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Marathon City Marina (at Boot Key Harbor)

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Address 800 35th St, Ocean
Marathon, FL 33050


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - NO
Municipal - YES
Other - NO


You are NOT allowed to leave your boat unattended at the marina.

VHF channel



Email contact;

Owner, manager


Sean Cannon


Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

All major credit cards.

Payment discounts


Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info: The marina is closed on major holidays. No one answers VHF 16 or the telephone number to assign moorings. Check the marina website for a list of the closures. Just anchor for the night or you may call a day before the holiday and ask for a mooring assignment in advance.


Access to the harbor is provided by two inlets from the Atlantic Ocean. The west entrance is generally considered the main entrance and has a controlling depth of 6' MLW (mean low-water), as does the rest of the channel within the harbor.

To the south lies Sister Creek which meanders from the Atlantic Ocean into Boot Key Harbor. At a depth of 4.2' MLW, this inlet is popular with smaller or shallow-draft vessels.





Tide & current additional info


Approach: 10
Transient dockage: 10
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info: No fuel dock on site.

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - YES
Floating - YES
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - YES
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: 55
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: 14
Total: 14
Transient price: $2.25/ft (2017-02-05)

Other price info: May 1 - October 31:
$2.25 per foot per day.
$12.75 per foot per week.
$14.50 per foot per month.

November 1 - April 30:
$19.75 per foot per month.

Plus tax.

Includes access to showers and one pump out per week.

Vessels wishing to dock in the City marina canal must contact the marina upon entry into Boot Key Harbor. Dockage is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis; there are no reservations. If all dockage is occupied, or a vessel is too large for the space available, customers may place their name on a waiting list by coming in-person to the Marina office. Assignments will be based on dockage availability and vessel length. Insurance coverage of at least $300,000 is required for overnight dockage in the City marina canal.


Transient: 226
Total: 226
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: Moorings are $22 per day, $110 per week, $300 per month. All plus tax.

Moorings are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis; there are no reservations. If all mooring balls are occupied, customers may place their name on a waiting list by coming in-person to the marina office. Vessels will be assigned based on mooring availability and vessel length. 211 moorings have a maximum vessel length of 45 feet, while 15 moorings allow for vessels up to 60 foot.

City owned mooring field, dinghy docks, and nearby park.

Mooring price includes a weekly pump out, use of the dinghy dock, parking for one vehicle (no trailers or RVs), bicycle parking tags, and use of the showers.

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info: 110/220 volts.

Pricing info: $6 per day for 50 amp; $4 per day for 30 amp.
$16 per week for 50 amp; $10 per week for 30 amp.
$65 per month for 50 amp; $45 per month for 30 amp.

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)

Yes - Filtered water is available at $0.05 per gallon at the marina dock after obtaining docking permission from the office. Filtered water is also available from the same machine that dispenses ice.

Dinghy access

Yes - Floating dinghy dock with segregated hard and soft dinghies.

Dinghy dockage is available at the north end of the City marina canal and south of the City marina building. There is a signpost indicating separate areas for hard and soft dinghies. Painters must be 4 to 6 feet in order maximize dockage capacity. A section of the north dock has been marked as accessible for disabled boaters regardless of dinghy type. if you are not disabled, please refrain from using this space unless no other is available. Use of the dinghy dock is free for mooring ball customers. Canal dockage customers keep thier dinghies with their docked vessels. All dinghy dock users must register at the marina office and receive a tag that must be displayed on the vessel at all times.

There is a fee for the dinghy dock package if you are not on a mooring:

Monthly is $225, weekly is $85, daily is $22.

Note: The marina does NOT have a "shore access" rate. All prices listed above are for a liveaboard package, which include the following: weekly pumpout, use of shower / laundry facilities, bicycle parking, parking for one vehicle, acess to dumpsters & free marine recycling (oil, oil filters & rags, fuel, coolant, and batteries), and use of lounge / library / grounds. Boaters seeking shore access only should utilize one of the private marinas in the harbor.

Liveaboard info

Yes - Full time liveaboards only are allowed at the docks, on the moorings, and in the City managed anchorage. There is no wet storage allowed.


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Yes - Cylinder exchange is available at Home Depot. Cylinder fill at Chevron or Amerigas 1/4 mile north on bayside of Hwy 1.

Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info: Pet walk area with plastic glove dispenser, and several different treats to choose from at the front desk.

Disability access

Yes - Boot Key Harbor City Marina strives to ensure that all of our guests are able to enjoy the use of our facilities. Where feasible, modifications have been made to physical access-barriers inherent in our pre-1992 structures. Equivalent facilitation will be provided to address other barriers and allow for equal access to all of our services. Marina staff members are always available to assist our customers with disabilities.

