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Address Av. de la Marina #10, Zona Centro
Ensenada, BC 22800

Phone011 52 646 174 0020

After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - YES
Municipal - NO
Other - NO

VHF channel

77 and 16


Email contact

Owner, manager

Mr. Roger Gregg



Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

Visa and MasterCard.

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:






Tide & current additional info


Approach: Unknown
Transient dockage: Unknown
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - NO
Floating - YES
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: 100
Beam max: Unknown

Other info:


Transient: Unknown
Total: 50
Transient price: $10.50/ft (2014-10-31)

Other price info: Short term rates Up to 10 days 10% IVA tax included
Below 35' LOA $26.00 /day (plus 10% IVA tax)
36' to 50' LOA $30.60 /day (plus 10% IVA tax)
51' to 60' LOA $0.70 /ft/day (plus 10% IVA tax)
61' to 80' LOA $1.05 /ft/day (plus 10% IVA tax)
80' or larger $1.65 /ft/day (plus 10% IVA tax)

Middle term rates
From 11 to 29 days $0.46 /ft/day (plus 10% IVA tax)
From 30 to 180 days $9.90 /ft/month (plus 10% IVA tax)

These rates will be applied on whichever is longer, LOA of vessel or slip.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - NO
50 amp - NO
100 amp - NO

Additional info: Available

Pricing info:

Cable TV (and pricing)

Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)

Yes - Fresh water for washing your boat. DO NOT DRINK. Go to the office and they will order water. $1 USD for 5 gallons delivered.

Dinghy access

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand:

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:


Yes - Go up the dock across Turistico walkway through the boat yard and out to La Marina. Turn right and head south to Alvarado, the first street on the left and head to Federal Highway 1. Turn left on Federal Highway 1 and follow it until you get to Castillo street. Turn left onto Castillo street and continue until you get to Cuarta y o Mutualismo. Turn right and you will see the propane place on the left about half a block down before you cross Arroya Ensenada.

Here are the directions in google maps:

Pets welcomeUnknown

Other pet info: Dogs and cats welcome.

Disability access

Launch service

Pump out



Yes - At the local OXXO








Yes - Brisa Lavamatica at Miramar and Seguda. Purchase tokens for machines or they do it for you at a fair price. Very friendly. Clean facility.


Yes - Soriana, Calimax, and other markets within walking distance.


Yes - See "Repair Resource" link for a list of services. Additionally, for hardware, tools and plumbing. Monterrey Ferreteriia at 1535 Cortez is good (just up from NAPA). Some other hardware, plumbing and paint shops along Cortez. For switches, jack etc. Steren on AV. Benito Juarez at Calle Iturbide is useful.


Yes - Newly opened Fish and Chips has excellent, in-house, from scratch-made food. Ask Rogelio in the office for directions. Easy walking distance.


Hotels or motels


Repair capabilities


Haul out capabilities

Yes - 75 ton Travelift.

Storage facilities

Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - Free broadband wireless internet access and long distance to U.S.

Boat ramp availability


Other services


Reviews for Baja Naval
Great Place to Have Work Done, 2017-08-24
Captain: , San Diego (30)

Took my 35.5 Bristol from San Diego to Baja Naval, Mx for some work. They painted the bottom with the paint of my choice (Micron CSC) and did a great job. I also had them service and replace thru-hulls. They serviced four of my original bronze thru-hulls and replaced four with Groco bronze thru-hulls. They also installed a Raritan macerator pump and plumbing for me. I also had the hull waxed and buffed.

Everything was done in a professional manner with great communication. My Spanish is no so good but they are very fluent in English. I received very courteous service, the work was quite reasonable in cost and I received a very detailed bill. The mechanic who installed and serviced the thru-hulls came on the boat as soon as it was put in the water and checked every valve. NO LEAKS and the boat is dry as a bone. Nice to have all the thru-hulls working again.

I would take my boat there again!

Great Yard, 2017-06-19
Captain: , Montreal (90)

Had a bunch of work done by Baja Naval in the fall of 2016. The work was great done on time AND under budget! I highly recommend them!

Cheap and right in town, 2016-12-13
Captain: , Victoria (70)

This marina was great. You do get what you pay for though. We stayed for 11 days and took advantage of their cheaper rate. It was $0.50/foot/night for this duration, so a really great deal! The staff are friendly and helpful and help you with the checkin process. The docks are okay- but a huge warning that it can be VERY SURGEY in this marina! We had 9 lines coming off our boat and suffered quite a bit of chafing. The washrooms are also okay, but not very clean. The plus side is that it is right in town and you can walk really easily to everything! We used a marina dock cart to go get diesel in our jerry cans from the local gas station (about 15 min walk) and laundry service is about 10 mins away as well. Capitan de Puerto is about 10 mins from the marina and there is tons of cheap and yummy eats all around. Be sure to visit Mr. Churro!

