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Harrisville Municipal Harbor

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Address 1 Harbor Drive
Harrisville, MI 48740


After hours contact


Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - NO
Municipal - YES
Other - NO


Please be advised There will have NO POWER to the SOUTH dock for the 2017 season, due to a recently discovered potential safety issue. They have isloated it, necessitating the securing of power to the south dock.

VHF channel



Email contact

Owner, manager

Harrisville Harbor Commision


Jim Ferguson, USCG(Ret)


Tiffany Wilson (Asst), Maddie Lane, Ally Higgins, Reese Light, Faith Wallenmaier, Raegen Eller

Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - YES

Payment info

Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, and American Express.

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)

Additional info: May 15 to October 15


Approach is easy with red and green markers on the harbor entrance over 25 feet. Hold R2 (on a shoal) to starboard on approach. Once inside the channel, keep the red/red white buoys on the starboard side. Floating and fixed docks with a water depth of at least 7 feet.





Tide & current additional info


Approach: 10
Transient dockage: 9
Fuel dock: 9

Other depth info: Dredged in 2015. There is a low spot when just entering the breakwater of about 6.5 feet. There are a couple of other low spots when approaching the docks showing 6-7 feet of water at charted water level datum.

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - NO
Floating - YES
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: 48
Total: 97
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: 32 foot boat paid $42 per night.

As with other municipal marinas in Michigan, the price is regulated by the Michigan Waterways Commission.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: Out in front of the middle fairway in between the north and south docks by the rockwall or on the northside of the north docks inside red buoys, but out of the boat launch area.

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info:

Pricing info:

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)


Dinghy access

Yes - At the dock and the boat ramp.

Liveaboard info

Yes - Welcomed


Fuel brand: 90 octane, non-ethanol.
Current pricing can also be found on the website.

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info: 90 octane, no ethanol.

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Yes - Can get propane at the local hardware.

Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access


Launch service


Pump out

Yes - $15.00 May 2017




Yes - Trash cans on the docks and a dumpster is close to the club house.




Yes - Both public and private (boaters only).


Yes - On site Laundry - $1.50 wash, $1.25 dry. 2017


Yes - Harrisville Harbor Grocery
415 E Main St
Harrisville, MI 48740




Yes - Pizza, family dining, coffee shop.



Hotels or motels

Yes - Within the area.

Repair capabilities

Yes - Diesel and gasoline mechanics avaliable.

Haul out capabilities

No - East Tawas is the nearest haul out.

Storage facilities


Fishing supplies

Yes - Some in town at the grocery store. Walt's Crawlers.

Chartering capabilities


Internet access

Yes - WiFi is available at the docks, weak signal and low bandwidth. Verizon enterpirse repeater installed, full 5 bar coverage at all dock with data.

Boat ramp availability



Yes - Courtesy van available. Complimentary bicycles.

Other services


Covered pavillion can be rented for special occassions and gatherings.

Reviews for Harrisville Municipal Harbor
Very quiet., 2017-08-16
Captain: , Honolulu (712)

Brand new facility, $57 a night for a 36' in August of 2017. Free loaner bikes, complimentary vehicle (they drive), laundry, showers brand new. Boater's lounge with free internet computers. Wifi and cell coverage spotty at the slip, otherwise five stars. No repair options, but fuel available.

Harrisville Harbor 062617, 2017-06-26
Captain: , Edison Boat Club Marina (809)

One of the better harbors we have seen. All upgraded docks with and even fire hydrants.Very good wifi! The receipt had the wifi code printed on ot along with the codes for both the mens & womens bathrooms. Showers very clean as was the whole facility. Better diesel prices than in SAginaw Bay.

Captain: , Manitowoc (256)

This is the best marina! The rate was excellent. The staff was VERY considerate and helpful. There is an EXCELLENT air conditioned marina lounge with cable network TV. The bathrooms are cleaned DAILY. There is a courtesy vehicle that will take you to town (please tip the driver).


