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Dinner Key Marina

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Average rating 3.1 stars from 46 reviews

Address 3400 Pan American Dr
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Phone305-579-6980 (Fax: 305-579-6952)

After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO

VHF channel



Email contact;

Owner, manager

City of Miami


Stephen Bogner


Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

MC, Visa, Cash

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


Enter at Dinner Key channel. When you get to G15, you are there.





Tide & current additional info

No current at all.


Approach: 9
Transient dockage: 8
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - YES
Floating - NO
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - YES
Other - NO

Additional info: Slips are not full length, so if you prefer bow in, then you may not get to get off from the side of the boat.

Size restrictionsLOA max: 110
Beam max: Unknown

Other info: Max length is 50m.
Max beam is 21m.


Transient: 58
Total: 582
Transient price: $2.85/ft (2016-01-31)

Other price info: $34.00 per month + 7% Tax.


Transient: Unknown
Total: 225
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: $23.36 a day, $322.43 per month. Maximum LOA is 40 feet.

Marina and mooring field are run from the same office.

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - YES

Additional info:

Pricing info: Included

Cable TV (and pricing)

Yes - Only by private provider.

Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)

Yes - Included

Dinghy access

Yes - Floating dinghy dock on the south dock.

Liveaboard info



Fuel brand: No fuel dock but delivery available from a number of delivery services, including Admiral and Shoreline.

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info: Available nearby.

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info: Available nearby.


Yes - Home Gas Corp - 1060 SW 27th Ave, Miami, FL, 305-643-1511 - refill and tank exchange.

Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service

Yes - Shuttle runs to the mooring field on the hour from 8-5, call office on 68 to schedule pick up or drop off about 10 or 15 minutes before the hour.

Pump out

Yes - In slips 40 feet or larger.


Yes - $3 per bag, December 2013.


Yes - Multiple trash cans on each pier.






Yes - 6 washers, 8 dryers, $1.50 each. 2015


Yes - New Fresh Market two blocks north.

Milam's Market
2969 SW 32nd Avenue
Grove Gate Shopping Center
Miami, FL 33133
Milam's Market beside the Home Depot, bigger selection and a bit cheaper than the Fresh Market next to Dinner Key Marina. Open 7 am-11 pm.


Yes - Marine supply store 3 blocks north.


Yes - Less than a mile.


Yes - Scottys Bar and Grill just north of marina.

Hotels or motels

Repair capabilities


Haul out capabilities


Storage facilities


Fishing supplies

Yes - 3 Blocks north.

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - Via phone - on your own. WiFi at the office.

Boat ramp availability



Yes - Public transportation is available.

Other services

Post Office within walking distance.

Dadeland Mall
7535 Dadeland Mall
Miami, FL 33156
Easy to get to, lots of stores. No Walmart, but Target and many others. Take the local bus #249 to the Miami Rail Station at Coconut Grove for $0.25 each, and the elevated train 4 stops to Dadeland North station ($2 fare) to provision. Total trip time less than two hours.


Near Coconut Grove's Cocowalk (shops, restaurants, entertainment).

Reviews for Dinner Key Marina
They will not accept a mail delivery in advance of your arrival, 2017-04-20
Captain: , Green Cove Springs, FL (60)

We had planned on being here next week, after a hiding, over in Marine Stadium, from an Easterly blow. In preparation of being here next week my wife had ordered a part we needed for the boat, and had it shipped to Dinner Key Marina. When she called them yesterday to tell them the part was coming and that we'd pick it up when we arrived, she was told that if our boat was not in their marina or on one of their mooring balls, they would reject the delivery. We have had parts shipped to marinas all up and down the East coast, in advance of our arrival. This is the first place to tell us we could not do that. So, here we sit tied to one of thier moorings while our boat bucks wildly in 15-20kt winds out of the East. Very uncomortable night. Don't stay here if winds are coming out of any direction with an E in it. We are totaly exposed to the Bay waves.

The facilities and location rate a higher score. New floating dinghy dock and a new building with showers, washers/dryers, and a small but comfortable boater's lounge attached to the marina office.

