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Cabbage Key Marina

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Average rating 3.9 stars from 78 reviews

Address PO Box 200
Pineland, FL 33945


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - YES
Other info: Restaurant is a popular lunch stop for the local fishermen. Ferries bring loads of people for lunch, but things get quiet by early afternoon.

VHF channel



Email contact;

Owner, manager



Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


Located on the ICW at Marker G61.





Tide & current additional info


Approach: 7
Transient dockage: 5
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info: Shallow on back docks.

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - NO
Floating - NO
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: 25
Total: 25
Transient price: $1.95/ft (2017-07-25)

Other price info: The electric hook-up was free. S/V Raven.


Transient: 0
Total: 0
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info: 110 and 220 volts.

Pricing info: Included in slip rental.

Cable TV (and pricing)

Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)


Dinghy access

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeNo

Other pet info: Pets are not welcome per the office staff. If you have a dog onboard ask permission to walk after the day visitors leave.

Disability access


Launch service


Pump out



Yes - The ice is not free. You have to get it from the restaurant.


No - You bring it, you take it.


Yes - One men's shower and one women's shower. These are not air-conditioned.


Yes - Only one head per sex in the shower area. If someone is taking a shower, then the head is not available until they are finished. The heads do not offer any paper towels or hand drying equipment.


Yes - Quarters only.


Yes - Snacks



Yes – The restaurant is reported to have great breakfast and is famous for it’s cheeseburger.


Hotels or motels

Yes - Inn and rental cottages.

Repair capabilities


Haul out capabilities


Storage facilities

Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Yes - Local guide available.

Internet access

Yes - Very weak signal on ATT.

Boat ramp availability


Other services


Indian midden and trail. A few kyaks available for daily rental ($60 per day as of May 2017).

Reviews for Cabbage Key Marina
Great to visit for a Cheeseburger but not for an overnight stay, 2017-07-26
Captain: , Tarpon Springs (12)

I think that Cabbage Key is a historical "must see" site for any sailor or boater who wants to get a feel for old Florida. It is conveniently located in the Pine Island Sound, at a great mid-point for people passing up north or down south along the West coast of Florida. However, the facilities for anybody planning to stay overnight, are a bit lacking. I stayed there in late July 2017. Ice is available but you have to get it at the restaurant. The showers and bathrooms are not air conditioned...not sure why not (People, this is Florida and it's hot hot hot). The men's bathroom floods quite a bit when the shower is used. Also, the island will not allow you to drop off any trash. If you come with trash, expect to leave with it. With the exception of staying in one of the on-island guest houses, I would say this Island isn't stay-friendly for boaters passing through. Certainly do stop to eat a Cheeseburger though! Good for lunch or dinner. Also the Cabbage Key Creepers are quite a yummy beverage!

Glad to have gone but will not be back., 2017-07-25
Captain: , Tarpon Springs (67)

Arrived 07/21/17 and left 07/23/17 -S/V Raven out of Tarpon Springs, Fl. Firstly, the staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful. We arrived here based on the historical aspect of it and to have the 'cheeseburger in Paradise'. Not much to do except walk a short nature trail. The cheeseburger was cooked well and was tasty. The bar had good music and drinks were reasonably priced.

The reason for my 3 star rating is mainly due to the restroom facilities. The men's room can only accomondate one person at a time. The shower is in the men's room so if someone is taking a shower, you are S.O.L.. The floor floods in the men's room and has standing water of an inch. There are no paper towels or electric hand dryers so you have to wipe your hands on your shirt or pants. There is only a pedestal sink also, so there is not place, except on the commode, to place your bathroom requirements. Lastly, the restroom is not air conditioned.

As an addendum, the no-seeums will eat you alive....

Lunch visit, 2017-07-24
Captain: , New Port Richey, FL (73)

Friendly people. Arrived in 54 ft. boat and was unsure about space. Turned out to be no problem. Food was great although there was a limited menu when we arrived (4pm) Need to arrive before 3p, or after 6pm to get the full menu. Will go back.

cabbage key overpriced, 2017-07-05
Captain: , Key Largo (5457)

Ok,, not great docks, and nothing there but the resturant. No fries, and just ok overpriced cheesburgers.You should go if you haven't been. You can dock for free for lunch or dinner. Exposed marina. Unuseable wifi, laundry broke, gift shop way overpriced, no water, no trash. not much here.

