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Chesapeake City Floating Docks

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Address 108 Bohemia Ave, PO Box 205
Chesapeake City, MD 21915


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - NO
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - NO
Municipal - YES
Other - NO

VHF channel

No radio.


Email contact

Owner, manager

Chesapeake City, MD



Buddy Shepard (Cell: 443-350-2442)

Payments acceptedCredit cards - NO
Checks - YES

Payment info

Free dock, charge for power and water. Pay at the town hall when it is open or leave your payment in the drop box after hours or weekends.

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


Direct - caution strong currents from C and D Canal.

The free dock is right off your starboard as you come through the entrance, marked by thin red cones. There's room for three boats on the long face dock. The southern end is used by a tour boat and is so marked. The face dock is wooden, floating, and in good shape. There is one more dock further in by the dinghy dock that's also free to transients but only has 4 feet MLW.





Tide & current additional info


Approach: 4.5
Transient dockage: 5
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info: Reported May 2016, very shallow at the dock. The north end is 6 feet at low tide and the south end (closest to the bar) is less than 4 feet.

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - NO
Floating - YES
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info: May, 2016, the dock decking is new.

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: $0.00/ft (2015-09-19)

Other price info: 24 hour overnight dockage is free. The dockmaster may allow a longer stay. The south end of the dock is reserved for cruise boat and occasionally the entire dock may be closed for special events.

Chesapeake City has free municipal moorings along the west end of the harbour; however, there are 3 additional seasonal slots suitable for shallow draft vessels (less than 4 feet) and LOA of 30 feet +/- in the SW corner.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info: One 50 amp outlet, one 30 amp 3 prong outlet, and 2 common household 110v receptacles.

Pricing info: $15 per night for electricity.

Cable TV (and pricing)

Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)

Yes - $10 fee. New hosebib and hose attached mid dock.

Dinghy access

Yes - Dingy dock is well marked at the southwest corner.

Liveaboard info

No - 24 hour max stay.


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out





Yes - Cans by docks on shore.




Yes - A public restroom is next to the town office.




No - 4 miles away.



Yes - Several on water and in town.


Yes - Some on water and in town, 1 block away.

Hotels or motels

Yes - Nearby in town.

Repair capabilities

Haul out capabilities

Storage facilities

Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Yes - Tour boat on dock.

Internet access

Yes - Strong cellular signal for Sprint and Verizon

Boat ramp availability


Other services


Reviews for Chesapeake City Floating Docks
Too Shallow for most cruisers, 2017-05-22
Captain: , Nashville, TN (223)

Drove over to check it out from Bohemia Bay as we might want to visit Chesapeake City. The docks were empty late afternoon except for the tour boat on the end. I checked with the town hall office and they confirmed the depth is only 2.5 at low tide. Too bad, the town is losing a lot of transient revenue that will most likely skip this place heading up and down the canal.

Too little depth for my intestines, 2017-05-10
Captain: , Herrington Harbor North (220)

Came in one hour before low tide, went around red markers and turned towards the city docks and stopped when I saw 2.5 feet of water (we draw 3ish feet). Tried a couple of ways, but couldn't get there. Ended up docking at the Inn. Cost more, but we weren't stuck. We walked over to the docks and the northern third had red cones with signs that said "No Docking"

Great Stop, 2016-11-26
Captain: , North Fort Myers, FL (519)

Arrived at an hour after high tide. We pulled straight in from Canal running parallel to docks. Observed 6' depth about 100-150 feet out and then it increased to 7.6' when we reached the dock. We docked at the north end of the docks.

This is a great place to stop... can't beat FREE dockage and $15 for electric... $10 for water if you desire.

Free dock in a very cute small town, 2016-11-03
Captain: , Massapequa,NY (1176)

Free floating dock. $15 for electric & $10 for water. 2 50amp outlets, the others are 30amp. Northern end of float is deepest. We came in 1 hour after high tide, went in close to eastern bulkhead, headed for Chesapeake Inn docks then turned toward the free city dock. Never saw less than 6ft. Left the next morning at 2 hours before high tide. Went straight north from the dock out to C& D canal. Never saw less than 5ft. We draw 4ft. so there's enough water for us. We were still floating at low tide. Small town, but very picturesque.

