Newsletter #279

Newsletter #279 - August 12, 2015

What is Services Missing?

>>> What is Services Missing? >>>

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about reaching critical mass to bring the new Services capability in eBoatCards to the next level. We asked you to add your bottom painting experiences as a set of reviews to different categories involved with the work - haul out, bottom painting, perhaps mechanical/painting/plumbing. We know we need about 40,000 reviews in Services to make it reach the level of providing so much value, you'll naturally start leaving more reviews.

We promised to share the results of that bottom painting services push. Well, it wasn't good. Let's just say that if the Defender 1st item is some LED lightbulb replacements, 40 times more of you will go see more about the LED's than wrote services reviews over the last 2 weeks. (Not that there's anything wrong with LED's!)

So what are we missing?

We think that having a large review base for services like painting, carpentry, delivery captains, canvas repair, diesel mechanics, and much more is valuable. It'll let you know where you can get things done. It'll show you the places your friends go or where the people with the same boat as you go. Knowing that there's a public database of reviews will also make every service provider step up and provide better customer service because their actions will become public.

There's got to be something we're missing. Is it too hard to access the services in eBoatCards? Is getting to eBoatCards too difficult and confusing since it is apart from

Please reply to this newsletter and tell us why you weren't moved to write reviews about your bottom painting experience. Don't expect a reply - we just need to find out what's missing from the Services implementation and then determine if we should continue pushing the capability. It's possible that it's too far ahead of its time and might make more sense once ActiveCaptain and eBoatCards are combined into a single website. We need a lot more feedback about it from you.

>>> Defender 1st >>>

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Dylan and Dee Dee reached several milestones this week. Giving up their land-based home, staying in two different La Qunitas, and their biggest one, a first visit to the Defender headquarters in Connecticut. They spent several hours behind the counter at the store welcoming everyone. They enjoyed all the people along with the bucket of treats they keep back there. They look forward to a return trip! Find out how the crew's latest adventure is going by checking out their blog:

Karen and Jeffrey Siegel
Castine, Maine
sharing the experience
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