Absolutely Beautiful!, 2017-06-17
Captain: , Naples (70)

This is a great stop outside Captiva! It is a great little protected marina and the dockmaster was a fantastic help. If you are staying overnight, do not get there until at least 1500!! I think the entire local boating community eats lunch there. We were told that on a big weekend they will serve over 800 meals at lunch! We arrived at 1500 and saw a stream of boats leaving. Water depth was no problem. We never saw less tha 6'. The island and the facility are beautiful and all the staff make you feel at home. The food was a little expensive on the dinner menu but was to die for!! A must stop if you avoid lunchtime!!

Interesting place to visit, 2017-06-14
Captain: , High Springs, FL (848)

We stayed two nights. After tying up the first night the "dock master" had us untie and move the boat back about 5 feet to make room for the anticipated lunch crowd. When I asked what type of crowd they get on a Tuesday during the off season he couldn't really tell me. By my count there were only three other boats that arrived not including the larger tourist ferry.

It would have been much easier just to leave us where we were than to have to untie and resecure everything which now included having to add additional electrical cords to reach the outlets.

Dinner was good but pricey but that was expected.

Interesting Stop!, 2017-05-30
Captain: , Bradenton, Florida (107)

We spent the night of 5/25/'17 at the Marina, our 3rd stay over the last 10 years, and thoroughly enjoyed our too brief visit. The Harbor Master, Jeff, can be a little crusty and abrupt after 11 years on the Island, but he's a actually a good sort and reallly works his butt off dealing with all the boats and day trippers that come to the island each day, so take him with a grain of salt. We timed our arrival for just after 1500, mandatory because of the lunch rush, and had no difficulty getting in and secured. As noted by others, the restaurant is not inexpensive but the food is great and the portions quite large. We especially liked the breakfast offerings the next AM, again very large, and would have liked to have stayed longer. Access at mid-tide was good and we saw no less than about 8' of water going in, favoring the south side of the channel. Having ones's own dinghy or kyaks is necessary to visit the surrounding area and Cayo Costa as there are only a few kyaks available for rental and are somewhat costly, hence only 4 stars (for us!). We'll be back.

You can't come ashore!, 2017-05-07
Captain: , Apollo Beach (10)

Sailed to Cabbage Key with friends and relatives who were excited and hungry to experience this place.
Dockmaster came out on the dock and told us we were not allowed to come ashore because they were closed for a fishing tournament. Several other cruisers in the anchorage were also turned away. Very disappointed, thought this was a cruiser friendly destination.

Quirkly little resaurant and bar accessible from the anchorage, 2017-04-23
Captain: , St Petersburg (140)

We draw too much (6'9") to get into this dock but we anchored over by Useppa and dinghied over. There is plenty of room for dinghies and we were made very welcome by the staff at the inn.

Gotta Try it Once, 2017-04-20
Captain: , Lighthouse Point Fla. (114)

Found ourselves cruising by at lunch time so what the heck, let's see what the buzz is about. Radioed the dockmaster (who was running around trying to serve a bunch of boats) who directed us to stern into a small slip but when he saw a dinghy on our stern immediately went to an end dock and got us landed in spite of a stubborn current and wind situation so no complaints from here. Burger was wonderful as advertised. The Admiral had the grilled Mahi over black beans and rice and was impressed. A fun, charming spot.

Great over night, 2017-04-06
Captain: , Sand Key, Florida (30)

You could probably spend a nice quiet day here too. The inn serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Completely isolated with no vehicular access, so it's quiet as can be. Good food and friendly service... although the dock hand was sub-par (actually kind of annoying). $78 for the night with 2-30 Amp outlets. Hope to come back again.

Don't miss Cabbage Key!, 2017-02-01
Captain: , Lake Burton, GA (150)

Stopped here instead of Boca Grande, glad I did. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. It was the middle of the week so the docks were not crowded. The scenery and food were great. Approach is well marked from the GIWW. Unique and laid back. Will definitely return.

