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Aberdeen Marina

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Address 50151 Old Highway 25
Aberdeen, MS 39730


After hours contact

Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - NO
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO


VHF channel



Email contact

Owner, manager

Mr. David Singh


Jerry Samuel


Jerry Samuel

Payments acceptedCredit cards - YES
Checks - NO

Payment info

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)
Year round

Additional info:


Follow channel markers. Tennesee-Tombigbee MM 358.2. 1/2 mile north of Aberdeen Lock and Dam in Aberdeen, MS.





Tide & current additional info


Approach: 4.5
Transient dockage: 6
Fuel dock: 6

Other depth info: Shallow spots 4.5'

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - YES
Floating - YES
Fixed - YES
T/Alongside - YES
Other - NO

Additional info: Long finger dock.

Size restrictionsLOA max: Unknown
Beam max: Unknown

Other info: Tie alongs 3 or 4.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: $1.00/ft (2014-11-17)

Other price info: Plus tax.


Transient: Unknown
Total: Unknown
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info:

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - YES

Additional info: No 30 amp at at some docks, only 50, but dockmaster has adapters.

Pricing info:

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)

Water (and pricing)


Dinghy access


Liveaboard info

Yes - A few liveaboards are at the marina as of November 2014.


Fuel brand: The owner has a gas station out front, so diesel prices should remain competitive - marine diesel is the same price as the gas station.

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:



Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access

Launch service


Pump out













Yes - Limited items are available at the onsite convenience store.


Yes - Limited


No - Not within walking distance.


No - Beer is available at the convience store and liquor and wine are available at the onsite store.

Hotels or motels

Yes - Nearby

Repair capabilities


Haul out capabilities


Storage facilities

Fishing supplies

Yes - Some items are available at the convience store.

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - Good Verizon signal for MiFi and phones. The marina has free WiFi available.

Boat ramp availability

Yes - Two lane ramp.



Other services


Antebellum home tours.

Reviews for Aberdeen Marina
This marina is improving, 2015-11-19
Captain: , Naples Florida (246)

The new owners are aware that the marina needs improving and are working on it - points in its favor
Situated in lovely bayou
New gas and diesel pump - diesel at $2.39 must be the cheapest on the Tenn-Tom
I had no problems getting in with 3ft 9" draft and a low river level
Good pizzas made 50 feet from your boat and delivered
Owner is planning to instal wifi booster
Don't pass this place by - its a pleasant stop

not suitable for anything more than fishing boats, 2015-11-09
Captain: , Chicago (10)

changed ownership. no skill sets for running the marina, just the gas station & convenience store. they don't even have a courtesy car anymore. would worry about channel depths. only suitable as a boat ramp for fishing boats now.

Only suitable for fishing boats, not looper boats!, 2015-10-28
Captain: , Galena, Ohio (50)

Ownership changed in late 2014 and channel and marina has not been maintained. Channel is very silted, shallow and narrow. We almost got grounded if not for bow thruster pulling us from the muck. There is no marine fuel. Focus of new owner has been convenient store and vehicle gas pumps out front. This is not a marina anymore, it is a convenience store with a dock for fishermen to come in to buy snacks. If your boat has any draft at all, stay away! We were lead back out by local wonderful gentleman, John, Coast Guard Auxiliary. If you need help in this area, call lockmaster for contact info for him.

Visited in 2010, 2015-10-11
Captain: , Cincinnati (1810)

It is ashame to read reviews today of this marina. It was a great marina in 2010

Rustic and funky, but not a bad little marina, 2014-12-03
Captain: , Aurora, KY (146)

The entrance off the main river channel is very shallow as reported in previous posts and you wind back through a little bayou into the little cove where the marina sits. The staff were friendly, though its obvious the marina isn't there primary focus (at least this time of year (December). The marina "office" is in the convience store which serves both functions. We stocked up on beer and snacks and enjoyed a quiet night tied up along the transient wall. If your draft allows this isn't a bad stop just before the Aberdeen Dam if heading south.

