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Address Bimini


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO

VHF channel

Hail on 16. Will move you to 15 or 17.


Email contact

Owner, manager

David Rolle, Manager



Richard Yarborough

Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


Entrance to Bimini from the ocean is very well marked and deep. The "Runway" between Alice Town and Resorts World International is like a runway with many markers on both sides.





Tide & current additional info

Current can be strong at the entrance to Bimini to the World Resorts cut, then is reported to go slack.


Approach: 12
Transient dockage: 15
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - YES
Floating - YES
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: 200
Beam max: Unknown

Other info: 96 berths over 100 feet.


Transient: Unknown
Total: 230
Transient price: $3.50/ft (2015-05-18)

Other price info: There are 2 sets of docks. Original south docks (Fishermans Marina) are by the little shopping area. North docks for bigger boats is next to the pool and restaurant and is mostly used.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - YES

Additional info:

Pricing info: Flat rate 50 amp is $45.00 per day.

Cable TV (and pricing)

Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)

Yes - Potable water and washdown water. Water is metered at $0.45 per gallon.

Dinghy access

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out

No - There are no pumpout facilities on Bimini.


Yes - 10 lb bag of ice is $5. 20 lb bag of ice is $10.


Yes - Daily trash pick-up.


Yes - Only in the fishermans marina (the south docks of Resorts World).




Yes - Pick up and drop of laundry service is provided by the resort.


Yes - Groceries on site.

Grocery service by or by calling 242-557-3663 (Nassau) or 855-3663-242 (North America).



Yes - Five restaurants on site.


Yes - Three bars on site.

Hotels or motels

Yes - Marina is part of a resort.

Repair capabilities

Haul out capabilities

Storage facilities

Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - Free WiFi.

Boat ramp availability


Yes - Golf cart rental.

Other services

Filet stations available.


Reviews for Resorts World Bimini
Still under construction after 15 years , 2017-08-29
Captain: , Miami, fl (3666)

June 2017. The Hilton hotel and long pool alongside is kinda of nice architecturally but the cheap mass tourists they bring are... you know... wife beaters, tattoos and gold chains.

The views from the marina still faces a massive construction site... why come to the Bahamas for this. Marina staff would make a Parisian waiter look welcoming and friendly.

And now they charge 5.25 a ft (for an 84 footer) plus a $25 resort fee a day. On the plus side power is cheap by Bahamas standard, $80 flat for 100amp, the wifi ok (wave booster) and free.

No customs so you have to get a cab to Alice town...
Been a while since we came here and my original comments below... We try to avoid it but had guests who wanted to come here

10 years and still under construction... They re now expanding a 3 or 4 story Hilton hotel building. Still big piles of sands and cranes and dozers.

On the plus side, fast wifi at the dock (using a Wave booster), good docks.

I still prefer big game, or anchoring out off gun cay, if for any reason that I don't like supporting a company which basically destroyed the Northern half of bimini.
nice modern marina, clean dock, staff reasonably friendly although sometimes they have an odd way to assign slips, acting like the place is all booked up when it's 15% full.

on the downside, poor access to what's left of the beach, a long walk or long wait for a ride from the north "megayacht" marina tot he resort office to check in/out. and also a long ride to town to clear customs.

customs and immigration still needs to be done in town, so stopping at the government dock is a better option than going straight to the marina.

fishermen usually stop by lat afternoon to sell lobsters or conch

construction still going on in spring 2009 and will go on for a while considering the scope of the entire project.

on the down side the resort seem to have sucked the life out of Alice Town and seriously impacted a lot of the north shore beach.

Nov 09. a pair of floaties has been placed to mark the channel entrance on the reef off south Bimini. Many markers are missing from teh straight channel from Alice Town to the Marina, not a problem during the day, but tricky at night.

Not as good as I had hoped., 2017-08-19
Captain: , Hampton, Virginia (10)

20 years ago when my sons were still single we boated to Bimini, Alice Town has not change at all. Resort World did not exist. What I found was more of a gouge the boater/tourist atmosphere. $90.00 per day golf cart rentals, $20.00 14%u2019 cheese pizza and on. I think the thing that got me the most was a boater that ran aground on the way out the channel, bent both props and pulled in along side us at Resort World to swap them out with a spare set he had on board. The owner himself put on his snorkel get got in the water and removed the bent props. He needed help to put the spares on and had called a local diver. If I had known about this 20 mins. earlier we would have jumped in to help as we dive as well. We came around to be aware of happenings as the diver local arrived. From the time he darned his gear, a brownie lung regulator, jumped in to assist the owner in installing 2 props, to wrapping up his hose, 45 mins. $800.00 is what he charged, no kidding. Just be aware, all we are are $$$$$$$ to the locals. By the way, power went out at Resort World Friday afternoon and didn't come back on until lat Sunday, had to run the generator all weekend. Hilton Resort and Casino, all homes and condos in Resort World out as well. Our stay 8/2/2017-8/08/2017 Diving and snorkeling with grandchildren was good. That gets the three star rating.

