.

Other services


High up on the tallest hill in the Bahama Islands sits The Hermatage on Mt. Alvernia, a 1/2 scale monastary. It's about 20 miles from the hotel by taxi and the hotel will arrange a trip for you.

Reviews for Hawk's Nest Marina
Friendly and Fun Marina Resort, 2017-07-30
Captain: , Chesapeake City, MD (530)

We stayed here 3 days and two nights and enjoyed all the facilities and people at this little Marina. It is tailored to the offshore fishing enthusiast who also flies planes and that's part of the fun for us sailors. We enjoyed talking with the captains and their guests aboard the very nice fishing boats docked around the Marina. Fresh fish may be offered if you strike up a conversation. The resort is also fun to ride the bikes around and look at the airplanes. Jerry the Dockmaster and the ladies at the restaraunt made sure we were pleased with our stay. Laundry rooms and private hot showers are right near the docks. Both are fairly new, modest, clean and spacious. We rode bikes to the resort and were impressed with their facility, bar, pool, and the view is just amazing. Honor bar is fun....make your own drink and a modest price is added to your bill....very nice touch.

We found the entrance creek to the Marina to carry a full 7ft mlw. For your first visit try to enter at slack tide as the creek ebbs with quite a current....but not difficult to navigate. The marks are easy to follow and it's wise to buy any fuel when you enter as you go right by the fuel dock. Give Hawks Nest a try.

Excellent facility and protection, 2016-03-09
Captain: , Brandon, VT (422)

We arrived Cat Island from LI and tucked in here for a few days. The facility is rustic and charming with a very accommodating staff. Entrance to Hawk's Nest is well marked (once you are close enough to shore to see). Narrow cut with strong current. Fuel dock is immediately to port. Sharp turn to port to enter small man enhanced harbor with secure docks. Fishing tournament capital here! Bar by fuel dock, air strip, laundry, showers, filtered fresh water metered at docks, full restaurant. Had an excellent dinner (of fresh caught wahoo). Orners, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton, from New Mexico, are welcoming hosts and rightly proud of all they have done here.

Very nice facility, 2015-06-11
Captain: , Treasure Island, FL. (60)

Went into Hawks Nest Marina on 6/6/15 with out a problem. Seas were calm with a rising tide. There was currant flowing in but no problem managing. Once in the marina all is calm. This is a very nice resort with a lot to offer (pool, bar, restaurant, gift shop, free bicycles, car rental, etc.) We stayed 2 nights and rented a car our 2nd. day and drove to the northern part of the island. They offer free wifi at the bar/restaurant and all the staff is very accomodating. Was a very enjoyable stay.

Great Staff, 2015-03-30
Captain: , New Bern, NC (486)

Good storm shelter. Inlet is very tricky to get into put well marked. It is very narrow with rocks of both sides. I would not go into it if the seas are high and winds are out of the west with a single screw boat. There is a strong current that also runs into this inlet and creek.
Marina is as others have written, fixed docks in good condtion. Water and power. Great lounge area at resort. We did not eat at the resturant. Staff is great and very helpful. We had a small maintainence issue they tried to help.
Hawks creeks is worth a dingy ride to see turtles, sea rays and sharks.

easy in and out, 2015-03-24
Captain: , Nederland, CO (410)

Just went in for water and fuel . Great tasting water, fuel too pricey. But nice guys. Pretty easy getting in , well marked, though can be strong current, with waves when wind opposes. 7-8 ft all the way.

Overnight stop 6/12/2014, 2014-06-21
Captain: , Ocean Reef (111)

Approach was as decribed and was well marked for first time visitor. Was a little on the narrow side for 60 foot sportfish, current made it interesting.
Slip was about average for the Bahamas, but ride to resturaunt was a nice touch. Was only supposed to be 1/4 mile, but suggest motorized transport, easy to catch a ride. Noseeums at dusk.
Fished the atoll to south, bite was on, released nice blue.

Mix of good and not so good, 2014-04-22
Captain: , Eastport, MD (532)

We were looking forward to laundry and internet for our first marina stop since leaving PR a couple weeks before. Laundry was acceptable, though this is the first one we've been to where you must plug in the dryer yourself. A bit of a pain since you need tokens which are not available from the dock master but rather from the resort 1/4 mile away.
Still, they do provide bicycles in good condition ... except for the handle bar grips which were all of the same rubbery material that had somehow had become sticky.
We found the trip to the resort pleasant - nicely maintained ornamental bushes and the Walmart style garden lights planted along the road. Staff were all quite pleasant, meals were good. Except for brief time in the evening the bar is an honor bar - make it yourself and write it down which sets a mood I happen to like.