Launch service

No - Water taxi service closed down in 2008.

Pump out

Yes - Included in the mooring price. A pump out boat is scheduled when you arrive.

All marina customers receive one free holding tank pump out per week. Vessels on mooring balls will be assigned a specific pump out day upon arrival. Additional mobile pump outs can be scheduled for $5 any weekday by contacting the marina office at least a day in advance. Same-day service can only be done at the marina dock in the afternoons during the week, or during business hours on the weekend. There is a $5 for dockside pump outs as well. Vessels must call ahead before approaching the dock.


Yes - Ice is from a vending machine available 24/7. $2.00 for 8 lbs. No block ice. The machine accepts cash only in $1, $5, or silver change denominations.




Yes - Use included in dock or mooring fee.




Yes - Get a chargable card from the marina front desk to use on machines - 7 washers, 8 dryers. $3 per load for washer and $3 per load for dryer. Any unused money left on card will be credited to your account for your next visit or can be bought out by another boater, as the marina does not issue refunds.


Yes - Snacks onsite, groceries at Publix, 1 mile north on Rt 1.


Yes - West Marine is a short walk west. Home Depot is a short walk east reported to carry a little more stainless hardware than you'd find at most other ones.


No - Several nearby within walking distance, many more accessible with a $5 cab ride. Key Fisheries is across Rt 1 on the bay side for both a restaurant and fish market. Sushi and stone crab (during season) are also available there.

Lobster House
3660 Overseas Hwy
Marathon, FL 3305
Great steak and seafood house. Extensive menu. Everything from lobster tails to hamburgers, $$. Doesn't look like much from the outside but great inside, quite large too. Straight across the street from the marina.

The American Legion is a short walk from the city marina, friendly local atmosphere. Serves lunches and dinners.
4115 Overseas Hwy
Marathon FL 33050


Yes - Nearby, within walking distance are Keys Fisheries and Florida Keys Steak and Lobster House.

Hotels or motels

Yes - Nearby

Repair capabilities

No - No repairs on site. Marathon Boat Yard is a full service facility. It is next door to West Marine.

Haul out capabilities


Storage facilities


Fishing supplies

Yes - Several stores in the area.

Chartering capabilities

No - Charters available in other local marinas, but not at the municipal marina. Several available for scuba diving or fishing.

Internet access

Yes - Free WiFi in the marina lounge. Excellent ATT 3G signal and Verizon LTE at 30 Bps. 2016

Boat ramp availability



Yes - Taxi: Key Hopper 305-393-0146 ($5 for local stops): Keys Shuttle 305-289-9997 Shuttle to Miami ($80) or Ft. Lauderdale ($90) Airports.

Car rental available at Marathon Airport, Avis, Enterprise. Enterprise will deliver the vehicle to the marina.

Bicycle and kayak rentals are available through Wheels To Go, and are delivered and picked up from the marina upon request.

Other services

Can rent an area to do maintenance on your boat gear or dinghies, etc. The marina accepts used oil, diesel, gasolne, antifreeze, and oil filters for recycling at no charge.


CruiserNet on channel 68 every morning at 9 am. Next to park.

Reviews for Marathon City Marina (at Boot Key Harbor)
A Great, Protected Anchorage and Marina, 2017-05-10
Captain: , Portland, Oregon (576)

We stayed on a mooring ball for six days and were quite satisfied with the stay. The marina has a very large building used as a common room for boaters with TV viewing areas, a large book exchange, and tables to use for computers or just reading. There is no wifi in the mooring field which is a big disadvantage but it is so large it would probably not be possible to cover the whole area.

Good place for long termers , 2017-03-29
Captain: , Poughkeepsie, NY (6077)

This is a mooring community. Boaters stay here for many months during the winter, so much so that there's a waiting list that can reach over 50 boats during peak times during January and February plus a couple of weeks either way. So if you arrive then, be prepared to anchor in a very crowded anchorage area, it will be tight! Beware of wind changes during the night due to tight quarters, you'll be up watching your boat and others. On the other hand, having a mooring is fine if you can get one.

The showers could use an upgrade (just concrete floors, no bench) but the facilities are otherwise good. They now have 8 washers and 8 dryers but at an outrageous price of $3/load! the highest price I've ever seen in a marina from Key West to Maine (even Key West Bight Marina is only $1.50/load for commercial grade washer/dryers). To make matters worse, the machines don't use quarters, just cards that require preloading of credits and if you don't use all the credits - you're stuck with losing the money since they do not refund unused dollars (why???) and - you can't keep the cards for your next visit. If you get the minimum dollars loaded and you find the dryer needs another spin, everybody waits in line for your dryer (there's always a line) as you trudge back to the office to load more credits, not good.

