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Charleston City Marina

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Address 17 Lockwood Dr
Charleston, SC 29401-1190


After hours contact

Marina Security Guard (cell): 843-442-7704

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO

VHF channel

Monitors 16/Working 68


Email contact;

Owner, manager

The City Marina Company


David Isom


Trey Hayes

Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

Payment discounts

BoatUS and Seatow but only on fuel, not on dockage.

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


Off the Ashley River.





Tide & current additional info

Be advised that current can be strong here. If you ask the marina will tell you the approximate time of slack current. When docking, heading into the current is recommended.


Approach: 30
Transient dockage: 20
Fuel dock: 20

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - YES
Floating - YES
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - YES
Other - NO

Additional info: Majority of marina consists of floating docks. There is 150 feet of fixed dock available if needed.

Size restrictionsLOA max: 460
Beam max: Unknown

Other info: The MegaDock can accommodate up to a 460 foot vessel. Anything over this size would have to be confirmed by the Harbormaster. The depth at low tide off of the MegaDock is 25 feet. Any vessels with a draft of more than 12 feet need to assess the "CBP" marker on the Ashley River and possible The Charleston Harbor Pilots.


Transient: 175
Total: 425
Transient price: $2.15/ft (2017-09-06)

Other price info: Monthly, weekly, and nightly rates are offered depending on slip availability.

There are two 2016/2017 Winter Special Rates:
Four months (12/1 to 3/31) for $19 per foot plus monthly power rates apply.
Five months (12/1 to 4/30) for $20 per foot plus monthly power rates apply.
Both specials require pre-payment by 12/1.

3000 feet of transient dockage and fueling on the MegaDock. Current rates can be found at:


Transient: 0
Total: 0
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - YES

Additional info: 208v 3phase and 480v 3phase shore power offered.

Pricing info: 30 amp is $10 per day.
50 amp is $18 per day.
100 amp single is $40 per day.
480v 3 phase is $100 per day.

Cable TV (and pricing)

Yes - In all slips.

Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)


Dinghy access

Yes - $5 per day, no access to facilities.

Liveaboard info

Yes - Allowed


Fuel brand: ValTect. No gas is available.

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info: Gasoline is not available at the City Marina. Offered at The Harborage at Ashley just beyond The City Marina. Non-ethanol gas.

Diesel price$3.04/gal (2017-09-06)

Other price info: BoatUS and SeaTow discount - subtract $0.05 per gallon. All fuel prices include all taxes. $0.10 discount for 1000 USG. If taking more than 2,000 USG additional discounts are offered, speak with the manager on duty.


Yes - Nearby. The van can drop you off for a fill downtown. If you have a car, the TruValue Hardware, 866 Folly Rd, Charleston provides good service and low prices: $16.57 for 20-lb tank, 3-12-2012.

Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info: Keep on a leash and clean up after your pet. There are 'doggie bags' located throughout the marina. There's dog treats in the marina office.

Walking area is a little patch of worn out grass in parking lot with a lot of traffic.

If there is space you can bring your dog on the van for a walk around Charleston. There are several parks in the city.

There is a recommended veterinarian walking distance from the marina or available by shuttle or cab:
All Creatures Veterinary Services
224 Calhoun Street
Charleston, SC 29401
Dr. Cutler is very experienced in getting titers and completing USDA health certificates for pets traveling to foreign countries. Concerned with making sure you have all the right papers to have no problems with importing your pet. They offer 24 hour emegrency services.

Disability access

Yes - All ramps, no steps anywhere. Handicap heads, but no special facilities in showers.

Launch service


Pump out

Yes - Mobile boat will come to you. You need to give 24 hours notice to the office. Not able to pump out on refueling stops.


Yes - 10 and 20 lbs.


Yes - Large bins located throughout the marina. Also provide recycling bins and will pick up used oil at your boat - contact the office.


Yes - Available for slip holders and transients. Private room contains shower and sink. Heated and air-conditioned. Nice like-new facilities.


Yes - Available to slip holders and transients. Heated and air-conditioned. Nice like-new facilities.


Yes - Available for slip holders and transients.


Yes - Free van service to Harris Teeter's - an excellent supermarket in Charleston.


Yes - There are a few hardware stores in Charleston. There is a pretty nice one next to the Harris Teeter grocery store. You can easily get to and from there by the free van service from the marina.


Yes - Marina Variety Store right on site, very good breakfast. Also, the City Marina website has a list of about 50 restuarants in the area. Ask the office or the van driver for recommendations. They will even call to get you a reservation.


Yes - Salty Mike's is right on site. Many choices in Charleston.

Hotels or motels

Yes - Available in Charleston.

Repair capabilities

Yes - The City Boatyard provides mobile service from an on-site office. The actual City Boatyard facility is about 13.8nm away by water (up the Wando River) at Latitude 32°55.762'N Longitude 079°49.957'W.

Haul out capabilities


Storage facilities


Fishing supplies


Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - Free WiFi.

A boater reported November 2015: the WiFi signal is strong all along the Megadock so presumably throughout the marina but the actual connection to the Internet is poor.

Boat ramp availability

Yes - Only usable at high tide, and then only 1-2' of water. Next to dingy dock.


Yes - Van service into Charleston runs from 8AM til 5PM. Leaves the marina on the hour. It's a good idea to check with the office to let them know you're planning on using the van service. Call and they will pick you up to bring you back at one of five locations scattered around the penisula. Plan on waiting 20 minutes or more.

At 11AM every day the van takes a trip to the West Marine store. It is in a shopping center with a supermarket and other stores and restaurants. They pickup you up to return at 12:30PM.

The van will generaly take you to dinner in the evening if you let the office know ahead of time. You will need to take a cab back, phone numbers are provided on the back of your entrance card.

The van will only pickup and drop off on the penisula except for the run to West Marine.

Otherwise there is good cab service and there is also a bus stop right at the marina enterance.

Other services


The City of Charleston.

Reviews for Charleston City Marina
Great Stop Great Staff, 2017-09-21
Captain: , Southport, NC (60)

Everything went well and dock staff was very helpful. Did not use shuttle bus but that is a nice thing to have in case you need. It is a bit of a walk to shoreside amenities but that's ok.

Mega Dock - As nice as Ever, 2017-08-18
Captain: , Wilmington, NC (986)

Great return visit. Outstanding service with professional staff. ValvTec diesel is no longer sold here. Sorry to hear this news. Not sure why but the price of diesel hasn't changed. Maybe the larger yachts with on board polishing systems influenced this decision.

8/9/16. 6 boats this trip. Inside mega dock. Staff was very professional. Tough current and winds made docking a challenge so be aware. On this trip we also spent 5 days at Charleston Harbor Marina (Patriots Point). Both locations were great. You won't go wrong with either.

Stayed on Mega Dock this trip for 5 days to enjoy Spoletto Festival. Excellent marina experience-very helpful professional staff-convenient van service anywhere you want to go downtown. In slip fueling, pump outs.

Well run facility, 2017-08-16
Captain: , Jupiter, FL (1306)

We called and made a reservation, Nick told us to come in around 4PM for a slack tide. We arrived at 4 and did exactly as Nick advised. Perfect timing.
They took us downtown and picked us up on our schedule. We didn't have to wait.
We didn't use showers but many there do and they say the facilities are clean and nice.
WiFi worked for us if we used our antenna. We were able to stream video and there were only a couple of glitches that didn't last long.
Staff was friendly and attentive.
The Restaurant across the parking lot serves really good breakfast all day.

Beware of the cockroachs, 2017-06-29
Captain: , Cagliari (109)

We were only one night, pontoons are clean, but we ware advised from a crew guys from a yacht against cockroachs. In fact, we saw a lot of them between pontoon and waterline. Take your precautions

Good Dock, Not Cheap, Good Location, 2017-06-24
Captain: , Manitowoc (287)

Stayed there while motor was being replaced. It is NOT inexpensive. Checked my bill and had to have it corrected to WEEKLY rate (was being charged daily rate for 2 weeks). Rocked a lot by local boat traffic. That was what was bad.

What was GOOD was the staff. They were excellent. The shuttle took you anywhere on the peninsula and at most hours you needed. The ice was reasonable. The WiFi was acceptable. The location was good for a local restuarant access. Pet friendly too.

Laundry Facility, 2017-06-08
Captain: , Virginia Beach, VA (10)

Visited the marina on 5/25/17. Sad the MEGADOCK only had three washing machines - ONE OF WHICH WAS BROKEN. (It had been broken for some time) Hopefully someone will take this comment for action. Need more machines and need to be repaired when they are broken.

A lot of amenities for a City Marina, 2017-06-05
Captain: , Chicago (660)

The mega dock had a lot of amenities for a city marina. We were docked inside on the megadock. We requested insdie because winds and storms moving in. It was indeed the right call. We ended up being here for 7 nights, 5-18-17 until 5-25-17. We were delayed in leaving two nights because of huge storms and crazy strong winds. The outside of the dock had boats being tossed and water breaking over the dock. We were fine on the inside.

Although the walk was long the staff was helpful and friendly. The bathhouse is clean and in good condition. The office was helpful with receiving and storing packages for us. The dock hands offered a ride in the golf cart on a rainy day to make the trip quicker. The free shuttle all around the peninsula was invaluable. We used it daily to get one place or another.

All in all a well run facility - and Charleston was great as well! We did a carriage ride, city market, USS Yorktown, Boone Hall plantation and a lot of good eating. SNOB was our favorite meal. Magnolia, 82 Queen (for brunch) and Obstinate Daughter all great as well.

An ALMOST great marina, 2017-06-01
Captain: , Annapolis, MD (1342)

UPDATE May 2017: On and off the dock a number of times as we repaired and tested the autopilot on a delivery. We didn't have the luxury of timing our excursions to slack water. Very disappointed in the performance of several different dockhands. We handed the line ashore with clear directions to take two turns around a cleat so we could spring against it. Three separate failures by dockhands to follow directions. In a marina with high current it is reasonable to expect more capability and understanding by the dockhands. We changed our approach and put crew ashore and ignored the dockhand.

Charleston City Marina was the destination of a long delivery for a 50' sailboat. As noted in the details and a number of reviews there is plenty of water depth which is nice--one less thing to think about while dealing with wind and current in relatively tight quarters. We were fortunate to arrive near slack current so landed down current and upwind. The night dockhand was right on the spot and a big help: along the Megadock (which is also the fuel dock) there are large cleats on the floating dock but no pilings so tying up without putting your own crew on the dock would be a challenge especially when the current is running.

