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City of Lewes Canalfront Park Marina and City Dock

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Address 211 Front St
Lewes, DE 19958


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - NO
Municipal - YES
Other - NO


VHF channel

16. Contact by telephone, the dockmaster doesn't monitor VHF.


Email contact

Owner, manager

City of Lewes



Marty Whitaker

Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - YES

Payment info

Accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)

Additional info: Facilities are open April 1 thru November 30.


Enter Roosevelt Inlet off the Delaware Bay. Once through the inlet, turn to port and proceed one mile down the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal. The marina will be on the starboard side just after the red lightship named Overfalls. The City Dock is another block further on the starboard side just before the drawbridge.





Tide & current additional info

Current can be swift especially by the drawbridge where the canal narrows.


Approach: 7
Transient dockage: 5
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info: Transient slips have been dredged to 6' MLW; the City Dock is 8' MLW although transients in September 2010 are seeing depths lower than 5' at the dock at low tide. Be very careful and ask about current depths. Note that the bottom at the dock is very soft mud.

Depths at the City Dock at high tide seemed to average 12-13 ft during the week of 8/7/2011.

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - NO
Floating - YES
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - YES
Other - NO

Additional info: The marina offers slips with wooden floating finger piers; the City Dock is a 200' long wooden floating dock with tie alongside dockage.

Size restrictionsLOA max: 200
Beam max: Unknown

Other info: The marina can accommodate vessels to 55' with 15' beam; the City Dock can accommodate vessels to 200' with approximately 24' beam.

As of 8/7/2011, the Canalfron Marina can only accomodate smaller vessels. The City Dock can hold up to four 50-ft vessels, or some combination of lenghts, along the 200' span.


Transient: 9
Total: 18
Transient price: $2.00/ft (2012-07-06)

Other price info: There is no longer a free 3 hour tie up.

Hourly rate:
Up to 25 feet is $15 per hour.
25-35 feet is $20 per hour.
Over 35 feet is $35 per hour.

The marina has (3) slips to accommodate vessels to 55 feet and (6) slips to accommodate vessels to 25 feet. The City Dock is 200 feet long but can be sectioned off into (4) 50 foot slips as needed.


Transient: 0
Total: 0
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: No moorings.

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - YES

Additional info: Two 100-amp service outlets, on a single pedestal, are currently available at the City Dock (8/7/2011). Each of the other 4 pedestals have one 30-amp, one 50-amp, and one 110v (20-amp breaker) receptacle. So a 50-to-30 spliiter, or a 110v-to-30amp pigtail, is required for boats needing twin 30-amp service.

Pricing info: Electric included with slip fee, though the 100 amp service may be metered.

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)

Yes - Included with dockage.

Dinghy access

Yes - At Canalfront Marina, approximately 1 block from the City Dock.

Liveaboard info

No - No full-time liveaboards allowed.... maximum stay is 2 weeks.


Fuel brand: No fuel on premises but gas and diesel available on opposite bank of the canal.

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Yes - Not on premises but available.

Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service


Pump out

Yes - Pump out available on site for vessels less than 25'; pump out is available at the local fuel dock for all others.

Probably best to approach the marina pump-out at high tide, and even then, deep-draft vessles may not be able to fully enter the slip (but the pump-out hose may still reach the discharge port).


Yes - Within one block: local liquor store on Market St.




Yes - Located below the dockmaster's office at the rear of Canalfront Park Marina.


Yes - Located below the dockmaster's office at the rear of Canalfront Park Marina.


Yes - Located below the dockmaster's office at the rear of Canalfront Park Marina.


Yes - Nearby; Lloyd's Market, about 5 blocks west on Savannah Rd.


Yes - Nearby


Yes - Many restaurants within a one block walk from the marina.


Yes - Several bars within one block of the marina.

Hotels or motels

Yes - Nearby

Repair capabilities

Yes - Nearby

Haul out capabilities

Yes - Nearby

Storage facilities

Yes - Nearby

Fishing supplies

Yes - Nearby

Chartering capabilities

Yes - Fishing charters available nearby.

Internet access

Yes - Internet cafe in town and also at the public library.

Boat ramp availability

Yes - Approximately one mile away.


Yes - Public bus service available; taxis nearby.

Other services

Bike rental available in town, about 1 block from City Dock.


Several museums in town; golf courses nearby; Cape Henlopen State Park about one mile away. Many shops and restaurants located in town.

Reviews for City of Lewes Canalfront Park Marina and City Dock
Nice town, good location, 2016-08-24
Captain: , Brick, nj (50)

We reserved a slip in advance, but slips are available for docking without reservations, and someone chose to ignore the "RESERVED" sign on our assigned slip, so we had to tie up at a local fuel dock for about an hour waiting for that person to leave.

The dock area is not restricted to slip holders, and we saw several people walking around and looking at/in the the boats.

