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Catamaran Boatyard

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Average rating 3.4 stars from 11 reviews

Address 97951 Overseas Hwy
Key Largo, FL 33037


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - NO
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - YES
Municipal - NO
Other - NO

VHF channel


Email contact

Owner, manager

Sam Stoia, Owner / Deborah Moore, Manager



Payments acceptedCredit cards - NO
Checks - YES

Payment info

Accept cash, check, or wire transfer (transfer fee - domestic $25.00 / international $35.00).

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


Approach at high tide only - chanel marked with PVC pipe which should be on your starbord side when going to the marina. Call for local knowledge.





Tide & current additional info

Come in at high tide only.


Approach: Unknown
Transient dockage: Unknown
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - NO
Floating - NO
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - NO
Other - YES

Additional info: Dry dock only and staging dock. No transients.

Size restrictionsLOA max: 120
Beam max: 27

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: $2.00/ft (2016-03-28)

Other price info: They own a marina next door to the boat yard with plenty of slip availablity.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - NO

Additional info:

Pricing info: $0.18 per KW

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)

Yes - Small charge at the marina.

Dinghy access


Liveaboard info


Fuel brand: They can get diesel delivered for your boat before you leave.

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info: As a boat yard, they prefer that you keep your pets on your boat. All pets are to be kept on a leash at all times.

Disability access

Launch service


Pump out

Yes - Available from local FL Keys Pump Out Service.


Yes - Across the street at Tom Thumb.


Yes - Additional small service fee for trash.


Yes - But no hot running water.










Yes - Across the street and next door at the marina.


Yes - Across the street and next door at the marina.

Hotels or motels

Yes - Across the street.

Repair capabilities

Yes - They are a full service repair yard and can order anything for your DIY projects.

Haul out capabilities

Yes - Call before you haul out. They can haul out up to a 27 foot beam with their wide travel basin and travel lift. Can handle a trimaran with an 80 ton crane.

Storage facilities


Fishing supplies


Chartering capabilities


Internet access

Yes - WiFi is available.

Boat ramp availability

Yes - The boat ramp is not always available.


Yes - Rental car company within walking distance.

Other services

They are also a tire shop. So if you need trailer tires contact them.


Reviews for Catamaran Boatyard
Haul out March 2017, 2017-04-08
Captain: , Monterey, California (10)

Sam and his crew hauled my Leopard 46 Cat for annual bottom work and keel repair. I put a fist sized hole in the bottom, leading edge of the starboard keel when leaving NAS Boca Chica a few months prior. All in all, they did a very professional job and delivered as promised on my estimate. Sam was very responsive to all my questions/concerns during the 16 days I was on the hard. Only problem I had was after launce. I got stuck in the mud on the way out of the yard. The channel is quite narrow and shallow. In fact, I was advised to only enter/leave at high tide. Guess I strayed a few feet to port. I waited for the next high tide at midnight and was able to free myself, but then got stuck on the starboard side. Decided to call for a tow on the next high and was on my way. Love that unlimited gold!! Sam did offer to rescue me himself, but no need. Next time I will yield to his offer to pilot(:>).

Great Experience!, 2017-01-29
Captain: , Narragansett ri (20)

Last month we hauled our 45' leopard catamaran at Catamaran Boatyard and had a great experience. The staff was very professional and helpful. Sam was upfront beforehand and clear about all billing and payment. Every thing they did we knew costs beforehand and any changes during were discussed. We all planned properly and were aware of the plan daily. Communications on both sides is very important. There were no surprises when we paid the bill. It is a bit shallow getting through the channel, we draw 4'6",but we called as we were coming in and Sam came out and guided us in over the phone. Go in at top of tide and use proper tide station info. The manager Tino was extremely helpful about the area and any questions we had. They turned a usually unpleasant job into a surprisingly pleasant and quick task.I would recommend them anytime. We will definitely return the next time we have to haul-out!

Steer Clear!, 2016-12-11
Captain: , San Francisco (10)

Where to even begin... just stay away from this place. Behavior of the management is deeply unprofessional and unpleasant. Once they have your boat they try to extort more cash out of you. Their entrance channel is unmarked and everyone on the staff will give you a different story on where it's supposed to be. Even at high tide my 2.5' draft boat bottomed when following their directions.

Watch out!!!, 2016-03-26
Captain: , Belhaven, NC (30)