Great historical town with very active water front at the Chesapeake Inn, 2016-07-20
Captain: , Moyock, NC (1054)

Nice free dock. However, we measured 2 ft (with a stick) of water deepth at Low Tide on the deeper end and 1-1/2 to 2 ft of muck below that. Our boat will safely sit on the bottom and not be damaged. So we stayed at the free dock overnight and paid the $15 for 50amp electrical and watched the tide for coming in and going out.

Chesapeake Inn also offers two 40' face dock with a reported 7-8 ft of water deepth, or 4-5 ft at Low tide, which you pay their cost. Plan and ask for their weekend, week, or monthly rate. The Inn has live music 6 nights a week and a good variety of food. Most nights they have a special 1/2 off discount on one of their food specialities and 1/2 off happy hour 4-6. Downstairs you can sit inside or outside, and have a great view. For fine dinning with a more expensive meal an upper restaurant with both inside and outside dining.

The historical town is walkable with several places to see and worth a visit, including the Corp of Engineers museum further around the basin.

The town and Inn have all the right things to attract a crowd and usually do, even if now it is mostly smaller boats for the silted-in condition. It was the only time we've come by and found a spot to tie up at the free city dock or with room, had we wanted to anchor.

For a Free Dock, this is good, 2016-05-26
Captain: , North Myrtle Beach, SC (3210)

The only thing that keeps us from rating it high, are the wakes from passing barges. As of May, 2016, the floating dock now is less than 4' at the south end, and deepens to 6' at the northern end. However, there are many very shallow spots. We do not recommend this dockage at this time (5/20/16) unless dredging is done. So sad, as we love this place. You can make marina but be careful at low tide if your draft is 6' or more.

Dinghy dock only, 2016-05-22
Captain: , N. Myrtle Beach (343)

After somehow luckily following the Active Captain instructions to get into the anchorage, three following boats all grounded coming into the anchorage. I ran soundings with my dinghy all over the inlet to determine best path to follow on departure. There is less than 2 feet of water at the town docks at low tide. Had to kick the motor up on the dinghy to get to the docks.

GREAT IF YOU CAN GET IT., 2016-05-21
Captain: , East Falmouth, MA (1633)

We got lucky and pulled in just as a sailboat left. He ran aground at the entrance at low tide. This is the first time in 3 tries to score. How can you say anything bad about a free dock? Room for 3 boats, rafting appears to be allowed but not mandatory. Water is available for $5 and electric for $15. The town is quaint and tries to be picturesque. We ate at the Tap Room, a crab house, and highly recommend it.
May 19, 2016 Stayed here again. Dock even more shoaled in but accessable at or near high tide. There's now a red buoy at the entrance to mark the shoal at the entrance, but almost no water at the dock. The anchorage was around 6' at low water.

Very shallow at FREE DOCK , 2016-05-18
Captain: , New Rochelle, NY (30)

Having stayed here in years past I am sorry to say the FREE FLOATING DOCK as shoaled so much there is only two feet of water at low tide. Even dinghies had their motors tilted up. I have been aground for two hours waiting for the tide because I tried to muscle my way in. Shame on me.
Tex Stephenson on HEAVEN SENT. New Rochelle, NY

Needs dredging, 2016-04-03
Captain: , Sanibel (195)

We were here 3-25-16 If you come in to the marked entrance by the corps. of engineers dock go all the way to the Chesapeake inn before turning starboard. The only water is next to the dock and it is 4 feet at low water but the bottom is mud. The people in the town are very friendly but they lock the bathrooms at 5pm, no showers, the town concil and/ or chamber of commerce whoever sponsers these docks spends a lot of money to maintain the docks but very little to make the boaters feel welcome for starters how about a few private pole markers to mark the shoal, second more bathrooms not just for the boaters but all the tourists, you have these nice water front parks and no bath houses.Third $15.00 for electric and $10.00 for water is not free dockage. I understand the need to maintain the docks but seriously water? I can at least see the electric. In order for this to stay a workable dock the army corp. needs to dredge. Anyone with exposed props. should not try it. Left the next day, at low tide there was 3 feet. I went and sounded the lenght of the dock and did not find a full 4 feet anywhere. Left at mid tide but not without a struggle. We draw 4.5 feet and even at mid tide we had to plow through mud. I think for anyone drawing more than 3.5 feet you are better off anchoring in basin and using the dingy. The small slips are suitable only for outboards 2 feet at low tide.