If you come in after dark watch for the boats moored and anchored mid-river off the Megadock/fuel dock.

The power pylons are limited to 100A per side, so if a 100A circuit is plugged in you cannot use the 30A or 50A outlets on the same side.

The shower facilities are very nice - clean, roomy, lots of hooks, and a sink with mirror in each private room.

The Mobile Services people (on site but a separate company) were very helpful and even loaned us a heat gun to finish a DIY project. We had everything ready so the tech waited for us to finish and we handed it back. We had similar very helpful aid from UK Sailmakers who are just across the street. Had a long talk with the owner(?) and was impressed; I would use their services if I needed sail or canvas work in Charleston. Apparently that loft has branched out and also does fiberglass and electronics work. Charleston City Marina staff were also very helpful. We had a lot of gear to haul off the boat and the marina was very kind in providing a golf cart and driver to get our luggage to the rental car in the parking lot and even helped load the car!

WiFi was a crushing disappointment. There are lots of access points and the signals are strong. Unfortunately the actual connection is useless. There is something fundamental wrong with the connection - even at 3am the connection could not be sustained. There was a strong signal aboard but the connection would drop every minute or so. Even using a WiFi range extender (a RedPort Halo for what it is worth) that showed five Megadock access points not one could provide a consistent reliable connection. In my opinion until the problems are sorted out the marina should stop promoting WiFi as an available service since it is simply not there. In the meantime there is a McDonalds three long blocks away with solid free WiFi.

Poor WiFi cost them a star. Making arrangements for taxis, rental cars, flights, and services without good access to the Internet is unnecessarily frustrating and time consuming. Truly unacceptable in this day and age.

back after a long absence, 2017-04-24
Captain: , Boca Raton, FL (1522)

April 17, 2017
We were on the Mega Dock. The facilites are always in great shape. New Shuttle bus is nice but does not run as late as the old one. We are 47' and had one dockhand help who was new and he did really well. Disappointed that dockhands, and not just here, are not organizing the lines like they used to after the boat is all hooked up. The Showers, heads and laundry are all in great shape.

July 28, 2014
Contacted today from Marina. Good to know that they monitor Active Captain. Had sent recept to wrong email address and wanted to verify information. 10 minutes later, i had the receipt. Good job.

July 22,2014
Back again and again on the inside. Got there as office was closing but night staff took care of everything. Fueled up, got info. Only problem.. Said will email receipt and have not received as of Saturday night after leaving. Shuttle wasn't running so grabbed taxi. Took green taxi as listed on back of marina card. Would highly recommend them. $10 flat rate to town. Pearlz for dinner.. Casual great food. Always busy and may be a little loud for some. Look them up in tripadvisor.

May 11, 2014
Stayed at this marina on a northern delivery. I usually get placed on the outside of the mega dock and get beat up pretty good. Was put on the inside for the first time and it was a great experience. Totally calm. Shuttle into town was great.

I'm usually at the maritime center but they were full because of race week. I haven't been here in years and am really happy. The staff was superior, the docks excellent although I wish they had some smaller fuel nozzles for the non mega yachts, but that is minor. In response to the previous poster, the wifi is now excellent. I'm out as far as you can go, down in the salon and the wifi is fast with a strong connection. The currents are strong out on the mega yacht dock they bring you in so your bow is into the current. The shuttle now runs until 9pm and 10pm if the marina is busy. I'll come back here again!

Large facility close to downtown, 2017-04-17
Captain: , Mayport Florida (452)

Stayed 3 nights. Wonderful location...closely situated to downtown historic distrct with 10 min bike ride. Awesome courtesy shuttle service. Excellent showers and bathrooms but wifi was non-existent on "J" dock. For such a big marina serving the megayacht crowd, I expected more ammenities (i.e. marina store, pool, reliable wifi, etc.). On site restaurant and bar were ok.

CHS City marina, 2017-04-10
Captain: , Annapolis (532)

3/16/2017-3/19/2017. Got outside tie up. Dock hand to help. Nice folks very helpful and the shuttle service is great. A bit pricey, but overall good experience.
Aras Grinius

repeat satisfied customer, 2017-02-10
Captain: , solomons maryland (90)

the team is first rate and they work very well with us every year. Six years in a row and we have grown tolove the staff. Huge facility, yes, you have a lot of walking OR, ask for a cart ride and they are happy to accomodate.

Not bad for only game in town, 2017-02-08
Captain: , Annapolis (141)

A good marina with a few issues. First, if they put you on the mega face dock (which is likely), fender your boat well if you expect W/SW/S wind and expect a bumpy night. Megadock only has 50 amp so you'll need an adapter if you're 30 amp. The wifi, at least on the megadock, is virtually unusable, the walk to land is long. Walk to historic district itself is short, but to historic center and shops about 30 minutes.

Upside: excellent showers, laundry. Staff very pleasant and helpful, courtesy shuttle to downtown and/or West Marine.

Worst Marina on our journey, 2016-12-02
Captain: , Tempe, AZ (240)

There are no amenities and they put transients about a 10 minute walk from the office, where some bathrooms and showers are located. This is nowhere near the historic area of Charlston.

Well run, convenient., 2016-12-01
Captain: , Oriental NC (239)

Combination of floating docks with old fixed bulkheads seems to dampen both current and swells. We were on J dock close to North end. Great facilities and an hourly shuttle during the day. Taxi and other transport easy to use. Convenient if you use those to both downtown and to the commercial areas on Old Savannah Highway or Folly Road.

Really big! Will walk a long way to get to shore. Good showers and boatyard support.

Wifi not good. Should be better given the quality of the rest of the marina.

Charleston city Mega dock, 2016-11-13
Captain: , Houma La. (10)

Great place nice people

Mega Marina, 2016-11-11
Captain: , Cincinnati, OH (110)

Stayed on the Mega Dock, was met by an attendant who helped tie up, and gave me a ride to the office on a golf cart. Wifi worked for us. Enjoyed the happy hour on the mega dock complete with complimentary beer, wine, and food!
Will stop again!

Relatively close to town, 2016-11-06
Captain: , Virginia Beach (290)

Stayed on mega dock. Dock hand really helped us get in despite current. Nice restrooms and showers. Not able to get wifi to work with Wirie. Somewhat of a walk to town, but definitely doable.

Nice Marina, 2016-11-05
Captain: , Newport RI (47)

Dock hands were very helpful. Marina Op's well run. Would have liked to have Wifi but had no coverage on the Mega Dock.

Awesome marina!, 2016-10-23
Captain: , Hacks point maryland (10)

Facilities were great. Clean bathrooms and laundry. Shuttle service was super convenient. Wi-fi service was good. Nice staff.

Bad Marina, 2016-08-03
Captain: , Hilton Head, South Carolina (20)

We were looking forward to this Marina since it was near city center. The Marina has a inexperienced person on the radio . Poor service. Actually no dock hand help coming or going. Far walk to showers and dock office.
No help with transportation as noted in their add. Seems it is at specific times.
We were very disappointed and will never be back to this Marina. 3 weeks on the water and this was the worse Marina we came to.

Beware of your slip location on the week-end, 2016-07-30
Captain: , Savannah, GA (330)

Hot as blazes when we arrived. Preston helped us tie up and offered other help several times. He was very much appreciated. The Mega Dock has a lot of action with week-end boaters and their wakes. Our yacht weighs in at 23 tons and she rocked and rolled until well after dark when the harbor traffic slowed down. If you have pets that require "walking" be aware you might have to carry them to dry land. The docks are very long and the hot dock surface was too much for our two dogs to handle. Yes, they were wood docks. Wi-Fi never did work while we were here. We even went up on our fly bridge to log on, to no prevail. The marina is located next to the historic district and the water front battery with anti-bellum homes. This location makes it a plus, plus for those desiring to visit the area.

No windblock, but way worth the stop, 2016-06-26
Captain: , Atlantic Beach, Fl (43)

Albeit the most expensive stop on my way from Fl to De, it was the nicest. Charleston itself is beautiful, but so is the marina. Easy access and egress. I was the only 36' boat on the windward dock. I was surrounded by 150' yachts but still had plenty of room. Great hands, great showers, and close to all the town has to offer.

One of the best... but it's BIG! (update 5/16), 2016-05-19
Captain: , Longboat Key, FL (1089)

Charleston City Marina is a quality, well run marina. More in keeping for mega yachts, it has excellent facilities, easy access to downtown (shuttle van is a real plus), easy fueling, and a top notch dockhand crew.

(update 5/16)
Another good visit. Excellent dock staff, friendly, great facilities. This was my 5th time here and can say without question that unless you are in a BIG boat, you need to insist on being on the "inside" of the Megadock. Otherwise, the current, wind and passing boats can make for an unpleasant experience on the "outside". If you are on the inside, it is a MUCh better experience.

Charleston is always one our favorite places to stop mostly due to the excellent restaurants. This time, we tried Circa 1886 and were delighfully pleased with the creative menu and outsatnding service. More "upscale" than some, but worth it.

Only downside for me is that it is really BIG and if you are docked anywhere along the north end of the megadock, you've got a long hike to the heads and showers. Also, as others have mentioned, be aware of the current. It is very strong during max flood.

competent and helpful crew, but, 2016-05-14
Captain: , Marblehead, ma (71)

I've been here a few times and don't understand why they don't check you in at your slip. Many first class marinas do. You arm dock crew with n iPad or tablet and they check you in and take cc payment on the spot.
To make your guest walk a round trip of 2000' just to check in, is less than ideal when it seems easy to remedy.

Charleston city marina, 2016-05-11
Captain: , Sandusky, OH (370)

A little expensive but worth it outside on mega dock can be rocky but tolerable. Staff is great with directions to the dock. Shuttle free to town , dockhands knowledgeable very helpful docking

Professional Staff, 2016-05-01
Captain: , Auburn, Maine (447)

Docking here with the strong current ( and expensive yachts that you'd hate to damage) makes having a good dock hand a must, and these guys have them. Robert, as noted below, is particularly skilled and helpful. Showers, laundry and restrooms are well kept, staff pleasant, very well run marina. Slightly more expensive than some. Good aerobic exercise from the Megadock to the shore, and more to downtown, where, as noted, there are many good restaurants, stores and places of interest. Courtesy van available until 7:45 on this trip. Should mention that the Variety Store Restaurant is pretty good. We had breakfast and dinner there one day, and liked both.

Charleston City Marina, 2016-04-27
Captain: , Sandwich (722)

Great facilities. Clean showers. Clean bathrooms. Clean docks. Friendly courteous staff. Within a gated compound. Easy access to all of what Charleston has to offer. Reservations in advance highly recommended.

