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31st Street Harbor

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Address 3100 S Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60616


After hours contact


Facility type

Marina - YES
Club - NO
Fuel - YES
Repair - NO
Municipal - NO
Other - NO

VHF channel

9 and 16


Email contact

Owner, manager

Chicago Park District managed by Westrec


Mark Dryden and Gina Rodriguez


Payments acceptedCredit cards - NO
Checks - NO

Payment info

Payment discounts

Operation (seasonal or year-round)

Additional info: 1 May through 31 October.


Harbor opens to the southwest with depths greater than 15 feet throughout. Narrow entrance with very high sides. You may not see another boat in the entrance until you are almost right on them. Use caution.





Tide & current additional info


Approach: Unknown
Transient dockage: Unknown
Fuel dock: Unknown

Other depth info:

Dock typesWood - YES
Concrete - NO
Floating - YES
Fixed - NO
T/Alongside - NO
Other - NO

Additional info:

Size restrictionsLOA max: 200
Beam max: Unknown

Other info: Standard slips from 35 to 70 feet.


Transient: 10
Total: 1000
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: New harbor in 2012. Many transient slips available until it starts to fill.


Transient: Unknown
Total: 0
Transient price: Unknown

Other price info: None

AC power30 amp - YES
50 amp - YES
100 amp - YES

Additional info:

Pricing info:

Cable TV (and pricing)


Phone hookup (and pricing)


Water (and pricing)


Dinghy access

Liveaboard info


Fuel brand: Valvtect

Gas priceUnknown

Other price info:

Diesel priceUnknown

Other price info:



Pets welcomeYes

Other pet info:

Disability access


Launch service


Pump out











Yes - Two washers, two dryers in each womens and mens rooms. Four pair total and they are all free.


Small convenience store located in the Harbormaster office.




Hotels or motels

Repair capabilities


Haul out capabilities

Winter storage only. No haul out during the season.

Storage facilities


Fishing supplies

Chartering capabilities

Internet access

Yes - Very good WiFi signal, and its free. High speed cable with internet modem available in the slip. Cellular signal strong from all carriers.

Boat ramp availability



Yes - Yellow Cab, but they are still unfamiliar with the location. Explain that they take 31st Street east to the harbor, look for the circular pick-up area after the road curves to the south at the waterfront. $26 ride to Midway Airport, 2012.

Other services

Self-serve bike rental available just outside the harbor, September 2013.


Reviews for 31st Street Harbor
Bad location, 2017-06-26
Captain: , 31st Street (10)

Docked my boat hear for more than 4 years. In the last couple of years, started to deal with problems due to the location of this harbor and the neighboring beach. The harbor shares an entrance with the 31st Street beach. This is a great family beach during the day. The problems start in the evening. There is a beach bar/cafe that attracts a bad element of people most evenings. This has resulted in two shootings just this year, and an armed carjacking of people leaving the harbor last year, and a rape of a female jogger just south of the harbor entrance on the lake path in the middle of afternoon. The harbor garage parking is open to the public, so we have experienced being harassed in the parking garage. The public beach goers gain access to the docks and vandalize or break into boats. Guests who visit are forced to park across the highway, which creates an extremely unsafe situation if they are walking back to their car at night. The police are here all the time, which you would think would deter problems. However, they are mostly there for crowd control. The most recent shooting happened with at least 3-5 uniformed police at the beach. It didn't matter, and the shooter got away. The worst part about the harbor is the isolation one feels when you realize you can't leave your slip to go for a jog, ride your bike, or go somewhere to eat (other than the harbor restaurant). Public access to the harbor, makes even going to the bathroom or parking garage at night a dangerous endeavor. Bring a large male friend if possible. Our guests no longer feel safe to visit. I give this harbor a 1 star review even though the harbor facilities are top notch. The park district should realize that the boaters who fork over thousands of dollars in slip fees should be priority number 1. They should close the beach and Pier 31 restaurant by 7pm each night. The beach and park parking spaces should be gated off to eliminate the number of people loitering in the park after dark and into the early morning. If the park district truly cared about its cash cow harbor, they would treat it like the 5 star facility they built it to be.

3rd season here. Nice but has its issues, 2017-06-19
Captain: , Chicago, IL (143)

We've had our boat here for the third season now and there's things to like about the marina, but things it helps to know ahead of time if you're new or coming into town.