Very Nice docks if you can get to them, 2015-10-16
Captain: , Erie, PA (587)

Pay attention to the details under the Navagation Tab, it really is shallower just off the dock, but the good news is that it is mud and you might be able to plow through it. We found 4' of water at the docks at dead low tide.

Newly refurbished town docks, 2015-10-14
Captain: , Long Island, NY (204)

Floating docks that appear newly redone. Electric and water available, pay at nearby Town Hall. Electric $15, water $10, docking free, 24 hour limit. At time of our stay, 50 amp power reported to not work. 30 amp power did work. Easy walk to charming few square block area of restaruants, bed and breakfasts and antique stores. Very pleasant stay.

Free dock in nice town, 2015-09-19
Captain: , Dunedin, FL (7374)

Even if you can't get a spot on the face dock, there is an anchorage. And if you have less than 4 ft. draft, you probably can get into the slips in the SW corner. Docks are solid with good cleats. Docks are close to several restaurants, try the Bohemia Bakery & Cafe for breakfast or lunch. Ice Cream shop right next to dock.

Lucky to be on the free dock!, 2015-09-09
Captain: , Guilford, CT (120)

We stopped at the free dock on Friday, 8/28, hoping more than expecting to catch a spot - after all it was a Friday! But we managed to squeeze in right behind "Miss Claire", the tour boat. The dock is new, floating and pretty stable. Only drawback was the pedestal we hooked into would only allow us to use the port side of our outlets. Every time we tried to turn on our starboard outlets the pedestal blew out. We called the dockmaster, so he is aware of it and hopefully will be able to get it fixed for the next boat that comes along. We were just happy to be at the dock, and still able to run our a/c anyway. The town is a hopping place on a Friday night, but everyone that comes to party is very respectful of boater privacy. I think they just enjoy the nautical atmosphere...we felt very safe, and would come back again.

Good docks new electric., 2015-09-07
Captain: , Apponaug R.I. (908)

The price is right- Free! Shallow water approach at anything less then 1/2 tide. Deeper at the docks

Very nice!, 2015-08-20
Captain: , Lakeland (997)

After being unable to get our anchor to hold in the anchorage, I called the Chesapeake Inn Marina for a slip. They had none, but directed me to the free town dock (extra charge for water and electricity). It was a perfect location although pretty shallow. We came in close to low tide and only found 4'3" (which is our draft). The people are very nice and friendly. A couple came over from the park to grab our lines as we docked. The docks are nice and new. The only downside for us is that the one 50 amp pedestal wasn't working, but it wasn't that big a deal.

Too shallow for us, 2015-07-16
Captain: , United States (3192)

We used the city docks to tie up our tender after anchoring in the basin. We sounded the brand new face dock and found between 4' and 5' MLLW depending on where along the dock you are. It seems to be silt, so if you draw more than this and tie up at high tide you might settle into it a bit.

There is a designated spot for tenders in the SW corner.

Be aware that the basin is very, very busy on warm weekend nights in the summer. Both the Chesapeake Inn and Bayards have lots and lots of bar and restaurant patrons, and there will be live music coming from the Inn and also Schaefer's across the canal.

great stop on C&D, 2015-07-08
Captain: , Jacksonville (100)

new floating dock with room for two or three 40ft boats. 50 amp power would not connect without tripping, so docking was free (looking at the bright side). dockmaster will look into fixing power tomorrow. Anyway, normally $15 for power and $10 for water if you use them, paid on honor system.

Town Dock significant uograde, 2015-07-04
Captain: , Pasadena, MD (1496)

Sanctuary and crew stayed on the free dock July 2, 2015. The dock is completely refurbished. There are five new Eaton Corp LH3020 power pedestals installed, with 30A and 50A outlets at each pedestal. Water is available at each pedestal. THESE NEW PEDESTALS HAVE EQUIPMENT PROTECTION DEVICE (EPD) CIRCUIT BREAKERS INSTALLED, SO BOATS WITH HIDDEN GROUND FAULTS OR LEAKAGE FAULTS ABOARD WILL HAVE DIFFICULTY GETTING POWER.

Floating docks fully operational, 2015-06-28
Captain: , Florida Keys (734)

The brand new floating docks are now fully operational with water $10 and electric $15. There is a sign limiting docking to 24 hrs, and mooring to 72. The pedestal closest to the C&D has 50 amp, the others appear to have 30amp. Smaller, shallower draft boats can tie around the corner, further in. (Someone relocated so we could come in.)

