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Compass Cay Marina

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Average rating 3.5 stars from 39 reviews

Address Staniel Cay General Post Office
Staniel Cay, EX

Phone242-4227300 or 772-204-0786

After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


There is an $10 per person landing fee, for non-marina guests.

VHF channel

Hail on 16, the marina will direct you to channel 14 when they acknowledge.


Email contact

Owner, manager

Tucker Rolle


Loan Rolle


Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info


Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


From the bank go to Compass Cay Waypoint from Explorer Charts. Keep all markers to starboard until you see a white triangle. Give the triangle marker a wide starboard turn (watch the current if the tide is coming in) and head straight for the green marker. Make the turn in the channel staying fairly close to the green as it shoals quickly on the other side. Head for the next red marker which you leave to starboard and line up the range markers on shore. Read the water along the shore, staying pretty close but it quickly gets deeper and wider. You will now see the entrance to the marina marked by a floating green which you should pass again pretty close to.





Tide & current additional info

The tidal current can be quite strong once inside Compass Cay lagoon as the tide is either emptying or coming into Compass Creek. A good idea is either to wait until the tide is slack, ask the office which direction it is running or to stop momentarily on arrival in the lagoon to judge the effects of the current. Many captains have been surprised by the strength of the current. Be advised!


Approach: Unknown
Transient dockage: Unknown
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - NO
Floating - NO
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - YES
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: $4.00/ft (2016-12-22)

Other price info:


Transient: 0
Total: 0
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: No moorings.

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - YES

Additional info: $80 a day for a 44 foot boat, 2016.

Pricing info: Starts at $40 per day, based on boat length.

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)

Yes - $0.50 per gallon for RO water.

Dinghy access

Yes - $10 per person to tie up at the dinghy dock.

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service

Yes - Can access from Staniel Cay by arranging pickup from the marina.

Pump out

No - No pumpout. The marina is strict about not emptying tanks within the marina. To discharge waste, exit marina and proceed toward Conch Cut.




Yes - Separate burnables (plastic and paper) from glass and cans. Food scraps go to the fish.

$25 per garbage bag (not a typo).




Yes - One toilet. No showers


Yes - $10 for wash and $10 for dry. One washer and one dryer available.


Yes - Very limited, nothing fresh, mostly beverages.

Grocery service by or by calling 242-557-3663 (Nassau) or 855-3663-242 (North America).




No - Can get hamburgers and hotdogs cooked to order when available.


No - Beer and soda available at the dockhouse. Serve yourself only.

Hotels or motels

Yes - Several cottages for rent, use of small motor boat usually included.

Repair capabilities


Haul out capabilities

Storage facilities

Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - Paid WiFi service - pay with PayPal.

Boat ramp availability



Other services


Reviews for Compass Cay Marina
Nice but not worth the money.., 2017-08-28
Captain: , Stuart, Fl (155)

Beautiful spot to swim with the Nurse Sharks but that is it. Tucker and his team were nice as usual but with no restaurant or any other service it is way too expensive.

still one of our favorites, 2017-05-04
Captain: , Daytona Beach (110)

The island itself is 5 stars as we love the hiking trails, beaches etc. and that has justified the marina prices for a night anyway.

The marina itself has lost some of its charm. Although Tucker took our lines, we just didn't get that "welcome home" experience we have had in the past. There just seemed to an an indifference that I had not experienced in previous visits. Maybe it is that they are dealing with all the excursion boats coming to swim the Sharks .. Either way, the magic we felt the first few times we were there is gone.

Oh yeah, although they offer 30amp power, you will need a 50amp splitter to access.