[Updated from previous review] Seems Sam Stoia (or is it Stoya?) is upset with the truth. My review here is followed by response from Sam. Of course, the facts in his review are changed to suit his attitude. The check I used for payment was good but since a cash transaction is harder to audit, he prefers such. Sam, who seems to be the owner of Catamaran Boatyard, was nice enough except when it came to billng. The advertised bait price for hauluut was one thing but, when it was known ahead of time a 50' coastal cruiser was coming in, to switch and announce an additional $300 for two more slings was shady. He did offer to not haul out but what choice did we have at 3 pm? Either he didn't know boats or he knew he could make a quick $300. He demanded a bottom cleaning fee although the bottom had been scraped withing three weeks was as relatively clean. The yard crew stayed a little after 5pm to block without Sam charging extra. The day lay price is $3.25 per foot which is quite high since he was also getting paid for some labor and receiving a 20% premium on top of outside labor. We were charged for two clean suits? Then he introduced us to an outside labor after this labor did work without our knowledge. No mention was made of who this person worked for. The outside labor appeared competent and we asked him to do some additonal wortk. He worked efficiently for about three hours accomanied with someone who was labeled a trainee and would not be on the bill. The outside labor bill came in for six hours at $105/hr plus $100 service call plus 20% to be paid to Sam for his benefit, and when confronted, the outside labor person declared the bill correct. I contacted TriCounty Yacht who owned the outside labor person and Donna, the owner, agreed to reduce the bill to three hours plus service call. Then as arrangements were made to launch, Sam claimed he did not believe the work would be completed in time on Friday and delayed launch for three days because he doesn't launch after 3 pm or on Saturday, or Sunday or a holiday. So when it came time to pay the bill I paid with a check which was acceptable according to the bill instructions but which a woman, claiming to be Sam's wife, said was not acceptable and demanded cash. Sam had me because without payment he would not launch. I had to rent a car, drive over 30 miles, withdraw over $3,200 and get a paid receipt to be released from captivity. Sam is friendly enough and even gave me a tour of the boatyard explaining the boats seized for drug traffic, but WATCHOUT he seems interested in extracting the most money.

Sam, for some reason, has changed the name of this location before. The picture on this website is not of this boatyard. The links the site's explanation of their guarantee and terms and conditions do not work. Am I surprised?

Great service, 2015-10-10
Captain: , Marathon, FL (10)

Just left the yard after extended stay. All work done well and
all estimates provided in writing under budget. They now have a
first class welding shop. Suggest everyone call as I did.
They e-mail costs etc.

I read the last review and watched that show. Chuck Cheapskate
as a name would be better suited. I was in the office when the office found out his out of town check was not good, had a hold on the funds. Cheap Chuck aslo forgets that he was docked at 9:00 PM after hours at another marina by the staff from the boat yard, at no charge.
He was towed in with prop damage. He was hauled late the next day and the bottom was a mess, I watched the cleaning. Most yards would haul, clean and block during business hours. The staff stayed to about 9:00 PM. This was so Cheap Chuck could stay on the boat. Most people get a motel room but the yard will let you stay on the boat. Also the staff provided a special ladder for the dog to get up on the boat, which took a large forkinft and three guys to set in place, no charge. Next day I watched Sam whom is 63 years old get into Cheap Chucks, nasty, dirty oily bilge to remove the prop shaft. How often does one see a owner do this, at a reduced rate, $86.00 hour with 2 men. This took took 2 suits to protect Sam from the nasty bilge. If Sam would have not done this it would have taken longer to get a subcontractor in to do the job.
And true to Cheap Chuck form the guy cut the yard out of the prop and shaft work by dealing directly with the prop company, after Sam made a trip 21 miles to meet the prop company truck. The guy from Tri County did not really want to work on this guys boat, but as favor to the yard he did. He also put in the long dirty hard hours and yes they reduced their fee, which they should have not done.
Anybody got a question about this guy call the office.
I did when I read this BS review it botherd me.
This is why I posted this response.
To sum it up boatyards should not take in customers like Cheap Chuck, with his trashy gas powered old houseboat, lucky the thing did not fall apart with the rails tied in place with rope
and the poor general condition.

PS Forgot the yard loaned Cheap Chuck an airconditoner to put in the side of his boat, because the one he purchased was too small guess he was too cheap to get the right one.

Great people to deal with!!!, 2015-04-15
Captain: , Auckland, New Zealand (41)

We stopped in here for an emergency haul out to repair one of our props. Sam and his team were enormously helpful and couldn't do enough for us. He came out to our anchorage to guide us in to the channel and dock and one of the yard staff stayed after he had finished for the day to help turn us around in the shallow dock for our exit on the high tide. No surprises with the bill, we would definitely recommend for honest, helpful boat yard services. Note: they no longer accept credit cards, cash or check only, but there is a bank only 2 mins walk away.

Tire service, 2014-01-14
Captain: , Illinois (2471)

They had a hard to find trailer tire in stock at a reasonable price.
Ask for Matt.

Honest Service, Good prices, 2012-08-27
Captain: , Melbourne Fl (31)

Do not be fooled by the misguided ratings or the "boat yard" look.
We almost did get fooled and not go there. Very happy we did, if you can be happy while in a boat yard for emergency repair. Place is undergoing new docks, fences, buildings, etc. All services were honest and came in under estimate or as estimated.
Nice wide 28.5" 88 Ton lift. We saved 50% from Lauderdale and for routine service we will be back. We have a 50' x 26'W cat 4.5 draft, no problem at high tide.

Good storage place so far, 2011-07-31
Captain: , Key West, FL (150)

We had our catamaran stored there this year with no problems. Nice wide lift for cats. Folks in the yard and office are helpful. Easy access at high tide. It would be nice if they fixed up their dock and dredged the channel a bit deeper, but so far so good

Cheapest do it yourself yard in Key Largo, 2011-03-14
Captain: , Key Largo (5457)

Must enter at HIGH Tide, but worth it!

Avoid at all costs., 2010-08-27
Captain: , NYC, USA (80)

Worst marina I have ever dealt with. I had a very bad experience with the management, and they will make things very difficult for you at any opportunity, in my opinion.

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