My NT-37 draws 4'4" and that was all there was at low tide coming in. There is a little more depth right at the dock, speaking only for the 40' closest to the canal. Don't know about the others. I'll leave on a higher tide.

There are trash cans nearby, and a small historic town to walk around in, with restaurants and shops.

No nearby restrooms, showers, or wi-fi.

Town docks OPEN again, 2015-06-05
Captain: , Chesapeake City, Md (10)

Finally, after6-8 weeks of repairs, the town dock is open again to the public. The power pedistals are still wrapped up as of the time of this review, so I imagine there still is no power there...yet. Unknown about water hook up.

Repaoirs Not Complete, 2015-05-28
Captain: , Suffolk, VA (171)

Despite the fact the Chesapak City website says the town docks are open, they aren't (at least the 200' flaoting face dock isn't). Work is ongoing so hopefully soon. Luckliy there was room in the anchorage for our ovenight before heading to the Chesapealke Bay.

Great stopover Update, 2015-05-20
Captain: , Jacksonville Fl (1550)

Buddy the dockmaster met us at the dock and directed us to a slip just behind the main dock. Slips also have water and elec, 4 ft at low tide. Awesome deal, free dock, elec 15 and water 10. Girl in the office said they were working on a grant to install showers and laundry next year. City just approved adding WiFi for the dock area, should be done in a month or so.Stopped yesterday 5/19/15 dock work hoped to be finished early June. Signs on floating slips posted "No Docking" but no reason why.

Docks not open, 2015-05-03
Captain: , Silverthorne, CO (419)

As of May 2, the city docks were closed. There was no planking on the floating dock structure and no obvious sign of a work in progress.

City docks closed for repair!!, 2015-04-29
Captain: , Pensacola, FL (532)

One star probably unFAIR, We didn't do our homework and call first before arriving. Looks to be a number of days before work is complete. Entrance to basin showed 3.5 feet at low tide. The marina mgr. at Chesapeake Inn told us to hug the eastern side for at least 5 at low tide.

Ever changing, 2014-11-12
Captain: , Portland, Maine (845)

We came in at high and went to the town dock. There was 7' at the south end and 11' at the north end. It appears that a deep trough has developed next to the dock. Handheld sounder readings should 4' at low just next to the dock at the north end. And midway out into the channel. It seems the ebb current wraps around the west bulkhead and runs back out into the channel causing this deep area. Not sure this will last as many have found the north end of the dock to be shallower. I guess the best advice is to enter at high if possible and use caution. We waited til high the next day and anchored in 11-18 at high.

Otherwise this is a great little harbor except provisioning is a few miles down the 2 lane highway. $2.25 Yeungling drafts at the Deck bar at happy hour.

Great stop over ver, 2014-10-30
Captain: , Tuckerton, NJ (53)

We were coming back from the Annapolis Sail Boat Show and held up her as a bad storm front passed. All acconidations you need are within walking distance. Very friendly town you need to know that you have to go into town to pay the water and electric fees they rely on the honor system. You can pay at the municiple building a 5 min walk from the dock.

Chesapeake City Free Dock, 2014-08-24
Captain: , Wickford, RI (1637)

Stayed here in late August 2014 on a Sunday night. There was about 60 ft of dock open then, so we took some of it. Small local boat came soon after for the free concert in adjacent park.
Expensive ice cream, but super large portion, so considered it a good value.
About 6 ft at dock at low tide. Be sure to honor the red buoy in entrance. Over 10 ft then. Large sail vessel tried the middle of opening and grounded hard.

Nice enough if you can get a spot., 2014-08-18
Captain: , Mill Creek, Annapolis (283)

Not a lot of room for a high traffic area like this. 3 boats, we fit OK on the outermost spot. We only draw 3', and stirred up a lot of mud. Note that the red mark at the entrance is serious -- the channel is 50' wide and right against the east edge.

We only stayed an hour, walked around, nice enough. We had hoped to score an ice cream cone, but the town rolls up the sidewalks at 5:00 so we missed it. Most of the structres are circa 1880, so very quaint.

