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Eldean Shipyard

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Address 2223 South Shore Drive
Macatawa, MI 49434


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - YES
Municipal - NO
Other - NO

VHF channel



Email contact;

Owner, manager

Herb Eldean


Wade Eldean


Matt Eldean

Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - YES

Payment info

VISA and MasterCard and require a credit card for deposit at check-in.

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)

Additional info: Slips are Seasonal






Tide & current additional info


Approach: 12
Transient dockage: 15
Fuel dock: 10

Other depth info: Deep Harbor Marina

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - NO
Floating - NO
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info: Make sure when you tie up to the dock your boat is tight and suspended so it does not hit the dock or pilings. There can be a very strong surge coming into this marina off of Lake Michigan. Boats do get damaged in this marina every year. It wasreported that a boat did not have a line going to the piling and had the stantions ripped off.

Size restrictionsLOA max: 150
Beam max: 35

Other info:


Transient: 40
Total: 310
Transient price: $1.50/ft (2017-07-31)

Other price info: Minimum of $36 per night.
$1.50 per foot before Memorial Day weekend and After Labor Day weekend.
$1.75 per foot Memorial Day eeekend through Labor Day.


Transient: 0
Total: 10
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - YES

Additional info:

Pricing info:

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)

Yes - Included

Dinghy access


Liveaboard info


Fuel brand: ValvTect

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info: Non-Ethanol, 90 Octane with Valvtect Marine Additive.

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info: With Valvtect Marine Additive.



Pets welcomeUnknown

Other pet info: Leashes

Disability access

Launch service


Pump out

Yes - Available at the fuel dock.


Yes - block and cube.


Yes - Included


Yes - Included






Yes - Near by.




Yes - There is an Italian restaurant and store called Pereddies which has been in the community for 30 years. If you do not have a car it is well worth the cab ride.



Hotels or motels

Yes - Near

Repair capabilities

Yes - Most Everything

Haul out capabilities

Yes - 35 and 70 Ton Travelifts.

Storage facilities


Fishing supplies


Chartering capabilities

Internet access


Boat ramp availability

Yes - Near by.



Other services

Pool, Hot Tubs, Clubhouse, Playground, and most everything else is available


Beaches, parks, art, shopping, restaurants, golf, and more - but none within walking distance.

Reviews for Eldean Shipyard
Peace of Mind?, 2017-06-02
Captain: , Cedar Crest, NM (100)

Eldean Shipyard near Holland, Michigan offers heated winter storage and claims %u201Cexceptional facilities, competitive rates, and peace-of-mind.%u201D But, according to Matt Eldean, %u201CWhen it blows out of the West or NW, we get quite a surge in here.%u201D In early Spring 2017, he finally informing me, %u201CYour boat was damaged in the water on 8/21/16.%u201D Six months earlier and five days before this storm my boat Cotntop, a Selene 40, was tied to their haul-out dock when I left her under the Shipyard%u2019s care, signed their winter storage contract, gave them the keys, and flew home to New Mexico. Then in January I made contact with Matt to resolve a mysterious charge on my balance statement. From then until now (April 2017) I%u2019ve slowly learned that she had been damaged before haul out. Without my knowledge or consent she has been buffed and waxed, her cap rail has been completely stripped and refinished, and her bimini and other stowed canvas have been removed and cleaned. Strange, because I neither requested nor approved any of this work. Matt agrees, %u201CThis was our mistake as you asked us to estimate the work first.%u201D Great! I requested he stop work and send me photos. He didn%u2019t.
So I hired a marine surveyor to determine both the extent of the repairs and a fair competitive rate for the work. The surveyor%u2019s report was also my first indication of damage to the rub rail just above the waterline. I%u2019ve offered payment equaling the surveyor%u2019s high-end estimates for the unauthorized repairs, and requested the repair of the rub rail as well. Matt has rejected my offer claiming that, %u201CYou are nickel and diming me now.%u201D Matt also informs me that, %u201CWe are not liable for damage to (your) vessel. Please see your Winter Storage Contract regarding this issue.%u201D %u2026 Well, it%u2019s not clear that this contract excuses Eldean from their duty to care for Cotntop, but it is clear that the last two pages contain a form to enter my requests for repairs and maintenance. I left these pages mostly blank. I have paid for what I requested, an oil change, and I%u2019ve offered fair settlement for what I haven%u2019t requested. It%u2019s just a niggling thought, but perhaps Matt needs to read the contract too.