If you are looking for a nice place that is quiet this is a GOOD VALUE.

Very well run marina, 2015-09-22
Captain: , Catawba Island Ohio (530)

Steve trhe dockmaster couldn't have been better. He called me on the radio as I approached the marina before I called in. He helped with lines and would have hooked up our power had I let him. The docks are in good condition. They have loaner bikes and a courtesy shuttle. Steve offered to pick up a pizza if we wished. This place had the nicest boaters lounge, bathrooms, showers and laundry room we have seen on this trip. Ate at Shotmakers grill, didn't look real good on the outside but the inside was ok and the food was good. Rode bikes to lighthouse and old schoolhouse which were nice. Got very nice inpromptu tour of trout farm on way back from lighthouse. And dockage for 35" boat only $44.

Nice stop; easy in., 2015-08-17
Captain: , Port Huron Michigan (180)

We pulled in late in the night. Had no trouble finding and getting to a dock. Well protected, it was storming that night. Did not use many of the facillities; but from what I saw the harbor looked first rate.

Pretty Much What Others Have Said, 2015-07-21
Captain: , Hilton Head, SC (1234)

Helpful staff and new / clean / well maintained lounge & bathrooms. They were pristine. Great stop.

Very clean and neat marina in quant little town, 2015-06-28
Captain: , Iuka, MS (1130)

With 2015 lake levels, approach and dockside depth were no issue. We have >6' below our 4'-4" draft at a slip near the fuel dock. The restrooms and boaters' lounge are superb. Easy access to the nearby town. The IGA is to reopen tomorrow after a change of ownership.

Nice stopover and refuge in bad weather, 2014-08-16
Captain: , Dunkirk, NY (79)

"Stuck" here for 2 days while weather went through. The staff was helpful and the accomodations were clean and kept up. We'll definitely stop here again!

Great stop, 2014-07-30
Captain: , oscoda, michigan (183)

Very professional staff, the docks are in the best shape we've seen in N Mi this summer. Town is short walk, had a nice dinner at Old Place Inn since the pasty shop was closed at dinner time. Laundromat in town closes at 8pm.

Excellent marina, 2014-07-27
Captain: , Palm Beach Gardens, FL (1997)

I don't usually give 5 stars but this marina deserved it with an excellent attentive staff, great facilities and good docks.
True we did arrive for the one night of their amazing annual fish fry but the way the marina is laid out with the loaner vehicles, loaner bikes and super clean building I have no concern recommending this marina. The town is very clean and quaint.
There is always room for improvement and I am not sure if I can blame this on the marina but the amount of tall plants in the water made both my depth finders go to zero and upon leaving the slip I ended up wrapping weeds around my props. I had to stop 1/2 mile off the marina and was able to reverse most of them off without diving on it.

GREAT MARINA, 2014-07-09
Captain: , BAY CITY, MI - KEY LARGO, FL (10)

Well protected harbor,quiet, peacefull, supper clean facillities very helpfull, hard working staff and dock master. Loaner bikes and courtesy transportation available.

Great Place, 2014-06-26
Captain: , La Salle, MI (122)

Very clean, well kept up, with accomodating staff. A couple good resteraunts and bars as noted before. Marina does have a courtesy van as well as free bicycles with big baskets. The IGA grocery store is an easy two blocks away. Wifi is free and works well although password protected. Their website is very complete with transient and seasonal rates as well as fuel prices. There is a 4 nights for the price of 3 discount for transients.

poorly trained, 2013-12-20
Captain: , AuGres, MI (30)

The dock crew is polite but they tend to think they are the captain in charge. The result is that they often fail to comply with the real owners request in a timely manor. I would recommend not accepting their assistance

I base these comments on both my own experience & two other fellow boaters that had a similar experience in the summer of 2013

Better yet go to Tawas

Great fishing within harbor, 2013-11-23
Captain: , Clinton River (372)

