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Chub Cay Club Marina

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Address Berry Islands


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


There is a report that the island is open again and that the marina is operational after Hurricane Matthew destruction. Refer to the latest reviews for more information.

Please update this as services are repaired and you are allowed to visit the cay again.

VHF channel



Email contact;

Owner, manager

George Bishup/Deron Webb



Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

Reported to accept credit cards, 1/25/2013.

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


The harbor sea walls entrance is of high stone walls. The channel approach is well marked and the apporach depth encounted was never below 9 feet at half tide. Iside the channel the dog legs to Starboard and then back to Port. Inside the harbor there are over 200 new floating concrete slips in ery well protected water.





Tide & current additional info


Approach: 9
Transient dockage: 9
Fuel dock: 9

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - YES
Floating - YES
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info: Over 200 brand new slips on wide floating concrete piers. Marina can handle huge yachts.

Size restrictionsLOA max: 200
Beam max: Unknown

Other info: Maximum draft 12 feet. 12 Berths over 100 feet.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: $4.25/ft (2016-04-04)

Other price info: Regular Season (02/18 - 07/24) is $4.75 per foot.
25% discount on 7 days or longer. 35% discount on 30 days or longer.

Low Season (07/25 - 02/17) is $3.00 per foot.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - YES

Additional info: Brand new docks and power supply.

Pricing info: $0.45 per kilowatt.
$15 per day for 30 amp.
$30 per day for 50 amp, 2016.

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)

Yes - Water is at the slip, pressure is very high. Water is sold by the gallon, $0.40 per gallon December 2015.

Dinghy access

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info: Fuel dock is new, professionally staffed, great spot. Ice is at fuel dock.


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info: Must be kept on a leash. T-docks or a slip with a finger pier are required to get dogs off easily.

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out



Yes - At fuel dock.


Yes - At the end of each finger pier.




Yes - $5 per load, so $10 total for wash and dry, 2015.


Yes - Small shop for a few items. You can get a meal together from thier stock, but mostly chips. beer and shirts.

Grocery service by or by calling 242-557-3663 (Nassau) or 855-3663-242 (North America).



Yes - Chubb is a private club which allows transients as long as space is available. The restaurant has a separate room for visiting yachts. Very nice, food - excellent.


Yes - Bar is accessible to transients.

Hotels or motels

Yes - Rental houses are available.

Repair capabilities

Haul out capabilities


Storage facilities

Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - Free WiFi on the docks. Beacon WiFi costs $12 per day at the anchorage. Connection worked with 5 mile WiFi.

WiFi signal strength is excellent and fast and free at the docks.

Boat ramp availability


Other services


Reviews for Chub Cay Club Marina
What a great place , 2017-09-17
Captain: , Ft Lauderdale FL (20)

Not sure what to think about the guys review a couple below, thinking he better suited to be on the hook or a mooring ball. We stayed the over Labor Day weekend and it was great. Marina, restaurant, pool all excellent. Sure it's a little pricey, but look around. All first class. It takes a lot money to construct and maintain a place this nice. You have to pay to play. Will be back!!!

Nice but Pricey, 2017-09-10
Captain: , West Palm Beach (10)

The facilites are all brand new: 200 new floating concrete docks, new fuel pier, new restaurant. We counted maybe a dozen boats there at most. The staff was very friendly and very professional. Food was good, but not great considering the price. The pool and the beach are the best features this place has. New infinity pool overlooking secluded beach. The GM introduced himself and showed interest in our experience while there. The owner has sunk a lot of money into the place and its obvious they are trying hard to get the word out that they are open for business again.

only fuel within 20nm, 2017-08-13
Captain: , Baltimore (60)

First of all, this place was barely open, after bring almost destroyed by Hurricane Matthew last year; & yet no guides other than AC, mentioned any possible issues.

Second,  there is a 40 foot minimum charge, why? This is decriminalization plus I was placed as far away from everything as possible.

At 4.75 a foot, it is the most expensive place , i visited in the Bahamas,  plus it is still under construction.  A crane still driving around the main hotel.

Pipes & wires sticking out everywhere,  the water at the dock had chunks of matter in it, along with being green & orange. Had to use two filters to make it potable. 

3rd, food at restaurants was minimum of $60.00 per person; but of the 3 items to choose they one had 1 item; steak with pizza sauce! Plus my quesadilla appetizer, was only 2 small pieces, who ate the rest of it, another customer?