What a mess, 2017-06-26
Captain: , Ft Lauderdale FL (20)

Went over on our boat from FL, 1st time there. What a mistake. It was spring break. Pounding loud music, drunks everywhere, most restaurants closed. Our friends rented a condo and had no water.

This place has so much potential, what a shame.

Nice people staing there, 2017-04-04
Captain: , Ft Lauderdale (40)

we stayed at Fishermans Village. Good check in and the guys were there to help tie up. Nice people on the docks on the other boats. Absolute hassle to clear customs and imiigration in Alicetown. Worked out for us because we rented a cart but RW used to have people on site. Stop at Big Game the way there to check in. The thing that bothers me is that it could be a great place if they would just clean it up. Lot's of trash and bottles floating in the marina. The events center doors were damaged and never repaired. The pool is nice but after only a year the furnature is getting beat up. I'd stay again but it could just be so much better.

Resort World Bimini, 2016-01-23
Captain: , Ilhabela (365)

Gigantesco complexo de marinas, com casino, piscinas, Hotel, etc... Vale a pena conhecer.

Not worth the expense, 2015-04-05
Captain: , Ottawa (313)

We came in and were told that MegaYacht Marina close to the casino had the pool. Yes, but the showers and bathrooms are in the other Marina south of the casino. 1/4 mile walk. Very disappointing. Wi-Fi free yes, but not at your boat where it is extremely weak and slow. You have to be very near the casino to do any serious downloading. $3.50 a foot plus many other charges allows you to listen to the competing plastic boats show off their stereo systems until well after 11 pm even though they advertise quiet time after 10PM. They say too that they have customs check in. Nope. Only if you arrive on the ferry for the casino. You have find a ride 3 miles as the crow flies down to Customs and Immigration at Bimini Big Game Club. Better to anchor off shore and dinghy in to clear. There is a small anchorage and dinghy dock just north of Big Game with stairs to the Memorial Park. Don't get me wrong the staff were great and the dockage was first rate. But for the money and convenience and quality of WiFi, give it a pass and go the Big Game Club if you don't want to be on the hook.

Large and growing resort, 2015-02-13
Captain: , Charlotte Harbor, FL (1588)

Love it or hate it, its here, probably to stay and get better. We were loaned a dock and only had to pay utilities. So we were very spoiled.

There are two great pools here. One by the megayacht marina to the north with a large hot tub and another just across the island on the ocean. A wonderful infinity edge pool.

Rate is a buck a foot during the week S-T, but check on fees for electric, water and the resort fee. Not sure what is mandatory vs optional. Friends were offered the $/ft rate for a longer stay and elect only when they hooked up.

There is some shopping, restaurants, bars and other amenities.
Nice place to bike into town or around the development.
And protection is good away from inlet too which can sometimes cause rolling in nearby marinas.

Excellent security.

To much like the U.S., 2014-12-10
Captain: , Sarasota, Ft. Lauderdale (643)

While the docks are nice as is the staff, it's sad to see what has happened to this end of the island. The place is just so generic south Florida in style. It's still very much a construction site all around the marina. And of course you really need to rent a golf cart if you want to get into town easily to shop.

They do have a very nice pool area. But the grounds are still not finished nor kept up as well as they could be.

When/if it's all done I'm sure it will be a very nice place but very generic with little real local charm.

it's now "Resorts World Bimini", 2014-08-04
Captain: , Boca Raton, FL (1522)

Came back with a group that wanted to SCUBA dive for the weekend. Hylan is the star of the marina and the marina itself is great. They have added a Self Service Ice Machine that is great. Take your cooler, put it under, pay the amount and get 10, 16 or 20lbs of fresh ice. Great deal... a little pricy but better then the little bags. The office has bags if you want to bag the ice. If you are staying in the marina, talk to Hylan about getting the ice.
We had terrible golf carts rentals. The best I saw was ABC golf cart rentals 359.8133. Sabor was closed for a special event all weekend so we had to eat in the Casino restaurant which was below average in quality. The next night ate at Ediths Pizza. Good place in Alicetown. There is a restaurant at the pool on the ocean side but it was not open for dinner. Only Buffett for breakfast in Casino starting at 8am. Food was all cold because they had not lit the candles underneath the serving dishes. Docked temporarily in Fishermans Village to have SCUBA tanks filled. Docks in front of Dockmasters office were good. The SCUBA store, if you want to call it that, had promised tanks next morning. Didn't happen. We picked up the empty tanks and moved on. probably will not stay there again. Again, Hylan was the best thing there.