Sharks are very cool but that's all, 2017-04-16
Captain: , Gulfport FL (80)

Indeed the nurse sharks feeding and swimming opportuntiy is one of a kind. But the marina lacks. NO showers or laundry, as advertised. The wifi is outrageous at $70 for 100mb. The cell phone service is non existant, due to range. At this price point, $3.00/ft for our 41' cat, you expect a LOT more. No food, no store, nothing. But the sharks are very cool.
Also plan to be smooshed in with a bunch of mega yachts and their crews.
Hiking on the island is nice and the beach on the Sound side is pretty.
Worth the $10 per person to visit for a day, but not for a marina stop. Although this place has 360 degree protection. Any price in a storm.

Expensive, but secure marina, 2017-02-24
Captain: , Saint Petersburg FL (61)

Chased in by a frontal passage out of the west, but peace and quite at a price. The word resort should be dropped from the name, No fuel, No Showers, No supplies/groceries , No restaurant, No laundry. Electric 50amp X1= $80 per day.

used to be nice..., 2017-01-21
Captain: , Miami, fl (3666)

Dec 2016: downgrading by another star...

No power once again, although this time it only affected the 100amp service. No big deal, we can run a Genset but it would have been nice to tell me before I took out 80' of cord and over the boat 10' to reach the 100 amp pedestal.

Then next morning owner threw a tantrum because one of the kids on the boat was fishing off the back of the boat. Claimed we were in land and sea park waters, threatened to call the rangers... told him the boundary was just north of compass but he argued it was not. Checked the charts later and compass is NOT within the park boundary.

No signs visible on the dock, no mention on fishing in th dockage agreement.

His house his rules, but I do not like being lied to.

Island is nice, waters are beautiful although after three years the bar n grill is still an unfinished eye sore.

Oh and when I tried to pay by crédit card I was told the machine is broken. No big deal but coudl have told us when we checked in.

What shame, this place has a lot of potential.

March 2016: despite an email uand two phone calls (a week before and reconfirmed the day before) to book a slip, they claimed they had nothing for us when we showed up. Managing slip reservation isn't rocket science... But "Tis the bahamas mon"

Dec 2015. Still worth a visit although prices have gone up to $4 a foot, $25 per garbage bag... Yes TWENTY FIVE US DOLLARS.

There was no power while we were there due a bad generator


In all these years of visiting the exumas, compass was one the place I never made it too, until yesterday...

It is worth a visit. Friendly folks, friendly nurse shark, good protection, excellent power. Many trails to hike on the island with numerous interesting spot to discover.

As of this writing (October 2013) they are building a new dock, a new restaurant and installing new wiring and new pedestals. They are running their own generators and power was excellent.

Entrance is easier than it looks with about 7' MLW. I ran it first with the tender to play it safe and came in at mid tide. No issue if you don't stray off. Follow the instructions in the nav tab,

Personally I still prefer Staniel which has more to offer close by and has one of the best bar anywhere, but compass is worth a visit and will be on our list of places you bring guest.

MY Charmer, 70' / 6+draft

Captain: , Marathon, FL (280)

$4 a foot and $80 flat rate a nt for 50 amp power for a 44' Cat. G dock had no lighting so it was a bit treacherous walking the dock at night. Gin clear water, the best I've seen anywhere. No bar, no restaurant and yes... $25 for garbage! $10 landing fee pp, if you are not in a slip. Internet was also way overpriced. Cell coverage (BTC) was also weak as tower was closer to Staniel Cay, so using cell phone data was also slow. We use the Weboost cell booster system described by Jeff in the weekly newsletters and it really helps here, but still weak! Many US cell carriers have free international roaming, with free unlimited texting and free data (2G and sometimes 4G allowed on "free") . The marina is quiet...too quiet. Lots of mangroves so there were many no see-ums...