What about Eldean%u2019s claim that they offer exceptional facilities, competitive rates, and peace-of-mind? Okay, the facilities are nice if you ignore the occasional storm surge; but they%u2019ve rejected my initial offer of a settlement at competitive rates; and my peace-of-mind has required me to hire a lawyer.

That was May 2017. Things have finally settled. The settlement plus legal fees are more than I'd like but I can live with it. And I'm finally getting over a lot of unnecessary heartache.

Great Facilities, Tricky Gas Dock, 2017-03-30
Captain: , Muskegon MI (265)

The yard here has excellent services. The marina layout can be kind of confusing for some but there are lots of signs for the gas dock. The gas dock doesn't offer a ton of room to turn around so it might be best to back down to it. There is a large area NW of the gas dock to bob, circle or turn around after getting fuel or while waiting to get fuel. It doesn't seem like more than two boats at a time. Get your big fenders out as the posts attached to the dock are quite large.

Pipers has closed., 2016-06-27
Captain: , Racine (121)

Without a convenient restaurant this place is not as nice a stop as in the past.

I would also caution everyone that the surge is bad at the docks if a west wind has created large waves on the Lake.

Stopped in for fuel, 2015-09-24
Captain: , Burnham Harbor, Chicago (251)

This was our first time to the Holland area and it was just a short stop for fuel. The price here was much better than Saugatuck and it was a very easy in & out situation.

Nice Marina, Very Big, 2015-08-23
Captain: , Little River, SC (2037)

Couldn't get anyone to help us with lines after the girl on the radio gave us the wrong information on which side we would tie up. Dock help did not seem helpful at all. We were quite far from the restroom facilities were very nice. Had a nice pool but they closed it just as we got there due to high bacteria count. Good Restaurant on-site- Pipers

Excellent Customer Service, 2015-01-12
Captain: , Rockford, IL (614)

We stayed one night, delivering our new boat from Holland to Racine and had some mechanical issues. The staff were always as helpful as they could be, even giving us ice from the restaurant because the ship's store was already closed. That being said, docks are quite high and may require some gymnastics. Otherwise excellent facilities.

Too much rocking and rolling, 2014-08-21
Captain: , Colchester, VT (120)

Nice, clean marina witth a competent staff. However we experienced a lot of rolling and had to leave after 1 night. Other than the restaurant, which was closed the night we were there, there isn`t anything else around.

Eldean Shipyard (Summer 2008, Summer 2014), 2014-07-19
Captain: , St. Joseph, MI (814)

2008 - I agree with the previous reviewer - Eldean gets 5 stars. They can also put you in touch with a sailmaker if you need repairs.

2014 - NOT pet friendly. And very hard to find trash containers anywhere near your boat. Docks are getting old - watch your bare feet. Still, nice facility, good staff, and the Piper restaurant is excellent for dinner.

Very Nice Marina, 2014-07-08
Captain: , Baltimore (160)

We stopped here on way from Chicago to Annapolis. Enjoyed the people, the service, and the restaurant. A clean, modern facility.

Eldean's Shipyard, 2014-03-16
Captain: , Holland, MI (10)

Facilities are outstanding. Probably the nicest marina on Lake Michigan's east side.

Kind of Overrated, 2013-08-27
Captain: , Muskegon, MI (138)

Honestly, I don't get what the fuss is about this marina. We stayed in a rare East wind and rocked and rolled all night. The high, fixed docks were covered in goose droppings. The location leaves a lot to be desired. The facilities (pool, bathrooms, etc.) are nice, but the price is a bit steep by my account.