Trailered my 16ft fishing boat up there in October while visiting my cousin who lives in Oscoda. Caught one of the nicest walleye's I've ever landed. Broiled it last night, and just had to write this review.
Lots of salmon being taken within the protected harbor right next to the gas dock. As for the out of area boater who stated he heard about 2 boaters hitting a rock, 2 miles north of the marina, if you look on the charts, there appears to some sort of water intake. Probably NOT a rock. And, if it is a water intake pipe, it's mostly supported on some type of "CRIB". If you follow too close to shore, any where along the Lk Huron shoreline, especially with a 6-8 ft draft sailboat, you're bound to find some hard bottom areas, in several places.

How a 4 star facility gets 2-3 stars..., 2013-08-30
Captain: , MV Red Head (61778)

Almost everything about this marina is worth 4 stars. The docks are pretty nice although they could use someone pulling nails and other things off the edges - I had to remove a handful of large staples and nails to not puncture some fenders. There are a couple of nice restaurants in the area and the mid-sized IGA grocery store is good enough for a large shopping trip although your choices will be limited. The personnel are friendly and the other boaters were great.

So why 2-3 stars?

There's one main reason and one minor reason. The main reason is a pet peeve of mine. I've never been to this facility and I called to get information. On the approach there was thick fog and moderately rough seas/waves. I definitely wasn't comfortable and called the marina on the radio 3 times asking specific, detailed questions. I was very concerned about entering the breakwater because the charts show a very thin channel of 7 foot water bordered by larger areas of 5 foot water. Since we draw 6 feet, coming into this in fog wasn't something I was looking forward to. I was told numerous times to just stay 10-20 yards off the reds and there is at least 10 feet of water. In fact, they had taken a boat out previously and found 10 feet everywhere.


There is under 7 feet on the approach. With 2 depth sounders, I had a great view of what the bottom looked like. They then put me into a middle slip. Approaching that slip they realized we were longer than the slip even though they had our length for 4 prior days. I was also starting to see under 8 feet of water. So they suggested I take the end of the dock in the deepest water. Fully docked, stable, and calm, we had 9.8 feet of water on one side and 9.4 feet on the other. Even there we never saw 10 feet.

Never, never, ever lie to the boater about water depths. Take a small boat out into your harbor with a measured string and actually measure it once a month. If the water levels were lower here, we could have never gotten in and it would have been very dangerous.

On leaving the harbor with full visibility I was able to carefully measure the depth in the channel. It was under 7 feet everywhere. Twenty feet over too much and we would have been aground in 5 feet of water. That would have been very easy to do in the fog.

OK, the minor thing. For heaven's sake, take 10 minutes out and show the dock hands how to properly tie a cleat hitch. Every single one was done wrong. If you don't know how to do it, Google it. The proper way is there. It'll take 10 minutes to learn how.

Unless it was an emergency, I wouldn't come back to this harbor. That's a shame because it's a pretty nice place. But how could I ever believe anything that was ever told to me there?

They don't come any better, 2013-08-21
Captain: , traverse city (120)

Absolutely great in all categories

Great stop on Lake Huron, watch your charts!, 2013-08-06
Captain: , Bay City (40)

A VERY clean and nice facility. This place is pretty rural but the folks are nice. Not much in the line of restaurants (1 and it is closed on Monday), but the bar serves food too. The grocery store is close to the marina. You can't beat this stop for access to Lake Huron. 8/5/13 TWO boats commented to me on hitting a rock "2 miles out," north of the marina while departing Harisville yesterday. Head east to avoid.

A great Michigan Marina, 2013-07-21
Captain: , Pittsburgh (523)

We enjoyed our stay at Harrisville and would recommend the location. The team running the marina are focused on service and the manager has stamped his high standards on the location. The admiral noted that the coffee shop closed at 5:00.