Malcolm Douglas, Atlanta
"Burnin' Daylight"

what's all the hype?, 2017-01-26
Captain: , Spruce Head (582)

Greeted abruptly by the contract Harbor master, "no dinghies, go to the beach". We were dressed for a nice meal, not wading ashore. Once in the restaurant we were welcomed and served by very professional and courteous staff. The $9.00 burger is now $11.50 with slaw or potato salad and only available medium or well. The lunch menu was limited. Nice walk around the little nature trail. This was our destination for the day and it was not worth stopping.

Great place, 2017-01-19
Captain: , Punta Gorda, FL (82)

We love visiting here for lunch. I don't get the reviews complaining about the price of the food and the dockmaster. The food is very good and priced similarly to local restaurants that have a lot less character. The service has always been very cordial, and the waits even during rush hour aren't bad considering the crowds that show up. The dockmaster is extremely helpful and skilled at handling lines. If he is a little irritated sometimes, it's from having to deal with large numbers of weekend warriors who have no idea how to put their deck boat in a slip.

Almost Completely meh, 2017-01-01
Captain: , Ocean Springs MS (1454)

Not sure why this place is famous, except for the brilliance of its marketing. Phenomenally overpriced small portions of food and drink. The hamburger is all bun and no meat.

The island itself is scenic, so walk the trail, look at the interesting plants and cool tortoises, and skip the bar/grill.

Captain: , Cape Coral, FL (396)

Tidal current can fool you!

Got Into trouble ... Wind out of the south ... Current pushed me south. My mistake! We won't say more.

Lunch time is a zoo! If you want to stay overnight, come after 4:00 PM. Good anchorage across from Chanel entrance to wait. As I said ... Watch tidal currents.

Nice nature trail ... Water tower is open to climb. DON'T DRINK THE WATER.

If I go back it will be by dinghy!

Nice mangrove cay, 2016-03-30
Captain: , YORKTOWN, VA (383)

This is over rated unless you have never seen a mangrove cay. Food is fair but over priced. Marina is fine but dock master is a pain but considered colorful by some. A place you may want to visit once.

Nice little place and good restaurant, 2016-02-27
Captain: , Sunset Beach, NC (1146)

This is a pretty fancy resort it seems, with some bungalows and a very nice restaurant. When we made a dinner reservation the waitress already knew our names when we got there, but then again there was only one other couple dining that night. The marina is just a fixed dock, nothing fancy, but the ambiance of the place is what we were there for. I'll probably skip this in favor of Cayo Costa state park which is just as lovely.

Quiet Stop and Great Restaurant, 2016-01-28
Captain: , Fort Monroe, VA (949)

Spent one night as we headed to the Keys. Called the day previous for a slip and they were able to accomodate my 45'length/5' draft. Was asked not to arrive until after 3 PM due to the boats from the lunch crowd. Easy, well marked fairway off ICW never saw less than 6' at mid tide. Dock had one water source, but sample before putting in your tanks as the well water is an acquired taste. Staff was present on dock and assisted tie up and 50amp power plugin. Had several small boats come in for dinner but after dark the marina was not affected by wakes from the ICW. Restaurant served great meals, a bit pricy but that is the what you pay for old Florida ambience. Lack of pumpout, trash drop-off, no fuel, no maintenance keeps this at a three star. But if you want a quiet night after a great meal and the chance to put your $1 bill on the ceiling, this is a great stop.

Great Restaurant and history, 2016-01-12
Captain: , Grand Rivers, Ky (2206)

Rode dinghy from Punta Blanca Island for lunch. Reports of $70,000 of dollar bills taped to the ceiling and walls. This is a must stop.

Great bar and restuarant and the Island isn't bad either., 2015-12-22
Captain: , Kemah, TX (230)

Been here twice in the last month and anchored off the ICW closer to Useppa. Yes it can be a bit more rolly due to ICW wakes but it's not bad. Cabbage is a step back in time. Just avoid the noon time boat that brings in all the tourists, if you can. The food is good and even the breakfast is good. You could easily get lost for 3-4 hours at the bar here. Ask me how I know.

Nice stop to see "unspoiled" Florida, 2015-09-27
Captain: , Nashville, TN (320)

We just stopped here last week on our way up to St. Pete. Draw five feet and had no trouble coming in. We did have water on the main dock closest to the store. It's only one small spigot but it was ample enough to fill tanks.