Excellent Marina, 2013-07-26
Captain: , Louisville (301)

Eldean's is a third generation, family run marina. They have friendly, skilled people running the place, and you will find very few marinas that are this well manicured. The flowers are great! The food at Pipers is second to sure to make reservations if you're there on a Friday or Saturday. Be sure to hail them on Channel 9....they do not monitor Channel 16.

Great Marina, 2012-11-18
Captain: , Westerville (103)

I spent 4 days docked at Eldeen's this summer. The staff are very professional and the marina is super clean. Food at the restaurant was delicous; service was great as well as the view. Bathrooms are very clean. I didn't care for the height of the docks off the water, but all the marinas we visited on Lake Mac had very tall pillings and docks. I guess they get some high water there at times.

Beginning Port, 2012-09-30
Captain: , Oshkosh , WI (194)

Purchased vessel located at this marina. Very clean, nice staff, good restaurant (The Piper) with good food and free pizza with happy hour. The town has everything from a Sams club, West Marine to Culvers Restaurant (I dont eat meat but when I did there hamburgers are the best!) They have an Italian restautant in town that has been around for 30 years called Pereddies and it was fabulous. I did have a rental car so we could navigate the town.
The surge coming into the marina is massive. There were times we could harddly get on the boat!!! You have to cross tie your lines. We did not use fenders. You want to tie so your lines keep you off the dock and pilings. I consider it being suspended in the center. One of the boats on our dock did not have lines on the cleats going to the pilings keeping it away from the dock and they had the rails ripped off!!!
This was the beginning location on our trip to St.Augustine, Florida

nothing special, 2011-08-28
Captain: , Westport,Ma (710)

lots of rock and rolling in the slips all night long, wifi $6 bucks a day, 6 miles to town and there is really nothing to walk to besides the ship store and resturant. Taxis $15 each way to 8th av the shopping and resturant district. 45 min wait for taxi and when we called 4 hours later to return they were "too busy"! another cab company came for us 40 mins later. and another $15 some good resturants but the shops are very expensive and nothing special. JP's coffee and expresso bar was excellent. The Irish Pub was quite good.

Best of Class, 2011-08-17
Captain: , macatawa, michigan (10)

I am a liveaboard here at Eldeans and its the nicest marina I have been in years.

Disappointed, 2011-08-16
Captain: , Wilsonville, AL (474)

I was really disappointed after reading the other reviews. I was placed on "B" dock which is really showing its age. There wwas no midship or aft cleat at the slip. The 30 amp breaker on the dock kept tripping with my normal load, which rarely happens. The wakes and surge from the harbor kept the boat rocking, even at night. The new showers and bathrooms are pretty, with tiled walls, but poorly designed. The hooks to hang your clothes on while showering are 4 feet away from the shower so you have to get the floor wet to get to them, There are automatic lights which turn off after you have been in the shower for two minutes.

plenty of fun here, 2011-02-09
Captain: , Grand Haven, MI (138)

easy in and out although when the lake surges it can be a bit rough
mechanics on duty and full services. swimming pool and good food here also

Best on the East Shore of Lake Michigan, 2009-10-05
Captain: , Pentwater, MI (415)

Full service marina with skilled professionals and craftsman. Facilities are top drawer, pool is wonderful for nonsailing visiting guests and children. Piper's is a great place to dine. Ship's store has reasonable prices for common supplies.

the best of the best, 2009-07-31
Captain: , Chicago (79)

A marina and full service yard, and the best service anywhere.
Country club marina has pool, two hot tubs,club house, great restaurant(Piper)

Eldean Shiipyard review, 2008-01-23
Captain: , Macataw, MI (435)

Eldean Shipyard is a full-service marina with excellent service crew and mechanics. They have the ability to handle very large sailboats and take care of many of the large Chicago to Mac race boats. The Piper restaurant on the premises is four-star quality. A large swimming pool and two spas as well as great facilities for grilling, a park area with playground equipment and a very nice ships store make this a great place for transients or summer dockage.

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