Great Municipal Marina, 2017-04-19
Captain: , Rock Hall, MD (225)

Most Miami marinas are OK, but Dinner Key just completed an extensive renovation. The result is a multi-million dollar building including clean and tiled baths and showers, offices with knowledgeable employees, and beautiful grounds and landscaping. The slips are fixed, not floating. But, the tide is 18 inches. Proximity to services is excellent by foot or trolly. Coconut Grove is a delight.
The only negative is that it's tough to make a reservation in advance. This is a model marina that I hope others will aspire to in the Miamai MDC system and elsewhere. Kodos to management and staff.

Mooring field open to the ocean, 2017-02-28
Captain: , Dronten, NL (140)

As previously noted, guaranteed rocky nights if the wind blows from the east: the waves come all the way from the Atlantic Ocean. Otherwise a very pleasant stop due to all the shops (Farm Fresh), restaurants, bars, etc. within easy walking distance from the marina.

Mixed feelings, 2017-01-19
Captain: , when we drop the hook (31)

I can only review the mooring field and facilities and not the slips since we took a ball. First if you need water they have no dock to pull up to and fill the boat. To make matters worse, the marina next door will not let you have water at their fuel dock. Don't stop here if you need water. The bright spot was the gentleman in the office told us if we could find an empty T head, ( we are a catamaran), we could temporary tie up and take on water. The laundry room was large and the machines worked well. However, no place to sit while waiting for laundry. Wifi doesn't work in the laundry room. I checked out the showers and they were dirty. The floor leading to the showers was dirty and inside the shower stall itself the floor where you stand was really dark and dirty looking. If you take a ball and the wind is blowing out of the south or southeast, be ready for a rocky night. I would not plan to stop here again.

I think the other 2016 reviews are a little harsh, 2017-01-05
Captain: , St. Louis, MO (1850)

Okay, here's the deal. Is this a great marina? No, not yet. Is it a good marina? Yes, it is. There are 500 slips in this monster, and as with any municipal marina, the stardards are not as high as a for profit operation. But they seem to be trying to iron out the rough spots and make this a worthy place to stop at. (I can only speak as a transient.) CONS The slip pump out system is touchy. It was non-operational twice during the 2.5 weeks we were there. But the marina did help us to cope with it. Wifi at the slips is non-existent. Deal with it. As with all staffs there are superstars, role players and warm bodies. You learn who is who and adapt. PROS The docks and slips are large, heavy duty and sturdy. The brand spanking new clubhouse / offices are terrific. The shower/baths are large and in great condition. And btw, they are cleaned TWICE A DAY. Marina security is good. Trolley access to almost anywhere you'd want to go is free and easy to access. Electricity was good.
My bottom line is that this is a good marina. At four bucks a foot, it might not be the best value, especially since there are more reasonably priced marinas in the vacinity, but they are on the right track.

Didn't even get a chance., 2016-11-21
Captain: , Port Aransas, TX (44)

In trying to work with the DK folks for a slip they didn't even have the time to answer questions about what was available. All we got from the lady on the phone was "We're booked".

Take it or leave it attitude at Dinner Key, 2016-06-29
Captain: , Delray Beach, Fl (60)

I called Dinner Key two days in advance to make a reservation for Saturday night, June 25th. I was told by the gentleman who answered the phone that they would have many slips available so no reservation was needed. Just hail the marina when arriving. When I arrived I was assigned a slip in the worst location in the marina. Right on the path to a rack and launch, on the corner of a dock with a strong wind hitting me on the exposed side. Needless to say it was a bad location and the wind and resulting waves made it worse. At the insistence of my crew I asked if there was another dock available. The young man on the radio was obviously inexperienced and held down the mic button when asking someone else in the office if there was another skip. I, and the rest of the world on channel 68 heard a woman say %u201Ctell him it is the only slip we have and he can take it or leave it%u201D. The young man on the radio repeated the message to me. Now clearly transient boaters do not have the right to pick and choose their own slip, but everyone deserves a little common curtesy. When I checked in at the office it became clear the young man was new and the woman was %u201Ctraining him%u201D, especially on how to handle customers. It was also very clear there were other slips available.This is my sixth stop at Dinner Key in the past 14 months. It is also my last. The %u201Ctake it or leave it%u201D attitude is prevalent throughout the staff at Dinner Key. Captain Endlein%u2019s review says it all. And what a shame. Beautiful new building and great location in Coconut Grove. But I have found through reading other reviews, and through my own experience that the staff makes or breaks a marina. Stay somewhere else.