The Worst part is the food made me sick, for the next 3 days.


Pool was great, staff was great too except for the General Mgr.

Staff said, they would wash our laundry, except when the Mgr heard, he said they don't do laundry for cheap little sailboats.

So sad, that there is no other place to get fuel within 20nm & a marina barely open is charging PREMIUM prices, let alone gouging smaller boat owners. Plus the marina, only had 5 or 6 other customers, of couse on 100 ft plus yachts. The marina is deserted yet they act like they are packed with patrons.

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Destination, 2017-08-05
Captain: , Slidell, La. (1148)

This is a good spot to not only clear customs but also stay a few days and relax after making the crossings. Great Resturant, Pool, Beach and especally the floating docks. Very friendly staff. Looks like a great place to wait out a storm also. Resturant was pet friendly outside on the porch (not allowed inside)

Chub Cay is Now Open, 2017-07-14
Captain: , Palm City FL (164)

Chub Cay is now repaired and operational - fuel dock, floating docks, club house, pool and new resturant all first class. New owner has repaired hurricane damage, completed an amazing restoration and is now completing this decade old project.

We have being stopping at Chub for over 25 years and were very impressed. Chub Cay is now more than a stop for fuel - it is a destination. Well Done to new owner.

Now open for business, 2017-07-08
Captain: , Marathon Fl (270)

Note: I did not stay here I dinghies over from Bird Cay. The Marina is fully open now. Fuel and small ships store with limited grocery. Still some work occurring but employee told us the grand reopening was July 1st we arrived on the 4th.

Marina CLOSED, 2017-06-16
Captain: , Coconut Grove, FL (1361)

Due to damage from hurricane Mathew, the marina is closed until further notice. Entry to the basin is roped off, fuel dock is closed.

Fuel Dock Reportedly Open, 2017-05-24
Captain: , Delray Beach, FL (31)

I spoke with the marina by phone today and was advised the fuel doc is open. I suggest calling ahead to make certain.

Island Closed, 2017-04-29
Captain: , Ft. Pierce FL. (221)

Per their web site the "Due to hurricane damage the island is temporarily closed and will be until repairs are completed.
Thank you from the Staff" 4/29/17

Fuel Dock Open, 2017-04-16
Captain: , Mt Pleasant (65)

Heard on Ch 16, that the fuel dock was open (04/12/2017). Also Batelco cellular up. Phone call to marina was unanswered.

Nothing open, 2017-02-22
Captain: , Stillwater, MN (30)

Harbor still closed 2/2/17

01-03-17 Marina Closed, 2017-01-07
Captain: , Ft. Lauderdale (40)

Fuel dock washed into the marina entrance and is closed. Marina is also closed with a cable across the entrance

closed..NO FUEL, 2016-11-26
Captain: , St Augustine, FL (83)

went to Chub Cay for fuel last week. "Marina closed, not selling fuel to the public". Albany Marina on south side of New Providence. Same thing, marina closed and not selling fuel. Couldn't get answer to phone calls to Morgan's Bluff.

Heard the marina is closed due to hurricane , 2016-11-03
Captain: , Panama City FL (330)

Received an email from a reliable source that the marina is currently closed due to the hurricane damage sustained in the area

yes it's expensive, 2016-09-10
Captain: , Ft Lauderdale (70)

But it is magnificent, the club house is spectacular, and has hotel rooms upstairs. the pool is great, and it must have been cooled because it was not hot. as everybody knows the docks are and have always been great. It's the same food as the old restaurant, Kenny the dock master meet us a 8 pm well after dark and helped us tie up. The office staff was friendly. The bartender was not real social. But as business picks up you won't be talking to him anyway. It has some light construction going on but it's 85% done. I don't know about the showers, or laundry as we don't need them. Look I have anchored out front before and unless you have a catamaran, you are going to roll your guts out. Open your wallet and pamper yourselves, you won't be disappointed. It's amazing, the new owner has done a great job.

Work in Progess, 2016-03-06
Captain: , Gloucester, MA USA (80)

Fantastic floating docks. Two marina staff there to guide us in and help to tie off were a pleasant surprise given prior reviews. (7pm arrival)

We found all staff helpful and friendly. Danny gave us a ride to the airstrip to clear in the next morning, made sure we had all the right paper work.