This is one of the few places I've ever seen with enough dinghy dock space although it has the highest landing fee on the east coast, $22 (even if we don't need to use their showers or laundry facility or need a pump out, just land the dinghy - no matter, $22/day). Absurd!

This Marina is the only Marina I've ever stayed at on the east coast that actually closes for all Federal holidays. Call then and nobody answers and picking up an empty mooring is not allowed.

Be sure to try Key Fisheries across Rt 1 on the bay side for lunch or dinner or just to buy fresh fish at their fish market.

Good Moorings, Marginal Facilities, 2016-05-29
Captain: , Durango, CO (320)

The Love & Hate review by Sean Welsh reflects my thoughts.
I would only add a two suggestions for improvement:
1. The showers were stifling sweat boxes in May. There was no point in trying to dry off or put on clean clothes. A/C or even some forced air ventilation would be a great improvement.
2. Taxi service is convenient and inexpensive. A simple taxi shelter at the marina would be a huge improvement to standing in the sun while waiting. Instead, you wait under 'the tree' which is a setting right out of a really low end trailer park.

4 stars with a push, 2016-05-02
Captain: , Boothbay Harbor, Maine (310)

The prior reviews said it all. It is what it is - colorful and convenient. I found the office to be run efficienlty with good guidance on the mooring. This is a liveaborads mecca given the number of moorings and its $300/mo charge. The four stars is for convenience and protection. Looking at the mooring field diagram online would be useful to a first time visitor. The many liveaboard boats (and owners) does add a colorful aspect to this facility. I liked it, but my wife not so much.

In between love and hate, 2016-04-26
Captain: , United States (3192)

This is one of those places where it is often said you either love it or hate it. We expeienced both sides so I will write the "in between" review. This is for the facility in general and the moorings in particular; we did not use the quay.

-Moorings themselves seem adequate. We needed one of the 15 balls (out of 216) for larger boats (45'-60') and had no problems.
-Plenty of dinghy dockage on modern floating docks with adequate cleats.
-Indoor workspace available for projects. Some cruisers have contibuted tools; we used a shop press while there.
-Large "loung" with tables and power outlets for WiFi access and a large exchange library
-Bike, car, or motorcycle parking included in mooring fee
-Pumpout boat service available and included
-Recycling for used motor oil, diesel, gasoline, coolant, oily rags, and marine batteries in addition to the more usual single-stream household recycling.
-Easy walk to a few restaurants, including Keys Fisheries, Keys Steak and Lobster, a pizza place, and a Thai place.
-Lots of marine services a bike or $5 cab ride away
-Enterprise rental car on-island will pick you up
-Friendly and helpful staff

-Dinghy fee is outrageous if no moorings are available (same price as mooring)
-WiFi not available outside of the lounge area
-It's a loooooong tender ride (at idle/no wake speed) to the dinghy dock from many of the moorings, including all of those suitable for boats over 45'.
-The harbor is crowded. In addition to the 216 moorings, there are perhaps another four dozen boats anchored around the margins of the harbor.
-No one seems to be enforcing the rules about vessel condition, waste discharge, harbor speed limits, or required lighting. This makes for an unsafe and unsanitary harbor.
-The place has the air of a low-end trailer park -- there are many boaters and even cruisers here, but there are also more than a few for whom the anchorage is nothing more than cheap housing.

We spent a week (better rate than by the day, of which we needed four or five anyway) so we could get some packages delivered and rent a car for a run to Fort Lauderdale. It served its purpose, we made good use of the facilities, and we enjoyed several of the restaurants in town. But we were also glad to leave. We'd stay again if we needed the facilities mentioned above, but our preference in Marathon is to anchor outside the harbor.

don't know what all the hype is about , 2016-04-05
Captain: , Miami (10)

We didn't get on the "waiting list" because we weren't in Marathon in person and I'm glad we didn't. We spent the winter cruising the other keys and stopped in here to pick up crew. If you haven't been here, you aren't missing much. It's like a crowded boat ghetto and the water is disgusting.