Free over night stop., 2014-06-25
Captain: , Wall, NJ (420)

A great place to stop for the night when transiting the C & D Canal.
Free dockage over night and $15 with power and water. I am told the floating docks are to be redone in 2015

Great stay for free, 2014-06-17
Captain: , Houston, Texas (970)

Early June 2014

There is room for 2, maybe 3 boats at the free city floating dock. The charge for electricity and water are just too high for a boat with our modest use, so we passed on that.
The adjacent Inn has decent evening specials. We did not find the noise intrusive Public restrooms are a half block away. There is not much to the town, but it make a nice one night stop.

Great Docks Great Charming Quaint town, 2014-05-27
Captain: , Gulf Breeze, Fl (6909)

Our first stop here having been thru many times but was convinced to stop. We came in arriving at 1200 (noon) and got right onto the the city dock and still room for another 40' boat. Fireworks tomorrow and the city let me stay an extra day no problem. Good crabs at the Tap Room. If luck is with you it's worth a stop or an anchorage. The two floating free city docks in the corner have one slip at 18' the other is a small 12.
On 05-27-2014 once again very nice however it seems that the face dock closest to the entrance off the canal is sliting in. We came in at dead low and stirred up mud with our 3' draft. So we took the easy way out and anchored however a companion boat (same draft went into the space and tied up successfully. Better boat driver! This is a very popular spot and soon several boats were anchored around us. A bit close but we'll see how they hold in the storms approaching.

Free but limited, 2014-05-04
Captain: , Baltimore (10)

Great free dockage if you can get it. Shorepower and water available. Depth is moderate; my boat drafts 5 feet and was able to dock at low tide. Town is quaint and Chesapeake Inn is next door.

What a Gem!, 2013-11-14
Captain: , Narragansett RI (234)

Could not ask for more. Gorgeous town, free dock, honor system electricity hookup, just a perfect stop.

Very picturesque town, 2013-11-01
Captain: , Ottawa (1173)

The free city docks are solid floating docks. It's not going to have service up to marina standards, but the city staff are very receptive to any problems you might have with the facilities at the dock. We were there late in the season, so the tour boats were gone, and they weren't too concerned about enforcing the 24 hour stay.
The town of Chesapeake CIty is worth the visit. Historic and very picturesque, many of the houses have a historic plaque detailing the story of that particular house.

City Docks, 2013-10-07
Captain: , Quoset Daviseville Naval Yacht Club (250)

Great stop

Tie free
Electric $15 a night, Water $10 ... nice that both available but we used neither.

Great restaurants nearby, pretty little town that you will want to take pictures of.

Bathrooms were available in town area but we did not go to take a look.

Local people were all friendly, restaurant beside the dock has nice outside bar and drinks are 1/2 price on Thursday evenings.

Love this little town, marina available and they looked nice as well.

Did not see fuel available but may have been at marina.

Easy entrance and exit.

Captain: , Winter Garden, Fl (2350)

We heard a noise in the salon at 0200 am - we both got up and found a burglar in our salon - he had come through the back window. He fled, I gave chase while the wife called 911. There were a total of five young folks - all five were caught, the one that came aboard was arrested and charged with burglary.

These were young (20 - 29 yoa) who were out after the bars closed drinking in the park watching the water & boats. One of the girls started by jumping on & off the sailboats docked behind us - they never woke up. Then her boyfriend decided to come aboard our boat (42' Sedan trawler) in to the cockpit - tried the window that was unlocked and came in for whatever reason. He was young, drunk and stupid.

Chesapeake City does not have a police department - they rely on the county Sheriff's Office. It took about 15 minutes before the first deputy arrived and that was after my wife convinced the dispatcher to send was a crime committed on the water and that falls under the jurisdiction of the Dept. of Natural Resources...but they didn't have anyone on duty at 0200 am!!

I have heard of incidents like this in other areas, but not in Chesapeake City. However, the DNR officer - when he arrived an hour later, advised that there have been a lot of boat burglaries in the area - but to unoccupied boats in marinas.

Be careful, be secure, be aware that you're going to be on your own for awhile before the police arrive.

If the young thug hadn't immediately jumped back out the window and ran for his life (leaving behind a bottle of Capt. Morgan on the transom) then this incident would have ended much differently for him.

The Mayor & Councilman of the city are aware of this and will , hopefully, try to provide a little more security for the transients that utilize this dock.