Still the best place " Welcome Home ", 2016-04-13
Captain: , Put-in-Bay,Ohio (204)

From the marina, walking trails, beaches, swim with the sharks and the great people it is the place to see

Spectacular, 2015-07-27
Captain: , MIAMI FL (80)

Update 2015-

Still the best marina experience in the Bahamas but decimating natural resources faster than needed.
A new dock was completed on the back side, which let's them jam 4 or 5 more big vessels to an already congested lagoon.
Water quality affected in the marina, at times it felt that there was too much contamination from so many boats.
The sharks are still there but there seems to be less fish.
They need to do some upgrades to the infrastructure since power had low voltage, and they still don't have water faucets for every slip, unacceptable at their price point.
Wifi is a joke, 700MB of data for $ 70.
The Rolle family are great hosts, still a much better alternative than Staniel.


Best marina experience in the Bahamas. Swim with sharks, bonefish, barracudas and snapper right around your own boat, very popular with kids. Marina is deep and protected with lots of things to do at dinghy distance: Rachel's bubble bath, Crescent beach, Rocky Dundas Caves, the aquarium, plane wreck, etc.
We were going to stay 3 days at Compass and 3 days at Staniel but decided to stay at Compass the whole week. Just visit Staniel (pig beach, Thunderball caves, shops) with your dinghy, it's only 6 miles and makes no sense to move the big boat to a less protected marina.

Most beautiful island in the Exumas., 2015-07-21
Captain: , Jupiter, FL (1306)

This is a new review of Compass:
Things have changed: Because Sampson Cay has closed, Compass is now quite busy. There have been upgrades. New power except on A Dock, which has none because the really big yachts like it that way, the WiFi is faster than before, but still expensive. Be sure to turn off all cloud settings and don't leave Facebook running or any other apps running that constantly refresh or your data will quickly be spent. High-Speed Satellite Internet is expensive.
Check out Hester's Livin' Large Gym.
The burgers are the same and still great.
The approach may have been made deeper by the many large yachts using it. We came in at dead low tide and had at least 2' all the way. We draw 6'.
Being as busy as it is and their organic management style, check your reservations the day before coming in. Just because you made a reservation weeks before doesn't mean you'll get a slip. Start calling a few days before your planned arrival.
Again, the closing of Staniel has created a doubling of business for the already busy Compass Cay.
The island is the most naturally beautiful island in the Exumas. It's a must if you're in the Exumas. This marina is like tying your boat up in an aquarium.

Fantastic Stop, 2015-05-25
Captain: , Marco Island, FL (1145)

Welcome Home is the motto here and it couldn't be more appropriate! Tucker welcomes you home as soon as you pull in. This is our most favorite place in the Bahamas. A must stop!!!

This is our last post a year ago...
Loved it here! The markers are great back to the marina. The people here are just wonderful! We were only suppoed to stay for 2 nights but stayed a 3rd. If we didn't have to get back, I would have stayed for a month. At 6:30 each night, everyone meets at the office with cocktails and snacks. Potluck dinners on a whim and you can swim with the sharks daily. Paint your own drift wood and hang it on a tree. Very easy going, fun place to be. And have a Tucker burger!

Rustically upscale, family-friendly, where nature is respected, 2015-04-08
Captain: , Palm Beach (49)

Compass Cay is a beautiful spot, very convenient to Exuma Land & Sea Park and Staniel Cay. The marina offers more limited services for the cruiser than Staniel Cay or Highbourne Cay: dockage, electricity, water, beer & soft drinks; no fuel and not really any supplies. There are a few cottages for rent by the week, and they are pretty nice considering the location. Owner and manager Tucker Rolle keeps the island in near pristine condition%u2014unlike other cays, where disused things seem mostly to be left where they have fallen. Tucker does not let that happen, and he is respectful of nature. Consequently, it is delightful to walk around the island on the trails maintained by Tucker, and its Crescent Beach is post-card-picture perfect. A trip up the Creek by dinghy is not to be missed, or do it by kayak if you can time your trip so as to enter on the flood tide and return on ebb. The place is famous for its nurse sharks, who swim around the docks and mingle with bold and curious swimmers. Within a few miles of Compass are several other near-perfect beaches and snorkel spots, many in Exuma park, the southeastern boundary of which is a couple of miles north of the marina, across Conch Cut. Exuma Sound is just outside the Cut, for blue water fishermen. And Staniel Cay, eight or 10 miles south, offers pretty full services: fuel, groceries, limited hardware, mail boat, commercial air service, etc. But what makes Compass key unique in the Bahamas is Tucker's standards in maintaining the island and the marina. The result is a place that is rustic but primitively upscale. A by-product is that it is family friendly. Compass Cay is more expensive than some other places, but in our view it is a well worth the price.