Great Value and Nice Community, 2016-02-20
Captain: , Sarasota, FL (60)

- LOTS of dinghy dockage
- Easy access to services like repairs, mail, packages, hazardous waste disposal, trash disposal, hot showers, laundry, weekly pump outs (whether you are aboard or not), bicycle racks, pet exercise, etc.
- Friendly residents who are very willing to help. On many occasions anchored boats have come loose during storms and other boaters throw on foulies, pile into dinghys and head to the rescue.
- Easy access to activities. Boot Key is a very, very cool kayaking spot. Residents hold pot lucks, rug making get togethers, meetings about various destinations and play sports at the City Park next to the marina with the park providing all the equipment!
- Easy to get around town. A lot of places are very close like the grocery store, Home Depot, West Marine, etc. If you want to go further, taxi rates are $5 anywhere on the island. The bus to Key West is $4 for adults, $2 for vets and seniors. Another bus goes east but we have not tried that service.
- Marina staff are always friendly and willing to help any way they can. They have come in without pay on their personal holidays to open the indoor marina so potlucks and football watching parties did not have to suffer in rain or cold.
- The Channel 68 Cruiser's Net at 09:00 every morning is very helpful and there are some great deals on "Treasures from the Bilge"

- No WiFi or TV in the mooring field. I did hear someone say that a company was providing WiFi in the harbor but I have yet to meet anyone using it. I hear it's expensive.
- This place is like Hotel California! People check in and never leave. Life becomes so easy to manage that it's hard not to fall into the trap of staying comfortable and not wanting to depart.
- We got on our ball in October but by Thanksgiving the field was completely full. Right now there is a waiting list of almost 60 boats trying to get a mooring ball. If you get here after Thanksgiving be prepared to wait a while.

Marathon is for budget cruisers needing an extended stop. , 2016-02-15
Captain: , South Freeport (750)

We have thus far been on a long waiting list for a mooring ball and anchored out in Sister Creek.

While I can understand someone objecting to the cost if passing through, we decided we were comfortable investing in the lower cost month stay rate, to catch up on shoreside responsibilities and boat side maintenance.
There are many supports and resources here.
The daily 0900 channel 68 net is very helpful. Check in, then listen. The format is simple and effective:
First: weather report, then inviting new arrivals to check in and departures to say good bye. then upcoming events and announcements ( usually led by the core marathon boat community members who know what is happening in the area. Have pad and paper ready.) Then questions, needs, etc. followed by buy, sell or trade, then trivia, (this is when those on net pose, usually nautical based trivia questions for fun.

Call for Final business lets people chime in if they were late.
After net sign off, individuals wanting further contact with individuals call and choose different channels to conduct further conversations.
The marina staff seem to be cruisers who understand our needs. The facilities are relatively clean and comfortable, given you are paying fairly low prices. Think adult version of "youth hostel."

Best run municipal Marina !, 2016-01-28
Captain: , Forked River, NJ (604)

We spent 3 weeks here Dec- Jan with visiting family and were impressed by how much the place had improved in since when we stopped in 2006.
The derelict boats are gone, they have high a quality moorings, that are well maintained. They keep the harbor clean with free weekly pump outs, have great dingy docks, mail, ups, FedEx service, workshop areas, weather protected areas for large groups, parking for cruisers cars, easy access to groceries, Home Depot, west marine, drug stores, library, an a $2 bus to key west.
$22/night for use of the dingy dock sounds steep but then they are trying to discourage the guy who is just anchoring or is trying to live on his derelict boat. $300/m for what we got was a great deal.

Dingy dock ripoff, 2016-01-22
Captain: , Bristol, RI (782)

We were unable to get a mooring in the harbor and dropped anchor. This is a winter stop for hundreds of boats. When I approached the yard to land my dingy I was informed that the fee was $22.00/day. I feel this is highly unreasonable and given that there is no town dock, one cannot access land unless they pay, and pay through the nose. Been to too many places that have more to offer and welcome cruisers to return here. Sorry to say

stayed on a mooring ball here, 2015-06-20
Captain: , New Orleans, La (70)

stayed here for a few days in June 2015. price was $22/night for a mooring ball. restrooms/showers were adequate but not super clean. there's a cruiser's net (ch. 69) every morning at 9 am. they were all friendly and very helpful when our dhingy outboard broke...would def stay again in the future

We anchored here, 2015-02-25
Captain: , Austin, TX (877)

We were here for two weeks at anchor and the wind blew over 20 many days. Pulled up a long piece of pipe or sailboat mast when we departed. Heard stories of others pulling up old anchors and other debris. Good holding. Moorings were full, so we did not get a mooring ball. All area Marinas were full with the exception of Faro Blanco, which charges $178 a day. It is $22 a day to anchor and use the dinghy dock. Good laundry on site, but $6.00 a load. Staff is capable and organized. Cruiser net info mornings on ch 68 at 9 a.m.

