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Bobby's Fish Camp

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Average rating 3.0 stars from 65 reviews

Address 686 Bobbys Camp Rd
Silas, AL 36919


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


Bobby died in Febuary 2011 but his daughter Laura Jane carries on the family tradition of hospitality and customer service.

VHF channel

16 (they might not respond)

Web site

Email contact

Owner, manager

Laura Jane



A young boy named Blane is the marina's un-offical dockhand, and if he sees you come in, he'll be happy to come down and help.

Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

Visa, MasterCard, Discover. There is a surcharge on credit cards.

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info: Monday-Wednesday 6:30 am-dusk; Thursday-Saturday 6:30-9 pm.


Usually about 12 feet, depending on the river level. Tenn-Tom mile 118.0.





Tide & current additional info

Can be swift if river levels are at flood stage.


Approach: 12
Transient dockage: 8
Fuel dock: 8

Other depth info: Sometimes there is room on the fuel dock to tie up to. After the spring floods subside they put out a long floating dock.

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - NO
Floating - YES
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - YES
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: $1.50/ft (2014-01-27)

Other price info: The marina prides itself on its ability to raft boats. Although they only have a roughly 120 foot dock, they have housed up to thirteen average sized cruising vessels.

Note: $1.50/foot charged to each vessel, regardless of how many are rafted out.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info: Small 110 outlet on nearby light pole. They have also now added 30 and 50 amp power on the dock. If rafted you need long extension cords.

Pricing info: Free with slip price.

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)


Dinghy access

Yes - Tie to dock or use ramp.

Liveaboard info



Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info: Cash price. 5% extra for credit cards.


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access


Launch service

Pump out





Yes - There is a dumpster is available.


Yes - One shower is available - arrive early to use. It is open only Thursday thorugh Sunday in the restaurant with no locking door.






Yes - There is a grocery store nearby Coffeeville. Talk to Owner/Operator Laura Jane, and she may be able to get you a ride.






Yes - The restaurant serves beer, but no hard liquor.

You can brown bag in your own wine and liquor.

Hotels or motels


Repair capabilities


Haul out capabilities


Storage facilities


Fishing supplies


Chartering capabilities


Internet access

Yes - There is WiFi - ask for the password when you check in. There is good Verizon signal strength and poor ATT signal strength.

Boat ramp availability



Other services

Cabin rentals are available in the area.


Formerly Bladen (Bladon) Springs Landing a health resort.

Reviews for Bobby's Fish Camp
Worth the stop!, 2017-05-23
Captain: , new orleans (40)

After a couple of rainy days up the Tenn-Tom, we made it to Bobby's Fish Camp. There were 4 pleasure boats in our group ranging from 36' to 44'. We all got tied up to the floating dock, had power and water access.

After getting tied up and straightening up a bit, had an early dinner of some of the best fried fish and hush puppies we've had in a while. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Met some others in the restaurant from our boating area in Orange Beach.

Definitely recommend this as a stop along the Tombigbee!

Floating docks are out, 2017-05-04
Captain: , Litte Rock (253)

As of 4/26/17, Bobby's had its floating docks set out.

The only game in town, 2016-12-06
Captain: , Bedford, NH (775)

Stayed Nov. 3. It isn't much of a place but it has what you need. We took on some fuel and then rafted to another boat. We were all Loopers and with the help of everyone, we were all able to get power. The problem is that the 4 pedestals are all at one end of the dock. Had to borrow an extra power cord and another splitter so we could reach it. We ended up with 6 good size boats, 3 of them 50'+. If you like catfish, this is your place. I don't and my meal was barely OK. It isn't fair to expect 5 star accommodations in this area so for where it is, it is fine. A safe, secure and friendly place to stay.

Good stop before Coffeeville lock, 2016-11-28
Captain: , Grand Rivers, Ky (2206)

We stopped here last year and it appears they have upgraded the docks. 30 and 50 amp power is available. This is a great stop to coordinate with the lockmaster.
Good catfish dinner at the restaurant and a very friendly staff. We always meet great people when stopping here.