I would stay here again, 2016-04-26
Captain: , Woodstock, Georgia (409)

We stayed on the mega dock on April 18-19. A little bouncy at times but tollerable. The marina staff went out of their way to make sure we had a good stay. We had their courtesy van take us downtown and pick us up, we were happy with their service. The showers and laundry were close and very clean. We were the first boat on the mega dock towards the office so it wasn't a long walk. If you stay out on the end of the mega dock, then it can be a rather long walk to the showers. They do have golf carts that will come and pick you up.

Made for the big boys, but accommodating to all, 2016-04-26
Captain: , Iuka, MS (1130)

Was hesitant in the past to stay here, but if you can time slack tide for arrival, or get on the outside of the Megadock and face into the current, it's really a pretty simple marina to negotiate. Long walks involved, tho. Ashley River said to be much less "wakey" than the Cooper as well.

much better than before, 2016-04-22
Captain: , Key Largo (5457)

They have inproved,I will be back agan

CHS City Marina, 2016-04-17
Captain: , Washington, NC (10)

Unbelievable Service. Most employees are long term and are very interested in making your stay easy. They also know what a spring line is for! Im not a dock person, but this place makes me think about doing it more.

uncomfortable swell and long walk, 2016-01-23
Captain: , Dartmouth, UK (70)

Berthed on mega dock for the night to avoid inclement weather.
Very bouncy, unsettled and uncomfortable with a ridiculously long walk to get the dog ashore. I have to say I think it's a little overpriced at 2.10 for the above reasons.
We were actually more comfortable anchored opposite than on the berth.
Staff friendly, especially Robert the dock hand. Showers clean and nice. Electricity also expensive at $18 for the night (50 amp).
Wifi has zero bandwidth and allows no access from mega dock.
During our one day stay in high winds we were asked to move back (hand lining) two boat lengths mid way through the day to allow a super yacht more room to depart. This despite being told exactly where to berth earlier that morning. The super yacht had requested to be allowed space the day prior.
Overall a somewhat disappointing marina and a far from enjoyable stay, not recommended.

Great Marina and Staff, 2016-01-19
Captain: , Virginia Beach, Va. (111)

I agree with most everybody else, it is a great marina and has very professional well trained staff. Port Supply (West Marine) delivers orders to the marina, however the marina also has a great free shuttle service. It is pricey: dockage and fuel. I got fuel in Norfolk for $1.60; Charleston it was $2.43, quite a difference.

Best spot in Charleston, 2015-12-25
Captain: , NYC - Liberty Landing (236)

We are down in Charleston for the winter from NY and almost everything about Megadock has been expected. Arrived at 3am one night and the night staff were extremely attentive on the phone and radio, then came to light up our way to the slip and tie us up. Very friendly and busy marina...lots of dogs.

Only 2 others have said, the wifi is useless. Signal strength is strong, but there is just no bandwidth to maintain a connection. The walk to simply get off the dock is looong.

In general, no complaints and staff is great!

Very Good Marina Operation in Great Location, 2015-12-24
Captain: , Hampton, Virginia (289)

Charleston City Marina is a large operation and the staff do a good job managing the size of the marina and boat traffic. Fueling anywhere along the Mega Dock is convenient. Access is easy from the ICW or Atlantic Ocean via a large shipping channel. Caution should be exercised entering the channel from seaward in poor visability in that the jetties that line the entrance are low in the water and not visually well marked (they are well marked on navigation charts). Stay well east of G 17 and R 18 on approach. For transient traffic the outside of the Mega Dock is relatively easy to approach even with the strong current. The current runs parallel to the dock so approach going against it. The outside of the Mega Dock is not protected and particularly vulnerable to southerly winds from SE to SW. If you're staying for more than a few days it would be best to see if you can get a tie up on the inside of the Mega Dock. The marina operates a shuttle service on the hour and availability of Uber and local taxi service is plentiful. It's a good (long) walk from the dock to the parking lot. Staff provides golf cart service if that presents a problem. There is a convenience store/gas station, ABC store, wine store, and restaurant located on site in the parking area. The closest grocery store is Harris Teeter in downtown about 1.4 miles away. West Marine has a store about 3 miles away. The showers and laundry are both in good condition and well maintained. The WiFi service is generally adequate for streaming, but occassionally drops. This marina is within walking distance of Historic Downtown Charleston (about 1.3 miles) if you like to walk. You won't go hungry in Charleston with over 800 restaurants of all kinds within a few miles. This is a full service marina with repair, cleaning, and dive services available on site. Great marina in a great city!

Great town marine, 2015-12-20
Captain: , Forked river nj (330)

Great Municpal marina, mega dock is a bit of a walk from land but they provide gold carts if needed. Try to be inside the marina or on the floating dock part of the mega dock as the main section is concrete and hard to tie up to due to the range of tides

Charleston City Marina..Megadock, 2015-11-27
Captain: , Leamington, Ontario (710)

Us - 47 foot sailboat, 6' draft, 66 air draft
Easy to access, good floating docks. Good shower and washroom facilities. Courtesy van much appreciated. Rates are high. Long ways from provisioning, thank goodness for courtesy van. Busy marina.

Get ready to walk, 2015-11-24
Captain: , Hingham, MA (1079)

We were on the almost very end of the Megadock. With a dog this is very inconvenient to walk the more then 1/4 mile each way since you walk up an down the dock several times. The marina is very nice and the mega yachts are beautiful. The bathrooms are ok. The courtesy van will take you anywhere and pick you up - really nice drivers. It can get uncomfortable (bouncy) when it is windy and there is often wake.

Small Boat On Outside of Megadock, 2015-11-24
Captain: , Dewey Beach, Delaware (121)

We were out on the outside of the megadock and we were rocked by waves. Request to be put on the inside if you do not have sufficient fenders. We ended up getting a fairly large crack in side because of wakes. Constant boat traffic. Nice facilities, what you pay for. Megadock is VERY long. We were last spot. We used our bikes to transport.

Great Location For Staging Southbound ICW Run, 2015-11-16
Captain: , Hilton Head, SC (1234)

Easy to time for Wappoo Creek Bridge openings from here, as you can almost see it from the outside of the megadock. Current is strong as others have stated. Dockhands are helpful. Facities are good - but the megadock is literally a 1/4 mile long so depending on where they put you, it can be a long walk (for you and your dog!).

Convenience store at gas station w/in walking distance, wine shop and ABC next door.

A cab ride into town gives you a multitude of dining options - we went back to The Grocery for a great meal.

Charleston City Marina, 2015-11-10
Captain: , Stuart Fl (300)

October 26, 2015

Arrived in AM after an overnight runfrom MoreheadCity. Robert docked us and get us squared away. Had planned to stay one night but ended up staying 3 nights due to remnants of Hurricane Patricia. The marina wasunder water2days in a row. the firstday the parking lot was under waterand the freeshuttle wasnot running. Needed arepair for a leakingwater hose. Mobileservice was fast andfriendly.

May 4, 2014

Arrived in AM afteran overnight run from St. Augustine. Dock staff friendly and knowledgeable. Had us secure on the Megadock very quickly. Free transportaion hourly into downtown wherver you want to go. Pick up for return trip on demand. Very accommodating to marina guests. River current strong and rocky.

May 7, 2013 Arrived at 6:30PM - dockstaff efficient and friendly. Designated slip on megadock looked too small for us to get into between two big boats. We reconfirmed the dock space and proceeded to get without any trouble. The current is very strong here and is a bit rolly because of it and lots of boat traffic who don't honor no wake zones.

October 2012 - A good experience. Dock staff knowleadgeble and did a good job tying us up with a tricky current. Office staff is very efficient. The van service to town is an added bonus. We met friends there and went to the Seaquarium in town which was disaappointing and expensive.

May 2012- Dock staff a little les experienced than usual. Good location with shuttle van to get into town. Requested a abag of ice that was never delivered - finally went up to get it ourselves.

Great Marina and City, 2015-10-27
Captain: , Wilmington, NC (520)

We got a berth at the marina after being waitlisted for a couple of days and it was worth it! Robert helped us tie up on the inside end of the Megadock at slack tide with 10-15 knot winds from the SE (remanants of Hurrican Patricia). The free shuttle dropped us off in town where we walked around and ate. It was an easy walk back to the marina. Free wine and beer week nights! The next morning we left easily but Robert was right there to help us with the lines. Thanks, Robert!

Great amenities and service, 2015-10-20
Captain: , Fort Pierce City Marina, FL (460)

10/08/15 We spent several nights here with guests, touring Charleston. The staff is all quite professional and helpful with anything you want or need. We had generator trouble and the service crew located right on the dock were outstanding in both their quickness to help and their quality workmanship. Everything was repaired while we were touring in town. The free shuttle to town was especially great and they pick you up on demand after 5:00. Don't miss the Calhoun Mansion tour for a real OMG experience.
After guests left, we needed to go home for a couple of weeks. Though the City Marina has wonderful amenities, it is substantially more expensive than the Harborage at Ashley so stay there for long term storage.

Convient location, 2015-09-06
Captain: , Rochester, NY (101)

Easy to get to, we were on the outside of the mega-dock which made us look quite small between all the much larger vessels. We did not have any assistance with docking, but didn't find it to be an issue. The staff we met were very friendly and the free shuttle was great.

Megadock - Megawake, 2015-08-15
Captain: , Honolulu (712)

The Megadock is huge and is a perfect place for Mega Yachts, tying up in our 36' cruiser we felt rather small and humble. the facility and staff are superb, the free shuttle in and out of town was a great convenience. The Megadock is mega long, equaling a long trek off of the dock, staff offers to shuttle you by golf cart when available. The other issue was waking by passing vessels, not really the Marina's fault as it is a "no wake" zone and , if we were a mega yacht, we would have stabilizers....

Excellent and efficient., 2015-07-03
Captain: , Haarlem Netherlands AMEL 54 (402)

Arrived here after a 2-day trip from Hollywood FL. Reserved by email. Very efficient response. Excellent dock albeit one can be in for a bit of a walk (which is good after spending two days at sea). Excellent and very fast WIFI. Professional staff all very efficient. Beautiful downtown historic downtown Charleston within easy walk. If too much, the free shuttle service was amazing. Drove us to and fro a restaurant downtown. Had to take the boat out of the water to fix the seawater leak in the sail drive. The link with Charleston City Boatyard is very good and very easy to arrange. Excellent service as well!!

