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Flamingo Marina

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Address #1 Flamingo Lodge Hwy
Flamingo , FL 33034


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


Call before coming , it may be repaired.

VHF channel


Web site

Email contact

Owner, manager



Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)

Additional info:


Apporach east in marked channel from Yacht Channel, (gulf).





Tide & current additional info


Approach: 4.5
Transient dockage: 4.5
Fuel dock: 4.5

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - NO
Floating - YES
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info: There are 6 slips along the wall.

Size restrictionsLOA max: 60
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: 10
Total: 30
Transient price: $2.00/ft (2015-01-28)

Other price info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - NO
100 amp - NO

Additional info: Only one per slip.

Pricing info: Included in the dockage fee.

Cable TV (and pricing)

Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)


Dinghy access

Yes - At fuel dock and ramp.

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service


Pump out

Yes - Free with a nights stay.


Yes - $5.00 for 8lbs.




Yes - $3.00 - These are cold water showers. Solar heated showers available 1/4 mile away at the camping center










Yes - The downstairs cafe is open daily from 11 am - 7 pm, with burgers, hotdogs, chicken, etc.


Hotels or motels

No - Accommodations have been discontinued following the 2005 hurricanes.

Repair capabilities

Haul out capabilities

Storage facilities

Fishing supplies

Yes - Visit the marina store for general supplies.

Chartering capabilities

Yes - Fishing guides available. Houseboat Rentals now available again as of 02/03/10.

Internet access

No - Only ATT cell service.

Boat ramp availability



Other services


Lots of wildlife, alligators and Crocodiles!

Reviews for Flamingo Marina
Not a Cruising Boat marine, 2017-09-04
Captain: , Apollo Beach (244)

Flamingo Marina
I occasionally stop here always hoping to find this facility improved for cruising boats but alas it only gets worse. However, this remains a well protected basin. The approach channel is mostly 5 feet @ 0 with a few 4.5 bumps. The basin carries about 4.5 feet at the wall where I need to dock my 21 foot beam. There is little extra depth anywhere else but the bottom is soft mud. There is a mixture of fixed and floating slips and cement bulkhead and most seem in fair condition. Not all pedestals have working electric and water. Those that do have only a single 30 and 15 amp and many have damaged receptacles but the power is solid and the water is drinkable. Slip reservations, although not really necessary, can't be made over the website. Additionally, the phone calls go into the concession store and the clerks answering know little of the marina. I found the staff friendly but absolutely no help at all forcing me to come into the marina blind and was on my own to find water and power. This marina is run by a concessionaire and it appears their main focus centers on tourist rentals. If you want to rent a kayak or houseboat or have a trailer boat this place is adequate in that it is strategically located for access to both the back-bays of the Everglades and the fishing grounds of the Key's backcountry. I don't like writing negative and I normally don't consider cost in my ratings unless it is outrageous. $2/ft seemed about a buck high for what is provided yet every few years I stop in hoping. My rating is based only on cursing sized boats. If this marina was not so far off the beaten track to the Keys it would earn an additional star.

A nice little marina but be prepared, 2017-05-17
Captain: , Sanford, Fl (218)

We pulled in here like most because we need fuel for aou Florida Loop trip. The marina has floating concrete docks and it was very quiet except for the mosquitos buzzing. We live in Fla and expect it. What I didn't expect is the price gouging. I realize this place is isolated but I thought the prices were exorbident. $5.28 a gallon for gas, $4.69 for a bag of ice, they have pump outs but they don't look like they've worked for quite a while. I'll make sure I have enought gas to get to the Keys next time.

Not really a marina, but there are slips. , 2017-02-16
Captain: , Annapolis (30)

The diesel dockside pump hasn't worked in years, but they have diesel, if you're willing to fill a jug and cart it over. They had gas the first of the 3 days we were here, then they were out. Cell service is good, there is internet under the Visitor Center. There is no laundry. The cafe info is correct. There are no bike rentals. There is a marina store (only store besides visitor center) which sells very limited groceries and sundries.
The rangers guide great trips, you can see crocodiles and manatees in the harbor and there are tons of birds.
We went in mid-tide between the lower low and lower high tides. 5'2" at entrance, although 6-7 ft in harbor. 5'7" at fuel dock. May be a cross current in the channel.
We anchored offshore because we were worried about bugs and getting enough wind in the harbor. Don't know if electric works--but the marina concession may be changing, so they haven't been willing to invest more $.