Did not have any issues with fish cleaning, but it's possible things get out of hand when they have a tournament. There are dedicated fish cleaning areas plus signage indicating where offal should be dumped (in the river, NOT in the marina) so short of having jack booted guards on patrol it appears they are doing their best. We were one of only 2 sailboats there, so their bread and butter is all the boats that come for sport fishing.
No See'ums are an issue, no getting around that. But that's true a lot of places.
WIFI was an issue for us as we had been without for a long time. They theoretically have it both in the marina and at a computer available for use at the office in the resort, but neither was working. The marina wifi is $15 per day, and I was able to connect but it would hang up part way through the anti-virus file update, so never worked. They cheerfully removed the charge since it didn't work. The explanation is that it gets used too much, so apparently they don't have the kind of plan or service they ought to have.
There's a manatee that visits regularly, and I saw a sting ray browsing the harbor both days we were there.
All in all we enjoyed our visit.

Excellent Marina, 2014-01-10
Captain: , Texas (23)

Ignore the negative review below. It is not true about the fish cleaning, etc. We have been going to Hawk's Nest for three years and each year we have been 100% pleased with the facility and it's staff. One of the few places in the Bahamas where the staff works exceptionally hard to meet your needs. The fishing is excellent. The marina is a hurricane hole and a great place to stop if you need to get out of the elements for few days. Fuel can be pricey but comes straight from Fort Lauderdale. Internet can be slow, but you in the Bahamas...turn it off. :) Groceries do require a car rental as is the case on many islands. Food is great.

Nice little marina, 2012-06-29
Captain: , Sunny Isles Beach (99)

Came here from Great Exuma to hide from some weather and found excellent protection from all sides. No surge issues as the river runs right by the entrance to the marina, although the current can cause issues when you try to turn in to the marina. Very friendly staff ready to assist when we arrived, along with lots of friendly boaters. We enjoyed a special Easter dinner at the restaurant. Bikes are free to use all over the large resort, but be careful at night as there are no lights on the road. Great place for accessing the famous fishing grounds between here and San Salvador Island. We will definitely return.

Hawks Nest Marina, 2011-06-02
Captain: , Newark, DE (250)

Wasn't planning on stopping here, but the current, wind on the nose and low diesel reserves made it an inviting place! The marina is well protected with a nearly nonexistant yet exceptionally friendly marina staff. The harbor had beautiful blue water and no bugs when I was there(early March). The restaurant at the airport serves up good food and is the local meet up for sailors and pilots. An interesting mix! The channel for the entrance is extremely tight and shallow, but being singlehanded and drawing 6'6" I had no troubles. Fishing is apparently great in this area, I hooked a big ole tuna, but a shark got him before I could get him in.

The island is beautiful so be sure to rent a car from the resort and go explore, it only takes a few hours but boasts beautiful scenery and the highest part of the bahamas. Be sure to walk to the mission and check out the view from there. Groceries and supplies are limited, but by talking with the locals I was able to get what I needed.

Hawks Nest Marina, 2011-03-19
Captain: , Charleston, SC (461)

The ravages of time and a clientel hell bent on sport fishing have taken their toll on this facility. When the fishing boats are in, cleaning of fish in the slips is not uncommon and the marina, which has no flow-thru, suffers for it. The place is choked with the smell of lileted fish and the carcasses line the walls of the marina. The last water you want touching your body is that of the marina.

Beyond the slips, which are strong, secure and well connected with reliable electricity, lies what was once a thriving marina. Now, however, the bar/restaurant on-site is closed and one must walk 4/10 of a mile, across an active runway, (Danger Will Robinson; Danger, Danger!) to get a cold drink or have a meal at the hotel's restaurant and bar.

If the wind's not blowing, the sand fleas (No See Ums) are actually visable and cover anything that smells like flesh. Hi Octane Bug Spray and closed Portholes (they go through screens, ya' know) are the rule of the evening. And, the walk to the hotel for supper is and excersise in itself, as you burn more calories than you can possibly consume at dinner, by swatting at the mosquitos. (It's been rumored that a mosquito landed at the airstrip and took on 200 gallons of AvGas before the attendant realized it wasn't an aircraft.)

As the last vestage of civilization prior to Conception Island, Rum Cay or Long Island, Hawk's Nest has a monopoly on the Marina Business. We hate going there, but are darn glad it exists.

Hawk's Nest Marina, 2011-03-09
Captain: , Montreal, PQ, Canada (560)

Excellent facilities. Super protected basin, everything available, freindly staff. A little far from groceries, need to rent car/explore island.

Great facility, 2008-01-25
Captain: , Seattle, Washington (285)

Nice facility and good staff. A little tricky to get into with much over 5 to 6' draft and watch the turn from the creek into the basin with the current running. Ask for help as creek flow is strong and lags tide considerably.

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