Sinner Key Marina, 2016-03-12
Captain: , Miami (20)

If the customer service in most places in Miami is subpar, then the service at Dinner Key Marina is absolute garbage. The kind of service that makes you immediately regret having moved to Miami (and I speak fluent Spanish). The kind of service that forces you to set aside ample time to sit down and write a juicy, one star review just like the one that you are about to read. So you do not mistake this review for one coming from a non-credible source, I should probably mention that I am a USCG licensed Captain (50 ton Master) and a Cambridge engineering graduate with 20 years of boating experience. Also for the record, I have never really written a review before, but this nightmare could not have gone unpublished. Here is the sequence of events:

1. I signed a one year contract with the marina for a commercial slip in August of 2014. The plan was to run charters to small groups of elite guests aboard my 41-foot Maxum. Having endured a 3-hour long trip down from Fort Lauderdale, my father and I finally pulled into our allocated slip. The very next morning, we were rudely woken by a bunch of goons banging on the fiberglass, asking why we had parked there. They had chained the boat to the seawall. I kindly replied that I had signed a one year contract for that spot. They later unchained the boat and barely made an apology. That is Dinner Key Marina%u2019s idea of a welcome, apparently.
2. One week following my arrival, I drove up to Orlando for a few days. There, the local police came knocking on my door announcing that they had found a boat registered to my name up on a beach in Fort Pierce (about 125 miles north of Miami). Long story short, a ring of drug smugglers stole my 41 Maxum from Dinner Key Marina. I still wonder if it was not someone from the marina who tipped off my absence. It took 3 months of investigations by the USCG, DEA, and the local Sheriff%u2019s department, and an additional 3 months of quoting repairs before I recouped the money from the insurance company (the boat was declared a total loss). Dinner Key Marina did not help out with anything and did not even express their sympathies for what had happened. I later suggested that they install a camera to monitor that pier (Pier 9) and they really could not have cared less.
3. I returned to the marina with a new Concept 36. Why do you ask? Because none of the other 30 odd marinas in Miami had availability for commercial vessels. I should also mention that although Dinner Key Marina welcomes commercial vessels, they are not zoned for commercial use. I found that out following a visit to the City Hall trying to get my zoning permit. So technically, everyone there operating commercially is illegal. The operations lady at the Dinner Key Marina, Maria Busto, one of the most impolite, ill-intentioned, dysfunctional individuals I have ever had the displeasure to meet, had promised me following the theft of the 41 Maxum, that she would give me priority on my original slip. Sure enough, when I returned to the marina with the Concept 36, she had given it away to somebody else and left me with a slip amidst a bunch of shrimping boats. Just for the record, all of the frustrating experiences delineated above were delivered almost exclusively by her, Maria Busto. Do not waste even a second of your time with her. Talk directly to Stephen Bogner, the manager, anytime you need assistance. I found this out too late. He is of great character and although he does not have much control over what goes on in his marina, he means well.
4. My dad fell ill in early 2016 and I was forced to move back to Orlando to tend to him. I terminated my contract with Dinner Key Marina under this premise. My dad just passed away from heart failure at the age of 55. Even knowing about these circumstances, it took Dinner Key Marina nearly 4 months to refund my deposit. E-mails went unanswered almost every time. Every time I called in, no one was around even during business hours. Simply unbelievable.
5. Summarizing, this was the worst experience I have had with any company in my entire life. I failed to mention the countless times I had to fend off people trying to steal my stuff at the dock (and they did), obnoxious fishermen tossing garbage around and having to pick up after them, birds crapping shrimp guts all over my boat, vandalism, and daily encounters with ill-tempered employees of the marina (with a few exceptions, including Renato, an awesome security guy). Come here at your own peril. This place is a disaster. It will drain you emotionally and ruin your life!

solid facility. horrible service. and i am used to miami serive, 2016-02-15
Captain: , Knoxville (123)

great place. horrible serivce. I didnt have a particularly bad encounter with them but they are below par for even miami public marinas. I will visit here again due to location but I hope they can figure out how to hire people who are inspired to work on the water. Only place I have ever given less than 4 stars.