Great boatyard experience, 2016-10-12
Captain: , Seattle (110)

Just finished an unexpected repair here. Discovered leaky stern tube just prior to heading south to Cabo. The staff and crew of Baja Naval got us in quickly and took care of the problem. Everyone, office staff and yard workers were great to work with. After hauling and blocking, they even hooked up the shore power cord for us! Jose at the front desk was super helpful with recommendations, Roberto kept us well informed, Francisco did a great job rebuildnig the entire stern tube assembly and when it was all said and done, the price was MUCH lower than having the work done back in the states. Able to stay on the boat during the work, great location, right in the center of things. Marble bathrooms, wifi, great security, I highly recommend it.

Fits our cruising budget, 2015-11-23
Captain: , Brookings, OR (647)

We stayed here for 13 days on our way down the Pacific Coast. We had reserved a slip when we were in San Diego and sent a deposit to their US address. They had e-mailed back that slip D10 was reserved for us and to call on channel 77 when we got in the harbor. When we entered the harbor we called but Carlos, he manages the dock and speaks English, said that D10 was taken and we should go to D11. Evidently the owner of the boat that was in D11 came and moved it to D10 the day before. Carlos assisted handling lines and helped us get tied up. It was too late to check in but the marina office was open and we went up and signed into the marina. They prepared all the papers that we would need to check in the next day.

The next day we went to Centro Integral de Servicios and began checking in. First stop is immigration. I would recommend NOT to check in on the Saturday. The agent was the crabbiest person that we had to deal with through the whole process. He insisted that we present a zarpe from San Diego before he would allow us to check in. He told one cruiser from Canada that he was going to go inspect his boat, find drugs and lock him up! He finally allowed us to check in we paid our fees and now it is on to the port captain window. They were very nice and we finished up checking in but now the bank was closed and we couldn't get our TIP. On Monday we returned to a completely different staff and completed the check in.

We returned to Baja Naval and gave our papers to Jose and they made copies for themselves.

The docks marina are wooden and a little run down. DO NOT drink the water. While it is safe it has a salty taste. Go to the marina office and Jose will have someone deliver water in 5 gallon jugs to your boat. They will even bring a funnel and put the water in. Cost $1 us per 5 gallon bottle. Be sure to tip him.

Also marina employees are NOT allowed to accept tips. Do not offer them as they will be fired. Other persons that don%u2019t work for the marina can accept tips.

There is a Wall-mart and Costco that are within a taxi ride of $60 pesos. There are numerous banks nearby that you can use their cash machines to get pesos. Most days there is at least one cruise ship docked.

If you go up the dock to the walkway and turn left there are many little restaurants and one fish market that we went to often. When you check in you will pass the fish market. Google maps is helpful in finding stuff.

We lost our credit card while there. The marina gave us an address to have stuff sent to in the US. PO Boxes, a service located in town, drives up to there and brings the mail back. Faster than going through Mexican customs. Cost $300 pesos.

Best Marina in Ensenada to check into, 2014-11-11
Captain: , Montague Harbour (10)

So you%u2019ve read your Charlie%u2019s Charts and you think you know what to do. Or you paid your Baja Haha money and you think they will help you out with your check in FMM and TIP? Wrong.

We are boots on the ground here people, trust us. First off the Baja haha now lets you flounder on your own. The TIP online and a million serial numbers for all your gear? Good luck trying to get any of that to work or anyone at Migracion to care about what you are trying to do. I could go on but suffice to say we have heard dozens of horror stories about how to go about this. It%u2019s not so straight forward as they say.

The wife and I entered Mexico and were terrified of how to go about things and as soon as we were in the loving arms of the Baja Naval Marina all was well. First off the facility is spotless. It%u2019s not brand new as they opened in 1987 but its in great shape and has it where it counts as they say. Worried about your boat? Don%u2019t be, the place is like fort knox. Security systems on every door, multiple live security guards walking the docks every few minutes. I don%u2019t feel this safe in my own marina in Canada!
The staff is fluent in english and genuinely friendly. Call on VHF 77 day or night and you will be instructed to hit up the end tie for an easy landing after a long trip. When you are ready you can head into a slip. You can get off your boat, everyone can. Bring your paperwork in the morning if you landed late and they will help you with you arrival and departure papers from Mexico. They will then take you for free to Migracion and help you through the 4 window process.

Window 1 gets you the FMM. Show your passport and pertinent documents and you are off to window 2 which is like a naval bank. Pay your fees for the FMM and you are back at window 1 getting your little FMM papers. On to the port Captain who closes at 2:30pm. Don%u2019t worry as you can get help after that but you pay a surcharge. If you happen to land on a sunday feel free to roam the town and you can get to your clearance on monday. Yeah no shit, doesn%u2019t say that in the book does it?

