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Bearing Marine Boat Works - Closed

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Address 3410 River Road
Wilmington, NC 28412


After hours contact


Facility type

Marina - NO
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - YES
Municipal - NO
Other - NO

VHF channel



Email contact;

Owner, manager



Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - YES

Payment info

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)

Additional info:






Tide & current additional info


Approach: Unknown
Transient dockage: Unknown
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - NO
Concrete - NO
Floating - NO
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - NO
50 amp - NO
100 amp - NO

Additional info:

Pricing info:

Cable TV (and pricing)

Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)

Dinghy access

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Pets welcomeUnknown

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out













Hotels or motels

Repair capabilities

Yes - Full service boat yard. 75 ton travel lift with 25 foot inside clearance. Gas, diesel, ABYC Certified electrical, marine refrigeration, and corrosion. Dealer for John Deere Marine, Wesmar stabilizers and thrusters Westerbeke, Crusader, Marine Air, Cruise Air, Hamilton Jets, others. Full paint and fiberglass. Awlgrip repairs. 350 ton marine railway.

Haul out capabilities

Yes - 75 ton travel lift with 25 foot inside clearance for catamarans and 350 ton marine railway.

Storage facilities

Yes - Hurricane haul-outs and limited short/long term storage based on availability.

Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Boat ramp availability


Other services


Reviews for Bearing Marine Boat Works - Closed
Skilled and Fair-New Manager, 2016-09-24
Captain: , savannah (20)

Over the past years, we have been a customer here and 2 other yards in the area. We have been a happy customer 2x, and most recently this month. Jim Ligon is the new service manager after a promotion, and the value for what you pay is very fair. Good communication, the right skills, on schedule. When I asked about a couple of things on the bill, they checked and substantially lowered it. That has never happened anywhere with such transparency.
If your goal is good work and fair pricing(parts are never more than retail) for more than just bottom paint, this is a good spot. If you desire concierge service from the airport, go elsewhere, but it may double the cost of your visit. Rated a 4 because you have to provide your own transportation, and Bon Appetit is the ONLY restaurant nearby.

Things Change, 2016-08-22
Captain: , Charlotte (11)

Lots of different info floating around about this place. Currently a interium manager. Seeems to be a solid guy..nice enough.
Yard is fine...Marina good. The place has potential.

Great Place, 2014-09-19
Captain: , Waukegan, IL (10)

Had boat pulled and it will be stored for about a year. Encellent staff and service help is great. A little short on amenities, no resturants at marina, no means of transportation to local town about 1.5 miles, floating docks, all services performed.

No problem here, 2014-09-13
Captain: , Charleston, SC (144)

Recently purchased an old Gulfstar 49 that had loads of "defferred maintenance". Most things I can address myself but needed some assist with a couple of issues and a haulout. Bearing Marine, like any other boatyard, has its issues. None were show stoppers. Tim Nichols was responsive and easy to work with, even over a billing issue. Jim and Cameron did great work, were friendly and did extra for us. Perfect But good people and technicians, great work at a fair price is what we needed and got. Nice job guys, Thanks!
M/V Wanderland

Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!, 2014-06-23
Captain: , Warwick, RI (432)

We were here for FOUR MONTHS while these people wasted our cruisiing season. They ran WAY over the estimate. They charged our credit card without our knowledge, permission or authorization. I only found out when I received our statement. They drilled a hole in hull which I discovered and they denied. They tried to tell me a 1/4" clearance was okay for my prop. There is no paint booth. It is a giant sand trap complete with fleas. Employees track sand through out your boat. There is no courtesy car and you are miles from anywhere. Mostly it's college kids working there and you are paying for their training and education.There is no sanding box so you pay $$$$ for some college kid to sand and clean parts. Every time something happened, it was the customer's fault. They tried to tell me that my stern tube leak was the result of corrosion. A surveyor determined that it was a saw cut from removing the cutless bearing. When installing the cutless bearing they pounded on the new bearing so hard it chipped the stern tube creating the leak. They attempted to fix it twice. Both times the employee who did the fix said they didnt think it would work but management told them to do it. I directly got involved the third time and did most of the work myself. They tried repeatedly to deny responsibility and charged me $750 bucks and stated they wouldn't launch my boat until I paid! If Tim Nichols, the manager, leaves the yard, no decisions get made without prior authorization by Tim, and nothing gets done. Scheduling is a joke. We used to triple the times that we were told and still they wouldn't get things done. After their work, we had to have our engine gone over by another yard because we couldn't trust their work. Further, they hit our wind vane with another customers boat breaking the wind vane, the engine alternator was missing mounting bolts, the fuel hose was kinked, shutting down the engine, the prop nuts were loose and missing a cotter key; wire connections shorted out or were loose; the engine started alarming while off the coast. Pay attention to the other negative reviews. Ask the other yards about this place. It has a reputation!!! If it weren't for needing warranty work, we would have gone elsewhere. My wife was injured when the yard workers removed our companion way stairs without telling us. It is just one thing after another with these guys. You have been warned!!!

Major work done professionally!, 2013-08-22
Captain: , Rochester, NY (493)

SV Passage is a good old boat from Lake Ontario and she needed a bit of a tricky modification to her head.

Jim did it in quick order, answering dozens of questions from this old skipper along the way.

Great work!
The boatyard is clean and tidy and full of BIG boats undergoing all sorts of repairs, modifications and amazing paint-jobs.