Gotta do this as part of the Loop, 2016-10-31
Captain: , Portsmouth (553)

We had 7 boats here, 4 on the dock with 3 rafted. No one answered the radio so we all helped each other in. We were here on a Tuesday so the restaurant was closed but they opened up since we had so many. We all enjoyed dinner, try the whole catfish dinner. There are 4 power supplies each with a 30 & 50. We mixed and matched cables and everyone got the power they needed.

A restaurant with a dock, 2016-10-24
Captain: , Huntington Harbour, CA (337)

This is a restaurant first and foremost. They won't help you tie up or arrange and rearrange boats to accommodate everyone. If you want fuel you have to go to the restaurant and ask them to turn on the pumps (calling them on the phone doesn't mean they will turn on the pumps). They don't respond to the VHF radio calls. Restaurant is OK.. But, of course you gotta stop here at least once. We had 10 boats at the dock including a 125 foot boat. We were stacked 4 deep on this 160 foot dock. Worked out fine because the cruisers made it work not because anyone from Bobby's helped out. Just sayin so you have the right frame of mind when you go here.

Glad we stopped at Bobby's!, 2016-10-21
Captain: , Beaufort, SC (120)

Bobby's - it is what it is. Dock is okay. Had good 50 amp power. If you like fried food, great catfish and hush puppies. We brown-bagged in some wine and had a delightful meal. We met Donna, a very pleasant lady, who took our dock fee, and served our dinner. 3 boats on the dock last night and we all enjoyed our food and stay at Bobby's.

A must visit. SIX STARS, 2016-08-08
Captain: , New Port Richey (310)

So as things have it. This is a very interesting plce and i'm going back. A river fish camp brings back childhood memories and those ladies are the cat's meow. We sat and listened to the family history and laughed, cry and well just great times. Very nice dock and if you raft you raft, be glad they are there. 115 miles south for fuel. We missed the food but like i mentioned. I'm going back. Did I mention I was going back. Thanks ladies Micheal and I loved the evening.

Bobby is just Bobby's, 2016-05-02
Captain: , St Petersburg, FL (115)

Bobby's is an institution. If you have never stopped, you need to stop. Breaks a long run from Demoplis to Dog River. Just good folks!

Paul & Jacqui "Outta The Loop", 2015-12-04
Captain: , Knoxville (10)

12-04-15 As others have noted it's the only game in town. Rafted up outboard, no power, no pump out, no service, paid the same as if I had it all. No one likes getting stabbed. Come in only if you have to.

Dockage where you need it!, 2015-11-22
Captain: , Paducah KY (183)

There are not a lot of frills at Bobby's, but it is in a location that fills a need. It may not be the Ritz, but if you don't have an attitude they are as welcoming as could be ask for. We stayed 2 days due to bad weather and they were nice enough to open the resturant on their day off for us. Yes they charge 4 star rates. Supply and demand.

Love it or leave it, 2015-11-21
Captain: , Cincinnati (252)

Your choice on how to percieve this place. It is either a charming old school southern fish camp experience and the only safe place to tie-up for 100 miles in either direction with power, water and fuel. Or you can dwell on the limited services and size of the dock. The food is great on the days they are serving. Our two cents, be thankful that is here. Stayed Novermber of 2014. Stayed again November of 15 but had the good fortune to stay on a Saturday evening. No matter what any one else says about the facility, go, stay and have the best catfish you will ever have. Like others have said this aint the Ritz, but is an authentic southern Alabama experience.

I liked it, 2015-11-10
Captain: , Portland,Oregon (330)

Yes, its small and we did not have to raft up. We had three boats and they opened up the restaurant for us. I had a blast.
I hope they do not price themselves out of business. $1.50 a foot is high for what you get.

A must stop for the atmosphere, 2015-11-06
Captain: , Ft Myers, Florida (1804)

Not much of a Marina but safe and secure. Good power if you can reach the 30 or 50 amp outlets, many outlets. Just an old south fish camp. The restaurant was great, country, simple atmosphere but terrific food. Sell beer or bring your own.
Sell gas and diesel. Can raft up.