Good protection, 2014-11-17
Captain: , Galena, MD (1856)

Tucked away from winds in all directions. Channel to marina is well marked. Never saw less than 5-1/2 ft. Go slow as some driftwood finds it's way into the channel. They do monitor CH 16 and new owner is just learning the marina busiiness but will meet you at the dock to help with lines.
Local liveaboard Jim and part time liveaboard Lee will help in any way possible. If Jim hears you on the radio he will meet you at the dock and help catch lines.
Transient dockage is bulkhead and is in good shape. i did not see any bolts sticking out, but fenders on boat are good protection.
I would stop here again.

Trip into the marina worth the visit, 2014-11-13
Captain: , Grand Haven, MI (674)

Shallow water when you enter the channel from the river. Bumped bottom but not a problem. Well marked channel winds back into the marina. No help to dock, convienence store people not marina people. But inside help was good and offered what they could. Well stocked convienent store.
Plenty of room to walk the dog.

Beats anchoring....maybe, 2014-11-08
Captain: , New Buffalo, Michigan (780)

11/05/14. Okay, as the previous reviewers posted this is not the Ritz. When you come off the river is the shallowest water. we draw 4 1/2 ft and saw 1.8 ft under keel there butmit gets deeper. Well marked channel that makes you feelmas though you are the African queen winding back to the marina. We called on the phone. What you end up with is a nicely stocked convienience store / bait shop/ liquor store with a wall to tie to. We tied up right below the gas pumps and noproblem with ants. There was no one to help with lines or give any directions. The clerk in the store was very helpful about what they offered and we had a pizza (ok, fills the hole) delivered to the boat. Showers were not bad, my wife used them. You can call the lock from here when you leave in the morning. If you dont want to pay a buck a foot for all of this there is an anchorage right below the lock on the RDB that would work also.

worst marina ever, 2014-10-24
Captain: , Paris Landing TN (636)

under new ownership. they know nothing about running a marina. there are large rusty bolt heads sticking out near fuel dock, no bumpers or protection. the dock men will pull your stanchions off if not watched. the channel is silting in and we ran aground. the facilities (showers, laundry) were in constant use by the new owners. they did not know anything about power hookups and were not sure about where the water was located. the fuel pumps were out so we had to fill up with jerry cans from in front of the store/marina.

Last resort stop-Skinny water and ANTS, 2014-10-09
Captain: , Cape Coral, Fl (838)

We are a 38 ft boat with a 4 ft draft and the channel is extremely shallow and littered with debris. We call the marina for instructions on getting in and there was no one with any idea about the channel. We got down to 4.3 ft but did not hit bottom. We had 5'7" at the dock when we arrived; by morning our depth was only 4'7". The owner just bought the property 3 weeks ago and it was apparent that the convenience store (which was well stocked) and auto gas pumps were the priority. The marina seems an afterthought. We didn't see the prior post about the ants but learned the hard way. Our boat and another boat traveling with us were covered with ants by morning. The dock/sea wall is made up of old railroad ties and they are full of ants.

On the positive side, the owners seemed nice, the convenience store was great, a package liquor store is on the property and the wifi was fast.

New Management?, 2014-10-08
Captain: , League City, Texas (293)

We were told the marina is under new management - they have a ways to go before they work the kinks out. The channel into the Marina was well marked and the only concern was the initial shallow water at the very beginning. We have a 4' draft and we saw .8' of clearance for a few seconds. The setting is very nice with a fairly well stocked convince store and a well stocked package store on the grounds. The bathroom was filthy. They no longer have a courtesy car and they do not have a pumpout. We were attacked by ants in the early evening, climbing up our power cord and dock lines. Fortunately, we saw them and sprayed to stop the onslaught. Hate to think what we would be facing if we did not see them until the next morning.

Great Place, 2014-04-04
Captain: , Jamaica Beach, TX (180)

We had a great time here. Getting in is a little scary - we draw 5 feet and never touched the bottom but it looks plenty spooky with the stumps, dead trees and foliage. The dock and gas pumps are at a convienane store that serves great coffee and home made bacon, egg and cheese biscuits in the morning. They have a courtesy car you can use and while the shower and restroom facitilies are small, they are functional. Oh - don't pass up the boiled peanuts they sale at the store.