New Facilities Open, 2015-12-20
Captain: , Vero Beach, FL (907)

We stayed one night aboard after closing on our new old boat. Docks were concrete, in good shape, with reasonable length finger piers with pilings, adequate for sailboats bow in docking.
A new central marina building is open now, with very nice bathrooms, boaters' lounge, laundry. Clean, when we were there in early December. Office is staffed until 6PM.

Great Location, Expensive, 2015-04-21
Captain: , Las Cruces,, NM (190)

We stayed in here just one night, we intended to just take a mooring until we discovered the mooring field is basically unprotected from wind, reef give some wave protection. Anyhow at $2.89 a foot you are paying for the location. Security is good, the main dock is fixed concrete with these rickety wood finger docks coming off it. Has one of the best dockside pumpouts I have seen but you do have to do it yourself. I would visit again if budget allowed just to experience the area.

Good Location, No amenities, 2015-03-28
Captain: , LOPEZ ISLAND (70)

Near Coconut Grove shopping, but offer few amenities for the price
Overall Rating 2.5 (lower than average value)
Bathrooms 3.0 (Old and worn out but a new facility is being built)
Internet 2.0 (Only available at the office)
Laundry 2.0 ( 4 machines for 500 slips)
Amenities 1.0 (no pool or beach or TV or fitness center or ??)
Docks 3.0 (short fixed pier, good protection)
Shopping 5.0 (Fresh market within walking distance, many restaurants in area)

Better places to stay, 2015-03-18
Captain: , Ft. Lauderdale (1164)

Facility is a municipal marina that is old, tired and understaffed. It appears as though the city is reinvesting little or no money into the physical plant or infastructure. Dock hands, with an occasional exception, are less than helpful. The only plus is that it is close to the heart of Coconut Grove.

Overpriced, some staff not very helpful at all., 2015-03-18
Captain: , Stuart, FL (10)

$2.85/foot is a rather high rate for this marina, granted it is in a good location. When I asked did they have diesel fuel, all i got was a "NO", not a direction to the next door marina that does have fuel. I saw the pump out boat outside the office when we checked in, but the next day when I asked about pump out all I got was "Broke" reply. Not very helpful for my $2.85/foot.

great location friendly staff, 2015-01-10
Captain: , New York (50)

this is our second time at DK waiting for a window to Bahamas. good help in docking and friendly staff. lots of local attractions to keep busy until heading out.well be back.look forward to the new facility.

Location location location, 2014-08-20
Captain: , Vero Beach, FL (654)

The marina has a great location walking didtance to Coco Walk. There is always somesort of party each weekend, with great foods and music. When Burn Notice was filming it was not unsual to watch the fiming in process. The marina is a bit pricy but you have to pay for that location.

Coconut grove, 2014-04-07
Captain: , Miami (260)

This marina is public and always open

Good Location but that's all!, 2014-03-12
Captain: , Cape Porpoise, Maine (250)

Received instructions by radio on slip location. When we got there it was occupied. Went to reassigned slip and tied up by ourselves. Docks were old and tired. Many splinters. The staff was okay, but their system for gate cards was stupid. They actually charge your credit card and then credit you when you return it. The problem is that they sometimes misplace your documentation and spend time finding it. Or there is a line to check out. Our departure was delayed by 20 or 30 minutes.

Large municipal marina with lots to do nearby, 2014-01-01
Captain: , Deerfield Beach, Florida (150)

I called in on the cell phone looking for a slip and they had a few spaces available. Due to the New Year%u2019s holiday many marinas were booked. The office assigned us two slip numbers on pier 1 (most NE pier) and gave us the choice of either. They said they monitor channel 68 but we didn%u2019t try to contact them on arrival. We just tied up on our own and checked in with the office which went smoothly. The fixed concrete docks were in good condition although our particular slip had an old piling with a rounded bolt head that required a fender. The center of the pier is constructed using metal grates which make noise when carts or golf carts are transiting. There are substantial locked metal gates at the end of every pier. The showers, restrooms and laundry are next to the dock office which is SW of City Hall on the face dock and a good walk from pier 1. This is a very large marina. Construction has started on a new dock office building located right behind the present building. Later we walked the informal %u201Cboardwalk%u201D that runs from Scotty%u2019s Landing through Grove Harbor Marina and Shake-a-Leg to over to Monty%u2019s and decided to come back to Scotty%u2019s for dinner. Scotty%u2019s is dog friendly and informal with a great view. The food was good and priced right. The city may be re-developing this whole area and there are petitions to save Scotty%u2019s. The trendy Coconut Grove (walking distance) is nearby with many shops and side walk cafes. The Barnacle Historic State Park (walking distance) and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens (2 miles) are also nearby, maybe next time. Make sure you have some good walking shoes.