Buggy in the summer, 2015-06-04
Captain: , Honolulu (712)

Stayed two nights end of May, 2015. Entry was deep enough for our 3'8" draft. Crocodiles, manatees and osprey in basin are the attraction. Half the electrical outlets weren't working, harbormaster will put you on one that works.
$2 per foot all inclusive.

A "by land" visit to chek it out., 2015-01-30
Captain: , Nowhere,OK (1314)

At the bottom of Florida is the 1.5 million sq/mi Everglades National Park. Many people anchor at the Shark River on their way from Marco (and points North) and the Keys. The Park has a marina at Flamingo that would make a good alternative There was not any current information about the marina, rather than rely on "Looper Folklore", on 27 January 2015 I drove to Flamingo and spoke to "Flamingo Rick" the marina manager.

The channel from the west coast is well marked and has a minimum of 6' of water. Rick says there is a 45' boat that comes in about every other week without a problem. The largest boat was a 70'. As always, stay between the markers. When you come into the marina, the basin is on the Port Side. You will find gators sunning themselves on the Starboard side bank.

There are 32 slips in the marina. Water depth is min of 5.5 at mean low tide (there is a 3' tide swing). 5 of the slips are wall ties, there are 6 floating docks that will hold a 30-40' boat. There is also a T head that would hold a 40' cat. Each slip has one 30amp marine outlet, one 20amp house outlet and water.

Diesel fuel was $4.05 and gas was $5.15 the day I was there.

Cost is $2/ft/night, that includes electric, a pump out and water.

There are cold showers at $3 each. Solar showers at $2 each are 1/4 mile away at the camp ground. No laundry.

There is a pretty well stocked store with small boat parts, food, beer, fishing gear, etc. For being in a remote location they had pretty decent prices. (Beer was only $1 more a 12 pack than what I pay in Tavernier.)

A cafe is on site, open from 11 AM -7PM daily from November - April. It's the normal burgers, chicken sandwiches, etc.

There are guide tours of the "backwater" and Florida Bay areas at $30 per person for a 90 minute tour.

There is a canal from the Marina into Coot Bay. You will need to portage your dink / kayak / canoe past the dam ("The Plug") to get into the Canal. Since the park is pretty flat you can bike around. Note that the park is huge, it's a 30 mile ride from Flamingo to the main gate. Based on the trailers in the parking lot the big usage is to launch / retrieve boats that fish in the Bay.

"Flamingo Rick"'s personal cell phone is 239-595-9927. Due to some level of infighting between the NPS and the Marina, marina staff does not answer the NPS land line. Cell coverage is very spotty, only ATT seemed to work. Try Channel 72, the tour boats are on that channel.

This is a place that I would stay at. It's clean, has OK facilities, good location to see part of the park.

A Lost Opportunity, 2014-02-26
Captain: , Charlestown (946)

We came to Flamingo on our Ranger Tug via the wilderness waterway off of Shark River. The ride to and into Flamingo is wonderful. Unfortunately the people running the marina must have forgotten they run a marina. As we entered the basin we were yelled at from the store side to dock across the basin. The docks were loaded with bird excrement, which took about 20 minutes to clean off. Although they have power pedistals, there was no power. No one came over to attend until the end of the day and then wanted to collect $2.00 per foot for the overnignt. However, we were told to stay the day is free. So we opted to anchor out back in Coot Bay. The visitors center is nice and there is plenty to see. You will have a much better night on the hook though then you would at the "marina". If you can do the waterway route do it, but you can't draw more than 30 inches. There are some spots that were about 2.9 inches on my depth sounder. Just stay in the marked channels and you will be fine.

Much Better Than Advertised, 2014-02-03
Captain: , Seabrook, TX (260)

Not needing a slip, we anchored just off the Flamingo Channel, after repeated attempts to reach the Dockmaster on Ch16 and Ch71 to get feedback on the entrance depths. Our 38' sloop is shoal draft at 4'3". In the morning, we decided to give the channel a try. It was low tide, but incoming and we did bump bottom a couple of times, but made it in without any serious issues. On our approach to the fuel dock, a dockhand was waiting to assist us. He was friendly and very attentive. We re-fueled, as they do have diesel and gas available. The Waterway Guide lists only gas. The man running the fuel counter was also super nice. Upon going into the store, I enquired about why they did not respond to our VHF hail of the previous afternoon. The store manager said that they only monitor Ch72. The Waterway Guide lists Ch16 and 71, not 72. He apologized for any inconvenience.