Price posted here is 1.85 per foot but we were charged 1.95. She said, "It just went up."

No trash diosposal or shopping for supplies but the restaurant was nice and the bar was great. Beautiful scenery and trails.

Lovely place to step back in time and relax for a day or two. The food was excellent and Rachel our barteneder makes one of the best martini's you'll ever have.

Beautiful Place, 2015-09-08
Captain: , portland or (211)

Stopped at Cabbage Key on the way to the Keys. Plenty of depth coming in and at dock - we draft 6 feet. Restaurant was nice, good food. A little pricey - but no more than other places in Florida. There is a nice walking trail to stretch your legs. But... no grocery, no pump out and no water. Showers were just fine. Very quiet place in the off season. Would stay there again for sure.

Good Food Friendly Servicw, 2015-08-18
Captain: , Jacksonville (290)

Great food. the restaurant staff was friendly. the Dock Master was prompt and very helpful.

Fresh Grouper, 2015-08-05
Captain: , Bradenton, FL (90)

Our meal of fresh grouper in a roasted red pepper sauce was the best meal we've had in a month of traveling the waterway. Matt, our server, made great recommendations. Not usually known for its food, this was a great meal.

Give the galley wench a break, 2015-03-23
Captain: , Kingston, ON (260)

Tasty but overpriced cheeseburgers and beverages. Interesting reading all the notes on the walls. We ate beside Jimmy Carter's plaque. Kids loved observing the turtles. Nature trail is a good way to stretch legs. We arrived by dinghy at 1:30 pm on a Tuesday, and the place was crawling with people. There was a waiting line for docks, and a 30 minute wait at the restaurant. Definitely worth trying at least once.

Great Stop For Lunch!, 2015-01-05
Captain: , Middle River, MD (53)

Stopped in for lunch, saw Gopher Tortoises near the resturant off the nature trail. Nature trail is a nice short walk around the island. We showed up around 11am, and that seemed like the perfect timing. Around noon all the slips were full, and boats lined up in the narrow channel waiting for a slip, so show up sooner than later!

great lunch. , 2014-12-23
Captain: , Chapin, South Carolina (410)

Great place to stop if you haven't been. Enjoyed the lunch. No services at Marina. Dock hands very helpful. Also good place to walk

Nice lunch, excellent scenery, 2014-11-23
Captain: , Elberta (87)

As expected, this restaurant is a little pricey...all provisions arrive by boat...but not outrageous. Limited menu with entres generally around $8 to $15. They open at 11 for lunch which is just about the time the excursion boats arrive. We arrived around 10:40am, took the short nature trail walk and got back just in time to grab a seat in the outdoor patio overlooking the bay/marina.

Fun and crazy place, 2014-06-25
Captain: , Fort Myers, FL (70)

CK is a fun place to hang out and people watch. It gets VERY busy at lunch time so be prepared for a large crowd and the crazyness that can ensue. By mid afternoon everything calms down and nights are typically quiet. Arrive after lunch and leave before 11 AM if you want to avoid the crowds.

No trash disposal at the marina!

What a ride, 2014-04-17
Captain: , mound (277)

This was years ago but just now have found this site - Minnesotan boater that rented a deck boat and headed out to Cabbage Key - it was truly an eventful 4 hours, staff, food and experencie was a blust cannot wait to relocate to the great sushine state and explorer all the coast has to offer.

nice island , 2014-04-02
Captain: , Wickford, RI (1007)

Roberto and Maria
Kadey Krogen, 48'

Took the dinghy in to visit and tour. Very nice interesting island. Had lunch, the smoked salmon so very good.
Their "famous" cheese burger....average at best. Nothing special at all.
Now I really doubt that it was the inspiration for Jimmy Buffets's song. Overall a good place to stop and visit.

Unique place to visit, 2014-01-09
Captain: , St. Paul, MN (11)

This is a must stop for those who seek paths less traveled. The food was wonderful....their smoked salmon is the best we have ever had!! Very nice people on a very charming island......even the ducks were friendly! And just as others had commented, Jeff was very helpful at the dock.