good marina with lots to explore, 2013-12-11
Captain: , Halifax Marina Daytona Beach (300)

well maintained, nobody helped us when we arrived, a bit unfriendly, pump out 1 long hose for 500 slips, Fresh Market 5 minutes to walk, nice shopping and restaurants across the street "Coconut Walk", dog friendly

No Customer Service, 2013-12-05
Captain: , St. Thomas (90)

We radioed in for our slip assignment which they gave us but that was the extent of their help to find our slip. This was our first experience of no one meeting us at the slip. The bathrooms were clean but old and men's shower had little water pressure. The 2 things that are good about the marina is the town is 2 blocks away and a Fresh Market store is 2 blocks away. We won't be returning to that marina.

Low rating due to customer service, 2013-08-20
Captain: , Boca Raton, FL (1421)

As much as I try to like this marina, I struggle. The marina facilities are good enough but i've never been to a large marina, or small marina for that matter, that a marina person did not meet you at the dock to help out. That is lost $ right there. Everyone I know will tip a good dockhand. Just like stated by others, they stay in the office. For my clients, this was their first visit to this area and their first impression of the Grove area was the lack of customer service. Luckily, Coconut Grove made up for it. Next time... Grove Harbor Marina.

Good departure point for Bimini crossing, 2013-06-18
Captain: , Merritt Island, FL (372)

We stayed here for a couple days before sailing to Bimini. Other reviews are pretty accurate: Facilities good but not great, staff is friendly enough but are typical municipal employees -- they hang out in the office all the time and consider the actual boaters to be something of a nuisance. Rates are expensive, but par for the course in the area. The real beauty of this place is its location. When you're ready to head to the Bahamas, you just shoot across Biscayne bay directly into the ocean without having to deal with the ICW or Government Cut. We did it in total darkness and had no trouble whatsoever. Being a couple miles south gives you a better angle at the Gulf Stream if you're in a sailboat.

Dinner Key Marina, 2013-06-11
Captain: , Newport, RI (230)

Stayed here for a couple of nights heading from Naples to Newport, RI. The marina is gigantic and operated by the city. I have a strong dislike for fixed docks and with a big tidal range, this is a tough place. BUT, its in a great part of town within easy walking distance to good restaurants and shopping. Freshmarket is a couple of buildings away and the services available are plentiful.

Loved Dinner Key Marina and Coconut Grove, 2013-03-06
Captain: , Port Credit, ON, Canada (10)

Moved our BEN423 "Hydrogen" to Florida for the winter. Did some research and decided to base it out of Maimi for easy flight connection from Toronto. We were absolutely thrilled with Dinner Key Marina and the Grove. Safe, friendly, close to fantastic restaurants, quiet, walking distance to excellent grocery stores, etc. Used DKM as our base and stayed there for 3 mo. The boat will be on the hard for the next Canadian winter and will miss our amazing time there. Favourite restaurants were (all 1st class) Le bouchon du Grove, Jaguar and Happy wine. Staff at DKM were all excellent particularly Pattie. Boat cleaner Armando and Andy the diver/repair guy. We plan to take the boat south again in a few years and definitely will spend more time at DKM.
Active Captain has been an excellent source of info. Thanks to the host and all the contributors.
Happy boating,

First Class, 2012-07-01
Captain: , North Myrtle Beach, SC (3210)

Do not know why previous rater said so much negative. Maybe since ther were here, some work was done. Our slio is fine, while not perfect. Wish the fingers were longer since we like to bow in. heads were very nice. If you are on the northern docks, it is a ling walk to shore. Security very nice with good power and water, etc. Nice wide runways so docking is easy, even for a single screw trawler. Price is way to high. Protection is very good for wakes, etc, unless there is a strong blow from the east. Staff was very helpful. Ncie laundry and cost for that was low - $1.25/load/$1.25 to dry.