Well run and lot's of cruiser activities, 2015-02-19
Captain: , Johns Creek, GA (228)

Had to wait a week in the anchorage before our turn on the wait list for a ball came up. Very crowded but decent holding. Lots of vocal dogs on the boats of the %u201Cpermanet%u2019 residents. A dinghy dock pass, which includes access to the facilities is $22 a day, the same as a ball. Navigating this requires some creativity. Easily the best run mooring field that I%u2019ve ever been to.

Mooring Field, 2015-02-03
Captain: , Ft. Myers, Fl. (361)

We stayed over a week. Well maintained Mooring Field. Local traffic shows no regard for mooring field, neither does anchored sail boats. Poor design to allow anchored boats so close to mooring field. In a blow it could get dicey. Staff at City Marina are great. Facilities are typical for municipal marinas. No WiFi except at Marina bldg. Publix, Home Depot 1 mile walk. West Marine a bit more.

Pleasant stay, 2015-01-16
Captain: , Galesville, MD (1341)

We were on the waiting list for two days when we arrived December 20th. There is a very good mooring field map on their website to make arrival easier. Balls are well spaced. Ended up staying almost three weeks. If the wi fi extended to the mooring field (not even with extender), I'd rate it a 4.5. FYI if you like TV you can't get broadcast TV on the boat but you can watch in the community room. Facilities are cruiser-friendly. Key West Transit - Lower Keys Shuttle is easy to use transit and a good value to Key West. Local taxis are inexpensive too. Decent restaurants and a fun music scene.

Much Better Places, 2014-07-08
Captain: , Horseshoe Bay Tx. (150)

If you like a place where everyone runs your business this is the place. This mooring field is well set up. It is the people that make it a awful place to be. Would not stay here again.

Is what it is, 2014-04-27
Captain: , Fort Myers, FL (1220)

Opinions vary on Boot Key Harbor - live-aboards love it, salty sailors avoid it. As of APR 2014, the water is pretty soupy but the resources and location can't be beat. A great cruiser community with lots of involvement in pot lucks, help with repairs, ride sharing, etc. We had a great time at Thanksgiving with the warm and welcoming people.

For protection it cannot be beat. Which translates to HOT in the warm season. Hard to get a ball in the winter season. Friends waited for a month to get in this past February.

Approach from the west is straightforward but has a high cable across at the old bridge (we cleared under it fine with our 61' air draft) and watch out for the bar that runs north from the small islet near the mouth of Sister Creek. The Sister Creek entrance is shallowest (~5ft true) at the outer green marker but at least 6 ft elsewhere. Ie, if you have a deep-draft and a tall mast, you may not be able to get in via either approach.

well run municipal marina, 2014-04-27
Captain: , Acworth, GA (97)

Very well run municipal marina. Good location, and great community of cruisers. We enjoyed it. And as an added treat visit the Dockside Grill, owned by musician Eric Stone. great food and music!!

Whats not to like?, 2014-02-12
Captain: , Southport, NC (716)

First time on a mooring and stayed 3 weeks. Everyone was real nice and accomedating. I stayed near Sisters creek entrance so it was a little bit of a dinghy ride to the dock but a short ride to Sombreo beach. No complaints at all. We will be back. Pot luck dinners, open mic night at the tiki hut. It was a cruisers dream come true. I guess FWC has backed off. Good restaurants, supplies, groceries. Very cool place.

Good place to stay; community is a little quirky, but VERY cruiser friendly, 2014-01-20
Captain: , Muskegon, MI (3132)

Good place to stay, easy to get services. Showers are less than luxurious, but well networked community. However, every year in November-December the FWC seems to hone in on this harbor to supplement their revenue, writing tickets for inaccurate violations, which the local judge then supports by leveling court costs (on those who CAN prove the ticket was unwarranted) that ALWAYS
are $20 higher than the cost of the ticket.

Love this place, 2013-11-08
Captain: , Port Isabel, TX (60)

Absolutely love it here. Everything is great except the showers. No ventilation and when it's hot and humid, the shower rooms are suffocating. I had to dress while still wet just to open the door and get fresh air. One other thing is that they could use more places to plug in for computer users in the common room. My laptop battery is shot and it is always crowded at the computer tables. I would have been in more often if I could have found a place to sit and plug in. Lending Library is fantastic with a lot of selections. Great people and good facilities. Always have activities for the cruisers, too. The CruiserNet is the best.