Resort still under construction with a ton of activity. No proper marina shower facility yet but ti looks like that is in the works. Pool was open, did not use however given our shedule.

Bottom line: glad we ignored negative reviews and sought our own experience. We will return. Not cheap but still a value.

Expensive, nice docks, abysmal showers, 2016-03-02
Captain: , Annapolis, MD (375)

We stayed here overnight to see what it was like on our way back to the US from the Exumas. All floating docks makes it easy to dock and get on/off the boat. We weren't here long enough to sample the pool and restaurant. Mostly big sportfishing boats in the marina. At $4.25/ft, it is the most expensive marina we've ever used. We agree with other reviewers that they would likely have a lot more business if their prices were more reasonable. We saw several boats anchored outside the entrance to the marina.
The shower facility is abysmal. It is a single shower, separate toilet, and one sink. The light didn't work in the main room/shower and it wasn't clean. The women's side was locked with no apparent way to get in. It is a *long* walk from the marina docks through a construction area. It is obvious that folks who go here are here for fishing and that they shower on their boat. We opted to shower on board after seeing the facilities.
The marina is top-notch in so many ways that we find it curious that the shower is skipped.

Great place, it just costs too much, 2015-12-04
Captain: , Huntsville, AL (588)

The people are great. Kenny met us and led us to our slip, helped us tie up, and made sure we were hooked up to everything. At the restaurant, Bruce keeps the bar and food flowing while singing while he works. The food is great and the drinks are mixed to perfection. It is a great little place, with nothing there, and everything is under construction. We really enjoyed the people and just hanging out. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. The only problem is they charge too much for everything from the slips to the laundry to the restaurant. The place is just about empty. They could pack the place out by just charging a reasonable rate for things. Just be warned, the mosquitoes will eat you alive at dusk to early evening.

Great staff and knockout beach, 2015-11-09
Captain: , Newport (490)

We ended up taking refuge here during a Tropical Depression. The manager and staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful, rushingj to help us dock, clear customs and top off with fuel. The docks are beautiful floating concrete....exactly the safety we were looking for. Its mainly for large charter boats but being on a sailboat we still loved it. Restaurant/bar just opened while we were there and we enjoyed a nice dinner, but no shower or laundry yet. The private beach was gorgeous too. The whole place is being renovated and by June16 the new clubhouse and pool will be complete.

Management Needed, 2015-07-14
Captain: , Savannah GA (82)

Floating concrete docks are nice...easy to get in and out. Poor radio reception and docking directions. No line handlers to meet us. No wonder the place was almost empty. The marina staff's attitudes, at all levels, were horrible and lackadaisical giving very poor service especially in the restaurant. When we complained about the food not being what we ordered the waiter became argumentative. Because of the lack of good management and poor attitudes I recommend avoiding if possible.

Chub Cay Marina, 2015-07-12
Captain: , Fort Myers (20)

The marina at chub cay is very nice with floating concrete docks however there were no dock hands and was given very poor directions to the dock. The resturant at Chub is somthing that no one should experience, the items on the menu are just a sujestion and what you get will no way resemble what you order. If you order fish you may get checken or beef, the conch must have set in the sun for two days the smell was terrible. The help was no help at all. when we told them that we ordered fish he looked at the chicken and said that it was fish and the beef was conch. when we would not except it every one dissapeared into the kitchen and did not come back for over 30 minutes, only to bring out a piece of fish that look like they microwaved it and said that this was the fish.
If you do stay at Chub do not use any of the facilities as the pool is green and the beach is only knee deep and the help is just rude.

Arrested development, 2015-05-17
Captain: , United States (3192)

We docked our tender here to have dinner. Restaurant was acceptable, but I agree with previous comments about the staff personality, almost as if they don't care whether or not they have your business.

We walked to the pool area next to the never-completed "club house". The Infinity Edge on the pool is cracked and broken, and the water level is well below it anyway. The pool looks like no one cleans it, although one family was using it while we were there. A hot tub was empty but had maybe half a foot of skanky water at the bottom. Clearly no one is maintaining these facilities at a level to actually attract guests.

The docks themselves were very nice, among the nicest we've seen in the Bahamas. Good depth and plenty of large yachts in residence on our visit.