The floating dock is very wide and solid, and has about 8' MLLW (we were on the dock at the end towards the bridge).

Good Facility easy walk to restaurants and stores, 2016-06-09
Captain: , dover (30)

Lewes town dock is 15/hr for 25 ft and under, max paid 2 hours then there is a per foot per hour rate, which we did not use. It is honor system. You pay at a box although there is a bridge tender within sight of the dock.

Beautiful spot - deeper then expected, 2015-10-18
Captain: , Hingham, MA (1079)

We read 9-10 feet the entire way down the channel as of Oct.2015 (about mid-tide). Stayed on the city dock near the bridge. Water & Electric included at $2/ft. Flat $180 for a longer stay (up to one month). The historic district is beautiful. Many restaurants and small-town stores. Small grocery store is about a mile away; farmers market on Saturdays. Bus transportation is available closeby. Highly recommend touring Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton. Locals are very friendly and gave us a ride back to Lewes from Milton. Harbor Master is very nice and helpful. Lewes is one of my favorite spots (in the US) that i have been to date.

Overnight, 2015-09-20
Captain: , Sue Creek (143)

Nice facility with wonderfuoly friendly staff. Easily accomodated 40 ft sailboat in transient slip.

1-24 hrs at thr canal front side tie floating pier or in a nearby slip with facilities close by, 2015-08-30
Captain: , Moyock, NC (1044)

City of Lewes Canalfront Marina 2015 Aug20
The floating side dock, just before the bridge, at $2/ft each 24 hours (per day including electricity and water) is not too bad for a great stop in the heart of town. There is a self-pay box at the dock. They also have slips a short distance away with Slip 1 & 2 for larger 35-40 ft boats, with longer finger piers for getting off from the side, and the width is 15 ft. A bow-in may set the bow in soft bottom during some low tides at a 3-1/2 ft of depth. However, you may make reservations and negotiate a longer stay in the slips, especially in Sept. and Oct. at $4.65/ft. for up to a month. The canal beyond this point is not navigable over to the Atlantic Ocean and the current is swift through Lewes during tide changes. We are told the tide change at the bridge is 1-1/2 hour after the tide bouy information in the harbor. The City has a person checking the docks on a regular basis, so make certain you fill out the form and make the payment into the provided drop-box. The City staff is very nice and helpful. We look forward to returning again for more than a day stay next time.

plenty of water in the canal, mind the slip depths, 2014-09-08
Captain: , Hacks Point (87)

we came in on a high tide, saw more than 10 feet the whole way in. stayed in slip 2 (45 ft slip) by the flagpole. saw about 8 ft. in the slip when I backed in; by the time we'd had a lower low a day later, saw as little as about 3 1/2 feet. they may have dredged the canal, but they didn't quite do the big slips as one may have hoped. may be more water if you side tie by the drawbridge.

nice place. strong current, about 13 feet depth down the channel from inlet, 2014-08-23
Captain: , Annapolis (70)

First off, active capitan needs to get a good marker on the canal. We saw 13 feet (corrected for tide) all the way in. We were worried when we saw the low controlling depths on the NOAA charts but there are plenty of szilboats aling the canal once you get around the corner

Mind the current when docking.

depths on approach and at the docks?, 2014-06-23
Captain: , rehoboth beach, de (71)

Nowhere could I see a depth for entry to this facility. Length of slips and width of slips given in the info section, but depths are just eliminated. Kind of important when you draw 6'!

Beautiful Location, 2012-10-17
Captain: , Babylon NY (331)

The town dock is a great location in the center of a very cruiser friendly town. There are great restaurants and lovely shops a short block away. A great coffee roasting place with coffee and pastries. It is a destination that we love to stop at. It is very protected but there can be a strong current. Great floating docks and catamaran friendly. It makes a great stop off the Atlantic and is protected by the large sea wall that protect the ferry.

A great place to stop, 2012-08-13
Captain: , Amelia Island, FL (507)

Lewes is a wonderful place to stop. Marty, the dockmaster was fantastic. The town is small but steeped in history. The town dock is convenient to all the historic sites. The only negative is that it is not a great reprovisioning stop. The grocery store is a hike from the dock. Stopping again at Lewes is a definite if we make this triop again.

Great Location here are the corrected fees, 2012-07-06
Captain: , Bath, NC (225)

I just want to correct the fee schedule.

There is no longer 3 hours free. The hourly rate is:
up to 25 fti is $15/hr
25-35 ft is $20/hr
over 35 ft is $35/hr
If you are staying a day, the 24 hr rate is $2/ft.

Great People, Town, Dock, 2011-12-16
Captain: , New York Harbor (10)

The City floating dock next to the drawbridge is the ticket! The folks who live in Lewes are fun and friendly. Very historical little seaport back in the day. Who knew? Fun to explore the shops and vist with the locals.
I'm here off season December, a great weather hideout while waiting to cross over Delaware Bay to Cape May. The North winds can be brutal blowing down the bay and the Nor'Easters are tough for crossings, so stop in Lewes and enjoy yourself.
Dockmaster Marty is fantastic.
Fuel is available across the narrow channel. The fuel dock keeps pretty good hours even in the winter months.