Free is Great, but not much room, 2013-09-08
Captain: , Austin, Texas (1774)

We arrived at the Chesapeake City basin around 2:00 pm on a Sunday. The place was very full with lots of boats at the Chesapeake Inn. The free city dock only holds 2, maybe 3, forty footers, yet the small guys take up the space. So we anchored and waited for the Sunday crowd to clear out. After an hour a space came open and we moved over to the city free floating dock. If you want electricity, you put $15 in an envellpe and drop it off at City Hall. This is a really nice town with several restaurants, and small shops. This is the perfect stop between the Chesapeake and New Jersey.

Floating docks - Good if you can find space, 2013-07-23
Captain: , Atlantic City, NJ (320)

Floating docks which allows easy access to the shops and restaurants in Ches City. Hard to find a spot on weekends but great for a midweek tie up for dinner.

Nice town to visit, 2013-07-22
Captain: , Kingman Yacht Center Cataumet, MA (223)

The Free Dock is in the heart of all the action. We had a concert and great seats on the boat. Food, drinks, shops all right there. Can get very busy with local boaters coming in for lunch or dinner.

Be sure to visit town, 2013-07-10
Captain: , New Johnsonville, TN (180)

We were held up here for a few days in June and had a great stay. The town docks are free for 24 hours and then we rotated out to the anchorage. Getting into the harbor at low tide was a little worry for us, 5' draft, but we stayed close to the Army Corp bulk head and came through fine, just be sure to backtrack when you leave the docks if the tide is down.

We had the pleasure of being at the Hole in the Wall bar At Bayard House. The experience was great and the staff were excellent but the most fun part about the night was being on site for the opening of their newest bar/lounge, the "Canal's Edge". This is the absolute perfect place to relax at the end of your day. Stop in and pull up a chair and watch the boat and shipping traffic pass through the canal while you enjoy the fresh breeze from the water. While you are unwinding and taking in the great view from underneath their huge umbrella you will really delight in being spoiled by the staff with ready drinks and and scrumptious appetizers.

It was such a fun and memorable night. We met lots of the locals and they were a pretty interesting crowd. The owner, Wernie Wiesnegger, made a point of coming over and meeting us and making us feel welcome. I can definitely say that our next trip through the canal will include a stop at Chesapeake City and drinks at the Canal's Edge and dinner upstairs for some crab cakes!

Cant beat it with a stick, 2013-06-17
Captain: , Cape Coral FL (4187)

Dockage for $15 w/ electricity, how can you beat that? I was on the end closest to the C&D canal where it is usually the most shallow. Had 10ft under us at high tide. Dockmaster still cautions to enter and exit by passing the marina behind the docks as there is a bar right in front. At half tide had no trouble leaving the dock BUT I left by turning towards the Army Corp bulkhead and passed through the mid point of the mouth of the harbor.

Great accommodation by the city, 2013-05-26
Captain: , Athens, AL (641)

We had 4 boats docked for a Friday night with a fifth boat rafted up to us. This is a hopping little town, plus there was an outdoor wedding across the street and it was prom night for eigth graders (when did they start that???). We paid the $15 for the electric but used our own water tanks. That's a great deal for the convenience and a nice little town. Great stop for ending/starting the Chesapeake, we made the run up from Annapolis and then timed our departure the next day to take advantage of the current enroute to Delaware City. We love towns that offer a special deal like this (Elizabeth City, NC, Darien, GA, Belhaven, NC, etc) and encourage you to give it a try.

Great Stopover, 2013-01-14
Captain: , Chebeague Island (929)

"Barbara" has spent many nights (usually one per visit, usually in December or January) at the City Docks and has always enjoyed the expeience. Buddy Shepard (dockmaster) is very friendly and helpful, and we have enjoyed time in the bar at the Chesapeake Inn (next door).

The entrance is shoaling at the west end -- coming off the city dock you need to move sharply over toward the Corps of Engineers side of the entrance.

Great Hospitality, 2012-11-01
Captain: , Punta Gorda, FL (644)

We stopped here southbound so the admiral could travel to her high school reunion. We tied up to the town dock for one night and then I anchored off in the basin, respecting the 24 hr rule.

Then, Hurrican Sandy was spooling up so I spoke to the dockmaster Buddy Shepard (443-350-2442) and he said sure I could tie up to the dock for the duration, which we did.