A lot of changes here. With the purchase of Bimini bay by resorts world, the place has changed. Don't know if it's for the good. Massive expansion is underway. The north docks are nice but fisher mans village docks look in bad shape. They now have a daily cruise ship out of Miami that come to just outside Bimini and shuttles people in. They have a very small casino and the food at the poolside restaurant next to the north docks is good but very pricy. What's important to the boaters is that ther are no pumpouts. No showers for boaters at the north docks. Although the dock are nice, for the price we pay, it is annoying that the local kids can get in and roam the docks.. Even riding there bicycles down the dock doing wheelies and asking owners and captains if they can ride on their jet skis or ride along with the water toys that the boats have. We had a couple of them hanging on the side of the boat while another boat was coming in. Not a very professional or comfortable environment. This is the reason for the 2 stars. We only stayed for 2 days and left. Golf cart rental was $80 per day from a local vendor.

Still under construction, 2014-06-30
Captain: , Fort Lauderdale (162)

We planned on staying 2 nights here, a Sat & Sun and give it a try, we ended up only staying one night in mid June. The floating docks are great, staff is friendly and helpful and the Sabor restaurant was very good. 2 very nice pools, however, they ran out of towells at both pools and no one was very interested in getting us some towells. Why we left a day early, given the high price, very slow WI FI, the construction noise and dust was not the value for the price at this time. Maybe in a year or so when the construction is done we will give it another try.

Safe but lots of construction, 2014-04-16
Captain: , Fort Lauderdale (263)

We stayed here in the begining of April 2014. The north basin floating docks are Bellingham construction of good quality. Dock hands are responsive and available during daylight hours. Depths are as indicated being greater than 10 feet, usually closer to 12.

During the week the marina was almost empty, but on calm weekend days the boats from Miami/Ft Lauderdale come over and occupy most of the marina space on the north side.

Good points are the dockage, protection from stong current and chop. Casino restaurant (Hemmingways) food is good as is Sabor by the pool (however pricier). Resort is pet freindly with many open areas to walk.

Low points is the massive construction work just north of the marina. Currently they were assembling dredge piping for the work on the new cruise ship pier on the west side of the resort. Water was extremely churned up with sediment and I assume once offshore dredging starts and pumps into the basin just east of the marina water quality will further deteriorate.

Customs onsite but Immigration is in Alice Town. Small grocery store in Fisherman Village, better shopping toward town. Each Thursday the supply ship arrives so everyone shops that evening at the stores.

new cruise ship service could make this place crowded, 2014-03-08
Captain: , Fort Lauderdale (375)

a small casino is being built and gamblers are being shuttled from miami to Resorts World Bimini. they usually only get 2 or 3 hours on land before they need to return to the ship so that makes for a quick rush of tourists.

Looks good from the outside but it's average, 2013-07-14
Captain: , MIAMI FL (80)

Went last year with a group for the first time. Facilities are new, but we had almost 2 days without electricity at the docks (some transformer was damaged and they had to go to Miami to pick a replacement...). You need to rent a golf cart unless you want to walk a lot, carts are expensive and the vendors seem to be informal. Stayed at a 2 bedroom villa that looked good from the outside but doors and windows didn't close properly, typical construction quality in Bimini. This year stayed at the Sands, cheaper and better experience.

A resort to yourself, 2013-02-02
Captain: , New York (60)

On one of many trips between NYC and the Bahamas, we stumbled into Bimini Bay and have been coming here ever since. First class docks, good services and good dock service. Yes, downtown is not at your door, but the whole island is only 2.5 miles long! We use our dinghy to go up to downtown, Big Game Club, or Blue Water and tie up on the docks there. This resort has a long and very secluded beach as well as good kayak access to the mangroves. Much more selcuded with less crowds for the winter. Perfect for divers as well as fisherman and cruisers. The Berry Islands are just 80 miles away.

Decent Place, 2013-01-09
Captain: , Aventura, Florida (330)

Have been here a few times. The floating docks at the large yacht marina are nice. You need a golf cart to get around the island. There is a nice pool. Not many people here.

Never stayed but wasn't impressed. Disneyland., 2012-08-29
Captain: , Atlanta, GA (291)

Full disclosure. We didn't stay...we went back down to Big Game Club. This place was everything you go to the Bahamas to escape. The place was a ghost town. Looks like a very nice place, but so is Disney Land.
Given what I've read about the environmental disaster this development is for Bimini, I'm embarrassed that I even considered staying here.

Nice Resort, 2012-07-23
Captain: , Sarasota, FL (130)

Stayed 2 nights. Not a lot to add to other reviews. It's a ride up the channel but it's a nice marina and wasn't crowded at all. Staff was okay. Not a lot of information volunteered but would answer questions if asked. No welcome package of information.

attitude is everything, 2012-07-08
Captain: , ft myers beach (790)

We had a blast in Bimini, but the staff at Bimini Bay seems to be struggling to be warm and friendly. Maybe they are tired of the ugly drunk americans who just pop over for the weekend. Folks downtown were terrific. Be sure to by some Bimini Bread while downtown from Charley (sells right out of his house). This reminded me a little of West End (Ginns resort) and Baker Bay on Guana Cay as they seem to have been built for the crowds that never came. Maybe that is part of the attitude problem. Despite the fantastic pool and facility we may stay closer to Alice town on next trip.