Not the Ritz, but good place to stop, 2015-11-01
Captain: , Woodstock, Georgia (409)

There is only space for three biger boats on the dock,before the others have to raft up. We had eight boats here on 10/31/15. We got in early so that we could get a spot on the dock. There wasn't much help from the owners to get the other boats rafted, so as usual, we boaters took charge and made sure all eight boats had a secure place for the night. We went to the restraunt for lunch. We all had the catfish and it was great.

Might have rated a 4 if it was in a no wake zone and the dockage was cheaper., 2015-06-28
Captain: , Green Cove Springs, FL (462)

Good stop for a great meal; best catfish in Alabama! Be sure and order the "whole catfish" dinner which are fresh local fish, the "fillet dinner" is not local.

The dockage was $1.50/ft. for the night; a bit too expensive for what you get, but if you are the only guy in town you charge what you want; electric extra, water free but very underpressured. Floating docks but the wakes from passing boaters can be a real problem.

Only Show in Town, 2015-05-23
Captain: , Currently living aboard and cruising the Gulf Coast (260)

I pretty much agree with the other 2 and 3 star ratings. Its only claim to fame is that it is the only place within 100 miles of anywhere. Between Mobile and Demopolis, this is it.

Interesting Stop, 2014-11-29
Captain: , Bay Springs, MS (120)

(11/24/14) Old dock. Tie up by yourself. Pay whenever. We stayed three days to let a storm pass. The good: great food and service at the restaurant, lots to see at the restaurant, nice folks, nice locals. The bad: dock is on the riverbank (most tows slow down), unisex restroom & shower with no lock.

Old School on the River, 2014-11-10
Captain: , Stuart (80)

It is what is, no frills, no hand holding. Small taste of boating in the old days. Good food, nice folks, I did buy a shirt, glad I stopped.

Good Stopover, 2014-11-05
Captain: , Tarpon Springs (983)

We were instructed to come alongside by phone and spent a pleasant and quiet night there with power and water. We were very happy with Bobbie's.

good place for a marina, 2014-11-04
Captain: , Paris Landing TN (636)

sign inside says "I only please one person a day, and I've already done it". they have the worst attitude i have ever seen. they could care less about running a marina. they don't care because they don't have to. go somewhere else, yeah right, 100 miles in either direction. $.50 higher on dockage, make you raft up, cant get to power or water. the brochure says "we don't give discounts, so don't ask"

Its all about the people!, 2014-10-15
Captain: , Stillwater, MN (30)

As marinas go this is a no frills stop. It is a very small dock but does have good power! We called to ask for help with lines coming in and Suzanne came down from the kichen and gave us a hand. We had dinner and WOW this is as good of Southern fried cooking and hospitality as you can get!!! Thanks Putz'n Around!

Shower update, 2014-10-01
Captain: , Kelso, Wa. (884)

The shower is separate from the retaurant, it's a prefab 8X8 brown plastic shed type building between the two rental cotages in front of the retaurant. Open every day.

Great Time, 2014-09-24
Captain: , Cape Coral, FL (41)

4 boats all traveled together for last 3 days. Bobby's restaurant was closed, but they were nice enought to cook for the 14 of us. Great new electric hookups and Diesel was under $4 per gallon.

what else can you say, 2014-08-29
Captain: , Vero Beach, FL (654)

took on gas and was glad that was all we needed. took about 45 minutes to get someone to come to the gas dock pump has to be the slowest below the Mason/Dixey

Great stop, 2014-07-28
Captain: , Atlanta (770)

We got there about a half hour before the restaurant closed on Sunday night. Rafted up to another boat, but couldn't jump down the 5-6' from the other boat to the dock, so called and they brought the delicious catfood dinners to us. I was surprised at how small the dock is. We were first told to go to the middle dock, so I was looking for some sort of T-dock. Turns out she meant the middle of the one dock, which will hold about 4 boats max without rafting. Should be interesting following the AGLCA rendezvous this fall.