Disappointed, 2015-06-24
Captain: , St Louis (1085)

The deck hands were great. We showed up at slack water and parked on the outside in a sailing catamaran. A deck hand showed up to help grab lines. They also drive the shuttle and were very helpful and accommodating (one recommended Fleet Side restaurant instead of the pub we'd found on Urbanspoon and it was excellent.) However for $2/ft for 4 days, the wifi was weak to unusable on our dock. Electricity for $10/day was the highest we've paid. The showers had weak water pressure in the afternoon (and were unusable in the morning). They were dirty, and in one case had a moldy curtain. We won't be back. (There is an ABC store and gas station-style market on the premises).

Great Extended Stay March to April 2015, 2015-06-02
Captain: , Daytona (410)

March 30 to May 6th 2015. We stayed here for 6 weeks ahead of our daughter's wedding. The marina and location were perfect. Easy access by foot or bike to the downtown shopping and restaurants. Dockhands and marina staff were very helpful and attentive to what ever we needed, especially Robert. The current moves through here pretty quickly and the marina is pretty good at utilizing all of their dock space, so things can be pretty tight from time to time, but they will guide you in and help you get settled in. We were on the inside of the Mega Dock and very well protected by the larger vessels on the outside. Our stay would not have been comfortable if we were on the outside of the mega dock. Provided we could get space on the inside again, we will be stopping here when we visit the kids in the future.

Great location and facilities, 2015-04-17
Captain: , Ft Myers, Florida (1804)

Great location and facility. Good customer service attitude, pump out at your slip. Floating docks , good laundry, lots of walking from shore to dock. A safe nice 30 min walk to historic district. Shuttle van runs throughout the day till 745pm.Apple store 20 min walk along with downtown mall. Lots of history, our 3rd stay

First Class Marina, in heart of Old Charleston., 2015-04-02
Captain: , Glen Cove, NY (281)

Spending 5 months here...winter season 2014/15. Every possible amenity is available and one can be confident that everything undertaken is completed in first class way. Not necessary to be berthed at MEGADOCK to receive their full attention...normal size vessels treated same as Mega Yachts, in some cases better! Some may consider Marina and services pricey, but coming from NE we find EXCELLENT value for the services rendered.

Getting shabby, 2015-03-30
Captain: , Penetanguishene (125)

Pedestals paint peeling, dock side boards cracked, terrible internet reception, and very low speed under 1mps measured with ookla. they need to pick up their game for the price.

Pricey but convenient.

OK but too pricey, 2015-02-20
Captain: , Williamsburg, VA (745)

Mega yacht city. The place is huge. Must have been big time commercial at one time. Shuttle into town is nice. Bathrooms nice and clean. Can be a long walk to the bathrooms. Really too pricey for the amenities. Stayed here 6 days for weather. Will go back if we must but, would rather find a more reasonable place.

Friendly, good access, 2015-01-29
Captain: , Folly Beach, SC (90)

Took my little boy up there for a quick overnighter on Water Music. Had to dock on the outside of the mega-dock as the marina was near capacity. Even with a strong NE blow, my little 28 foot sailboat sat nicely at the dock. Friendly, helpful staff. Free shuttle (though my wife drove over to take us out to dinner. NICE shower setup on the docks-my little boy took 3 hot showers during our short tenure! Short walk to the Variety Store Restraunt for an awesome breakfast. We'll do that one again, for certain!

Pricey and Noisey, 2015-01-05
Captain: , Traverse City, Mi (281)

I wanted to like this marina. BUt, it's a pretty noisy spot with the marina staf golf carts running up and down the dock. I also think the price is a little high. Nice bathrooms/showers and the courtesy shuttle and driver were great.

Very professional, well staffed marina, 2015-01-02
Captain: , Annapolis, MD (666)

Mega Dock is huge. Well staffed, attentive. Excellent laundry and bath facilities. The docks are set well off from land so you walk and walk. Shuttle van is very convenient (runs to West Marine, and Harris Teeter, and pickups from downtown when called). The only down side is that if on the outside dock, which is typical if short stay, is that if strong wind from any direction other than due east then you will be rolled and bounced, so put out lots of enders.

Great Place, 2014-12-02
Captain: , Guntersville (100)

Stayed for one night. Great marina, very accomodating. Shuttle to downtown is wonderful.

close to the top, 2014-11-18
Captain: , South Portland, Maine (847)

a bit pricy at @2.10/foot but you get what you pay for. We were here for a week watching g-kids and loved taking the shuttle to town. Childrens Museum, Acquarium, parks and pizza, all we needed. The Acquarium entrance fee of $80 per visit makes 2 visits worth getting a membership at $150. The staff is great and the nightly happy hour makes getting to know other boat crews a lot of fun.

At 36 feet, we were a bit overwhelmed by the maga-yachts but then we were sheltered by their size in the 30-40 knt winds, so happy 100 foot SPIRIT was across the maga dock.

We will return if just for the convienience.

First Rate Facilty, 2014-10-29
Captain: , Dover, DE (101)

We stayed here in July of 2014 and it was an good facility with ample heads, showers, free coffee, and helpful staff. The current can be strong so be attentive to tide when docking and leaving. The walk to the parking lot is a bit of a hike, but they have a c-store across from the parking lot and bus service into town and the malls during the day. There is a limited marine suppy store on the dock as well as several other marine services available. This is a well managed mid sized city marina.

Excellent facility, 2014-10-21
Captain: , Hilton Head Island, SC (377)

As long as you mind the current, you will love this place. It is a first-class facility with clean showers and bathrooms, and the MEGA-yachts are fun to look at. The only downside is the looong walk from the dock to the parking lot and variety store.

They have a free, shuttle service that runs from about 8 am - 8 pm, seven days a week that will take you just about anywhere you want to go downtown and pick you up on call. In fact, it's an easy walk from the slips to downtown (about 15 minutes depending upon where you're going). My wife and I have done it many times both during the day and at night (very safe area).

Don't miss the opportunity to check out some of the restaurants downtown (e.g. Fig, Pearlz, Hall's, Trattoria Lucca, Caviar & Banans, etc., etc.). Charlestown is a real foody town.

Megadock Great, Easy!, 2014-10-09
Captain: , Marco Island, FL (502)

Here on 9/18/14.
1st class facility with some huge private yachts!
Strong current but managed it OK. Good assist by dock hands.
Outside of Megadock face, no problems!
Took shuttle into town, walked back. 1-2 miles, nice walk.
Gigi's Restaurant downtown was excellent.
A definite return for us!

Well run operation slipping, change coming???, 2014-10-07
Captain: , Ft. Lauderdale (1244)

Always a pleasure to visit, as long as one is on the inside of the mega dock.

I was surprised by the obvious lack of routine maintenace on the mega dock...paint peeling off pedistals, rust and flat tires on mobile transformers. Also voltage was weak. To be fair, pedistals on the outside of the mega dock have been replaced within the last 6 months.

This may be indicative of changes in the wind. Rumor has it, that consideration is being given to adding another mega dock farther out in the Ashley River, taking some floats off the south end of the existing mega dock and adding them to the north section toward the bridge. More sliips inside the mega docks. Reducing the hike from slip to parking lot would be welcome :-)

Always happy to return to this first class marina and great city.


The folks at City Marina-Megadock are among the best you will meet anywhere. They know their business and go out of their way to make you feel welcome. Floating docks are in good shape making for a secure tie. Current is an issue and wakes can be a problem on the outside of the mega dock. Best to come and go at slack water. Free shuttle to downtown or West Marine.

If you need mechanical work, call Blanchard Machinery, the local CAT dealer. They are responsive and competent. We've needed their services on two occasions in recent years and we've been very pleased.

Back again, 2014-09-17
Captain: , naples, florida (90)

You want to stay on the inside of the Mega Dock. Outside is rough unless you are +100 feet. And it can be a long walk to the showers bathrooms and check in. But you need that wlk to work off your dinner from the night before. Nonetheless, this is a first class facility, with friendly and knowledgeable help on the docks. They can, and will if you ask, dial back the high speed diesel pumps. They offer van service into town for some of that wonderful Charleston food. And when you leave, you are just across the river from the entrance to the ICW heading south.

Great marina!, 2014-09-12
Captain: , Twin Dolphin Marina (271)

We tied up at the end of the mega dock which makes for a long walk, but the mega yachts that line the dock make it a scenic walk. The marina staff offer golf cart rides if you want one.

The facilities are very good, and the staff are exceptional. We got a tote bag on arrival with some good local information, coupons, magazines, etc, and even had a dedicated customer service rep to assist during our stay. Really first rate staff.

There is a pretty swift current, and it is right off a pretty active waterway, so I recommend docking on the inside of the mega dock for a smooth night.

Prices are insane., 2014-06-08
Captain: , catskill (290)

We stopped here for two nights that were going to be nasty cold. The dock hand was very nice. The check in process was long, but we got a free tote bag, and a town map. They had a shuttle that ran into town, hourly. It was not bad, but the price was too high for just passing thru.

Great visit with Charleston Sailing School, 2014-05-28
Captain: , Kemah, Tx (143)

Great visit. Chartered a 44' sailboat from Charleston Sailing School.
Super friendly people. Great facilities with a store and pretty much everything nearby.

good experiance, 2014-05-26
Captain: , iuka,ms (222)

great job by the dockhands and office staff..only negative is long walk off the megadock

First class marina, 2014-04-27
Captain: , Herrington Harbour, MD (680)

The best place to stay in Charleston. Second time here, and at the Mega Dock this time. Wow what amazing boats at this dock. 170 ft
yacht to several 150 power boats. Excellent van service around the town.

Nice Facility - Lousy Dock Hands, 2014-04-21
Captain: , Washington DC (312)

Every thing you need to know has been said before. We arrived in the fall and got minimal help with lines. Thought we had a bad experience, sadly it was repeated on our last visit.

don't stay if put on outside of mega dock, 2014-04-14
Captain: , El Dorado Hills (73)

Very strong I current and we were put on outside of mega dock and rocked and rolled for 2 days. Long walk to exit marina. I did give the marina 3 stars as it was very clean and free shuttle to where you wanted to go hourly and picked you up when you called ready to come back. In retrospect we would have stayed at St. John's Yacht Harbor.

2 d

Our stay on the Mega Dock, 2014-03-08
Captain: , palm harbor (190)

We stayed here for a week in November and had a great stay. We are a 38 ft cat and they put us on the mega dock with some truly giant boats. Side tying between these is a little nerve wracking. The docks are in great shape as are the showers. It is a decent walk to the restaurant although a dinghy dock allows for a closer walk. Our friend Will Miller of Charleston Sailing School is located next to the restaurant and is a good reference for repairs and all things Charleston. He brought our boat down from NY to Charleston. The marina is a bit pricey at 25/ft per month in November. Will return.