Port Captain looks over your boat paperwork and you%u2019re back to window 2 the bank to pay for your entry. Now is the time to mention you want to import your boat on TIP. Look to your right and all the requirements to do so are there. Outside the Migracion building is a place to make photo copies of your paperwork because it is up to you to provide them. Better get them in advance and speed up the process. The only weird thing is all that talk you hear about having serial numbers for everything%u2026 no one is interested in it. Good luck getting your chart plotter serial number added to the TIP. Won%u2019t be happening in Ensenada. If you are reading this and you got it done, well lucky you, but that%u2019s not real life in Mexico so don%u2019t be telling people advice buddy.

Once tipped in you hit window 4 to tell them what you have on the boat just like when you fly cross border. When you are done there you are a free bird and if you want the fishing license is available just to the left of window 4 opposite the bathroom.

Back to Baja Naval for a shower and pay your $35 per day (soooo cheap) fee. If you stay for 11 days its the same as paying for a week so why not stay for a while. The other marinas are over TWICE as much and in one you are way out of town and the other doesn%u2019t have the reputation of quality work and service that Baja Naval does.

What%u2019s that? You want a haul out. Yeah they do that too. Approx $200 gets you in and out. Need work done? Hell yes its super cheap and they have all the supplies right in the marina and there is a Port Supply (westmarine) available for the rest. Wifi? Yup and the speed is great and included in your stay. Laundry? Couple blocks away or a service can come do it for you. Evrything you need and everywhere you want to be is right in front of the marina.

Had I knew about this place earlier we would have left the bottom paint as it was and beelined straight from Canada to here and saved all the money we spent in the states and getting ready. To top it off if you can get here around Nov 12 you get to watch the start of the BAJA 1000 offroad race. Huge street party and lots of fun things to watch eat and do.
So if you are thinking of hitting up cruise port and coral, think again. We loved the family style experience and caring people at the Baja Naval. We wouldn%u2019t miss it again and I hope this little post gets to someone out there who is thinking of checking into Mexico. I wish I had read something like this before I got here. If you are lucky enough to meet Hugo, you have a friend for life. A real class act and he has helped me more with coming to grips with life in a new country than I can explain. I don%u2019t want to think how this experience would be if it were not for him. Thank-you Hugo!

Thanks for reading and thank you to Guillermo, Hugo, Carlos and the staff at Baja Naval! I thought I had made a mistake and was frightened of Mexico, now I love it and can%u2019t wait to see the rest and meet more people.

Baja Naval, 2014-10-23
Captain: , Newport Beach, CA (420)

General Manager is Diego. Marina manager is Guillermo. Boatyard My lead supervisor was Roberto. All three speak and write English very well. First met heard about Baja Naval at the Seattle Boat Show. They have been very responsive and competent throughout my stay here. My work consisted of an application of a new coat of bottom paint prior to heading to the Canal. They're also applied PropSpeed and doing some some significant carpentery work along with several other tasks, i.e. LED running lights and mounting life raft cannister. In addition, they washed and waxed the boat. Words really can't express my satisfaction with their service. One point, they advertise fuel, but the actual fuel dock is at Marina Coral just out of the harbor. They can only provide small quantities via jerry can. The also have added WIFI in the boatyard/marina. Very convienent location near shopping, restaurants, pharmacies, Hertz rental car and even a movie theater. While in the yard, I met several other boaters heading south with the Baja Ha-Ha and all were very happy with the service!

Professionals All The Way, 2013-11-16
Captain: , Venice, California (363)

I arranged to have them bottom paint the hull and do some cosmetic work. Their prices were very reasonable and were professional all the way. Roberto Camacho took care of all my requests. I was VERY pleased with the work done at Baja Naval and trust them with my boat for future business. Nice guys, fair prices, great work......can't beat it.

Warm and Friendly, 2012-11-18
Captain: , Vancouver (80)

Rogelio and his crew make it happen for you on the dock, with the support of the boat yard if you need something more. Plus you are in the center of the action.

Nice but surgy, 2011-06-08
Captain: , San Francisco (409)

Their marina is located centrally in town and security is good. I was leasantly surprised with the quality work they erformed on my boat at their dock. On time, on schedule and I paid no more than the initial estimate.

Very Good Boat Yard, 2010-12-21
Captain: , Ensenada MX (30)

I have had work done twice at this Boat yard and both times I have left very pleased with the work. They have a full service yard and the staff is very professional and knowledgeable. Will be back there for sure

no quality , 2008-10-27
Captain: , San Pedro, CA (290)

Very slow on the work. They did a good job painting the bottom, but don't have them do any mechanical or electrical work. Also, a couple things we "missing" when I got the boat back. the price is no better then you can find in the united states.

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