Beautiful, 2015-03-19
Captain: , jacksonville beach (50)

This marina has the most beautiful water I've ever seen anywhere. The nurse sharks and marine life are everywhere. Super sized hermit crabs along the walking trails and a beautiful unspoiled beach. Oh, and really good hamburgers right off the grille. No fuel, electricity is a little pricy but would definatley return.

pretty but pricey, 2015-02-05
Captain: , Toronto (80)

Stopped here for 2 nights .
Remains a very pretty spot, great protection when windy, nice beach to stroll on.
But 2.80 per foot and $50 for hydro are expensive given lack of services, eg no showers, or restaurant.

Best Marina in the Exumas, 2014-10-29
Captain: , Gainesville, Florida (195)

Fantastic place - I am not going to repeat the past two reviews - they are spot-on. So much to do and see! I have never had a problem with prices or being overcharged like the first reviewer supposedly was - and I was running a little 47-foot charter boat - not a 100-footer! On the other hand, I found the prices to be typical for the Exumas - and the ownership to be way above average in friendliness and helpfulness. My GO TO stop in the Exumas.

Worthy of a Return Trip!, 2014-06-07
Captain: , Slidell, La. (1148)

Our schedule only allowed us to stay one night here, but we will definetely return. The marina is a little tight, but the efficient staff was there to make docking easy. The sharks were something to see and not to be missed regardless of whether you have to pay to visit the marina and not dock here. If you go during high tide in the evening the sharks swim up onto the dock and beach themselves. if someone is cleaning fish and they get scraps it is even more incredible to see. Even though we did not eat there, the burgers looked fantastic. There is a small store with cold drinks, beer, snacks and some basic supplies. There are many trails on the island to visit many beaches and various other sites. We are planning our return trip for a several day stay next time. Reservations are highly recommded for the marina. We draw 5' and never saw less than 2' under our boat.

Wonderful Place, 2014-05-17
Captain: , Visalia, CA (380)

First year we went in for 3 days and spent a month, next year went in for a month and spent 3. Tucker Rolle is a wonerful host and tries to accomidate everyone. Hambergers are good and the tour boats provide entertainment. The Island is a wonderful place to explore, talk to the longtimers for ideas where to go. If the weather turns bad this is the place to be. Some people may consider the price high put they are in line with Exuma prices, everything has to come in here by boat. Also the Bahammian government requires a continual reinvestment in the Island. Again a wonderful place to spend time.

Great place bad experience, 2014-05-03
Captain: , Ft Myers, Florida (1804)

The good-Setting is great, Marina is tight but OK. Lots of current pushing u around which I did not realize at exit. Be careful entering and exiting so u do not get set into something u want to miss.
Burger were great. Good selection of beer , candy and ice cream bars. 20# bag of Ice $8. Water if available .50/gal. Available first day not second. No fuel.
Walking island us great, good limestone roads and paths. Beach is spectacular about 1/2,mile from Marina. Nice cabins for rent cost $300+ per night. Good snorkeling in Marina. Nurse sharks sit on dock at high tide and let u pet them! Bonefish swimming in Marina.