Overall, the slips appeared to be in reasonably good shape. The public restroom was a little shabby, but clean enough. I did not see the showers. Other than the confusion about VHF channels, we found the visit to be extremely pleasant, and would not hesitate to return. I would give the service 5 stars, but with the current condition of the facilities, the overall rating is lower.

It could be nice if properly ran and taken care of ., 2013-09-20
Captain: , Montgomery Alabama (1102)

Stopped in there to repair a sail and get gas after coming up from Marathon . The marina is poorely ran , and in a run down condition . They do not answer the phone or radio . Price of everything is very expensive . They charge $3.00 for a shower and the shower must be taken during store hours so the clerk can let you in the shower . Same way with the pumpout , they have two fittings and only one pumpout working as of Sept 2013. I am lucky that I have a 5 gallon portable tank , but they didn't have a proper fitting for it so most of the sewage ended up in the water.
The channel nedds dredging , barely 3 feet of water middle of the channel .
I recommend this place only as a refuge if you really need to stop . If not ,, keep going !
And don't get me started on the mosquitos !

Check point #3 for the Everglades Challenge, 2013-03-03
Captain: , Whitfield Estates, Sarasota, FL (1001)

The yearly race, first weekend in March, of 80 kayaks and small sail boats from Fort Desota Park in St. Petersburg to Key largo.


Marina poorly run, but National Park worth the visit, 2012-04-13
Captain: , Dunedin, FL (7375)

Easy to get to side trip, just off the yacht channel to the Keys. Voice message when you call on phone, no response to VHF call. Marina run as concession. Most floating docks for smaller boats, but at least 6 slips available for larger boats, plus wall tie-ups. Small but interesting N.P. museum, lots of walking/biking/canoe trails. N.P. Rangers very informative. Based on size of the camp grounds & parking lot, park might be very busy mid-winter. There is restaurant on site, but it is seasonal. Check ahead before visiting. Would have stayed longer to take in more, but we were looking at a weather window.

Access to the Everglades National Park, 2012-03-03
Captain: , Unionville, IN (221)

The "marina" is a nice enough facility. It is run by concessionaires who offer no help. They don't answer the phone or return calls, are almost rude when asked questions. No direct access from bay to park waters, a ramp on both sides. On the plus side offers a beautiful area in the National Park. Park staff are top notch.

Overpriced Marina, 2011-04-27
Captain: , Pensacola (510)

We have stayed here before when it was free after the hurricane. The power and water is working OK but from some docks it is quite a stretch from shore out to the floating docks. Some have pedestals on the dock. Most marinas provide showers in this price range but not here. Showers are $3 available from the store. They claim it is a seperate entity, even though the person working the dock office also works in the store. The only thing they have working for them is the location. No choice anywhere close.

Flamingo Marina, 2011-03-14
Captain: , Key Largo (77)

Stopped in around the end of fall. Fuel prices weren't bad at the time, marina store had all of our needs. Fuel dock attendants do not seem to have a sense of urgency. It was nice to at least see the place re-built from the Hurricanes a few years ago.

NOT REBUILT!, 2010-08-10
Captain: , Key Largo (5457)

Went back in April 2010. Both gas and diesel available. Small marina store with limited food snacks, sandwiches, etc. Not much. The docks that are there are new. The lift at the damn for small boats is gone. Very limited dockage.
If they are charging $2 a foot , you getting the shaft! ATT works here.

Back in business., 2010-02-05
Captain: , Atlanta, Ga (15)

Marina is operational and boat, kayaks and houseboat rentals have been resumed. Nature cruises available for $26 per person and are well done. Small store has supplies, some food, drinks, including beer. Very friendly staff. Price for overnight docking is $2.00/ft. which is a little steep condisering it use to be (before hurricane) $8/ day.

Flamingo -- Shame on you, NPS, 2009-06-24
Captain: , Anacortes, WA (147)

I was appalled at the condition of this facility (as noted by previous reviewers). I have been told that the reason it has not been rebuilt since the hurricane is because of the back to nature philosophy of the park superintendent. Have no idea if this is true or not, but the neglect gives the NPS a black eye.

April2009, 2009-05-04
Captain: , Spragge (240)

Tied up on seawall with 4ft. MLW.
No cell phone coverage with Verizon
10 ft crocodile (NOT alligator) above dam.
On a ranger tour we saw 36 different species of birds

Flamingo, 2009-02-08
Captain: , Whitehall, Mi (1754)

stoped fall 07. Marina still in rough shape, but free and you are right outside the main ranger station. We stayed till the food started running out. Each day we would go to the ranger walks.

Good cell phone coverage.

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