I found the whole staff very professional and friendly - a real reflection on the management.

Top marks all round!

Professional and Helpful, 2013-05-16
Captain: , East Greenwich RI (10)

We recently had our 46ft yacht hauled and the bottom cleaned and repainted. We found the team led by Tim Nichols to be professional, helpful and hard working. We continued to stay on our boat whilst on the hard and were able to observe how hard the staff worked and the hours they put in seven days a week. We felt they did a good job on our boat.

Years of working with Bearing Marine, 2013-04-11
Captain: , Destin, FL (10)

Hey guys,

My name is Alex Leclainche. I am a Captain of a 72' Hatteras that spends the majority of time cruising the East Coast and Bahamas professionally. Originally coming from South Florida to accept my full time position in Wilmington, I was wary to have major work done in Wilmington as I had been told quality work and service in the area for vessels of our size was limited if at all existent.

I have worked personally with Tim Nichols of Bearing and his service manager Jim Ligom for almost three years and their commitment to us has always been outstanding. Even when we have had issues as far north as Beaufort before our trip to Maryland one year, they took the time to send their boys up for a service call to get two of our AC condensors online before heading further north. I would certainly recommend them to all cruisers and local vessels of all types as they do work on all vessels, regardless of length or job size.

Below is a list of work they have done an excellent job completing for us in the past:

4 CruisAir condensor replacements (Dometic)
3 Air handler replacements
Complete replacement of head and blackwater system
New heads in all staterooms (Headhunter system)
New fresh water system (Headhunter System)
New varnished teak table in galley
Teak overhead light boxes with recessed lighting in Galley
Countless hours of electical work, including bus systems
Tender outboard service and cruise kit for motor
Custom canvas work
Glendenning cablemaster gear replacements
Raymarine electronics install
KVH Tracvision install with receivers to salon and all staterooms
A/V installs

Bottom line, the guys do great work and have always been more than fair with us. When we are in the Wilmington area, Bearing is our go to company. If anyone would like to contact me personally to discuss work that they have completed on board or as a prior reference I would be more than happy to do so considering how well they have taken care of us in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Warm winds and happy cruising,

Captain Alex Leclainche
M/Y Floatsome and Jetsome

Outboard service, 2013-03-13
Captain: , Wilmington, NC (66)

Just had my 50HP Yamaha serviced at Bearing Marine service, competitive pricing. Motor has not run better. I highly recommend Bearing for all your mechanical needs.

Hard working crew, after hours help, 2013-02-08
Captain: , Sears Mi (40)

After running aground in Snows Cut, we made our way up river with vibration problems. Called the after hours number on a Sunday morning, and the manager and a technician where waiting for us when we arrived a few hours later. Promptly hauled the boat (on a Sunday morning) without charing exta, and got to work on the boat. Had the prop to the propshop first thing Monday morning, recieved regular updates, and felt like they really cared about our situation. No problems with the work or billing.

A Bad Experience, 2013-01-15
Captain: , New York (60)

After being towed up to the Wilmington Marine Center, I was under the impression that Bearing Marine, which is the repair facility located wholly inside the "marine center" was all one operation. It turns out that they are a separate entity. I was there for 21 days, and in the end the initial problem, replacing the shaft and prop, was completed. BUT a repainting of the boot stripe and a touch up of two spots about 6 inches long and 2 inches wide turned into a nightmare. After giving them three opportunities to fix the problem (they turned two small touchups into a basic complete mess of one whole side of my hull) I just left. On two consecutive days they sent the apprentice (he spent 12 hours and made a huge mess) and then the head painter (who spent 12 hours and still had a mess on his hands). When the head guy quit for the day he could only say that it was as good as he could get it, full of spots, and that was that, I was stuck. And you know something? Even after giving them over $6000 Tim the manager and the paint "expert" came to the dock and threw me my lines. No apology, no reduction of bill, nothing. I had the touch up done to perfection in Miami for a little over $700. It took one half of one afternoon with a "professional" painter, who also felt the bootstripe job was a hack job as well. I relayed this to Tim, the big boss. A month later, no reply. Some operation they have there. So, I would avoid this place at all costs. There were some issues with the prop job as well, but I won't go on. There are other yards on the Cape Fear River. Keep going up the river, you'll perhaps find one that stands by their job.

Dissapointed, 2013-01-07
Captain: , Carolina Beach, NC (185)

I would be extremely wary about using this yard. Management skills and Accounting parctices are both grossly lacking! As an example, when I was asked for a second draw, it took the manager over 2 weeks to produce an invoice to show what work had actually been done. And and worse yet, the invoice was filled with errors. In fact, every invoice I was given had to be corrected at least once.
The level of service was below par too. It took multiple attempts to get new instrumentation (autopilot, wind, depth) to properly function and I had to be the one to show them it wasn't working after they installed it.
After 3 months, and $20,000+ later, several items were still left undone. The deck light, 2 LED indicators on the DC panel and a functioning holding tank monitor (a monitor they replaced) will be done by me since they couldn't get it done.
I won't mention the wire strippings and dirt they tracked it/left but failed to clean inside the boat, or the exhaust hose they damaged, said they would replace but didn't.
Unfortunately, this isn't a complete list of all the problems I had with this yard but just the highlights of the biggest problems.
This yard has potential, just not under current ownership/management.

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