Cabbage Key, 2013-11-24
Captain: , Orange Beach, AL (356)

Accessible by boat only, so fun adventure. Easy to follow markers in. Listen to Dockmaster Jeff...this is his marina, and he'll take care of you! Treat him with the respect he deserves!

Pleasant bar and restaurant. Nice walk to the water tower. And if you have a small dinghy or kayaks, ask about the mangrove tunnel. It's worth the time...there's a pleasant surprise at the end.

*Use bug spray or long pants.

Pricey for what you get, 2013-11-03
Captain: , Ft. Myers Fl (230)

Nice, but not quite up to the hype. Call on VHF 16 even on slow days. well marked channel entrance off of the ICW. Climb the tower, stay overnight in their cabin or on your boat. Showers available.

A must stop, 2013-07-29
Captain: , Indian Rocks Beach (296)

Great restaurant with historical buildings. There was lots of help tieing up, even with a big week day lunch crowd. Over night stays are available on the docks with electricity and showers. Warning - the bugs are bad after dusk. Also, there is a family of otters that live nearby who will ransack your boat if they think there is something in it they might want.

Great lunch for families and company, 2013-05-11
Captain: , Punta Gorda, Fl (960)

We have cruised to Cabbage Key several times. Go early if you want to dock for lunch--in high season this is a very popular place. Try to beat the excursion boats that arrive about 11:15. Eat on patio or inside. Limited menu, but very tasty--burgers, fish, shrimp. They warn you not to drink the (well)water and it is true. Order soda or bottle water. Good place for families--ducks, egret, dophin, climb the tower. Rental homes available.Docking can be tricky but nice person there to help--call as you are entering the channel. Cruising groups welcome

Unique Marina, 2013-04-03
Captain: , Anna Maria, FL (165)

Cabbage Key is well known and popular marina. The channel is well marked, I found the dock master to be knowledgeable and helpful. The restaurant and bar are excellent, and the island is fun to explore. Last time there I only made a lunch stop. Friends who had spent the night said they had a rocky night in a NW wind.

Cabbage Key for Dinner, 2013-01-21
Captain: , Orlando, FL (275)

Stopped at the restaurant for dinner. Dockhand was helpful and friendly. Restaurant staff was very nice and food was great. Nice patio to enjoy a drink before dinner. Cabbage Key signature cocktail was tasty. Stay in channel on enter and exit. We left after dark and hit a spot 2' just outside the channel. We anchored after dinner directly across from restaurant at south west end of Useppa island and had a quiet night.

Very special place, 2013-01-19
Captain: , Spring Lake, MI (379)

This small key is a special place. Docks look small but hold a lot of boats. The dock master is extremely helpful and did a masterful job of guiding us in and tying us up in strong winds. The Inn, with dollar bills, is unique and there are cottages as well. A trail with markers winds around the key. There is a great place to take your dink to get to the gulf beach. We had one of the best meals on our entire trip here. Highly recommended. PS, there is a lack of water on this key which explains not having it at every slip.

Seriously Misled - No Potable Water, 2013-01-15
Captain: , Rising Sun, DE (210)

Neither the ad in the Waterway Guide nor the office person who took our reservation mentioned that there is only one slip at Cabbage that has water at the utility pedestal or within several hundred feet of most slips. At the very least, the office person should ask if you need water, particularly if they don't have it. They always ask 30 or 50 amp?

Chrismas at cabbage key, 2012-12-25
Captain: , Punta gorda, Fl (10)

12/25/12 S/V Katie Rose We,ve spent 3 nights here and were treated wonderfully, allowed to stay in the bar all afternoon and evening watching football and no one bugged us to buy anything. Enjoyed the free wifi and the amazing view from the top of the tower. Docking service was outstanding, all employees very cheerful and helpful.

One of a kind, 2012-12-19
Captain: , Athens, AL (641)

Cabbage Key is really unique, should not be missed. Walk the trail, climb the lighthouse, check out the 50K worth of dollar bills on the walls and ceiling at the restaurant.