Personal Service Never Disappoints., 2014-05-26
Captain: , Somerville, TN (201)

We couldn't get into our normal anchorage and called Donna at Bobby's to check on availibility. We explained our ETA would be well after dark (8:45pm). She said "no problem"... come on in!

Donna stuck around to be sure we had enough supplies (ice, staples, etc.) and let us pay for the night. Some consider the price at $1.50/foot to be a little high, but for the personalized service and a welcome oasis on the river, I thought is was fair enough.

There was one other boat on the dock moored right in front of every available power receptacle but we were able to connect to one of the three 50 AMP services (there is also three 30 AMP connections as well).

Be sure to set out enought fenders to protect the shiny Awlgrip paint job, because ever bass boat will try to push you into the wooden dock as they streak up and down the river. Also, the several tow boats will create a wake to "wake" you during the night.

Someday we hope to enjoy the famous catfish they are noted for!

Don't miss the catfish dinner, 2014-05-09
Captain: , Kettering, Ohio (250)

Bare bones boat dock, you will need to fender well to absorb passing barges. Believe the price for dockage is $1.50 ft. with power. But it is a diamond in the rough and a well placed stop.

Fuel, a Dock and the BEST catfish you will ever eat, 2014-04-04
Captain: , Jamaica Beach, TX (180)

Yes, they have a place to tie up for the night and yes, they have both diesel and gas but the best reason to stop is for the catfish. Donna and Sheila were running the place and Sheila was doing the cooking the last we were there and they treat everyone that comes through the door like a look lost friend. The all you can eat catfish, fries and jalapeno hush puppies is amazing.

Good tie up in bad weather, great restaurant, 2013-12-21
Captain: , Absarokee Mt (1228)

Face dock on river. Fuel is available and electricity on about 100 ft of dock. Good catfish at restaurant and good service. No one answered phone or radio.

Great stop, 2013-11-22
Captain: , Patrick AFB Florida (1254)

It's worth the stop for the catfish! We were here on a Friday and the place was packed with locals out for dinner - I didn't see anything but catfish being served, but the menu did have other items.

Dock is fine, but electrical outlets are only readily accessible at the downstream end, otherwise, need to add a second cord to reach from the upstream end (not a big deal).

Verizon coverage is strong; AT&T is sporadic. WiFi available (password available at restaurant).

Seems to be remote, but there is a notation inside the restaurant that suggests someone can get you to supplies, if needed.

Restaurant Hours, 2013-11-18
Captain: , Cleveland, OH (344)

Thursday 3 - 9
Friday 3 - 9
Saturday 12 - 9
Sunday 12 - 6

Great Stop, 2013-11-10
Captain: , Hanover, PA (335)

We stayed there on 6-7 Nov 2013. Considering the remote location, the facilities are great. Donna opened the restaurant for five people - catfish was yummy! Power was available but our cord wasn't long enough since all the outlets were close to the fuel dock, and we were at the other end of the dock. We stayed an extra day due to high winds and a lock.

It deserves more stars..., 2013-11-08
Captain: , MV Red Head (61778)

Bobby's had an average rating of 2.6 stars on the day we stayed there. It's not a resort and it's not a 5-star marina, but it doesn't deserve a C- grade either.

We had a great time. The rafting is fine - everyone works together. It's safe and we never felt a single wake all night (we were the outside boat). Power might not be available - it's really not a big deal.

Yes, it's a little over-priced and you're not going to have incredible service. But it's an oasis in the middle of nowhere with a very small season and we're glad they're there. I like supporting facilities like this to make sure they continue to be around.

The food was great - we had catfish (what else would you go there for?). Our dinner was enough for lunch the next day too. The pies are great. And the next time we check into a resort type of marina, I'll be wearing my Bobby's Fish Camp T-shirt with pride.

We've now literally been there, done that, and got the T-shirt.