Large Marina has everything, 2014-02-19
Captain: , Green Cove Springs, FL (354)

The shower facilities are the cleanest. Wifi is excellent. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful.

The old city is about a mile walk, but if you like boats, you could put a few miles in just looking at the diverse collection here.

Huge yachting center, 2013-12-28
Captain: , Annapolis (795)

All kinds of boats are here - commercial tour boats, megayachts, and the average cruising boats. Helpful and friendly staff, good facilities, close to downtown. There is a wicked tidal current that makes docking an event, especially if you are docking next to a multi-million dollar yacht. Try to get here near slack water.

Everything you need, 2013-11-27
Captain: , cushing, maine (482)

Spent two nights here. Location is right in old part of town. Marina is very busy with boats coming and going at all hours. First class facilities. The best transient heads we have ever experienced. Currents are strong through here and there is a sizable range of tide - not the easiest place to get in or out of if you are not on the face dock.

Good Marina that caters to large motor yachts, 2013-11-26
Captain: , Vandemere NC (418)

Stayed two nights in Charleston. The marina is very nice, good laundry, shower facilities and easy access to the City. Staff seems occupied with big motor yachts and small cruiser's seem to take a back seat. Call for help leaving dock was not responded to in time to make bridge opening so had to cast off alone in high winds. Mega dock outside subject to current and traffic wake.

Everything you need, 2013-11-21
Captain: , Baltimore, MD (1190)

Convenient to the city, West Marine, food stores, etc. Yes it's a long walk from the mega dock but worth it. Friendly staff and decent prices make it a worthwhile stop. Nice docks, clean power posts, trash and re-cycle bins on the docks. It does get a little rocky on the outside if someone comes flying through though.

Not nice to the little guy, 2013-11-11
Captain: , Brisbane, Australia (399)

We cruise on very nice looking, but smallish sailboat. We called the marina on VHF 16 to reserve a spot. Upon hearing the size of our boat we were told the marina was full. We asked about a pump out, and were told it was blocked (by a multi-million dollar boat). We anchored out instead even though it seemed like their actually was transient space available. We dinghied in to buy some diesel. The person in the office told me to wait by the diesel pump and they would see if they "might" be able to find someone to help me. I waited for half an hour and no one came. I got the distinct impression everyone seemed to busy taking care of megayachts to take care of little guys like me. I have a friendly, easy going and patient manner but noone I met at the marina was helpful. We spent much less time in Charleston than anticipated because the anchorage is marginal and this marina was unhelpful.

Spending a Month, 2013-10-18
Captain: , Bristol, RI (782)

CCM is an excellent marina. We are hear for a month before heading into the Caribbean. Dock staff is first rate, slips large and services excellent. Some slips are a looooong walk to the main dock's services. While availability is good for transients most of the year, you MUST have a reservation during peak season for heading sounth (October and November). Highly recommend this marina.

Short Stay, 2013-09-28
Captain: , Indialantic, FL (20)

nice facikities, very helpful staff, great city

Charleston City Marina, 2013-09-24
Captain: , Cincinnati, Oh. (140)

Great city to visit. City Marina has their own shuttle leaving hourly to your chosen destination. Good Wi-Fi and laundry. The slip we were berth in was a little rocky during the day but calmed down in the evening. Very clean. The daily 50 amp electrical charge was the highest we have encountered on our many marina stays.

One of the Very Best!, 2013-09-23
Captain: , Hampton (10)

The Charleston City Marina is an exceptional marina no matter how you measure it. Wonderful facilities, professional staff and a wide variety of services. I've stayed many times and highly recommend it!

A business that knows what its customers want, 2013-08-19
Captain: , Auckland, New Zealand (20)

The Charleston City Marina accommodates just about everything you'd want in a city stop. Great facilities onsite, including showers, laundry, boat maintenance if needed; a daily shuttle to West Marine and the supermarket; an hourly shuttle to downtown to name just a few. The staff were very accommodating from the welcome pack on arrival to the pump-out facility that comes alongside. We'll certainly be back and highly recommend it.

Very nice stop, 2013-08-10
Captain: , Abilene, TX (210)

Spent 3 nights and wished we had longer to stay- clean, helpful staff, courtesy van, ice delivered to boat, well protected inside of face dock. What a great city to visit

Charleston Marina Review, 2013-07-30
Captain: , Fort Myers Beach (75)

We have been at this marina for several months. Great place- everything you need right here showers, laundry, dockside assist, shuttle and easy access to downtown. Docks in Very good condition. Great views of Ashley river on outside docks, dolphins glaore- more protection inside.

Extended Stay, 2013-07-16
Captain: , Jupiter (10)

We planned to stay in Charleston for a couple of days. However, the marina was so accommodating, clean and had wonderful amenities, such as their efficient downtown shuttle, an internet cafe, complimentary coffee all day and a daily copy of USA Today that we stayed a month. Stuart, the dock office manager and the dock office staff were always pleasant and offered assistance if needed. The shuttle drivers were great and seemed to pick us up at a moments notice. They also made helpful suggestions to local attractions and restaurants. Charleston is a wonderful city to visit and the Charleston City Marina will enhance your stay!

Good location, 2013-06-18
Captain: , Houston (774)

Marina provide good help when docking. Van service to downtown. $2.00/foot plus $13.00 for electricity. Good location for seeing Charleston. Can easily walk to downtown.

Charleston City Marina, 2013-06-11
Captain: , Newport, RI (230)

After a non-stop sail from Miami in the gulfstream, I decided to stay here for a week to unwind. Charleston has got to be one of the greatest towns in the country. The marina is operated like a well oiled machine. They offer a free shuttle to anywhere on the island, good restaurant and bar on the premises. My only complaint is that I was in the farthest possible slip from anything. Instead of taking 20 minutes to walk to the showers and laundry, I took the dinghy. If I ever move to Charleston, this will be homeport marina.

underwhelmed...average marina at "mega-yacht" prices, 2013-06-08
Captain: , San Francisco, ca (40)

a nice facility basically.....but at $2 foot I expected more. Checking in I was asked about our amperage, then assigned a slip. After office hours I discovered there was only 50 amp service available (we are 30) no electricity for us on night one. The next day they charged $5 for the adapter. Tropical storm Andrea passed that night, but our finger was in "mid-repair" so it was not tied to the piling....and we were exposed to a great deal of surge. Staff seemed like they had "cool summer jobs" here, not a great deal of experience. And the Wi-Fi was poor at best. NONE of these things are a very big deal....if we were paying $40 $80/night I was dissapointed.

mega dock, 2013-06-06
Captain: , St. Thomas USVI (336)

A place I would call home, and might some day...

Mega Dock pontoon, 2013-03-26
Captain: , PooleUK (1023)

Update, 2013 March;
Same as last time, a good facility, good staff, good everything but the WIFI IS A BLOODY NIGHTMARE! Please get this addressed, as having to log on five times per email is rather frustrating!

Whilst a great platform to secure alongside, the wash from passing vessels was a problem. The treck into town is best replaced with a taxi ride, but good water and power supplies.
WIFI very weak.

Conflicted, 2013-03-13
Captain: , Charleston, SC (344)

This is a very large marina with staff everywhere. Great help. Good shower and laundry facilities.

Stayed for three days in April. Almost got carried away by the mosquitos and no-seums. Didnt matter where we were in the marina. Horrible bug problems.

If you require Wifi, don't bother. Inconsistent to the point of unuseable.

Other than that, it was fine.

Fair for the Price, 2013-03-08
Captain: , North Myrtle Beach, SC (3210)

There are better alternatives in C'ton. Cost is high, walk to land is far, current is swift, staff is average. They cater to the big yachts. Ashley next door is better, even though currents are high.IN either case, when you call for a slip, interview them for which slip if you are coming/leaving with high currents. Single engine boats especially beware. We've been here many times and seen boats bang into other boats.... If all you need is a dock for the night, stay either in St. John's (south of Elliot Cut, of go onto Isle of Palms, or even over to Mt. Pleasant, or even better, if you are willing to rock some, go to the Maritime Marina up the Cooper. It is wlaking distance to downtown.

Great if you're not on the Megadock, 2013-03-05
Captain: , Hamilton (348)

Excellent location - very close to downtown Charleston. Great service and facilities available. Inside slips are great. It would not be as nice if we were put on the outside on the Megadock due to high traffic and current.

Easy access to Charleston, 2013-01-18
Captain: , New Hamburg, NY (140)

Staff very friendly, but not readily available. Stayed on the Mega Dock and it was difficult to undock due to wind. Long walk to facilities. But the facilities were very clean and not too busy while we there in July. Shuttle service was very good, though the pick up wait was over 20 minutes. Charleston is a very historic city and worth a visit.

A Bit Pricey!!, 2013-01-14
Captain: , Topsail Beach, NC (480)

The dock hands are competent and friendly. But there is nothing special about this marina and it is very pricey. Lonnnnng walk to shore with a dog!! And when you get past the long dock, there is not really a good place to walk the dog and there are some very unpleasant odors in the parking lot, perhaps partially caused by a dead rat that laid there the entire 3 days we were here.

Very rolly on outside of megadock which is where most transients are put.

On the positive side, we were traveling with another boat that needed a mechanic. One was found quickly and repairs were as quick as could be expected.

Loved Charleston!, 2012-12-21
Captain: , Bristol, RI (431)

Arrived Nov 25 and left Dec 7, 2012.
The City Marina is amazing. Yes, it can be a walk to the bathrooms and without a wifi antenna, the signal is weak away from the center, but this is a great place to hang out for a while. Bathrooms, showers and laundry centrally located and clean. Sometimes they ran out of hot water if showers and laundry were too busy. The courtesy van makes this place. Runs into town on the hour and to West Marine once a day. While it's not a bad walk into town, it's nice to know a phone call will have the van in town to pick you up within 15 minutes, often less.

Don't mind the 2.00/ft slip fee, but why do marinas charge so much for electricity?

Mega Boat Marina, 2012-12-15
Captain: , Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (366)

Friendly and helpful staff with great town shuttle. Outside on face dock quite rolly due to current and traffic. Need to be close to office for WIFI. Overall, very clean. Pricey!!!!

Great staff and facilities, 2012-12-14
Captain: , Wilmington, DE (780)

Megadock is a sight to see, but it can be a long walk if you're at the south end. Facilities are excellent, power is steady, showers and bathrooms clean, shuttle to town center, etc.. Very nice place to stay.