Very pleasant location, 2011-08-21
Captain: , Londontowne, MD (470)

Dockmaster Marty and his assistant Calvin were both very helpful and very friendly. The City Dock is a really nice location for a side tie-up, with many restaurants and shops within very easy walking distance (mostly within 2-3 blocks)... and additional attractions (beach, Cape May-Lewes ferry terminal, Cape Henlopen State Park, fishing charter fleet, etc.) are easily within bicycle range. The Canalfront Park is approximately 1 block away, and is a nice place to walk the First Mutt. The City Dock does attract quite a bit of foot traffic, and several local fisherperson's angling for small fry... but we never felt like security was an issue. The laundry facility down at the Marina area (below the dockmaster's office) was a bonus, although it offers only a single small washer and single small dryer ($2/load each for wash and dry, using quarters). All in all, we enjoyed a very pleasant week here.

Call on the telephone when approaching; the dockmaster's office doesn't monitor VHF 16/9. Current can be an issue while docking and departing; we had to fend off one boat whose Captain misjudged the current while he was docking into the current, and we actually had another smaller boat hit ours (lightly, no damage) for the same reason. A powerboat that arrived late-ish on a Sunday afternoon had some difficulty with twin 30-amp service; they had been told the dockmaster could provide a splitter, but Marty and Calvin had gone for the day by the time the boat arrived... and the GFCI breaker wouldn't allow the 110v outlet to function at all. We departed the next morning before resolution of all that, but assume it all got sorted out relatively easily. Wi-fi access from the boat at the City Dock was problematic.

Restaurant review -- we had good meals and good service at all the restaurants we tried: Jerry's Seafood Restaurant, Blue Sea Cafe, Fisherman's Wharf, Gilligans, and Cafe Azafran. We even went back to Jerry's and Blue Sea a couple times each. Visiting family members told us they had a good meal but poor service one evening at Irish Eyes.

Lewes City Dock, 2011-06-14
Captain: , Dover DE (40)

A very nice location to spend some time. The dockmaster was very helpful. The town of Lewes is a delightful upscale place to visit both for the shoppng and the history.

Lewes is a nice quaint town, 2011-06-02
Captain: , Newark, DE (250)

I grew up not far from here but always drove past it going to Deweyor to go surfing. So when I soloing around the Delmarva in my 27' Catalina and tied up at the docks and did some exploring I was extrememly surprised.

The facilites are limited to free electric and water and nice large clean restrooms and showers. They have floating docks which I think is a plus. There are plenty of great restaurants within walking distance. Friendly staff and locals. i rented a bike from a shop just on the otherside of the marina and rode all over even to Rehoboth and Dewey to see the old stomping grounds while doing a little bar crawl. The whole thing only took a few hours. The bike trail was a little tricky to navigate, but it was well marked, and goes through the woods which was nice on the hot summer day!

not a good option for provisions, 2010-09-18
Captain: , green cove springs (83)

We stopped in Lewes to provision and waited about 6 hours for the sailboat occupying both free slips at the town dock to leave. The owner left his boat unattended for the bulk of this time and we were unable to reach him by VHF. We were finally able to tie up at dusk. Due to the hour and the tides we ended up aground at the dock.

We waited out high tide which came in the early AM, and before leaving were told by the Dockmaster that we now had to pay the standard dockage rate ($2/foot).

We pointed out that another boat had sat at the free dock all day, preventing us from getting in and out quickly - he acknowledged this and said that the boat owner was a local (sailboat Bubblegum), and had an annual dock slip with the town, and therefore did not have to pay - he could tie up at the public dock all day if he wanted! We noted that Bubblegum's slip was about 50 feet away from the free dock.

In the end the dockmaster relented and charged us half price - he claimed that it is posted that overstaying the 3 hour limit will incur a charge, but there is no sign to that effect so - be warned.

Lewes is ok but would not recommend the place if you have other options. Do not count on being able to tie up for a few hours at the public dock. Your options for provisioning here apparently are either 1) pay for a slip or 2) anchor in the basin a mile away, and dinghy to town.

Recommended marina, 2009-07-23
Captain: , Cape Coral FL (4176)

I have not been here but have a good friend who provided the following information
302-644-1869 Dockmaster is Marty Whitaker
Web site is
The marina is a real basic marina....not much for services. Price is relatively cheap. Excellent weather protection.
Its inside the Roosevelt Inlet, then left up the river all the way to the bridge. It puts you within a very short walk of the small town of Lewes (not where the shopping malls are) but plenty of nice small quaint restaurants and small stores. They like it a lot.

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