Memorable Southern Chow, 2013-11-08
Captain: , Deltaville, VA (602)

Bobby's is legandary along the waterway. There is room for three boats on the totally exposed face dock and then everyone else must raft up to them. It did seem that most tows slowed down as they pass.
By far, the reason to stop is for the catfish dinner. It is great southern comfort food (fried, of course). The second good reason to stop is the location on a very long stretch of the waterway without great anchorages.
There are 5 30 amp outlets and 4 50 amp outlets for electricity, one water hose for everyone to share, gas, diesel, and one restroom with a shower about 100 yards up the hill.
Times when someone is there are hit and miss but there is a phone number to call for fuel. Donna did come open the restaurant and cook for 10 people on her day off. Southern hospitality at it's best.
Dockage fee of $1.50 per foot is expensive for the amenities available, especially to raft up.

Great, given the alternatives!, 2013-11-04
Captain: , Louisiana, MO (331)

We made it from Demopolis by 1:30pm with an early start and cruising at 17 mph to avoid the predicted thunderstormes that never occurred. Minimal in the way of aminities-good power and rafting is required. Ate at the restaurant on Halloween--a number of kids (relatives) trick-r-treating. Good catfish, slaw, and hush puppies as well as very good grilled shrimp.

Good Fuel Stop, 2013-10-25
Captain: , Ruskin, FL (330)

Stopped at 1100 to take on fuel. No one present except fisherman. He went and got someone to fuel us. Someone arrived and appeared and acted upset that we disrupted his lunch. Took on fuel and ice plus water. Was looking forward to eating lunch but the kitchen was closed and the office/kitchen was locked until he arrived. If you arrive around lunch time and don't need fuel....bypass.

This is a hoot, 2013-06-02
Captain: , Punta Gorda FL (1709)

Your have probably read the other reviews. It is all true. Lora Jane is a wonderful host who can COOK catfish. Yes the marina is a rustic fish camp with minimal facilities. But the catfish, hush puppies, cold slaw, home made ketsup, jams, pickled okra and down home charm, this a must stop. The dock is right on the river so there is some barge traffic but they slow down for Bobby's. If you favor fancy marinas, go right on by. If you want a cruising experience to talk about, this is your place. had 8 feet of water at the dock. 30 and 50 amp available. Say hello to Lora Jane for us. She cooks Thursday through Sunday. Will cook other days if you can get 8 people together. Call ahead.

Hey, It Worked!, 2012-12-03
Captain: , St. Louis, MO (1850)

Housekeeping note: the soil at the camp is that 50/50 soil sand stuff. Very sticky, tracks easily onto your deck and inside your boat.
Easy in and out of the dock. Two boats docked. Restaurant is very good. The aforementioned Rubbermaid "bath house" was clean and serviceable. Electrical was good. No problems. Nice folk. Some wake from passing tows.

A Must Stop on the Rivers, 2012-11-16
Captain: , Detroit (767)

A good location. We had five boats at the dock (one rafted off - us). Power was available for all boats. Price of $1.50 is for everyone whether you are at the dock or rafted off. There is now a very rudimentary single shower and toilet (uni-sex). Catfish dinner was very good.

Strategic Location, 2012-09-18
Captain: , punta gorda, fl (1448)

Four stars for location. Floating dock able to accommodate maybe three boats and more with rafting. Several electrical connections. Restaurant was closed on the day we were there.

Bobby's Fish Camp, 2012-07-24
Captain: , charleston (771)

A true step back in time. Good electricity. Interesting bath/shower in a "Rubbermaid type" storage shed bathhouse. We were there on Wednesday so no restaurant so that was a bummer.

Good overnight stop for location on the river, 2012-07-22
Captain: , Collierville TN (977)

June 2012: Improved from years past. We had 50 amp power on the dock. They now have a shower building for boaters. Very nice people but no help at the dock. She said they even had WIFI now but we could not connect. Be prepared to raft up on the short dock. Laura Jane is doing a good job with improvements.