Shallow entrance, 2013-11-11
Captain: , Meredith, NH (638)

The start of the channes from the Tenn Tom markers to the first red & green of Aberdeen Marina channel is shallow. We draw 5' & bmped over the first 20 feet after which it was 5'6' or more.

Mixed feelings, 2013-10-17
Captain: , Bluffton, South Carolina (327)

People are very friendly, setting is very tranquil and off the beaten path (elgl, no wakes!). Have a reasonably stocked (with groceries and snacks) store, ala Seven-Eleven without produce, and a very well stocked liquor and wine store. As of today, had no diesel; pump is non functioning. They neglected to tell me that when I made the reservation, but did comp the dockage. Dockage is do-it-yourself; no help. Same is the case with the fuel dock. Echo what others have said about the entry channel, except that it must me months since it as 4-5 feet. I read 3-4 all the way in. Must be soft bottom as we draw 4.

Getting there is half the fun, 2013-10-16
Captain: , Seattle, Wa (111)

OK...The marina is ok and not much to update from other reviews except the showers were pretty dirty. But... getting to it is really a fun bit of piloting. The channel is well marked but I don't think I would attempt it in the dark. As you first come off the main channel we did notice some shallower spots at about 5ft. Then it got deeper. Winding through the dead trees and swamps is a real Kodak Moment so get your camera ready.

Great Place to get Gas! 7-12-2013, 2013-07-15
Captain: , Kuttawa Kentucky (410)

7-12-2013 Off channel going north. 2nd red buoy after lock thru. Turn into channel. Water depth went to 4.5 feet for 40 feet. Depth went to 10 until you get to the narrow part of channel, then it was 6.5 feet to 7.
Fuel dock is real short. Need finders out. A piling is in water for longer boats which really helped. Store had great fish and hot wings. Only place I ever plugged my electic in and did not have to even get off boat. Water pressure was good. Lots of boats using public ramp. 1 shower for boaters. Nice people running the store. Liquor store 200 feet away.

Not Bad at All, 2012-11-20
Captain: , St. Louis, MO (1850)

As noted the entrance off of the main channel is a bit hairy. Very well marked but it takes you places you'd be convinced there couldn't be a marina back there. But there is. Also the entrance channel is shallow. We have a 3.5' keel and showed anywhere from 3.2 to 8.8(briefly) underneath us. Most of the time it showed 3.8.There are 300' of facing pier...150 on each side of fuel dock. We stayed on the facing dock before the fuel dock. There was 30 and 50 amp power and there were newish looking fresh water spigots. (I doubt the intention is to provide running water to boats if there are more than two there.) Adjacent to (really in back of) a gas station / convenience store...all the basics. They have a loaner car. Aberdeen is a nice little town. Go to the visitors center and get directions to see some of the antibellum homes. There is a short tour and a long tour. (There is a house that looks just like the Addams Family mansion.) The facing pier edging is a bit rugged. Fender appropriately. Plenty of room in the marina to maneuver during slack season like we were here...should be ok during season.
No probs. Has what you need. Nothing more. Nothing less.

If you need gas call..., 2012-10-31
Captain: , Bay City (144)

We have been at Aberdeen for three nights awating a part. No problem with electricity or water. Diesil pump works but gas pump broke down if you need it call ahead to see if fixed. No one to help tie. Store has home cooked food plus convienince items AND beer! A nice Package store is a two minute walk for liquor and wine.

Get breakfast to go early!, 2012-10-20
Captain: , Mesa AZ (1609)

Facilities have questionable electricity and no water. Fuel was the lowest price we found within 100 miles. Courtesy vehicle to interesting town is worth the time. Staff in marina office run store & deli but can't help with marina issues. The entrance is well marked and deep, just come in daylight & leave after morning fog. Nice to have beautiful new liquor store on site.

what a challenge, 2012-10-16
Captain: , Vero Beach, FL (654)

I agree it is quite adventure entering this marina. We arrived 1/2 hour before sunset which added to the adventure. There is no cable TV, water at the wall was skinny and lots of weeds. however the biscuits were very good we had to go back for seconds. Getting out of the marina is much more accomendating. A safe place to stay.