First the pros - the marina is less than half full, which means plenty of open space, and fewer crowds than at other Chicago marinas. We have not had neighbors directly next to our boat since we moved here which makes it easier to dock in a wind or put out some swim toys or go paddleboarding. It's also close knit community, boaters are friendly and know one another and look out for each other. There is also parking in a covered garage right next to the marina, but security has been making it more difficult for guests to park there. At least boaters with regular season parking passes are usually able to get parking in the garage. Guests pay $25 on weekends and $6+ during the week. There is another lot across Lake Shore Drive with shuttles on weekend to drop you off at your gate. The marina also has a nice little pool with a small bar/outdoor restaurant area at the south end near J Dock. Marina bathrooms/showers are code activated and generally clean and with laundry facilities.

The cons - do not go to the beach. There have been two shootings there so far this year (2017), and while Chicago PD and Marina security are increasing their presence, it's still not a place to go especially on weekends. There's also very loud live music from the beach area which carries into the marina, although they're usually done by 10pm. A few bad apples in the marina will occasionally play loud and very questionable music late into the night. Although the marina has done a better job cracking down on these noise makers and even kicked one out of the marina last year, it can still be an occasional issue. Marina staff is doing a much better job this year of addressing boater's concerns though. Perhaps the biggest drawback is there really isn't anywhere to go outside of the marina at all. The Loop and other parts of the downtown area are about a $15 taxi or uber ride away. Not a place to hang out at night. Marina security started blocking public access to promenade between the docks and parking garage after the beach closes at 11pm, but it remains to be seen how effective that will be to deter "incidents."

Overall really like the marina, it%u2019s the best facility in the city, but the location and everything that comes along with it is horrible.

Dock Assistance, 2016-09-20
Captain: , Ft Lauderdale (10)

We found it difficult to get dock assistance upon arrival. The slip assignment was not wide enough for our boat and we had to temporarily tie up and call. We did not receive a response on the vhf radio and called via telephone to get a different slip assignment.

Nightmare on 31st Street, 2016-09-12
Captain: , Joliet (10)

Partying well into the night, loud music. Parking is usually $8 in the garage. When me and my guests arrived security did not allow us to park in the garage even though I rented a slip. They made everyone park on the side of the road and charged each car $10.

Lunch at Salerno's, 2016-09-06
Captain: , Diversey (10)

It was easy to pull the boat in and the pizza was great! I was surprised to have delicious calamari as well.

Communication & Information to help with a long weekend trip, 2016-08-24
Captain: , Michigan (10)

The people that work there are GREAT.
The facilities are lovely & the boating residents are very friendly.

The lack of communication prior to renting the slip caused much frustration.

We should've been told that the boat launch at the 31st marina would be closed the night we were arriving and that we'd have to launch our boat 4 miles north at the Burnham Marina. We would've planned accordingly and arrived sooner. We didn't know until we arrived after a 5 hour drive from Michigan. It was already getting dark and this delay was going to be challenging.

We left the 31st street marina and drove up to the Burnham Marina. We put the boat in and i waited with the boat until my husband returned. He drove back to 31st street to the Truck Marshalling lot to leave the trailer as there was no place at Burnham to park both. He then drove back to the Burnham marina, parked his truck (which you can only leave until 11pm, another helpful tidbit that they could've told us) and walked down to the boat launch where the boat & i were waiting (because i don't know how to drive the boat yet). We then drove the boat the 4 miles south to the 31st street marina where we parked the boat in the slip we had reserved.

By the time we got to our slip at the 31st street marina it was already 9:00pm. By the time we found someone to ask where we get the code for the gate to get back to our boat (because each dock A-L has it's own end gate lock), the office was closed (closes at 8:00pm, another thing that they could've told us) so we were unable to get our code to get back to our boat until the next morning. Luckily, we weren't planning to stay at our boat that night.

Next, we had to catch a cab to take us the 4 miles back to our car which was parked at the Burnham Marina before their parking lot closed at 11:00pm.

Taking the boat out at the end of our stay was almost a challenge as they then had Yahama there and said, "The launch is not available right now" but we insisted and they let us grab our boat out really quick.

The rest of the weekend was enjoyable.
Everyone was very kind and helpful.
It's a pretty cool place to stay on your boat. There are several restaurants that will deliver to your boat. There's a party store, pool, rest rooms (w/ showers) and a play ground on the premise. Each boat slip has 3 large dock tie downs and a small light house with a hose and electrical. The marina is very safe and secured.

Note to Self: Next time ask ahead of time if the launch at your marina will be closed for any reasons and when. Who'd have thought it wouldn't be?

We also learned that in order to boat into the city rivers (which are filthy but interesting) you have to go thru a lock. We had no idea. Even our kids, who live and work downtown Chicago didn't know this. Make sure you have life jackets for every one on your boat. You'll need to wear them in the lock.