Avoid Dinner Key Marina, 2012-06-23
Captain: , little river (269)

Came in on 06-18-12. The docks are wood finger piers in fair condition. The slips numbers are difficult to see. was told someone would help tie up, but no one showed up. Cut hands on mooring lines which had glass attached, and when asked where the nearest urgent care (dock-in-a-box) office, I was directed to the hospital er. I found a office 2 miles away. No offer to assest me at all. The bath rooms are a mess. Only one shower had any water pressure, the place reeked of urine, no bench or chair. This type of municiple marina gives all the others a bad name. Stay away.

HUGE Marina, 2012-05-20
Captain: , Marco Island, FL (1145)

This marina is enoumous! The office is closest to Pier 5 & 6 otherwise, it's a long walk. But the access to Coconut Grove is great. Security guards walk the premesis and all the piers have locked gates all the time. Make sure you return the access key or they keep you $25 deposit.

Huge expensive city marina, 2012-04-08
Captain: , Chelsea, NY12512 (551)

Had some trouble finding assigned slip. Had to walk a quarter mile from pier #2 to office/ showers/laundry. Paid $101/night for my 35 foot boat. Don't loose gate card or you also loose $25. Friendly staff.

Dinner Key Marina Docks, 2012-04-04
Captain: , Fort Lauderdale FL (167)

When I stayed there a while back the docks were in really poor condition. They were concrete and very high above the water. We had to literally climb out of our boat. They were scaling and you could see some of the rusted rebar. Access to Coconut Grove was Excellent

Great place to stop, 2012-03-18
Captain: , Doylestown, Pa. 18902 (414)

We motored here from FT. Lauderdale someone met us at our slip helped us tie up. The marina is right next to Coconut Grove and a Fresh Food store. Nice showers marina staff helpful. Easy in up at the top end of Biscayne Bay. Fixed docks.

Enjoyed one stay here., 2011-11-04
Captain: , Daytona Beach, FL (533)

Our last stay here was awesome. Enjoyed it immensely. Nice market nearby as well as a couple of good restaurants.

Good location, huge marina, 2011-05-23
Captain: , Silverthorne, CO (419)

Seemed like a great location, although we had friends pick us up and show us around by car--walkable to Fresh Market and downtown boutiques and restaurants. No staff helped us dock--they gave us our dock assignment by phone way before we came in. Piers and slips are well marked, so easy to find. A neighboring boater grabbed a line for us. Nicely laid out, with wide channels between piers. May be reasonable for this area, but pricey to us at $2.75/ft.

Big Marina, 2011-05-03
Captain: , Cambridge, MD (71)

This city-owned marina gives basic service at a reasonable price for the area. Over 500 slips plus a huge mooring field. Dinghy dock is small. Slips have dockside pumpout (self serve with hose and fittings available at the office). Nearby Fresh Market for groceries, wine, etc. Also walking distance to city buses, wide range of restaurants and other shopping.

Location is great. The rest is OK, 2011-04-10
Captain: , Macatawa, Michigan (80)

This is a huge marina with 560+ slips. As others have said the location is really nice. But the marina is nothing special. It reminds me of Burnham Harbor in Chicago for anyone who has been there. (Great view, nice docks, but for the rest you're pretty much on your own). At Dinner Key the laundry and facilities are small for a marina this size (plus a couple hundred mooring balls). The docks and security are good and it is not a long walk to good restaurants and a Fresh Market. On the other hand the staff was not at all helpful in our case. We had to re-dock three times before we had a slip they would let us stay in--and all this rearranging was done via telephone calls to the marina office because no one would or could come out to direct us or assist with lines. We ended up with our 50' boat in a 45' slip but we were still charged for 50 feet.

Mooring Field is great!, 2011-03-07
Captain: , Captiva (173)

We have been at the Dinner Key Mooring Field for almost a month and are very pleased. Included in the cost ($294 per month, $21.40 per night) are free pumpouts seven days a week on demand, free water taxi on the hour until 5 pm, and use of marina facitilies including dinghy dock. Being in Biscayne Bay, sometimes it is rocky, but the mooring balls are @ two years old and very solid. Staff is helpful, especially the water taxi and pumpout guys. One thing lacking is a larger dinghy dock. Also, there are only four washers and four dryers for a marina with 582 slips and mooring field with 225 balls. The mooring field is never full but the marina is very close to it. Marinas in Florida are usually quite expensive so a solid mooring ball with these facilities nearby is well worth the price. Bus pickup is next to marina which takes you to the Metro Rail and Tri Rail systems.