I really like this place, 2012-12-01
Captain: , Solomons, MD (464)

Arrived 12-01-2012, for our second winter special. Radio traffic was constant, and it was obvious they were busy. Lauren was working the radio and coordinating the fueling, docking, check-in, and other services. She remained courteous and prefessional the entire time. Numerous boats were competeing for attention and she calmly dealt with everyone. She found us a space to fuel and we were met by Richard who knew what he was doing and tied us up quickly and professionally. He handled several boats while still keeping us informed about how much fuel we had taken on and where we were going to be docked.

There was a problem with a boat that had wrapped a line around their prop and was having problems getting tied up, on the same dock I was headed for. Richard had to leave to help with the problem and coordinated me staying on the Megadock with Lauren until I could move to my slip.

Richard met us at our slip which was at the far end of the marina. He again handled our lines professionally and effeciently eventhough we had to change from bow in to stern tie. I don't have enough space to credit all the staff and how great they are from David Isom who arranged our stay, to Richard, Lauren and all the others we have had contact with.

Excellent service and location, 2012-11-16
Captain: , Roseville MN (398)

Great place; can't be beat for access to Charleston downtown. Very helpful, professional staff. Good floating docks. Biggest problem is the very long walks from the transient (K) dock to the restrooms/showers/laundry - like a 15-20 minute walk! The inner docks are shoaled in, and it looks like a derelict marina in here. Really gerrymandered docks, as they have retrofitted a marina that had big seawalls and is still silting in. Expensive for single days, but reasonable if staying for a month or more (if here more than a week or two, buy the whole month). Free shuttles to town and West Marine! One mile walk to the center of the city.

Location, Location & Only Location, 2012-11-15
Captain: , Poquoson, VA (124)

I've stayed here twice recently. No major complaints, but the place coiuld be so much more. I suspect that the only reason the megayachts stop here is its location. They certainly don't stop here for the restrooms/showers, which are clean, but about what you'd expect in Exxon station off of I 95. There are some serious eye sores as well, old docks that are in terrible repair in the middle of the maze that you have to negotiate to get the long distance from your boat to the street. The restaurant next door, Salty Mikes, is marginal. Fried seafood. When I asked the waitress what kinds of wine they had, she said 'red or white'. My seafood was overdone. I don't think the megayachts stop here for the restaurant. To be fair, there is a shuttle service operated by the marina whose drivers were very accomodating, allowing you to venture further into town. This place, with a little work, could be so much more. Staff were helpful. But the facility, with the clientele that they serve, could be a lot better. I prefer St John's Yacht Harbor, a bit further out, but a lot more pleasant, if not elegant, and less expensive.

The maina is so large, we were too far away to use any facilities, 2012-11-15
Captain: , Annapolis, MD (280)

We spent one night at CIty Marina on the X Dock, way to far away to take advantage of shower or bathroom facilities. We did use their shuttle service into town and to West Marine, which we found very helpful.

Charleston City Marina, 2012-11-15
Captain: , Southport, ME, USA (1178)

Best choice for a Charleston visit. Close to town, most things are within walking distance. They also have an hourly shuttle around town if you don't want to walk, or have things to carry. Nice floating docks. The pump-out boat comes to you. Nice shower and laundry facilities. Friendly helpful staff.

Birds Migrating South, 2012-11-14
Captain: , Pilots Point (466)

Stayed at the Megadock in Oct 2011 for three days. Dock is well named...I love boat-gazing and this is a great place to ogle so much large-scale floating beauty. At this time of the year I felt like a bird, participating in the great winter-migration south.

I'm always reminded how small the sailing community really is. In 2010, off the coast of the Vineyard, I saw a jaw-droppingly beautiful boat undersail, named Fearless. Only saw her that one time, that is, until we pulled into the Megadock and there she was again, in the first slip upon entering. Nice welcome.

Convenient location, good floating docks, 2012-11-10
Captain: , Annapolis MD (330)

Since we had just one day to spend in Charleston this trip, we went with the megadock. They were very accomodating and the marina is convenient to the city. Free shuttle to town and Harris Teeter(!), clean, newer restrooms and showers. I didnt think that 2$/ft was a bad price for a major destination this time of year with a free shuttle to the attractions. We will stay again on the trip back. PS, everything that you hear about the current is true.

Very unimpressed and disappointed, 2012-11-09
Captain: , Muskegon, MI (3132)

Clearly, this operation has become enamoured of itself, I suspect due to its proximity to downtown. We came here for fuel, and the dockhand was really quite surly, and less than helpful, leaving lines slack and failing to monitor fuel flow (I wanted x gallons, and he didn't bother monitoring the quantity). I also was looking for a Yanmar part, and since this is supposed to be a Yanmar certified service center, called them to see if they had it. They wouldn't even check to see if they had it if I didn't have a part number...very unimpressed.

Super Service, 2012-11-08
Captain: , Sebec Lake, Maine (455)

We totally agree with all the other reviews on how nice Charleston City Marina is. If you are on the Mega Dock, it is easy to dock even with a strong current. The USA Today was delivered to the boat every morning. What a nice surprise!

City Marina, 2012-11-04
Captain: , London (342)

Easy entrance and a good stop on the route North or South for fuel. Hire car useful for exploring or a good walk into downtown. Close by the medical facility. Bar at the dock not interesting or good value better making the effort and going into Charleston. Charleston Scuba close by with normal range of diving gear for sale with repairs and servicing and bottle fills available. White LIne Divers for bottom cleaning and underwater repairs the best of the local diving companies & offer a professional service.

Big but ready to serve.., 2012-10-30
Captain: , New Bern NC (120)

Yes, Charleston City Marina is a gigantic marina...takes 10 minutes to reach the heads from "Y" dock. But "big" does not prevent great service. Robert was waiting to grab our lines when we arrived and later he chauffered us in the complimentary marina van to West Marine/Harris Teeter and finally was there at 7:30AM to loose our dock lines as we departed!
The on-site Mobile Marine Repair replaced my defective VHF antenna onthe mast...and did the job for what I felt was so rreasonably priced, I gave the tech a fat tip.
And the best part, LOCATION! All the great restaurants in Charleston are a 20-30 minute walk from the marina. Had a great time!

Bill& Judy
S/V Charbonneau

A great stop, 2012-10-08
Captain: , Amelia Island, FL (507)

Charleston City Marina is a great place to stay while visiting Charleston. The dock hands were courteous, friendly and knew what they were doing. The shuttle drivers were helpful, particularly when we were carrying groceries. The docks are in great shape, no power problems and the wifi actually worked. What keeps this from five stars is if you end up on H dock, your GPS may not work. Just be aware of this anomoly. This is a known problem to the staff but we were not informed of this on check-in so came close to calling in an electronics technician. Also, if you want the pump out boat, you need to give 24 hour notice. We didn't know about that requirement either until we asked for a pumpout. They accommodated us anyway so it was not a problem.

Great facility!, 2012-08-09
Captain: , Va Beach, VA (151)

Always a high point in our marina experiences!
Stay inside the face dock or it can be bumpy.
Very nice, competent staff and a first class facility.
Not cheap, but worth it.

Difficult w/ wind & current, 2012-07-12
Captain: , Little River, SC (2037)

THis marina is nice but very big. The docking situation with high wing and current was very difficult and the dock hand was not very helpful. Even after we docked he offered no informatio; we had to ask about everything. The van service to downtown was useful but it stops running at 7:00PM so if you are going to dinner you better plan on a taxi. The marina is huge. It took us 10 minutes to walk from our berth on the megadock to shore and about 7 minutes to the showeres and restrooms. Would not be my first choice to stay in Charleston.

First Class, 2012-07-02
Captain: , St. Thomas, USVI (624)

Our experience here was great. This facility is well run, superbly maintained and customer oriented. The free shuttle to town is a major plus as well as the courtesy golf cart service to and from locations within the property.

always a great stop, 2012-06-27
Captain: , Indianapolis, IN (50)

Charleston City Marina is always a great stop. Floating docks, great staff. They offer a shuttle to downtown restaurants in the evenings.
Shuttle runs on the hour from 8 to 5.

Dangerous new Megadock protocol IMHO, 2012-05-18
Captain: , Carolina Beach, NC (391)

Until yesterday we hadn't been to the City Marina for a few years. We are a 37' X 21" catamaran. They now allow only 5 (five) feet between boats on the megadock. We docked in such a space and then the boat in front of us left. I had to fend off that boat to keep it from hitting our port bow. Later they put a Krogen 48' in this space. As he docked he clipped our port bow. The Dockmaster's only comment - "We allow 5 feet between boats and if the captain doesn't want to dock, that's his choice. We have no responsibility if you get hit".So think about this if you want to dock there, you might come back from town and find your boat damaged. The DNR person who wrote up the accident report said that the marina should provide them with an office as they repsond to so many calls from the marina.

City Marina, 2012-05-06
Captain: , Baltimore, Maryland (330)

Great protection and great place to see the city. Great staff with a scheduled convenience van. The only problem is leaving and entering the mega dock with the current. The staff could be very knowledgeable, or not, about tieing up. The current is bad, bad, bad. Do not stay on the outside of the megadock - the rolling will kill you unless you are a big boat.

Great marina!, 2012-04-30
Captain: , St Simons Island Georgia (21)

I second all the positive comments above. I like it so much I decided to stay awhile, and will go back anytime I'm in the area.

Only down side regards dockhands. There are a few very excellent ones, long-termers at the marina, and then many with limited boating knowledge. I had two incidents where inexperience coupled with unwillingness to follow captain's orders came close to causing serious problems. Do not assume dockhands are competent here. Most are but some are not and don't know it, which is worse.

Mega yacht tips tempt some of them to look for tips for almost any service. Not being able to be a big tipper, the tip matter hung over my head the whole 4 months I was there.

We love this stop!, 2012-04-20
Captain: , Solomons, MD (1290)

Nov. 8-11,2011 April 17-19, 2012

Always an efficient stop. We were on an inside face dock protected us from wakes and some current, but afforded less scenery. Great town to walk. NIce shops and good restaurants. Courtesy Van is a great plus to go to West Marine and groceries. Good deli in that same plaza. We took the tour out to Fort Sumpter. A great trip, but way to short. You are limited to one hour. The museum before the tour leaves is great. All the time you want. Great dock hands. Not the cheapest at $2.00 ft. but well worth all the amenities. Showers, bathroom and laundry were good..... 2 washers and 2 dryers. Dryers are great.
We did a walking tour in April with Michael Trouche, worth the $20.00 ea.