Another FINE Velcro Harbor, 2013-09-28
Captain: , Rockland, ME (20)

I too Intended only a short stay, and ended up spending 2 months. Marathon will definately be on my list for this winter. Heres a TIP: Stay at marathon and visit Key west by BUS, its cheap & easy. I'm not a fan of the Key West Mooring Field. The thing I love most about marathon is the Morning Nets & the Net Controllers!

Well run operation, 2013-05-27
Captain: , Punta Gorda (42)

Agree with the fomer reviews. One thing that you need to be aware of is they do not take any mooring reservations ahead of time. You can only hail the marina first time at the Boot Key Harbor Bridge. At that point they will assigned based on LOA & draft. As you will note when you approach the bridge there is a sign that reads First Come, First Served.

Before you arrive it is really appreciated if you go on their website to fill out the Marina User Information Form ahead of time. It really expedites the check in at the marina office.

If you know someone that has been their before, try to get a copy of the Cruisers Guide (Boot Key Harbor) in the center of the publication there is a wonderful layout of the mooring field by letter/numbers.

Great location, 2013-05-25
Captain: , Utica, Ohio (245)

All of the marinas in Boot Key Harbor are in close proximity to every amenity and marine service facility you might need. One caution is that you can't leave your boat unattended on a city mooring for more than a week, although I saw boats that appeared to be shut up tight and I questioned how well they police that provision.

Very Comfortable, 2013-04-07
Captain: , Little River, SC (2037)

We came here intending to stay a week and wound up staying almost 3 months. This marina (moorings) is run very efficiently. Almost every type of repair or marine service is available here through outside contractors. We had battery monitors and solar panels installed efficiently and cost effectively. Our dinghy was picked up at the marina, repaired and returned the same day. The facilities here are not plush but they are very clean and usable. The daily cruisers net on Ch 68 is very helpful and keeps everyone informed as to ongoing activities. We attended several seminars (bahama crossings, solar panels, electrical trouble shooting, etc) and on Saturday there was music provided by the cruisers in the harbor for free at the Tiki Hut. Not too many good restaurants in the area but there are a few; Barracuda Grill, Plaza Grill and Keys Fisheries for excellent fresh seafood in a very casual setting. We made several trips to Key West via public bus. It was convenient and easy to use but always an adventure watching the local passengers. The beach (2 miles by dinghy) is great and never crowded. Great place to wait for the swinter snows to subside up north. We will be back.

Nice place to burn some time, 2013-04-03
Captain: , Newport Oregon (260)

Nothing fancy but the harbor is fairly well protected and everyone is very helpful! Water is 5 cents a gallon. Showers are cleaned daily, Laundry is $3 per wash and $3 per dry. We came here for a couple nights and now are here for 3 weeks, its easy to get sidleined here.... We will stay here again if we ever come this way again.

First Trip To Marathon, 2013-03-21
Captain: , Palm Coast, Florida (311)

We spent Feb 7 through March 16 at the Marathon Boot Harbor City Marina. This is a well run mooring field. The staff is great. The community is well orgainized with daily 9:00 AM net discussion each day where events, requests for assistance and a marine flea market is discussed. Bathroom faciliies are clean and well orgainized with key card entry. Showers are not fancy, but you have you own shower, toilet and sink to get yourself refreshed. There is a laundry on site $3 wash/$3 dry. Washers only use cold water. Ice machine on site that provides water at .25 gallon or get it from the hose at the marina for .05 per gallon. Lots of dinghy dock space. They pump you out once a week at your mooring ball. Marine services are plentiful in Marathon with the community ready to help guide you to the best place. The marina community itself has it own set of experts ready to lend a hand if requested. Dinghy to Burdines restaurant just west of the bridge (our favorite). Lots of colorful local restaurants in all price ranges. West Marine, Home Depot, Publix and Walgreens within walking or easy biking distance, There is a fresh vegetable market every Saturday morning around 10:00. Don't get there too late or everything will be gone. We felt very comfortable here as the harbor is very sheltered and mooring balls are well spaced.

Great location with some flaws, 2013-03-09
Captain: , Havana (10)

The harbor is well protected and the staff know what they are doing for the most part. As others have stated the showers need an update. My biggest gripe is the current wifi service. To say it is spotty is generous. When I first arrived it was fairly good, but for a couple of weeks getting connected is iffy at best. I am using my smart phone hot spot feature for this review. The city is suppose to be upgrading and the name of the wifi you connect to has changed several times in the last two weeks. I have spoken to staff and only get a run around. Rumor has it the city IT lady simply is not up to the task. Even with working wifi the showers and TV room need upgrading. There are only picnic tables to set up your laptop for wifi, not to mention the marina closes at 6:00PM along with the TV/wifi room. On the upside a short 15 min dinky ride produced 6 lobster for supper last night. Taking the boat out for a sail is a real joy once you get past the crab/lobster pots which, at least to me, are a hazard to navigation.