31st Street Harbor, 2016-08-24
Captain: , Michigian City, Indiana (10)

The slip we were assigned to was filled with some large raft, we couldn't get in and due to the small area to turn around I couldn't get my boat maneuvered without causing damage to my boat. The north side of B Slip is way to small to do a turn around with a 30 foot boat. B24 was supposed to be empty and when I arrived it was not.....horrible experience

just one more item , 2016-08-22
Captain: , Hilton Head Island (40)

nice facility and very helpful staff, but our wireless connection was terrible. Even when we were able to connect through our extender, the internet connection was down.

2016 Chicago Air and Water, 2016-08-22
Captain: , Fontana, WI (20)

Outstanding as usual. Prices very high (compared to years past), but the marina is as clean and clear as ever!!

Bring a security team!!!, 2016-08-19
Captain: , Crestwood IL (20)

What a shame, beautiful harbor, great facilities HORRIBLE location and security is nonexistent. large groups of "suspicious teens" gather all over this harbor. Stayed here one night as a transient boater and felt unsafe the moment i stepped outside the gates. Leaving anytime past dark is a no no here. CIty needs to do a better job at policing this place, no wonder the place is more tha 50% empty....

Smooth sailing, 2016-07-29
Captain: , Thirty first street (10)

I didn't have a sailboat, just thought it would be a cool title. However, we rented a slip for a month with a 23' outboard fishing boat and the entire process was easy as could be. Dicking was easy, not too crowded, the staff and residents/renters of the harbor were great, security was great and booking was very simple.

Horrible Management,Unsafe, No Security, No Parking., 2016-07-27
Captain: , 31st Street Harbor (30)

We have been in this harbor for 3 years now. We originally moved because it is easily the nicest harbor in the Chicago system. Large breakwall means excellent shelter, calm water. Bathrooms are clean and well kept. Docks are large and space between boats in the slips is also larger than other harbors. Unfortunately, the harbor is in a poor location and management has decided that they are more concerned with the public needs, than with the boaters. Security is lax, with many non-boaters easily gaining access to docks and finding their way to unoccupied boats for the evening. So called security is usually in a golf cart playing on their phone. When you call them to report suspicious behavior, they say they will be right there, but never show up. People have jumped off the fishing pier and swam to the docks, yet security NEVER patrols the fishing pier. In fact, security never patrols the docks either. Leaving the boaters to have to be on alert at all times. The worst thing to happen this year is the allowance of non-boaters from the 31st Street Pier and beach who are allowed to park in the parking garage. The parking garage can be very unsafe at night because of this. Speaking of parking, the harbor could care less about the amount of money boaters pay to be there. They sell parking to the beach public even though there are not enough parking spaces to accomodate the boaters and their guests. Management is completely non responsive to repeated complaints about unruly boaters. The situation on D-dock currently is so bad, that more than 10 boats have had to move docks, yet the 2 disruptive boaters remain. The beautiful pool that was built for the boaters is now open to the public. I guess you can say that 31st is extremely boater unfriendly. As far as the location, just don't walk around past 10pm. You should be ok. And forget about exploring the city from here. There is not one good restaurant or attraction within a safe distance from the harbor. If you walk or ride your bike, you need to be back before dark. Those beautiful bathrooms also can be shady since non-boaters can gain access since they lurk around trying to come in after people. Again, security is no where to be found. In one situation, we called security for a disturbance at 1:30 am on D-dock and was told by security to call 911 because he was dealing with hundreds of "youths" trying to enter the harbor. Being on the south side of Chicago, I can only imagine what type of "youths" he was referring to. We will not be returning.

harbor stay, 2016-07-27
Captain: , none at this time (20)

the stay at the harbor was nice- however, we had reserved our slip and had weekend parking for our truck and trailer all set up prior to our arrival. We arrived, and could not launch our boat at 31st street. The launch was closed because it was "full". With having a reservation and everything, I feel people that are using the harbor and marina and spending money there should have priority and guarantee to launch. We ended up having to travel all the way to Hammond Harbor which was the only one that we could get the overnight parking for our truck and large trailer and travel across the lake to utilize our already reserved slip at 31st street. We were EXTREMELY disappointed and aggravated with having to hunt down another location and will most likely pursue other options going forward

Awesome! Coming Back ASAP, 2016-07-27
Captain: , Fox lake (10)

Great people great service! Would go back in a heartbeat!