Found this place to be quite nice., 2012-06-10
Captain: , Jupiter, FL (1306)

We have never been to Bimini because we had heard bad things about the crowds, but weather forced in and we're glad it did.
Maybe a Customer Service Consultant just left, but we found the locals to very kind and pleasant. Everywhere you look is a sign that says, "Just Say, Please and Thanks" and they do.
The marina is very nice and service is good. Three little kids offered to wash the boat for 20.00. We paid them 20 apiece and they did a pretty good job.
Checking in is ... well, checking in.
There is one spot that troubled me for a second as we entered the harbor, but the depth quickly came up. I will mark it if it's not already done.

Awesome Pools, 2012-01-18
Captain: , Cape Coral, FL (334)

The pools and the floating docks are the highlights. The dining is...well just eat at your boat. You will need a golf cart if you want to go down to the towns, Bailey, Porgy, etc.

Dump, Bypass and clear somewhere else, 2012-01-08
Captain: , Toronto (40)

First time in the bahamas and what a dissapointment. Does anybody smile in this place? We grounded on the way in and the receptionist idea of help was for us to wait for 5 hours for the tide to come in....We arrived at customs 7 minutes before they closed...forget it. The only positive was the very kind Americian Dredge crew tht pulled us of the sandbar. And btw, I called ahead to get local knowledge about the approach...blahahahahahah What a joke. The marina is like a ghost town.....wonder why. We are outta here!!!!!!!!

Clean and nice, 2011-02-02
Captain: , San Pedro, CA (290)

One of the cleanest maninas. Not a lot of activity, but great pool.

Too Many Flies And Golf Cart Fee Was Like Stealing, 2011-01-22
Captain: , Marco Island, Fl. (20)

Someday this might be a great facility but I won't go there again if I can avoid it. Golf cart is a must but they charge you $90.00 a day. If you don't rent a cart you can't get around. Tried to buy a burger at the pool but the flies were terrible because the people in Bimini put their trash on the street.

Still under construction, 2010-06-13
Captain: , Fort Lauderdale, FL (120)

The worldwide economic downturn slowed completion of the Bimini Bay Resort. If you are docking at the "MegaMarina", the northernmost marina in the complex, be prepared to buy a golfcart (at $90/day) or take a long walk to amenities like showers, restaurants, etc...
Yes, there is an excellent restaurant and a beautiful pool at the MegaMarina, but the restaurant is open only for dinner.
The Casino, expected to open this year, looks a long way off, as do the amenities the MegaMarina needs to provide good services to boats docked there.
The floating docks are excellentl; the service is pretty good; and the potential is there for a first class marina, once it is completed. But, today, it only gets three stars from this skipper.

The worst of downtown Miami transplanted to Bimini, 2010-04-13
Captain: , Stuart, FL (426)

The worst marina in the Bahamas. They cut down every tree for a mile and slapped up this crappy looking resort. It is one of the ugliest places I've ever seen in the Islands.

$80 bucks for a terrible lunch for four included overdone dry burgers and cokes with no refills. Nice floating docks, but unfriendly people and very high prices.

The place also has construction everywhere.

Stay away. It's not the Bahamas.

Nice, 2009-06-24
Captain: , Bonita Springs (484)

Long run up the dredged channel north of the old harbor but is a very nice resort and marina. Easy to navigate the channel. Still under development and it looks like work is at a standstill. However the docks are complete and first class and the dockmasters are extremely helpful. Great pools and wifi sometimes available. Wifi is in office but not always at slips. Gets noisy on the weekend when the Cuban Navy from Miami comes in and cranks up the music. Lots of slips though and I can't imagine it being full. There are two separate marinas. The first you come to is near the office and bathrooms. The second (mega-marina) is near a nice pool but a long walk to the office and the showers are not complete there - you have to go to the other marina. $2.50 / ft plus electric and water. They can accomodate some pretty big boats. Meals available at both pools and small cafe in the resort. Customs advertised to be on site but has not opened. It's necessary to take a taxi to town to clear ($5). Scuba operation on site with daily trips.

Wow!, 2009-03-18
Captain: , Woodbridge, VA (137)

After spending our time at the other end of the island, you'd never guess such a fine resort can be on the same island. Although we didn't stay here we did check it out. $2/ft/night. Great facilities. Very expensive food--much more so than the rest of the island that is moderaley expensive. This is where the Mega-Yachts stay.

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