They must have a new dockmaster, seems like his name is Kevin. Regardless, he was very helpful to us. His initial assignment was not going to allow us to drop the dinghy so we asked for a different slip and he put us on one of the side-tie 60-ft slips. He seemed to handle the Sunday afternoon lunch crowd just fine. We wanted to dinghy over to the beach at Cayo Costa and we asked for a good access point from the east side. He told us about a really neat spot in the mangrove that was a little hard to find but worked out great once we did.

We used to anchor here over by Usseppa when we lived in FMY 20 years ago. Nothing has changed and it shouldn't - just a little gem for you to enjoy.

love old florida style, 2012-12-06
Captain: , st petersburg, fl (96)

Always a great stop for a bite to eat. Atmosphere is terrific and the views cant be beat. Don't miss this place when on the ICW. Kudos to Bryan behind the bar and the waitstaff for another great time.

Unique old Fl experience if you can get in., 2012-11-28
Captain: , Sarasota, Fl (168)

This isn't the spot to be uptight and with a busy lunch crowd during high season it can get nutz. Go mid/late afternoon or well after dinner. The dock master is very good at shuffling the tourist crowd and the ambiance is truly hypnotic when it's quieter.

A Must Stop!, 2012-09-27
Captain: , Charlottetown, PEI, Canada (247)

Reminds me of the the Islands. Very laid back, friendly Dockmaster and the bartender was fun and entertaining. Would definitly return.

Don't miss it..., 2012-05-27
Captain: , Treasure Island, FL (375)

A definite don't miss stop. We did not stay overnight but went for the food and atmosphere. Contrary to other reviews here, we found the dock master to be extremely professional and he managed the large influx of boats very well.

We both had outstanding meals and good beverages. The wait staff is very outgoing and friendly. Lots of animal experiences...sea otters (watch your coolers), tortoises and birds. Will definitely return.

Old Florida Charm, Excellent Food, Wonderful Staff, 2012-05-23
Captain: , St. Petersburg, Fl (264)

Small, quaint marina with fixed wooden docks, on a private island. It is an absolutly idyllic place. I have been going there for years. The Inn was built by the mystery writer Mary Higgins Clark. They have rooms in the inn and wonderful little cabin for rent, some with docks. Slip rates are reasonable, the restuarnt a bit pricey but excellent food. They do a huge volume of business, 500 to 700 lunches a day, many coming in on small boats. Jeff the Dockmaster is not unfriendly, but he gets a little stressed and does not suffer fools (and he is often surrounded by them) in his quest to maintain control on busy days. Don't take him personally, just have a drink on the patio and watch the show, when he is not yelling at YOU, you will find him incredibly compitent and very entertaining. Cabbage Key is not to missed.

Great Stop and stay over, 2012-03-02
Captain: , St. Louis, MO (829)

The marina and dock have plenty of water (7' MLW) and the resturant is legendary in service, quality and taste. I have to disagree with other reviewers concerning the dockmaster. 500 people a day come and go from this place each day and he does a good job of juggling people coming in for a few hours and for the night. Perhaps they have someone new now... but.. Following his directions keeps the place working smoothly... not following directions leads to mayhem. So give the guy a break.

A great lunch stop, 2012-01-19
Captain: , Cape Coral, FL (334)

I lost track of the number of times we have stopped in for lunch. I bet I (or our guests) have $30.00 on the wall. I was told Jimmy Buffett wrote Cheeseburger in Paradise here. After lunch there is a great nature hike. You can also climb up the water tower for some great views.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly, 2012-01-03
Captain: , Punta Gorda, FL. (251)

The food at Cabbage Key is wonderful. The Dockmaster is incompetent in helping you dock. He pulled my bow in so tight the he rubbed my varnished handrail against the beat up pilings. He doesn't respect the vessels he docks. You're better off not throwing him a line. I do know all they want is your money. I will not go back.

The best of times... The worst of times, 2012-01-02
Captain: , Montreal (152)

Setting and maintenance... SPECTACULAR... 5 stars
Food... SUPERB... 5 stars
Marina... ABOVE AVERAGE... 5 stars
Service... IMPECCABLE... except for the
Dockmaster. Jeff was pompous, obnoxious, and incompetent throughout our short stay. On departure he insisted on "helping" and released our bow line in a 20kt crosswind before the captain had even gotten to the helm.
Restaurants and marinas have to be the 2 hardest businesses in the world to run well... These people have gotten it right... except for Jeff. His presence eclipses 3 of their 5 stars. Hope they fix this so we can return one day.