Place Has Potential, 2015-04-26
Captain: , Boca raton, fl (10)

Stopped here overnight to and from Atlantis. The marina itself is really nice. The docks are excellent. Good place to take on (expensive $5/Gal Diesel) fuel. The resort stoped and started, and is started again. Really nice beach, with a nice sandy bottom. Nice, big infinity pool with a swim up bar. Looks like they're building a big clubhouse, too.
However, bar/restaurant barely adequate. Bartender has no personality. Took about 15 minutes to ORDER a drink. Another 10 to get it. Food was OK. Boaters were all a good bunch.

friendly marina, 2015-04-19
Captain: , Little River, SC (443)

This is a marina catering to large fishing boats. It is a good place to check into the Bahamas, though. If you are checking in they charge $100 to dock but, you can take it out in fuel and water. Yes, they charge for water like most places in the Bahamas. You go to the marina office and they arrange transportation to the airport to the custom official. They provide all the paperwork you will need when you get there. No charge for the ride but tips appreciated.

If you are anchored outside (there is a good if a little rolly anchorage just outside the entrance) you are welcome to go in for fuel or water. Water is not measured but on the honor system and they never charge you for what you tell them. The staff is friendly and helpful. We spent the night in the anchorage both going and coming and went into the Marina both times, the last just for water.

The laundry consists of two washers and two dryers one of the washers and one of the dryers doesn't work and it is a LONG walk around the Marina to get back to your boat if you don't use your dinghy. A really nice guy on a golf cart gave us a ride. There is a small store that sells booze and cold beer which is to be appreciated as you acclimate to the warm weather. Friendly place.

This will be our check in place next time.

Mixed Review, 2015-04-14
Captain: , Oriental,NC (588)

We paid $4.25 a foot, and the amenities of the marina aren't all that nice (bathhouse far away from docks, not very nice). But we were anchored outside of the marina for a night and were rocking and rolling like crazy after a long sail overnight that left us drained and tired. Pulled into this marina, and even though there isn't a nice bathhouse, you have a private beach and pool to your leisure, as well as excellent floating docks, fuel, water, convenient store, great staff and a restaurant on site. Excellent wind and current protection.

Nice Marina, 2015-03-08
Captain: , Fort Lauderdale (185)

We stay one night in this marina on a 82' motor yacht, we found this marina with a very nice infrastructure on his floating docks, good depth, we didn't have any trouble with electricity using 2/50. We had $100 flat rate on electricity.
Fishing is excellent, very efficient staff.

DOuble d's, 2014-08-22
Captain: , Charleston SC (581)

fun little place, don't think you will be getting fuel, the island was sold to an oil guy from texas who just purchased it and is fixing it up, boy it needs it. can't wait to go back and see whats changed.

Nice floating docks but that is about it, 2014-07-23
Captain: , Fort Lauderdale, FL (110)

Stayed here on 7/9. Marina fees are outrageously expensive. Approach was easy, and docks are very nice. That's where the good part ends. The pool was green. Power on the entire dock went out at 3am, so got up and found most boats had started generators. I did the same. Left at sunrise.

It has potential to be a very nice development and marina but at the moment, it is a total fail.

Has potential, 2014-05-03
Captain: , Marco Island, FL (1145)

Nothing has changed since last year. The docks are still great, beach is a short walk, great sunsets, but the club house is falling apart. It's way to expensive for what is here. But since nothing else is here from Bimin, you pay what they are asking!

Great floating docks, pump out at slip, good dockhands and proctected. The beach is a short walk and the pool is beautiful!!!! The worst thing about this place is the price. We thought it was the off season price of $2.75. This off season price doesn't apply to July 24th!!! It's more here then at the Atlantis!!! I've learned that Scotia Bank holds the note on this place and it's operating on a wing and a prayer. We have full power but learned that it's spotty - they got a new generator and that explains the good power at the slip. Overall it's beautiful here!!!

Chub Cay Marina, 2014-04-15
Captain: , Visalia, CA (380)

Very expensive for what is here. The employees are nice and trying to help. Under new ownership and maybe there will be a change in what is here. A cafe type resturant and a pool bar.

Beautiful, but...., 2014-03-08
Captain: , Fort Lauderdale (375)

Ambitious try to make a resort in a place that people dream to come and fish. The resort has struggled financially. Beautiful homes for some wealthy owners. The marina has fuel most of the time, but is well known for running out (when your in town!).