A Good Stop, 2012-10-14
Captain: , Oneida, TN (415)

This was one of our favorite stops on the Great Loop in Dec. '06, so had to visit again. Not so much of the good ol' boy group on the back deck as we saw last time, but still a friendly place. Not fancy. Amenities are basic, but satisfactory. Decent courtesy car. Convenience store and liquor store on premises. Sailor's heaven ;^). Above all, it's worth it just for the OMG trip up the channel. Stay in the middle all the way. Well marked. 5'+ at least. We'll stop again next time we're back this way.

Still a good overnight, 2012-05-31
Captain: , jackson, TN (884)

$1.00/' includes electric. Gas Station/convenience store/ liquor stor right on the dock. Descent prices on diesel. Curtesy car. Still the best country ham biscuits on the river for breakfast. This is the "old South".

Aberdeen Marina Open, 2012-04-22
Captain: , Grand Rivers, KY (88)

Marina is open - stoped for fuel on 4/21/12 and mariana was open.

Was open in late January when we arrived., 2012-02-06
Captain: , Marietta, GA (260)

Fine marina. Power, water and pumpout. Not sure how long they will be open. Convenience store on site.

Small quiet area, 2011-11-03
Captain: , Jensen Beach FL (138)

The entrance channel can be a bit intimidating but we had 4.5 to 5' all the way in. Only room for maybe 6 boats of 36 to 40 ' on the wall. Well stocked convienience store and an on site package goods store. They do have a courtesy car to go to town and restaurants. The diesel pump is really slow but the price is worth the wait. All together a good overnight stop.

Decent stay here, 2011-10-29
Captain: , Fort Myers, FL (141)

Perhaps the nicest facility is the onsite liquor srore! The rest of the place is decent and access is easy. Dont be deterred by the winding road into the harbor.

Great stop--don't miss it, 2011-06-28
Captain: , Corpus Christi,Tx (1569)

This marina has the lowest fuel prices we have found on the TennTom. Convience store is well stocked and a liquorstore is on site. Courtesy car available. Stay on the green side when leaving the river. We found the staff very freindly and helpful and we will definately be back on our return trip.

Nice Friendly Marina!, 2010-11-06
Captain: , Cleveland (2083)

What a fun trip in! The well marked channel kept us in 6 ft depth all the way in to a well-hidden gem. Well stocked liquor/package store right off of the dock. Conveniece store at the marina. Courtesy car with Aberdeen a 5 minute ride away. Excellent hardware store with very knowledgeable employees. Breakfast place in town across from the school on the main drag.

Aberdeen Marina, 2009-12-11
Captain: , Perdido Key Florida (460)

Very competitive fuel prices because the are also a gas station for the road on the other side of the building. The well marked entrance is worth the visit. Gas 2.65 and Diesel 2.49 as of 12-10-09.

Nice Folksey marina great entrance experience, 2009-11-15
Captain: , Gulf Breeze, Fl (6909)

Trust the the many markers coming in for a journey into the back country. saw 6
' at normal pool mostly sometimes 5 but weeds may have fooled the depth finder. Fun. Fuel price excellent at $2.49.9 gal on 11-13-09. Some problems with power I and another boat only had one leg of 240/50 amps on south wall.

Aberdeen Marina, 2009-02-19
Captain: , Whitehall, Mi (1754)

Courtesy car (big old Lincoln). Long narrow channel thru stumps and flooded trees (actually kind of a neat trip).

Located behind a gas station and fuel price was good. Staff was friendly.

well protected, 2007-11-04
Captain: , Key Largo (5457)

off river, thru well marked channel with tree stumps on either side, 6 foot all the way in.

Aberdeen Marina, 2007-10-23
Captain: , Inver Grove Heights, Minn. (535)

Very nice small marina

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