The Bad-Tucker the owner checked us out . He charged us for 100footer when we are 41 ft,charged us $70 for electric when all we used no A/C, should have been $10. Water was not working when we left. We made the mistake of using the washer dryer, were lead to believe that it cost $10 for one wash and dry. Turns out it is $10 per load of wash and $10 fir dryer . The dryer was supposed to run for 1 hr only ran for 30 min. Cost us $70 to do wash and dry two loads.
We had to figure the bill as Tucker could not figure $2.80/ft times 41 ft. He would not negotiate the electric or wash, said if we were going to right this up in Active Captain we could pay nothing, if we would not write it up. We paid $345 for 1 night, 96 gal of water, 1 bag of ice , 2 burgers and 2 cokes, electric .
We left upset about feeling we were way over charged.
The Marina is beautiful but full of 65 to 110 footers who do not mind these charges and probably do use $70 of electric for a single 50amp. They do not need laundry or water.
Anyway be very careful if u care about how much u spend .
There is a $10/pp landing fee to eat the hamburgers and walk the Island. That may actually be a bargain. U can not stop in and just fill up with water, only get water with an overnight stay.

The Bad-Tucker the owner checked

Great Stay, 2014-04-09
Captain: , Pensacola, Florida (211)

Nice place! Great Hamburgers! good place to hike and get off the boat for a few days. Staff was helpful. really good place if you have kids as they can swim with the nurse sharks and bone fish.

Not worth the money, 2014-02-23
Captain: , Portsmouth NH (681)

If you need to escape a strong westerly this place is very protected but there are good anchoring alternatives such as Bell Island nearby.
Other than that it just is not worth the money. No showers, $10 laundry, no real store, no restaurant and expensive burgers at the office. The beach is pretty but there are a lot of pretty beaches you don't need to pay a $10 landing fee or $2.50 a foot to use.
There is a lot of construction going on but they appear to be targeting the big yacht / deep pockets rather than cruisers.

Planned on an overnight stay - Stayed for 3, 2013-06-09
Captain: , Juneau, AK (288)

Family run, this place is simply fantastic. It does have a bit of tidal current running through it so at times, with the dock orientation and the fact that it is nearly full, it can make docking a bit of a challenge. Once you're there, though, you won't want to leave. Part of the marina is known as the 'aquarium,' and it is aptly named. You can sit on your boat and watch all manner of critters swimming, crawling, even oozing along below in water so clear you would swear you were "floating" on air. Of all the places we stopped in the Bahamas, this is the one and only the kids remember by name.
The only problem we had with power was a 20 down time while the guys serviced the island's generator one afternoon. Otherwise everything was rock solid.
Don't miss it if you get a chance.

A Little Bit of Paradise, 2013-03-27
Captain: , Vero Beach, Florida (118)

Simply put, Compass Cay Marina is a unique place in the Exumas. I has one of the most beautiful beaches throughout the chain, walking trails for those who must get off the boat to stretch their legs to exercise, gin-clear waters and a staff who are most helpful and courteous.

The docks are first rate and most recently the power to all of the pedestals is first rate. Previous comments regarding low voltage or reverse polarity problems have been overcome. Be forewarned however that power (and RO water) are more expensive than other locations. The marina does not mind if you chose to generate your own power at the dock. Internet service while available generally seems to be slow due to restrictions from Batelco's feed.

As someone who frequents the marina for overnight stays, I can say I have no problem with the "landing fee" due to the number of tour boats that visit the island to see the sharks and other fish life. Frequently, the dock is over run by one hour tourists. The docking fee is not applied to anyone who is here as an overnight guest. For the record the landing fee has been raised to $10 per person from the previous $8.

A new bar/restaurant is under construction away from the main dock but still overlooking the lagoon where the sharks swim. Hopefully, it will be completed by next season releaving the conjestion for the visitors and overnight guests as well.

What Compass Cay "is not" is a four or five star restaurant, it serves burgers and hot dogs. It is not high end Florida yacht club only a good place for secure dockage and now reliable power. It is not a public park but a privately held island open to the public should they decide to dock or arrive as a paying visitor.