GREAT STOP, 2011-11-28
Captain: , Annapolis, MD (343)

Visited for the first time on 11/26. Dockage with a 44' boat was a little tight but we made out alright. No water at the dock. Resturant food was very good as was the service. I will return.

cabbage key, 2011-11-23
Captain: , Nokomis Florida (70)

dock master is only looking for tips. Restaurant was fair, service was good.

Happy to be back, 2011-09-27
Captain: , Englewood, FL (21)

This was my first visit after a 12 year hiatus from boating. Other than a few staff changes, it was as wonderful as I remembered. The dollar bill collection has grown out into the dining room. The new dockmaster and staff were very nice. Dinner was excellent.

Very tranquil, 2011-08-01
Captain: , Hudson (274)

You can only reach it by water so it is peaceful. The food is great and the people are so friendly. They have several cabins for rent and also rooms at the Inn are available if you want a night off the boat.

Nice Stop 1/30/2011, 2011-05-02
Captain: , Knapps Narrows Md (450)

Nice place to stop for a good dinner and restful night. The view from the water tower is great. Nice nature walk and good food and drinks in the restaurant.
Water is scarce so don't plan on filling tanks or washing boat. Power was available. Very nice staff.

Unique....., 2011-04-15
Captain: , Sebastian FL (152)

We planned to stay overnight and got to the area early, around 1pm. The docks were packed with boats, so we cut to the east and anchored for a few hours until some cleared out. Even tho we did not eat at the restaurant, we really enjoyed the nature walk and sunset from the water tower. Shouldn't be missed.

Fun place., 2011-04-11
Captain: , Overland Park, Kansas (12)

Great out of the way place to have a great meal with friendly service. Plan ahead for lunch or dinner as they may be busy on weekends.

Very Nice Old Florida, 2011-04-03
Captain: , Roswell, GA (467)

We enjoyed our overnight stay. Next time we plan to stay a little longer to walk the nature trails and see a little more of the island. Dinner at their restaurant was good. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

Busy Lunch Stop, 2011-03-27
Captain: , Port Dover ON Canada (65)

Stopped here for lunch at 1130. Significant boat traffic, vessels of all shapes and sizes (up to 60' the day we were there). One dockmaster-line-catcher who was extremely busy and at the same time helpful. An hour wait for lunch which was OK given the scenery and activity. Food was good, whole experience was better.

Nice One-Night Stop in February, 2011-03-13
Captain: , Woodstock, GA (10)

Lunchtime at Cabbage Key is crowded with tour boats bringing in loads of guests along with boats of every size and style. Usually the docks are full during lunch so the Dock Master prefers boaters with plans to spend the night to arrive after 2pm when the lunch crowd has mostly left. In fact, the gift store closes around 3 or 3:30pm. The dockmaster is an interesting character, a little crusty (probably because we came in before 2pm) but friendly too and he knows what he's doing when he directs boats into various slips.

There is no fresh water, only power available on the docks. Not a big problem, unless like us, your fresh water pump isn't working.

After the lunch crowd left, it was very quiet and, in fact, we were the only boat that stayed the night, although several boats came in for dinner. There are two bathrooms with showers and only one washer/dryer. Pets are not welcome on land.

The restaurant is mainly known for its cheeseburgers at lunch but you can get other items like seafood, etc. However, at dinner it transforms into a wonderful fine-dining experience - even though the walls are covered in dollar bills.

Oh yeah, be sure to climb the water tower to watch the sunset. Amazing view!

All in all, we enjoyed our stay and would definitely stay again.

Cabbage Key, 2011-02-05
Captain: , World (1151)

Passed through here in 2008 with Tracey Dell. It was an outstanding first stop on our way to Charleston. The restaurant is full of charm and whole experience makes what ever they serve delicious (absolutely try the Key Lime pie, we ate one there and took one to go).