Nice little marina, 2013-07-09
Captain: , Sturgeon Bay, WI (287)

We enjoyed our two days at Harrisville. The docks were well maintained and the staff was in constatn motion. I overheard the dockmaster on a couple occasions coaching the staff on cleanliness, proper ettiquette on the radio nad generally running a very tight ship. I would definitely stop in again. The town is small but quaint and the people were extremely nice.

This town is proud of their marina and it shows, 2013-07-05
Captain: , Brisbane, Australia (399)

Immaculately maintained marina staffed by people from Harrisville who care about visiting boaters. Courtesy van and free lifts to the grocery store and hardware store around town. Boaters lounge. Clean bathrooms. Nice laundry. The harbormaster even shared some lake trout with us and bought us some spinach from his home garden the morning of our departure. You will not stop at a better maintained harbor and staff that care more about ensuring you have a good stay.

Quiet Marina, 2013-02-06
Captain: , Lakeside Yacht Club (250)

Queit spot, not much there as far as the town goes. A couple restaurants. Not a bad stopping poiint for a day. We arived later in the day which may have limited what we found to do..

Harrisville Municipal Harbor, 2013-01-10
Captain: , Leamington, Ontario (710)

Staff busy with a fish fry, not paying attention to transients. Manager was a PITA to deal with, probably due to the pressure of putting on the fish fry, seemed to mellow after fish fry was in full swing.

Great Facility, Beautiful Harbor, 2012-07-25
Captain: , Newport News, VA (60)

Ditto other good reviews! Good WiFi at our dock. Transients can pay three nights and 4th is free (we did this, arrived on July 23). Diesel $3.94 today. Town is quiet but pretty. Try Shotmakers for delicious, reasonable breakfast. Everything super clean including inexpensive laundry facilities. Mechanic came to dock and repaired outboard motor. Harbor staff couldn't be more accomodating.

Great DNR Marina, 2012-07-24
Captain: , Sault Ste Marie, MI (240)

This is a wonderful stop that worked well for us after we crossed Saginaw Bay. The facilities are spotless and appear to be brand new including the lounge with TV and lending library, the laundry and the restoom/shower. There is a courtesy van that will take you where yoiu want to go. We used it to go to dinner, and the arrangement was the restaurant brought us back. The only downside is that cell phone signal was very low. I would come back here anytime.

Very nice facility in protected harbor, 2011-09-21
Captain: , Gulf Breeze, Fl (6909)

Nice little town with basic resources generally needed by cruisiers (marine parts the exception). New lounge with very nice private showers and bathrooms. Laundry also. Electric key card needed to access from harbor master. We came in and no one answered the radio or phone a deserted marina but power and water still on and I assume we'll see some to get the key card to access the Lounge, bathrooms and laundry. Recording on phone said they were operating on a reduced off season schedule. For services leave message. 09-21-11 The dock master made an appearance to collect dockage and issued us a key card for bathroom access. The bathrooms were spotless!!!! And have radiant heated floors! The lounge is very well done. This stopis well worth the price of admission if you need a ahrbor stop.

Wonderful staff and facility, 2011-09-14
Captain: , LaSalle MI (597)

Visited sept 9/2011 and found a great facility. The boaters lounge, heads and laundry are a real treat. Staff was more than welcoming and hospitable. Cute town with some surprising stores just a few blocks from harbor.

Harrisville Municipal Harbor, 2011-08-17
Captain: , Tawas Bay (20)

One of the best we have seen. Friendly staff, clean facility, quiet harbor.

Well maintained marina with great bathrooms, 2011-08-17
Captain: , Bay City, MI (730)

Office has area for boaters with TV and magazines and computers with internet. Wifi available only in office. Nice and clean docks. Staff friendly. Have bikes to lend for a ride into town.