We need a pumpout, 2012-08-09
Captain: , cocoa (130)

We called on the phone (305-289-8877) They invited us in to the seawall to start the pumpout process. They moved there pumpout boat next to our and pumped us out... Charge $5.00. Very smooth.

Nice place, 2012-03-15
Captain: , Charlestown (946)

Nice marina with limited dockage. Mostly moorings. There are about 8 tie ups on floating docks and probably 7 on the sea wall. The people who run this place are very helpful and accomodating. The showers and bathrooms could use an update. They have a common room with Wifi, TV and a library. First impression of the community area is it seems a bit institutional, but it is a great place to congregate, especially if you are on a mooring.

Nice facility but expensive, 2012-03-05
Captain: , Winthrop, MA (896)

We spent a month here. We anchored and did the monthly dinghy fee. The cost went up the day before we arrived. They do try to get every penny out of you that they can. The facility is clean and neat, the people running it are friendly. Lots to do in the area. Holding in the anchorage was good. Several days of 20+ kt winds. Only giving it three stars due to the increase in fees.

Boot Key Harbor City Marina, 2012-02-03
Captain: , Grand Haven, Mi (2283)

As of February 1, 2012 the rates at the City Marina have increased to the following:

Daily mooring increased from $21 to $22.
Daily dinghy dockage increased from $13 to $22.
Weekly mooring increased from $105 to $110.
Weekly dinghy dockage increased from $45 to $85.
Monthly mooring increased from $275 to $300.
Monthy dinghy dockage increased from $135 to $225.

Clean and friendly, 2012-01-04
Captain: , Ocean Springs MS (1454)

we had positive experience here and will be back. Everyone was nice and the place was clean, prices seemed in line with all else in the area

.........................., 2011-10-29
Captain: , Cincinnati (1810)

Hit this key by accident

No complaints--great facility, 2011-07-30
Captain: , West Palm Beach (121)

We stopped twice on our way back and forth to Key West. The first time we arrived after closing so we took a mooring but made sure we were at the office around 8AM the next morning to register and pay. They didn't seem to have a problem with that.

Do not take balls with red ribbons on them as they are out of commission. I did think that $22 was a little steep for one night--that's just me--it isn't as if we were going to use many of the facilities. There are many empty balls in the summer and it looked like there was room in the anchorage. If you've been there before they can must bring up your info--so that was easy.

The place abounds with LTAR's Long Term Anchorage Residents. So it's pretty organized. Yoga classes etc. They can give you the skinny on everything in the area. Free internet available during the day in the building only. NO MORE BLOCK ICE--bummer. They have a machine that sells ice 24/7 for %175 and .25 if you need a bag. Just bring your cooler. It takes cash or credit cards--so that was convenient.

Manager Ruins the Experience, 2011-06-16
Captain: , Seabrook, TX (20)

The marina did not answer the radio, over a period of an hour or more, and we came in after closing. We took a mooring ball, and planned to go in to the office in the morning. The marina manager, Richard Tanner, came out and screamed at us for "jumping a ball", which he said was against the law in Florida, and insisted that they were monitoring the radio all day. Neither of these were true; Florida law says nothing about"jumping" mooring ball, and TowBoat US answered my radio call. Thereadter, he yelled at us for making a wake with the dinghy, which had a 1 hp motor that couldn't make a wake on a bedsheet.

If you want to stay in a place where the marina manager screams at guests, falsely quotes Florida law, which he makes up to suit himself, complains about the wake made by a 1 hp motor, and is a thoroughly unpleasant individual who is despised by nearly all those who live on their boats in the mooring field, this is the place to go. O(bviously, I don't recommend it.

anchored and used other facilities, 2011-06-02
Captain: , New Orleans (651)

anchoring near the mooring field has nice view of mangroves. use of dingy dock, laundry, showers and lounge came to $60/week with a little more for the automated laundry charge card. Removed one star because the showers don't have ac and the paint is peeling. Publix and west marine are 1 mile away.

Well managed, 2011-05-22
Captain: , Bagdad, Florida (286)

Have visited this marina many times but this was my first experience on my own boat. Great staff, lots of clean showers, good laundry facility and good access to West Marine, Home Depot and Publix. People seem to come here and never leave. This is also home of the "Tree of Knowledge".