Safe and secure!, 2013-12-09
Captain: , cruising (671)

We stopped overnight at Chub Cay Marina when we were getting hit on the nose with strong wind. We arrived with heavy NW wind and found channel easy to navigate. Nice floating docks and marina is well protected. Large, deep sand beach is steps away.

Highs and lows on the quality spectrum, 2013-12-07
Captain: , Fort Myers, FL (1220)

Having spent two nights here at their $2.75 rate, I can understand the general tone of you-can-get-better-but-you-can't-pay-more to prior reviews. But what you can't get any better is location or great attitude. Chub is ideally located as rest point and clearing in for our route from Marathon and crossing on to the banks at Riding Rocks. The grounds are amazingly elegant, vanishing edge pool (the edge is slowly vanishing too) right on the beach, funky little restaurant that feels like a time warp to the Apollo era (get the conch tidbits). A bubble of civilization after slogging across the banks. But the public bathrooms should be a disgrace to admit they had them, the buildings and fixtures are clearly decaying faster than anyone is repairing them, the pool seriously needs a good brushing and shock, ie welcome to the Bahamas.

No electric at the marina, 2013-08-02
Captain: , Stuart, Fl (360)

Finally went to summer rates only $2.75 now but the generator is broke and not sure when electric will come back. Me thinks it is sliding downhill

chub cay marina, 2013-07-07
Captain: , Ft. Lauderdale (50)

Very protected marina and floating docks in good shape. Sadly it has been bank owned for many years and banks don't know how to manage a marina. Very expensive dockage. Power outages often. Fuel and water available. Food in clubhouse is terrible. Laundry has 2 washers and driers. Only one washer working and driers not working at all as of January 2013. Does have an airport, working wifi and cell coverage

marina and pool, 2013-06-03
Captain: , Palm Beach (10)

Marina is excellent with very nice flloating docks

The amenities are run down because of weather damage
but at least the infinity pool was working this year

Restaurant is typical of small islands, people are nice

Troubled Paradise, 2013-05-04
Captain: , Daytona Beach (30)

This marina is reportedly bank or receiver run. The $4.50/ft rate would be ok if it were at full operation but not as is. The channel and slips are first rate. We had no power interruptions. At $60 per 50amp cord you'd hope not.

no electricity but more expensiv then Atlantis, 2013-04-20
Captain: , Cape Coral (221)

All the boat had to Run the Generator all Night, but the Rates stayed at 4.35. the Place could be nice, but evereything is Brocken around the Harbor

Overpriced and no electric hook up, 2013-04-12
Captain: , Tampa (190)

Generator has been down for 8 days and not expected back till next week. Fuel is highest in the Bahamas. Dock staff is friendly, but offers no apology.

nice and in great shape, 2013-03-01
Captain: , San Diego, Miami (146)

We stayed here for a night to clear customs. It's got some great floating docks but bring you gold card :) it was $4.35 ft plus what ear elec.

They will drop custom papers and once filled out they will drive you to customs.

We bought fuel was $6.35 gal/diesel .. They open 7am but not there till 7:30

Most expensive marina around, 2013-02-28
Captain: , Port Ludlow (60)

Laid over for one night with our 35 foot sailboat and the tab for the moorage was $152 without water or electrical hookup. Floating docks, good resturant and bar, but be prepared to drop a bundle.

Beautiful Marina, 2013-02-23
Captain: , Sarasota, Florida (82)

Stopped here for one night to 'check in' after crossing from Miami. Expensive, dockage and fuel, the marina is in receivership and has been for 3 years now. The bills are split equally between the slip owners and the owners of the adjacent residential properties and the bank that financed the development. The property and slip owners have been trying to agree a price to owner the whole Marine for some time now. Notwithstanding, the facility is fabulous although not fully finished and the little restuarant and bar are pretty good.

Laundry facility, 2013-02-04
Captain: , Lake Ozark, MO (182)

Stop at the marina and get information on laundry facility.
Bring quarters, the machines take about 4 quarters per load.

Not Fishing For Boats, 2013-01-08
Captain: , St. Louis, MO (1011)

Chubb may be a big game headquarters at some season, but the marina is not fishing for we cruisers.