Very well maintained, 2011-07-31
Captain: , Jeffersonville, IN (594)

This marina is one of the cleanest and best maintained municipal facilites that I have used. Easy access and lots of staff to assist. A nice room available for boaters is in the office. It features tvs, coffee and similar and houses well maintained showers. Comes complete with a harbor dog! The town features a nice grocery, watering holes, and restaurants. Not a great place to reenter the US however. Here's a rarity, while lots of harbors have bulletin boards, this five sided structure was up to date with even the day's weather predictions posted!

Harrisville Marina, 2011-07-24
Captain: , Lake in The Hills, Illinois (542)

Very Nice Marina. restrooms and shower facilities very nice. Clubhouse open 24 hrs for boaters. Excellent Wi-Fi in the clubhouse. Staff was excellent. Will provide transportation to restaurants nearby.

Harrisville Marina, 2011-07-10
Captain: , Herrington Harbour, MD (680)

July 7th, 2011
A well run marina, wi-fi, $4.07 diesel, deep harbor, they gave me a ride to the local True Value store for some hose clamps.
very friendly.
Miss Joanie

Harrisville Municipal Marina "A clean well-lighted place", 2011-07-04
Captain: , Oriental, NC (1148)

This is another one of the fabulous Michigan Municipal Marinas found on Lake Huron, as well as Lake Michigan. The facilities are fairly new and very clean. Internet access is in the lounge which is spacious and has a microwave, coffee machine and computer. The staff is helpul and friendly. The town is nearby and has an IGA grocery store and other supplies. Very relaxed environment after a day's sailing.

Harrisville Municipal Harbor, 2011-04-03
Captain: , Hammond Bay (1841)

Clean marina with courteous and helpful staff. Stores are reasonably close so this is a good place to re-provision.

Harrisville, 2011-03-09
Captain: , Macataw, MI (435)

I grew up camping here with my grandparents so this quaint little town holds great memories. Nice community, minimal facility but a great stop when travelling the Lake Huron route

Harrisville, 2010-06-18
Captain: , Whitehall, Mi (1754)

Another nice michigan harbor. Floating docks. Not new, but in good condition.

Bathrooms very nice.

Harrisville, 2009-07-21
Captain: , White Lake Michigan (87)

Beautiful harbor, well worth the stop.
Wonderful new facilities, clubhouse, grills etc.
Town is nearby, groceries, ice cream etc.
Charming place worth poking around a bit.
We drove back for a second visit after being there by boat.
Very friendly people everywhere

nice facility, 2009-07-08
Captain: , Michigan (519)

well maintained docks, 50 amp service at larger slips.

The water pressure is awsome! If you use dock water direct to your boat, make sure to bring a pressure regulator.

My complaint would be the town. It's not very close to the harbor. They do have free bicycles as well as courtesy transportation.

Harrisville Municipal Harbor, 2008-08-06
Captain: , Patterson, La (1441)

Great place to stop. The Harbor Master could not be more helpful.
Thumbs Up.

One of the best in Michigan, 2008-07-05
Captain: , Bay City, MI (1)

Absolutely the best facilities we have experiences sailing Lake Huron. New bathhouse includes lounge with cable TV, free internet access, nice lounge area, and free internet access for boaters. Courtesy car available if needed but groceries, restaurants, and many other services available within a couple blocks walk. Very friendly accomodatina attitude displayed by all!!

Well protected harbor, 2007-05-09
Captain: , Charlevoix, MI (128)

This is indeed a lovely little harbor, well protected with plenty of space for transients. My only minor gripe is floating docks which were a bit of a jump from my boat. 50 amp service and nearby restaurant with excellent food.

Beautiful Harbor, always a pleasure to visit., 2007-01-26
Captain: , Caseville, MI (234)

This is an absolutely beautiful harbor. We try to go to Harrisville at least once each year. The pavillion and playground are up a small hill above the harbor. From the pavillion, you get an awesome view of the harbor, and Lake Huron. This harbor is like a little slice of heaven.

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