Charleston City Marina, 2012-04-20
Captain: , New York (483)

Very nice marina. Yes, they have mega yachts but treated us well with our 47' ketch. Try to get on the inside of the mega dock for protection. Courtesy van very helpful to get into town or West Marine and supermarket evey day. Free bus system make getting to see Charleston very easy. A great stop and well worth it.

Caters more to mega yachts, 2012-04-14
Captain: , Boulder City, NV (259)

Will not pump out boats that don't have a slip, even if purchasing fuel. Dock crews not very enthusiastic about helping (at least the smaller boats).

Only larger vessels (60 feet or more) can have 2 keys to the facilities. (They get a golf cart too)

On the plus side it is a very nice facility that is well maintained.

Lots of services, but bumpy, 2012-04-11
Captain: , Lewis Creek, Md (1304)

Big, Big, Big. 15 minute walk to the street, shuttles everywhere, but be careful buying eggs or potato chips and transport them on the shuttle with the rest of the crowd. Water and fuel at a price(higher). Beutiful facility especially if you have a golf cart as your tender to get arround. Seriously, the poeple are helpful and nice, but the size of the marina requires an intermarina shuttle.

Long Dock!, 2012-04-06
Captain: , Westbrook, CT (453)

We had stopped here in November, and liked it well enough to stop on the way back four months later. Everything about the marina is great, unless one has the luck to be on the far end of the "megadock", about a 10 minute walk to the showers.

Great Marina 3/20/12, 2012-03-23
Captain: , Seattle, WA (445)

Great marina. We also arrived in Dec and got a great rate for the 4 months. Staff very helpful with the lines and getting into our slip. The staff was always available for questions and answers and always had a cheerful greeting.
What we loved:
Great bathrooms and always clean
Great services available
WIFI available in the slips good reception
Van services to almost anywhere
Great resturants a short walk from marina
City close by with tons to do
Great security
Quiet marina at night
Carts always available and accessible
Garabe close and maintained

We'd highly recommend this marina for any length of stay.

Good monthly rates, 2012-03-15
Captain: , Great Falls, VA (1092)

I have a couple times now taken advantage of their monthly rates. If you want to spend a week exploring charleston, doing repairs and provisioning this is the place to do it. But week price is basicly the same as a month price, so be sure to consider it. Great courtesy shuttle service!

A Quality Property, 2012-02-06
Captain: , Vero Beach (527)

Good help docking. Great showers and heads. Everything else was overkill for a 40 footer. We stayed here to time Elliott Cut passage and visit friends.

Under the final approach for the Charleston Airport -- annoying.

You need a car to navigate the dock, 2012-01-20
Captain: , New Bern, NC (466)

We stopped for fuel and the lads who handled our lines were great. It was a good thing they had a golf cart to get back to the marina office or I might not have made it walking. I'd go back just to see the cute girls in the office however; mile walk not withstanding. Fuel price about right, better than others nearby.

What happened to the dock service? and when did you start selling my email address., 2011-12-19
Captain: , Annapolis (197)

he dock staff just was not up to the usual high level of service. Perhaps a bad day. Just seemed boored and unattentive during the docking, it was a no current, slack tide dock and I get more assistace from the surrounding boaters than the dock guys....

No assistance with power or water, He just pointed to a pedistal and said" you can use that one", and back into the golf cart. (which the next days seems to be how they spend most of the day, riding aroung in the carts.)

Be prepared if you give them your email to reiceve targeted marine marketing from the onsite insurance agency. I almost felt like I paid to get spammed.

It is still a nice place, it still has the van to west marine and food shopping. It just caused me to ask with I am paying the premium rate for so-so service.

Stayed longer than planned., 2011-12-09
Captain: , Fremantle, West Australia (1448)

Thought we'd only be there a day but turned into 4 with weather. Wasn't too keen on the price at the outset BUT having experienced what you get for your hard-earned, it's justified. Excellent, professional attention. Didn't know about the BoatUS discount. Tough on me, eh. Took advantage of the West Marine run and run into town.
Strong currents. Pick your departure time. Also, fuel supply on the Megadock was actually a fraction of an inch too large to get the nozzle into our Catalina. You might need to go up to the "small nozzle" berth at the end.

Great Marina, St Barts Yachts was excellent too!, 2011-12-07
Captain: , Portsmouth, UK (70)

We had work carried out on Suzie Too, by St Barts Yachts on Lockwood Drive the Beneteau agents based there, JM was excellent!!. we took a dock from City Marina, used the facilites which were clean you needed to remember a key, washing machines were industrial. Shuttle bus runs every hour to town. Theres a strong current, an inside docks is better protection, good fueling system, they fuel you from the mega dock where ever you are, so you dont have to move, cool!. You can bike everywhere all within easy reach, lots of Restaurants, too many to list. At the marina Salty Mikes is good for brunch and a good all rounder. Would recommend

Great stop over, 2011-12-05
Captain: , Flagler Beach, Florida 32136 (305)

5/23/11, Stopped for two day layover. Current is strong, wakes are rough. facility is great otherwise. Courtesy van is great for going into town for supplys. WiFi worked great as did the TV. Stopped going North also for two days. We are on our way back South now. will use Charleston again when going this way. Lots of big boats here. Need a splitter for 30 amp.

Mega-disappointment , 2011-12-03
Captain: , Montreal (152)

The perfect place to stay in Charleston... if you don't mind feeling very small next to the very large Megayachts on the Megadock. We always stay there. That is why we were disappointed when we were told there was no space for us this trip South. We anchored outside and when we dinghied in... We saw space for at least 10 boats our size. We called back and mentioned this... And THEN we were allowed in. This is the only flaw in a near perfect record over years. Special thanks to dedicated and professional employees like Robert.

Great Location and Facilities, 2011-11-18
Captain: , Halifax, NS (400)

WiFi seems to have been fixed as of Nov 2011. Courtesy Van is great to get into town and back. Staff are very service oreinted and pleasant.

Captain: , Oriental, NC (1148)

This is a full service marina that is located near the heart of old downtown Charleston. The staff is friendly and efficient. They have to be because this marina is gigantic.

We found that you have to shower early in the morning or late in the evening because there isn't enough hot water to supply everyone. Check on hot water supply before you undress and get ready for that wonderful hot shower you've been dreaming about.

If you need a parking pass, ask for it at the time you are registering. They don't automatically offer them.

Marina has everything a cruizer needs but it is a bit expensive. The great thing is that you can take care of budiness and then go anchor.

Clean and great facilities, 2011-11-03
Captain: , Padanaram, MA (259)

It's a bit expensive but the Van service to town and West Marine as well as the facilities are great.

A little different view of City Marina, 2011-11-01
Captain: , Portsmouth (163)

Wifi is sporadic at best- and then painfully slow. Staff is pretty much teenagers and mostly indifferent. Few trash cans near boats and usually full. The marina is huge, and if you are stuck on the outer reaches, it is quite a walk. If it weren't for it's proximity to one of the nicest city/towns in the US, that has very limited marinas- I am pretty sure this place would be more empty than not.

Professionally Managed Marina, 2011-10-30
Captain: , Boston (232)

We stayed three nights at the City Marina. The faciities are in excellent condition and the staff is professional. We needed a minor repair which the on-site service department was able to handle. We would definetly stop again.

A must stop!, 2011-10-29
Captain: , Mattituck, NY. (391)

Dock hands know what they are doing. Van will take you to West Marine, Harris Teeters, town, restaurants every hour till 7:45PM.
Take a walk along the mega dock to see beautiful yachts.Need to stay 2 days or more.

Great Marina, 2011-10-26
Captain: , Marco Island, FL (1145)

This place runs like a machine! They have a van that will take you anywhere and a scheduled West Marine and Harris Teeter run daily. The Megadock gets Mega Yachts and it's great fun to do a dock walk.
Town is a short walk and you can eat yourself thru this town!!! Stay more than one night...

Nice Marina, 2011-10-07
Captain: , New Smyrna Beach, Fl. (200)

Marina is huge, but the service is personal. Pump out in avery slip. FREE Shuttle to downtown. Resturant walking distance. Clean bathrooms. Easy in and out. Would stay here again.

Captain: , Montreal, PQ, Canada (560)

Fine modern installations. Fuel everywhere along the "Megadock". Lots of clean washroom/showers. Helpfull staff. Convenient shuttle into downtown.

Only drawback, you can be at the end of the "megadock" and have a 1/4 mile hike to the washrooms!

Top Notch Marina, 2011-07-28
Captain: , Wrightsville beach, NC (424)

Service, staff, facilities and attractions cannot be beat. Not the cheapest stop, but you get what you pay for.

sv Solitude in Charleston 7-16 through 7-19-2011, 2011-07-19
Captain: , New Orleans (651)

We enjoyed this stop more than any other. The marina staff is vibrant, friendly, capable and willing to go the extra mile - even if they are off work and in the parking lot for example. The free shuttle bus let us really enjoy the town and provision at the great markets. The landscaping in this town and the history are its two biggest draws to us. We toured the Calhoun house, took the town's free shuttle tour and stopped in at the City Import Market and many restaurants, pubs and courtyards. We will definitley stop here again in the future We found the laundry inexpensive and the variety store restaurant next door quite inviting and offering a great view. One day they served a bowl of fresh South Carolina peaches on the house! True Southern Hospitality. We felt pampered and met some great cruisers, too. We highly recommend this marina and this town.

Big City with Style, 2011-06-21
Captain: , Baddeck, Nova Scotia (160)

The Charleston City Marina offers everything you could want in a big city marina but if you prefer a laid back lifestyle you might be disappointed. Backing our 70'er the 900 feet or so out from the inside of the "megadock" was a butt clenching experience. The shuttle drivers were particularily courteous but the dockhand snubbing down our bowline while we were still moving forward was amateur and raised the hair on the back of my neck.
I'd certainly go back again but I won't be handing over my lines till I'm stopped

Nice Marina, 2011-06-16
Captain: , Crown Bay Marina, St. Thomas, USVI (100)

I like the central location and free schuttle to anywhere you want to go downtown. Staff friendly and very helpful in every aspect. Was not very satisfied with UK Sails that over-hauled my winches, they also OVER-HAULED my wallet at the same time, watch out if you need work done by them, they do good work but WAY OVER CHARGE!

Feel very secure here., 2011-06-16
Captain: , Newport Beach, CA (100)

Doing a monthly stay and love the Charleston area and people.

Current a little fast but what do you expect being on a river.