Truly amazing that this modern protected harbour does not attract more transient boaters considering the excellent strategic location between the Biminis and New Providence.

There were maybe 80 empty slips available for boats big and small, but the dockage fees may discourage visitors. The excellent floating concrete docks appear recently installed, but are already showing signs of inevitable island decay, and we had trouble keeping our 50 amp breaker in the ON position.

The place has a soulless quality hard to describe, although dock and land staff are pleasant and efficient, and there is a small bar and restaurant, pool and beach. This would make a handy port of entry and officialdom is on hand to accommodate.

Anchorages north and south of the marina channel did not look inviting, particularly for larger yachts.

Expensive and Empty, 2012-12-06
Captain: , Road Town (537)

Nice docks but much too pricey - when it is empty you would think the owners would try to attract some of the boats at anchorage Economics 100 - Supplu, Demand, Price.....

Nees further work, but well sheltered and secure, 2012-08-12
Captain: , PooleUK (1023)

Great floating pontoons, good shore power and even a little WIFI, but the benifits of the shelter and decent marina are offset by the lack of shore facility, great burger at the bar though!

Expensive and sort of stuffy, 2012-06-14
Captain: , St. Thomas, USVI (624)

The docks here are some of the nicest we had experienced on our trip from St. Thomas, VI to the states, but not $4.50 per foot worth. The wifi was excellent as was the food, but unlike the further south stops we made, this is the first place that the servers in the restaurant seemed overworked, lackluster and somewhat indifferent (except for the woman bartender).

Since it is a membership only place, it had a stuffy, dated feel to it. There were many large fishing boats there so the only thing we can think is that the fishing must be that good.

OK for a stop over if you need a break. Excellent protection from the sea.

OK, if you must stop here, 2012-05-27
Captain: , Pentwater, MI (415)

Again, dockage rates are simply silly. Docks are nice and very well protected. As this is another bankrupt Bahamian resort, many of the other facilities are not open or being tended to.

Chub Cay Club, 2012-04-03
Captain: , Muskegon, MI (778)

Not much to add to the previous reviews, except the dock hands helped and did not stay around for a tip. The driver if the van, however clearly expected a tip on top of the $5.00 each way charge to be taken a mile to the airport to clear customs. It truly is a beautiful and well protected marina, but the $4.65 per foot dock rate is out of site. Doesn't seem to put off the 50 to 100 foot power yachts however. The fishing must be worth the tariff to be here.

Bella Vita/Ray and Cynthia Pagano, 2012-02-22
Captain: , Charleston (241)

We stayed two nights after a full day of crossing from Bimini. Biked the entire island and walked several beaches. Its a beautiful spot but unfortunately the real estate market has fallen under tuff times - but what else is new. We enjoyed our meal at the restaurant and the friendlyness of the island people. Be sure the visit the Island Store for a good laugh.

Great place to hide away., 2012-02-11
Captain: , New Bern, NC (180)

There are only one set of markers as you approach, despite what the charts show but once through those it's a straight shot to the entrance channel which is man made. The property is currently bank owned and all development has stopped, literally in it's tracks.

The marina is still operating, as well as the bar and resteraunt. There is a small store but it only has a limited selection. The marina itself is very modern with concrete floating docks, the restrooms leave a little to be desired but were clean and functional. The staff has been very pleasant.
The property has several houses and buildings that are partially completed or unoccupied which gives it a ghost town type atmosphere, I keep an eye out for zombies....

A bit misunderstood but nice facility, 2012-01-11
Captain: , Michigan (583)

Harbormaster, Tito, greeted us on Ch68 and had us come in to the fuel dock. He provided forms and a ride to Customs/Immigration at the airport Harry handled fueling boat ($6/gal.) The rate here IS $4.50/ft but only in their peak season (fishing contests mostly) - call and ask - it is usually $2.75. Of the 28 boats anchored 12-30-11 only four checked in or went to shore. We stayed another day and enjoyed a great fireworks show New Years Eve!

Captain: , Oriental, NC (1148)

This marina is a fabulous place for docking with a great amount of room in each slip. There is at least 12' of water and maybe more is some slips. Electricity, water and pump-out are available. There is a restaurant and small grocery store. Also, a shower that is spacious with lots of hot water is located near the fuel dock.