Sure every place has its faults but Compass Cay is as close to paradise as you can get in Exumas. As they say when you tie up to the dock at Compass. "Welcome Home!"

best exumas marina, 2013-02-20
Captain: , Albany, Nassau, Bahamas (10)

This place is amazing, has me coming back over and over again. From the moment you step on the dock you are welcomed by warm island hospitality from tucker and his crew. Yeah, the power may be a little low, sure they may charge for services provided, but don't forget where you are and the process that these people have to go through to get things to the island.

If you're looking for the most beautiful, tranquil and well kept marina in the exumas, this one is worth a look

A River Runs Through It, 2013-01-06
Captain: , St. Louis, MO (1011)

One of the most interesting and fun places to tie your lines!

A tidal river runs through this small but accommodating port, but dockside help is at hand, and you will not regret laying alongside at this extraordinary marina.

A challenging approach and landing is amply rewarded by an environment possibly unique worldwide. The harbour features gin clear water flushed by the strong tidal currents and inhabited by scores of nurse sarks and abundant schools of tropical fish waiting to eat your garbage! Better yet--you can swim or snorkel amongst them right off your boat.

This is a very happy port of call!

Port in a Storm, 2012-12-06
Captain: , Road Town (537)

I have to agree with the comments about the prices. Flat rate for electricity ($100 for 100 amp) plus $2.50 ft makes for an expensive evening. We were lucky to get in early (we didn't have a reservation) because we must have taken the space that the other 100' boat had reserved. So, it would seem that reservations don't mean much. They were very slow to respond to any radio call (we listened in for a while for some entertainment).

Having said all that - if there is a strom coming this is a good spot as it is completely sheltered from any wind

Short stopover but thoroughly enjoyed it, 2012-08-29
Captain: , Atlanta, GA (291)

Not sure if they've changed management or what, but the negative reviews on here were completely out of line with what we experienced. We stopped for provisions and were impressed with the staff and the selection. Current was a little tricky but we didn't experience any of the price gouging mentioned. (Although the Bahamas out island prices could give anyone sticker shock!)

Big thumbs down, 2012-06-13
Captain: , Providenciales (32)

We radioed ahead for dockage for one night - for our 40' 'older' sailing catamaran with 18' beam as we came into Conch Cut. We were told, 'no problem, come on in'. We had just come through the cut and on the way were passed by several large motor yachts. As we got close, we radioed again that we were very close and what kind of tie up could we expect. We were asked to wait 15 minutes as they tied up some other boats. After 30 minutes of holding our position, we radioed again and got no response. We tried several times and finally a quite rude woman said they were still tying up the boats. By this time we were already at the entrance to the marina and could see the dock hands were just standing around talking to a lady who had obviously just been swimming and was having a rinse off. It was clear that we were there and yet we were told to back off. So we turned around and went back out the entrance where we had more room to maneuver. After 45 minutes we radioed again and were told to come on in but now they changed the tie up. As we neared they waved us over to between 15 and 20 feet of dock for a 40 foot boat! We again turned around and anchored on the east side of Pipe Cay. The cruiser who said they were trying to keep out the %u2018riff raff%u2019 rings true. And there are plenty of WAY nice places that were happy to have us.

Not worth it, 2012-05-23
Captain: , Austin, Texas (1774)

It is the Bahamas but this is too much. Be aware that much of what you read about Compass Cay Marina is not true. The book mentions that the $8 landing fee is only if you use their beach or want to feed the sharks at the dock. Not so. We were on a Mooring ball at Cambridge Cay and took the dinghy over for lunch. 4 of us X $8. The book also says there is free WiFi at the docks. Not so, you have to pay through Pay Pal. There is no cell service, so we could not catch up on any of our communications over a mediocre lunch. $60 for two for lunch. Not worth it. So we cancelled our dockage reservation and went on to Sampson and Staniel Cays. I guess we are the rif-raf that they want to keep away with their fees.