A quaint Island, 2011-01-28
Captain: , Buffalo (1154)

This place looks like a Caribbean Island, no cars, trails through the mangrove bush, and an excellent restaurant. The marina is small with fixed wooden docks. A very enjoyable overnight stop

Very Nice Surprise, 2010-05-04
Captain: , Port Aransas, Texas (998)

Great history, very nice harbor master and an excellent stop for the night. Restaurant was outstanding and the scenery along the nature trail is a good example of mangroves. Very quiet and relaxing

Cabbage Key, 2010-02-07
Captain: , tarpon springs (80)

Great food nice people stayed across icw went by dink nice deck hand loaned tools had problem with motor

Nice Lunch Destination, 2009-12-26
Captain: , Dallas, TX (726)

Dockmaster was very encouraging as I put a 14'6" beam in a 15' wide slip, reading the other reviews he has a habit of his. The cheeseburgers were OK, but you know what they say about location, location, location. Cant think of a nicer place to have a cheeseburger.

Nice reminder of civilization, 2009-11-12
Captain: , Ft. Myers Beach (263)

Cabbage Key is a great place to stop, especially if you've been anchoring out for a while. Most people seem to come by dinghy. Just park it on the eastern side of the dock. You'll see dinghys and kayaks pulled up on shore.
Restaurant is reasonably priced and the food is good. They also have a full bar, and sell ice and cigarettes.

Tranquility, 2009-06-07
Captain: , Nashville (260)

Helpful dockmaster
Friendly seasonal inhabitants
Good restaurant (great cheeseburgers, good brkfst)
Quiet and private

Cabbage Key, 2009-05-19
Captain: , Bonita Springs (484)

Best in the evening as it can be busy at lunch with day trippers and tour boats. Rooms for rent for those inclined. Anchor across the ICW as mentioned before. A piece of old Florida.

A must-stop, 2009-05-07
Captain: , Annapolis, MD (40)

This place is a one-of-a-kind. Beautiful, fun, good food

Good lunch spot, 2009-04-22
Captain: , Sarasota (411)

Great anchorage at the end of their channel just accross the ICW.

Cabbage Key, 2009-04-04
Captain: , Sarasota, Ft. Lauderdale (643)

Fun place. Can be buggy certain times of the year.

Cheese burger in paradise!!, 2009-03-31
Captain: , greencovesprings, fla. (279)

Freindly staff at the restaurant. If you are really hunger the lunchtime cheese burger to really make your tummy happy. But, no French Fries to put ketchup on, just coleslaw or potatoe salad. Rumor has Buffett played here in his early days????? Kelvin the dockmaster knows how to make rookie boat drivers feel comfortable. It was very entertaing watching the lunch rush coming in with their rental boats

Jeff, 2009-03-24
Captain: , New Rochelle, NY (1000)

This place is great. Jeff the dockmaster makes you feel like a master mariner, Nemo the manager makes you feel like a king. The grounds are very simply natural.

Great table service, 2008-03-23
Captain: , Saint Cloud, Florida (108)

Considering how quickly the restaurant filled. It was around 11:20 am and the restaurant open for lunch patrons. Dining area (back porch atmosphere) in the midst of a canopied jungle was breathtakingly beautiful. Simply gorgeous. Our lunch (cheesburger in paradise) arrived reasonably quick with fries and mustard-style potatoe salad. My wife had sweet tea and I a couple of Bud Lites in a bottle. The waiter was great and brought us some tape and a pen to assist us in making up our own dollar bill to place on the walls inside the restaurant.. We chose a place above the piano in the living room area adjacent the bar. The waiter sold us on a piece of old Florida-style Key Lime pie. Best I have ever had! Wife and I had to share a slice as we were very full from the lunch order. Afterwords we took a stroll of the 10 acre island along a nature path and saw a big box turtle and climbed to the top of an old wooden water tower. What a beautiful view.

Good Food and nice people, 2008-01-21
Captain: , Kansas City (71)

Dropped in during low season. Some toured the garden but I chose to drink rum with the fishing guides at the bar. We were all friends. Dinner was excellent.

why the cheeseburgers are so good, 2007-11-21
Captain: , ft myers beach (790)

- cause you are so hungry by the time they arrive anything would be great! agree, burgers are ok. supposedly, this is where Buffet got his idea for "Cheeseburger in Paradise" from --- amazing, I think I had a cheeseburger in Maui at the place that made the same claim, and then there was the burger in ...

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