It appears that the marina has suffered an economic setback and most of the construction has slowed down or stopped. Nevertheless, this is one of the best modern marinas we have been. It is a wonderfully secure place that is unbelievably clean with beautiful view of the ocean. The only setback to staying here is the price: $2.75 per ft. If you need fuel, water, some groceries, clear customs, you can come in by dinghy from the anchorage which is free. There is a small airport on Chub Cay with Customs & Immigration. It appears that this place is for a very wealthy clientel with big mega yachts: virtually no sail boats here.

Bankrupt in paradise, 2011-05-18
Captain: , Greenville TX (580)

I could spend a long time here. Absolutely stunning water, beautiful beach, slightly run down infinity pool, and nice, helpful staff. Many buildings were started and are half done - stopped by their bankruptcy. Despite that, they carry on and it's worth a stop here.

Nice place one time, 2011-05-01
Captain: , Bonita Springs, FL (413)

If you need to stop in a new, expensive marina with no amenities, this is the place. The staff was helpful and the docks are new.
The price is ridiculous and there is nothing there. We have no intention on returning to Chub Cay.

Chubb Cay Marina, 2011-04-07
Captain: , Marietta, Ga (82)

New floating docks. Well protected. Found desk staff very friendly and easy going. $3.00/ft with metered water ($.40/gal). Staff allowed us to bring our dog ashore from the anchorage (which we used on the second night) for no charge. Considering the lack of other available marinas, this wasn't bad. It was also off-season.

Good facility in decline, 2011-03-12
Captain: , Portsmouth (372)

The docks are new and in excellent condition. The marina basin is well protected. Upon docking, the two dockhands who handled lines for two minutes max remained fixed at the boarding gate until tipped; zero ambiguity about the expectations. Rate is $4.35/ft. plus metered power and water. It's an expensive place to provide services, so the absolute price levels are less an issue than the lack of services to go along with the price. As noted by others, the place is in bankruptcy; lots of unfinished and unoccupied property. It has a ghost town feel about it. Fairly good dinner at the restaurant.

Great potential but very overpriced at the moment ($4.30 ft), 2010-04-10
Captain: , Charlottesville, Va (91)

Sadly this facility is being "run" by the banks. It's an excellent harbor with nice docks & a good restaurant but bankruptcy has left a lot of construction in limbo (ie: half finished.) The homes that are finished are very attractive as is the pool. The beach is nice but not as nice as many in the islands. No nearby stores to speak of & immigration is a car ride to the airport, which can be provided for by the marina for a small charge. There was no power at our dock because of generator problems on the island.
While there is grass for dogs, it is full of burrs which get in paws. Two star rating because this is the most we've ever paid and it sure wasn't the best but then they've got a captive audience going to or from Bimini.

Sadly, Gone Bust, 2010-03-21
Captain: , Ft. Lauderdale, FL (10)

Unfortunately the economic crisis hit Chub Cay Club in the midst of a multi-million dollar expansion. The new docks are great, but most other amenities are shut and the place is in receivership. Worst is that the dockage is really expensive ($4.75/ft), which does not square with no services. Staff is understandably dispirited but they will never get anyone to buy this place without being more helpful and friendly. I hope things improve for them.

modern marina, nice beach, 2009-12-02
Captain: , Miami, fl (3666)

modern marina, decent price. The beach is really nice, clear calm water, great sunset. plenty of conchs and starfish...

dinghy in to snorkel on the reef just south of Mama Rhoda, or to the beach on the south side of South Stirups.

Scam Artists, 2009-04-02
Captain: , Marathon, FL (1264)

We entered with 4 boats seeking refuge from 6-8 ft seas in the Tongue. They wanted $4.75 per foot, and an additional $100 per boat to clear in through Customs.
The anchorage is a bit rolly, but free.

Windswept and Slick, 2007-06-10
Captain: , Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (258)

Visited 6/1/2007: Ultra modern marina as a part of a residential development of multimillion dollar homes under construction at this windswept outpost of the Berrys. Lot sof heavy equipment starts their engines at 8:00 am and run till sundown. Construction on private residences is everywhere.

The Marina is first class, the pool tremendous, the dockside service is great, the staff friendly and attentive. My wife found it the best place we'd stopped in two weeks dispite the mornng noise. We'll go back. Oh and did I mention that it is less then a mile from the 3000 ft drop off of the "Tongue of the Ocean"!

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