As it turned out Sandy didn't have too great an impact on the local area, perhaps because the eye passed directly overhead.

I helped Buddy tie off the docks to the shore in case they rose over their poles, but they didn't. I witnessed many acts of kindness and generouslity for the transient cruising community by Buddy and other town members.

A great stopover and storm hole.

A bargain and a great location, 2012-10-22
Captain: , Punta Gorda, FL Cape Cod, MA (513)

Free docks. Enough room for two or three boats. Rafting allowed. Nice park adjacent with frequent events. Restaurants and shops nearby, but no supplies. Be careful coming in, shoals to port and only about 4 feet at the dock.

Hey, It's FREE!, 2012-10-20
Captain: , Wilmington (51)

Aside from the noise from the bar next door, the loud music across the water, the drone of cars crossing the bridge, and the barge wakes from the passing commercial traffic all night, no showers and no laundry this is a perfect spot!

Shallow draft slips are also narrow, 2012-09-16
Captain: , New Jersey (40)

We are on a 33 foot long, 11 foot beam, under 4 foot draft sailboat. The main dock was full so we snuck around back and pulled into the shallow draft slips. Fortunately we were the only boat because the slips are narrow and we pretty much filled two of them. and could not have fit in the other. Other than that they were great, It was a Sunday night, so quiet, but it could have been quite noisy from the bar right behind us. Much better than anchoring in the basin and a great stop after a long day from Cape May. Ate at the Tap Room and the Behemia Bakery both were great.

chesapeake city floating docks, 2012-08-07
Captain: , annapolis (391)

Very convenient location. Dockage free (1 night only max); elect $15; water $10. Town has several restaurants-try mussels at Tap Room. Ice cream kiosk a few steps away from dock. Watch for strong currents approaching dock. Downsides: no place to buy any supplies, food, repair parts, hardware, or anything else. besides touristy stuff. Good pastry/breads at Bohemia Bakery and Cafe. Convenience store about 1/2 mile out of town. Still, the town is attractive (for a day anyway), and the dockage fee is unbeatable. Walk counterclockwise around harbor to Corps of Engineers Museum. Worth a visit. Schaffers Marina across the canal now has open fuel docks.

Wonderful that city offers this dock service, 2012-08-04
Captain: , Annapolis, MD (465)

The free dock has a perpetual tour boat docked at the south end in a "reserved" space. On this stop, there were two tied up boats with possible room for a third. Unfortunately, it is hard to estimate the demarkation line for the reserved spot to determine more precisely the available room. We continued on to Annapolis but were disapointed in not being able to stop in Chesapeake City.

Great Stopover, 2012-06-05
Captain: , Port Lavaca, TX (451)

Rafted up to a friends boat - paid $15 for electric. Nice historic town where the locals are really friendly and helpful. Very close to all the shops and restaurants.

canal hide away, 2012-05-25
Captain: , Fort Pierce (90)

Great place to stop, Buddy was so nice, even offered us ride to the grocery store, all the same as above...

Great Stop, 2012-05-17
Captain: , Cincinnati (1810)

We stopped here and enjoyed every minute. Great small tourist town full of nice and friendly people. Free dock, $20 for electric, And $10 if you need to use water. You pay at the town administration building which is one short block away. Plenty of restaurants close by. If there is one draw back, it is that there is no grocery or hardware/marine stores or fuel docks in the area. I did not find an issue with current and no one else was here when we stopped but we were here early in the day.

A Friendly Port in the Storm, 2012-05-10
Captain: , Guntersville, AL (451)

No depth issues. Never saw less than 7' at low tide. Anchored and stayed at City Dock. Buddy Sheppard is the Dock Master, 443-350-2442, and went out of his way to help us find help for an engine/fuel problem. The Chesapeake Inn is a good restaurant with daily specials. Bohemia Cafe has great burgers.

Chesapeake City free dock, 2012-04-30
Captain: , Lewisporte, Nl. (619)

Nice dock, easy to get in, watch the current. We arrived on a Saturday around mid day and got a spot. Only room for three boats but the anchorage is nice also. There is power for $15.00/night and only one water in the middle of the dock. They charge $10.00. The sign says 24 hours only but we asked the dockmaster if we could stay 2 days and there was no problem. Lots of quaint shops and restaurants within walking distance.