Bobby's Fish Camp, 2012-05-06
Captain: , Grand Haven, Mi (2283)

The restaurant use to be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We stopped there today on our way north and found the restaurant was open. Laura Jane, Bobby%u2019s daughter who now runs the place, said today was the first Sunday they have been open but plan to be open Sundays indefinitely if business is good. The docks are as stated before, undersized cleats and power to only half of the dock and no water.

Any port in the storm..., 2012-02-06
Captain: , Marietta, GA (260)

Bobby's was, well, what we expected. Small dock, simple, no water, but did have power. Highest price we have paid to dock with least justification, but it's the only game in town. Fine for one night. Friendly folks.

The Tombigbee would close without it., 2012-01-20
Captain: , Chattanooga (220)

Since it is the only fuel stop between Demopolis and Mobile, it is the lifeblood of recreational boating on the Tenn-Tom. However, it looks like an explosion waiting to happen. The fuel pumps can't possibly meet state or federal laws.

Its gas in the middle of nowhere, 2011-12-11
Captain: , Earth (561)

Interesting place, the proprieter Laura Jane was indeed friendly! We stoped for gas early and no one was around at 9:30 in the morning, I called the number on the sign and got Laura Jane, she wasnt going to open until 12, but she got down there by 10 for us to get gas.

I don't know that I would pay for raft up, but it was worth the stop.

Outrageous price, 2011-11-13
Captain: , Seabrook, TX (323)

1. It's good that it exists since there's nothing else for miles, and
2. The fried catfish is indeed excellent, spicy enough for SE Texans,
BUT . . .
3. It's outrageous for her to charge $1.50/foot for those rafted up and thus with no electricity (not to mention that there are no showers or laundry facilities), and
4. Someone needs to answer the phone/VHF for those trying to decide to pass that last anchorage or go on to Bobby's, and
5. Someone needs to be at the dock to supervise rafting up rather than leaving it to the customers.

Friendly folks, but...., 2011-11-06
Captain: , Austin, Texas (1774)

Yes, its $1.50 ft. whether you can plug in or not. Last night we had 9 boats rafted 3 deep, and the price is the same with or without electric. They do have gas or diesel. But what they really have is a very friendly attitude. These are nice folks trying to make a living on the river in a short season.

Anchor Out Instead!, 2011-11-02
Captain: , Winter Garden, Fl (2350)

This is a tourist trap in the middle of Alabama - unless you just HAVE to stop at a "marina" I would recommend just anchoring out until you get to a real marina in Mobile. This is a lone dock that charges $1.50/ft while everyone else above & below is a $1/ft at most...this is even if you're rafting and can't get power to your boat. The restaurant serves great food and not quite cold beer - but two fish dinners and four beers for $50 - Disney doesn't even gouge you that bad! If there's a bad storm or your boat doesn't have a generator, stop...if not, pass it by.

Must stop (Literaly), 2011-07-04
Captain: , Hawesville,Ky (371)

comming north on the tom bigbee Bobby's fish camp is an oasis in the wilderness. Numerous friendly locals, and a kind owner who upholds her father's strong tradition of hospitality. No one will answer on the VHF, you'll most likley have to dock yourself. Once docked, an intercom system on the back of the fuel pump will allow you to signal the owner to turn the pump on. Halfway up the hill on the left sits the small down home resteraunt and marina office. Cokes, smokes, and maps are the only ameneties the store carries here, so you'll have to have someone drive you into town. Luckily, most of the natives are friendly, and if you're courtious and respectful, they'll help you out. It's a small marina, with a small dock, and you may be asked to raft with other boats if they become to full.

Lots of local color, 2011-05-17
Captain: , Port Aransas, TX (1283)

River was flooded so we tied to the fuel dock. We had phoned early in the day to let them know we were hoping to stay overnight; then when we got close, no one would answer the VHF or phone. We pulled alongside the dock and finally one guy came to help us tie up.
There was plenty of room to let dog run. Trash could be left in a large dumpster up the road from the office/restaurant. Unfortunately we were not there on a night the restaurant was open, so we missed out on the legendary catfish and hush puppies.
This is an old-time fishing camp - absolutely no frills.