What a scam, what a sham, 2012-04-03
Captain: , Muskegon, MI (3132)

For all the highly publicized efforts of the management of Compass Cay to maintain the island in an eco friendly, natural state, the sad fact is that this place is more like the eco hypocrites that populate much of suburbia: soccer/helicopter moms who are militant with others about recycling, but drive a Hummer 75 miles a day to get their precious offspring to private school. Compass Cay is all about profit, not ecology, and a 500 yard stroll off the beaten path is all it takes to prove it: abandoned car batteries, construction material waste, oil containers%u2026Morgan%u2019s Bluff has nothing on this place. The %u201Cpet%u201D nurse sharks boasted by management (and fed by guests) are probably now on their 3rd generation of tourism dependent procreation. Management dredged a channel through the islands on the west side (now THAT%u201DS eco friendly!) so that deeper draft (i.e. bigger, more profitable) boats could get to the dock, and is expanding the dock area so that more of these postpubescent eco-nazis can get their requisite fix of political correctness on vacation.

Since they only serve lunch on the island, and only offer two choices for that meal (hamburgers and hot dogs), you%u2019d expect that someone would have mastered the non hockey puck burger, wouldn%u2019t you? Don%u2019t count on it! If you%u2019re going to eat lunch here, go with the dog (which is actually a brat, and not bad at all).

Regardless of whether you patronize the bar/grill, they are going to hit you with an $8/person %u201Clanding fee%u201D. And if you%u2019re not careful (and not a staying guest), they will try to charge YOU when one of the resident guests leaves a beer bottle down by the beach (This is their refuse disposal fee, which is rationalized by the fact that they sort the bottles from the cans%u2026I have to wonder if the sorting actually survives the trip off the island, or if it%u2019s all just dumped back together after impressing visitors with their political correctness.) Management rationalizes the landing fee by comparing the island to Disneyworld (%u201CYou still pay to get in, whether you buy lunch or not, so you should pay to get in here.%u201D) Not only is this not Disneyworld, it%u2019s not even ecoworld, no matter how much of a façade the owners put up. Copyright: JCO LLC 2012

Not my favorite, 2012-01-19
Captain: , Cape Coral, FL (334)

Compass Cay is a little difficult to get into and the currents are very strong. The marina staff is excellant. The dockhands brother let us rent his flats boat so that we could go down to the Grotto and Staniel Cay for the day.

Wish we could have stayed longer, 2012-01-09
Captain: , Connelly N.Y. (353)

We were there in the Spring of 11 and thoroughy enjoyed it. We also appreciated the notion that there was a landing charge that keeps the riff raff out.
Too many people want to exploit the islands and parks down here and if an incidental fee keeps the place going as a stand out destination for boaters, it works for us.

Compass Cay Marina, 2011-11-28
Captain: , Carolina Beach, NC (185)

Tucker has done a great job updating the power supply to the marina and island. Compass is an excursion destination from as far away as Great Exhuma. Has one of the most beautiful beaches in the Exhuma chain. Small ships store with a few snack items, single beers and soda in the cooler. Cheeseburgers and Hot dogs can be had dockside for lunch but nothing at dinner time except the occasional pot luck by boaters in the marina. Swim with the sharks at the cleaning station and at full moon high, the sharks will shimmy onto the feeding dock to be hand fed! Great bonefishing in the creek, relax in Rachel's bubble bath or gather conch next door at Pipe Creek. This and a few surrounding islands represents the best of the central Exhumas.

