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Halifax Waterfront Marina

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Address 1751 Lower Water Street
Halifax, NS B3J 1S5

Phone902-229-2628 (BOAT)

After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


Waterfront Development Corporation (WDC) handles most of the recreational boating facilities in the harbor. They're in the process of developing more and have other facilities where they can accommodate vessels of varying sizes.

August 2011: The marina was well prepared for Irene and sustained no damage.

VHF channel


Web site

Email contact

Owner, manager



Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - YES

Payment info

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)

Additional info:


Easy deep approach into Halifax Harbor, well marked. Optional to check in with Halifax Traffic on VHF 12. They'll track you and advise of traffic if conditions are less than ideal.





Tide & current additional info


Approach: 50
Transient dockage: 21
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - NO
Floating - YES
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: $1.75/ft (2016-06-27)

Other price info: Free short-term daytime dockage (for lunch, dinner, etc.)

Prices for overnight dockage:

$1.75 per foot for boats at or under 80 feet.
$3.00 per foot for boats over 80 feet.

All rates inclusive of 20 amp power (depending on location), water, WiFi, and waste disposal.

For a webcam view of The Halifax Waterfront Marina, see:
*Including Bishop's Landing through to Cable Wharf

For reservations or more information see:

or contact Marine Services at 902-229-2628 between 0700 and 1900.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info: Depending on location 30 or 50 amp power is available. Ask when you make reservations. 20 and 30 amp only at Bishops Landing.

Pricing info: 20 amp power no charge.
$20 a night for 30 amp.
$30 a night for 50 amp.
July, 2016.

Cable TV (and pricing)

Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)


Dinghy access

Yes - Small boats can tie up at Cable Wharf on a first-come, first-serve basis. No charge except for overnight dockage.

Liveaboard info

Yes - Liveaboards welcome during the summer but no permanent liveaboards. No heads or other liveaboard facilities.


Fuel brand: Diesel can be trucked in.

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info: Fuelling set-up by Marine Services office for any visitor to the Halifax Waterfront Marina.

Contact +1(902)229-2628 between 0700hrs and 1900hrs for details.

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info: Fuelling set-up by Marine Services office for any visitor to the Halifax Waterfront Marina.

Contact +1(902)229-2628 between 0700hrs and 1900hrs for details.


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out

Yes - Can be arranged by contacting Marine Services.


Yes - You can get ice at the local store.


Yes - Sorted bins are on the floats. Pickup or regular pickup can be arranged for overnight berths by contacting Marine Services.


No - Direction to local facilities can be provided by Marine Services.


Yes - Public washrooms on the boardwalk, at Bishop's Landing, Vistors Information Centre, and Ferry Terminal.


Yes - Available at the local laundry, directions can be provided by Marine Services.


Yes - A good grocery store about 1 mile away.
Halifax Seaport Farmers Market, a terrific farmers' market with lots of fresh food, within walking distance of all wharfs.
Saturday: 7 am-4 pm
Sunday: 8 am-4 pm
Wednesday: 8 am-4 pm
Friday International and Farmers Market: 8 am-7 pm



Yes - There are many places to eat. Very good.



Hotels or motels


Repair capabilities

Yes - Locals come to the boat. Raymarine dealer here. Haulouts at another marina nearby

Haul out capabilities

No - Haul out available at a nearby marina.

Storage facilities

Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - Free (open) WiFi available on most of the waterfront, connection strength varies with your location.

Boat ramp availability

No - Nearby locations can be given by Marine Services.


Yes - There are local cabs available. Car rental service can be arranged via Marine Services.

Other services


Halifax is a great place to visit from museums to entertainement and history. Plan on several days here

Reviews for Halifax Waterfront Marina
Good, but ask about the cost for electric, first, 2016-07-27
Captain: , York, ME (1971)

We stayed at the Bishop's Landing Wharf area We spent a nice night enjoying the busy waterfront. The dock hand helped us tie up in the pouring rain and was very nice. If you're looking for a downtown location, this is it. The grocery store was a short walk for re-supply.

Everything was going fine until we went to pay. At first, they charged us $30 a night for our 30A connection. I couldn't reach them by phone so I sent an e-mail, after hours, and they promptly called me back to say it was a mistake, it's supposed to be $20 for 30A electric, $30 for 50A and 20A is no charge. They came by and refunded the full electric charge. This great customer service makes up for the initial shock when I saw the bill.

Still, $20 is a lot to pay to keep the batteries topped off. So be sure to ask when you tie up. You're good if you can get by on 20A.

The area is teeming with fine restaurants, if that's your thing. But we also found a place called Costello Cafe, more like a company cafeteria, at the South entrance of the tall building to the South with the massive power lines. Surprisingly good food and good prices.

Halifax is a great city, and you're at the heart of it here, or at any of the Halifax Waterfront docks.

Halifax Waterfront Marina, 2013-09-15
Captain: , Wrightsville beach nc (220)

Central, great location, but as is pretty usual in down town big city marina, very rocky and rolly. Staff ran us to marine supply store at no charge and would not take a tip. Very impressed with that.

Spectacular, 2013-07-30
Captain: , Toronto, ON (1763)

We spent two nights, the first at Bishop's Landing which is like being an inmate of the zoo with a constant parade of tourists scoping you out. We went out for dinner and when we got back found that a group of drunken twits had moved our boat out of it's designated reserved spot, not secured it properly and then denied having done it. There was no marina staff or security to be found, but the foul-mouthed asshats having the bachelor party on the dock vacated quickly when I left to get security. The next morning the marina staff were awesome, comped us the first night and moved us to a slip beside the Sackville right infront of the Marine Museum.