What An Improvement!!, 2011-03-21
Captain: , Annapolis (1465)

This is now one very well managed mooring field. Two large dinghy docking areas accommodate all the dinghies. Easy to pull alongside to get water. Very helpful and knowledgeable staff; can get rid of diesel, gas and oil at the marina.

Tennis courts, softball, and bocci court right next door in the park (skateboard park, too!).

We had a great ten day stay.

Really it's a life style choice., 2011-03-03
Captain: , St. Louis, MO (227)

I'm divided on this marina. It's a great place to get projects done because it's convenient to West Marine, Home Depot, and many services. The staff is great, there's a large community of sailors to help.

But one can get stuck here, it's seductive.

And anchoring while waiting for a ball might be problematic. Apparently the bottom is littered with detritus from when this was a staging area for Flagler's RR, and it's been used as a dumping ground ever since (until recently, hopefully). I found this out after my Manson got stuck on a big concrete structure and had to be retrieved by a diver.

Protected harbor., 2010-08-28
Captain: , Annapolis, MD (384)

The upgrades in the marina (bathhouse, laundry, marina) have resulted in a first class place given the fact that it's a city-run place. Very good protection and mooring balls seem to be maintained to higher level than others I've encountered. Most balls limited to 45 ft vessel, I think about 16 for vessels to 60 ft. Can fill up in Jan, and stay full if weather prevents boats from leaving for Bahamas, Cuba, the west. No longer dingy to West Marina, about a mile. One of the best dingy/small outboard repair facilities around next door to WM.

awesome facility, 2010-08-27
Captain: , Marathon, FL (121)

great staff, solid facilities, good protection.

Good Value, 2010-04-15
Captain: , Aquia Harbour, VA (1177)

We arrived in Marathon the early part of March and there were no open moorings available. Because of bad weather, boats were not leaving the harbor/moorings so there was a waiting list. We were number 4 on the list and told that we were lucky. Just a week or so before we arrived they had a waiting list of 37. We were also lucky that there was room at the dock since the anchorage near the mooring field was too crowded to suite our swinging needs.

Welcome to paradise..., 2010-03-29
Captain: , MV Red Head (61833)

The mooring field in Boot Key Harbor run by the City Marina is more a way of life than a cruising destination. The facilities are exceptional and there is a very large and friendly cruising community - potlucks on Wednedays, yoga, softball, flea markets, etc.

We stayed on mooring V-4 for a month during March 2010. We took part in all of the activities, met a lot of people, and had a really nice time. Make sure to check out the cruisers net radio program on VHF 68 every morning at 9 am.

We spent more on gas for the dinghy here than any other location we've ever been at. The dinghy rides are long because the field is large. There's always a lot going on.

Publix and Home Depot are fairly close - a mile or less. West Marine is about a mile in the opposite direction. Quite a few restaurants are all walking distance along Rt. 1.

Our dogs went swimming every morning at Sombrero Beach (another long dinghy ride). Although dogs must be on leash there, no one cares before about 8:30 am. Please pick up after your pets to keep this a good dog destination.

It takes about a week to adjust to life here. After that, it's quite hard to leave...

Friendly Staff / New Showers and Restrooms, 2009-06-18
Captain: , North Palm Beach, FL (539)

New showers and restrooms open. Very friendly staff. Pumpout weekly at the mooring is included in cost. Vessels to 60 feet on moorings. Not busy in summer. West Marine accessable by tender. Publix accessable by tender to a $5 dinghy dock up canal to the east. Water available at temporary dock by headquarters at $0.05 per gallon. Dinghy docks pretty good.

Nice mooring, poor facilities, 2008-02-08
Captain: , fairland (2653)

Great crowd here. Lots of boats from all walks. Laundry is poor, heads and showers are worse. Improvements are planned, but I heard the money went elsewhere. Easy dinghy ride or walk to many restaurants. Walk to Home Depot. Supermarkets maybe a mile away.

Well protected but always packed, 2007-04-16
Captain: , Tampa (246)

Large mooringfield in protected cove. watch depth if you draw 6 feet max size is about 50 feet

Boot Key Harbor City Marina, 2007-02-15
Captain: , Patterson, La (1441)

This is a great stop. Lots of moorings. All services are a la cart. Pay for what you use. Restaurants are within walking distance. Propane is availabe abt 3/4 mile. Launch service will fill your tank at cost plus $5. Employees are freindly. Cost is reasonable for the keys. Home Depot is a bit of a hike but available

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