I tried it for 2 seasons and saved over $2K per season by leaving....., 2016-03-15
Captain: , Hammond Indiana (20)

1. Over priced, especially non-resident plus auxillary permit, electrical and water is extra charge. I am in Hammond now saving over $2K a season on a 50' boat.
2. Many Pinnacle Yacht rentals have poor boating etiquette leaving excessive wakes and are rude boaters. Slip holders label the Pinnacles as invasive species.
3. Yes the locals are sketchy (Southside). I had my rear tire stolen from my bike locked in the bike rack. Used condoms and broken liquor bottles litter the waterfront walkway on weekends, every weekend. The grounds and beach area surrounding the marina gets trashed every weekend by the locals.
4. The pumpout on the 50' and larger finger docks is undersized and doesn't work.
5. Nothing close in the area worth visiting.
6. Lots of healthy spiders all over the marina.
7. The first annual Aquapallooza event was a bust, didn't work out.
8. Diesel fuel is typically 20% overpriced from Hammond fuel dock.
9. Westrec treats the boaters as they if they are renting a parking space. They don't understand they are paid for providing a service to the boating community. They have the mindset they are only providing a parking space for a boat.
10. I have stayed in Hammond IN, New Buffalo MI, St. Josephs MI, Zion IL and Waukegan. All are better than 31st.

Bring a body guard!, 2015-07-31
Captain: , Chicago (10)

After having a slip on the north side of Chicago for many years, I considered the incentives offered by Westrec to move to 31st Street Harbor. I will pass. Unlike Diversey for example were you can walk safely out of the harbor to great restaurants, food stores, etc, when you walk out of 31st Street Harbor, there isn't a restaurant or store for miles. It is true as another reviewer posted, leaving the harbor and going west is not a safe area, especially after sunset. The entrance of the harbor area seems to have turned into a 'hang out' for unsavory individuals. I was faced with what appeared to be gang bangers and pan handlers asking for money while trying to drive out. It was a very uncomfortable situation. A beautiful harbor but an unsafe location for my family.

Big marina, 2014-09-03
Captain: , Massapequa,NY (1176)

This is a big marina, so you're guaranteed to get a slip in Chicago, even on a big holiday weekend. The marina feels very safe, even at night. There's a pool, beach & free laundry. Need to take a taxi to see downtown or go to restaurants. Do not head west to go shopping or liquor store, very dangerous area. Take a taxi downtown for provisioning. Plenty of great bike trails.

Nice for boats, 2014-03-18
Captain: , Michigan city, In (90)

General public from south chicago can and do walk around marina. only a pass gate to slip fingers separate them from your boat. far from city use Uber taxi service if heading to town.
We did not feel safe at night here off the boat. a night time stroll to beach not suggested. Staff friendly but put us in someone else's slip after a long day of sailing and we just settled in and they returned, they were understandably upset. Staff pretty much there to run tiny ship store and take your payments.

Nice Marina, near the Loop, 2013-09-20
Captain: , Ashland, OR (122)

This is a brand new facility with high tech bathrooms (boater only with code activated doors) that includes free laundry machine. Every dock is secured with a code activated gate. The area feels very safe and the bicycle ride to the Loop is about 15 minutes on the lakefront bike path. Rental bikes available. Dock space here is roughly equal in cost a mooring ball in Monroe (because they offer a "buy one, get the next night free"and MUCH more comfortable. Our 37 ft trawler is $103 (includes the 30 A electric) and the second night is free, including electric. If you stay two nights that is only $1.40/ft per night.

New and priced high, 2013-06-30
Captain: , Chicago, IL (160)

Although the two nights for the cost of one helps but at a rate of $3 per foot plus additional $40 a night for electric hook up make this marina overpriced. No restaurants or bars with in short walking distance. Facilities are new and well maintained.

Nice Docks and View but..., 2013-01-19
Captain: , Portage Indiana (503)

The Docks are well marked and are floating wood style. Each row of docks are entered through a code secured gate.The view of downtown is nice but distant.

If you don't have bikes downtown might be a bit far to walk to. There is a large park right outside the marina that was packed with locals when we were there which made it difficult to travel on the bike trail. We did not feel 100% SAFE outside the marina and even caught a few racist comments while my wife and I traveled on the that part of the trail.

To sum it up..the marina is very nice, but it's still the South Side of Chicago

New and Big, 2012-09-13
Captain: , prospect, ky (415)

Because it is so new they have a price special: pay one night get one free. Found it to be big and somewhat impersonal, but very nice facilities. Not in the best area of Chicago.

Overnight Transient, 2012-08-29
Captain: , Prospect, KY (490)

Enter from south, and piers are lettered A-? starting at north end. Each pier and slip had letters and numbers prominently displayed--very nice. One shallow area inside harbor, marked by balloon. Coded gates at each ramp. Public restrooms are in unsecure public area next to public beach. Ship's store very minimal. Harbor offered good protection.

Huge and Inpersonal, 2012-07-24
Captain: , Guntersville, AL (451)

Marina just opened in May 2012. Docks and infrastructure is all new. Large rock breakwater provides a calm harbor. About 2.5 miles by good walking and bike paths to Navy Pier and other city attractions. Only had 208 vac on 50 Amp service. Booster transformers were not available.

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