The docks are very loud generally and quite exposed to the harbour swell.... It's beautiful, but .....

Tends to be a little more crowded than South Battery, 2013-07-03
Captain: , Muskegon, MI (3132)

We stayed here for a day, and while it is more exposed (and more crowded) than South Battery, it is an easy tie up, right downtown.

Excellent downtown location, 2013-02-03
Captain: , Gloucester, MA (807)

This is the spot to be if you want to be right downtown. Things were a bit disorganized when we arrived, but it was just after all the Tall Ships had left and they were recovering.

Not that fuel is available, but needs to be arranged in advace and brough in by truck. We were also told that refueling was only allowed after normal business hours.

halifax cable warf, 2012-10-06
Captain: , toronto (499)

free for the day, water and electric available. A roll with winds SE and low docks. You need to pay close attention if waves come from the south as they will raise the fenders above dock level. Dock does float. Can be noisy at night

A great but rolly right-in-the-city experience, 2012-08-14
Captain: , Fort Lauderdale (1344)

This is far from the experience you get in a typical U.S. marina, but it fits the Halifax waterfront perfectly and if you're like us you'll enjoy your stay. Four stars because: you're right on the waterfront downtown and the price is right.

The private Waterfront Development Corporation has control of all downtown Halifax wharfs available to visiting yachtsand is working hard to upgrade facilities and attract everything from small boats to megayachts to the Halifax waterfront by providing good and accessible dockage at a reasonable price.

The friendly and enthusiastic Waterfront Development team members do a great job of advising skippers which wharfs meet their particular needs and they're also competent linehanlers.

When you call for reservations, be sure to ask about protection from wind and harbor surge and about electric service because the wharves vary considerably and no single wharf has it all.

We chose Cable Wharf and an excellent experience and hope to return. Cable is right in the middle of everything, an easy walk to popular attractions such as the Citadel, the Maritime Museum, and good restaurants. And it offers 50 amp power, though we needed to use our booster transformer to get a consistent 220 voilts.

The bad news is that Cable Wharf is definitely rolly, especially when the wind is from the SE. If you use this wharf, you need to be prepared with heavy fenders right at the waterline, and you need to watch weather carefully and be prepared to depart on short notice in the event of big winds or surge. This is not a place to be in heavy weather!

Bottom line: come to Halifax and enjoy this great city. The roll is only a small part of the experience.

In the heart of town, 2012-07-09
Captain: , Annapolis, MD (578)

We moved to one of the Waterfront Development piers from the RNSYC and were very glad we did. We were in town right when the Buskars Festival was underway and thoroughly enjoyed the convenience of our location. The dock fee seemed reasonable as did the motion. We were near the Silva but were not disturbed by their activity. It was a very fun place to be.

Energetic & Lively, 2012-06-30
Captain: , Kodiak, Alaska (32)

There is no more perfect location than docking here, at Waterfront Development, to experiencing downtown Halifax. You are right in the center of historic Halifax, surrounded by the coming and going of vintage schooners, the Maritime Museum (including the last of the WWII Corvette%u2019s) and within walking distance to many first-class restaurants, markets, shopping centers, ferries, car rental companies, parks and more.

The facilities are somewhat minimalist, however they are in the process of being improved and upgraded. Meanwhile, from our perspective, this facility currently has all the essentials (clean power, water, places to walk our dog, easy access to everything and fast WiFi). The Dockmaster (Adam) prides himself on working to create a first class facility and providing his customers with concierge service. Following his lead, the entire staff couldn%u2019t be more friendly, helpful and accommodating. They possess a wealth of local knowledge which they are only too willing to share.

This is one of our favorite harbors for many of the reasons mentioned above. We spent a little over a week here and, other than in a SE gale, look forward to returning!

Cable Warf, 2011-08-28
Captain: , Sodus Point, NY (718)

We stayed 3 nights at the Cable Warf right next to Murphys. After spending the past 2 weeks in quiet, it was very noisey here. The Murphy's restaurant and gift shop are open late and play music outdoors. The SILVA sailing tours had a band on a Thursday night until 1:00 am. Also the SW swell makes it all the way down to this point and rolls you all day. As long as it quits at night, you will have an easy night. Overall, we liked the location due to the ability to provision and tour the town. If we hadn't spent 2 weeks moving, and had to provision so much, we probabaly would have gone directly to something in Armdale area. We could not get the wifi to work due to a problem with their security certificate. They said only Americans seem to have that problem. 15 Amp power and potable water was available all along the dock.

Cable Wharf- Murphy's Restaurant, 2010-08-28
Captain: , Baltimore, MD (1323)

Waterfront Development Corp is working to improve recreational facilities in the harbor, The Cable Wharf is one of several. We stayed for several days, the first 2 were very rolly in 20+kts of S-SW winds. Large swell with lots of harmonics, uncomfortable. Moving in to the head of the pier helped dramatically, the marina mgr said they have other locations that they can use that may be better. No 30A power here, only 2-50A, have water. This is right in the thick of things, and reasonably priced. Very accommodating staff. An alternative to staying at one of the costly yacht clubs and having to arrange transportation into town, and parking fees. In mild conditions, this is a great spot.

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