Newsletter #274

Newsletter #274 - July 8, 2015

Pocket Mariner's SeaNav

>>> Pocket Mariner's SeaNav >>>

We're pleased to announce and welcome Pocket Mariner into the ActiveCaptain community. They've just released an update to their SeaNav apps for iOS supporting iPhone and iPad. This latest version includes full, offline ActiveCaptain support with synchronization.

SeaNav provides charts for the US (all coasts and Great Lakes), Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. They sell a few different configurations of their app so read the iTunes listings carefully to determine which is right for you. Each version has in app chart region extension purchases as well.

SeaNav has support for tides, routes, waypoints, ETA, import/export, layer control, AIS support, automatic chart updates, along with a couple of very unique capabilities. The current version has an augmented reality (AR) display that plots points out onto the camera view to give you a new type of digital binoculars. Make sure to look at the AR screen shots on their website. This is a fun way to look out to what's coming up along the horizon.

SeaNav also has support for the new Apple Watch. Again, check out the screen shots to see how it works. If you have an Apple Watch or want one, this is the app you'll want. It is unique. We've enjoyed the "wouldn't it be cool if..." discussions we've had with them about adding some ActiveCaptain features to the Apple Watch capabilities. Stay tuned for future developments there.

SeaNav also has Pebble watch support today. Another cool addition for people with those watches.

And even more - SeaNav comes standard with Lowrance, Simrad and B&G GoFree support. If you have GoFree capabilities on your chartplotter, this app will connect to the data and work together.

If you have questions about SeaNav, please contact them - they know all the ins and outs, and are happy to help you.

For general SeaNav info and screen shots:

Check out the User Guide section for their manual including Apple Watch, Pebble, and GoFree support.

The Pocket Mariner developers have been exceptional to work with. They are real boaters who get out on the water with their own tools. There will be more integration with ActiveCaptain coming. Check out their product in the Apple iTunes store.

>>> Defender 1st >>>

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When you're thinking about purchasing boating supplies, think of Defender first.

Dylan and Dee Dee enjoyed a terrific July 4th, attending the children's parade, meeting and greeting with other dogs, and generally having a good time. Dee Dee is not fond of fireworks but with Dylan to comfort her, she did fine. Find out how the crew's summer is progressing by visiting their blog:

Karen and Jeffrey Siegel
Castine, Maine
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