Great Location, 2011-05-14
Captain: , Palm Beach Gardens (604)

They have a 100 ft floating dock attached to the fuel dock that I was told by another boater is new and was unknown. Good stop and friendly people. Water hose connection available.Very slight current toward the dam and locks.

Nice People, 2011-01-27
Captain: , Cincinnati (1810)

There really is nothing here. No Electric or other facilities and still $1.00/ft. As the old saying goes: LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. It is the only game in town between Demopolis and Mobile, 200 mi.

It still rates four stars because Bobby's daughter and her crew are very hospitable. They are generous with smiles and food portions. We had all you can eat fish and still left with a doggie bag with enough for the nest days dinner. It is unique and the tows slow down when passing so you don't get rocked to death. Glad we stopped even though fuel and dockage are a bit high.

Southern Hospitaity, 2010-10-18
Captain: , Nokomis Florida (70)

Arrived at noon at Bobby's. No waiting, got fuel, and they cooked us lunch. so much food that I needed a to go box, whiche they refilled with everything. The gave me a jar of pickled okra.

Bobby's Fish Camp, 2009-11-28
Captain: , Solomons, MD (1915)

Similar to Hoppies. We called to let them know 5 of us would be there. Plan to raft up. The night we were there we had a total of 8 boats including 2 boats longer than 50'. A surcharge is added when you charge your fuel or dockage to a credit card. We tied to some cleats but also tied off onto the hardware connecting the docks sections.

You can hear the banjo's, 2009-11-03
Captain: , Key Largo (5457)

There is water available at the south end of the dock. It is over priced by a long shot, but it is the only game in town.
Best fish ever though, better than Canada's!!

There is 100' of dock now, 2009-10-13
Captain: , fairland (2653)

But Bobby is ill, so no fuel! Best fill up before you get here and learn to anchor....

Location, Location, Location, 2009-06-02
Captain: , Burnt Store, FL (489)

The only reason anyone stops at Bobby's is for fuel. It is the only source of gas or diesel in 100 miles in either direction. If you don't mind watching Bobby pee on the gas pump while he is taking the reading of gallons, try this stop for a quirky fuel-up.

Bobby's Fish Camp, 2009-02-19
Captain: , Whitehall, Mi (1754)

Kind of along the lines of Hoppies on the Mississippi. If you are looking for a yacht club keep going (of course there is nothing else until Mobile). If you are looking for a little local flavor, it's great. I wouldn't plan on spending a week, but a night or two is well worth it.

As far back as Kentucky Lake we joked that we were going to spend Christmas at Bobby's Fish Camp. We came in Christmas morning. They invited us to thier personal Christmas party and were great.

Electricy is questionable. We hooked up to a 15amp extension cord, but there was only one.

Local color, 2009-01-29
Captain: , Sarasota, Ft. Lauderdale (643)

Good food, cold beer, friendly folks

A taste of South Alabama, 2008-07-11
Captain: , Starkville, Mississippi (58)

Aside from being "the" fuel stop between Mobile and Demopolis and the fried catfish Bobby's should not be missed as a true cultural experience.

Cost too much for what you get, 2008-07-10
Captain: , Jacksonville, FL (822)

We stopped here once on our first trip up the river, never again. He wanted a dollar a foot for us to tie-up to another boat(no elect or water). There are too many very good anchorages within 3 miles to stop here.

Bobby's, 2008-07-03
Captain: , Hite, Utah (15668)

Good catfish. Fuel. Subject to wakes.

Unrateable, 2007-02-14
Captain: , Jupiter, FL (1306)

Any port in the storm!
Best marina between Mobile and Demopolis... also the only one.
Good Catfish when the restaurant is open.
Only a small fuel dock for most of the year. After the spring flood they have a longer floating dock. No power!

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