Place to stay in Biscayne Bay, 2011-03-05
Captain: , Nashville, TN (290)

We stayed at the docks for a week and enjoyed the convenience of the location. reasonable price for Miami. Staff helpful in docking, pumpout at slip, restaurants close and market is 3 blocks, activity in Coconut Grove is 3 blocks,strong gated entry from land, great entry to sailing in Biscayne Bay

Typical municipal marina, 2011-03-03
Captain: , St. Louis, MO (227)

but way overpriced--and possibly understaffed. When we came in, dockhand was assisting another boat and we had to get in by ourselves. And 2.75/ft with NO WIFI. Ridiculous.

would be a four star if they could improve that dinghy dock, 2011-02-07
Captain: , New York, NY (36)

The staff were very helpful and friendly. The showers are just ok. You can easily head out for a day sail on Biscane Bay from the marina. Easy access to downtown Coconut Grove and public transportation around Miami. The dinghy dock is tiny for 225 moorings.

good stop over for provisioning and low cost moorings, 2010-11-18
Captain: , miami,fl (2241)

2nd time on the mooring here - came in to reprovision and will rent a car to get it all done - good moorings but a bit bumpy in an eastery blow - shuttle from 08-1700 - dingy dock could be bigger - people could not be more helpful - have a slip that you can use to wash boat and do work for a couple hours like going up mast -

A little expensive for a municipal marina, but great location, 2010-05-02
Captain: , Sarasota (1427)

4/30/10 $2.50/ft incl elec No one showed up to help with docking so no comment about the staff. Facilty could use a little maintenance here and there. Very good security. Very protected. No internet. Very convenient to Coconut Grove with many ecclectic restaurants (Le Bouchan Du Grove is a favorite) and shopping. Good grocery (The Fresh Market) less than 1/2 mile walk.

Good facility, 2009-03-03
Captain: , Miami, fl (3646)

I've been at DKM for 5 years, as good a facility as it gets. Gated docks, excellent security (private guards who roam the docks plus off duty miami cops on watch in the parking lot). Staff is helpful, i've never see a transient coming in without a staff waiting to assist.

pump at every slips over 40' (although you have to go get the hose)

600+ slip facility so, yes, you will have to walk a little... so what?

great location, 5 minute walk to the Grove (restaurant, shops), next to the Fresh Market (Whole Food style supermarket with grea deli and reasonable prices)

Better than expected, 2008-01-30
Captain: , Ophelia, VA (849)

We found the staff helpful - maybe they have read these ratings. Showers were clean and nice with one handicap accessable. Laundry had commercial washers that were faster than normal.
Try not to get the docks with low numbers as they are farthest from the laundry, restrooms, showers, dockhouse. It is quite a hike from docks one or two.
View of Miami is quite nice from the marina. Price of $1.85/ft. is quite reasonable for the area.

Could be nice, but..........................................., 2007-07-28
Captain: , Clearwater, Fl (6)

This marina is by city employees that have no interest in assisting boaters. They stay huddled up in the office and wouldn't walk outside if the building was on fire. The city should lease this facility to a private operator that would care. Very long walk to bathrooms and showers. Bring your hiking shoes. Too bad. This could be a nice facility.

What Do You Expect?, 2007-07-12
Captain: , San Francisco (39)

Has the amenities of a good marina, but is clearly suffering from the Miami municipal employees who do not show much interest in maintaining the place. OK showers, though a long walk from much of the marina. Coin op laundry. Fresh market is a couple blocks away. Close to restaurants and downtown Coconut Grove. You can get WiFi at the local Library though nothing is available in the marina. Really too bad this is not a private marina and better run facility. Diesel and gas are available next door.

General Info , 2007-02-05
Captain: , Miami (1)

This is a large city owned marina that does have slips available for short term rental. Shopping is near by, slips have water and electric available. Dockmaster building has bathrooms with showers and coin op washer/dryers. Pump out services are available.

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