Great Hurricane Location, 2011-09-11
Captain: , Stuart, Fl. (10)

I was staying a Compass when Hurricane Irene approached. It was suppose to go east of Cat Island, 60 milesto the east of Compass, but mother nature change its couse at the last minute putting the wall eye only 12 miles from the Marina, I have stayed here mayny times through the years, always in Aug and Sept. The marina is very well protected on all sides and the docks are in prefect conditons. There were 5 other boats who stayed for the storm. We all tied our boats with numerous lines in anticipation of the storm. NONE were damaged and there was no damage to the docks. WE also had power, phone service the entire storm. Winds were clocked at 120 mph, with gust much higher. The docks never went under water and the chop in the marina was never more than 2 feet. All the boat owners as well as myself stayed on our boats. As far a the few complaints ref. the $ 8 dollar landing fee, give me a break, for that fee you get to swim with the nurse sharks, swim in a beautiful marina with numerous coral heads, groupers, bonefish, snapper, ect.,. all protected, with the ability to take great pictures, explored the entire Island with numerous hiking trails and one of the most breautiful unspoilesd cresent beaches in the bahamas. I for one am glad as it keeps the cheap freebie out who are looking to take advantage of places without cocern of putting anything backk. The Marina and its graciaus host, Tucker Rolle, will not only make you feel wecome but will make you feel like you are home. Thanks for saving my boat and crew during that terrible storm............

Tucker's hideout, 2011-08-28
Captain: , New Port, RI (134)

Compass is not to be missed and is a very friendly place to hang out without modern day distractions. Marina is in good condition and the beaches and walk-a-bouts are excellent. You can swim with the nurse sharks as the marina is like an aquarium. We visited again in June 2011 and the weather and service was again outstanding coupled with bullet proof Wi-Fi. Tucker and his sons are doing a great job and they've added a seperate deck for Club and other gatherings along with another cottage rental for your guests.

Good protection but not much else, 2011-06-08
Captain: , Mystic, CT (150)

The entrance is well marked but be prepared for significant tidal currents. Fixed docks and a "questionable" power supply make it somewhat dicey (I would NOT use their power at $50/night). No fuel is for sale. Hamburgers, chips, and limited sodas and beer are offered for sale mid day. Access to the walking trails and superb crescent shaped beach on the Sound side is pricey ($8/per person) but is an attraction for overnight guests tied onto the docks. Some come just to watch and swim with the nurse sharks and other fish waiting to be fed.

Will not go back!!, 2011-05-29
Captain: , Orlando (60)

We went there 3 years ago and couldn't wait to go back this year. This year we were staying at Stanial Cay with 2 other boats. I suggested we all move on up to Compass in a few days.
We had a 24 ft runabout and took a trip to Compass to check on advailability.
We were met at the dock by Tucker (owner) and ask him if he has space for 3 boats in 2-3 days. He said yes he did and when we started to get off our boat, he informed us that there would be an $8 charge per person ($48) to get off our boat an on to his dock.
Out of principle, we left. Here we were prepairing to spend over $1,000 in dockage at his Marinia and he demanded payment of $48 before we could even look at the slips he was offering.
Even though its a pretty place, I will never go back

Coming by Dinghy, 2011-04-05
Captain: , Annapolis (1465)

They now charge $8 p/p to come ashore by dinghy!

Great spot, 2011-03-29
Captain: , Portsmouth (372)

A very nice, small marina. Well sheltered. Lovely setting. Super helpful staff. Very limited services. Wonderful, picture-perfect beach a short walk away on the Exuma Sound side.

Out of the ordinary, 2009-06-10
Captain: , Ft. Lauderdale (1244)

If you are looking for an eco friendly, quiet place to stay, while you explore the southern portions of the Land Sea Park, Compass deserves a serious look. Easy dink access to beaches. If you are looking for dining, bars and night life this is not for you. It is a bit pricey @ $2.50/ft and $50 for 50 amp electric, but similar to Staniel and Sampson. Relatively protected fast dingy ride to both places. Tucker has established a unique eco friendly setting within the Park.

Compass Cay Marina, 2008-07-10
Captain: , SW FL (551)

Good protection but strong cross current at docks, be cautious on final approach. Nice friendly marina, laundry available but other services very limited.

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