Very nice staff and look forward to returning in November.

Not impressed with " Here Cometh the Tax Man", 2011-04-27
Captain: , Morristown, NJ (383)

I would love to give this a 5 star rating, the marina and staff are great. There are many conveniences that make this marina very boater friendly, such as the shuttle service, wifi, laundry and great knowledgeable staff to help with docking. But when you think of the daily electric fee on top of the dockage fee, it just seems to outprice itself. We were shocked to see half the dock empty. Does this reflect on the economy or perhaps pricing. The other thing that didn't impress us, was the Charleston County Tax Man who apparently makes routine checks on the dock. When we asked who he was, he bellowed "Here Cometh the Tax Man!" and apparently this is a common occurence.

One of our favorites, 2011-04-13
Captain: , Kilmarnock, VA (300)

Charleston is truly a great City, we enjoy our stops for the benefit of the wonderful food and ambiance. The City Marina is a bi-annual favorite on our trips up and down the coast, we come from the sea more often than the ICW. Good floating docks and staff as well as the availablility of almost any marine sevice. We dont mind the long mega dock walk and look to time our comings and goings to avoid peak tides when we can. We have in the past arrived in mid morning after a 35+ hr run from Fla overnight to be sitting in a great restaurant for lunch. Yum. You know it is bad when you start picking out your lunch favorites during your 4am watch!

Very helpful and courteous staff, 2011-04-10
Captain: , Waretown, NJ (354)

Spent the night on 4/10/2011, heading north back to Jersey. Having read the reviews I asked if I could slip on the inside of the mega dock and was lucky enough to be close to the facilites and office. Charleston is a great city to wander around in, wished we had more time. Did not find the current to be an issue.

Poor communications, 2011-04-01
Captain: , New Orleans, LA (671)

We only tried it once, and we'll never come back. The instructions we were given on VHF caused us to enter incorrectly and we had a lot of trouble back-tracking because of the marina is exposed to a strong wind and current. Ripley point, just across the channel, is much more protected.

City Boatyard Service Excellent, 2011-03-28
Captain: , Indian Harbour Beach, FL (105)

I stopped here on the way from Maryland to Florida and needed an oil change. The service dock is right there on the premises and the mechanic came to change the oil before the engine could even cool down. What speedy and good service. Also had a passenger fly in to the airport to join me and the marina personnel shuttled the passenger from the parking lot to my boat with all luggage, etc. Super Service. Good restaurant on premises and a shuttle bus runs to the local Harris Teeter supermarket .

Everything good that they say and more, 2011-02-04
Captain: , St. Augustine, FL (215)

Although a 43' sailboat on the Megadock seems like a dingy the staff treated us as if we were a 200 footer. The dock is 3000 ft long which makes the walk to the restrooms over a mile round trip, don't forget anything. Great shuttle service.

Excellent Facilities, 2011-01-26
Captain: , Palm Coast, FL (385)

Very helpful staff and facilities. Showers and head facilities very well maintained and the adjacent Patriots Point makes for a very nice stay.

Would be 5 star, but too far to the bathrooms, 2011-01-10
Captain: , Wilson, NY (432)

We had to lay over here. The docks and facilities here are the best we've seen. The only porblem is if you are less than 50 feet, you'l probably end up on a dock that's a long way from the office and restrooms. It was a 10 minute walk (I timed it) from our boat to the bathrooms. We rode our bikes! It took about half that time to get to shore to walk the dog. We were on X dock (there's a Y and a Z, too).

Everything else about the place was top notch.

A fine marina in a great town, 2010-12-13
Captain: , New York, NY (200)

This is a top-notch marina, if a bit on the expensive side. The big downside is the long walk to the parking lot and dock carts, and if you're not on the main docks, it's an outrageously long walk to the office, showers and restrooms. But the staff is helpful and courteous, and will sometimes give you a lift in a golf cart if they're passing by. Pump out boat costs 5 bucks. Shuttle service is reliable and convenient, and the restaurants in Charleston are almost as good as NYC, if not as numerous.

Best doorstep to Charleston -- Stayed 3 nights, 2010-11-19
Captain: , Miami Beach, FL (87)

Having read about the currents, and being single-handed, I asked for and was given an inside floating dock. It was near the office and thus a quick walk to showers, and to shore. Courtesy shuttle nice convenience since cabs can be expensive. I walked most of the time back and forth to historic district. It's a hike, but such beautiful streets it's a pleasure. Marina has very nice, clean showers. Staff is super friendly and helpful. Only dissapointment for me was the fact they don't sell gas (only diesel). I would absolutely stay here again. Took the courtesy 11am courtesy shuttle to West Marine for a few things. Harris Teeters supermarket next door. Got it all done in one trip and they picked us back up at 12:30. Had friends staying on Megadock at the far end, wow is that a hike.

Charleston Megadock, 2010-11-06
Captain: , Lansdale, PA (330)

After reading the reviews, we reserved a slip on the inside to avoid the wake on the outside of the megadock. The current was strong, so docking the sailboat was a little bit challenging. The docks are in excellent condition, but it's a long walk to the office and showers. The courtesy shuttle worked out okay for transportation. Restaurant was convenient for breakfast.

Very nice but HUGE!, 2010-10-31
Captain: , Point Marina, Whortonsville, NC (506)

Spent two nights here (10/26 & 10/27, 2010). It is a very large marina and at this time of year was nearly full (snowbird season). They put us on the face dock exposed to the current and wakes and a lonnnng walk to the head and shower and charged us the same as the people who were docked protected inside and close to everything. If I stay again it will be by reservation only and then only if I get a good location within their MEGADOCK system.
Marina very good and clean and otherwise fine.

Very nice marina, 2010-10-26
Captain: , Charkeston, SC (22)

Great, full service marina. Excellent breakfast (best in town) at Marina Variety Store, and great drinks and pool tables at Salty Mikes.

Good Stop - Showers & restrooms could use attention, 2010-10-24
Captain: , Lancaster VA (393)

This has been a regular stop for us for over 10 years. The docks are first rate and the staff is always helpful. WiFi access is generally good in my experience. Both the showers and restrooms are nice, but sometimes they are not cleaned often enough for the amount of use they get. Boats less than mega size should be sure not to be on the outside of the megadocks as there is no protection there.

Among the nicest, 2010-05-14
Captain: , Sarasota (1427)

5/14/10 $2/ft $12/50 amp A very fine municipal marina. Have stayed here several times. The dock hands are really great - treated us the same as the mega-yachts, even though our trawler must look like a launch by comparison. The whole facility goes out of their way - the shuttle driver turned around to come pick us up. Only two items of note: 1 you need to arrive at slack tide and get your boat headed outbound at the same time and 2 it is a long walk to land. Free internet, free cable, free shuttle to downtown.

Best Marina in Charleston, 2010-02-24
Captain: , Cresent, Georgia (131)

Excellent Marina. Distance from your dock spot can result in a long hike! Current can make some slips difficult but staff is generally good at providing locations based on your time of stay and requests. If you request a key to the showers, make certain to return it or the marina before departing or they will charge your credit card a $40 fee. (They will refund if you mail the key back.)

top notch marina, 2009-10-28
Captain: , Little River, SC (101)

First class docks. Fuel where you dock. Nice and helpful staff.

Fantastic Marina!!, 2009-08-24
Captain: , Wrightsville Beach, NC (368)

My 46 LOA was dwarfed by huge yachts. Stay on inside of mega-dock for a smoother time. Mobile pump-out service for $5 was a great perk. Wireless access was terrible. Very nice staff, great shuttle to downtown. Got my exercise walking the dog 1/2 mile to shore to go to the bathroom! I would definitley stay here again.

Good stop, but exposed to weather, 2008-09-25
Captain: , Miami, fl (3666)

(may 08) good stop, but outside "mega dock" is very exposed to weather. it's a Loooong walk if you're at the end of the "Megadock."

Top notch marina, 2008-03-31
Captain: , Old Saybrook, CT (1021)

Except for the last 2 miles of the Mega Dock or anywhere on its face in anything smaller that a 200-footer, this is a wonderful place. The restaurant at the next dock is great for breakfast or lunch. The free shuttles will take you virtually anywhere you need to go. Be sure to take a tour trolley or bus!

Dock hands very accommodating, 2008-03-22
Captain: , Mesa AZ (1609)

Free shuttle is great. Stay on inside of Mega Dock in unsettled weather. Easy in & out.

very nice, 2007-11-16
Captain: , fairland (2653)

The staff, especially the office staff can get very busy. But they remain helpful. The mega dock is super easy to get to, however the outside can get bumpy and you may be 1/4 mile from the facilites and nearly 1/2 mile from shore!!

Five stars, 2007-09-11
Captain: , Punta Gorda, FL Cape Cod, MA (513)

This is probably thr best all-around marina we have ever stayed at. Fine facilities, and the floating rest rooms were a real surprise.

Stressed out staff?, 2007-05-01
Captain: , WC CO (177)

I should have read first reviewer comments before I signed in, as none of those services were offered. Staff seemed stressed or of low moral

Better than I thought, 2007-04-14
Captain: , Nashville, TN (21)

From the time you enter the harbor,there is a crew that is terrific. Not only from helping with the landing, helping with the electrical to putting water on the boat, they even have a mobile pump out and no charge. To get to and from town or even to the West Marine store they have a free shuttle. The facilities are terrific.

Exceptional facilities, 2007-03-09
Captain: , MV Red Head (61833)

This is a very high quality marina. We've stayed on their megadock which makes for a very nice and comfortable transient stay. We love Charleston and always stay a few days here. Many restaurants, shops, attractions - it's just a wonderful place. High speed fuel access at the dock. Friendly and helpful dock attendants. It has gotten a little expensive but it's well worth it.

Update for March, 2007 - we stayed here for a few days waiting for weather to clear. The facilities are still as exceptional as ever. The van/shuttle service into town has changed a little but it is still very usable. Don't assume you can come and go as you like with it though. Also, we experienced a fair amount of WiFi problems. They came out and were interested in figuring out the problem and told me that they've been having daily problems since January when they started the free service. I would assume that this will be fixed but it was a little annoying that the throughput would come and go for no aparent reason.

Great Marina but Bumpy, 2007-02-12
Captain: , Stuart,FL Wilmington,NC (53)

This is a great facility but it is pretty bumpy most of the time.
It is just off Charleston Harbor and gets quite rocky from general sea conditions. j If there is any weather at all in the area and you are on the outside dock it can be unbearable. Ashley marina is a bit farther in and sometimes not as bumpy.

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