Great City, 2011-11-27
Captain: , Maine (73)

We found these docks to be very accommodating. Electric $15 which we left in the mail slot in the city hall. We were here on the night of the tree lighting ceremony. Great fun. Great little town with very very nice people..We were looking for ice and a young man actually took us to the store and dropped us off back at the docks. Very historic genuinely pristine town. Loved it here. Would come back anytime. Free docks a plus not to be taken advantage of.

Rafted to buddy boat, 2011-05-27
Captain: , Caseville, MI (341)

We rafted to our buddy boat to leave space on the dock for another boat or two. The dockmaster did stop and ask how long we had been there and gave us a brochure on the area. Nice overnight stop

Great spot if you can get there early enough, 2011-05-24
Captain: , Mullica Hill, NJ (688)

An easy dock, but get there early as there is very limited space. Power costs $15.00 and water is $10.00 but no need to take them if you do not want it. There is no dockmaster or help except from other boaters. Town is nice and there is a decent crab house at the Tap Room , a short walk up the hill.
Dockage sign says there is a 24 hour limit, but we never saw anyone enforcing it.
If you can't get on the dock the anchorage is large and well protected with plenty of dinghy dock space.

Pretty with Power for $15, 2010-11-07
Captain: , Wilson, NY (432)

Area dredged July 2010 to 12 feet so no problems when we came in. Call ahead and ask. Ladies at Town Hall very nice and helpful. Docks in great shape, good power, helpful people, cute little village and $15. No showers and the only restroom is half a block away. We had current in the canal, but no problems in the basin.

Great place to stop for an overnight, 2010-08-20
Captain: , Red Wing, MN (384)

For $15 for electric, good depth at the dock and good location for seeing quaint Chesapeake City this is a real bargain. No problem getting in during week but can be blocked off for events held by the city and very busy on the weekends. Floating tie along has a tour boat apparently moord for and extended time and takes up some of the available space. Several smallet finger slips further into harbor are available.

city dock and harbor, 2010-07-11
Captain: , Portsmouth, RI (260)

We were at the city dock 7/6/10. Called the city to see if the dock was open during the dredging. It was. Keep close to the dock for 6 ft. depths at high tide. Low tide it 3.5 Ft. soft mud. We were told that the dredging should be completed within two weeks but call and check.

Nice area, 2009-10-07
Captain: , Lewes, DE (2521)

Had a great time here. The town has become very upscale with some great restaurants and many shops. The docks are limited (3 forty footers max) and subject to wave action from the canal, The dockmaster is very accommodating about allowing extra days and providing transportation to groceries and laundry.

Good docks but reserved the end of June, 2009-06-24
Captain: , Sarasota, FL - Newport, RI (435)

The docks are always reserved the last few days of June for "canal days" so count on a busy anchorage!

FREE DOCKS, 2009-06-19
Captain: , Key Largo (5457)

besides the long floating dock along the park, there are also 4 Docks free!! WEll, amost, rates have increased to free dock, water $10, Electric $15
Cute town lots of small shops, a few bars, etc.

Cheasapeak City Free docks., 2009-05-29
Captain: , Whitehall, Mi (1754)

Nice docks, but not many spaces. Try to show up on a weekday. We came on friday and it was full at 1pm. Every boat came in stopped by the docks and then reluctantly anchored in the small basin until we were litterally fending them off with boat hook.

Chesapeake City Free docks, 2008-08-05
Captain: , Key Biscayne FL (3103)

Shoaling is getting to be a problem again
Enter the basin near the eastern point along bulkhead.
Depth 5.5 ' low tide
In center of entrance you will go aground
Main anchorage still >8'

Chesapeake City Free docks, 2008-08-05
Captain: , Key Biscayne FL (3103)

Shoaling is getting to be a problem again
Enter the basin near the eastern point along bulkhead.
Depth 5.5 ' low tide
In center of entrance you will go aground
Main anchorage still >8'

Captain: , CHESAPEAKE CITY (74)


July 4th 2007, 2007-07-13
Captain: , Marlton, NJ (171)

Again they refused to realize single screw boats can't back into slips which require sharp turns with 12 knots of wind and a three knot current. They have docks that would allow you to parallel park but save them for larger boats. Not a place for single screw boats or piece and quiet. More like a shore bar marina. Lots of traffic and the dockmaster rules even if it means damage to your vessel.

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